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Covenant Love poured out and at the heart

of all creation continues to unfold, drawing
us ever more profoundly into the embrace of
a lavish God. This wondrous relationship,
this love unbounded, deepens and develops
over time, grows through seasons of dark
and light, always nudging us to remember
and hold fast to the promise.
Love unfolding is the way of Jesus, calling
his disciples to “come and see” and now
calling us into deeper friendship and The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress is the largest event of its kind
interconnection with Him and with all of in the United States. It has continued its original objective of offering in-
life. This bond of oneness, this fastening of service education and spiritual formation to those in catechetical and related
the spirit to God sustains us on the path, ministries. Though the Religious Education Congress continues to serve
generates and ignites a fresh energy and religious educators, today it is so much more! Congress now draws in excess
propels us to give voice to our “yes” anew. of 40,000 participants during this internationally acclaimed four-day event
– Sr. Edith Prendergast, RSC and offers more than 280 workshops covering a vast range of topics from
Director, Office of Religious Education spirituality, music and personal development to biblical studies and cate-
WHAT IS YOUTH DAY? Register now for this spirit-filled and enriching weekend! You can use the
Registration Form on the inside back cover or, with the added incentive of
Youth Day, held on Thursday, February 26, using your credit card, you can register online at
2009, is designed for public and Catholic
school students, grades 9 through 12. Youth
Day has a separate registration and fee from
the remaining Congress days.
COST: Adult chaperones are required for RECongress is held at the Anaheim Convention Center, located at 800 West
each group of 10 students (maximum), all Katella Avenue in Anaheim, Calif., directly south of Disneyland and Disney’s
attending the same workshop choices. Fees California Adventure.
for Youth Day 2009 are: COST: The registration fee for Congress covers admission to all events, work-
$20 – by January 5, 2009 shops (tickets are required), exhibits, concerts and liturgies throughout the three
$25 – postmarked after January 5, 2009 days. Fees for the Congress days are:
NOTE: Register for Youth Day with the $60 – by January 5, 2009 deadline $70 – after January 5, 2009
form found on page 13 (photocopies NOTE: If you have not registered online or mailed in your Registration Form
accepted). There is no on-site registration by February 15, 2009, please bring your completed form with you to register
for Youth Day. on site.

Religious Education Congress 2009 Weekend Schedule Youth Day Schedule is on page 7.

8:00 am - 3:00 pm On-site registration 8:00 am - 3:00 pm On-site registration 8:00 am - 1:00 pmOn-site registration
8:30 - 9:30 am Opening Rite & Welcome Morning Praise 8:00 - 9:30 am Eucharistic Liturgy (Arena)
(Arena) 8:30 am Keynote Address
8:30 am Morning Address
10:00 - 11:30 am Period 1 Workshops 10:00 - 11:30 am Period 4 Workshops English: David Wells
11:30 - 1:00 pm LUNCH 11:30 - 1:00 pm LUNCH Spanish: Rev. Alvaro Ginel
11:45 - 12:30 pm Music (Arena) 10:00 - 11:30 am Period 7 Workshops
11:45 - 12:30 pm Music (Arena) – Jesse Manibusan
– Matt Maher & Band 11:30 - 1:00 pm LUNCH
Music (Hall B)
1:00 - 2:30 pm Period 2 Workshops – Blakesley & Thomson 11:45 - 12:30 pm Music (Arena)
3:00 - 4:30 pm Period 3 Workshops Outdoor Stage – Augustin & Angotti
5:15 pm Evening Prayer & Liturgies – Vietnamese Dance Troupe 11:45 - 12:30 pm Music (Hall B)
1:00 - 2:30 pm Period 5 Workshops – Peña, Fernández &
8:00 pm Concert (Arena)
– Liam Lawton & Friends 3:00 - 4:30 pm Period 6 Workshops Rubalcava
5:15 pm Evening Prayer & Liturgies 1:00 - 2:30 pm Period 8 Workshops
Filmmakers’ Showcase
8:00 pm Concert (Arena)
9:30 pm Taizé 3:30 pm Closing Eucharistic Liturgy
Sacred Illuminations (Arena)
8:30 - 11:30 pm Young Adult Dance (Marriott)

Religious Education Congress • February 26 - March 1, 2009


General Info
Los Angeles Religious Education Congress
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Office of Religious Education
3424 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Web •

Youth Day
E-mail •
Info • (213) 637-7346
Register online by credit card at

Horario del Congreso ................................................. 67

Youth Day: February 26, 2009 Indice ........................................................................... 68
Información General .................................................. 80
Congress Days: February 27 - Informaciones de la Forma de Inscripción .............. 92
March 1, 2009 Mensajes del Cardenal y de la Directora ................. 66
Mensajes de las Coordinadoras ................................ 67
Mensaje de la Coordinadora de
WELCOME & INFORMATION Ministerios Catequéticos ....................................... 67
Cardinal’s Welcome ...................................................... 4 Talleres ................................................................... 69-79
Congress Co-Coordinators’ Welcome ........................... 5

Director’s Welcome ....................................................... 4
About Congress ................................ Inside Front Cover TRAVEL/HOTEL INFORMATION
Asian & Pacific Events ............................................... 21 Airport Map ................................................................ 82
Congress Highlights ...................................................... 3 Airline Tickets Information ...................................... 86
Congress Schedule ........................... Inside Front Cover Anaheim Map ....................................................... 82, 84
Convention Center Information .................................. 91 Hotel & Suites Information ....................................... 85
Endowment Fund Information .................................... 81 Shuttle Information .............................................. 82, 83
Liturgies & Prayer Services at Congress .................... 20
Speaker Index (alphabetical) ........................................ 2

Speaker Categories (by topic) ..................................... 24
Workshop Recording Information .............................. 91 Advance Ticket Pick-Up ............................................ 92
Young Adult Events ............................................... 22-23 Continuing Education Credit
– Loyola Marymount University ........................... 89
– Mount St. Mary’s College .................................. 90
Deaf/Hard of Hearing/Disabled Services ........... 91, 92
Associate Director’s Welcome .................................... 6 Online Information & Registration .......................... 81
Youth Day Registration Form .................................. 13 Parking ........................................................................ 91
Youth Day Registration Information ....................... 12 Registration Form ........................... Inside Back Cover Travel/Hotels
Youth Day Schedule .................................................... 7 Registration Form Information ................................. 92
Youth Day Workshop Information ........................ 8-11
At Congress, be sure to pick up your RECongress
DAILY EVENTS SCHEDULE Program Book, which includes:
Friday, February 27, 2009 .................................... 14-15 • Daily schedule, workshops and highlights of RECongress
Saturday, February 28, 2009 ................................ 16-17 • Maps to the Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A, hotel
workshops and Anaheim-area restaurants
Sunday, March 1, 2009 ......................................... 18-19

• Exhibitor listings and categories

• Office of Religious Education staff and program offerings
CONGRESS WORKSHOPS • Tech Center schedule and Cardinal Mahony’s online chat
• Workshop Recording Form
Friday, February 27, 2009 ............................. 15, 25-41 • Restaurant guide information
Saturday, February 28, 2009 ......................... 17, 42-56 • Endowment Fund “Thank You”
Sunday, March 1, 2009 .................................. 19, 57-60

Register online at 1

Abernethy, Hedley ......................... YD Massingale, Rev. Bryan ................. 2-17*, 4-18*
Aguilera-Titus, Alejandro ................ 1-51*, 7-51*
Asterisks indicate recorded work- Matovina, Timothy ......................... 4-54*, 6-19*
Allen Jr., John ................................ 5-01*, 7-01* shops. “YD” denotes a Youth Day work- McCarty, Robert ............................ 5-15*, 7-15*
Alonso, Tony .................................. 3-12* shop. “Key” is a Sunday Address. McCormack, Dr. Patricia ................ 6-20*, 8-21*
Anderle, Donna .............................. 1-01*, 7-02* Workshops are designated by two num- McGrath, Bro. Mickey .................... 8-22*
Angrisano, Steve ........................... YD bers separated by a dash. The first num- McKenna, Dr. Megan ..................... 2-18*, 4-19*
Ash, Laura ..................................... 2-01*, 5-02* ber indicates the period; the number af- Miles, Theodore ............................. 7-16*
Atkinson, Patrick ............................ 3-51*, 6-01* ter the dash is the workshop number. Mitchell, Joseph ............................. 3-17*, 8-23*
Barry, Fr. William ........................... 1-02*, 8-01* Workshop numbers -01 to -30 are in Montenegro, Juan Carlos .............. 6-55*
Beaudoin, Dr. Tom ......................... 1-03, 6-02 English; -50 to -58 are in Spanish; and Mullen, Fr. J. Patrick ...................... 1-18*, 5-16*
Beckman, Betsey ........................... 2-01*, 5-02* -70 is in Vietnamese, -80 is in Korean. Murray, Fr. J-Glenn ........................ 1-19*, 4-20*
Binz, Stephen ................................ 2-02*, 5-03* You can check our site on the web at Murúa, Marcelo ............................. 2-56*, 5-56*
Borobio Garcia, Dionisio ................ 6-51*, 8-51* Nguyen, Rev. Hy ........................... 1-70*, 3-70* for updates – or
Boudreau, Fr. Paul ......................... 8-02* Ogilvie, Matthew ............................ 2-19*, 5-17*
sign up for our E-Mailing Updates filled
Boyle, Gregory ............................... 8-03* Ospino, Dr. Hosffman .................... 4-21*, 8-55*
with important information.
Bravo Perez, Benjamín .................. 3-52*, 7-52* Pacholczyk, Rev. Tadeusz ............. 1-20, 3-18
Breen, Dr. Elizabeth Crabb ............ 2-20* and (*) are recorded sessions Paige, Deacon Eric ........................ 5-18*, 7-17*
Brennan, Fr. Patrick ....................... 1-04*, 4-01* Paprocki, Joe ................................. 6-21*
Brown, Grayson Warren ................ 2-03*, 7-03* Patin, Mike ..................................... YD, 3-19*
Burland, John ................................ 2-04*, 6-03* Good Ground ................................. 4-02 Pavlik, Dr. Robert ........................... 5-19*, 7-18*
Camille, Alice ................................. 8-02* Gordon, Greer ................................ 3-08*, 8-11* Phong, Bro. Fortunat ..................... 2-70*, 6-70*
Cano Valero, Julia .......................... 1-52*, 7-53* Griffith, Dr. Colleen ........................ 4-11* Pipta, Very Rev. Robert .................. 8-24*
Carrillo Velásquez, Carlos .............. 2-51*, 6-52* Grimaldo, Gloria Cecilia ................. 3-53*, 8-53* Ponnet, Fr. Chris ........................... 2-20*
Cheri, Richard ............................... 4-02 Groody, Fr. Daniel .......................... 3-09*, 5-54* Reeves, Dr. Nancy ........................ 2-21*, 8-25*
Cherup Jr., Msgr. Michael .............. 6-04*, 8-04* Groome, Dr. Thomas ..................... 3-10*, 7-07* Reid, Sr. Barbara ........................... 4-22*, 5-20*
Cho, Katherine Ja-Eun .................. 2-80* Gros, Bro. Jeffrey .......................... 6-10*, 8-12* Ricard, Fr. Tony ............................. 6-22*
Ciangio, Sr. Donna ........................ 3-01*, 8-05* Groves, Richard ............................. 6-11*, 7-08* Rodríguez Zambrana, Fr. Domingo 5-57*, 7-56*
Cimino, Sr. Carol ........................... 3-02*, 7-04* Grzona, Ricardo ............................. 4-51*, 7-54* Rohr, Fr. Richard ........................... 1-21*, 7-19*
Clancy, Padraigin ........................... 2-05*, 8-06* Haas, David ................................... 6-12, 7-09 Rubalcava, Pedro .......................... 4-55
Coleman, Fr. John ......................... 3-03* Hahnenberg, Edward ..................... 3-11*, 6-13* Rupp, Sr. Joyce ............................. 3-20, 6-23
Cordero, Stan ................................ YD Hart, Mark ..................................... YD, 1-13*, Salvatierra, Rev. Alexia .................. 6-56*, 7-20*
Cortez, Jaime ................................. 2-06 .................................................. 5-09* Saso, Steve ................................... 3-21*, 5-21*
Coutinho, Paul ............................... 3-04*, 8-07* Haugen, Marty ............................... 3-12* Saso, Patt ...................................... 3-21*, 5-21*
Covarrubias, María ........................ 2-52* Heagle, Fr. John ............................ 6-07*, 7-06* Sawyer, Sr. Kieran ......................... 2-22*, 4-23*
Crosby, Fr. Michael ........................ 1-05*, 5-04* Heft, Fr. James .............................. 7-10* Scally, Anna ................................... YD, 5-22*
Cusick, Fr. John ............................ 1-06*, 6-05* Hernandez, Wil .............................. 7-11 Schellman, James ......................... 4-24*, 7-21*
Dahm, Charles .............................. 3-05*, 5-51* Hershey, Terry ............................... 1-14*, 4-12* Schultz, Karl .................................. 6-24*, 8-26*
Dallavalle, Nancy ........................... 1-07, 6-06 Imperatori-Lee, Natalia ................... 6-54*, 7-12* Silf, Margaret ................................. 3-22*, 7-22*
Dao, Rev. Anthony ......................... 8-70* Jamison, Abbot Christopher ........... 2-10, 5-10 Siller Acuña, Clodomiro ................. 1-54*, 7-57*
Deasy, Fr. Ken ............................... YD Jansen, Frank ................................ 6-14* Smith-Christopher, Dr. Daniel ........ 1-22*, 8-27*
Dempsey, Carol ............................. 1-08*, 4-03* Jansen, ValLimar ........................... 6-14* Smollin, Sr. Anne Bryan ................. YD, 3-23*,
DeVries, Dr. Katherine ................... 4-04*, 8-08* Jezreel, Jack .................................. 6-15, 8-13 .................................................. 7-23*
Durand, David ............................... 4-05*, 7-05* Johnson-Mondragón, Ken ............. 3-54*, 8-54* Solis, Bishop Oscar ....................... 2-23*
Early Childhood Board ................... 5-05* Jonaitis, Sr. Dorothy ...................... 3-13*, 7-13* Spitzer, Rev. Robert ....................... 2-24*, 4-25*
East, Msgr. Ray ............................. 3-06*, 8-09* Just, Rev. Felix .............................. 6-16*, 8-14* Stauring, Javier .............................. 3-55*, 5-12*
Eipers, Carole ................................ 4-06 Kempf, Fr. Joe ............................... 1-15*, 5-11* Stuckart, Paula D’Albor .................. 1-23*, 4-26*
Elizondo, Rev. Virgilio .................... 1-53*, 4-07* Kennedy, Fr. Michael ..................... 3-55*, 5-12* Sullivan, Sr. Maureen .................... 2-25*, 7-24*
Ellair, Steven .................................. 1-09, 5-06 Kennett, Colette ............................. YD, 3-14* Sumner, Lizabeth ........................... 5-23*, 8-28*
Evert, Crystalina ............................ YD Kicanas, Bishop Gerald ................. 1-16*, 2-11* Sweeney, Rev. Michael .................. 2-26*, 6-25*
Evert, Jason .................................. YD, 1-10 Kim, Roland ................................... 1-80 Theisen, Michael ........................... 1-24*, 6-26*
Evevard, Tammy ............................ YD Koester, Craig ................................ 4-13*, 6-17* Thieman, LeAnn ............................ 3-24*, 5-24*
Fabing, Fr. Bob .............................. 1-11 Kolar, Peter .................................... 2-54, 5-13 Tobar Mensbrugghe, Dr. Dora ........ 1-55*, 4-56*
Fatica, Justin ................................. YD, 2-07* Krout, Keri ..................................... 2-12*, 6-18* Turner, Rev. Paul ........................... 1-25*, 3-25*
Ferder, Sr. Fran ............................. 6-07*, 7-06* LaBelle, Rev. Patrick ..................... 4-14*, 7-14* Valenzuela, Victor .......................... 6-57*, 8-56*
Fernández, Santiago ..................... 5-52, 8-52 Langford, Jeremy ........................... 2-13*, 8-15* Van Doc, Bishop Paul Bui .............. 7-70*
Fiand, Sr. Barbara .......................... 2-08*, 5-07* Lansing, Sean ............................... 4-15* Vital Cruz, María Guadalupe .......... 1-56*, 3-56*
Finley, James ................................. 1-12 Lee, Michael .................................. 6-54*, 8-16* Vu, Fr. John Francis ...................... 4-70*, 5-70*
Flecha Andres, José-Román ......... 2-53*, 6-53* Leonard, Rev. Richard ................... 2-14, 4-16 Walker, Christopher ....................... 1-26*, 5-25
Fragomeni, Fr. Richard .................. 3-07*, 4-08* Levo, Sr. Lynn ............................... 5-14*, 8-17* Wallis, Jim ..................................... 3-26*, 4-27*
Francois, Jackie ............................ YD Levy, P. Eduardo ............................ 4-52*, 7-55* Welbers, Msgr. Thomas ................. 2-27*
Freeburg, Sr. Paule ........................ 5-25 Linney, John .................................. 2-15, 8-18 Wells, David .................................. 5-26*, Key*
Friedman, Mark ............................. 1-01*, 4-09* López, Laura .................................. 5-55* Wenc, Char ................................... 2-28*, 7-25*
Gaillardetz, Dr. Richard .................. 2-09*, 6-08* López Gutiérrez, Siro ..................... 2-55*, 4-53* Weston, Rev. Thomas ................... 5-27*, 7-26*
Gallagher, Fr. Michael Paul ............ 5-08*, 8-10* MacBeth, Sybil .............................. 3-15*, 4-17* White, Dr. C. Vanessa ................... 1-27*, 3-28*
Gen Rosso .................................... 6-28 Mangan, Michael ........................... 3-16*, 8-19* White, Joseph ................................ 3-27, 6-27
Ginel Vielva, Fr. Alvaro .................. 5-53*, Key* Manibusan, Jesse ......................... YD, 2-16* White, Ana Arista ........................... 3-27, 6-27
Gittins, Fr. Anthony ........................ 4-10*, 6-09* Martin, Rev. James ........................ 1-17*, 8-20* Yzaguirre, John .............................. 4-57*, 7-27*

2 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

Congress Highlights highlights

General Info
Youth Day, held on Thursday, Febru-
ary 26, starts off our Congress week-
end with 15,000 coming together for a
mix of workshops, liturgies, rallies and
high energy. (See pages 6-13.)


Congress 2009 offers 14 different Eu-
charistic Liturgies of different char-
acter, from Contemplative to Jazz, from
Spanish to Hawaiian. (See page 20.)


Friday, 10 am-noon
On Friday of Congress, Cardinal
Roger Mahony will conduct his 13th
live, online chat – first with school stu-
dents from the Archdiocese, and then
in a nationwide open forum. < SACRED SPACE
Friday through Sunday
Sacred Space returns to its home on
the third level of the Convention Cen-
ter, with extended hours on Saturday.
Take a respite from the day’s events and
ENTERTAINMENT > enter a space dedicated to facilitating a
sense of spiritual rejuvenation. Our Sa-
Friday through Sunday cred Space will offer Eucharistic Ado-
Congress offers a variety of musical ration in the Chapel, the Sacrament of
entertainment – from the daily lunch- Reconciliation, a labyrinth (pictured),
time concerts to our Friday and Satur- art and meditative music.
day evening concert celebrations. There
are also musical artists performing at < ART EXHIBIT
Sacred Space and our new Outdoor
Stage. Friday through Sunday
Los Angeles-based photographer Rob-
ert Radin stretches the imagination,
offers a feast for the eyes and beckons
the spirit to behold beauty in his breath-
SACRED ILLUMINATIONS > taking images captured from around the
Saturday, 8 - 9:30 pm
New this year, Sacred Illumina-
tions is the mystical choreography
of light and sound. Incorporating
her newest liturgical and fine art
photography and reflections, Sr. < SOUVENIRS
Rose Marie Tulacz, SND, will
kindle a flame within us to experi- Friday through Sunday
ence the divine life within our Souvenir pins, pens, buttons and more!
humanity. Come reflect and pray. And, on Sunday only at the Tech Cen-
ter, e-mail a free photo ePostcard home
or to friends!
Friday, 8-10:30 pm
Our 2009 Catholic Filmmakers’ Showcase presents shorts and clips from a number of Catholic
production companies in Hollywood, from short educational films to documentaries and feature
films. Producers and directors will be on hand to meet with audience members after the screenings.

Register online at 3

Dear Congress Participants,
May I take this opportunity to welcome you to another wonderful Religious Education Congress.
Each year this marvelous event affords us an opportunity to renew our faith and our commit-
ment to the ministry of evangelization and catechesis.
The 2009 theme “Love Unfolding … Igniting Our Yes” flows from the Scriptures of the First
Sunday in Lent. We are reminded that Covenant Love, poured out and at the heart of all of
creation, draws us ever more profoundly into the heart of a loving God. It is the way of Jesus
who called his disciples and now invites us to utter our “yes” with courage, confident that
through our own passion the lives of others will catch fire and be made new again.
The excellent keynotes, workshops, and liturgical celebrations offered throughout the weekend
are a source of enrichment and renewal for all. I am gratified and encouraged that so many of
you take advantage of the wonderful opportunities for networking, input, and renewal. Your
leadership and participation are key to the ongoing growth and well being of our parish commu-
nities of faith.
Please be assured of my continuing support and encouragement as you dedicate your time and
energy to this most vital catechetical ministry.
Asking God’s blessing on you, your families and parish communities, and with every best wish,
I am
Sincerely yours in Christ,

His Eminence,
Cardinal Roger Mahony
Archbishop of Los Angeles


Dear Friends,
It is with great joy that I welcome you to yet another wonderful faith-filled Congress. The
weekend offers us the opportunity to gather, renew and recommit to sharing the “Good News.”
Our theme for 2009, “Love Unfolding ... Igniting Our Yes,” is inspired by the Scriptures for the
first Sunday of Lent. Trusting in God’s faithful Covenant, we are nourished and sustained on the
journey. Our bond of oneness generates and ignites a fresh energy and propels us to give voice to
our “yes” anew.
We are very heartened by the quantity and quality of the many engaging workshops, keynotes
and resources offered throughout the weekend. Always cognizant of the richness of the
multicultural reality of Southern California, the Religious Education Congress offers many
opportunities to experience and celebrate the giftedness of our diverse communities of faith.
The creative and inspirational liturgical celebrations and entertainment provided are sure to lift
our spirits and ignite our “yes.” At the heart of the many activities there is also opportunity to
“come apart” and rest in the silence of Sacred Space, walk the labyrinth or celebrate the Sacra-
ment of Reconciliation.
Thank you for your wonderful leadership and your unwavering commitment to uttering your
“yes” and keeping the vision of Jesus central to all that you are and do.
I look forward to greeting you at this spirit-filled gathering.

Sr. Edith Prendergast, RSC

Archdiocesan Director
Office of Religious Education

4 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009


General Info
Dear Friends,
As Co-Coordinators we once again have the great joy of welcoming you to Congress 2009. With our theme,
“Love Unfolding ... Igniting our Yes,” Congress again promises to draw us into many wonderful experi-
ences beginning with our energizing Youth Day.
As the weekend unfolds, you can look forward to outstanding workshops, amazing concerts and lunchtime
entertainment, inspiring art and multicultural exhibits as well as liturgies which provide opportunities for
prayer and reflection. Sacred Space will again be available for time of quiet and renewal. As always,
Congress is a wonderful opportunity to renew friendships and meet people from all over the world at this
international gathering.
You won’t want to miss the Exhibit Hall, offering a wide variety of resources and company representatives
on hand for personalized service.
Workshops, events, housing information, mail-in and online registration instructions are included in this
Guidebook and updated regularly on our Web site at Additional information can be
obtained by calling the Congress Office at 213-637-7346, or by e-mail at
Again, we welcome you and look forward to your being with us at our 2009 Religious Education Congress.

Paulette Smith Jan Pedroza

Congress Event Coordinator Congress Program Coordinator

CONGRESS ANNUALLY gathers together some of the most influential Catholic composers and
artists. Pictured here from last year’s Opening Rite are (for 2009, not in photo order): Meredith
Augustin, Tony Alonso, John Angotti, Anna Betancourt, Josh Blakesley, Carol Browning, Helena
Buscema, Richard Cheri, Jaime Cortez, Chris de Silva, Santiago Fernández, Jim Gibson, David
Haas, Marty Haugen, Eddie Hilley, ValLimar & Frank Jansen, Peter Kolar, Liam Lawton, Kenneth
Louis, Matt Maher, Donna Peña, Clifford Petty, Michael John Poirier and Pedro Rubalcava.

Register online at 5

youth day THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2009


Youth Day 2009
“Happy are they who hope in the Lord” Dear Friends,
– Psalm 39:5 Once again, it is with great joy and enthusiasm that I invite
Youth Day 2009 falls on the day after Ash you and the young people in your ministry to be part of our
Wednesday. The readings of this day help us annual Youth Day. This exciting event begins our annual
as we prepare for our communal and indi- Religious Education Congress in Anaheim and welcomes
vidual Lenten journey. We are encouraged by over 15,000 high school students and their chaperones. This
the call of Moses to continually “choose life” year, we are also blessed to be able to begin our Lenten
so that others may see how God’s love journey together at Youth Day. Please join us for a day of
permeates all that we say and do. Our Gospel energetic workshops, wonderful music, great friends and
for this day reminds us that this journey will Spirit-filled Eucharistic celebrations. Youth Day is an
not always be easy. We will sometimes be incredible opportunity for young people to experience the
called to take up our cross, deny our very love of God within the larger church community and be
selves and put others first. God reassures us, empowered in their faith journey. Thank you very much for
though, that this choice will bring us a new your willingness to share this great day with those in your
and abundant life. Youth Day is both a place ministry settings. The Youth
to be renewed and encouraged in our journey Day Coordinating Team is
to follow Christ and an opportunity for each working hard to create a day
of us to be an example for others. We may that will compliment the
leave Youth Day a little tired, but we are wonderful work of your
refreshed in the hope promised in our faith. parish or school. We look
Youth Day 2009 is a perfect example of forward to celebrating God’s
young people celebrating the blessings of our love with you and your young
incredible God! people at Youth Day 2009!
The readings for Youth Day 2009 are: See you in Anaheim!
Deuteronomy 30:15-20
Psalm 1:1-2, 3, 4, 6
Luke 9:22-25
Mike Norman
Associate Director
Office of Religious Education


LEADERSHIP All high school students (9th-12th grades ONLY) are in- NEEDED
DEVELOPMENT vited to register for Youth Day. Students must register with The Religious Education
In an effort to enhance the work an adult Chaperone who will be attending with them. Two Congress staff would like to
of the Office of Religious adult Chaperones must accompany the first group of 1-10 invite any adult who is not
Education in developing youth youth and then one adult Chaperone with each additional chaperoning a group from a
leaders across the archdiocese group of 10 youth. Chaperones must stay with their group parish or school to be a
and to support the outreach of throughout the entire day. Each group chooses which work- volunteer for Youth Day. Youth
the Catholic Youth Foundation shops they would like to attend. Make a first, second and Day volunteers are assigned to
USA, there will be a collection third choice from the following 13 workshops. Please note a variety of positions through-
during Youth Day liturgies. that there are two workshops (clearly marked in bold) that out the day. To volunteer for
CYFUSA serves the National take place in the Arena and are not repeated. All other work- Youth Day 2009, an adult
Federation for Catholic Youth shops are offered twice – once in the morning and once in needs to have been trained in
Ministry by providing financial the afternoon. We try to accommodate first choices for work- accordance with their Diocesan
resources at the local, diocesan, shops, but sometimes they fill up and we must move you to Youth Protection Program and
regional and national levels to your second or third choice. have had the appropriate
promote effective ministry with diocesan-required background
adolescents. Please share this NOTE: YOUTH DAY OFTEN FILLS UP BEFORE THE check. For more information
information with all Youth Day JANUARY FEE INCREASE! There is a limit to the num- about volunteering or to submit
attendees and emphasize how ber of people we can register. If Youth Day fills to capacity your name to be part of our day,
their contribution can continue before the February 1, 2009 deadline, we will close the day please contact Erin Avila at
the formation and education of and return your registration. Please try to register as soon or
others. Thank you in advance! as possible. There are no exceptions. (559) 259-8232.

6 Religious Education Congress Youth Day • February 26, 2009

Online at youth day

Youth Day
Youth Day begins with two wonderful Opening Events. In the Following our Eucharistic celebrations, we invite your group to
Arena we will have the inspirational music of Jacob and Mat- enjoy lunch and make new friends, along with spending time
thew and hear a powerful message from our keynote speaker, with old friends.
ValLimar Jansen. This year, our second opening will take place
in Hall E and welcomes Josh Blakesley and his band. Young
people from across the Archdiocese will be on hand to lead us 1:30 PM – AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS
in prayer and help us to begin our day.
The workshops in the afternoon are a second chance to hear
some of the best speakers from across the nation. Most of these
9:45 AM – MORNING WORKSHOPS are repeated workshops from the morning session.

Immediately following our Opening Events, participants will

be able to attend one of the 13 workshops (listed on the follow- 2:45 PM – CLOSING RALLIES
ing pages) that will inspire and challenge them in new ways!
We suggest that you share the list of speakers with your young Youth Day 2009 ends with two energetic Closing Rallies – one
people and allow them to choose (in groups of 10 with a chap- in the Arena and one in Hall E. These powerful events help us
erone) those topics that interest them. to close our day with music, inspirational stories and prayer –
all offered by speakers and artists from our day, as well as young
people from across the Archdiocese. Come be renewed in your
11 AM – LITURGIES faith journey as we are sent forth to return to our parish and
school communities.
Our day continues with Spirit-filled Liturgies in three different
rooms. Cardinal Roger Mahony will be celebrating with us in
the Arena, with music provided by youth from throughout the 3:30 PM – DISMISSAL
Archdiocese and beyond, under the direction of Ed Archer of
St. Monica Parish. Our second liturgy will take place in Hall E Our day will end at 3:30pm with dismissal!
and will feature the music of Joshua Blakesley. The Grand Ball-
room Liturgy (on the third floor) will feature the music of Jacob
and Matthew.
Online at 7
youth day THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2009


Youth day often reaches our capacity before the January fee
increase! There is a limit to the number of people we can reg-
ister. If Youth Day fills before the February 1, 2009 deadline,
we will close the day and return your registration. Please try to
register as soon as possible. There are no exceptions.


Jesus was very clear, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they
will be called children of God.” But what does it really take
to be a peacemaker? Using his experience of growing up
during the violent conflict in Northern Ireland, Hedley
Abernethy, the Peacebuilding Education Advisor for Catholic
Relief Services, will share stories, stimulate discussion and
then ask the question, “Where and how will you build
peace?” This is peacebuilding for the faint hearted, shy and
conflict avoidant. Come prepared to share, laugh and re-
spond to the call to be a peacemaker!
Hedley Abernethy
Hedley Abernethy is the Peacebuilding Education Ad-
visor for Catholic Relief Services in the United States.
He is also developing a program for youth on
peacebuilding from a global perspective. Before ar-
riving in America, he worked for the National Coun-
cil of YMCAs in Ireland, helping to promote and develop commu-
nity relations and peacebuilding programs throughout Northern
Ireland. A qualified youth worker, he has researched and written a
number of publications aimed at young people and youth workers.


