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Diamonds after-death action on Snehamaya in d reams Part 5 Snehamaya Ganguly, a resident of Surul village, Sriniketan (Birbhum district of West

t Bengal, India) published his first experience in the hand written Bengali m agazine Manik published from Charupalli reading centre. An excerpt was narrated as such in his own version. Incidentally, during Mr. Jiten Chatterjees stay at Sriniketan, during discussion on Rabindra Nath Tagors book The world of belief he told about a very strange pheno menon. He said, yes, even to-day it is a reality that a Universal man exists, and he expresses himself among innumerable people through dreams and reality not th rough belief and thought. And we are fortunate to come in Contact with that man. I couldnt understand anything that day. Next day he told me many things about tha t man Jibankrishna (Diamond) and at that very night dreams started like showers. And it was a strange coincidence that whatever Mr. Chatterjee explained was rev ealed in my dreams. He said that by effort God can not be achieved and I dreamt, Two trains were resting side by side. Suddenly one train started running and cros sed the gate automatically. I pushed a button of another train to run but it did nt. All my efforts failed to run the train. Mr. Chatterjee told me that Diamond is spread from one body to another. When one day I told my sister (Moni) a few words about Diamond the very night she dreamt Diamond. When I told some others about Diamond all of them started to have divi ne dreams. Once I did not believe that in dream to eat means to progress in austerity. One ni ght I saw a dream. I saw that one monk standing on the road of Sriniketan and facing eastside was r eciting the hymns of sun as described in Upanishad. His body was luminous. When Jiten uncles youngest son Gautam and I was crossing him, he looked at Goutam. It seemed to me that he had realized, Goutam was far superior to him in the spiritu al world. After this dream I started to believe that the austerity achieved thro ugh dreams are far superior than the austerity achieved by exerting effort. A few of my dreams : 1) Far away from me I saw sun rising and the form of Diamond inside it was visible. Holding a baby on my lap. I was calling everybody very loudly and runni ng towards him and put down the baby from my lap. Then the form of Diamond in th e sun vanished. In front of me I saw a wall and a dried flower garland floating in the air came to me and automatically encircled my neck. When I woke up I saw that I was reciting Diamonds name Jibankrishna. 2) Jiten uncle, Diamond and I was walking on a road and reached a pond. A gr asshopper was seen sitting idly on the water. After a while a bubble was seen th ere and on it Diamond, taking the form of child Srikrishna (Incarnation of God V ishnu in Hindu mythology) began to dance holding a flute in his hand. Gradually the form became normal size having a deep scar mark on the forehead. Next moment coming beside me he asked, say what you have seen. I said, By you grace you have s hown me your sportive forms and I saw that. The dream went off. As much Diamonds sportive forms I am seeing. I am becoming overwhelmed with surpr ised. Many of my college friends also saw him in dream. In the present day in ev ery aspect I am getting Diamonds directions through dreams. I have now confusion about his Godhood and that God is a living human being in his form.