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Topic: A Day with Charles Objective:

1. Build a technical vocabulary.

2. Start short conversations (making
VOCABULARY 1 3. Use Simple tenses correctly. (present-past)
English Spanish English Spanish English Spanish
Accommodatio Alojamiento Guide Guía Vacation vacaciones
Brochure Folleto Hotel Hotel arrival
Car rental Alquiler de Hotel chain Cadena de Single room Habitación
autos hotels simple
Cruise Crusero Inn Posada Booking reserva
Double room Habitaciòn One-way ticket Viaje de ida Tour operator Empresa de
doble viajes
Downtown Centro de la Round ticket Viaje de ida y Travel agency Agencia de
ciudad vuelta viajes
Flight vuelo Motor-home Casa rodante Departure Salida
Bellboy Botones Lobby Vestibule Luggage equipaje
Reading Selection.
1. Make a list of all the action words
A Day with Charles
(verbs) in the Reading; have each verb in
“ Hi fellows. I’m Charles Landon. the simple and past forms.
I’m from Canada, from a large city, 2. Make a list of all the adjectives you may
Quebec. People speak English and find in the reading as well..
French in Quebec. I speak English but Answer these questions:
I don’t know a single word in French… 1. Where is Charles from?
It’s nice to be here in Panama. It’s a 2. What is Quebec?
wonderful land. It may be a little hot in these days, but 3. Does Charles speak French?
still nice. By the way, this is my first trip. 4. Do people speak French in Canada also?
Well let me tell you, yesterday morning I went on a 5. What is the weather like in these days?
tour downtown. At midday I had a delicious lunch:
6. Is this Charles’s first trip?
“tortillas, tasajo” and black hot coffee. Then I went
shopping in the afternoon. I bought a beautiful
7. Where did he go this morning?
“chaquira”. Natives really do nice works! 8. What did he have for lunch?
And, of course, I didn’t miss Sandra and Sammy’s 9. What did he do in the afternoon?
marvelous presentation at the hotel in the evening. 10. What did he buy?
That was terrific! 11. When did Sammy and Sandra’s
presentation take place?
12 Where was this event held?

Assignment 1. Here is a List of Adjectives describing people. Look for the

Spanish version, memorize and be ready for dictation and translation quizzes.

Attractive, beautiful, good-looking, handsome, old, pale, plain, pretty, tanned,

ugly, unattractive, young, short, medium height, tall, tiny, fat, muscular,
obese, overweight, plump, skinny, slender, slim, stocky, stout, thin, elegant,
scruffy, smart, well-dressed, bald, untidy-looking

Prepared by Jaime Rodriguez