In this noisy, fast-paced life we all lead, it’s hard to hear
what God is saying to us. How do we listen? How do we
know? Where is God when bad things happen to my family
or friends? How do I even know God is there? What does he
want from me? These are just some of the good questions
that we all ask, and this is a great place to figure some of
them out! Steve Angrisano’s style and humor bring just the
right tone to these serious questions.
GROUP LEADERS: Steve Angrisano
Steve Angrisano is recognized as one of the most dy-
Order Your Official Youth Day T-Shirts namic and effective communicators with Catholic
T-shirts for Youth Day 2009 are available by pre-order. Or- youth in the country. His unique blend of laughter,
ders with payment must be received by February 11, 2009 song, story and often hilarious audience interaction
and will be available for pick-up starting at 8 a.m. on Youth has made him a popular choice for missions, concerts,
Day at the Seraph7 booth in the Grand Arena Lobby (south workshops and youth events. He’s been featured at major youth
events nationally and internationally, including four World Youth
side) of the Convention Center Arena.
Days, several National Catholic Youth Conferences, and countless
Customize your Youth Day shirt with your youth group/par- parish, school, camp and diocesan events.
ish name on the back, just an additional $5 per shirt. (Cus-
tom order payment due by January 28, 2009.)
T-shirts: $15, Sweatshirts: $40
Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Youth sizes, 3X, and sweatshirts are also available in
limited supply. Please pre-order to ensure you get yours!
Place your order online at

8 Religious Education Congress Youth Day • February 26, 2009

Online at youth day
Too much homework…parents pressuring me to
succeed…gotta get a part-time job…need to get to
practice…wanna hang out with friends…who am I gonna
ask to prom?…oh no, not another test! I thought that
was next week! Life can make us feel maxed out and we
start to stress about all kinds of things. The Lord has an
answer, really a call, to talk with Him, to lean on Him.
St. Paul tells us not to be anxious, “make your requests
known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all

Youth Day
understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ
Jesus” (Phil. 4:7). Prayer can bring us closer to Christ
and peacefulness amidst the everyday stresses of our lives.
Stan Cordero
Stan Cordero is the Director of Youth Ministry
for the Diocese of Santa Rosa, Calif. He has 23
years of youth ministry experience at the parish,
Catholic school and diocesan levels. He is an
adjunct staff member for the Certificate in Youth
Ministry Studies and YouthLeader programs at the Center for
Ministry Development. Cordero is also a contributor to “Youth
Ministry in Rural and Small Town Settings: A Planning Re-
source” and “Total Youth Ministry: Ministry Resources for
Prayer & Worship.”
Jackie Francois
Artist and composer Jackie Francois has been in-
volved with youth ministry in Southern Califor-
nia for over eight years as youth minister and mu-
sic minister. In recent years she has led worship
and has spoken at various conferences, retreats
and youth rallies nationally and internationally. Francois re-
cently released her first CD titled “Your Kingdom is Glorious”
and continues to host the “Perfect Playlist” Podcast, and “The
Commons” Webcast on


Fr. Ken Deasy really likes hanging out with youth and
talking about faith as: 1) “moving forward” and not back-
ward; 2) essential in living our hope “that the best is yet
to come” and not just a thing in the past; 3) more empow-
ering than exhausting; and 4) something that makes you
really live and not just blah! blah! blah! Fr. Deasy readily
admits that he doesn’t have all the answers! Do you? Do
you know the questions?
Fr. Ken Deasy
Fr. Ken Deasy is presently Consultant to the Los
Angeles Archdiocese’s Mission Office and Coordi-
nator for the Holy Childhood Association, part of
the Vatican’s Office for the Propagation of the
Faith. He previously served as Pastor of St.
Agatha’s Parish in Los Angeles. Fr. Deasy was a script advisor
for the movie “Bruce Almighty” and served as mentor/advisor
for ABC’s “Nothing Sacred.” Recently, he was co-hosting with
Rabbi Jerry Cutler a radio movie-review program, “Review from
the Pew.”

Online at 9
youth day THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2009

Chastity is more than just abstinence. It’s about what you ABOUT THE BIBLE
can do and have right now: a chaste lifestyle that brings The Bible is a dangerous book. People have lost their lives
freedom, respect, peace and romance without regret. over it. People have had their lives saved by it, too. Many
in your life are going to tell you a lot about the Bible that
Crystalina & Jason Evert
just isn’t true. Come hear a few truths about the Bible that
Jason Evert is author and speaker with Catholic An- will not only change the way you approach Scripture, but
swers, based in San Diego. He has given over 1,000 the way you live your life each day. (Afternoon Arena
lectures to hundreds of thousands of teens nationally
and internationally; venues have included the National session only.)
Catholic Youth Conference and the 2008 World Youth Mark Hart
Day in Sydney, Australia. Evert is author of nine
books, including “Theology of the Body for Teens” Mark Hart, known to millions simply as the "Bible
and “Pure Faith.” He and his wife, Crystalina, are Geek,” serves as Executive Vice President for Life
hosts of the EWTN series, “The Pure Life,” and are Teen. He is a sought-after speaker, a regular guest
co-founders of the Web site on Catholic radio programs and an award-winning
author. Hart has an interactive DVD Bible Study se-
ries, “The Teen Timeline T3,” and posts a weekly Life Teen podcast.


When you look in the mirror, what do you think? What does – BE THE LIGHT!
that mirror say to you? How does a piece of glass have so God calls us from our points of weakness as well as our
much power? What do we believe about ourselves and about strengths. Colette Kennett will share her experience as a
others? All these questions and more will be discussed in 1996 Olympic Torchbearer hero to demonstrate the impor-
this workshop – an opportunity to shatter the mirror, no tance of “spiritual Olympics” that prepare us to carry the
longer letting it define us and to allow the truth to break in, Light of Christ to others. It’s time to strengthen your spiri-
not only in our mirrors, but where it matters more: in our tual muscles for the journey ahead!
hearts. (Morning Arena session only.)
Colette A. Kennett
Tammy Evevard
Colette Kennett has been employed for the past 29
Tammy Evevard has spent the last 20 years traveling years by the Catholic Diocese of Belleville, Ill., where
the country presenting to countless audiences, large she serves as Director of Youth Ministry. She has
and small, including a keynote at the National Catho- presented at numerous conferences, rallies, retreats
lic Youth Conference in Atlanta. She has had several and civic events, including the Mid-America Minis-
articles published and has been featured on CNN and try Conference, the National Federation for Catholic Youth Min-
other television programs. Evevard is a past member of the Na- istry, and the Los Angeles Congress. Kennett’s community volun-
tional Evangelization Team and Reach Youth Ministry Team, both teer work includes prison ministry and working at a community
traveling retreat teams. shelter.

Whether quiet or loud, inner-city, rural or suburban areas, CHRIST IN MASS!
we all have been through something. Every challenge, pain Where is Christ more truly and really present: In the Eu-
and struggle can be seen as a gift or a tragedy. Christ took charist? In the Word? In the presider and in the attending
his mess and made it a message that would touch lives from ministers? In the worshiping assembly? Where is Christ?
then until now. We can do the same! Let’s make our mess Another essential question might be, “Where are you/me/
into a message. We all can make a difference. we” in the mission, the love and the ongoing Presence of
Justin Fatica Christ beyond the doors of the Church? Let us break open
Justin Fatica is the lead evangelist for Hard as Nails “the Presence of Christ” and see the very true, real, rele-
Ministries, a team of young adult evangelists, and au- vant and ever-unfolding of God’s Love.
thor of the book “Hard as Nails.” The former campus Jesse Manibusan
minister, youth minister, retreat coordinator and reli-
gion teacher now speaks to hundreds of thousands of Jesse Manibusan describes himself as an “itinerant
teens and young adults at local, national and international ven- witness, undercover catechist and Catholic ninja.”
ues. His appearances range from Soulfest and Lifefest to the Tribeca He is co-founder of Two by Two Ministries, bringing
Film Festival. his high-energy, interactive music, preaching, story-
telling and humor to audiences all over the world.
Manibusan is experienced as a music minister, catechist and youth
worker, with frequent appearances at Youth Day and the Los An-
geles Congress, as well as at major youth and education confer-
ences across the country. He also has recorded several CDs.

10 Religious Education Congress Youth Day • February 26, 2009

Online at youth day
Jesus Freak!! We get that and worse sometimes when
people find out we are about God and our Catholic faith.
There are challenges to “keeping the faith.” What does
it really take to be a Christian leader and a teen in the
real world of 2009? Come, laugh and share. You aren’t
the only “freak” at Youth Day!
Mike Patin
Mike Patin has been working in youth ministry
since 1990. He lives in Lafayette, La., where he

Youth Day
has spent six years as a high school teacher and
coach. He has been a summer camp counselor
and an assistant coach for a college basketball
team. Patin now travels around the country speaking to more
than 800 teen and adult groups in over 80 dioceses. He con-
tinues to lead youth and adult retreats, parish missions and
leadership institutes.


Music can move us. It gives us hope and new opportu-
nities to grow. What are today’s songs saying about me
and the world around me? Discover ways to use your
music to dialogue with God. Learn how to become more
sensitized to God’s voice. We’ll celebrate our lives, our
God, and our music in this workshop. Watch what might
happen to your prayer life the next time you turn on one
of your favorite songs!
Anna Scally
Anna Scally, President of Cornerstone Media
Inc., is a columnist for their Top Music Count-
down online resource and also hosts their audio
show, “Burning Issues.” Her work has appeared
in several journals and popular publications, and
she has been a presenter at all the major conferences for reli-
gious educators in North America. Scally has been Master of
Ceremonies at World Youth Days in Denver, Toronto, Germany
and Sydney, Australia, earning her the title, “The Pope's DJ.”


Text message: ‘Yes’ 2 life! Committing ourselves to find
the joy and goodness in each moment we live, we open
ourselves to the possibility of finding God in each en-
counter. Each moment becomes holy. We become more
positive and caring people as we step outside of our-
selves and focus on the other. Finding ourselves in each
other, we discover happiness and holiness in day-to-
day experiences.
Anne Bryan Smollin
A Sister of St. Joseph, Anne Smollin is a licensed
therapist and group facilitator, lecturer and con-
sultant. She is currently Executive Director of
Counseling for Laity in Albany, N.Y. The former
elementary schoolteacher lectures extensively
throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia
speaking to religious communities, conventions and businesses.
Sr. Smollin is author of four books.

Online at 11
youth day THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2009

WHO MAY ATTEND? Due to the large number of people who attend and unpredictable
weather, we strongly encourage that tickets and name tags be
All students from public and Catholic high schools, grades 9 through passed out before you leave your parish or school or before
12, are invited to our annual YOUTH DAY on Thursday of the Con- leaving the bus. Those who become separated from their group
gress weekend. STUDENTS BELOW THE 9th GRADE ARE NOT are not allowed entry to workshops or the Arena. Your help in
ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT AND WILL BE this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Tickets will be mailed after January 31, 2009, to the Contact
Person. Please check your packet to verify that each Chaperone
WHAT IS THE COST? and each student has his or her own tickets.
Registration to attend Youth Day is $20 per person. After fees in-
crease January 5, 2009, the price is $25 per person. REGISTRATION INFORMATION
1. The Youth Day Registration Form is provided on the next
CHAPERONES & CONTACT PERSON page. Please feel free to duplicate the form.
2. No more than 10 students with one Chaperone can register per
For each group of up to 10 students, there must be one Adult Chaper- form, with the group attending all the same workshops. The
one. However, there must be two Chaperones listed in your first group first group must include two Chaperones. PLEASE do not reg-
registration. Groups must stay together throughout the day, all at- ister more people on the form than will be attending.
tending the same workshops. Students are not to be dropped off at 3. Once registration has been sent in, additional students CAN-
the Convention Center without a Chaperone. NOT be added. To add students, a new form (with another
paid Chaperone) must be filled out and sent in.
The Adult Chaperone should be at least 21 years of age and must
stay with and supervise his or her group throughout all of Youth Day. 4. All youth need to remain with their Chaperones throughout
Chaperones should participate in the events of the day – youth find it Youth Day. No one can be dropped off at the Convention
more difficult to participate if the adults are off to the side. Under- Center without an Adult Chaperone.
standing that it is often difficult to sit together as a large group, we 5. Remember to list the name of the Contact Person on each
ask that Chaperones divide up and stay with those they brought. form used and indicate if he/she will attend. If the Contact
Person plans to attend, his/her name MUST appear again
The Contact Person is responsible for providing the Adult Chaper- as a Chaperone or registrant.
one with all the necessary forms and emergency information for each 6. Indicate your choice of workshops and send the form(s) with
student in the group. All Youth Day tickets will be mailed to the the total fee of $20 per person (U.S. dollars only) postmarked
Contact Person. The Contact Person may also be one of the group by January 5, 2009 to: LOS ANGELES RELIGIOUS
Chaperones or registrants. EDUCATION CONGRESS, PO BOX 76955, LOS ANGE-
LES, CA 90076-0955.
It is the responsibility of the Contact Person to make sure that ALL Make checks payable to: Religious Education Congress.
Chaperones have been trained in accordance with their Diocesan
Youth Protection Program and the appropriate diocesan required back- Total fees must accompany registration form. All incomplete
ground check has been completed. Please contact your Diocesan Youth registrations will be mailed back. We cannot accept registra-
Ministry Team for fulfilling this requirement. tion forms by phone or fax.
7. After January 5, 2009 (postmarked), the Youth Day Regis-
tration fee will be $25 per person.
8. Refunds must be requested in writing before January 5, 2009.
Registrations can be made by mailing in the Youth Day Registration There are NO REFUNDS after that date. There will be a $10
Form along with a check for the proper amount. A maximum of 10 per person refund processing fee.
students and one Chaperone can register per form. There must be 9. THERE IS NO REGISTRATION ON YOUTH DAY.
two Chaperones listed in your first group registration. Forms and 10. Questions? Call (213) 637-7348 or (213) 637-7346.
information are available online at
Print the letter of your first-, second- and third-choice workshops
We recommend that you register early. Once Youth Day fills to ca- plainly on the spaces provided. All workshops are repeated in
pacity, it is CLOSED to further registrations. This sometimes hap- the afternoon session, unless otherwise noted.
ARY 5, 2009. If we receive your registration after Youth Day has WORKSHOP ASSIGNMENT: Our registration computer will
closed, it will be returned to you. SORRY, THERE ARE NO EX- assign your first choice for the morning session and your second
CEPTIONS TO THIS GUIDELINE. choice for the afternoon. If your first choice is full, then the com-
puter will assign your second choice first and your first choice
TICKETS AND NAME TAGS second. The third is when the first and second choices are full.

Each ticket must be issued to a specific person. Registrations will FOOD SERVICES
NOT be processed if only one person’s name is used in all the spaces
on the form. In order to gain admission into the Convention Center, During the brief, scheduled lunchtime, there will be food con-
each person must have tickets and be wearing the official Youth Day cessions at the Convention Center. Lines are always long, so you
name tag. If needed, you may substitute names. We will not be able may prefer to have your group bring lunches. You can bring ice
to print out new name tags or workshop tickets. chests and other supplies in your vehicles (to be brought in at
lunchtime only). We ask that you not use the nearby restaurants.

12 Religious Education Congress Youth Day • February 26, 2009

Online at youth day
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2009 – 8:30 am - 3:30 pm


1. A maximum of 10 students per form can be registered with each paid Adult Chaperone – all attending the same workshops.
2. Once the Registration Form has been mailed in, additional students cannot be added to it. Additional students require a new form

Youth Day
AND another paid Chaperone.
3. YOUTH DAY FEE: $20 per person (U.S. dollars only). After January 5, 2009 fee increases to $25 per person.
deadline is February 1, 2009. All registrations received after this date – or after Youth Day fills to capacity – will be returned.
5. Mail checks payable to: RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CONGRESS, PO Box 76955, Los Angeles, CA 90076-0955.
6. Total payment must accompany this form.
7. Tickets will be mailed after January 31, 2009. Please check your packet when you receive it, verifying that each Adult Chaperone
and each student has his or her own tickets. Students must remain with their Adult Chaperones throughout the day.
8. Refunds must be requested in writing before January 5, 2009. Note: There is a $10 per person refund processing fee.
9. REGISTRATION QUESTIONS? CALL (213) 637-7348 or (213) 637-7346. – For Office Use Only –
Diocese _______________________________________________________ Date Received _____________
Parish ________________________________________________________ Total Registrants _____________
School/Org. ____________________________________________________ Check Number _____________
City _______________________________________ State _____________ Total Amount _____________
CONTACT PERSON (If attending, please also include your name below as Chaperone or Registrant, whichever is applicable)
Name _____________________________________________________ Day Phone ( ____ )_____________________
Address ____________________________________________________ Eve. Phone ( ____ )_____________________
City _______________________________________________ State _________________ ZIP Code______________
E-mail __________________________________________________________________________________________
SERVICES • Will anyone in your group require special services?  Sign Interpreter  Oral Interpreter  Deaf-Blind Interpreter
 Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) • Name of student/adult requiring assistance ___________________________________

$20 $25
First Name Last Name Fees are an additional
By After
REGISTRANTS (print clearly; check if Adult) Jan. 5 Jan. 5 $5 per person if
Adult? First Name Last Name postmarked after
 $40 $50
_______________________________________________________________ January 5, 2009.
 $60 $75
 $80 $100
_______________________________________________________________ Workshop
 $100 $125
_______________________________________________________________ Choice for Group:
 $120 $150
_______________________________________________________________ 1ST _____
 $140 $175
 $160 $200
_______________________________________________________________ 2ND _____
 $180 $225
_______________________________________________________________ 3RD _____
 $200 $250
 $220 $275
Online at 13
friday events
Friday Events FEBRUARY 27, 2009


8:00 am
On-site registration begins
Love Unfolding ... Igniting Our Yes!
(Prefunction Lobby) Amor Revelador ... Encendiendo nuestro ¡Sí!
8:30 - 9:30 am We say Yes! to God’s Unfolding Love, gathering and igniting us to celebrate
Opening Rite / Welcome and lift our hearts and voices in a chorus of praise and worship. Our uplifting
(Arena) and Spirit-filled gathering will be blessed with the presence and participation
10:00 - 11:30 am of:
Cardinal Roger Mahony Richard Cheri Mary Janus
Period 1 Workshops Edith Prendergast, RSC Eleazar Cortés Peter Kolar
11:30 am - 1:00 pm Paulette Smith Jaime Cortez Gaile Krause
LUNCH Jan Pedroza Harrison Crenshaw Liam Lawton
John Flaherty Elohim D’Leon Kenneth Louis
11:45 am - 12:30 pm Tony Alonso Gary Daigle Matt Maher
Music (Arena) Erin Amendolare Chris de Silva Jesse Manibusan
– Matt Maher & Band Donna Anderle Santiago Fernández Paul Melley
1:00 - 2:30 pm John Angotti Jim Gibson Monica Miller Luther
Period 2 Workshops Steve Angrisano Laura Gibson Donna Peña
Ed Archer Laura Gomez W. Clifford Petty
3:00 - 4:30 pm Meredith Augustin David Haas Pedro Rubalcava
Period 3 Workshops Matt Bazar Marty Haugen Nicole Smith
5:15 pm Betsey Beckman Eddie Hilley Janèt Sullivan Whitaker
Eucharistic Liturgies Anna Betancourt Dan Houze Trevor Thomson
& Evening Prayer Josh Blakesley Jacob and Matthew John West
(see page 20) Helena Buscema Frank Jansen ... and many others
8:00 pm Joe Camacho ValLimar Jansen
Concert (Arena)
– Liam Lawton & Friends
9:30 pm Arena – 11:45 am - 12:30 pm
Registration Hours
Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most popular and critically
8:00 am - 3:00 pm acclaimed Catholic musicians in the country as he takes the stage to
(Prefunction Lobby) celebrate a God of promise and hope. Come spend your noontime with
Matt Maher, singing some of the finest contemporary songs of faith
Exhibit Hours used in worship today.
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(Hall A)
Sacred Space
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
(Convention 304) Arena – 8:00 pm
“Sacred Shores”
From the shores of Ireland to the beaches of
California, worlds will collide with singing and
dancing. Influenced by the spirituality and
traditions of his native Ireland and the ancient
Celtic world, Los Angeles Congress favorite Liam
Lawton will once again grace the Arena stage with
his distinctive sound. Joining Liam from our very
own corner of the world comes “Monica’s Joy;” an
exciting choir of the young and the young at heart
from St. Monica’s Church in Santa Monica, Calif.
You won’t want to miss this exhilarating and
unique event.
SINCE 1970, Congress has been held at
the Anaheim Convention Center, which can
accommodate the 40,000 in attendance.
(Orange County, then still a part of the L.A.
Archdiocese, became its own Diocese in 1977.)

14 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

PERIOD 1 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM PERIOD 2 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM PERIOD 3 – 3:00 - 4:30 PM
1-01 Ignite Your Spirit! Say “Yes” through 2-01 Embodying Easter – Dancing Resurrec- 3-01 Creating Vision, Engagement and Own-
Dance, Song and Prayer (*) - Anderle tion (*) - Beckman & Ash ership in Today’s Parish (*) - Ciangio
& Friedman 2-02 St. Paul, the Boundary-Breaker: A Model 3-02 Keeping the Faith (*) - Cimino
1-02 God Wants Our Friendship (*) - Barry of What the Church Can Be (*) - Binz 3-03 Making Catholic Social Teaching Come
1-03 Are Lay Catholics “Secular”? - Beaudoin 2-03 Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord! (*) Alive! (*) - Coleman
- Brown 3-04 Mystical Union in Everyday Life: Ro-
1-04 The First and Coming Reformation (*) mancing God the Ignatian Way (*)
- Brennan 2-04 So You Think You Can Move! Rejoicing
in Faith with Children (*) - Burland - Coutinho
1-05 What Does It Mean to “Forgive from 2-05 Patrick, Brigit and Columba: A Celtic 3-05 Developing Parish Ministry to Victims
Your Heart”? (*) - Crosby Inspiration for Today! (*) - Clancy of Domestic Violence (*) - Dahm
1-06 An Adult Appreciation of the Resurrec- 2-06 Holy Week Music – The Latest Multi- 3-06 Our “Yes” to Weaving Faith and Justice
tion of Jesus Christ (*) - Cusick cultural Resources - Cortez (*) - East
1-07 Catholic Women: In the Church and in 2-07 Love No Matter What (*) - Fatica 3-07 With Joy We Go to the Altar of God: The
the Public Square - Dallavalle Entrance Rites (*) - Fragomeni
2-08 One Bread, One Body, One Table: Eu-
3-08 Conflicting Commitments: Same-sex
1-08 Jeremiah: A Poet Gifted, a Prophet Bur- charist – The Feast of Foot-washers (*)
Marriage and the Church (*) - Gordon
dened (*) - Dempsey - Fiand
3-09 Dying to Live: A Theology of Immigra-
1-09 Some Say Learning Can’t Be Fun ... 2-09 New Models for Episcopal Leadership tion (*) - Groody

Wanna Bet? - Ellair in a Global Church (*) - Gaillardetz
3-10 What Keeps Us Catholic (*) - Groome
1-10 Raising Chaste Teens - Evert 2-10 Finding Happiness: Monastic Steps for
Everyday Life - Jamison 3-11 The Vocation to Lay Ecclesial Ministry
1-11 The Story of You … and God … and Love (*) - Hahnenberg
2-11 Collaboration and Ministry (*) - Kicanas
- Fabing 3-12 WorshipWays: Faithful Community
2-12 Rules and Runny Noses: Why Am I Do- Prayer in the 21st Century (*) - Haugen
1-12 The Cloud of Unknowing: Practicing ing This Anyway? (*) - Krout & Alonso
Contemplative Prayer - Finley
2-13 Seeds of Faith: Practices to Grow a 3-13 What Is the Easter Message of Mark’s
1-13 Read the Bible for a Change: Going Healthy Spiritual Life (*) - Langford Gospel? (*) - Jonaitis
Deeper with the Scriptures (*) - Hart
2-14 “The Dark Knight” and the Dark Night 3-14 Marketing Your Youth Ministry (*)
1-14 Born to Dance: Live Life Fully from the - Leonard - Kennett
Inside Out (*) - Hershey 2-15 Safe School Ambassadors: Harnessing 3-15 Praying in Color (*) - MacBeth
1-15 What Do I Say When Life is Hard? (*) Student Power to Stop Cruelty, Bullying 3-16 Love Unfolding, Songs for the Seasons:
- Kempf and Violence - Linney Using Music to Bring New Life to Litur-
1-16 Forming Adults in the Faith (*) 2-16 Creating a Multicultural Outreach in gical Seasons (*) - Mangan
- Kicanas Youth Ministry (*) - Manibusan 3-17 Care for Creation: Embracing the Life
2-17 The Social Teaching of Pope Benedict We Are Given (*) - Mitchell
1-17 Jesus, Mary and Joseph! (*) - Martin
XVI (*) - Massingale 3-18 The Science and Ethics of Stem Cell
1-18 Paul – The Pastor (*) - Mullen 2-18 Love Unfolding (*) - McKenna Research and Cloning - Pacholczyk
1-19 Setting Your “Yes” on Fire: Exploring 2-19 What is Fundamentalism, Really? (*) 3-19 30-, 60- and 100-fold – Youth Leader-
the Meaning of “Active Participation” - Ogilvie ship Strategies (*) - Patin
Today (*) - Murray 3-20 Open the Door: A Journey to the True
2-20 Love Unfolding: Learning and Living
1-20 In Vitro Fertilization and Assisted Re- with HIV/AIDS (*) - Ponnet & Breen Self - Rupp
productive Technologies - Pacholczyk 3-21 Understanding and Strengthening the
2-21 Gifts of the Eucharist (*) - Reeves
Parent/Teen Connection (*)
1-21 The Emerging Church (*) - Rohr 2-22 Why Youth Retreats? (*) - Sawyer - Saso & Saso
1-22 Reading the Old Testament with Paul of 2-23 “You Were Once an Alien in a Foreign 3-22 Finding a True Course in a Shifting
Tarsus (*) - Smith-Christopher Land”: The Church amd Immigration Is- World (*) - Silf
1-23 The Paschal Mystery in Family Life (*) sues (*) - Solis 3-23 Abundant Living: Finding the Joyful,
- Stuckart 2-24 The Contemporary Astrophysical Re- Holy Moments Daily (*) - Smollin
sponse to Atheism: Evidence of Univer- 3-24 Balancing Life in Your “War Zones” (*)
1-24 The Top Five Skills Needed for Form-
sal Creation in Big-Bang Cosmology (*) - Thieman
ing the Faith of Teens (*) - Theisen
- Spitzer
1-25 Celebrating the Rites of Initiation (*) 3-25 Receiving Other Christians into the
2-25 Pursued by God: “The Hound of Heaven” Catholic Church (*) - Turner
- Turner Revisited (*) - Sullivan
3-26 What’s Next (*) - Wallis
1-26 Music that Gets Us from ‘Perhaps’ to 2-26 At the Heart of the Parish (*) - Sweeney
‘Maybe’ to ‘YES!’ (*) - Walker 3-27 Welcoming Children with Disabilities to
2-27 Crossing Paths with Paul: A Pauline Year the Sacraments: Guidelines and Meth-
1-27 Every Time I Feel the Spirit: Black Spiri- Journey into His Homeland and His odology - Arista White & White
tuality and Religious Expression (*) Heart (*) - Welbers 3-28 Songs of Our Hearts and Meditations of
- V. White 2-28 Teachers Are Heroes Too! (*) - Wenc Our Souls: Prayer in the Black Tradition
1-70 Vietnamese Workshop (*) - Nguyen 2-70 Vietnamese Workshop (*) - Phong (*) - V. White
1-80 Korean Workshop - Kim 2-80 Korean Workshop (*) - Cho 3-70 Vietnamese Workshop (*) - Nguyen

and (*) are recorded sessions

Register online at 15

saturday events
Saturday Events FEBRUARY 28, 2009


Arena – 8:00 am
8:00 am
On-site registration Our morning will begin with Jesse Manibusan leading us in song and praise
(Prefunction Lobby) celebrating our faith. Our presider will be Hellena Taylor. Together, we shall
Morning Praise (Arena)
proclaim our “yes” to the unfolding new day, to the igniting of our heart anew.
Keynote Address
10:00 - 11:30 am KEYNOTE (TO BE ANNOUNCED) Arena – 8:30 am
Period 4 Workshops
Check our Web site at for information about the announce-
11:30 am - 1:00 pm ment of this year’s keynote speaker.
Music (Arena)
– Jesse Manibusan Arena – 11:45 am - 12:30 pm
– Blakesley & Thomson
Undercover catechist, Catholic ninja, songwriter, singer and storyteller
Outdoor Stage Jesse Manibusan comes to the Arena! Anticipate only needing the edge of
– Vietnamese Dance Troupe
your seat as Jesse was voted Catholic Entertainer of the Year three years
1:00 - 2:30 pm in a row, by his mom. Jesse will be singing his songs, and some favorites
Period 5 Workshops from his friends! Come for the singing, stay for the laughter!
3:00 - 4:30 pm
Period 6 Workshops Hall B – 11:45 am - 12:30 pm
Eucharistic Liturgies You will “Be Lifted High” when two of contemporary Catholic
& Prayer Service music’s best join together to bring the power of their music to Hall B.
(see page 20)
Prepare to rejoice and rock out as you encounter Christ through songs
8:00 pm that touch the soul!
Concert (Arena)
Filmmakers’ Showcase Outdoor Stage – 11:45 am - 12:30 pm
8:30 - 11:30 pm WITH BRO. FORTUNAT PHONG
Young Adult Dance (Marriott)
Travel to exotic and festive Vietnam for lunch at our NEW Outdoor
Stage – located at the northeast side of the Convention Center. Come, see
Registration Hours how teen and young Vietnamese use the art of graceful dance, colorful
8:00 am - 3:00 pm costumes and drum to catechize and celebrate the Catholic faith in a
(Prefunction Lobby)
festive yet spiritual way. You will have the opportunity to drum and dance
Exhibit Hours
too! It’s an opportunity you won’t easily forget!
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(Hall A)
10:00 am - 9:00 pm Arena – 8:00 pm
(Convention 304)
Space hours for today only. CORTÉS AND PEÑA
“Good News to the Sounds of Mariachi”/
“La Buena Nueva al son de Mariachi”
Come and experience a live faith accompanied by the well-known and appreci-
ated sounds of mariachi. This beautiful and unique experience will cause you to
shout with joy and join in the song of the community gathered to celebrate the
gift of life that God has given. You will not want to miss this wonderful musical
celebration with Anna Betancourt, Eleazar Cortés, Donna Peña and your host,
Pedro Rubalcava.
Vengan a experimentar la fe viva con los sonidos y ritmos muy conocidos y
apreciados del mariachi. Esta expresión tan bella y única les hará gritar de alegría
y unirse al canto del pueblo reunido para festejar el don de la vida que Dios nos
ha dado. No se pierdan esta maravillosa celebración musical con Anna Betancourt,
Eleazar Cortés, Donna Peña y su anfitrión Pedro Rubalcava.
16 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009
PERIOD 4 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM PERIOD 5 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM PERIOD 6 – 3:00 - 4:30 PM
4-01 Gifted: A Process for Discovering Gifts 5-01 Affirmative Orthodoxy and Benedict 6-01 Slavery: It Didn’t End with the Civil War
in Parishioners and Ministry in General XVI (*) - Allen Jr. — Modern Day Perspectives on Human
(*) - Brennan 5-02 Liturgy as Love in Action – Moving Our Trafficking (*) - Atkinson
4-02 Fire Shut Up in My Bones - Cheri & Faith (*) - Beckman & Ash 6-02 Spirituality and the Parenting of Lesbian
Good Ground and Gay Catholics - Beaudoin
5-03 St. Paul and Women: Ancient Misogy-
4-03 Justice: A Biblical Vision, a Gospel Man- nist or Model for Today’s Church? (*) 6-03 The Spirit Alive! Energizing Children’s
date (*) - Dempsey - Binz Catechesis through Music (*) - Burland
4-04 “Help! Our Young Adults Are Missing!” 5-04 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (*) 6-04 Come Holy Spirit … And Stay for a
Effective Strategies for Young Adult - Crosby While! (*) - Cherup Jr.
Ministry (*) - DeVries 6-05 Why Should I Go to Church? (*) - Cusick
5-05 Unfolding the Gifts of God’s World:
4-05 Win the World without Losing Your Soul Touching the Young Child’s Heart (*) 6-06 Mary, Marriage and Gender Issues: Pius
(*) - Durand - Early Childhood Board XII to Benedict XVI - Dallavalle
4-06 Catechesis: Learning to Say Yes and Live 6-07 Divine Love and Human Sin: Why Did
5-06 Sandbox Spirituality - Ellair Jesus Die? (*) - Ferder & Heagle
It - Eipers
5-07 Awe-filled Wonder: Science and Spiri- 6-08 For the Love of the Game: Toward a
4-07 Jesus of Galilee (*) - Elizondo tuality in Search of a Better World (*) Spirituality of Sports (*) - Gaillardetz
4-08 Musical Mysticism: Seven Great Ways - Fiand
to Use Music to Enrich Your Life of 6-09 “Do This In Memory of Me”: Do What,
5-08 Nourishing the Religious Imagination (*) Where, How? (*) - Gittins
Prayer (*) - Fragomeni
- Gallagher 6-10 Teaching the Mass in an Ecumenical Age

