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Development and Integration of University Self-Assessment Systems

P1 Applicant - Koblenz-Landau University Koblenz, Germany P2 Partner - ASIIN Consult GmbH Dsseldorf, Germany P3 Link Campus University of Malta Roma, Italy P4 - Wrocaw University of Technology Wrocaw, Poland P5 - Universit du Maine (Le Mans University) Le Mans, France P6 - Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts Yerevan, Armenia P7 - Yerevan State University Yerevan, Armenia P8 - Yerevan State Medical University Yerevan, Armenia P9 - Vanadzor branch of State Engineering University of Armenia Vanadzor, Armenia P10 - Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute after M. Nalbandyan Gyumri, Armenia P11 - State Engineering University of Armenia (Polytechnic) Yerevan, Armenia P12 - National Center For Professional Education Quality Assurance Yerevan, Armenia P13 - Ministry of Education and Science Yerevan, Armenia

Specific objectives of the project

To develop a university self-assessment framework To train the staff responsible for effective university self-assessment processes To establish a necessary infrastructure for effective university self-assessment To promote student involvement in university selfassessment processes To make the self-assessment mechanism an integral part of university functioning To make the result public for further application and elaboration


Promoting Internationalization and Comparability of Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Specific objectives of the project

The project aims at developing new and at adjusting existing models for external quality assurance systems in higher education in the partner countries which are acceptable and comparable regionally and internationally. The competences of HEIs in the partner countries in external and internal quality assurance will be developed in order to prepare them for applying its methods and instruments.

DEQUE Development of Quality Assurance

System in Turkmenistan on the Base of Bologna Standards

Specific objectives of the project

To develop standards, formal procedures and associated instructions for the assurance of the education quality in Turkmenistan on the basis of European and national quality assurance standards. To establish National Agency of Quality Assurance. To promote international co-operation of the Agency to enhancing quality assurance decisions and quality assessment.

Work package: Fact-finding at Partner Institutions

Study of local practices at EU and Armenian participating universities. The resultant study will be the basis for developing a draft model for both institutional and programme self-assessment systems. 2. Assessment of extant mechanisms. January March, 2010.
The fact-finding will be conducted through the document analyses and a questionnaire designed by the Work Group (WG) involving both PC and EU institutions. The questionnaire will contain the following criteria: programme (design and approval, learning outcomes, teaching and learning, student and teacher assessment, teacher professional development, resources, monitoring and feedback), institutional (institutional capacity, financial aspects, knowledge management, information management, student support services, internal quality assurance system).

Work package: Fact-finding at Partner Institutions

3. Analyzing the results and planning benchmarking. April, 2010. PCIs will conduct a survey and provide a report on the state of affairs. The WG will study the results and identify the areas in need of improvement at the conference held at Universit du Maine. The qualitative part of the survey will provide for a more grounded approach, enabling establishment of the criteria, standards and procedures for self-assessment peculiar to the particular situation. The facts and evidences revealed through the study will feed into a new set of criteria, standards and procedures for institutional and programme self-assessment ensuring coverage of the areas in need of improvement.