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Padanadhamsa Dasa

A Phalitha Dasa

By Mahamahopadhyaya Iranganti Rangacharya, India
Copy Editor: Shanmukha

The relevant Jaimini Sutra is

तऽािप पदेश दसाे पदनवांशदशायां िपतृ िदन ेश िऽकोणे वा1 २-१-२९
tatrāpi padeśa dasānte padanavāṁśadaśāyāṁ pitṛ dineśa trikoṇe vā 2-1-29

Iranganti Rangacharya is one of the
oldest authorities on Jaimini alive today, born in 1927, he started astrology at the age of 25 in 1952. Later in 1960 he started meticulous study of Jaimini astrology & thus has 48 rich years of experience in Jaimini at this age of 81. Author of numerous articles since 4 decades, 9 books & an extremely humble soul who in spite of weak health contributes to the cause of Jaimini. His work Jaimini Sutramritam published by Sagar Publications, New Delhi is considered a classic by the serious student of Jaimini Astrology.

But this is named as Padanadhamsa Dasa in Phalaratnamala of Krishna Mishra. Though Padanadhamsa Dasa was mentioned as an ayurdasa in Phalaratnamala, it was used as a phalita dasa also by some scholars of the past. The relevant karika is as follows:

पदेशांश राशे ु दशा नेया िवचक्षन ैः ु ाप भाग्यतो यग्मे वषार् नदीदशोिदतः
padeśasthāṁśa rāśestu daśā neyā vicakṣanaiḥ care carādi mārgeṇa ṣaṣṭā ṣaṣṭādikaḥ sthire svāpatya bhāgyato yugme varṣā nadīdaśoditaḥ

चरे चरािद मागण षा षािदकः िरे

Padanadhamsa dasa should be reckoned in the Jaimini Navamsa2 chart.

Jaimini Sutramritam 2-1-29 Copy Editor’s Note: Readers can refer to Jaimini Sutramritam, M/s Sagar Publications for construction of Jaimini Navamsa Chart.


Indira Gandhi: .signs run reversely in the order of 1. the dasa. the dasa-sign gets 10years For clear understanding of the Padanadhamsa dasa. 9 signs. If the lord of the dasa-sign occupies its 7th sign. D. Find out the sign in the Navamsa chart occupied by the lord of the Arudha Lagna. the dasasigns run reversely.Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Find out the Arudha Lagna in the Rasi chart. If dual and even. This number is the number of years of the dasa-sign 2. the horoscopic chart of Indira Gandhi is illustrated below. Count the number from the dasa-sign to the lord of the dasa-sign directly if the dasasign is an odd sign. India.signs run directly in the order of every 6th sign.signs run reversely in the order of every 6th sign. the dasa. the dasa. Jaimini Navamsa of Mrs.B=19-11-1917. 9 signs. b. the dasa. Calculation of Dasa Years: 1. If the sign is fixed and odd. if it is fixed and even. 5.signs run directly in the order of 1. If the sign is dual and odd. if even. at 11-12PM IST. a. Padanadhamsa dasa should begin from the sign obtained in the step 2 above. the dasa-signs run regularly.O. 5. If the dasa-sign is occupied by its lord it gets 12 years 3. If the sign is cardinal and odd. This number is the number of the years of the dasa-sign Count the number from the dasa-sign to the lord of the dasa-sign reversely if the dasa-sign is even. c. Allahabad.

the 7th of the Ascendant Cancer. Hence the Padanadhamsa dasa begins from Leo. Gemini is occupied by the Dara karaka. Atma karaka Dara karaka = = Saturn.37m. the 5th house is occupied by Mercury. since the dasa-years of Aries are 5years.e. Virgo. The lord of the arudha lagna( Aries) is Mars placed in Leo in the Jaimini navamsa chart. Capricorn. Padanadhamsa Dasa in the chart of Indira Gandhi Arudha lagna is Aries the 10th of the ascendant (Cancer) because the Moon. Also the bahya (bhoga) of Gemini is Aries. Since Leo is a fixed and odd sign the dasa-signs are Leo. Gemini.4d. Note: Aries dasa begins from 19-1-1961 and ends on 19-11-1966.5d. This is occupied by the Moon.8m. in Gemini-Libra (19-11-1941to19-10-1942).21m.2022 2022 . Pisces in the order of every 6th directly in the Jaimini navamsa chart as given below. Mars=4s. Mars (Sutra: leyanmeshadhipaha) and the 9th house is occupied by the Moon and 10th house by Saturn in own house.Ascendant =Cancer 27d. The bahya sign of Aries is Sagittarius. Jupiter=1s.1992 1992 . Sun and its 7th is occupied by the Moon.1951 1951 .1984 1984 . Taurus.1928 1928 . the 11th is occupied by Venus.33m.1966 1966 .21d. Cancer. the 7th of which is Libra occupied by Venus.2002 2002 .47m. Venus=8s. Mercury=9s. She became a cabinet minister on 9-6-1964 and Prime Minister on 26-1-1966 in the Aries Dasa of 5years. Sl. Aquarius.15d. and the 10th is occupied by Jupiter.2032 Marriage happened on 26-3-1942 i.21m.5d. Sun.37m.16d. Aries Dasa Aries-Aries = 19-11-1961 -5--------------19-4-1962 -5------------- Aries-Taurus . Moon =9s.23m.1972 1972 . Saturn=3s.1961 1961 .2010 2010 . Sagittarius. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Dasa Sign Leo Capricorn Gemini Scorpio Aries Virgo Aquarius Cancer Sagittarius Taurus Libra Pisces Years 11 Years 12 Years 11 Years 10 Years 5 Years 6 Years 12 Years 8 Years 10 Years 8 Years 12 Years 10 Years Duration 1917 .10d. Libra. Aries is occupied by Mercury and its 5th house is occupied by its own lord. Aries. its 2nd is occupied by Saturn in own house. the lord of the Ascendant Cancer is placed in Capricorn.6mt Sun=7s. Scorpio.Rahu=8s.1940 1940 .

amsa means part referring to Goddess Lakshmi.No. Sagittarius). nadha means the lord who is Lord Vishnu. (in the bahya sign.Aries-Gemini Aries-Cancer Aries-Leo Aries-Virgo Aries-Libra Aries-Scorpio Aries-Sagittarius Aries-Capricorn 19-9-1962 -5--------------19-2-1963 -5-------------19-7-1963-5-------------19-12-1963 -5--------------19-5. The meaning implied in Padanadhamsa is as follows: Pada means parama pada.1964 -5--------------19-10-1964 -5---------------19-3-1965 -5---------------19-8-1965 -5---------------19-1-1966 ---------------- Indira Gandhi became Cabinet Minister on 9-6-1964 in Aries-Libra and Prime Minister on 26-1-1966 in Aries-Aquarius. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Dwara Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Bahya Aries (1) Gemini (3) Leo (5) Libra (7) Sagittarius (9) Aquarius (11) Aries (1) Gemini (3) Leo (5) Libra (7) Sagittarius (9) Aquarius (11) Copy Editor’s Note: Readers are requested to refer the Dwara – Bahya Article published elsewhere in this magazine. the inseparable amsa (apridhak sambandha). S. 3 . Hence it is quite apt to make use of this phalitha dasa in female nativities preferably. See below the dwara3 & bahya dasa-signs used above in the Aries Dasa of 5 years.