4-09 Getting Off on the ‘Rite’ Foot: Planning
and Preparing for the First Sacraments 5-09 Our Lady of the Cul-de-Sac: Making Our (*) - Gros
(*) - Friedman Homes a Domestic Church (*) - Hart 6-11 Less Is More: The Wisdom of Simplifi-
5-10 Finding Happiness: Monastic Steps for cation (*) - Groves
4-10 What on Earth is Discipleship? (*)
- Gittins a Fulfilling Life - Jamison 6-12 To Show Who Jesus Is: The Catechetical
5-11 My Sister is Annoying … (*) - Kempf Mission of Liturgical Music - Haas
4-11 Prophetic Witness: Catholic Women’s
Strategies for the Church (*) - Griffith 5-12 Meditating on the Risen Prisoner (*) 6-13 Don’t Sell Your Soul: Being Church in a
- Stauring & Kennedy Consumer Culture (*) - Hahnenberg
4-12 Sabbath Moments: To See God in All
Things (*) - Hershey 6-14 Music and Spirituality: Rekindling an
5-13 How Music Shapes Our Experience of Awareness of Spirit (*)
4-13 The Book of Revelation and Popular Liturgy and Sacrament - Kolar - Jansen & Jansen
Culture (*) - Koester 5-14 Managing Conflict: A Core Competency 6-15 Jesus: Love Fulfilling God’s Covenant
4-14 Off to College: The Journey from Inher- for Leaders (*) - Levo of Justice - Jezreel
itance to Ownership (*) - LaBelle 5-15 Adolescent Catechesis: The Pain and the 6-16 St. Paul: Not a Lone Ranger, but an NGO
4-15 Preparing Confirmands for Lives of Jus- Promise (*) - McCarty President! (*) - Just
tice (*) - Lansing 5-16 “Fill the Earth and Subdue It”: The Bible 6-17 The Crucifixion of Jesus According to the
4-16 The World in Their Face: Where Does on Stewardship and Ecology (*) - Mullen Gospel of John (*) - Koester
Faith Fit into MySpace, YouTube and 6-18 What a Difference a Dad Makes (*)
5-17 Natural Science and Catholic Theology:
Facebook? - Leonard - Krout
A Perspective from Pope John Paul II (*)
4-17 Praying in Color (repeat) (*) - MacBeth - Ogilvie 6-19 Latinos in U.S. Catholicism (*)
4-18 History and Development of Catholic 5-18 Seven Catholic Ideas Our Kids Need to - Matovina
Social Teaching on Racism (*) Know about Relationships and Sexual- 6-20 Misbehavior? Name It, Claim It, Tame
- Massingale ity (*) - Paige It, or Prevent It from the Get-go! (*)
4-19 Igniting Our “Yes!” (*) - McKenna - McCormack
5-19 Applying MI Theory to Concepts of Faith
4-20 Unfolding Your Love: Living the Eucha- (*) - Pavlik 6-21 The Catechist’s Toolbox: Skills, Tips and
rist in Daily Life (*) - Murray Practical Advice You Can Use Today (*)
5-20 Voices of Truth: Women Prophets and - Paprocki
4-21 Culture as a Window into the Mystery Preachers in the New Testament (*)
of God (*) - Ospino - Reid 6-22 “Don’t Be Stupid!” – Simplified Evan-
gelization (*) - Ricard
4-22 Mary of Nazareth: Birthing Hope for a 5-21 Blueprints for Raising a Responsible
New World Order (*) - Reid 6-23 Becoming a Compassionate Presence
Child (*) - Saso & Saso - Rupp
4-23 Growing Up Catholic: Character and 5-22 Tune In: Use Their Issues, Teach to Their 6-24 Coping with Suffering, Stress, Care-giv-
Faith (*) - Sawyer Issues, Touch Their Hearts! (*) - Scally ing and Conflict through Lectio Divina
4-24 How Catechumens Become Disciples (*) 5-23 Preserving Sacredness of Family: When (*) - Schultz
- Schellman a Loved One Is Dying (*) - Sumner 6-25 A Lay Office? (*) - Sweeney
4-25 The Unintended Victims of the New Ini- 5-24 Balancing Life in Your “War Zones” (re- 6-26 Creating Community with Adolescents:
tiatives for Physician-Assisted Suicide: peat) (*) - Thieman A Discipleship Approach (*) - Theisen
A Social Justice Response (*) - Spitzer
5-25 Celebrating the Word with Children 6-27 Make the Faith Come Alive! Engaging
4-26 Looking at God and Family through - Walker & Freeburg Catechesis for Active Learners
Jesus’ Eyes (*) - Stuckart - Arista White & White
4-27 The New Community (*) - Wallis 5-26 TV Commercials and the Good News (*)
- Wells 6-28 Formation to Peace through Music and
4-70 Vietnamese Workshop (*) - Vu Performing Arts - Gen Rosso
5-27 Rebuilding, Renewing and Restoring the
6-70 Vietnamese Workshop (*) - Phong
Church: The World of Pope Leo XIII
(1878-1903) (*) - Weston
and (*) are recorded sessions 5-70 Vietnamese Workshop (*) - Vu and (*) are recorded sessions

Register online at 17

sunday events
Sunday Events MARCH 1, 2009


8:00 am BISHOP TOD BROWN, PRESIDER Arena – 8:00 am

On-site registration
As the start of the day unfolds, we share an opportunity to gather as
(Prefunction Lobby)
a community of faith to give thanks. Bishop Tod Brown of the
8:00 - 9:30 am Diocese of Orange, Calif., will lead us in celebrating our nourishing
Eucharistic Liturgy Word and Sacrament as we go forth and answer “yes” to our call to
(Arena) be Christ in the world.
8:30 am
Morning Addresses
Spanish: Rev. Alvaro Ginel
10:00 - 11:30 am
Period 7 Workshops “Smoke Signals of Hope in Burnt-out People”
11:30 am - 1:00 pm When St. Paul traveled into Athens, we are told that his soul was
LUNCH revolted by a city given over to idolatry. And yet he found connec-
tion with the people and a community of faith emerged. What did Paul do that
11:45 am - 12:30 pm
Music (Arena) enabled people to see beyond their own idols and distractions? Let us consider
– Peña, Fernández how we communicate to people, even family, who may appear to have devoted
& Rubalcava themselves to ambitions that may not ultimately fulfill them. Can what matters
Music (Hall B) to us begin to matter to someone else? Let us follow Paul through his Athens
– Augustin & Angotti adventure and consider its implications for preachers, teachers and catechists
1:00 - 2:30 pm
Period 8 Workshops
Closing Eucharistic Arena – 11:45 am - 12:30 pm
Liturgy (Arena)
Registration Hours Join Meredith Augustin and John Angotti for a concert in
8:00 am - 1:00 pm the Arena as they raise their powerful voices in song and witness. This rousing
(Prefunction Lobby) experience of lunchtime prayer and praise will have you singing and moving
Exhibit Hours
along. Come, let your soul be fed. Let the Spirit move you and “ignite your
8:00 am - 3:00 pm Yes”!
(Hall A)
10:00 am - 1:00 pm Hall B – 11:45 am - 12:30 pm
(Convention 304)
Come sing and dance for the glory of God! Celebrate the festive sounds and
rhythms of three leading Spanish-language and bilingual composers: Donna
Peña, Santiago Fernández and Pedro Rubalcava. Join in as they showcase
their lively sounds for your lunchtime enjoyment.

Arena – 3:30 pm
As Congress 2009 draws to a close, we come together to
pray, to celebrate and to go forth to a life renewed. We
witness to our new life in Christ, and place our lives and ministry at the
service of God’s people in the world. Our Closing Liturgy, led by Los
Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, will feature the 200-plus voice
Congress Choir ’09, under the direction of John Flaherty.

18 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

PERIOD 7 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM PERIOD 8 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM
7-01 The Popes and the Sexual Abuse Crisis 8-01 How to Help People Grow into an Adult 8-15 Fully Alive: Embracing God’s Gifts of
(*) - Allen Jr. Friendship with God (*) - Barry Life, Peace and Freedom (*) - Langford
7-02 Merging Prayer with Dance (*) 8-02 Everything I Know About Sin I Learned 8-16 Keeping It Real: How Martyrs’ Deaths
- Anderle from Zombie Movies (*) Teach Us How to Live (*) - Lee
7-03 Should There Be Such a Thing as “So- - Boudreau & Camille 8-17 Understanding and Managing Anger:
cial Justice”? (*) - Brown 8-03 Loving with the Heart You Have: Minis- Yours and Theirs (*) - Levo
7-04 The Good Catechist (*) - Cimino try of Healing with Gang Members (*) 8-18 Leaving a Legacy: Reconnecting to Your
- Boyle Passion and Purpose - Linney
7-05 Everyone Needs a Coach! (*) - Durand
8-04 When the Fire Goes Out … What’s 8-19 True Colors Shine: Singing Our “Yes!”
7-06 All Are Welcome! Or Are They? The Next? (*) - Cherup Jr.
Gospel Call to Inclusion & Contempo- (*) - Mangan
8-05 Generations and Parish Ministry: How
rary Catholicism (*) - Ferder & Heagle 8-20 Laughing with God (*) - Martin
Can We Engage All? (*) - Ciangio
7-07 A New Apologetics: Sharing the Fire of 8-06 Returning to the Well of Celtic Wisdom 8-21 Create a Home Culture of Spirituality (*)
Catholic Faith (*) - Groome (*) - Clancy - McCormack
7-08 Near-death Wisdom: Die Before You Die 8-07 Effective Living in a Chaotic World 8-22 More Than a Mystery (*) - McGrath
(*) - Groves Through Discerning Love (*) - Coutinho 8-23 Care for Creation: Understanding the
7-09 Singing, Praying and Celebrating the 8-08 How Do You Pass the Torch of Parish Earth as a Sacred Community (*)
Sacramental Journey - Haas Leadership? (*) - DeVries - Mitchell

7-10 Catholic Morality: Current Challenges 8-09 Igniting God’s Word: Gift and Blessing 8-24 History and Spirituality of the Eastern
(*) - Heft (*) - East Churches (*) - Pipta
7-11 Sacred Companionship with Henri 8-10 Pope Benedict’s Pastoral Theology (*) 8-25 Spirituality for Extroverts (and Tips for
Nouwen - Hernandez - Gallagher Those Who Love Them!) (*) - Reeves
7-12 Life, Unfolding: Mary’s Discipleship and 8-11 Kingdoms and Inheritances: Spiritual 8-26 How to Practice and Share Lectio Divina
Ours (*) - Imperatori-Lee Poverty Today (*) - Gordon (*) - Schultz
7-13 Seven Extra Books of the Bible: Their 8-12 Handing on the Faith in a Pluralistic 8-27 Are There “Lost Books” of the Bible?
Message for Catholics? (*) - Jonaitis Society (*) - Gros (*) - Smith-Christopher
7-14 Leadership in the Church: A Cry of Hope 8-13 Formation and Transformation: How to 8-28 When a Parent Has a Life-threatening
or the Whimper of Fear (*) - LaBelle Change Hearts for Justice - Jezreel Illness: Guiding Children Through the
8-14 St. Paul’s Teachings on Love and Other Journey of Illness and Grief (*) - Sumner
7-15 Parents, Youth and Faith: The Great
Dance! (*) - McCarty Virtues: A Neglected Treasure! (*) - Just 8-70 Vietnamese Workshop (*) - Dao
7-16 Standing as One Human Family: Engag-
ing Youth in Relationships That Foster
Solidarity and Justice (*) - Miles
7-17 Making Good Decisions – A Relational-
and Virtue-based Approach to Morality
(*) - Paige
7-18 Applying MI Theory to Practices of Faith
(*) - Pavlik
7-19 The Coming of the Cosmic Christ (*)
- Rohr
7-20 Addressing the Crisis – Immigration and
Working Poverty (*) - Salvatierra
7-21 Beyond a Nine-month Catechumenate
(*) - Schellman
7-22 Living God’s Dream (*) - Silf
7-23 Spirituality of Laughter: Waking Up to
the Moment (*) - Smollin
7-24 Baptism, Conversion, Commitment (*)
- Sullivan
7-25 Parenting Teens and Surviving with
God’s Grace! (*) - Wenc
7-26 Living and Working in a World Full of
Alcoholics and Addicts: Learning How
to Tend to Our Own Acre (*) - Weston
7-27 Emotional and Spiritual Resilience in
Christian Marriage (*) - Yzaguirre
7-70 Vietnamese Workshop (*) - Van Doc The Anaheim Convention Center Arena – here filled with nearly
8,000 from last year’s Closing Liturgy – is the location for the
and (*) are recorded sessions seven largest Eucharistic liturgies offered throughout the
Congress weekend. (There are a total of 14 Eucharistic liturgies in
addition to three prayer services).

Register online at 19

liturgies & prayer services
Liturgies/Prayer Services THE LOS ANGELES Religious Education Congress continues to grow; last year,
over 40,000 delegates attended. It remains the largest annual catechetical and litur-
gical gathering in the world.
Living in the gift, promise and spirit of the Second Vatican Council, our liturgies
have also grown as they have embraced a wonderfully diverse church. We have
worked diligently to inculturate the liturgy to authentically reflect the church of Los
Angeles. Within the Los Angeles Archdiocese, liturgy is celebrated every Sunday in
no fewer than 40 different languages.
Over the years, both the Congress choir and band have grown considerably in depth
and membership. The Congress band to today consists of approximately 40 instru-
mentalists and a choir of over 200 members representing six dioceses. Nearly 275
musicians comprised the Congress Choir and band that provided the music for the
final liturgies at last year’s Congress, with thousands in attendance!

African American Rev. J-Glenn Murray Richard Cheri/ValLimar Jansen
Church on Way to Unity Rev. Robert Spitzer Josh Blakesley/Trevor Thomson
Contemplative Rev. Richard Rohr Chris de Silva
Hawaiian Rev. George Acosta Joe Camacho/David Haas
Samoan Rev. Niko Leota/ Samoan Community
Rev. Tovia Lui
Spanish Rev. Domingo Rodríguez Anna Betancourt/Pedro Rubalcava
Vespers (Latin for “evening”) is our evening prayer service. Taizé, named after the monastic
order and city in France, uses silence and music that draws upon simple phrases from the
Evening Prayer (5:15 pm) Elena Mireles Paul Melley
Taizé (9:30 pm) – LMU community



Morning Praise Hellena Taylor Jesse Manibusan
Celtic Rev. Martin Delaney Liam Lawton
Hope for the World Rev. Richard Leonard John Angotti/Meredith August
Many Cultures, One Rev. Daniel Groody John Flaherty/Liliana Gutierrez
Journey of Faith
Spanish Bishop Gabino Zavala Tony Alonso/Karla Carrillo
Vietnamese Bishop Paul Bui Van Doc Vietnamese Community
Young Adult Msgr. Ray East Jacob & Matthew
In addition to our evening prayer (vespers) service, there will be extended hours at Sacred
Space – Saturday only – for those who wish to visit in the evening.
Evening Prayer (5:15 pm) Juliette Marsh-Williams Mary Janus

Morning Liturgy Bishop Tod Brown Congress Choir 2009 8:00 am
Closing Liturgy Cardinal Roger Mahony Congress Choir 2009 3:30 pm

20 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

Multicultural Events multicultural events
Friday, February 27

Rejoicing in the
1-70 Fr. Hy Nguyen
2-70 Bro. Fortunat Phong

Asian and Pacific Presence

3-70 Fr. Anthony Dao
Saturday, February 28
4-70 Fr. John Francis Vu
5-70 Fr. Hy Nguyen
6-70 Bro. Fortunat Phong Asian and Pacific communities rejoice that they are called to the
Sunday, March 1 house of the Lord. As the bishops of the church in the United
7-70 Bishop Paul Bui Van Doc States, we rejoice in their presence. Blessed be God for the
8-70 Fr. John Francis Vu peoples of Asia, so rich in their diversity yet one in their yearning
for peace and fullness of life.
Friday, February 27 By being authentically Christian and truly Asian in the footsteps
2-16 Jesse Manibusan of Christ, they have brought to us a more profound understanding
2-23 Bishop Oscar Solis of what it means to be truly Catholic. They have taught the
church in the United States the meaning of harmony; the neces-

Sunday, March 1
7-11 Dr. Wil Hernandez sity of dialogue with their cultures, with other religions, and with the
poor; a renewed sense of family loyalty; the unity between diverse
cultures and diverse Catholic church communities; and the close-
Friday, February 27 ness of all Gods’ creation.
1-80 Dr. Roland Kim
2-80 Katherine Ja-Eun Cho As bishops of the church, we acknowledge the contributions of all
Asian and Pacific persons, especially their many creative initiatives
ASIAN PERSPECTIVE that assist our ministries in our dioceses and parishes.
Saturday, February 28, 5:15 pm
— Asian and Pacific Presence, Harmony in Faith
LITURGY: Vietnamese
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2001
Bishop Paul Van Doc, presider


Friday through Sunday

Convention Center, 2nd Floor, Prefunction Lobby
RECongress annually presents a Multicultural Exhibit
as a way to expose attendees to different cultures
through table displays. You will find a variety of cloth,
clothing, prayers, icons, photos and other objects not
only from the cultures of Central and South America
but as well as Poland, Ja-
pan, France, Vietnam,
Thai, Samoa, the Philip-
pines, and more!

The Multicultural Exhibits

are presented by the many
ethnic groups in the Los
Angeles Archdiocese. This
is a collaborative work of
the Archdiocesan Offices
of Religious Education and
Ethnic (Multicultural)

Register online at 21

young adults
Young Adults/Jóvenes

The Division of Young Adult Ministry in the Office of Religious Education

works with parish young adult ministry coordinators, pastoral ministers,
campus ministers, volunteers and young adults in supporting single and
married Catholics in their late teens, 20s and 30s.
There are an increasing number of FROM INHERITANCE TO OWNERSHIP
young adults who simply want to Each year, a study of all incoming
know “why.” Many parents and college students is published an-
young adults simply do not see any nually by UCLA. What happens
need to attend church consistently on to young people when they leave
Sunday. Fr. John Cusick will ad- home for school or move from un-
dress and answer this question. dergraduate to graduate programs?
In this session Fr. Patrick LaBelle will discuss
4-04: “HELP! OUR YOUNG ADULTS ARE what may be the most interesting of all of these
MISSING!” EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR transitions: moral values. What have they inher-
YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY ited and what will the inheritance look?
Young adults are “missing in action”
when it comes to attending Mass or
participating in Catholic organiza-
tions and events. Kate F. DeVries
will present strategies for finding Vivimos en la era de la comuni-
and inviting young adults, support- cación y en la actualidad uno de
ing their spiritual journeys, offering them into los grandes miedos y tabúes es el
greater participation in the life of Catholic parishes silencio. Nuestros jóvenes se
and organizations. ausentan de los espacios reli-
giosos y de la espiritualidad. Siro
1-51: LLAMADOS A SER DISCÍPULOS EN López Gutiérrez trabaja a través del silencio
MISIÓN PERMANENTE de forma atractiva, ofreciendo un espacio de
El Espíritu Santo esta sacudiendo interpretación, de compromiso social y sobre
a la Iglesia del Continente Ameri- todo, de encuentro con Dios.
cano con un llamado misionero.
¿Por qué hay personas que dejan
la fe o la viven a medias, y qué
podemos hacer para avivarla? Ven
Alejandro Aguilera-Titus y descubre lo que
significa ser misionero hoy en tu parroquia, en tu
comunidad y en el mundo.


The following workshop sessions address the psychological and spiritual formation of young adults. We
encourage young adults and those who serve young adults to consider the following workshops. We strongly
encourage you to also review this Registration Guidebook for topics that meet your needs and interests.
(Those marked by an asterisk will be recorded sessions.)
1-01* 1-02* 1-18* 2-13* 2-14 2-16* 2-80*
3-23* 3-70* 4-04* 4-11* 4-13* 4-14* 5-08*
6-05* 6-08* 7-04* 7-10* 7-23* 8-01* 8-03*
8-08* 8-15*

22 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

young adults

Welcoming Young Adults to Congress 2009

A ministry to and with people, single and married, from 18 through 39.
The Los Angeles Archdiocesan Synod calls us to build solid Young Adult Ministries in our parishes, our pastoral
regions and our Archdiocese. The Religious Education Congress offers numerous opportunities for young adults to be
engaged and empowered in vibrant ministry. This weekend is a chance for young adults to be renewed and energized in
their spiritual life and in their commitment to our church.
We invite young adults, in a special way, to come share in the prayer, music, networking and joy of Congress. Join us
on Saturday for a variety of experiences specifically geared to young adults.



Young Adult Liturgy – Arena
Saturday, February 28 at 5:15 pm
Msgr. Ray East will preside over our Young Adult Liturgy
with music led by Jacob and Matthew & family! Come and
join in in worship with nearly 8,000 other young adults from
around the world at this celebration that highlights the gifts
of young adults.


Saturday, February 28, 8:30 - 11 pm
Cost: $7 per person
The annual Young Adult Dance and Social will take place at
the Marriott Hotel. After a full day of Congress workshops,
networking and celebrating liturgy, continue dancing into
the night with new and old friends! The cost is only $7 per
person. All young adults are invited to share in this wonder-
ful Congress event.

Saturday, February 28, 8 - 10 pm
Cost: $10 per person
The Gathering Place – Young Adult Lounge
New at Congress this year! Join us for a lounge setting experi-
ence for conversation, jazz music, hors d’oeuvres and a cash
bar. The Gathering Place is open to young adults 18 and
over. ID is required for entrance. Space will be limited to
100 young adults.

Register online at 23


Congress 2009 offers workshops on a wide variety of topics. This listing of work-
shops, categorized by ministry and areas of interest, has been compiled to assist you 1-27* 1-70* 2-05* 2-16* 3-04* 3-09*
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in making your workshop choices. Many workshops may overlap in content and will
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be found in more than one category. Not all workshops are represented.
Check our website for updates as well as other category list- 1-11 1-26* 2-03* 2-04* 2-06 2-16*
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1-02* 1-03 1-04* 1-06* 1-07 1-08* 4-05* 4-07* 4-10* 4-12* 4-14* 4-16 Parenting
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2-16* 2-19* 2-20* 2-25* 2-26* 2-27* 6-03* 6-09* 6-13* 6-15 6-16* 6-22* Parish Leadership
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6-07* 6-09* 6-11* 6-13* 6-16* 6-23 8-17* 8-18 8-28*
7-01* 7-03* 7-04* 7-06* 7-07* 7-08* 1-05* 1-11 1-23* 2-04* 2-15 2-28*
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1-70* 2-16* 2-80* 3-70* 7-18* 7-26* 7-27* 8-02* 8-18 8-21* Scripture
Black Perspective 8-28* 1-01* 1-02* 1-06* 1-08* 1-13* 1-18*
2-03* 2-16* 4-02 4-02 7-03* Human Sexuality 1-22* 2-01* 2-02* 3-13* 3-15* 4-03*
Catechesis 1-10 2-20* 3-08* 5-18* 6-01* 6-02 4-07* 4-13* 4-17* 4-22* 4-26* 5-03*
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6-17* 6-23 7-02* 7-13* 8-14* 8-16*
2-04* 2-14 2-16* 2-21* 2-80* 3-02* Human Growth and Development
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4-06 4-09* 4-23* 5-02* 5-05* 5-06 1-17* 1-20 2-10 2-20* 2-21* 3-04* Spirituality
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4-24* 5-19* 6-04* 6-10* 7-18* 7-21* Junior High
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Detention Ministry 3-16* 3-21* 3-21* 4-23* 5-21* 6-21* 6-07* 6-08* 6-09* 6-11* 6-13* 6-14*
1-11 5-12* 8-03* 7-02* 8-28* 6-14* 6-15 6-23 6-24* 6-25* 7-02*
Early Adolescence Justice and Peace 7-07* 7-08* 7-11 7-12* 7-16* 7-19*
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5-27* 6-01* 6-03* 6-07* 6-15 6-28
Early Childhood 7-03* 7-06* 7-07* 7-16* 8-03* 8-06* Stewardship
1-15* 2-12* 2-16* 3-02* 3-15* 4-26* 8-13 8-19* 3-17* 8-23*
5-05* 5-25 6-03* 6-18* 6-20* 7-25* Life Issues
8-21* Theology
1-15* 1-17* 1-20 1-23* 2-07* 2-16* 1-03 1-04* 1-05* 1-07 1-08* 1-11
Ecclesiology 2-20* 2-21* 2-24* 3-08* 3-18 3-21* 1-17* 1-18* 1-70* 2-02* 2-09* 2-11*
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7-13* 7-14* 7-18* 7-21* 8-08* 8-12* Liturgy 6-25* 7-01* 7-08* 7-12* 7-14* 7-24*
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1-01* 1-06* 1-11 1-19* 1-25* 1-26*
Ecumenism 2-01* 2-03* 2-21* 2-26* 2-27* 3-07* 8-24*
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3-02* 3-15* 3-16* 3-27 4-09* 4-17* Media 7-23* 8-01* 8-03* 8-08* 8-15*
5-06 6-03* 6-21* 6-27 8-19* 8-22* 2-07* 2-14 4-16 5-01* 7-01* Youth Ministry
8-28* Morality 1-10 1-24* 2-16* 2-22* 2-80* 3-15*
Evangelization 1-11 1-20 1-70* 2-07* 2-17* 2-23* 3-19* 4-10* 4-13* 4-15* 4-16 4-17*
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1-19* 1-23* 2-02* 2-03* 2-04* 2-05* 3-21* 4-18* 5-16* 5-21* 5-21* 6-13* 6-21* 6-26* 7-02* 7-04* 7-15* 7-16*
2-07* 2-08* 2-10 2-16* 2-17* 2-18* 7-03* 7-10* 7-17* 7-27* 8-02* 8-14* 7-18* 8-03* 8-04*
2-23* 2-25* 3-06* 3-10* 3-24* 4-04*

24 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM period 1
Workshops Select your workshops from among these 220 in En-
glish, eight in Vietnamese and two in Korean. We Lay Catholics are often described, in Church teaching and
suggest that you make a first, second and third
in theology, as having a distinctly “secular” identity or
choice. We try to accommodate first choices but
sometimes a session fills or is canceled. You can mission. In this session we will look at what this means,
find additional workshop selection guides, updated with particular attention to recent research on secularity,
information and how to receive our monthly e-mail- for the purpose of exploring the complexity of what it
ing online at means to be a lay, “secular” Catholic – and what this might
mean for how we practice Catholicism.
1-01 Dr. Tom Beaudoin
IGNITE YOUR SPIRIT! SAY “ YES” Dr. Tom Beaudoin is Associate Professor of Practi-
THROUGH DANCE SONG AND PRAYER cal Theology in the Graduate School of Religion
This movement workshop will take you out of and Religious Education at Fordham University in
your chair and expose you to innovative ways New York. He is author of many published articles
to involve your students in the faith stories. Par- and essays on faith and culture; his most recent
ticipants will learn songs and choreography for book is “Witness to Dispossession: The Vocation of a Postmodern
Theologian.” Dr. Beaudoin lectures nationally and internation-
the Advent cantata “We Shall Prepare,” a col- ally and is a frequent and popular speaker at the Los Angeles
lection of songs and dramatic readings that bring Congress.
the key figures and events of the Old and New
Testaments to life. Come in comfortable clothes
as you say “yes” to dance. (Cantata by Mark 1-04 THE FIRST AND COMING REFORMATION
Friedman and Janet Vogt.) What caused the first Reformation? What are the issues
Donna Anderle
in the current state of the Church crying out for reform?
How can we get to reform without schism or excommuni-
Donna Anderle is an accomplished cation? This workshop will address reform as a needed,
dancer, teacher and choreographer who
healthy, therapeutic process to engage in.
has taught from primary through univer-
sity level. She is on the teaching faculty Fr. Patrick Brennan
of The Cincinnati Ballet Company, and

is involved in various outreach dance programs for Fr. Patrick Brennan, a priest for 35 years, has been
Cincinnati inner-city schools. Anderle has performed Pastor of Holy Family Parish in Inverness, Ill.,
movement for prayer and celebration at major litur- since 1994. He is also President of the National
gical conventions, and gives keynote presentations, Center for Evangelization and Parish Renew, and
workshops and concerts. travels extensively as consultant to parishes and
church organizations. Fr. Brennan is a practicing psychothera-
Mark Friedman pist and author of 15 books on spirituality, psychology and
Mark Friedman is a religious educator, church renewal. He is also host of a weekly radio program.
teacher, author and Grammy Award-win-
ning composer of religious music. His
music is sung throughout the world and
appears in many hymnals of various de- YOUR HEART”?
nominations and languages. Friedman began his work In Matthew 18, Jesus talks about the need to “forgive
in education as a classroom religion teacher, campus each other from your heart.” Given Jesus’ earlier prayer,
minister, liturgist and pastoral minister. He is a regu- wherein we ask God to “forgive us as we forgive,” Fr.
lar speaker at national conferences and diocesan gath- Michael Crosby will probe such questions as: How do
we get reconciled with enemies? What do we do when
others don’t ask us for forgiveness or don’t repent? In this
1-02 GOD WANTS OUR FRIENDSHIP session, we shall see how forgiveness in Matthew’s Gos-
In this session we will explore how God desires pel promises a new way of life for us and our world.
our friendship by using Scripture, theology and Michael H. Crosby, OFMCap
poetry. The relationship of friendship with God Fr. Michael Crosby, a Capuchin Franciscan of the
to prayer will also be explored. Midwest Province, lives in a downtown Milwaukee
William A. Barry, SJ parish that serves the poor and leads retreats around
the world. The majority of his time, Fr. Crosby is
Jesuit Fr. William Barry has taught at writing and lecturing on contemporary biblical
the Weston Jesuit School of Theology, at spirituality. His latest works are “Finding Francis, Following
the University of Michigan, and at Bos- Christ” and “The Paradox of Power: From Control to Compas-
ton College, where he was Rector of the sion in a World of Violence.”
Jesuit Community and on the Board of
Trustees. Presently, he is Co-Director of Jesuit Ter-
tianship, and gives retreats and spiritual direction.
He is author or co-author of 20 books and, until the
end of 2008, he was Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly
Human Development.

Register online at 25

period 1 10:00 - 11:30 AM – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27

As we begin our annual Lenten season this year, let us Jeremiah is one of the Bible’s most imaginative and in-
keep our eyes on the prize: the Lord’s victory over sin and triguing prophets. He is “God’s Prophet” gifted with
death through Jesus’ glorious Resurrection. This work- imagination and intuition, and burdened with a harrow-
shop will walk us through the Gospel texts that proclaim ing yet hopeful mission. This workshop explores the life,
the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just like the Resurrec- times, persona and message of Jeremiah, and captures his
tion, we will see old things new. (This is a companion to pain, pathos, struggle and joy associated with his mis-
the 2008 Congress workshop, “An Adult Appreciation of sion. Jeremiah invites us to journey with God while let-
the Passion and Death of Christ.”) This workshop will be ting go to God in the service of the Truth.
especially helpful to catechists, RCIA leaders, persons with Carol J. Dempsey, OP, PhD
a hunger for a deeper spirituality through our Scriptures,
and liturgy planning personnel. Carol Dempsey, a member of the Dominican Or-
der, is Professor of Biblical Studies at the Univer-
Fr. John Cusick sity of Portland, Ore., where she teaches on the un-
Fr. John Cusick, a priest of the Chicago Archdio- dergraduate and graduate levels. She has authored
cese, is Director of their Young Adult Ministry Of- four books and edited four others. A leading bibli-
cal scholar, Sr. Dempsey has published numerous articles and
fice. In 1977, he began this outreach to those in
their 20s and 30s, married and single, and it has over 40 papers in addition to delivering many keynote addresses
been his full-time ministry since 1985. Along with to various audiences nationally and internationally.
his colleague, Dr. Katherine DeVries, they have authored the
book, “The Basic Guide to Young Adult Ministry.” He resides at
Old St. Patrick’s Church in downtown Chicago.
If your catechetical setting is in need of some new ideas
1-07 CATHOLIC WOMEN: IN THE CHURCH AND IN and new life, then come to this workshop! We will ex-
THE PUBLIC SQUARE plore how religious education not only can but should be
Catholic faith cannot be confined to private life or parish filled with joy and enthusiasm! Focus will be on creative
life. When “being Catholic” is a public issue, what mod- ideas and techniques that can be immediately used in the
els are there for Catholic women? Since the middle of the catechetical setting with elementary-aged children. Don’t
20th century, the theme “women in church and society” miss this one!
has been a constant but always changing theme. We’ll Steven Ellair
examine this theme by looking at some icons for faithful
women – and ask how to live them with integrity, whether Steven Ellair has been involved in catechetical min-
istry for over 19 years – as a parish catechist, youth
in public or in private life. minister, Catholic school teacher, and for over eight
Dr. Nancy Dallavalle years as the Consultant for Elementary Catechesis
at the Los Angeles Archdiocese. Ellair is currently
Dr. Nancy Dallavalle is Associate Professor and a Senior Editor with RCL Benziger and continues speaking na-
Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at tionally and writing on issues related to catechesis.
Fairfield University in Connecticut, where she has
taught undergraduates full time for the last 15 years.
She has spoken in parishes in the Diocese of Bridge- 1-10 RAISING CHASTE TEENS
port, Conn., and at numerous scholarly conferences on Catholic
theology and culture. She has published essays in Commonweal Before children can come to treasure the pure life, par-
and the National Catholic Reporter, and has done interviews ents must first understand the challenges they face. In this
with print and television media. session, Jason Evert offers communication techniques,
resources, statistics and a wealth of information to assist
parents in their task as primary sex educators of their chil-
Jason Evert
Jason Evert is author and speaker with Catholic
Answers, based in San Diego. He has given over
1,000 lectures to thousands of teens nationally and
internationally; venues have included the National
Catholic Youth Conference and the 2008 World
Youth Day in Sydney, Australia. Evert is author of nine books,
including “Theology of the Body for Teens” and “Pure Faith.”
He and his wife, Crystalina, are hosts of the EWTN series, “The
Pure Life,” and are co-founders of the Web site
THE OPENING Rite on Friday
of Congress is a welcome/
blessing that signals the beginning
of the main three days of Congress.

