Grammar Exercise - Use of adjectives and adverbs in English

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Grammar Exercise - Adjetives or Adverbs
Do the exercise below on adjectives or adverbs and click on the button to check your answers
(Before doing the exercise you may want to see the lesson on adverbs and adverbs of frequency)

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Write down the correct form of the words in brackets (adjectives or adverbs). 1. Liza is quick 3. The man is nice 4. He was badly .She walks quickly . . . accident. .They think mathematics is an . . road. student.

2. Nancy is a careless

girl.She drives carelessly .He behaves nicely

injured.He had a bad

5. They can do the mathematics problemseasily easy school subject. writer.She writes goodly 6. Mary is a good 7. It is a beautifully 9. She smiled happily

drawn picture.It looks beautiful .It is a dangerous face. .She had a happy

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8. Drivers must drive slowly

10. I did the homework completely

by myself.I am an autonomous

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