1) It was during the TDP regime in 2002 that the mining lease was granted to OMC.

The mining lease transfer was ordered by then CBN govt from Ram Mohan Reddy (who was given the original lease in 1963 and renewed in 1984) to OMC owner G. Janardhan Reddy. 2) YSR as the Chief Minister had offered to organise a visit by an all-party delegation to Obulapuram mines as well as the sites allotted to Brahmini Steels and M/s Raghuram Cements in which his son is a director, besides his family’s estate at Idupalapaya, all in Kadapa district, and the limestone mines of Trishul Cements in Anantapur district. He requested Speaker K. R. Suresh Reddy to fix a date for the visit.(Referece: The Hindu dated Wednesday, Jul 25, 2007)/ 3) Hyderabad, Aug. 5 The Andhra Pradesh Forest Department has issued permission for renewal of mining lease in 25.98 hectares of forest land in Bellary reserve forest, Kalyandurg, Anantapur, for extraction of iron ore to Obulapuram Mining (P) Ltd. In Government Order, it has stated that while the status of the forest land shall remain unchanged, the company has been granted lease for mining operations. – (This article was published in the Business Line print edition dated August 6, 2007)

4) After the all party Visit: TDP exposed on Obulapuram mining issue, says YSR Special correspondent, The Hindu, Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007 HYDERABAD: Chief Minister, Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy and his Cabinet colleagues have slammed at the main Opposition, Telugu Desam Party, for continuing its tirade against Obulapuram mining lease despite an all-party delegation giving it a clean chit. The Congress Legislature Party too expressed “happiness” at the way the Telugu Desam claims had been dumped by the members of the delegation that visited Obulapuram yesterday. At separate press conferences, Dr. Reddy, Ministers, K. Rosaiah, P. Sabitha Indra Reddy and Government Chief Whip, N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, said the Telugu Desam Party stood “thoroughly exposed in the issue”. Its political bankruptcy was shocking as it was “still refusing to accept the truth” that there was no irregularity in the allocation of the mining or in the operations at the allocated area. ( Comment in the Great Andhra website: It was nothing short of humiliation for the Telugu Desam at the all-party leaders visit to the controversial Obulapuram mines in Kadapa district. While the Congress, CPI, CPI-M, TRS, Janata Party, BJP and some MLCs did not find any illegal mining by the Obulapuram Mining Corporation owned by Karnataka MLC Gali Janardhan Reddy at the site, the Telugu Desam team led by Nagam Janardhan Reddy, Raidurg MLA M Govind Reddy, and MLC Dadi Veerabhadra Rao disagreed with their views and asserted that illegal mining was on. In fact, even before the team actually visited the entire mining area, the TD leaders were hell bent on pulling up the government. Nagam Janardhan Reddy stayed away from the other delegation members and came on his own in a car along with Devineni Umamaheshwara Rao, who was actually not part of the team. Interestingly, the CPI-M leader Nomula Narasimhaiah gave a virtual clean chit to the government saying there was no illegal mining or encroachment around the mining site allotted to Gali Janardhan Reddy since mining activity by other companies was also on at the site. "The government should not spare anyone if they have done anything wrong but the records don't raise any suspicion. The steel plant will be a boon for this backward area and we should encourage it," Narasimhaiah asserted.

BJP MLA G Kishan Reddy too lost his cool at the persistent allegations by TD MLA at the site and advised them not to politicise the issue. Chada Venkat Reddy (CPI), E Pratap Reddy, Padma Raju (Cong) G Vijayarama Rao, Komireddy Ramulu (JP), MLC D Rami Reddy, B Mohan Reddy, C Seetharamulu too disagreed with TD leaders, who had to beat a humiliating retre)

5) It is the central overnment that approves mineral concessions. In OMC case also it was happened in 2007. One can see the approvals nos. 72 and 74 ib obulapuram mining companies case in the web linkhttp://mines.nic.in/appl2007.htm 6) Even If there are violations in the mining, how can it be linked with the businesses of Gali and YSJ? It is the law to decide fi there are violations. YSJ companies never received a rupee from OMC is the fact, and the questions about the violations has to be answered by the company.

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