26 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM period 1
What is the story of you, and God, and love? Fr. Bob
Fabing will explore our human experiences and our rela-
tionship with God involving our movement into love from
failure to success, from darkness to light, from worry to
freedom: the ups and downs of our everyday lives of love.
Knowing that God did not choose to save people by logic,
God enters into the movement of your becoming you, in-
spiring and guiding the movement toward love in your
life. Fr. Fabing will use music from his new CD, “Your YOUTH DAY’S attendance is
Song of Love,” to bring to light these themes. limited to just over 15,000 high-
schoolers and their chaperones,
Bob Fabing, SJ
because of seating capacity – and
Fr. Bob Fabing has founded 61 marriage counsel- always fills before the deadline date.
ing and family therapy centers, “The Jesuit Insti-
tute for Family Life International Network,” with
locations on five continents. The Jesuit priest is
also founder and Director of the 36-Day Program 1-14 BORN TO DANCE: LIVE LIFE FULLY FROM THE
in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola at the Jesuit INSIDE OUT
Retreat Center in Los Altos, Calif., where he lives. Fr. Fabing is In our hearts, we are all dancers. God wants us to be our
author of books and composer of 11 CDs of liturgical music.
true selves – joyous, aware and living each moment with
arms wide open, responding to the love of the Beloved, a
1-12 THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING: PRACTICING reflection of the glory of God that is within us. So why do
CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER we live guarded and afraid, our days filled with hurry and
In this session, James Finley will lead a prayerful explora- noise? Fear labels and restricts our lives. The voice of
tion of the 14th-century Christian classic, “The Cloud of Grace tells us that we are more than our labels, more than
Unknowing.” The emphasis will be on this spiritual book’s our fear. The Hopi say, “To watch us dance is to hear our
guidelines for practicing contemplative prayer, in which heart speak.” So, let’s dance. Terry Hershey will help us

we come to a profound experience of oneness with God. learn what it means to dance free from our limitations of
The session will include sitting together in silent prayer, fear, insecurity or pain. Join in as we dance for laughter,
embodying the contemplative church absorbed in com- for tears, for hopes. We are dancers, we create the dreams.
munal openness to God. Terry Hershey
James Finley, PhD Terry Hershey is a Protestant minister and a land-
Dr. James Finley has been a student of contempla- scape designer on Washington’s Vashon Island, near
tive prayer for more than 10 years, six of which he Seattle. He lives, writes and teaches the subject of
spent at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, where his eighth book, “Sacred Necessities: Gifts for Liv-
he studied with Thomas Merton. He is an author ing with Passion, Purpose and Grace.” Hershey,
and has taught religion in Catholic schools in the as founder of “A Few Things That Matter” Seminars and as a
Cleveland Diocese. For the past 30 years, Dr. Finley, now a clini- national speaker, has presented throughout the country on the
cal psychologist in California, speaks at conferences and leads topics of relationships, spirituality ... and gardening.
meditation retreats throughout the U.S. and Canada.
1-13 READ THE BIBLE FOR A CHANGE: GOING When someone has experienced a loss – or is suffering in
DEEPER WITH THE SCRIPTURES any way – as followers of Jesus it is important that we
Why does the Bible always end up on our “back burner,” reach out to them. Yet we often feel so helpless. What do
spiritually? How many times have you said, “I really want we say to someone who has just buried a loved one or
to start reading the Bible more,” only to have your enthu- experienced some other tragedy? What can we expect of
siasm be overtaken by a busy schedule, confusion when ourselves – or others – when we are grieving? How do we
reading, or other “more accessible” forms of prayer? Come best care for children who face sadness or loss? Using
and hear a few fundamental principles and practical ideas story, demonstration and the insight of his lived experi-
that will allow you to finally make the Bible an integral ence, Fr. Joe Kempf offers us loving perspective, helpful
part of your daily prayer life. ideas, and healing wisdom.
Mark Hart Fr. Joe Kempf
Based in Phoenix, Mark Hart is Executive Vice Winner of the Great Preacher Award from the
President for Life Teen. He leads training confer- Aquinas Institute of Theology, Fr. Joe Kempf is Pas-
ences, retreats, camps and parish missions for all tor of Assumption Parish in O’Fallon, Mo., and
ages, and has taught countless classes on high- author of the book, “No One Cries the Wrong Way.”
school and college campuses. Hart is also well- He is founder of the non-profit company Gospel
known as a weekly regular on Catholic radio programs, a guest Values, and has recently completed a series of DVDs for chil-
columnist/writer for Catholic periodicals, and as a popular guest dren called “Big Al LIVE.” His new book is titled, “My Sister is
on Catholic television/video programs. Annoying…”

Register online at 27

period 1 10:00 - 11:30 AM – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27

Again and again the Church has emphasized the impor- THE MEANING OF “ACTIVE PARTICIPATION”
tance of the adult in faith formation. While many of our TODAY
resources and efforts are focused on youth and young In every celebration of the Eucharist we say “yes” to
adults, it is critical that adults be properly formed in the encountering Christ Jesus, to participating in his redemp-
faith. In this session we will reflect on what could be done tive dying and rising fully, consciously and actively for
to strengthen adult formation. our salvation and the transformation of the world. On De-
Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas, DD cember 4, 2008, we celebrated the 45th anniversary of
the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy in which the ex-
Gerald Kicanas is Bishop of the Diocese of Tuc- pression, “full, conscious, active participation” appears
son, Ariz., and formerly Auxiliary Bishop for the
Chicago Archdiocese. Ordained in 1967, Fr.
at least 17 times – more than any other expression or con-
Kicanas served in various capacities in the semi- cept. In recent times this turn of phrase has come under
nary system of Chicago for over 25 years, and was not a little scrutiny. In this workshop we will explore this
Rector of St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, Ill. Bishop term in light of recent scholarship so as to set our hearts
Kicanas is currently Vice President for the U.S. Conference of on fire, yet again, in the celebration of each and every
Catholic Bishops, Chair of the Center for Applied Research in Eucharist.
the Apostolate, and on the Board of Directors for the National
Pastoral Life Center. J-Glenn Murray, SJ
Fr. J-Glenn Murray, a member of the Maryland
Province of Jesuits, is Director of the Cleveland
1-17 JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH! Diocese’s Office of Pastoral Liturgy. He was the
What can the distinctive lives, experiences and spirituali- principal drafter of “Plenty Good Room: The Spirit
ties of the members of the Holy Family teach us? We will and Truth of African American Catholic Worship,”
look at the ways that Jesus of Nazareth came to under- a document from the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Liturgy and
stand his own vocation, how Mary was able to say “yes” the Black Catholic Secretariat. In addition to his other duties,
Fr. Murray maintains a busy national speaking schedule.
to God in the midst of doubt, and how St. Joseph was able
to lead a “hidden life” of holiness. In each case we will
learn how lessons from these extraordinary lives can help 1-20 IN VITRO FERTILIZATION AND ASSISTED RE-
us in our own ordinary ones, and how their models of PRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES
holiness and discipleship are more relevant than ever. The basic techniques involved in in vitro fertilization (IVF)
James Martin, SJ and related forms of assisted reproductive technologies
are considered in this session. Various risks and side ef-
Fr. James Martin is a Jesuit priest and Associate
Editor of America, the Catholic magazine. He is
fects are assessed, including multiple conceptions, birth
author of several award-winning books, including defects, super-ovulatory drug usage, and the production
“My Life with the Saints,” “A Jesuit Off-Broad- and freezing of extracorporeal human embryos. Moral dif-
way” and “Becoming Who You Are.” Fr. Martin is ficulties are analyzed, including an examination of IVF
a frequent commentator in the media on religion and spiritual- and its impact on human procreation through restructur-
ity. He leads retreats and parish groups and presents at numer- ing it as production, and its ramifications for the mar-
ous national conferences, including several Los Angeles Reli- riage covenant through violations of exclusivity and sur-
gious Education Congresses.
rogacy, as well as difficulties with cryopreservation and
selective reductions.
1-18 PAUL – THE PASTOR Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, PhD
Paul, though known by most, primarily, as a writer of New
A priest of the Diocese of Fall River, Mass., Fr. Tad
Testament letters, was truly at his best when caring like a Pacholczyk is Director of Education for the Na-
pastor for the people he had brought to faith. Celebrating tional Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia.
the year of St. Paul, this workshop will study his theol- With his advanced work in dogmatic theology and
ogy, marvel at his zeal, find support in his tender encour- in bioethics, he has testified on stem cell research
agements, be pushed by his ardent challenges, and be com- before state legislatures, and given presentations on contempo-
forted by his pastoral insights. This workshop will also rary bioethics throughout the United States, Canada and Eu-
rope. Fr. Pacholczyk has had numerous media appearances on
address his passages on women, the end of the world, and CNN, “ABC World News Tonight,” and National Public Radio.
the great questions of faith and works of the law.
Fr. J. Patrick Mullen, PhD, STL
Fr. Pat Mullen is Associate Professor of Biblical
Studies, New Testament at St. John’s Seminary in Congress 2008 brought together
Camarillo, Calif. A priest of the of Los Angeles 191 speakers presenting 276
Archdiocese, Fr. Mullen has taught at Mount St. workshops in four languages – with
Mary’s College in Los Angeles and at the Francis-
15,882 in attendance for Youth Day
can School of Theology in Berkeley, Calif. He is a regular speaker
at the Los Angeles Congress and for annual diocesan confer- and 36,369 pre-registered for the three
ences for the dioceses of Reno, Boise, Las Vegas and San Diego. days of Congress – which does not include
our volunteers or our exhibitors!

28 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM period 1
“Emerging Church” seems to be a parallel church move-
ment, ecumenical by nature, that encourages people to
remain deeply rooted in their historic denominations, while
also drawing upon an amazing Gospel consensus that is
“emerging” beyond and alongside of all Christian denomi-
nations. Could this be a new kind of reformation – from
within? Could this be the way that the Holy Spirit is in-
viting us all into the full Reign of God? Although the term
“Emerging Church” is being used in many ways today,
Fr. Richard Rohr will try to give an honest description of
its promise, its strengths, and its potential difficulties and
Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM
Fr. Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest of the New
Mexico Province. He founded both the New Jerusa-
lem Community in Cincinnati and the Center for
Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, N.M., LITURGIES have always been a key
where he presently lives. He divides his time be- element of the Congress experience.
tween local work and preaching/teaching around the world. Fr. Congress 2009 offers 14 Eucharistic
Rohr is probably best known for his writings and numerous au- Liturgies of different character during the
dio and video recordings. Many of his books and conferences entire Congress weekend.
have been translated into German, Spanish and other languages.

In this session we will consider some of the most interest- Forming the faith of teens today ain’t what it used to be ...

ing – and controversial – ways that St. Paul read his and that’s a good thing! Leading teens down the road of
“Bible” – the Jewish writings we now call “The Old Tes- discipleship today requires that all leaders, catechists and
tament.” What do we think about Brother Paul’s interpre- volunteers possess a new set of skills marked by engage-
tations? ment, partnership and empowerment. Come discover the
Dr. Daniel L. Smith-Christopher top five skills that will take us there, along with some
techniques and strategies that will bring the faith forma-
Dr. Daniel Smith-Christopher is Professor of Old
Testament Studies at Loyola Marymount Univer- tion of teens to a whole new level.
sity in Los Angeles, where he has taught since 1989, Michael Theisen
and also serves as Director of Peace Studies. Au-
thor of dozens of scholarly articles and 11 books, Michael Theisen has been involved in youth minis-
Dr. Christopher lectures internationally as well as at gatherings try and adolescent catechesis for 25 years,
of the Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and United Methodist authoring more than 15 books and numerous ar-
Churches in Southern California, and at various meetings of the ticles. His experience extends from parish to dio-
Society of Friends (Quakers) across the country. cesan and national levels, and he is a frequent
speaker and trainer throughout the United States. Theisen serves
as Convener for the Partnership for Adolescent Catechesis, a
1-23 THE PASCHAL MYSTERY IN FAMILY LIFE collaborative group comprised of national organizations with
support from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
The Christian family – regardless of its age, stage or make-
up – lives out the Paschal Mystery in the daily “dying and
rising” of ordinary family life. We don’t often recognize 1-25 CELEBRATING THE RITES OF INITIATION
these great mysteries of our faith as we struggle through This workshop will survey the various rites – acceptance,
them. But sin, grace and redemption are lived throughout sending, scrutinies, baptism, confirmation and first Com-
the life cycle of a Christian marriage and family. munion – explain their significance, and give priests and
Paula D’Albor Stuckart those preparing these rites some practical ideas on mak-
Paula D’Albor Stuckart is currently Chaplain and
ing them come to life.
Director of Volunteers in a hospice program in New Paul Turner
Orleans and Coordinator of a parish religious edu-
Paul Turner is a priest for the Diocese of Kansas
cation program there. She has presented workshops
City-St. Joseph, Mo. He presently is Pastor at St.
and classes at Notre Dame Seminary, at over a
Munchin and St. Aloysius Catholic Churches. Fr.
dozen dioceses throughout the country, and at the National As-
Turner has served as past president of the North
sociation of Catholic Family Life Ministers’ Conference, where
American Academy of Liturgy and as a facilitator
Stuckart is a member and previous Co-Chair of their Education
for the International Commission on English in the Liturgy
and Formation Commission.
(ICEL). He has presented many national and international work-
shops and has written several books as Initiation resources.

Register online at 29

period 1 10:00 - 11:30 AM – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27

Come and experience music that can ignite our people to SELVES
say “yes” from the heart. Find out how music gets our
assemblies from lip service to enthusiastic commitment.
We will sing music for Ordinary Time and the seasons.
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker is an internationally known
church composer, speaker on liturgical music, and
choral conductor. Presently, he is Director of Mu-
sic at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Los Angeles.
Walker has spoken and conducted in countries
around the globe, and his music is sung in churches worldwide.
His latest offering is “Glory Bound,” a compilation of songs
and psalms from the collection “Morning and Evening – Prayer
for the Commute.”

In order to exercise more effective parenting for our

1-27 EVERY TIME I FEEL THE SPIRIT: BLACK SPIRI- children, we need to prepare ourselves by learning more
TUALITY AND RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION about our children’s developmental stages and their
This workshop will focus on black spirituality. Together, particular emotional needs at each stage. This re-edu-
we will examine the components of African-American cation process will enlighten us about what we, as par-
spirituality, which has roots in Africa and America. We ents, have missed out on during our own upbringing
will specifically look into black religious expression, while growing up. The understanding of our children
which includes storytelling, music, preaching, drama and and ourselves may be one of the most important pre-
movement. requisites toward exercising a more effective parenting
Dr. C. Vanessa White skill as well as building communication skill.
Dr. Vanessa White is Assistant Professor of Spiri-
tuality/Director of the Augustus Tolton Scholars
Program at the Catholic Theological Union in Chi-
cago. She also teaches at the Institute for Black
Catholic Studies at Xavier University of Louisiana
and at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Dr. White
is an experienced workshop presenter, retreat facilitator and
teacher who lectures nationally on Christian spirituality and
issues pertinent to the spiritual life of black Catholics.

Dr. Roland Kim is a Korean-American clinical psychologist
in private practice. Bilingual in Korean and English, he has
been helping parents and children for the last 10 years spe-
cializing in counseling teenage children. He has published
several books on parenting in the Korean language and has
given numerous seminars at various organizations through-
out the United States. Dr. Kim founded a “Good Father” move-
ment in the Korean community 15 years ago based on his
own counseling practices.

30 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM period 2
TION All music should be “soul music.” Whether it is a foot-
Mary Magdalene was one of Christ’s closest followers – stomping, hand-clapping gospel song or a good, old-fash-
and first witness to Resurrection! Come explore the art of ioned four-stanza hymn, whether the song is fast and lively
movement as a way of entering into Mary Magdalene’s or slow and meditative, it should be sung from the heart.
journey of faith and witness to the Risen Christ. Using Come and experience singing from the top of your lungs,
improvisational forms, we will dance our way through to the depths of your soul. If you like to sing, be ready to
healing, anointing, grief and Resurrection – all as ways make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
of embodying our “yes” to the Christ who calls us to new Grayson Warren Brown
Grayson Warren Brown is an internationally known
Betsey Beckman author, speaker, liturgical composer and recording
Betsey Beckman is a freelance liturgical dancer, artist. His latest collection is titled “Now That the
storyteller, spiritual director and retreat leader Morning Has Broken the Darkness.” Brown began
based in Seattle. With her extensive background in his liturgical ministry in the late 1960s in an in-
performance, movement therapy, ministry and ner-city church in New York City and has many years of experi-
InterPlay, she regularly appears as artist/presenter ence working in a multicultural parish. He divides his time among
at national conventions. Beckman’s publications include books, writing, composing and traveling the country presenting work-
recordings and videos; her most recent offering celebrates the shops, speaking at conventions and conducting parish missions.
witness of Mary Magdalene in story and dance.
Laura Ash is Music Director at St. Patrick Parish IN FAITH WITH CHILDREN
in Seattle, where, with Betsey Beckman, she has sup- You’ve seen the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance,”
ported the ministry of dance for over 15 years. Ash, and now the secret is out: Everybody loves to move! Come
with her husband David, has composed and pub- and experience new ideas for creatively incorporating
lished three albums of liturgical music and has cre-
ated music for numerous liturgical dance offerings, including movement and music into religious education. John
the video, “The Dancing Word: Miriam and Mary.” Burland will share a variety of practical activities for en-
riching catechesis and joyously celebrating our Catholic

faith. A range of catechetical themes will be addressed
2-02 ST. PAUL, THE BOUNDARY-BREAKER: A MODEL during this session. These activities and songs are suit-
OF WHAT THE CHURCH CAN BE able for children at the elementary level. Come ready to
In this jubilee year in honor of St. Paul, the Church’s first move, pray and celebrate!
theologian and greatest missionary, learn how his life and John Burland
letters can challenge and renew the Church of the 21st
century. Though Paul is often misjudged and misunder- John Burland is an educator and composer of reli-
gious music for children and adults. He is the
stood, his life is a model for a truly inclusive and world- Project Officer-Liturgy/Music for the Catholic Edu-
wide Church. Paul broke every barrier between people cation Office in Sydney, Australia, where he con-
within his world, and his inspired word remains a guide ducts workshops, celebrations and reflection days
for the Church to continue shattering previously erected for children, families and teachers. Burland has worked as a
boundaries that divide God’s people from one another. teacher, assistant principal and religious education coordinator
for over 20 years, and is a regular speaker at conventions and
Stephen J. Binz gatherings across Australia and the United States.
Stephen Binz is a Catholic biblical scholar, popu-
lar speaker and award-winning author of more than
two dozen books on the Bible, including the ac- 2-05 PATRICK, BRIGID AND COLUMBA: A CELTIC IN-
claimed new series, “Threshold Bible Study.” He SPIRATION FOR TODAY!
has developed Bible study for over two decades, In our time together, we will journey in the footsteps of
and has offered numerous study trips and pilgrimages to the the three founding patrons of the Church in Ireland and
lands of the Bible. Binz speaks frequently at parishes, diocesan
events and national conferences about a variety of biblical top- early Europe: St. Brigid, St. Patrick and St. Columba. We
ics. His most recent book is “Conversing with God in Scripture: will remember their story and allow the inspiration of their
A Contemporary Approach to Lectio Divina.” “yes” in the past to ignite our “yes” in the Church of to-
Padraigin Clancy
Padraigin Clancy is an Irish folklorist and histo-
rian with a keen interest in Celtic Christian spiri-
THE FIRST “institute” was held at tuality. She has lectured and facilitated retreats on
Mount Carmel High School on Celtic spirituality throughout Ireland, Britain, the
Hoover Street in Los Angeles in 1956. United States and Australia. A frequent contribu-
Some 500 teachers and catechists tor to Irish national radio and TV, Clancy is a Gaelic speaker, a
attended the two-day conference, which traditional musician and dancer. She lives in the Aran Islands of
was precursor of the Congress of today. Galway Bay in Ireland, where she works with the Irish Heritage
Service as a tour/pilgrim guide.

Register online at 31

period 2 1:00 - 2:30 PM – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27

Come prepared to sing the latest resources for Holy Week. The Catholic Church has always remained committed to
We will be looking in depth at the music from “No Greater the need for the office of the bishop to preserve the
Love/No Hay Amor Mas Grande,” the latest bilingual Church’s unity and the integrity of its apostolic faith.
resource for Holy Week, plus other music. However, it is legitimate to wonder whether in the 21st-
Jaime Cortez century global Church a new vision of church leadership
is needed, one that remains faithful to our tradition but
A pastoral musician for more than 20 years, Jaime
which is also open to the unique demands of our time.
Cortez serves as a clinician for OCP Publications,
traveling across the United States, England and Ja- This presentation will review basic Catholic teaching re-
pan giving workshops. He has presented workshops garding the office of the bishop, and then propose some
at all the major national conferences for liturgy and models for a new vision of episcopal leadership.
music. Cortez is currently Director of Liturgy and Music for
Richard R. Gaillardetz, PhD
Holy Cross Church and music teacher at Queen of Peace Church,
both in Mesa, Ariz. His latest collection, “Adviento,” won the Dr. Richard Gaillardetz is the Margaret and Tho-
2007 Unity Award for Spanish Album of the Year. mas Murray/James J. Bacik Professor of Catholic
Studies at the University of Toledo, Ohio. He has
published over 80 articles and has authored seven
2-07 LOVE NO MATTER WHAT books. He has received numerous awards from the
“Atheist, agnostic, Hindu or Jew; Muslim, Christian, Catholic Press Association. A frequent conference speaker, Dr.
Catholic, even you. We are all children of God.” These Gaillardetz was an official delegate on the U.S. Methodist-Catho-
lic Ecumenical Dialogue and served on the Board of Directors
are the lyrics from a song that Justin Fatica co-wrote with for the Catholic Theological Society of America.
Bob Halligan Jr., from the musical group Ceili Rain. The
song – and this workshop – is to help people realize that
Jesus’ universal message is to love others regardless of
what we may think of them.
Justin Fatica How did I get this busy? The contemporary busy culture
Justin Fatica is the lead evangelist for Hard as Nails can learn a great deal from the contemplative culture of
Ministries, a team of young adult evangelists, and the monastic life. In this presentation, Abbot Christopher
author of the book “Hard as Nails.” The former Jamison will help people refocus theirs lives on to a deeper
campus minister, youth minister, retreat coordina- level so that they can hear God’s Word speaking to them.
tor and religion teacher now speaks to hundreds of
thousands of teens and young adults at local, national and in- The work of helping people to find sanctuary is a power-
ternational venues. His appearances range from Soulfest and ful means of evangelization in today’s culture. Evangeli-
Lifefest to the Tribeca Film Festival. zation by contemplation can reach those who run away
from evangelization by amplification.
2-08 ONE BREAD, ONE BODY, ONE TABLE: EUCHA- Abbot Christopher Jamison, OSB
RIST – THE FEAST OF FOOT-WASHERS Fr. Christopher Jamison is the Abbot of Worth, a
Eucharistic table fellowship has a long and honored his- Benedictine Monastery in Sussex, England. Origi-
nally from Australia, he became a monk in 1973
tory in our Christian tradition. Our interest during this
and was elected Abbot in 2002. He is President of
workshop will center on bringing this tradition into our the International Commission on Benedictine Edu-
present reality and embracing the challenge this sacra- cation. Due to the success of the BBC-TV broadcast “The Mon-
ment offers us today. Eucharist is bigger than fulfilling astery,” a series based at Worth Abbey, Fr. Jamison has appeared
our Sunday obligation in a properly choreographed ritual. on numerous British TV and radio shows and has been a speaker
It is about a way of life. It is about a vision out of which at numerous conferences and gatherings.
we live, and in which we move and have our being. What
does this mean for educated Catholics today? We will re-
flect on this question together. 2-11 COLLABORATION AND MINISTRY
Barbara Fiand, SND Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas, DD
Barbara Fiand, a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, This workshop will explore ways of encouraging greater
is adjunct Professor of Spirituality at the Institute collaboration between priests, deacons, religious and la-
of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University in Chi- ity in furthering the work of the Church. Today’s chal-
cago. She lectures, teaches and gives retreats
throughout the United States, Canada and abroad lenges call for greater cooperation and collaboration, and
on issues related to holistic spirituality, prayer, religious life it is critical that those involved in ministry find more ef-
and the psychology and spirituality of human maturation. She is fective ways to accomplish this.
the author of 10 books and numerous articles and audio record-

32 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM period 2
With so many licensing rules and regulations, even the
best of early childhood educators can be overwhelmed
and wonder “why?” Come and enjoy a lively, thought-
provoking workshop that will answer that question for
you, and remind you why you began your journey with
young children.
Keri Krout
Keri Krout, mother of seven children, is owner of THE LABYRINTH is a landmark
Hand in Hand Child Development Center, based in feature of our Sacred Space. Tucked
Vancouver, Wash. She is also a book author and a away on the third level, Sacred Space
columnist for Vancouver Family Magazine. A mem- offers a respite from the daily buzz of
ber of the Association for the Education of Young Congress, with music, art and a chapel.
Children, Krout speaks at events throughout all the Western states,
as well as Oklahoma, Minnesota and West Virginia.
The parable of the sower reveals that God plants seeds of While adults can get better at identifying and addressing
spiritual significance in every moment and event in our gossip, put-downs, bullying and other forms of cruelty,
lives. Our challenge is to prepare the soil of our lives too often adults overlook the capacity of young people to
to nurture these seeds so that they may take root and bear effectively address these problems. Unfortunately, most
the fruit of faith, hope and love. As any good gardener students believe they have only two options: 1) turn away
knows, it takes discipline and trust to coax new life from or ignore, thus condoning the teasing and bullying; or 2)
a seed. The same is true in the spiritual life. Thankfully, “tell” on their peers. Using a strengths-based approach,
Scripture and the Christian tradition are loaded with es- this workshop will introduce research-based strategies to

sential practices to help us become the best “soul garden- identify, empower and equip key bystanders to interrupt
ers” we can be. Join us as we explore how practices such and prevent mistreatment to create a caring and positive
as seeking, solitude, friendship, meditation, worship, learning environment from the inside-out.
community, celebration and service bring us closer to God. John Linney
Jeremy Langford John Linney, a master speaker and trainer, is Ex-
Jeremy Langford is a publisher, writer and speaker. ecutive Director of Impact Coaching and Speak-
He is the Director of Communications for the Chi- ing, Inc., based in Texas. He has presented at insti-
cago Province of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). tutes, businesses and not-for-profit organizations
Langford has presented at Theology-on-Tap and throughout the United States and Mexico. Linney
numerous parish talks across the Chicago Archdio- has also served as staff member in public and private schools
cese, as well as being a popular presenter at retreats and confer- and as a youth development educator for the past 12 years. He
ences nationwide. He is principal of the Langford Literary has been keynote at several events and has been a featured guest
Agency, and serves as an agent for select authors and as a con- on numerous local and national television and radio programs.
sultant to various religious publishing houses.
“The Dark Knight” was the hit film of 2008. Whether we Or, another way to say this: “How to be truly, powerfully
like it or not, its portrayal of evil, redemption and hope and authentically Catholic.” The foundation of every min-
has an impact on those with whom we work and what we istry requires an awareness and a willingness to rever-
might like to impart to them about where God can be found ence other voices, other ways, other cultures – and to af-
in the dark night of the soul. This session will give very firm the presence of God, long before we came along!
practical advice about what we say to those struggling to Let’s talk story and offer nuts-and-bolts ideas! Bring your
find God in tough times. hesitation, your doubt, your fear, for we are entering un-
comfortable territory!
Rev. Richard Leonard, SJ
Jesuit priest Richard Leonard is Director of the Jesse Manibusan
Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, based Storyteller, speaker, composer and singer, Jesse
in Melbourne, Australia. As a visiting professor, Manibusan is Director of Two by Two Ministries.
he has taught at the Gregorian University; at the With experience as music minister, catechist and
University of California, Los Angeles; and at both youth worker, he travels throughout the United
the University of Melbourne and the Jesuit Theological College States, Canada and beyond, appearing at our Los
in Australia. Fr. Leonard’s latest book is “Movies That Matter: Angeles Congress, the National Catholic Youth Conference, the
Reading Film Through the Lens of Faith.” National Conference of Catholic Youth Ministers, and several
other major events. Manibusan has also recorded several CDs.

Register online at 33

period 2 1:00 - 2:30 PM – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27


Catholic social teaching is an evolving body of doctrine
that responds to contemporary challenges with the re- SR. EDITH Prendergast, RSC,
sources of our faith tradition. This session explores Pope joined the staff of the Office of
Religious Education in the 1980s. In
Benedict XVI’s contributions to the heritage of our social
1987, she took the helm as Director
teaching through a consideration of his major addresses of the Office, and is the visionary and
and his latest social encyclical. force behind the annual Los Angeles
Bryan N. Massingale, STD Religious Education Congress.
Fr. Bryan Massingale, a priest of the Milwaukee
Archdiocese, is Professor of Theology at Marquette
University. He is a moral theologian who focuses 2-20 LOVE UNFOLDING: LEARNING AND LIVING
upon Catholic social thought, liberation theologies,
African-American religious ethics, and racial jus- WITH HIV/AIDS
tice. Fr. Massingale has authored more than 60 articles in profes- Against the backdrop of God’s love for all persons, Dr.
sional and popular publications. A past Congress keynoter, he is Elizabeth Crabb Breen’s scientific expertise on HIV/AIDS
President-Elect of the Catholic Theological Society of America, and Fr. Chris Ponnet’s experience working with those liv-
and Convener of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium. ing with HIV/AIDS provide the framework for this ses-
sion. Join Dr. Breen and Fr. Ponnet to learn the latest facts
2-18 LOVE UNFOLDING about HIV/AIDS, as well as liturgical and action steps to
Since the beginning of time, we are a part of God’s un- take in order to walk with those living with HIV/AIDS.
folding Love. We tell the story. We live the story. We Rev. Chris Ponnet
are drawn into the story at baptism and find ourselves ever In 1999, Fr. Chris Ponnet, a priest for the Los An-
more deeply in its unfolding in community and worship geles Archdiocese, was appointed by Cardinal Roger
as we proclaim and become the Good News. We either Mahony as his Liaison and Director for the Office
contribute to making it come true, or put glitches and dead of Catholic HIV/AIDS Ministry. Fr. Ponnet also
ends in the story. But because the story is one of Incarna- serves as Pastor at St. Camillus Center for Pasto-
ral Care in Los Angeles. He is a board-certified Chaplain and
tion and Resurrection, all is redeemable and all is filled
Director of Pastoral Care at LAC+USC Medical Center in Los
with the Spirit of the Word and Grace abounding. Come Angeles, where he works with persons infected or affected with
find out where you fit in the story and what God expects HIV/AIDS.
of us in the face of tests, challenges and surprises. Al-
Elizabeth Crabb Breen, PhD
ways we tell stories!
Dr. Elizabeth Crabb Breen is an immunologist with
Dr. Megan McKenna more than 20 years of experience in HIV/AIDS re-
Dr. Megan McKenna is a theologian who tells sto- search at the University of California, Los Ange-
ries, a traveling preacher, and a teacher who trav- les, where she is Associate Professor at the David
els extensively in Southeast Asia, South America, Geffen School of Medicine. She has also served on
South Africa, Europe, Canada, Australia and the the Los Angeles Archdiocese AIDS Education Task Force/Hu-
United States. She lectures and presents parish mis- man Sexuality Committee since 1989. Dr. Breen speaks frequently
sions on interreligious dialogue and issues of justice, peace and at national and international scientific meetings and at Los An-
Scripture, storytelling and cross-cultural mission. Dr. McKenna geles-area Catholic schools and parishes.
is author of nearly 100 tapes/CDs and 35 books, the most re-
cent: “Playing Poker with Nana” and “Harm Not the Earth.”
2-19 WHAT IS FUNDAMENTALISM, REALLY? When Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me,” his
This presentation debunks a number of myths about bib- followers could not conceive of the many gifts that would
lical fundamentalism and presents a more accurate un- be given us through the Eucharist. In this workshop,
derstanding of this influential movement. The aim of the through a blending of psychology and spirituality – in pre-
presentation is to give Catholics an accurate understand- sentation, discussion, story and guided remembrance –
ing of fundamentalism so that they are better equipped to we will explore some of those gifts. This workshop is based
respond to fundamentalist Christians. on Dr. Nancy Reeves’ forthcoming book, “Gifts of the
Matthew C. Ogilvie, PhD
Nancy C. Reeves, PhD
A native of Sydney, Australia, Dr. Matthew Ogilvie
taught at the Australian Catholic University and Dr. Nancy Reeves is a Canadian clinical psycholo-
at the Catholic Institute of Sydney before moving gist, spiritual director and author. She presents
to the United States in 2003 to teach at Boston Col- regularly in eight countries showing how psychol-
lege. He is presently Assistant Professor and Online ogy can enhance our spiritual journey. She was key-
Education Coordinator in the School of Ministry at the Univer- note at Spiritual Directors International and at the
sity of Dallas. Dr. Ogilvie has given numerous presentations on St. Vincent de Paul annual meeting. Dr. Reeves is author of many
adult education in the United States and Australia and has made books, including “Gifts of the Eucharist” and “Spirituality for
a dozen television appearances both in Dallas and Sydney. Extroverts.”

