Sen|or ne|pers In nome L|der Care of Lansda|eţ Þennsy|van|aţ Shares A

New So|ut|on for Sen|ors 1rapped In nomes 8ecause of nous|ng Cr|s|s
New teseotcb teveols loŴbome cote ls MOkí AllOkuA8lí tboo otbet oltetootlves
WlLh Lhe collapse of Lhe houslng markeLţ older Amerlcans canƌL sell Lhelr homes and move lnLo
asslsLed llvlngŦ So ln Lhese desperaLe flnanclal Llmesţ Lheyƌre Lurnlng Lo an alLernaLlve source for
care LhaL wlll save Lhem money ln Lhe long runŦ new research reveals lnŴhome care ls much
more affordable Lhan Lhe cosL of a nurslng homeŦ So much soţ LhaL aL leasL a Lhlrd of senlors
recenLly polled sald Lhey wouldnƌL even be able Lo afford a slngle monLh of care ln a nurslng
A new cosLŴofŴcare survey by CenworLh llnanclal (a company LhaL speclallzes ln long Lerm care
lnsurance) reveals Lhe cosL of faclllLyŴbased careţ such as nurslng homesţ has sLeadlly lncreased
over Lhe pasL slx years Ŵ an lncrease of more Lhan $17ţ000 a yearŦ Poweverţ Lhe cosL of lnŴhome
care has marglnally gone upţ maklng lL sLlll qulLe affordableŦ
1haLƌs why Senlor Pelpersţ one of Lhe largesL lnŴhome care companles for senlorsţ wanLs Lo
ralse awareness abouL Lhe affordablllLy of lnŴhome care for Lhe elderlyŦ ƍSo many of our senlors
have found LhaL lnŴhome care ls a greaL soluLlon durlng Lhls recesslon when Lhey need some
exLra helpţƍ says ÞeLer 8ossţ CLC and coŴfounder of Senlor PelpersŦ ƍÞlusţ now senlors are uslng
equlLy ln Lhelr own homes Lo pay for helpŦ A recenL survey commlssloned by Senlor Pelpers
reveals LhaL 94Ʒ of senlors would raLher llve ln Lhelr own home as Lhey age lnsLead of ln a
nurslng home or asslsLed llvlng faclllLyŦ We wanL senlors Lo know Lhey can remaln lndependenL
and sLay ln Lhelr homes and sLlll geL quallLy careŦƍ
Ovet tbe post slx yeotsţ tbe cost of foclllty llvloq bos locteoseJ mote tboo 4Ʒ/yeot Ŷ wblle tbe
cost of loŴbome cote bos slowly cllmbeJ by oboot 1Ʒ/yeot
nŴhome care ls MOkí AllOkuA8lí Lhan Lhe alLernaLlvesť
- Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Nursinq nomesť Þrovldes skllled nurslng careţ 24 hours a dayŦ 1he average cosL for a
prlvaLe room ls roughly $78ţ000/yearŦ
- Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ lndependent Livinq loci/itiesť Þrovldes houslngţ mealsţ personal care and 24 hour
supervlslonŦ 1he average cosL can be up Lo $42ţ000/yearŦ
- Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ 4ssisted Livinqť Þrovldes ƍhandsŴonƍ personal and medlcal care for Lhose who are noL able
Lo llve by Lhemselvesţ buL do noL requlre consLanL careŦ 1he average cosL ls roughly
- Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ continuinq core communitiesť 8equlre a conLracL ln advance for a llfeLlme commlLmenL
from Lhe communlLy Lo care for Lhe senlorŦ LnLrance fees range from $20ţ000 Lo more Lhan
$400ţ000Ŧ n addlLlonţ senlors pay a buyŴln fee Lo Lhe communlLy and monLhly malnLenance
Sen|or ne|pers In nome L|der Care of Lansda|eţ Þennsy|van|aţ Shares A
New So|ut|on for Sen|ors 1rapped In nomes 8ecause of nous|ng Cr|s|s
nŴhome care provldes a lowŴcosL alLernaLlve wlLh Lhe luxury of belng cared for ln your own
