Elvis (The King) Quiz

1 Elvis was born in: a) Missouri b) Mississippi c) Tennessee d) Texas 2 True (T) or false (F)? Elvis had a twin brother 3 Before becoming a star, he worked as a: a) Mechanic b) Model c) Truck driver d) Taxi driver 4 His first recording label was called: a) Sun Records b) Moon Records c) Planet Records d) Star Records 5 His first hit record was called: a) Jailhouse Rock b) Love Me Tender c) Flaming Star d) Heartbreak Hotel 6 True (T) or false (F)? Elvis spent 2 years in the US Army 7 How many times did he marry? a) Once b) Twice c) Three times d) He never married 8 How many films did he make? a) 13 b) 23 c) 33 d) 43 9 His house was called: a) Prezland b) Graceville c) Prezville d) Graceland 10 True (T) or false (F)? His favourite food was fried chicken. 11 How many records did he have in the charts? a) 53 b) 67 c) 79 d) 107 12 He died at what age? a) 38 b) 42 c) 46 d) 48

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Sadly. only his role in Flaming Star came close to fulfilling the potential he showed in his first four films. Tennessee. This led to him being asked to record some sessions for Sun Records. Elvis suffered a fatal heart attack. Elvis was working as a truck driver when one day he decided to record a song for his mother’s birthday. whom he eventually married in 1967. which only served to help his weight balloon and his health suffer. in the 29 more films he made. a small Memphis label and in no time a legend was born. Mississippi. There are many who claim the King is still alive and some who claim to have actually seen him at the supermarket or in a bar.The Life of Elvis Presley N JANUARY 8. He made a further three films before being drafted into the army in March. At the end of the sixties. Love Me Tender. which secured him a place in Rock and Roll history. Elvis Aaron and Jessie Garon. we can be sure of . his recording contract was sold to RCA Victor and a year later he had his first hit record. Heartbreak Hotel.net © Macmillan Publishers Ltd. he and Priscilla divorced. He returned from his posting in Germany two years later with 16 year-old Priscilla Beaulieu. There is one thing. His behaviour became increasingly difficult and. he and his family moved to Memphis. where he went on to graduate from High School in 1953. in Tupelo. In the same year. Despite success in the early-mid seventies with live concert appearances and some memorable ballads. he also made his first feature film. his weight continued to increase. at the young age of 42. Gladys Presley gave birth to twin boys. In late 1955. he resumed his movie career but. after charting more than 107 hits over a 20 year career. Elvis started to put on weight and spend more and more time in his huge house.insideout. O After finishing school. 1977. however.his music will certainly never die. English Inside Out lesson taken from http://www. On his return. 2000 . Elvis used to indulge in his favourite dish of peanut butter and banana sandwiches fried in butter. At every opportunity. On August 16. 1935. in 1973. only Elvis survived and when he was 13. Graceland. 1958.