34 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM period 2
Youth retreats are expensive, but they are worth every SPONSE TO ATHEISM: EVIDENCE OF UNIVER-
penny spent on them. This session will look at the youth SAL CREATION IN BIG-BANG COSMOLOGY
retreat conceptually: What makes a youth retreat effec- Fr. Robert Spitzer will respond to some of the popular
tive, how long a retreat should be, whether the retreat contemporary positions on atheism by providing evidence
should be voluntary or mandatory, the relative merits of from contemporary astrophysics that directly contradicts
using an outside retreat director or a parish team, the vari- these atheists’ scientific pretentions. Ironically, these athe-
ous roles of adult and peer leaders, the choice of a retreat istic contentions are surfacing at a time when the evidence
center, the cost factor, and various retreat models, themes of a creation from physics has never been more powerful.
and activities. He will give a synopsis of the evidence discussed in his
Sr. Kieran Sawyer, SSND forthcoming book, “New Proofs for the Existence of God:
Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy.”
Sr. Kieran Sawyer is nationally known for her work
in youth ministry, adolescent catechesis and char- Robert J. Spitzer, SJ
acter education. She is founder and Director Emeri- Professor, writer and speaker, Fr. Robert Spitzer has
tus of TYME OUT, a youth retreat center that has served as President of Gonzaga University in Spo-
served parishes and schools of the Milwaukee Arch- kane, Wash., since 1998, and is founder of its
diocese for 30 years. At present, Sr. Sawyer, a School Sister of Gonzaga Institute of Ethics. The Jesuit priest has
Notre Dame, is traveling from diocese to diocese, preparing cate- authored three books in addition to many schol-
chists to facilitate the “Learning about LIFE” family-based anti- arly articles and journal pieces. Fr. Spitzer has addressed na-
abuse program, and presenting other catechetical workshops. tional and international audiences, has started seven academic
centers, and is involved in a variety of different educational,
philosophical and scientific organizations.
The United States can uniquely boast of a strength and REVISITED
vitality born of its historical experience of immigration The journey of faith is one of the most challenging jour-
and cultural diversity. At this time in our history as a na- neys. Does God really exist? If yes, how do I encounter

tion, socio-political and economic complexities threaten God? What does God expect of me? This presentation
to obscure our efforts to continue to develop and build will examine the divine-human relationship, using Francis
upon our past experience. This workshop will discuss the Thompson’s classic poem, “The Hound of Heaven,” which
issues from a Catholic perspective of the respect for hu- focuses on the pursuit of the human soul by God.
man dignity and the teaching tradition of the Church. Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP, PhD
Bishop Oscar A. Solis For the past 19 years, Sr. Maureen Sullivan has
Bishop Oscar Solis is the first Filipino-American been a member of the Theology Department at St.
bishop ordained in the United States, and the first Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. The Domini-
bishop ordained at the Cathedral of Our Lady of can Sister of Hope from New York also serves as a
the Angels in Los Angeles. Bishop Solis is Vicar for Religion Consultant for William H. Sadlier, a posi-
the Office of Ethnic Ministry for the Los Angeles tion that enables her to speak nationally to Catholic school-
Archdiocese and Director of the Office of Justice and Peace. He teachers, catechists and diocesan leaders. Sr. Sullivan is author
assists with the coordination of outreach pastoral efforts for all of “101 Questions and Answers on Vatican II” and “The Road
ethnic groups in the archdiocese, where Mass is celebrated each to Vatican II: Key Changes in Theology.”
week in 42 different languages.
How can we organize all the manifold activities of an
active parish? What is at the center of parish life? This
workshop will show how the celebration of the Eucharist
is the organizing principle for all of parish life; how the
rhythm of the Eucharistic celebration is one with that of
the Gospels and with personal conversion. We will sug-
gest criteria for evaluating the various parish activities in
the light of the parish celebration of the Eucharist.
Rev. Michael Sweeney, OP
Fr. Michael Sweeney is President of the Dominican
School of Philosophy and Theology (OSPI) at the
THE SECOND floor houses the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, Calif.,
Multicultural Exhibit, displaying cultural where he also teaches. He is co-founder and former
Co-Director of the Catherine of Siena Institute in
items (Polish-American pictured) of
Colorado. Fr. Sweeney has developed and offered retreats and
groups found within the boundaries of the talks in over 50 U.S. diocese and in Canada and Indonesia on
Los Angeles Archdiocese. the theology of the laity, vocation and pastoral governance.

Register online at 35

period 2 1:00 - 2:30 PM – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27


In keeping with the theme of this “Year of St. Paul,”
through images and sound, we will virtually visit major CAN YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS: HOW DO WE IG-
pilgrimage sites in Turkey (Tarsus, Antioch, Ephesus) to NITE THEIR ‘YES’?
discover insights into the life, convictions and passions of
this most significant figure in the formation of our Chris-
tian faith. In keeping with the goal of pilgrimage, we will
explore what this means to how we live today.
Msgr. Thomas Welbers
Forty years a priest of the Los Angeles Archdio-
cese, Msgr. Thomas Welbers has been Pastor of Our
Lady of the Assumption in Claremont, Calif., for
nearly 15 of those years. Msgr. Welbers has also
served as a member of the Liturgical Commission
and as instructor in many educational programs. Since 2005, he
has focused on the Orthodox, Christian and Muslim faiths
through preparing for and leading pilgrimages to Turkey. This workshop will explore challenges that Korean
Catholic Churches face in the 21st century where the
“national church” is losing its identity. Many young
2-28 TEACHERS ARE HEROES TOO! Korean Catholics do not find Korean Catholic com-
We do not simply work with children. We make a differ- munities their “home” any more. Why? What will
ence in children’s lives. We are powerful agents for the bring them home? How can we ignite their “yes” in
formation of our Church’s and our country’s future. Award- our home parishes?
winning educator Char Wenc shares stories and practical
techniques that guide the heart and character of your stu-
dents: Respect is an attitude we model, cooperation is a
skill we learn; understand what motivates a student’s be-
havior and effective response; and how to encourage your-
self in this challenging profession. Yes, it can be done!
Char Wenc, MEd
Char Wenc is a nationally recognized author and
speaker with teaching experience at all levels from
primary to graduate school. For the past 30 years,
she has been a professional communicator – as a Katherine Ja-Eun Cho is currently the Director of Ministry
clinical counselor, business consultant and televi- with Youth Office in the Diocese of San Bernardino. She holds
sion speaker. Wenc is also a professor in the doctoral programs a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies from Loyola Univer-
at both the Adler School of Professional Psychology and Loyola sity, New Orleans. She is a Master Catechist and certified
University in Chicago. She is author of three books, including spiritual director. She has been involved in ministry for over
“Cooperation: Learning through Laughter.” 25 years in music, liturgical, religious education, adult faith
formation, youth and young adult ministries. Cho has taught
all age levels from primary to high school grades and has
2-70 been a renowned speaker for parenting workshops. She is an
experienced retreat director and offers spiritual direction in
her personal time.

36 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 – 3:00 - 4:30 PM period 3
Ministry is challenging in this postmodern age and calls AT YOUTH DAY last year, students
for ongoing creativity and evaluation. This workshop will were able to ask Los Angeles
assist pastors and ministers in thinking through their strat- Cardinal Roger Mahony some
egies for energizing their communities. personal questions – via video. The
Cardinal recorded his answers during
Sr. Donna L. Ciangio, OP Congress, and all was put together by
Donna Ciangio, a Dominican Sister of Caldwell, MyCatholicVoice. Videos appear on the 2008
N.J., is founder and Director of Church Leader- Los Angeles Religious Education Congress
ship Consultation, in which she serves as presenter, Highlights Community on
facilitator and consultant to over 100 dioceses
around the world. She has served in pastoral and
school ministry in urban and suburban parishes, lecturing and
training extensively, helping priests and parish staffs. Sr. Ciangio 3-04 MYSTICAL UNION IN EVERYDAY LIFE: RO-
has been a presenter at various diocesan religious education MANCING GOD THE IGNATIAN WAY
conferences and has taught a doctoral level course. Ignatius of Loyola believed that mysticism was the logi-
cal climax of any spiritual journey and not a grace re-
served for a chosen few. In his writings we find that
3-02 KEEPING THE FAITH Ignatius begins by living for God (Autobiography or Tes-
We know that children learn experientially, and so the tament), moves into being with God (The Spiritual Exer-
question is: What experiences should we provide our stu- cises), and culminates in the very Being and Essence of
dents so that they will not only learn what we need to the Divine (Mystical Journal). This workshop will define
teach them, but will remember how the lessons were made the goal, the means and the obstacles that one may en-
a part of their lives? This presentation will offer several counter on the spiritual journey as experienced by Ignatius.
suggestions so that, when they try to describe their own It will help participants to grow as mystics in their every-
faith journey, they will have to say, “You had to be there!” day lives and ministry.
Carol Cimino, SSJ, EdD Paul Coutinho, SJ

Currently, Carol Cimino, a Sister of St. Joseph of Fr. Paul Coutinho is an internationally recognized
Rochester, N.Y., is National Religion Consultant for Ignatian scholar, author and speaker. A native of
William H. Sadlier, Inc. She has taught and been India and Jesuit priest from the Bombay Province,
an administrator at all levels of Catholic educa- he frequently leads retreats, gives spiritual direc-
tion, and has been a catechist for 11- to 18-year- tion and trains spiritual directors. Fr. Coutinho cur-
olds. Sr. Cimino has been a public speaker since 1987 and gives rently creates and runs programs for Saint Louis University’s
talks and workshops across the country. But she is most proud Mission and Ministry Office, though he divides his time between
of the fact that she is still the only woman religious to have been the United States and India. He is also Editor of Ignis, the South
a three-day champion on “Jeopardy!” Asian Ignatian spirituality journal.

This workshop will discuss how to help Catholics (in Research shows that one of every four women experi-
school and parish settings) to understand and appropriate ences domestic violence in her life. Most victims suffer
Catholic social teaching – and make it relevant and alive. so secretly that their family, friends and even their pas-
tors fail to notice their oppression. Our parishes can and
John A. Coleman, SJ
should be safe havens for victims of domestic violence
Fr. John Coleman, a Jesuit priest and author, is and their children, and minister to their need. Based on
currently Casassa Professor of Social Values at 10 years of experience of developing a parish program to
Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He
formerly taught at the Jesuit School of Theology
support victims of domestic violence, Fr. Charles Dahm
and at the Graduate Theological Union in Berke- will lead an examination of the reality of domestic vio-
ley, Calif. Fr. Coleman has also been on the faculties at Louvain lence, how to understand it, discover it and respond to the
University in Belgium, at the University of Chicago, and at the victims in a pastoral way.
University of Western Australia. He has spoken widely in church,
university and secular settings for over 40 years. Charles W. Dahm, O.P.
Dominican priest Charles Dahm served for five
years as a missionary in Bolivia before returning
to the United States. He founded the 8th Day Cen-
ter for Justice in Chicago. Between 1986-2007, he
served as Pastor of St. Pius V Parish in Chicago,
where the pastoral team developed the largest parish program
for victims of domestic violence in the country. Currently Fr.
Dahm is Co-Coordinator of Justice and Peace for Dominicans
in North America and Associate Pastor of St. Pius V Parish.

Register online at 37

period 3 3:00 - 4:30 PM – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27

As evangelizers we are summoned to be instruments of TION
justice and peace in our households of faith, in our parish This workshop will look at the dynamics of global immi-
communities, at work and always. This session will ex- gration, Christian spirituality and human transformation.
plore ways of weaving faith and justice. Participants will In particular, it will examine issues of Mexican immigra-
be invited to thoughtful reflection and concern, and sent tion and ministerial outreach to the growing presence of
to “ignite their yes!” to make a difference in our world. Latinos in the Church. It will look at the geographical,
Msgr. Ray East conceptual and theological territory of migration and the
places of hope and faith among some of the godless mo-
Msgr. Ray East, a nationally known inspirational ments of the journey across the Mexican border and into
speaker and revivalist, is Executive Director for the
Office of Black Catholics and Vicar for Evangeli- the United States.
zation for the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. He Fr. Daniel Groody, CSC, PhD
is also Pastor of St. Therese of Avila Parish in South-
west Washington, D.C., a vibrant African-American Catholic Fr. Daniel Groody, a Holy Cross religious, is a
community. Msgr. East works in the areas of youth ministry and scholar and teacher, an award-winning author and
has a passion for evangelization. film producer. He is currently Assistant Professor
of Theology and Director of the Center for Latino
Spirituality and Culture at the University of Notre
Dame in Indiana. He is the author of various books and articles
3-07 WITH JOY WE GO TO THE ALTAR OF GOD: THE that have been translated into five languages. Fr. Groody is also
ENTRANCE RITES the Executive Producer of “Dying to Live,” “Strangers No
Longer” and “One Border, One Body: Immigration and the Eu-
Learn about the meaning of the entrance rites of the Mass,
their theology and spirituality. Experience the beauty of
music and the rich tradition of musical prayer that leads
us into the liturgy. Understand the joy that is given to us
as we prepare to go to the altar of God. 3-10 WHAT KEEPS US CATHOLIC
Many of us are “cultural Catholics,” born and raised in
Rev. Richard N. Fragomeni this rich tradition of Christian faith. But what “keeps” us
Since 1990, Fr. Richard Fragomeni has taught at here and what helps us to “keep on” growing in our Catho-
the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where lic identity? We need to be clear about the rich treasury
he now is Associate Professor of Liturgy and Homi- that is ours if we are to make this faith our own and con-
letics and Chair of the Department of Word and
Worship. He has been active in parish renewals and tinue to grow in holiness of life as Catholic Christians.
diocesan workshops and has been keynote speaker or presenter Thomas H. Groome
at many national events. Fr. Fragomeni has authored a number
of articles that have appeared in a variety of publications. Dr. Tom Groome is Director of Boston College’s
Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Min-
istry. The award-winning author has written more
than a half dozen books and over 100 published
3-08 CONFLICTING COMMITMENTS: SAME-SEX articles and essays. He has made over 500 public
MARRIAGE AND THE CHURCH presentations in the past 25 years, including keynote addresses
at all the major North American conferences of religious educa-
The legalization of same-sex marriage in California and
tors, both Catholic and Protestant.
Massachusetts has heightened the conversation about the
nature of commitment, the meaning of faith, and homo-
sexuality. For Catholic gays and lesbians, this has cre-
ated a problem of conscience. For the broader Church 3-11 THE VOCATION TO LAY ECCLESIAL MINIS-
membership, it has created a conflict of commitment. For TRY
many, the value of commitment and the meaning of faith One of the many gifts lay ecclesial ministers bring to our
are on a collision course. This session will look at the Church is their sense of being called by God to this min-
issues faced by the whole of the Church – ecclesiastical istry. Their experience is stretching our traditional lan-
leadership and laity alike. guage of vocation. In their 2005 document, “Co-Workers
in the Vineyard of the Lord,” the U.S. bishops acknowl-
Dr. Greer G. Gordon edge this and call for “a more thorough study of our the-
Dr. Greer Gordon is the recently appointed Direc- ology of vocation.” This workshop begins to imagine what
tor for the Office of Evangelization for the Diocese that theology might look like.
of Baton Rouge, La. A Roman Catholic theologian,
author and lecturer, she has been involved in uni- Edward P. Hahnenberg, PhD
versity administration and has been a member of Dr. Edward Hahnenberg is Associate Professor of
the faculties at Regis College, at the University of Massachu- Theology at Xavier University in Cincinnati. He is
setts, and at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. A former a past consultant to the Subcommittee on Lay Min-
L.A. Congress keynoter, Dr. Gordon was the first woman Bacca- istry for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
laureate speaker at both Boston University and Regis College. Dr. Hahnenberg has presented at conferences across
the country, and is the author of numerous articles and two books:
“Ministries: A Relational Approach” and “A Concise Guide to
the Documents of Vatican II.”

38 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 – 3:00 - 4:30 PM period 3
PRAYER IN THE 21ST CENTURY In today’s fast-paced society, it is important to maximize
What will be the future of Sunday Eucharist in North your efforts at capturing the attention of your primary
American communities? How can we bring generations audience through creativity, intentional planning and posi-
and cultures and diverse communities together in a way tive imaging. This workshop will provide strategies to aid
that is faithful to a living Christian tradition and also en- participants in sharing the “Good News” of their local
gaged with and relevant to a changing world? How can youth ministry utilizing basic marketing skills.
music help those who prepare and lead worship to inspire Colette A. Kennett
and ground our assemblies? Liturgical composers of two
generations offer ideas, suggestions and hope. For the past 29 years, Colette Kennett has been
employed by the Catholic Diocese of Belleville, Ill.,
Marty Haugen where she serves as Directory of Youth Ministry.
For over 30 years, composer Marty Haugen has She has served diocesan youth and their adult lead-
presented workshops, concerts and presentations ers regionally, nationally and internationally.
across North and Central America, Europe, Asia Kennett is active in Girl Scouts and has given presentations at
and the Pacific Rim. His range of musical compo- numerous conferences, rallies, retreats and civic events.
sitions continues to appear in hymnals for U.S.,
Canadian and Australian Catholics, Evangelical Lutherans and
several other Protestant denominations. 3-15 PRAYING IN COLOR
Tony Alonso Praying in Color is an active and meditative prayer prac-
Tony Alonso is one of the most prominent voices in tice for the word-weary and fidgety pray-er. It is both a
contemporary liturgical music. In addition to sev- process and a product. The process uses pen, paper and
eral published collections of liturgical music, he markers to create a time of stillness and listening. The
has authored many books for youth and youth min- product is a prayer drawing or icon – a visual reminder to
isters about liturgy. Alonso has presented as a continue to pray throughout the day. Praying in Color is a
speaker or musical artist at major conferences and events across prayer practice for adults and children aged 5 and older.
the United States, Canada and Europe. He currently serves as
part of the Campus Ministry team at Loyola Marymount Uni- Absolutely no artistic ability is necessary! This workshop
versity in Los Angeles. is based on Sybil MacBeth’s book of the same title. (This

will be repeated in Session 4-17.)
GOSPEL? Sybil MacBeth is a teacher by vocation and a dancer
and doodler by avocation. As a teacher of math-
This workshop will address the question of the use of ematics at the high school and college levels for 15
Mark’s Gospel during the Easter season. The Lectionary years, she combines her experience in the class-
uses only Mark 16:9-20 for Sundays in Year B and then room with her love of prayer to create workshops
uses only texts from John’s Gospel for the remainder of that engage the whole body and differing learning styles. As au-
the Sundays of the Easter season. Sr. Dorothy Jonaitis thor of “Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God,” she
proposes that Mark’s Gospel has a message for the Eas- has lead workshops on the topics and on liturgical dance since
ter season, and this presentation will explore that sugges- 1990.
Sr. Dorothy Jonaitis, OP, DMin
A Dominican Sister of Grand Rapids, Mich., Sr. USING MUSIC TO BRING NEW LIFE TO LITUR-
Dorothy Jonaitis is Professor of Biblical Studies at GICAL SEASONS
the University of Dallas School of Ministry. For
the past 25 years, she has taught adult education Music and song are recognized as crucial elements of vi-
in parishes and has given numerous workshops at brant, meaningful and inclusive liturgy, but how can we
parishes and diocesan conferences, including the Religious Edu- use music to better promote full, conscious and active
cation Congress. Sr. Jonaitis is currently working with three oth- participation as parishes and schools celebrate the sea-
ers at the School of Ministry on a four-year project to revise The sons of the Church year? Come along ready to sing, move
Catholic Biblical School Program. and have fun!
Michael Mangan
Teacher and music liturgist, Michael Mangan is one
of Australia’s most popular contemporary Catho-
THE CONGRESS event, directed by lic composers. His 130 songs, psalms and accla-
Sr. Edith Prendergast, is coordinated mations are sung in parishes and schools through-
by Paulette Smith (Event Coordinator) out Australia, New Zealand and North America,
and Jan Pedroza (Program Coordin- where he regularly tours presenting concerts, music workshops
and music ministry leadership at conferences, parishes and
ator), and aided by three committees:
schools. Mangan presently serves as Music Director at All Saints
the Congress Committee, a Liturgy
Parish in Albany Creek, Brisbane, Australia.
Committee, and a Registration Committee –
and worked by hundreds of staff and volunteers.

Register online at 39

period 3 3:00 - 4:30 PM – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27

How do we understand the human condition? From the Opening the “door” is a way of speaking about an invis-
scientific evidence available today, we know the universe ible passageway through which we enter the endless ter-
is more expansive and interconnected than anyone previ- ritory of truth secluded in our interior world. This sym-
ously imagined. This new worldview represents a signifi- bolic door of the heart opens inward to the deepest, truest
cant development in human self-understanding and brings part of who we are. There we find the inherent goodness
a depth of insight into the moral imperative to care for seeded in us at our birth. The door then opens outward to
creation. This workshop will explore the shift that is tak- the world where we bring this giftedness and share it with
ing place in our understanding of the world, the challenges others. In this workshop, come, be inspired to grow spiri-
it presents to the human community, and the implications tually and to deepen your desire to be a person whose life
it has for our spiritual journey. reflects the goodness of the Holy One.
Joseph Mitchell, CP Joyce Rupp, OSM
Fr. Joe Mitchell, a Catholic priest and member of Sr. Joyce Rupp has been a facilitator and speaker
the Passionist Community, is founder and Director at retreats and conferences for 30 years in the
of the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center in Louis- United States, Canada, Africa, Asia, New Zealand
ville, Ky. His ministry has included directing re- and Australia. She is Co-Director of the Institute
treats, parish missions, meditation courses, stud- of Compassionate Presence. Sr. Rupp, a member of
ies in spirituality, and religious environmental education pro- the Servants of Mary community, describes herself as a “spiri-
grams throughout the country. tual mid-wife.” She is the award-winning author of numerous
popular books that have been published in eight languages. Her
latest title is “Open the Door: A Journey to the True Self.”
Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, PhD PARENT/TEEN CONNECTION
Research in neurobiology suggests that the relationship
In this session, embryonic stem cell research will be con-
between parent and child – the interactions that take place
sidered in the light of morally acceptable alternatives, and
– profoundly impact the health of the developing mind.
we will carefully consider the various media myths sur-
Learn why parenting with the brain in mind is essential
rounding this area of science. Recent developments will
for teaching teens to regulate their emotions, make sound
also be considered, which have both scientific and moral
decisions, and be happy and productive adults.
implications. The need for the careful protection and safe-
guarding of embryonic humans will be stressed and high- Steve and Patt Saso
lighted. Patt and Steve Saso are authors of the award-win-
ning “Parenting Your Teens with T.L.C.” Patt, a
psychotherapist, has served as a marriage and fam-
ily therapist for over 18 years. Steve has over 34
3-19 30-, 60- AND 100-FOLD – YOUTH LEADERSHIP years of experience in the field of education as a
STRATEGIES high school teacher, administrator and pastoral counselor. They
There are days when our work with teens is so much like are co-owners of Saso Seminars & Counseling Services, based
what Jesus described in the parable of the sower and the in Milpitas, Calif. Together, they have produced books, educa-
seed – some takes root and some doesn’t. Can we do any- tional CDs, and write a monthly online newsletter.
thing to “better our chances”? Is there such a thing as
“Miracle Grow”? We’ll discuss struggles and strategies 3-22 FINDING A TRUE COURSE IN A SHIFTING
for helping youth grow ... and lead. WORLD
Mike Patin We live in times of immense change and uncertainty. How
Based in Lafayette, La., Mike Patin spent six years can we live true to the Christian vision amid all this flux?
as a high school teacher and coach, and has worked Where can we find solid ground and sift the authentic
in youth ministry for nearly 20 years. He has served from the illusory? We will explore some practical ways
as an adjunct faculty member at the Notre Dame of making wise choices in an unwise world and becoming
Graduate School of Theology in New Orleans, and active co-workers with God in the shaping of our destiny.
has served on the Board of Directors of the National Federation
for Catholic Youth Ministry. Since 2003, Patin has been speak- Margaret Silf
ing to young people and adult audiences in diocesan, regional, Margaret Silf is a retreat facilitator and award-win-
national and international settings. ning author of several books; her latest are “Roots
and Wings” and “At Sea with God.” She is a regu-
lar columnist for America magazine and travels ex-
tensively within the United Kingdom, North
America, Australia, South Africa and Malaysia for retreats and
speaking engagements. Events have included the Jesuit Tri-Prov-
ince Conference in Maryland; Fairfield University in Connecti-
cut; and the Centenary Conference at Loyola, Spain.

40 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 – 3:00 - 4:30 PM period 3
Responding “yes” to life is an invitation that gifts us with METHODOLOGY
an openness and awareness of God in our daily life. By Being Catholic means welcoming all, especially those with
saying “yes,” we become more keenly aware of holy mo- different abilities. This workshop, presented by a child
ments in our relationships, in our work world, and with psychologist and a parish Director of Religious Educa-
our friends and family. We begin to observe personal tion, will discuss ways to help children with disabilities
growth in joy and peace as we live life more abundantly. understand and experience the sacraments.
Anne Bryan Smollin Joseph D. White, PhD
A Sister of St. Joseph, Anne Smollin is a licensed Dr. Joseph White is Director of Family Counseling
therapist and group facilitator, lecturer, consultant and Family Life in the Diocese of Austin, Texas,
and author. She is currently Executive Director of and a National Consultant for Our Sunday Visitor
Counseling for Laity in Albany, N.Y. The former Publishing Co. He has authored several books and
elementary schoolteacher lectures extensively articles on catechesis and ministry, including “7
throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia Secrets of Successful Catechists,” “Catechists for All Children,”
speaking to religious communities, conventions and businesses. and “Burnout Busters: Stress Management of Ministry.”
Ana Arista White
3-24 BALANCING LIFE IN YOUR “WAR ZONES” Ana Arista White is a parish Director of Religious
LeAnn Thieman said “yes!” when she helped rescue 300 Education in Austin, Texas, and a National Con-
babies at the end of the Vietnam War. Believing we all sultant for Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Co. She
is author of several books on catechesis, including
have individual “war zones,” she shares life-changing les- “Teach It: Early Childhood,” and “Teach It: Eu-
sons learned from Operation Babylift. This poignant, yet charist and the Mass,” and is a popular catechetical speaker at
humorous presentation inspires audiences to balance their diocesan and national conferences.
physical, mental and spiritual lives, to truly live their pri-
orities, and to make a difference in the world. (This will
be repeated in Session 5-24.) 3-28 SONGS OF OUR HEARTS AND MEDITATIONS

LeAnn Thieman was accidentally caught up in the
Dr. C. Vanessa White
Vietnam orphan airlift in 1975, and helped rescue
300 babies as Saigon fell to the Communists. She This workshop will focus on prayer in the African-Ameri-
has shared her incredible story on numerous radio can tradition. There will be a special emphasis on the con-
and TV programs. Now, as co-author of “Chicken templative as well as the expressive traditions in prayer
Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith” and eight other Chicken
Soup titles, she is a full-time professional speaker and member
and worship.
of the Speaker Hall of Fame.
Paul Turner
About half the people joining the Catholic Church are al-
ready validly baptized. What catechetical formation is best
for them? How should they be treated differently from
unbaptized catechumens? Is the Easter Vigil really the
best occasion for their reception into the full communion
of the church?


Join Jim Wallis as he describes how the community of
faith can lead a movement for the common good that es-
pecially puts the poor and the vulnerable at the top of the
national and global agenda.
Jim Wallis
Jim Wallis is a best-selling author, public theolo-
gian, speaker and international commentator on
ethics and public life. As President and Executive
Director of Sojourners/Call to Renewal, he convenes
a national network working to overcome poverty in
America. In addition, Wallis is Editor-in-Chief of Sojourners
magazine. His columns appear in major national newspapers.
Register online at 41
period 4 10:00 - 11:30 AM – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28

ERAL Carol J. Dempsey, OP, PhD
Fr. Patrick Brennan
One of the central themes of the Bible is justice. This
This session will explore a process for helping disciples workshop explores this concept in both the Old and New
discern both needs around them and gifts within them, Testaments, and shows how the biblical text can offer a
and then marry the two in ministry. Practical insights will rich and deep vision for justice, particularly social jus-
be shared on how to engage in various levels of training tice, in our world today. Connections will be made to
and formation for ministry after discernment of gifts and Catholic social teaching and recent pastoral letters. The
needs. topic of violence and justice in the Bible will be addressed,
as well as the role that justice plays in compassion and
the search for peace both personally and globally.
Here is an opportunity to unfold the love of praying to
God through song! Come experience the joy of igniting 4-04 “HELP! OUR YOUNG ADULTS ARE MISSING!”
the fire shut up deep down in your bones! Good Ground EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR YOUNG ADULT
will lead this journey, and is comprised of Richard Cheri, MINISTRY
Kenneth Louis, Jalonda Robertson, W. Clifford Petty, Jen- It’s no secret that many young adults – people in their 20s
nifer Broyard-Bonam and Timothy Jones Jr. and 30s, married and single – are “missing in action” when
it comes to attending Mass or participating in Catholic
organizations and events. Yet that same group also pos-
sesses a deep spiritual hunger and wants to learn more
about their Catholic faith. Kate DeVries will present ef-
fective strategies for finding and inviting young adults,
supporting their spiritual journeys, offering adult faith
formation, and ushering them into greater participation in
the life of Catholic parishes and organizations.
Katherine F. DeVries, DMin
Kate DeVries began her role as Associate Director
Appearing left to right: Richard Cheri, Jalonda Robertson, Ken- of the Young Adult Ministry Office for the Chicago
neth Louis, W. Clifford Petty, Jennifer Broyard-Bonam and Archdiocese in 1988. Prior to that, she was a spe-
Timothy Jones Jr. cial education teacher of high school and junior
Richard A. Cheri high students with behavior disorders and learn-
ing disabilities. DeVries with Fr. John Cusick are co-authors of
Richard Cheri is adjunct Professor of Mathematics at Loyola “The Basic Guide to Young Adult Ministry,” and co-host a
University in New Orleans, adjunct Professor of Theology at monthly radio program, “The Light Show,” highlighting the work
Notre Dame Seminary, and on the faculty at the Institute for of Young Adult Ministry in the Chicago Archdiocese.
Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University of Louisiana. He
presently teaches mathematics at Destrehan High School in
Destrehan, La. Cheri also serves as the Director of Liturgy and
Music at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, and as Coordinating 4-05 WIN THE WORLD WITHOUT LOSING YOUR
Director of the New Orleans Archdiocese Gospel Choir. SOUL
Good Ground In the parable of the talents, the Good Servant invested
his talents and was prosperous. Jesus rewarded him gen-
Richard Cheri has been the principal director of the New Or-
leans Archdiocese Mass Gospel Choir, which sang in 1992 for
erously. In this workshop, Dave Durand will help you iden-
the National Black Catholic Congress in New Orleans. In the tify your talents and show you how to invest in them as
ensuing years, Cheri has worked alongside Jalonda Robertson, you live out your faith in everyday life. This presentation
Timothy Jones Jr. and Jennifer Broyard-Bonam. With the musi- will help you see that God has a plan for you and that He
cal contributions of Kenneth W. Louis, W. Clifford Petty, and has uniquely qualified you to carry it out. You will find
Cheri’s young son, Richie, this team of liturgical music minis- peace and gratification in striving to turn your God-given
ters has given workshops and provided music at conferences talents into skills and strengths.
throughout the United States.
Dave Durand
Dave Durand is a personal success coach and cor-
porate consultant and trainer. The author and
speaker has presented internationally to audiences
ranging from Fortune 500 clients to professional
associations and local parishes. His books and CDs
have been translated in four languages. Durand is currently
President of ProBalance, Inc. He is heard on the radio in 40
markets across the country and has published dozens of articles
on business issues for several newspapers and magazines.

42 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM period 4
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta said, “My prayer for you is MENTS
that you come to understand and have the courage to an- Mark Friedman takes an in-depth look at two of the first
swer Jesus’ call to you with the simple word ‘yes.’ ” We sacraments young people receive: reconciliation and Eu-
will explore the “yeses” of Scripture, tradition and con- charist. Learn how to make these sacramental celebra-
temporary Catholic life and the ways in which catechesis tions come alive for your students with prayerful rituals,
invites a “yes” and the many “yeses” that are a part of new music and scriptural storytelling.
being a disciple of Jesus Christ today. Mark Friedman
Carole M. Eipers, DMin Mark Friedman is a religious educator, teacher, au-
Dr. Carole Eipers is Vice President and Executive thor and composer of religious music. A regular
Director of Catechetics for William H. Sadlier, Inc. speaker at many national conferences including the
She served in parish ministries for over 20 years Los Angeles Congress, he has given keynotes for
as a teacher, Director of Religious Education, youth many diocesan gatherings around the country and
minister and pastoral associate. Dr. Eipers was is a frequent contributor to Today’s Liturgy for Children. Fried-
Director of the Chicago Archdiocese Office for Catechesis for man’s music is sung throughout the world and appears in many
nine years and also served as President of the National Confer- hymnals of various denominations and languages. In 2005, he
ence of Catechetical Leadership. She has written and presented was named National Catholic Music Educator of the Year.
for national and international groups in the area of catechetics.