homeŦ Þlusţ senlors can use Lhe equlLy ln Lhelr homes Lo pay for Lhelr careŦ 1he overoqe cost for
lnŴhomeţ nonŴmedlcal care ls $19/hour*Ŧ f you calculaLe care for 4 hours a day/3 days a weekţ
LhaL adds up Lo only $19ţ760/yearŦ
ƍ1oo ofLenţ famlly members feel Lhe pressure Lo care for Lhelr aglng loved one wlLhouL ouLslde
helpŦ n facLţ 40Ʒ of careglvers who work full Llme reporL mlsslng work on a regular basls Lo
care for an elderly loved oneţƍ says 8ossŦ ƍSenlor Pelpersƌ careglvers can be Lhere for your loved
one from [usL a couple hours a day Lo elghL or more hours a dayŦ 1hey provlde a wlde varleLy of
care such as baLhlng senlorsţ monlLorlng medlcaLlonsţ runnlng errandsţ cooklng mealsţ or slmply
keeplng your senlor companyŦƍ
1hls sLory can Louch a huge porLlon of your audlenceŦ Pelp us Lell Lhls emoLlonal sLory LhaL
has concreLe soluLlonsŦ Senlor Pelpers hopes Lo educaLe your communlLy abouL Lhe cosL of
longŴLerm care and provlde a soluLlon durlng Lhese Lough economlc LlmesŦ We are happy Lo
provlde lnLervlews wlLh senlors and Lhelr adulL chlldrenţ as well as elderly care experLsŦ
A recenL baby boomer sLudy revealsŧ
- Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ 60Ʒ worry abouL Lhelr ablllLy Lo pay for healLhcare ln general and longŴLerm care ln
- Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ 66Ʒ of Lhose surveyed sald LhaL wlLh nurslng home fees averaglng $6ţ300 a monLhţ Lhey
couldnƌL afford more Lhan Lhree monLhs of careŦ
- Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ More Lhan 40Ʒ sald Lhey couldnƌL afford a slngle monLh of care ln a nurslng homeŦ
- Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Amerlcans remaln ln denlal abouL Lhe challenges Lheyƌll face ln reLlremenLŦ
ootcesť CenworLh llnanclal 2011 CosL of Care Surveyţ [ournal PealLh Affalrs (!uly 2011)ţ SLay AL
Pome Score Culzţ uŦSŦ Census 8ureauţ 2010ţ survey by Lhe SCAn loundaLlon and Lhe uCLA
CenLer for PealLh Þollcy 8esearch (boomer sLudy)ţ AA8Þ
*ConLacL your local Senlor Pelpers for cosL of servlcesŦ
About Sen|or ne|persť
Senlor Pelpers provldes many lnŴhomeţ careglvlng servlces for Lhe elderly ln Lhe Lansdaleţ
uoylesLownţ ChalfonLţ PaLfleldţ and norLh Wales areaŦ We offer exLenslve lnŴhome care
servlces for senlors who embrace Lhelr lndependence and Lhe personal dlgnlLy LhaL goes wlLh lLŦ
Cur lnŴhome care servlces are provlded by bonded and lnsured careglvers all of whom pass a
naLlonal background checkŦ
f a senlor famlly member needs lnŴhome care servlces ln 8ucks CounLy ÞA and MonLgomery
CounLy ÞAţ we are an excellenL cholce wlLh exemplary referencesŦ nŴhome care ls Lhe
compasslonaLe cholce for your elderly loved onesƌ conLlnued lndependenL llvlngŦ We promlse
Sen|or ne|pers In nome L|der Care of Lansda|eţ Þennsy|van|aţ Shares A
New So|ut|on for Sen|ors 1rapped In nomes 8ecause of nous|ng Cr|s|s
we wlll do our besL Lo make lL a poslLlve experlence for Lhem and youŦ lor more lnformaLlonţ
please vlslLť hLLpť//senlorhelpersŦcom/locaLlon/4209Ŧ
*ConLacL your local Senlor Pelpers for cosL of servlcesŦ

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