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1 2 Safety Manager / officer appointment or nominated in safety in full time Installation of emergency & evacuation set up- wind sock Assembly point Siren Installation of Safety statistics / notice board Display of safety policy Availability of project safety plan Availability of safety checklists Site personnel undergone HSES validation process Availability of mandatory PPEs for entering in site for site personnel and for visitors Safety helmet, Safety shoes, High visibility Availability of safety posters and signage Medical check up of all employees prior to start of work Installation of site safety rules and regulation board. Test certificates of lifting equipments and tackles Documentation Induction file Tool Box file Certificate file Medical Check up file Training file PPE issue register Permit file Checklist file Non compliance and its closer file Accident / Incident file Safety Plan Risk Assessment First aid set up First aid box First aider First aid register Emergency vehicle Tie up with local hospital Fire extinguishers ABC type 5 kgs5 nos CO2 2 nos Signature of the Project Manager : ______________ (Singed copy to be returned to HSES Manager with in 07 days of starting the project activity)

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FEW OTHER CHECKPOINTS: 1. Thoroughly read HSES policies and procedures which is already available at site 2. 100 % PPE Utilization by workman at site 3. First Aid Box properly maintained at site 4. Display Board of Emergency Numbers available at site 5. Display of Safety Do & Don t s board at site. 6. Display of Safety alerts 7. Good housekeeping at site 8. No obstruction to Fire Fighting Equipment. 9. Identification & display of Emergency assembly point 10. No temporary connections and open Electrical panel at site 11. Rubber mats on / below electrical panel. 12. Work permits Implementation 13. Daily tool box talk records 14. Availability of certificate of first aid training undergone at Andhra Pradesh Safety Council / Red cross / St. Jhon Ambulance 15. Pathways to be clear from material obstruction. 16. Cylinder to be stored properly and in designated place. There should not be any unsupported cylinder at the site. Separate storage for empty cylinders. No LPG cylinders are allowed on site. 17. Material stacking should be safe and proper. 18. All rotating parts should be protected with guard. 19. Barricading of all excavations at site. 20. Availability of vehicle that will be used in case of emergency 21. Barricading provided to all excavations & live parts of existing switch yard, electrical substations 22. All ladders should be in good condition and labeled. Ladder control procedure shall be in place.