4-07 JESUS OF GALILEE “As I have done, so you must do”; “I sent you out to bear
In this session, Fr. Virgil Elizondo will lead us in an ex- lasting fruit”; “you will do even greater things [than I],”
ploration of Jesus of Galilee – the one who shares in our said Jesus. But he was mostly addressing Palestinian Jews
sufferings, heals our wounds, and offers us hope for a new who could hear his words and watch his behavior as he
life. called them to be disciples. True discipleship was about
Virgil P. Elizondo, STD, PhD living fully. Yet not only has it often become privatized
and spiritualized if not overlooked by many, but the world
Fr. Virgil Elizondo is one of the leading Latino theo-

is vastly different today. We will consider two things: How
logians in the United States today. He is founder of
the Mexican-American Cultural Center in San An- we are all called to discipleship in our varied circum-
tonio, where he was also former Rector of the San stances; and how this requires us to become truly involved
Fernando Cathedral. Fr. Elizondo is currently on with our world, as Jesus was with his.
the faculty of theology at the University of Notre Dame in Indi-
Anthony Gittins, CSSp
ana, and a visiting professor of theology at various major uni-
versities and pastoral institutes throughout the United States and Anthony Gittins began his missionary work (for
abroad. His 12 books include “Galilean Journey,” “Guadalupe: eight years) in Sierra Leone, where he also did an-
Mother of the New Creation” and “The Way of the Cross.” thropological research. His subsequent work was
in Kiribati and in Tanzania, as well as with home-
less women in Chicago. Fr. Gittins, a member of
4-08 MUSICAL MYSTICISM: SEVEN GREAT WAYS TO the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, is Professor of Mission The-
USE MUSIC TO ENRICH YOUR LIFE OF ology at the Theological Union in Chicago, where he has taught
PRAYER since 1984. Author of nearly a dozen books, he has lectured and
given workshops in more than 30 countries.
Fr. Richard Fragomeni
In this session, Fr. Richard Fragomeni will lead us on an
exploration of seven ways that music leads us into a rela-
tionship with God and the world. Come share a time of STRATEGIES FOR THE CHURCH
prayer and music, celebrate the harmony of the universe Speaking from the forthcoming volume of the same name,
and a musical entry into the heart of God. Dr. Colleen Griffith, contributing editor of this anthol-
ogy, raises the question, “ What does creative fidelity look
like in a challenging ecclesial time?” She offers responses
in the shape of practical, concrete strategies of hope.
Dr. Colleen M. Griffith
EACH OF our Congress Eucharistic
Liturgies has its own character. This Dr. Colleen Griffith is Faculty Director of Spiritu-
ality Studies at Boston College’s Institute of Reli-
year, the formerly “General” title has
gious Education and Pastoral Ministry, where she
has been renamed and re-focused as:
is also an adjunct Associate Professor of Theology.
“The Church on the Way to Unity,” In addition to her full-time teaching, Dr. Griffith
“Hope for the World” and “Many directs and oversees the post-Master’s Certificate Program in
Cultures, One Journey of Faith.” In the Practice of Spirituality. Dr. Griffith’s focus is on the inter-
addition to our Friday night late-evening prayer, section of theology and spirituality and her publications, public
Sacred Space is open later on Saturday to provide a lectures and addresses reflect this intersection.
later-in-the-day opportunity to visit.

Register online at 43

period 4 10:00 - 11:30 AM – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28


Each year a study of all incoming, beginning students in
four-year institutions is published annually by the Uni-
versity of California, Los Angeles. It develops a national
profile of these students that is revealing in every sense –
to institutions, to families, and to the students themselves.
What happens to young people when they leave home for
school or move from undergraduate to graduate programs?
In this session we will discuss what may be the most in-
teresting and most important of all of these transitions:
moral values. What have they inherited and what will the
inheritance look like when ownership emerges?
Rev. Patrick LaBelle, OP
A LITTLE-KNOWN fact: Congress
boasts a handbell group “tucked away” After 13 years as Director of the Catholic Chap-
laincy at Stanford University, Fr. Patrick LaBelle
among the instrumentalists that plays at
now directs the nearby Vallombrosa Retreat and
the Opening Rite and Closing Liturgies at Conference Center and is responsible for the On-
Congress in the Arena! going Formation of the Clergy for the San Fran-
cisco Archdiocese. A priest of the Western Dominican Province,
Fr. LaBelle has been a religious superior for many years, has
held several local, national and international church positions,
4-12 SABBATH MOMENTS: TO SEE GOD IN ALL and has taught at a number of West Coast universities.
Terry Hershey
God built us with a need for rest. All work and no play 4-15 PREPARING CONFIRMANDS FOR LIVES OF JUS-
makes us dull, listless and restless. We become time-driven TICE
and obsessed with productivity. With our internal gover- Justice and service are integral to living a life of faith.
nors set on “rush,” we have no time for reflection or for Rooted in the theology of the sacrament of confirmation,
allowing the day to sink into our hearts. We need Sab- this workshop will help participants infuse the concepts
bath. Sabbath is sanctuary. An invitation to stop. To pause. of justice and peace into their the confirmation prepara-
To re-fuel. In a world bombarded by time constraints and tion process and prepare confirmands for lives of justice.
information overload, Terry Hershey teaches us how to Sean Lansing
live Sabbath moments. Living Sabbath moments is not
about creating a life absent of stress. It’s about being Sean Lansing is Project Coordinator for Youth Min-
istry Services at the Center for Ministry Develop-
present, in this life, even in the hectic and the crazy. We ment, based in Milwaukee. Previously, he was Di-
have the permission to see God incognito, in all things. rector of Youth Ministry for the Central City Catho-
lic Parishes in Milwaukee. He has authored and
contributed to “Ministry Resources for Justice and Service” and
4-13 THE BOOK OF REVELATION AND POPULAR “Call to Faith – A Thematic Approach to Young Adolescent Cate-
CULTURE chesis.”
The Book of Revelation generates enormous interest in
the Church and wider society. People wonder whether the
book offers coded predictions about the future and whether 4-16 THE WORLD IN THEIR FACE: WHERE DOES
it relates to current events in the Middle East and other FAITH FIT INTO MYSPACE, YOUTUBE AND
parts of the world. These questions create an opportunity FACEBOOK?
to explore it for ourselves. We will look at some of the
Rev. Richard Leonard, SJ
current popular ideas about Revelation and the future of
the world, and then take a look at the Book of Revelation Our young people spend more time looking at small
itself. What we find in this last book of the Bible is an screens than they spend looking at trees, books and teach-
engaging encounter with God, the Lamb, and ourselves. ers combined. Many of them have friends they have never
It is a book that can be meaningful to Christians every- even met; their big stories are often online. What are the
where. issues of which we need to be mindful in regard to this
Craig R. Koester
emerging technology and what can we do about it?
Craig Koester is Professor of New Testament at
Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., where he has
taught since 1986. His many writings have focused
on John’s Gospel, Revelation and Hebrews, and he
has lectured widely to students, clergy and lay au-
diences. Koester is also a Pastor in the Lutheran Church as well
as an Associate Editor of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly.

44 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM period 4
Sybil MacBeth
Praying in Color is an active and meditative prayer prac-
tice for the word-weary and fidgety pray-er. It is both a
process and a product. The process uses pen, paper and
markers to create a time of stillness and listening. The
product is a prayer drawing or icon – a visual reminder to
continue to pray throughout the day. Praying in Color is a
prayer practice for adults and children aged 5 and older.
Absolutely no artistic ability is necessary! This workshop
is based on Sybil MacBeth’s book of the same title. (This
is a repeat of Session 3-15.)


Bryan N. Massingale, STD conducts a nationwide chat live from
Congress. You can find transcripts
Catholic social teaching has been called our “best-kept from the past 12 years online at
secret,” and its teaching on racial justice is even less well
known. This session looks at the major stages in the evo-
lution of American bishops’ teaching on racial justice, and
looks forward to future challenges and developments in 4-21 CULTURE AS A WINDOW INTO THE MYSTERY
this ever-present struggle. OF GOD
Participants in this workshop will explore approaches to
culture from a theological perspective and reflect about

how culture may be considered a window into the mys-
Megan McKenna tery of God in history. We will draw on the insights of
various Latino Catholic theologians and other contempo-
Our God is one of rainbows, covenants, waters that re- rary thinkers.
fresh and bear life, arks to build so we can escape
catastrophes, and a world filled with creatures and clouds Hosffman Ospino, PhD
galore that abide with us. It’s an unbelievable story yet Dr. Hosffman Ospino teaches Pastoral Theology
one that promises a surprise ending to beat all endings: and Religious Education at Boston College, where
the Reign of God, the transformation of all that is and he is also Director of the Hispanic Ministry gradu-
resurrection seeded in every living being. What sets us on ate programs. Previously a director of Hispanic
ministry at the parish level and a consultant for
fire? What stirs our hearts to courage and fear of the Lord? religious education at the diocesan level, he now presents lec-
What turns us toward the telling of this story in the world tures before audiences in Europe, North America and Latin
that waits for hope? Come, let the Spirit drive you into America. Dr. Ospino’s research focuses on faith and culture and
the desert where people are made and promises come true. their impact on the processes of Christian education in the
Come let the story burn and ignite your soul again! Church.


RIST IN DAILY LIFE This session is an exploration of the figure of Mary, the
J-Glenn Murray, SJ mother of Jesus (in Luke 1-2; John 2:1-11, 19:25-37; and
In each and every celebration of the Eucharist, we are Acts 1:14) as one who sings of revolutionary hope and
sent forth to unfold that wondrous love of Christ Jesus helps birth a just and peaceful world, providing a model
that is the Paschal Mystery – the salfivic dying and rising for contemporary disciples, both women and men.
of the Lord. How does this love unfold? This workshop Sr. Barbara E. Reid, OP, PhD
will explore how it unfolds in justice, in works of mercy, Barbara Reid, a Dominican Sister of Grand Rap-
in evangelization, and in stewardship – all to God’s greater ids, Mich., is Professor of New Testament Studies
glory and the transformation of the world. at the Catholic Theological Union (CTU) in Chi-
cago, where she has taught for the past 20 years.
She has led CTU’s Israel Study Programs and Re-
treats, and has even presented in Bolivia, Mexico, New Zealand,
Australia and Ireland. Sr. Reid is author of many journal ar-
ticles; her most recent book is “Taking Up the Cross: New Tes-
tament Interpretations Through Latina and Feminist Eyes.”

Register online at 45

period 4 10:00 - 11:30 AM – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28


FAITH Jim Wallis
Sr. Kieran Sawyer, SSND
In this session, Jim Wallis will demonstrate how labels
Sr. Kieran Sawyer will discuss the inter-relationship of are less and less important as a new community and a
character development and faith development in the lives new consensus is emerging. How increasingly more Chris-
of middle-school children and teens. She will show how tians from the old constituencies of Catholic, evangelical,
to create classroom, school and youth group environments mainline Protestant, black, Hispanic and Asian churches
that promote both moral behavior and a deepening faith are finding each other. This new vision they are creating
commitment. This session will include practical techniques is pro-poor, pro-life, pro-family and pro-peace. Come see
for guiding the minds and hearts of young people and for how their vision could change both churches and politics.
teaching them to be responsible for their own moral growth
and for the moral climate of their school, family and friend-
ship groups. 4-70


In this session, together we will explore ways to ensure
that our parish Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults pro-
cess helps to fashion disciples of Jesus Christ. Presenta-
tion and dialogue will be used.
Jim Schellman
Jim Schellman is Executive Director of The North
American Forum on the Catechumenate, an inter-
national network of pastoral ministers and theolo-
gians involved in the renewal of the catechumenate.
He has worked for over 20 years in liturgical and
ministerial formation as a writer, editor and presenter at the
local, regional, national and international levels. Schellman
formerly served as Associate Director for the International Com-
mission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL).


Robert J. Spitzer, SJ
Several groups in California, Washington and other states
are engaged in a series of campaigns to promote physi-
cian-assisted suicide. These state measures have huge
numbers of unintended victims: Those who are socially
marginalized, those without economic resources, persons
with low self-esteem, persons who are reversibly and clini-
cally depressed, and persons without caring families. We
as Catholics need to be aware of who the victims are and
how they can be protected before these initiatives create
a condition of irreversible social injustice. Fr. Robert
Spitzer will address these topics and present strategies
that can be used to respond to them.


Paula D’Albor Stuckart
Do you recognize families as apprentices of Jesus learn-
ing to build the Kingdom of God here on earth? Are you
willing to look with “new eyes” at God, families in Scrip-
ture and families today? You will leave this workshop with
a “family perspective” to further Jesus’ work.

46 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM period 5
Belying stereotypes as “God’s Rottweiler” and “Herr The Los Angeles Archdiocesan Early Childhood Board
Panzerkardinal,” Pope Benedict XVI has impressed au- will present ways to accentuate God’s gifts of light, air,
diences around the world with his positive presentation water and Earth to the preschool-aged child. Activities
of the Christian message. This session explores the “af- will be demonstrated to enforce the valuable lessons of
firmative orthodoxy” that has emerged as the heart of Pope caring for and protecting the environment by learning
Benedict’s papacy. about our oceans, land, sun, moon, wind and air. Special
John L. Allen Jr. emphasis will be placed on enabling participants to use
songs, storytelling and spontaneous prayer in early child-
John Allen is the prize-winning Senior Correspon- hood catechesis.
dent for the National Catholic Reporter and Senior
Vatican Analyst for CNN. During the recent visit of Early Childhood Advisory Board
Pope Benedict XVI to the United States, Allen co- Continuing the vision that has spanned over 30
hosted CNN’s coverage of the Yankee Stadium Mass
years, this 20-member board of multi-talented
and provided extensive commentary throughout the trip. He is
catechists, educators and professionals strives
the author of five best-selling books and writes frequently on the to help others appreciate the importance of ex-
Church for major national and international publications.
periencing God’s love in concrete ways during the
formative pre-school years of children ages 3 through 5. Work-
shops offered by the Early Childhood Advisory Board are infor-
mative with a “hands-on” approach to religious formation.
Betsey Beckman and Laura Ash
Love unfolds through hearts, hands and actions. How can
Steven Ellair
our liturgy help us to practice the embodiment of our love
and faith? The use of movement, dance, gesture, sign lan- Are you looking for new ways to enliven prayer with chil-
guage, procession and storytelling within liturgy can give dren? Then you can’t miss this workshop! In this session
us a chance to practice love in our actions! Come explore we will explore how essential prayer is for children and

these elements of liturgical movement to inspire your own learn easy techniques for creating powerful prayer expe-
assembly’s embodiment of faith. riences. We will identify the keys necessary for nurturing
a child’s relationship with God and understand how our
own spirituality is essential to creating meaningful prayer.
Stephen J. Binz
In this jubilee year in honor of St. Paul, the Church’s first
theologian and greatest missionary, we are challenged to
critically examine Paul’s approach to women and women’s
issues in his day. Paul’s life and letters have often been
misused by authorities throughout the Church’s history to
minimize the role of women. Discover how Paul worked
alongside women in the early Church and examine some
of the most controversial texts of Paul’s letters.


Michael H. Crosby, OFMCap
The popular television program “Extreme Makeover:
Home Edition” shows the dramatic change in peoples’
lives when a problem-house is transformed into something
entirely new. After hearing the challenge: “Repair my
House, you can see it is falling into ruin,” Francis of Assisi
discovered it was the Gospel that could bring about per-
sonal, communal and social transformation. Eight hun-
dred years ago this year, his vision was approved by Pope
Innocent III. IN ITS 53-year history, the Los
Angeles Religious Education
Congress has become the largest
annual gathering of Roman Catholics
in the nation, with over 40,000 in
attendance each year.

Register online at 47

period 5 1:00 - 2:30 PM – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28

Barbara Fiand, SND Abbot Christopher Jamison, OSB
All human longing for the Ultimate is rooted in the con- Is happiness purely subjective or is happiness like gold,
text of the time in which it arises. It formulates its vision namely, there is fool’s gold and real gold? The Christian
out of the language and symbols of its age in order to monastic tradition sees joy as true happiness and, in this
present a time-relevant approach to that which, in spite of presentation, Abbot Christopher Jamison will explore the
all our striving, nevertheless and for all times remains demons that prevent us knowing that joy and will offer
Holy Mystery. During our time together, we will explore monastic insights about how to handle those demons. The
Christian spirituality through the context of our time and contemporary quest for happiness offers an important start-
reflect on the expansion of consciousness that is being ing point for evangelization.
opened up for us by the extraordinary scientific discover-
ies of today. We will use the new vision offered us there
as a way to dialogue, to explore, to take back ownership 5-11 MY SISTER IS ANNOYING …
of our personal God-quest. Fr. Joe Kempf
Who is annoying in your family? Family life is holy. It is
also usually messy, sometimes hilarious, and always chal-
5-08 NOURISHING THE RELIGIOUS IMAGINA- lenging. Can any one understand the letting-goes in the
TION heart of a parent? What do we do with the unique wounds
We realize more and more, to quote John Henry Newman, and blessings that are ours from our families? Where is
that the heart is “reached, not through the reason, but God to be found in the mix of it all? With the help of his
through the imagination.” This is more than a question of blue, furry friend, Big Al, and using down-to-earth wis-
attractive pedagogy. The imagination is now recognized dom, Fr. Joe Kempf will offer perspective and skills for
as a deep language of possibility and meaning. After a loving the families we are called to serve. This presenta-
quick overview of what major thinkers have said about tion will also help us see the beauty and blessings, humor
imagination (ranging from William Lynch to Dorothee and holiness of our own families, whatever their shape.
Soelle, Paul Ricoeur to Martha Nussbaum), this presen-
tation will explore faith as a form of imaginative know-
ing. Such an approach seems of spiritual and pastoral rel- 5-12 MEDITATING ON THE RISEN PRISONER
evance in our postmodern culture. In this workshop, we will be invited into an experience of
Michael Paul Gallagher, SJ Ignatian meditation to inflame our hearts. We will see,
Michael Paul Gallagher, an Irish Jesuit priest, is feel and be with Jesus as prisoner – captive yet free. By
presently Professor of Fundamental Theology at the meditating on Jesus as a Risen Prisoner, we can experi-
Gregorian University in Rome where, until last year, ence a transforming power to free us from our own per-
he was Dean of the faculty of theology. Previously sonal prison cells. When we leave this workshop, we will
he taught modern literature for nearly 20 years at have a method of contemplative prayer to use in schools,
Ireland’s largest state university. He is author of nine books of in detention facilities, in religious education, and in our
pastoral or spiritual theology, including “Clashing Symbols, The
Human Poetry of Faith” and a 2008 booklet, “The Disturbing homes.
Freshness of Christ.” Javier Stauring
Chaplain Javier Stauring is Co-Director of the Of-
fice of Restorative Justice for the Los Angeles Arch-
5-09 OUR LADY OF THE CUL-DE-SAC: MAKING OUR diocese. In this capacity, he supervises the Catho-
HOMES A DOMESTIC CHURCH lic Detention Ministry programs inside juvenile
halls and probation camps in Los Angeles, Ventura
Mark Hart and Santa Barbara counties. Stauring oversees three other re-
How do we make our homes, families and marriages more storative justice programs and also serves as Policy Director of
Faith Communities for Family and Children, an interfaith coa-
Catholic? How do we make time for prayer and find bal-
lition of religious leaders in Los Angeles.
ance in such an unbalanced and busy world? How can we
put the “Holy” back in Matrimony, keeping our vocation Michael Kennedy, SJ
and family prayer life primary? This session is where the Fr. Michael Kennedy has been a priest for over 35
timeless Wisdom of God and the practical realities of mod- years, working with the poor and disenfranchised
ern life collide. in California, Mexico, Central America and South
America. He is also author of five books that present
a dynamic prayer method used in homes, schools
and detention facilities. Currently, as Director of Restorative
Justice for the California Province of the Society of Jesus (the
Jesuits), Fr. Kennedy works with incarcerated youth and gives
retreats in state prisons.

48 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM period 5
CONGRESS annually offers a The territory has changed and we need a new map! Per-
Keynote on Saturday morning and
haps the most challenging aspect of catechetical ministry
two addresses on Sunday morning:
is fostering the faith-maturing process in young people.
one in English (this year with David
Wells) and one in Spanish (with Fr.
This workshop will explore the current situation and the
Alvaro Ginel Vielva). As of our publication preferred reality of adolescent catechesis, identify basic
date, our 2009 Keynote has not been principles, and describe practical approaches. This ses-
announced. You can find announcements, updates sion will also propose critical dimensions of a new cate-
and information as well as online registration by chetical map.
credit card on our web site at Robert J. McCarty, DMin
Bob McCarty is Executive Director for the National
Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, based in
5-13 HOW MUSIC SHAPES OUR EXPERIENCE OF LIT- Washington, D.C. He has been in professional youth
ministry since 1973, serving in diocesan, parish,
URGY AND SACRAMENT school and community programs. McCarty offers
Have you ever come away from Mass saying, “What a workshops and training programs in ministry skills internation-
great liturgy today, the music was so wonderful!” or per- ally. His most recent book, “Be A Champion for Youth,” is co-
haps, “Mass was so disappointing today, the music was authored with his wife, Maggie. He still volunteers in his parish’s
awful!”? We’ve all been witness to the power of music to youth program at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Fulton, Md.
shape our experience of liturgy – for better or for worse.
In this session, as we explore the various components of 5-16 “FILL THE EARTH AND SUBDUE IT”: THE BIBLE
the liturgy, we’ll see firsthand the ability of properly se- ON STEWARDSHIP AND ECOLOGY
lected and well-presented music to amplify our sense of
prayer. In doing so, all will be compelled to raise our song Fr. J. Patrick Mullen, PhD, STL
to God as members of a singing assembly. The Bible does not directly address the part that humans
Peter Kolar play in global warming, the melting of ice caps, car ex-
haust or water conservation. However, stewardship and

A pianist, composer, arranger and producer, Peter
Kolar is Senior Editor of Hispanic Music and Pub-
ecology do reflect God’s concern for creation, teaching
lications for World Library Publications in Chi- us values that can help guide our discussions on being
cago, where he created the bilingual missal good stewards of the world. This workshop will bring forth
“Celebremos/Let Us Celebrate” and the hymnal insights from the Sacred Scriptures to equip teachers and
“Cantos del Pueblo de Dios.” Kolar was music director of Holy preachers to shape a faithful, biblical approach to this
Cross Parish in Chicago for 12 years, where he led its acclaimed pressing issue of the 21st century.
marimba ensemble. He is currently Director of the El Paso Di-
ocesan Choir and an instructor for the Tepeyac Institute.
FOR LEADERS Matthew C. Ogilvie, PhD
Where two or three are gathered, conflict is inevitable
Pope John Paul II’s views on the relationship of science
and disruptive, yet need not be destructive. Contrary to
and theology are not known as well as many of his other
popular belief, not all conflict is negative, painful or un-
teachings. This presentation will outline the Pope’s vi-
pleasant. Harnessing the power of conflict can lead to new
sion for a healthy and mutual relationship between sci-
ideas and creative solutions while failure to address con-
ence and theology. John Paul II upheld the Catholic posi-
flict can negatively impact what the group is trying to
tion that “truth cannot contradict truth,” and we will il-
accomplish together. Leaders often face conflict opportu-
lustrate this principle by referring to his teachings on evo-
nities, either with individuals or when asked to handle
conflict among others. This workshop will assist partici-
pants to understand conflict, explore constructive strate-
gies to address conflict, and reduce destructive responses
while enabling a conflict competent environment.
Lynn M. Levo, CSJ, PhD CONGRESS isn’t only about
Lynn Levo, a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, is workshops – there are lively concerts
a licensed psychologist, consultant, author and lec- at lunchtime and in the evening. This
turer. She consults with religious congregations of year Congress is proud to present Liam
women and men, and has presented nationally and Lawton & Friends on Friday night, and
internationally on fostering healthy integrated sexu- the combined talents of Pedro Rubalcava
ality, celibacy, relationships, intimacy and mutuality in commu- with Anna Betancourt, Eleazar Cortés and
nity. Currently, Sr. Levo is Director of Education and Editor of Donna Peña on Saturday evening.
Luke-notes at Saint Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Md.

Register online at 49

period 5 1:00 - 2:30 PM – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28

ITY Jesus commanded his Apostles to make disciples of all
Parents desperately want to teach their kids a life-giving nations and teach them to observe all that he had com-
approach to relationships and sexuality, but they want help. manded. (The Church has not ceased to devote her energy
This session will explore seven Catholic ideas that par- to this task.) This workshop will demonstrate that young
ents can use to teach their children about chastity. It will people’s issues are found in their culture and expressed in
also illustrate practical, effective techniques for sharing popular music and media. And so are the solutions to their
these ideas. This affirming approach to chastity forma- concerns. You will learn effective, practical and easy-to-
tion offers encouragement to parents and deepens rela- use strategies to catechize through music that they are
tionships between children and parents and the Church. already listening to. This approach works!
Deacon Eric Paige Anna Scally
Deacon Eric Paige coordinates and presents the Anna Scally, President of Cornerstone Media Inc.,
Formation for Love and Chastity Program for the is a columnist for their Top Music Countdown online
Seattle Archdiocese. He also serves as a Pastoral resource and also host of their audio show, “Burn-
Associate at All Saints Parish in Puyallup, Wash. ing Issues.” Her work has appeared in several jour-
In addition, Deacon Paige is archdiocesan consult- nals and popular publications, and she has been a
ant for pastoral leaders and parishes. He has presented to par- presenter at all the major conferences for religious educators in
ents and teens, to parish leadership, and to members of Catholic North America. Scally has been Master of Ceremonies at World
faith communities and ecumenical organizations. Youth days in Denver, Toronto, Germany and Sydney, Australia,
earning her the title, “The Pope's DJ.”


This workshop will open with a brief review of the core A LOVED ONE IS DYING
beliefs of Multiple Intelligences (MI) Theory espoused
When illness enters a family, changes occur on many lev-
by Dr. Howard Gardner. Participants will receive a packet
els: routines, relationships, hopes, communication, roles,
of MI-inspired strategies for teaching and learning such
and even our faith. Our Catholic traditions of generosity,
concepts of faith as grace, Sacraments, faith, denomina-
service and compassion for the vulnerable are perfectly
tions, love, religion, spirituality, hope, sexuality and
suited to uplift and preserve the integrity of these families
heaven. The workshop features modeling and rehearsing
during their extraordinary journeys. Our faith and school
of the strategies.
communities can do more to help mobilize practical, emo-
Dr. Robert A. Pavlik tional and vital help that can sustain the family through
Dr. Robert Pavlik’s career as a teacher, professor, the challenges and losses. The help we offer now has an
administrator and author spans 43 years. He enduring impact on the family for years to come. This
teaches courses and conducts workshops nation- session will inspire and provide you with ways to reach
ally and internationally on literacy, Multiple Intel- out to your own community.
ligences theory, change theory, futures studies and
sustainability. Dr. Pavlik is currently Assistant Director at the Lizabeth Sumner
Institute for the Transformation of Learning at Marquette Uni- Liz Sumner is Director of The Center for Compas-
versity in Milwaukee. sionate Care at The Elizabeth Hospice in Escondido,
Calif. She has spent nearly 30 years in hospice,
dedicated to improving the care and support for
5-20 VOICES OF TRUTH: WOMEN PROPHETS AND dying children, adults and their families. She has
PREACHERS IN THE NEW TESTAMENT received several local and national awards. Sumner is recog-
Barbara E. Reid, OP, PhD nized as one of the pioneers of the evolving field of pediatric and
perinatal palliative care, and has been an expert consultant to
In this session, we will delve into an exploration of New many developing programs and national initiatives.
Testament figures – such as Mary Magdalene, the Sa-
maritan woman, the Caananite mother, Anna, and the
widow before the unjust judge – to reclaim prophet voices 5-24 BALANCING LIFE IN YOUR “WAR ZONES”
of women for our day.
LeAnn Thieman, CSP, CPAE
LeAnn Thieman said “yes!” when she helped rescue 300
5-21 BLUEPRINTS FOR RAISING A RESPONSIBLE babies at the end of the Vietnam War. Believing we all
CHILD have individual “war zones,” she shares life-changing les-
Patt & Steve Saso
sons learned from Operation Babylift. This poignant, yet
Every parent wants a responsible, trustworthy and depend- humorous presentation inspires audiences to balance their
able child. Many are surprised to learn how their own physical, mental and spiritual lives, to truly live their pri-
parenting style may sabotage their child’s ability to be orities, and to make a difference in the world. (This is a
accountable. Practical blueprints will be outlined to help repeat of Session 3-24.)
parents teach responsible behavior.
50 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM period 5
This will be a practical workshop giving you the tools THE CHURCH: THE WORLD OF POPE LEO XIII
you need to celebrate the Word with children in your par- (1878-1903)
ish, in your school, or in your religious education class. Only 125 years ago, women and men of learning and per-
This workshop will also present ideas for celebrating the spective considered that the Roman Catholic Church was
Word in the Initiation of Children. If you love children dying, deeply wounded, and ending her place in the world.
and want the Word to be alive in them (and you!) come The papacy was at a low point of power and prestige, and
prepared to participate in Word and song. the movers and shakers of the world had turned their backs
Christopher Walker on Rome. Cardinal Vincenzo Pecci, 78 years old, was
elected to sit in the very humbled Chair of St. Peter, and
Christopher Walker is an internationally known
brought the Church into the 20th century. He is one of the
church composer, speaker on liturgical music, and
choral conductor. Presently, he is Director of Mu- great and creative bishops of the Roman Church. He be-
sic at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Los Angeles. gins a conversation with the modern world, with the sci-
Walker has spoken and conducted in countries entific community, with the Church outside of Europe,
around the globe, and his music is sung in churches worldwide. and with the great issues of the age.
His latest offering is “Glory Bound,” a compilation of songs
and psalms from the collection “Morning and Evening – Prayer Thomas Weston, SJ
for the Commute.” Fr. Thomas Weston has been the Superior of the
Sr. Paule Freeburg, DC Jesuit Community of Oakland, Calif., since 2003.
A retreat director, speaker and facilitator, he has
Sr. Paule Freeburg, a Daughter of Charity, is Di- worked extensively with alcoholics and addicts in
rector of Development at Mother of Sorrows School recovery and their families for close to 30 years.
in South Central Los Angeles. She has been teach- Fr. Weston, a former high school teacher and associate pastor,
ing and writing for children since 1986, and has is a frequent presenter at the Los Angeles Religious Education
been a frequent workshop presenter in children’s Congress and is a member of the National Catholic Council on
spirituality throughout the United States. Sr. Freeburg currently Alcoholism.
celebrates the Word with the children at Mother of Sorrows School
and at St. Paul the Apostle Parish in Westwood, Calif.

Commercials on television appear every 12 minutes! They
are humorous, energetic and present a persuasive view of
the world. We hardly notice what effects they have on us.
In this workshop, we will look at a selection of TV adver-
tisements (mostly from England) and consider what they
are trying to communicate. We will then consider how we
might use them in our preaching and teaching to reveal
more about what we desire, not so much in particular mer-
chandise, but in the Gospel itself. In a deeply materialis-
tic and commercial environment, see how you too can use
ads to reveal the deeper yearnings of our culture. You will
never look at commercials in the same way!
David Wells
David Wells is currently Director of the Depart-
ment of Formation for the Diocese of Plymouth,
England, where he is responsible for adult educa-
tion and training. He has been a member of several
national and regional committees in the United
Kingdom. Wells is a nationally recognized storyteller. He has
been a speaker for national conferences in Canada, Ireland and
Great Britain, and has appeared on television in several coun-

Register online at 51

period 6 3:00 - 4:30 PM – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28

TRAFFICKING As one receives the sacrament of confirmation, what ig-
“Slavery: It Didn’t End with the Civil War” is a power- nites them to allow the Holy Spirit to truly work in their
ful, fact- and human interest-filled multimedia presenta- lives every day? Listen, share and reflect on what those
tion that explains contemporary human trafficking. The who have received this sacrament say about the Holy Spirit
presentation starts out quick and hard by placing a human staying and working in their lives.
face on historical slavery. From there, it uses a fast-pace Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Cherup Jr.
presentation style built upon everyday news reports, aca-
demic theory, government reports, statistics and first-hand Msgr. Michael Cherup Jr. is a priest for the Dio-
cese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, Fla., where he served
stories from the streets to bring the audience to a state of for 20 years as diocesan Director for the Office of
learned awareness of what must be done to prevent mod- Youth Ministry. Msgr. Cherup presently is Pastor
ern-day slavery. Some original slave documents and rel- of St. Mary Parish in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. For
ics will also be on hand. eight years, he was President of Catholic Youth Foundation USA,
and now serves as their Vice President.
Patrick J. Atkinson
A resident of Antigua, Guatemala, Patrick Atkinson
grew up in Bismarck, N.D., from where he bases 6-05 WHY SHOULD I GO TO CHURCH?
his international efforts. His work emphasizes the
Fr. John Cusick
development of practical means through which
single, widowed and abandoned mothers can break There are an increasing number of young adults – single,
free from generational poverty. Atkinson is the founder and ex- married and young adult parents – who are asking this
ecutive director of several non-profit international charities, and question. They simply want to know “why.” Many par-
sits on the boards of numerous non-profit and for-profit
corporations. He is a frequent and popular speaker worldwide.
ents and young adults simply do not see any need whatso-
ever to attend church consistently on Sunday. Many will
drop off their children for their religious education classes,
but do not see a need to enter a church building them-
6-02 SPIRITUALITY AND THE PARENTING OF LES- selves on any regular basis. This workshop will not only
BIAN AND GAY CATHOLICS address this question, but will answer with the understand-
Dr. Tom Beaudoin ing of our Catholic tradition. (This workshop will be help-
A panel of speakers, moderated by Dr. Tom Beaudoin, ful to parish leaders, those in ministry, young adults, young
will focus on questions and insights about spirituality in parents, and parents of those in their 20s and 30s.)
the experience of parents and families of lesbian and gay
Catholics, focusing on stories of how faith is lived.
CATECHESIS THROUGH MUSIC Whether the topic is pre-Vatican II Marian devotion or
John Burland the many Marian movements of today, whether it is the
The power of the Spirit is alive and with us in all that we idealized family life of the 1950s or the recent troubling
do. As religious educators, how can we provide meaning- decrease in Catholics who choose to wed in the Church,
ful, relevant and enjoyable opportunities for children to an understanding of “how we got here” requires an un-
strengthen and develop their faith? John Burland will show derstanding of the very different ecclesial sensibilities of
how this can be achieved by demonstrating a variety of the last several papacies. Full of “news you can use,” this
practical strategies incorporating music and movement for workshop will show how differing theological and cul-
energizing catechesis. Areas such as Scripture, doctrine, tural contexts shaped the Church’s conversation about
Church seasons and sacraments will be addressed. These Mary, marriage and family.
songs and activities are suitable for children at the el-
ementary level. Come ready to be energized!

DANCE IS a part of
the experience of the
liturgies at Congress.
The purpose of liturgical
dance is to add expression
to the moment during
celebrations of the Eucharist
and is meant to help lead us to
deeper prayer and reflection.

52 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – 3:00 - 4:30 PM period 6
Our faith tradition affirms that Jesus’ suffering, death and Forty years of Catholic teaching and Catholic ecumenical
rising are central to the mystery of our faith. But over the dialogue have provided rich resources for the Catholic
centuries, theologians have differed in interpreting the catechist in handing on the Eucharistic faith – faithful to
meaning of this saving event. Was Jesus sent to suffer the Church teaching as it is developing in dialogue with
and die to appease a God who was angry at sinful human- fellow Christians.
ity? Or did God’s love motivate him to embrace the cross Bro. Jeffrey Gros, FSC
in solidarity with all who are marginalized by human in-
justice? This presentation invites participants to explore Bro. Jeffrey Gros is a career Catholic teacher who
has served in ecumenical administration for 25
the deeper meaning of the theology of salvation. years, teaching at the high school, university and
John Heagle, MA, JCL, LMHC & seminary levels. He has led seminars, retreats and
Fran Ferder, FSPA, PhD, DMin conferences, and is responsible for editing major
collections on the results of the 40-plus years of dialogues in
Fr. John Heagle, a psychotherapist, and Sr. which the Catholic Church has been involved. Bro. Gros cur-
Fran Ferder, a clinical psychologist, are Co- rently is Distinguished Professor of Historical and Ecumenical
Directors of Therapy and Renewal Associates Theology at Memphis Theological Seminary in Tennessee.
(TARA), a counseling and renewal center lo-
cated near Seattle. They also serve as adjunct professors in the
School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University. They are
internationally recognized leaders of workshops and conferences. 6-11 LESS IS MORE: THE WISDOM OF SIMPLIFICA-
Together and individually, they are authors of several articles, TION
tapes and books. Spiritual directors hear an epidemic of complaints regard-
ing decreased time but increased busyness. This is a recipe
for spiritual suffocation. But neither guilt nor good inten-
6-08 FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME: TOWARD A SPIRI- tions have the power to set us free from our social addic-
TUALITY OF SPORTS tions. The mystics and saints offer ageless wisdom re-
Richard R. Gaillardetz, PhD garding what enhances soul and what diminishes it. The
question is not so much how busy you are, but why you

Contemporary theology has paid considerable attention are busy. This workshop provides a welcome oasis to re-
to many features of our contemporary culture – Holly- member: “Wherever your treasure is, there will you find
wood, consumerism, television, technology, the Internet your heart” (Matt. 6:21). No other path offers us the cour-
– yet surprisingly little reflection has been done regard- age to let go of what is draining our life.
ing the role of sports in our culture. When we Christians
do consider sports, our tendency is to criticize its excesses: Richard F. Groves
an unhealthy sense of competition, the violence, too much Richard Groves is co-founder and Executive Direc-
emphasis on money, etc. But is there a genuine theology tor of the Sacred Art of Living Center in Bend, Ore.
and spirituality of sports also worthy of our consideration? As their program author, he teaches and heads the
Is there something inherently religious about both play- faculty for the Sacred Art of Living and Dying se-
ries, which was borne from his more than 25 years
ing sports and being a sports fan? This presentation will of experience as a hospice chaplain and prison chaplain. Groves,
explore these questions. who speaks nine languages, is a popular keynote speaker and
workshop presenter. He is co-author of “The American Book of
Dying: Lessons in Healing Spiritual Pain.”
Anthony Gittins, CSSp
The Church has always held the institution of the Eucha-
rist to be central to its identity, and Vatican II identified it
as both “source” and “summit” of the Church’s activity.
But how can it be central when many people experience a
“Eucharistic famine,” others are excluded by canon law,
and others approach it very casually? Was Eucharist only
the high point of the Last Supper and end point of Jesus’
life, or should we look deeper? We will explore the idea
that the whole life of Jesus was “eucharistic” and that
ours must be too, if we are to keep alive, not only the
memory of Jesus, but our own identity as the Body of ENTERTAINMENT comes in all
forms at Congress, from the quiet
music of Sacred Space to the upbeat
lunchtime concerts. (Last year’s Moreno/
Rivera/Kolar lunch concert pictured.)

Register online at 53

period 6 3:00 - 4:30 PM – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28

Liturgical music certainly serves the ritual and liturgical This workshop will focus on the biblical foundations of
moments of the liturgy, but its call goes even deeper. Mu- justice, emphasizing the language of covenant and love.
sic for worship must also share in the formational minis- Particular attention will be given to the intersection of
try of the Christian cause of bringing the Paschal Mys- God’s justice with both the social structures of politics
tery – the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus – to the and economics and the inner life of spirituality and con-
human journey. Come and sing, pray, celebrate and revel version.
in the Mystery of Christ, and explore the musical lens Jack J. Jezreel
that can nurture and empower the Good News beyond the
all-too-often-isolated experience of parish liturgy – to the Jack Jezreel is founder and Executive Director of
JustFaith Ministries, based in Kentucky. Self-de-
grand challenge of living our lives as disciples. scribed as “a farmer and a parish minister of so-
David Haas cial responsibility,” Jezreel is a member of the
Catholic Worker community. He has presented key-
David Haas is Director of The Emmaus Center for notes at the national gatherings of St. Vincent de Paul, the Na-
Music, Prayer and Ministry and also serves as Cam- tional Diaconate Institute for Continuing Education, and Pax
pus Minister/Artist-in-Residence at Benilde-St. Christi USA.
Margaret’s High School in St. Louis Park, Minn. A
composer of 45 collections of liturgical music and
author of 20 books on music, prayer and spirituality, he has 6-16 ST. PAUL: NOT A LONE RANGER, BUT AN NGO
traveled all over the world as a workshop and conference speaker,
retreat leader, pastoral musician and recording artist. Haas is
also founder and Executive Director of “Music Ministry Alive!” We often single out St. Paul, the great “Apostle to the
Gentiles,” as if he were a Lone Ranger, who single-
handedly spread Christianity throughout the ancient Medi-
6-13 DON’T SELL YOUR SOUL: BEING CHURCH IN terranean world. The real St. Paul, however, was not only
A CONSUMER CULTURE a zealous preacher but also an effective leader of a large
missionary “non-governmental organization” (NGO),
Edward P. Hahnenberg with many associates and affiliates! In this “Year of Saint
Church leaders and other Christians often condemn our Paul,” a better understanding of how he organized his ex-
contemporary consumer culture as lost in selfishness and panding apostolic enterprise can also help us build more
sin. But such an approach can miss the more subtle ways effective religious education and adult faith-formation pro-
in which this culture shapes our consciousness, our com- grams in our own parishes today!
mitments, and even our faith. A deeper dialogue is needed Fr. Felix Just, SJ
between this culture and the rich resources of our tradi-
Fr. Felix Just has taught at the California institu-
tion, so that we might better see what it means to be church tions of Loyola Marymount University, Santa Clara
today. University, and the University of San Francisco.
He is currently Director of Biblical Education at
the Loyola Institute for Spirituality in Orange,
6-14 MUSIC AND SPIRITUALITY: REKINDLING AN Calif., and provides lectures and retreats for parishes and dio-
ceses throughout the United States. The Jesuit priest regularly
AWARENESS OF SPIRIT teaches courses through Loyola Marymount University’s Exten-
There is always another lesson to teach, liturgy to plan, sion program and through the “Ecclesia” program of Mount St.
meeting or rehearsal to attend, or event to do. Often, we Mary’s College in Los Angeles.
cannot find time to focus on the prayer and spirituality we
need as catechetical, liturgical and pastoral musicians.
Come join ValLimar and Frank Jansen as they help guide 6-17 THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS ACCORDING TO
and enable our lay ministers through a session of music THE GOSPEL OF JOHN
prayer and a rekindling of an awareness of “Spirit.” Craig R. Koester
ValLimar & Frank Jansen Why was Jesus crucified? This question plays a central
ValLimar Jansen is a highly regarded singer, can- role in the New Testament and Christian theology, and it
tor, recording artist, workshop presenter and leader engages a lively interest both inside and outside the
of worship and prayer at major conferences nation- Church. Many have disagreed about the role of the Ro-
wide. Frank is a professional musician with over man and Jewish authorities, the meaning of Jesus’ actions,
30 years experience. He is a well-respected com- and ultimately how God could be involved in the process.
poser, arranger, teacher and performer. Often, this husband-and-
One of the most significant accounts of Jesus’ arrest, trial
wife team performs nationally, and last year, performed for the
Pope and 400,000 pilgrims in Loreto, Italy. and crucifixion comes from the Gospel of John. We will
explore the dramatic events in John’s final chapters, ask-
ing what they tell us about the meaning of the crucifixion
and its implications.

54 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – 3:00 - 4:30 PM period 6
Keri Krout
Studies consistently show that an involved father or fa- Each year, roughly one-third of the more than 500,000
ther figure makes all the difference in the life of children volunteer catechists in Catholic parishes are new to the
and teenagers. Join us as we explore how we can encour- job. Most of these catechists come to the ministry with
age fathers to be actively involved in their children’s lives little or no formal training for their work. This workshop
and recognize their important role in the family and in presents an invaluable collection of methodologies, tech-
society. niques and tips that provide on-the-job training for new
and less-experienced catechists as well as for veteran cate-
6-19 LATINOS IN U.S. CATHOLICISM chists with little formal training.
The mutual influence of Catholicism and the growing Joe Paprocki, DMin
Hispanic population in the United States will shape the Joe Paprocki is National Consultant for Faith For-
future of American Catholic life. This workshop will ex- mation at Loyola Press in Chicago. He has 30 years
amine that mutual influence, especially in core areas like of experience in pastoral ministry and is the au-
the dynamics of Hispanic integration and the influence of thor of the best-selling “The Catechist’s Toolbox”
Pentecostal religion. What do current trends portend for and “A Well-Built Faith.” Paprocki serves as an
eighth-grade catechist and blogs about the experience on the
the future of U.S. Catholicism and for pastoral ministry
Internet at
in parishes and dioceses?
Dr. Timothy Matovina
Dr. Timothy Matovina is Professor of Theology at 6-22 “DON'T BE STUPID!” – SIMPLIFIED EVANGELI-
Indiana’s University of Notre Dame, where he also ZATION
serves as Director of the Cushwa Center for the Far too often, teachers and preachers muddy the waters
Study of American Catholicism. Dr. Matovina of-
fers presentations and workshops on U.S. Catholi- of faith with confusing theological terminology. Catholic
cism and various theological topics for dioceses, pastoral insti- evangelists could be more effective if they only knew how
tutes and ministry formation programs throughout the United to keep it simple! “Don’t be Stupid” is not an insult but

States. rather a call to full knowledge of our faith. Pedago-
logically, it is more effective to say, “Don’t be Stupid,”
than it is to say, “Avoid being guided by the misdirected
paradigms of an avaricious society.” Known for his en-
tertaining ability to “make the complicated simple,” Fr.
Proactive adults structure a child’s environment for suc- Tony Ricard will discuss several evangelical techniques
cess by: 1) developing a positive style of authority; 2) through which Christians can proclaim the Word of God
knowing how to “read” the needs behind behavior; and without need to use “big words” or complicated concepts.
3) learning how to avoid, redirect or correct misbehavior.
These dynamics of self-discipline are the focus of this Fr. R. Tony Ricard, MTh, MDiv
presentation. Fr. Tony Ricard is a priest of the New Orleans Arch-
diocese who currently serves as Pastor of Our Lady
Dr. Patricia M. McCormack, IHM Star of the Sea Parish in New Orleans and as one
Dr. Patricia McCormack is Director of the Immacu- of the Core Instructors for Church Doctrine at
late Heart of Mary Office of Formative Support for Xavier University’s Institute for Black Catholic
Parents & Teachers, located in Arlington, Va. She Studies. He is also Director of Knight Time Ministries and as
is an international consultant to the China Insti- one of the Chief Editors for Two Knights Publishing Co. He is
tute of Technology and the Marymount Institute in the author of “I Still Believe: A Testimony of Faith After The
Rome. With over 30 years as a teacher in junior-high through Storm,” a chronicle of life after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
college levels, Dr. McCormack has written numerous articles,
several books, and is author of the “Parent Partnership Hand-
book” series in Today’s Catholic Teacher magazine.
Joyce Rupp, OSM
The compassionate heart is in communion with all of life
and is willing to enter into suffering with the heart of
Christ. Compassion includes awareness, attitude and ac-
tion. A deeper and clearer look at compassion, the central
quality of Christ, enables us to accompany the hurting
ones of our personal lives and the larger world with lov-
ing kindness. Compassion also teaches how to live as a
person of unbounded love. Bring your caring heart to this
workshop and find support for what you believe and how
you live.

Register online at 55

period 6 3:00 - 4:30 PM – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28

DIVINA Ana Arista White & Joseph D. White, PhD
Lectio Divina, or holistic prayerful reading of God’s Word
and the signs of our times, is the natural and spiritual way This workshop, led by a child psychologist and a Direc-
Christians respond to God’s initiative in the Bible. In this tor of Religious Education, will discuss fun, multisensory
workshop, we will reflect on the ways people in the Bible methods for handing on the basics of the faith to active
go through the process of Lectio Divina in coping with learners.
their pain, conflicts and confusion. We will discover par-
allels between our lives and the challenges and responses 6-28 FORMATION TO PEACE THROUGH MUSIC AND
of Moses, Jeremiah, Job, his wife Tobit and his family, PERFORMING ARTS
Mary and Joseph, and St. Paul. We will learn how Lectio This workshop will introduce the artistic and educational
Divina enables us to endure suffering, stress, care-giving work of Gen Rosso, whose purpose is to spread the val-
and conflict with peace and dignity. As we experience this, ues of peace and universal brotherhood through music, in
we will discover ways of supporting others as well. order to build a more united world. Gen Rosso sensitizes
Karl A. Schultz young people to the themes of violence, cultural integra-
Karl Schultz is Director of the Genesis Personal tion and peace. The members of Gen Rosso not only per-
Development Center in Pittsburgh. He has pub- form those values but live it in their daily lives, as the
lished 11 books and one DVD on biblical spiritual- group itself is comprised of 18 members coming from the
ity and personal development, and he has traveled nations of Brazil, DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Argen-
throughout the United States and Canada as a tina, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Philippines and Poland.
speaker and retreat leader. Schultz has developed applications
of Lectio Divina to suffering, healing, care-giving, stress and Gen Rosso
time management, journaling, potential fulfillment, gender com- The Gen Rosso International Perform-
munications and men’s issues, and the teachings of Paul VI. ing Arts Group was formed in 1966 in
Loppiano, Florence, Italy based on an
idea of Chiara Lubich, foundress of the
6-25 A LAY OFFICE? Focolare Movement and 1996 recipi-
Rev. Michael Sweeney, OP ent of the UNESCO Prize for education to peace. To date, more
than 200 artists and technical staff have passed through Gen
In the Catholic Church, the term “office” invariably re- Rosso, performing in 47 nations in Europe, Asia, North and South
fers to the ordained: Only the ordained have an office in America, Africa, the Middle East and Australia. They have pub-
the Church. However, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger lished 54 albums with over 325 songs.
once proposed that we should speak of a lay office in the
Church. This workshop will explore the role assigned by 6-70
the magisterium to the laity, and how there is, indeed, a
lay office in the Church.


Michael Theisen
Teens are first and foremost relational beings and any and
all ministry with them requires that a web of relation-
ships be formed and nurtured. But at what cost do we
develop and build this community? What messages do our
activities and efforts give to teens and the larger parish
community? Are we just “playing games” or are we “form-
ing disciples” when we gather teens together? Come and
assess your community building efforts and learn some
new and effective strategies for building a web of rela-
tionships that will catch and sustain teens as they walk
the road toward discipleship.

56 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SUNDAY, MARCH 1 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM period 7
John L. Allen Jr. Dave Durand
Since the modem eruption of the sexual abuse crisis in Dave Durand will show you the success strategies of the
the mid-1980s, the papal response, or lack of response, most successful people in the world presented in a way
has been a frequent subject of criticism and controversy. that you have never heard before. He will explain that
This session traces the various ways in which the Vatican true success is not a fleeting accomplishment; true suc-
and Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have addressed cess is not measured in money (although that may be a
the crisis, with a special focus on Pope Benedict’s April byproduct), it is not measured in fame (although that can
2008 visit to the United States. happen, too), and it is not measured in power (although
for some it is part of it). True success is about the trans-
formation of the subject and ultimately perfection in Christ
7-02 MERGING PRAYER WITH DANCE played out though winning habits day in and day out.
When two very beautiful forms come together – prayer
and dance – the result is beautiful, elegant, graceful and
powerful. For those who love to dance, come prepared to 7-06 ALL ARE WELCOME! OR ARE THEY? THE GOS-
move while tapping into your spirituality and expressing PEL CALL TO INCLUSION & CONTEMPORARY
the prayer within. Learn how to weave these lovely dances CATHOLICISM
into your celebrations. (Appropriate for adults, middle- Fran Ferder, FSPA, PhD & John Heagle, MA, JCL
school and high-school students.)
The teaching and practice of Jesus, as portrayed in the
Donna Anderle Gospels, is firmly rooted in a vision of inclusion. There
Donna Anderle is an accomplished dancer, teacher are no separate tables in the Reign of God. Anyone who
and choreographer. She has taught at every level wants to come to the banquet will find a place card with
from primary through university. Anderle, on the his or her name on it. How, then, do we reconcile this
teaching faculty of The Cincinnati Ballet Company,
is involved in various outreach dance programs for
welcoming vision with the contemporary discipline of the
Cincinnati inner-city schools. Anderle has performed movement Catholic Church? This presentation addresses this diffi-
for prayer and celebration at major liturgical conventions, and cult and ongoing challenge in our community of faith.

gives keynote presentations and workshop concerts. She has four
books of choreography and a CD on liturgical dance.
Thomas H. Groome
“Apologetics” is the process of arguing for and defend-
Grayson Warren Brown
ing the faith. Older Catholics will remember an apologetics
As Christians, how do we deal with hunger, poverty and that was based largely on the teaching authority of the
racism in the 21st century? We begin by realizing that Church. Now we must return to the practice of the Early
these issues are not separate from Scripture; they are at Church’s apologetics of persuasion that highlights the at-
the very heart and soul of it. Rather than thinking, Chris- tractiveness of Catholic faith: its truth, beauty and good-
tians should have a social conscience. We should grow to ness. This “new” apologetic was modeled by Pope
realize that without one, we cannot truly be Christian. Benedict XVI in his pastoral visit to America; we must
learn to do likewise.


What makes the good catechist? We all know that there is
something holy about the vocation to be a catechist, some- Richard F. Groves
thing that goes beyond the training and even the desire to A great sage once said, “If I survive this life without dy-
impart the faith to young people. This presentation will ing, I shall be surprised.” Yet most Americans avoid the
offer some criteria for those who help others to answer topic of death like the plague. In the Middle Ages, the Ars
the call, and also for our own reflection, as we consider Moriendi, or Sacred Art of Dying, offered remarkable
our vocation “to teach as Jesus did.” Finally, it will out- wisdom – by learning how to face the many smaller deaths
line the specific challenges we face with this generation of ego, life is not diminished but enhanced. Paradoxically,
of young people, who are very spiritual and need a con- as we face our limitations, brokenness and darkest hour,
text for that desire to connect with God and God’s people. the soul is healed. In this workshop, the dying are our
teachers and their stories offer us courage and hope.

Register online at 57

period 7 10:00 - 11:30 AM – SUNDAY, MARCH 1

David Haas Miriam of Nazareth, a poor woman who cultivated holi-
ness in the midst of her day-to-day life, extends a chal-
The preparation and celebration of the sacraments – bap- lenge and an invitation to us – renewing our “yes” on our
tism, confirmation, Eucharist, reconciliation, anointing, journey toward holiness and finding holiness in the ordi-
marriage, and celebrations of ministry – are often experi- nary, the everyday. How can the unfolding narrative of
enced as events that happen to and for individual “recipi- the life of Mary of Nazareth ignite the hope of the laity
ents” at key moments in their lives. Sacraments are more for the renewal of our Church?
than this – they are sacred events that are celebrated by
the community, for the community, and lived by the com- Natalia M. lmperatori-Lee, PhD
munity. This session will explore how music can pull the Dr. Natalia lmperatori-Lee grew up in Miami, the
assembly to active participation not just in the liturgical child of Cuban immigrants. She is currently Assis-
actions, but to the call that the sacraments ask of all of us tant Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan
– to live in surrender to Christ Jesus. Come ready to sing, College in New York. She has been a speaker at
several events, including the Los Angeles Congress,
celebrate and pray the Christian journey! “Soy Catequista,” held at the University of Notre Dame, and
“Raices y Alas,” sponsored by the National Catholic Council
for Hispanic Ministry.
Catholic morality separated from theology and spiritual- 7-13 SEVEN EXTRA BOOKS OF THE BIBLE: THEIR
ity is harder to understand and accept. In this session, Fr. MESSAGE FOR CATHOLICS?
James Heft will lead an examination of this by posing a Sr. Dorothy Jonaitis, OP, DMin
few questions: How can Catholic morality best be taught
today? What about the difficult issues in sexual ethics? The Deuterocanonical (second canon) books of the Bible
Are they more important than Catholic social teaching? are so-called because they are additional books in the
Catholic canon, but found neither in the Protestant nor
Fr. James L. Heft, SM Jewish canon. For Jews and Protestants, these books are
Marian priest Fr. James Heft is currently the Alton apocryphal (not canonical). What message do these books
Brooks Professor of Religion at the University of have within the Catholic tradition? This presentation will
Southern California in Los Angeles, where he is also explore the questions of these books.
President of their Institute for Advanced Catholic
Studies. Fr. Heft has sat on the Board of the Asso-
ciation of Catholic Colleges and Universities for nearly a de-
cade, and has served as Board Chair from 1999-2001. He has 7-14 LEADERSHIP IN THE CHURCH: A CRY OF HOPE
published and edited eight books and written over 150 articles OR THE WHIMPER OF FEAR
and book chapters.
Rev. Patrick LaBelle, OP
Effective leadership is not easy to find at this time, and
7-11 SACRED COMPANIONSHIP WITH HENRI leadership in the Roman Catholic Church is no excep-
NOUWEN tion. This presentation will discuss some of the causes for
As a spiritual friend, guide, mentor and director, Henri the less-than-effective leadership we have at all levels of
Nouwen engaged in the integrative work of soul care and the Church and will attempt to examine new ways to
companioning. This workshop explores Henri Nouwen’s change what should be changed, make the best of what
versatile spiritual accompaniment approach to ministry – we likely will not change, and the courage to make the
a ministry of integration flowing from his equally inte- best of things in the process.
grated, albeit “imperfect,” spirituality.
Wil Hernandez, PhD
Dr. Wil Hernandez regularly teaches on the spiri- DANCE!
tuality of Henri Nouwen at Fuller Theological Semi-
nary in Pasadena, Calif.; Haggard Graduate School Robert J. McCarty, DMin
of Theology (at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa,
Calif.) and at the Center for Religion and Spiritu- Want to scare parents? Tell them they are the primary
ality (at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles). He is religious educators of their children! This workshop will
author of “Henri Nouwen: A Spirituality of Imperfection” and identify critical characteristics of adolescent faith, prac-
its recently released sequel, “Henri Nouwen and Soul Care: A tical approaches to enhancing faith development among
Ministry of Integration.” young people, and strategies for enabling parents to suc-
cessfully and willingly take on their desired role in fos-
tering the faith of their teens.

58 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SUNDAY, MARCH 1 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM period 7
It is one thing to immerse young people in direct service We believe in Jesus Christ and not just in Jesus! Most
and social action; it is totally another to encourage and people seem to think that Christ is Jesus’ last name! It is
engage them in right relationships with our brothers and clear in the Scriptures that “Christ” is an archetypal title
sisters around the world who live on the margins. Join which includes us and all of creation – for which Jesus is
staff from Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for an interac- the head and microcosm. The “second coming of Christ,”
tive presentation that explores how to foster relationships therefore, points to our ideas of evolution, the final omega
– and not just experiences – rooted in solidarity and that point of history, the “one single new humanity” of
foster transformation and conversion. This workshop will Ephesians, and the “recapitulation of all things” in
highlight CRS youth programs and resources and afford Colossians. Why do most Christians not think this way?
an opportunity for all to share “best practices” in engag- What are the magnificent and hopeful implications of such
ing youth in the work of social justice. a cosmology and such a full Christian theology? What
have we lost by separating ourselves from “the Christ”?
Theodore Joseph Miles
Ted Miles is the Relationship Manager/Religious
Education Director for Catholic Relief Services, 7-20 ADDRESSING THE CRISIS – IMMIGRATION AND
based in Baltimore. He, with a team from CRS, is WORKING POVERTY
involved with the development, implementation and Over 40 percent of the families in our community are
management of Catholic youth in the mission and working poor – employed but struggling to meet basic
work of CRS. His experience stems from more than 15 years as a
expenses. Over 70 percent of these families are immi-
coordinator, group leader, program facilitator, workshop pre-
senter and trainer both nationally and internationally through grants. How can people of faith respond effectively to these
the Baltimore Archdiocese. crises? CLUE-CA (Clergy and Laity United for Economic
Justice of California) brings religious leaders together
from all faith traditions to contribute their unique gifts as
7-17 MAKING GOOD DECISIONS – A RELATIONAL- people of faith to the movements for economic justice and
AND VIRTUE-BASED APPROACH TO MORAL- fair immigration policy. We will discuss the current situ-

ation of immigrant and working-poor families and effec-
Deacon Eric Paige tive opportunities for a faithful response to their needs.
Are we trying to get what we want, or becoming who we Rev. Alexia Salvatierra
are meant to be? Good decisions build character and en- Rev. Alexia Salvatierra is an ordained pastor in the
able us to say “yes” to God. So how do we make good Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, with over
decisions? This session mixes theology, tradition and so- 30 years of experience in interfaith and community
cial science in a fun way to help catechists and parents ministry, community organizing and legislative ad-
become effective formers of conscience and human vir- vocacy. She is also Executive Director of CLUE-
tue. CA, a California alliance of interfaith organizations of religious
leaders that seeks to build a faith-based movement for economic
justice for low-wage workers.
Dr. Robert A. Pavilk
This workshop will open with a brief review of the core Jim Schellman
beliefs of Multiple Intelligences (MI) Theory espoused
by Dr. Howard Gardner. Participants will receive a packet In this session of presentation and dialogue, participants
of MI-inspired strategies for building and refining such will consider why a nine-month catechumenate is inad-
practices of faith as hospitality, forgiveness, respecting equate to making disciples of the Lord. We will explore
the Earth, prayer, forming communities, worship and ig- how the parish can change to a year-round catechumenate.
niting the “yes.” The workshop features modeling and re-
hearsing of the strategies. 7-22 LIVING GOD’S DREAM
Margaret Silf
We are part of a vast cosmic story, and our personal story
THOUGH THE first “CCD institute” was is a unique strand of this great tapestry. Our own daily
held in 1956, the first “Youth Rally” didn’t choices and responses to our circumstances are crucial to
come about until 1971. That half-day the unfolding of God’s Dream for humanity. We will re-
event set the pattern for what has become flect on the pivotal nature of the Incarnation in our cos-
Youth Day, which now annually attracts mic story, and ask ourselves: “How can we engage with
over 15,000 youth and their chaperones on the this calling in practice?” Dare we invite God to “ignite
Thursday of Congress. our yes” to this Dream of “love unfolding”?

Register online at 59

period 7 10:00 - 11:30 AM – SUNDAY, MARCH 1


Anne Bryan Smollin How do you eliminate feelings of resentment against your
spouse? How do you control anxiety about the future of
Injecting a bit of laughter in our life finds us a bit more
your marriage? How do you overcome feelings of dis-
balanced. We do not take ourselves so seriously and that
couragement or helplessness about your marriage? Above
opens us up to the possibility of choosing to live more
all, how do you promote lasting and mutual happiness with
fully, seizing opportunities to say “yes” and to embrace
your spouse? Dr. John Yzaguirre will respond to these
life. Laughter connects us to others, helps us to relax, and
questions by discussing the most effective approaches to
empowers us to see the reality of a situation. Graced with
ignite and sustain emotional and spiritual resilience
moment, we wake up because, as St. Angela Merici found,
throughout your marital journey.
“laughter is the sound of the soul waking up.”
John Yzaguirre, PhD
Dr. John Yzaguirre is a licensed psychologist, edu-
7-24 BAPTISM, CONVERSION, COMMITMENT cator and author specializing in family life and
Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP, PhD Catholic spirituality. He has been a keynote speaker
at conventions in the United States, Canada, Mexico
For those of us who were baptized so early in our journey and Europe. He has co-authored “Thriving Mar-
of faith, there comes a time when we must come to under- riages” with his wife, Claire Frazier-Yzaguirre, MFT.
stand what that sacrament means and consciously accept
the offer of grace made to us so many years ago. This
presentation aims to be an opportunity for us to revisit
that moment, to discover the richness of baptism, a sacra- 7-70
ment that entails a process of conversion with spiritual,
theological and moral effects.


Char Wenc, M.Ed
Do you worry about your teen? Do you ask yourself, “Now
what do I do?” If so, this high-energy presentation is for
you. Char Wenc, author of “Parenting – Are We Having
Fun Yet” and professor of child guidance and parenting,
will energize you with practical techniques and tools for
discipline, encouragement and communication with your
teenage children. The teen years are a definite stage of
development, not merely a period between childhood and
adulthood. Be empowered in your profession called
parenting; learn the language that is effective in parent-
teen relationships.


Thomas Weston, SJ
None of us lives in a vacuum, or on an isolated island. We
are influenced by the illnesses and craziness of others,
and we find ourselves exhausted, angry, guilty and un-
able to live our lives with serenity and dignity and peace.
In this presentation, we will look at the tools of recovery
as members of dysfunctional families and systems, how
to care for ourselves, how to choose to care for others,
and how to be useful members of our society, our Church
and our country. We believe that it is not God’s will to
have one more burned out, exhausted person on the face
of this Earth. We will look at the wisdom of Al-Anon Fam-
ily Groups and the practicality of the 12-Step Programs.

60 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SUNDAY, MARCH 1 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM period 8
Rev. William A. Barry, SJ Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Cherup Jr.
In this workshop, we will explore various ways of help- As youth have been taken to the mountain for mountain
ing people to develop a relationship of friendship with top experiences they have been ignited in their faith. But
God that matches their own maturity. what is offered to them when they come down? This work-
shop will explore several ideas for leaders of young people
to help them appreciate the experiences and to bring them
8-02 EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT SIN I LEARNED back to their own parish and home.
This is actually a presentation on the power of forgive-
ness, but who would attend such a workshop? Forgive- 8-05 GENERATIONS AND PARISH MINISTRY: HOW
ness receives very bad press in a culture addicted to CAN WE ENGAGE ALL?
strength, power and dominance. Forgiveness, after all, is Sr. Donna L. Ciangio, OP
the peaceful way through the minefield of sin, the tender
way of surrender. Besides, it’s the only way that works! Today's parish serves six living generations, all with vary-
Plus, there really are zombies to contend with. Award- ing understandings of the faith, commitment and needs.
winning author Alice Camille and Congress regular Fr. This session will take an in-depth look at each generation
Paul Boudreau present a fun look at zombie movies and and strategies to engage them in faith and parish life.
the gentle art of forgiveness.
Fr. Paul Boudreau
Fr. Paul Boudreau is a pastor, noted speaker, and DOM
award-winning author. His articles appear regularly
in Catholic Digest, U.S. Catholic, and Today’s Par- Padraigin Clancy
ish Minister magazines. He is co-author with Alice The holy well is a place of pilgrimage, healing and reve-
Camille of “The Forgiveness Book.” The former
lation in the Celtic Christian tradition, while in Scripture

professional motorcycle racer is presently Priest Minister at
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Parish in Beaumont, Calif. Jesus first reveals himself to a marginalized woman at
the well. In this workshop, we will journey symbolically
Alice Camille, MDiv
to the well of Celtic Christian wisdom, igniting our “yes”
Alice Camille is a religious educator and prolific by remembering some central themes of Celtic Christian
author. She has served in parish adult faith forma- spirituality.
tion, as Director of the Rite of Christian Initiation
of Adults, and in campus ministry. Camille is a
speaker at national conferences, parish missions,
retreat workshops and in-service days for diocesan religious edu- 8-07 EFFECTIVE LIVING IN A CHAOTIC WORLD
cators. She writes for U.S. Catholic magazine, the homily ser- THROUGH DISCERNING LOVE
vice “Prepare the Word,” and “Exploring the Sunday Readings.”
Paul Coutinho, SJ
This workshop will expose Ignatius of Loyola’s method
8-03 LOVING WITH THE HEART YOU HAVE: MINIS- of Discernment through an Eastern approach. It will offer
TRY OF HEALING WITH GANG MEMBERS a practical and effective method to make Discerning Love
In this session, Fr. Greg Boyle leads an exploration of the a way of life and help one to live effectively in a chaotic
resources we have to help gang members “return to them- world.
selves,” and finding ourselves in Christ in the process.
Stories and parables from “the barrio” will help illustrate.
Fr. Greg Boyle is founder and Executive Director
of Jobs For a Future/Homeboy Industries, an em- Katherine F. DeVries, D. Min.
ployment referral program for gang-involved and
Have you or those around you ever complained, “There's
at-risk youth in Los Angeles. Since 1994, the Jesuit
priest has focused on job development and related nobody stepping up to help!” or “It’s always the same
ministries with neighborhood gangs. Fr. Boyle, a former pastor few people doing all the work”? Want to change that?
of Dolores Mission in Los Angeles, is a nationally renowned Would you love to see young adults (in their 20s and 30s)
speaker at conferences for teachers, social workers and crimi- become actively involved as the next generation of lead-
nal justice workers. ers in parish life – both on your parish staff and as volun-
teers? Working off current data from young adults them-
selves, Kate DeVries will present practical strategies for
passing the torch of parish leadership to young adults.

Register online at 61

period 8 1:00 - 2:30 PM – SUNDAY, MARCH 1

Msgr. Ray East
Fr. Felix Just, SJ
This session will explore the power of God’s Word in cre-
Paul of Tarsus was not only a great missionary and theo-
ation, in Scripture, in tradition, in rituals and in the events
logian, but also a wise moral teacher who put his faith
of our lives. The prophet Ezekiel summons us to “eat this
into practice. Although some details of his teachings (e.g.,
scroll ... and fill your stomach with it.” The nourishing,
about women and slaves) are no longer directly appli-
renewing and transformative gift of the Word will be dis-
cable today, his moral values (especially teachings about
cussed and implications will be drawn for our evangeliz-
love and other virtues put into action) are just as relevant
ing ministry.
and important today as they were 2000 years ago. As we
celebrate the “Year of Saint Paul,” this workshop will
8-10 POPE BENEDICT’S PASTORAL THEOLOGY help us rediscover some neglected Pauline teachings that
give valuable moral guidance for the Christian lives of
Michael Paul Gallagher, SJ
children and adults alike.
Many people have expressed surprise that Pope Benedict
is so spiritual and imaginative in his reflections. Their
previous image of him as rigid and doctrinal has given 8-15 FULLY ALIVE: EMBRACING GOD’S GIFTS OF
way to a much more pastoral impression. This presenta- LIFE, PEACE AND FREEDOM
tion will explore Joseph Ratzinger’s theology of faith as
a love story, a key theme of his over many decades. He Jeremy Langford
himself has insisted that “an intellectual approach on its The challenge of faith is as radical as it is simple: Be who
own is not enough” and that we need “concrete experi- you really are. As people of faith, we are called to be
ences” of faith. How then can we translate his rich vision fully alive, especially in the face of hardship, and to spread
for religious education today? meaning, joy and justice. To help us in our quest, we look
to Scripture, tradition and role models. In our time, Car-
dinal Joseph Bernardin stands out as a spiritual master
whose life revealed the power of faith. As he fought pan-
creatic cancer after a lifetime of prayer and service, he
Dr. Greer G. Gordon
said he had accepted a special gift from God: the gift of
The recent banking problems illustrate the tenuous nature peace. Using Cardinal Bernardin’s wisdom and spiritual
of worldly possessions. As Christians we are forced to practices, this talk is an invitation to accept God’s gift of
reflect upon the value of material possessions in relation peace. Bring your own stories, insights and wisdom.
to the Kingdom of God. This workshop reflects upon the
difference between impoverishment of heart and poverty
of spirit, and it offers a modern theological interpretation 8-16 KEEPING IT REAL: HOW MARTYRS’ DEATHS
of poverty of spirit. This session is recommended for those TEACH US HOW TO LIVE
in religious formation, and those who work in the minis- Twenty years ago, six priests, a woman and her daughter
try of Christian formation. were murdered at the Jesuit Central American University
in El Salvador. This workshop will focus on these mar-
8-12 HANDING ON THE FAITH IN A PLURALISTIC tyrs: their professional work, their theology and their ac-
SOCIETY tions, to identity how they gave witness to a Christian
Bro. Jeffrey Gros, FSC faith for our times. Rooted in the Gospel and sacraments,
responsive to the pressing issues of the day, their lives
The Catholic Church is committed to full communion and deaths testify to the self-emptying love of Christ that
among all Christians. How do we, as Catholic catechists, should ignite our “yes” to living out a faith made real in
present a robust Catholic identity that helps our students the world today.
serve the unity of all Christians?
Michael E. Lee, PhD
Dr. Michael Lee combines academic theological
8-13 FORMATION AND TRANSFORMATION: HOW work with years of practical experience, including
TO CHANGE HEARTS FOR JUSTICE catechesis, music ministry, youth ministry/teach-
ing, and work with the homeless. Currently, he is
Jack J. Jezreel
Assistant Professor of Theology at Fordham Uni-
As parishes grapple with the challenge of engaging their versity in New York and is affiliated with its Latin American and
members in the work of social ministry, it is critical to Latino Studies Institute. Dr. Lee writes on Christology,
recognize the link between conversion and commitment. soteriology (salvation), Hispanic theology and Latin American
This session will highlight ways to make the work of so-
cial ministry come alive, using proven, transformative

62 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

SUNDAY, MARCH 1 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM period 8
Lynn M. Levo, CSJ, PhD
Many persons tend to shun, reject or suppress anger, con-
sidering it to be bad, or a sign of emotional weakness. For
others, fear is often associated with anger. This workshop
offers an opportunity to make friends with anger in order
to use its energy for healing and transformation. We will
explore sources of anger, costs and payoffs, as well as
how to express and receive anger in a healthy way. EXHIBITORS ARE found in Hall A.
Congress 2008 featured 1,809
representatives from 243 different
companies and organizations.
Adults often lose their passion and connection to what Dr. Patricia M. McCormack, IHM
drives them to do their work and fulfill their life’s pur-
pose. Sometimes adults need to powerfully reconnect to It is a cultural challenge to establish a culture of Chris-
the source of their passion and recharge their professional tian spirituality within the home. It requires parental cre-
and personal lives. This motivating session helps adults ativity. This presentation will suggest “starter ideas” for
identify and connect to their passion that will have them cultivating family spirituality during Advent, Christmas,
leaving a legacy in the lives of others. Participants will Lent and Ordinary Time – four of the seasons in the litur-
gain powerful new insights to continually improve their gical year.
personal morale and leave reinvigorated and reconnected
to what drives them to serve others in their parish and 8-22 MORE THAN A MYSTERY
school communities. In this workshop, Bro. Mickey McGrath will shape his

unique and colorful depictions of the 20 Mysteries of the
Rosary, along with tips for teachers on how to teach about
8-19 TRUE COLORS SHINE: SINGING OUR “YES!” symbols, colors and cultural diversity. Each set of Mys-
Michael Mangan teries is set against a different ethnic group in our ever-
changing Church.
Michael Mangan, one of Australia’s foremost liturgical
composers, will focus on promoting mission and evange- Bro. Michael O’Neill McGrath
lization in our everyday lives by using the power of mu- Bro. Mickey McGrath is an Oblate of St. Francis
sic to create vibrant and meaningful celebrations in our de Sales who paints pictures, tells stories and speaks
parishes and schools. Shared musical experience and the as keynote or presenter at retreats and conferences
messages carried in song lyrics can help build a united around the country. He has been Artist-in-Residence
at the Washington Theological Union for 20 years,
community vision and “set hearts on fire” for mission in and has taught at the Grunewald Guild in Leavenworth, Wash.
the world. Come along ready to sing, move and have fun! He also creates art for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
and many Catholic publishers, including America magazine,
Crossroads Press, Harcourt Religion and St. Mary’s Press.
Our spiritual lives are often seen as deadly serious. But if EARTH AS A SACRED COMMUNITY
you’re deadly serious you’re probably seriously dead! As Joseph Mitchell, CP
Scripture and the lives of the saints show us, one’s expe-
rience of God can often be playful and lighthearted. What How can we develop a new intimacy with the world? The
do joy, humor and laughter have to teach us about grow- Earth is a vibrant place of deep interconnections. Yet, many
ing into a deeper relationship with God? Through the ex- of us rush around blithely indifferent to the Earth as the
amples of passages from the Old and New Testament, and source and support of our existence. Often, it seems, we
the insights of the saints and spiritual masters (as well as are too distracted to enjoy the gift of each other and the
some funny personal stories), we will consider what it simple magnificence of the Earth. This session will ex-
means to laugh with God. plore how we arrived at this point in our human journey,
how a modern mindset has separated us from the natural
world, and how we can create a hopeful future by redis-
covering the sacredness of the Earth. As Pierre Teilhard
de Chardin expressed it: “Nothing here below is profane
for those who know how to see. On the contrary, every-
thing is sacred.”
Register online at 63
period 8 1:00 - 2:30 PM – SUNDAY, MARCH 1

CHURCHES Dr. Daniel L. Smith-Christopher
This workshop is based on the reality “God is love.” Our
loving God is one and, without confusion, a trinitarian This session will survey those writings that were never
communion of persons. Likewise, the Church is one yet, included in the Old or New Testaments. Although there is
at the same time, a communion of churches. The history a great deal of the strange and bizarre, there is the occa-
and spirituality of the Eastern “lung” of the Catholic sional gem! How should modern Christians treat the books
Church is presented in this context. Explored also are the that didn’t get put in?
ascetical practices in Eastern traditions.
Very Rev. Robert M. Pipta
Rev. Robert Pipta, a priest of the Byzantine Catho- ILLNESS: GUIDING CHILDREN THROUGH THE
lic Eparchy of Van Nuys, headquartered in Phoe- JOURNEY OF ILLNESS AND GRIEF
nix, has served as parochial vicar, administrator
and pastor in Byzantine-Ruthenian Catholic par- Lizabeth Sumner
ishes in the western United States. Currently, he is
Pastor at Holy Angels Byzantine Catholic Church in San Diego. Each year, 315,000 parents with children under 18 are
Fr. Pipta also serves at the Eparchial and Metropolitan levels in diagnosed with cancer. One in 20 children experience a
the areas of vocation and liturgy. He speaks widely to youth at parent’s death before graduating from high school. What
retreats and rallies and to adult groups and at private retreats. are we doing to help them – before and after the death?
Elementary through high school students (and college stu-
dents) often deal with uncertainty, intense family changes
8-25 SPIRITUALITY FOR EXTROVERTS (AND TIPS and unfamiliar emotions without the guidance of helpful
FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THEM!) adults. Grief support groups after a death are not enough
to prepare children for the long adjustment following the
Nancy C. Reeves, PhD
death of a parent. Learn how we can help children better
The majority of spirituality books focus on turning in- understand what is happening, learn how to cope in healthy
ward and quieting the self. As Richard Rohr says about ways, and support them along the way.
Dr. Nancy Reeves’ new book, “For some reason we think
of quiet introverted people as the very name of holiness.
This cannot be true, and Nancy Reeves shows us why!” 8-70
This workshop is for extroverts who wish to learn more
about their spirituality, and for introverts who accompany
extroverts on their spiritual path. Topics include: extro-
verted spiritual practices, including extroverted contem-
plative prayer; challenges of being an extrovert of faith;
and how to become an omnivert, like Jesus.


Karl A. Schultz
By decree of Pope Benedict XVI, 2008 is the year of St.
Paul and the Synod on God’s Word. He has predicted that
the widespread practice of Lectio Divina using “new
methods, carefully thought through and in step with the
times” will bring to the Church “a new spiritual spring-
time.” In this workshop, we will consider how we can
bring his vision to reality. We will discuss each activity
of Lectio Divina in light of its dominant faculty (i.e.,
senses, mind, emotions, spirit), and the fluid process as a
whole. We will then discuss ways of refining our practice
of Lectio Divina and sharing it with others in parish, Bible
sharing and prayer groups, and family settings.

64 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

El Congreso de Educación Religiosa de Los Ángeles
¿Qué es el Congreso?
ofrece una variedad de oportunidades en varios aspectos de
la vida de fe y que pueden ser momentos de gracia que
inspiren tu vida. Estas oportunidades incluyen las liturgias
con varios enfoques culturales; la congregación de líderes
catequéticos y líderes de la Iglesia local; las conferencias de
personas de gran valor humano, académico y de fe; la
música religiosa expresada y los conciertos innovadores que
invitan a la oración; las exposiciones culturales y de arte
junto con los expositores de artículos religiosos; la oración y
el sacramento de reconciliación, y la presencia de amigos y
colegas en diferentes realidades parroquiales que puedes
En este congreso, la congregación de líderes es
particularmente interesante ya que fluctúa desde el
catequista principiante parroquial hasta los líderes de mucha
experiencia catequética, seminaristas, diáconos, teólogos,
mujeres y hombres religiosos, sacerdotes, obispos y nuestro
Cardenal Rogelio Mahony. Todos juntos ofrecen una visión
momentánea y tangible de la riqueza de la Iglesia y sus
diferentes estilos de vida y de espiritualidad.
Las conferencias son seleccionadas con una variedad de
temas actuales y que puedan servir para nutrir tu formación
humana y de fe, con la esperanza de que ofrezcas un
ministerio más completo y capacitado. Las conferencias
incluyen temas tanto de espiritualidad y teología como de
psicología, antropología, sociología, arte y cultura. Todos los
temas conllevan un enfoque pastoral, y los presentadores
que se eligen para compartirlos, tienen una trayectoria
académica, pastoral y de fe que ejemplifica de una forma u
otra el evangelio de Cristo que les invitamos a vivir e imitar.
Durante el tiempo de las liturgias, el almuerzo y en las
tardes, la música y los conciertos que se presentan en el
congreso tienen una fuerza innovadora que anima a los

fieles a la oración. Aprovecha la oportunidad de asistir a uno
de los conciertos ofrecidos aquí y reconocerás la gran
bendición de la música en la alabanza y la adoración.
Además de las participaciones comunitarias, también hay
tiempo para orar en privado y para el Sacramento de
Reconciliación. Se ofrece en el congreso año con año unas
salas para que vayas a refrescarte espiritualmente ante la
presencia de Jesús Sacramentado y también una sala que
tiene un laberinto que se puede usar para la reflexión y la
interiorización con Dios. Se invita a un gran número de
sacerdotes a que ofrezcan su tiempo para aquellas personas
que deseen el Sacramento de la Reconciliación. El congreso
también es un tiempo de renovación personal.
Hay una variedad de exposiciones culturales y étnicas
que ofrecen una invitación a ser más conciente de la riqueza
de nuestras comunidades de fe. De igual manera los
artículos religiosos de los diferentes expositores y editoras
son una invitación a continuar tu formación y evangelización
a través de material didáctico.

En la red a 65
Estimados Participantes del Congreso de Educación Religiosa:
Permítame tomar esta oportunidad para darles la bienvenida al Congreso de Educación Religiosa.
Este evento anual representa una maravillosa oportunidad para reunirnos y renovar nuestro
compromiso del ministerio de evangelización y catequesis.
El tema seleccionado, “Amor Revelador ... Encendiendo nuestro Sí” fluye a partir de la lectura del
primer domingo de Cuaresma. Nos recuerdan que la alianza de amor derramada en el corazón de
toda la creación sigue desplegándose conduciéndonos cada vez más profundamente hacia el
corazón del pródigo Dios. Esta es la manera con que Jesús llama a sus discípulos invitándonos a
pronunciar nuestro “sí” con fuerza y valor sabiendo que es desde nuestra pasión y convicción que
las vidas de otras personas serán encendidas en el fuego que nos hará seres nuevos otra vez.
Los excelentes presentadores, los talleres, y las celebraciones litúrgicas ofrecidas a lo largo del fin
de semana son una fuente de enriquecimiento y renovación para todos. Me complace y anima el
que tantas personas tomen el tiempo para asistir y sacar provecho de las maravillosas oportunida-
des que se les ofrece para su propia renovación. Su liderazgo y participación son puntos clave para
la constante renovación espiritual de nuestras comunidades parroquiales.
Estén seguros de mi apoyo continuo a su generosa dedicación de tiempo y energía hacia este
importantísimo ministerio catequético.
Pidiéndole a Dios, abundantes bendiciones sobre cada uno de ustedes, sus familias y sus comunida-
des parroquiales, quedo de ustedes
Sinceramente en Cristo,

Su Eminencia
Cardenal Rogelio Mahony
Arzobispo de Los Angeles

Queridos amigos y amigas en el ministerio catequético:
Es con sumo placer que les doy mi calurosa bienvenida a otro maravilloso y lleno de fe Congreso
de Educación Religiosa. Este fin de semana nos ofrece la oportunidad de reunirnos para
renovarnos y afirmar nuestro compromiso de esparcir la Buena Nueva.
Nuestro tema para el 2009, “Amor Revelador ... Encendiendo nuestro Sí,” está inspirado en las
escrituras para el Primer domingo de Cuaresma. Confiando en la fiel alianza de Dios nosotros,
nosotras somos alimentadas, alimentados y sostenidos, sostenidas en el viaje. Nuestra unidad
genera y enciende una energía saludable y nos impulsa para dar nuestro nuevo y renovado Sí.
Estamos muy entusiasmados por la calidad y cantidad de los presentadores y presentadoras, los
talleres, y recursos ofrecidos durante todo el fin de semana. Teniendo siempre presente la riqueza
de la realidad multicultural de California del Sur, el Congreso de Educación Religioso ofrece
muchas oportunidades de experimentar y celebrar las dotes de nuestras comunidades tan diversas
en la fe.
Las celebraciones litúrgicas creativas e inspiradoras y el entretenimiento proporcionado en
múltiples momentos levantarán nuestros espíritus y encenderán nuestro “Sí.” En el corazón de las
muchas actividades habrá también la oportunidad “de apartarse” y descansar en el silencio del
espacio Sagrado, en el paseo el laberinto o celebrar el Sacramento de la Reconciliación.
Gracias por su maravilloso liderazgo y su invariable compromiso para enunciar su “Sí” al
mantener la visión de Jesús como punto central a todo lo que son y hacen.
Hasta verles y saludarles personalmente en este gran evento. Quedo de ustedes

Hna. Edith Prendergast, RSC

Directora de la Oficina de Educación Religiosa

66 Congreso de Educacion Religiosa • 27 de febrero - 1 de marzo, 2009

Queridos amigos: 8:00 - 3:00 pm Inscripción
Una vez más, como co-coordinadoras, tenemos el placer de darles la bienvenida al (Prefuncion Lobby)
Congreso 2009. Este Congreso con el tema, “Amor Revelador, Encendiendo 8:30 - 9:30 am Oración & Bienvenida
muestro ¡Sí!,” promete hacerles vivir experiencias maravillosas ya desde el inicio, (Arena)
con el día de la Juventud, lleno de energía. 10:00 - 11:30 am Primera Sesión de Talleres
Durante el fin de semana, ustedes podrán asistir a las estupendas conferencias, 11:30 - 1:00 pm ALMUERZO
conciertos y entretenimientos, exposiciones de arte y exhibiciones culturales. Como 11:45 - 12:30 pm Música (Arena)
también, a las liturgias que proveerán oportunidades para la oración y reflexión. – Matt Maher
Encontrarán además, el Espacio Sagrado que es un excelente lugar para meditar en 1:00 - 2:30 pm Segunda Sesión de
silencio. Como cada año el Congreso es una extraordinaria oportunidad para renovar Talleres
las amistades y encontrarse con personas de todo el mundo. 3:00 - 4:30 pm Tercera Sesión de Talleres
Ustedes no querrán perder la oportunidad de visitar la sala de exhibiciones que 5:15 pm Servicio de Oración y
ofrece una amplia variedad de recursos y que cuenta con la presencia de Liturgias Eucarísticas
representantes de las compañías publicadoras quienes podrán atenderles 8:00 pm Concierto (Arena)
personalmente. – Liam Lawton y Amigos
En este libreto-guía encontrarán la información necesaria acerca de las conferencias, Filmmakers’ Showcase
eventos, hoteles, e instrucciones para la registración ya sea por Internet o por correo 9:30 pm Taizé
regular. Para mayor información ustedes podrán visitar nuestro sito en el Internet También podrán comunicarse con nuestra oficina al SÁBADO – 28 DE FEBRERO
(213) 637-7346 o por correo electrónico al
8:00 - 3:00 pm Inscripción
Nuevamente, les damos la bienvenida y esperamos verles en nuestro Congreso de Alabanza matutina (Arena)
Educación Religiosa 2009.
8:30 am Asamblea General (Arena,
sin traducción)
10:00 - 11:30 am Cuarta Sesión de Talleres
11:30 - 1:00 pm ALMUERZO
11:45 - 12:30 pm Música (Arena)
– Jesse Manibusan
Paulette Smith Jan Pedroza
Coordinadora de Coordinadora de Música (Hall B)
– Blakesley y Thomson
Eventos Programación
Música (al aire libre)
– Grupo Vietnamita
Muy queridas compañeras y compañeros en el ministerio catequético: 3:00 - 4:30 pm Sexta Sesión de Talleres
5:15 pm Servicio de Oración y

Otro año más en el que nuestro Diosito nos concede la dicha de vivir para volvernos
Liturgias Eucarísticas
a encontrar en otro de los ya muy famosos congresos anuales de Educación
Religiosa. 8:00 pm Concierto (Arena)
“Iluminación Sagrada”
“Amor Revelador … Encendiendo nuestro Sí” es el tema de este año 2009 inspirado
en las escrituras para el Primer Domingo de Cuaresma. Solamente la fuerza que nos 8:30 - 11:30 pm Baile (Marriott)
imprime el sabernos amados, amadas por Dios, con el amor que solamente él nos DOMINGO – 1 DE MARZO
puede dar es de donde obtenemos todo el valor y las fuerzas para fortalecer nuestro
Sí y continuar renovándolo cada día con mayor ímpetu y entusiasmo. 8:00 - 1:00 pm Inscripción
Como cada año cuando trabajamos en los preparativos del congreso conforme 8:00 - 9:30 am Liturgias Eucarísticas
avanzamos y nos movemos al fin de semana programado, nuestro fervor aumenta (Arena)
regocijándonos en todo lo que el Congreso tiene para ofrecer; presentadores y 8:30 am Asamblea de la mañana
presentadoras reconocidas internacionalmente con talleres a la medida de nuestras Español: Rev. Alvaro Ginel
necesidades. Las celebraciones litúrgicas celebradas de acuerdo a nuestras multi- Inglés: David Wells
étnicas comunidades. 10:00 - 11:30 am Séptima Sesión de talleres
Las compañías editoras de materiales que nos ayudarán a crecer en nuestros 11:30 - 1:00 pm ALMUERZO
respectivos ministerios, los momentos de encontrarnos con esos rostros tan queridos 11:45 - 12:30 pm Música (Arena)
y que en muchos casos ha pasado todo un año sin verlos. – Augustine y Angotti
No puede esperar los meses que aún nos faltan para volver a Música (Hall B)
– Peña, Fernández y
vernos y hasta entonces les abrazo con mi gran cariño, Rubalcava
1:00 - 2:30 pm Octava Sesión de Talleres
3:30 pm Liturgia Eucarística
Lourdes González-Rubio (Arena)
Coordinadora de Ministerios Catequéticos (Sp)
En la red a 67
Aguilera-Titus, Alejandro ........................... 1-51*, 7-51* Kolar, Peter ............................................... 2-54, 5-13
Atkinson, Patrick ....................................... 3-51*, 6-01* Lee, Michael .............................................. 6-54*, 8-16*
Borobio Garcia, Dionisio ........................... 6-51*, 8-51* Levy, P. Eduardo ....................................... 4-52*, 7-55*
Bravo Perez, Benjamín ............................. 3-52*, 7-52* López, Laura ............................................. 5-55*
Cano Valero, Julia ..................................... 1-52*, 7-53* López Gutiérrez, Siro ................................ 2-55*, 4-53*
Carrillo Velásquez, Carlos ......................... 2-51*, 6-52* Matovina, Timothy ..................................... 4-54*, 6-19*
Covarrubias, María .................................... 2-52* Montenegro, Juan Carlos .......................... 6-55*
Dahm, Charles .......................................... 3-05*, 5-51* Murúa, Marcelo ......................................... 2-56*, 5-56*
Elizondo, P. Virgilio ................................... 1-53*, 4-07* Ospino, Dr. Hosffman ................................ 4-21*, 8-55*
Fernández, Santiago ................................. 5-52, 8-52 Rodríguez Zambrana, P. Domingo ............ 5-57*, 7-56*
Flecha Andres, José-Román ..................... 2-53*, 6-53* Rubalcava, Pedro ...................................... 4-55
Ginel Vielva, P. Alvaro .............................. 5-53*, Key* Salvatierra, Rvda. Alexia .......................... 6-56*, 7-20*
Grimaldo, Gloria Cecilia ............................ 3-53*, 8-53* Siller Acuña, Clodomiro ............................. 1-54*, 7-57*
Groody, Fr. Daniel ..................................... 5-54*, 3-09* Stauring, Javier ......................................... 3-55*, 5-12*
Grzona, Ricardo ........................................ 4-51*, 7-54* Tobar Mensbrugghe, Dra. Dora ................. 1-55*, 4-56*
Imperatori-Lee, Natalia .............................. 6-54*, 7-12* Valenzuela, Victor ..................................... 6-57*, 8-56*
Johnson-Mondragón, Ken ......................... 3-54*, 8-54* Vital Cruz, María Guadalupe ..................... 1-56*, 3-56*
Kennedy, P. Michael .................................. 3-55*, 5-12* Yzaguirre, John ......................................... 4-57*, 7-27*
y (*) grabación de talleres


Domingo, 8:30 am Viernes y Sábado – 5:15 pm
REV. ALVARO GINEL VIELVA Combinando la música, el
ritual y el espíritu de los
“Te mostraré una tierra y seré tu compañero, tu futuro”
participantes que hablan dos
Dios se presenta y nos sorprende en la vida para cambiarla. Dios se presenta en idiomas – español e inglés.
nuestra vida y se hace compañero. El amor de Dios se hace no solo cercanía, Estas Misas honrará la riqueza
sino intimidad. Dios quiere ser nuestro íntimo, nuestro motor interior, nuestra y los talentos de nuestras
luz. Esta presencia de Dios es transformadora. Nos solicita y nos propone una culturas y afirmará nuestra
“tierra” a la que solo se llega con síes (a veces tejidos de noes). Decir sí a Dios es elegir la luz llamada a celebrar la unidad
y dejarnos guiar por su luz, por su Espíritu. Dios es nuestro presente y será nuestro futuro. en la diversidad.

Adolescentes Escrituras Junior High Música
1-52* 2-51* 2-55* 3-54* 4-53* 1-51* 4-51* 7-51* 1-53* 2-53* 2-51* 4-52* 6-52* 2-54 4-55
4-56* 6-52* 5-53* 6-53* 1-54* 6-54* 7-54*
2-56* 3-56* 5-56* 6-56* 7-57* Justicia y Paz Pre-Escolar
Catequesis 3-51* 5-54* 6-54* 6-56* 3-51* 6-57* 8-56*
1-55* 2-51* 2-52* 2-53* 2-54 Espiritualidad
2-55* 2-56* 3-52* 3-53* 3-54* 1-51* 1-53* 1-55* 1-56* 2-56* Liderazgo Parroquial Problemas de la Vida
4-51* 4-52* 4-53* 5-53* 5-55* 3-53* 3-56* 4-51* 4-57* 5-53* 1-56* 5-51* 5-57* 6-52* 7-54* 1-52* 2-51* 2-55* 3-51* 4-53*
5-56* 5-57* 6-53* 7-52* 7-54* 5-54* 6-54* 6-56* 7-51* 7-54* 7-56* 8-54* 5-57* 7-52* 7-53* 7-56*
7-55* 7-56* 8-53* 8-54* 8-53* 8-55*
Liturgia Sacramentos
Catequesis para Adultos Evangelización 2-54 3-52* 4-55 5-52 6-53* 2-54 3-52* 4-52* 4-57* 6-51*
1-53* 1-54* 1-55* 1-56* 2-52* 1-51* 1-53* 1-54* 1-55* 2-52* 8-51* 8-52 8-51*
3-52* 3-56* 4-57* 5-55* 5-56* 2-56* 3-52* 3-53* 3-54* 4-51*
7-51* 7-55* 7-57* 8-55* 5-53* 5-56* 6-53* 7-51* 7-52* Ministerio de Cárceles Sexualidad Humana
7-54* 7-57* 8-51* 8-53* 3-55* 3-51*
Crecimiento y Desarrollo
Humano Familia/Clases para Padres Multiculturalismo Teología
1-52* 1-55* 1-56* 2-51* 2-53* 1-52* 2-51* 2-53* 4-52* 4-56* 1-54* 1-56* 2-54 5-54* 6-56* 1-53* 1-54* 2-52* 3-56* 5-54*
2-55* 3-51* 3-52* 4-53* 4-57* 4-57* 5-55* 6-52* 7-51* 7-52* 7-57* 8-54* 8-55* 6-53* 6-54* 6-54* 7-57* 8-54*
5-51* 5-55* 5-57* 7-53* 7-56* 7-53* 7-55* 8-55*
Ministerio para adolescentes
Ecuménico Iniciación Cristiana 2-55* 4-53* 5-52 6-55* 8-52
3-56* 6-56* 6-51* 7-52* 5-53* 5-56*
Eclesiologia/Iglesia Jóvenes Adultos 2-53* 5-54*
2-52* 2-56* 4-51* 5-57* 6-54* 1-51* 1-52* 1-55* 2-51* 3-51*
7-54* 7-56* 8-54* 3-54* 4-56* 6-52* 7-51* 7-52*

68 Congreso de Educacion Religiosa • 27 de febrero - 1 de marzo, 2009

Viernes, 27 de febrero
SESIÓN 1 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM SESIÓN 2 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM SESIÓN 3 – 3:00 - 4:30 PM
1-51 Llamados a ser discípulos en misión 2-51 Pautas para comunicarse mejor con 3-51 La Esclavitud: No Se Terminó con la
permanente (*) adolescentes (*) Guerra Civil – Perspectivas sobre el
- Alejandro Aguilera-Titus - Carlos Carrillo Velásquez trafico de seres humanos (*)
1-52 Adolescencia violenta y delincuencia 2-52 San Pablo: Gran Catequista y - Patrick Atkinson
juvenil (*) - Julia Cano Valero Misionero de todos los tiempos (*) 3-52 Sacramentos de la Iglesia:
1-53 Jesús de Galilea (*) - María Covarrubias ¿Sacramentos de vida? (*)
- P. Virgilio Elizondo 2-53 Un amor para una vida (*) - Benjamín Bravo Perez
1-54 La humanidad y la persona en la - José-Román Flecha Andres 3-53 Como vivir una afectividad
misión de San Pablo (*) 2-54 Cómo la música moldea nuestra evangelizada (*)
- Clodomiro Siller Acuña experiencia de liturgia y los - Gloria Cecilia Grimaldo
1-55 La revelación de Dios y su poder en sacramentos - Peter Kolar 3-54 La pastoral juvenil hispana en el siglo
nuestra vida (*) 2-55 El silencio en la comunicación con los XXI (*) - Ken Johnson-Mondragón
- Dra. Dora Tobar Mensbrugghe jóvenes (*) - Siro López Gutiérrez 3-55 Meditación sobre Jesús Prisionero (*)
1-56 ¡Que hacer y que no hacer en la 2-56 Ser discípulas y discípulos misioneros - Javier Stauring y P. Michael
catequesis de los adultos! (*) según los evangelios (*) Kennedy
- María Guadalupe Vital Cruz - Marcelo Murúa 3-56 ¡Queremos ver a Jesús! (*)
- María Guadalupe Vital Cruz

Sábado, 28 de febrero
SESIÓN 4 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM SESIÓN 5 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM SESIÓN 6 – 3:00 - 4:30 PM
4-51 Después del Sínodo de la Palabra, 5-51 Desarrollando una Respuesta Pastoral 6-51 Sacramentos de iniciación cristiana y
desafíos para la catequesis y los a Víctimas de Violencia Doméstica (*) catecumenado: Un reto para la Iglesia
catequistas (*) - Ricardo Grzona - Charles Dahm actual (*) - Dionisio Borobio Garcia
4-52 Renovación del Bautismo: Encuentro 5-52 Las escrituras, la justicia social, la 6-52 La fe y la cultura en la familia hispana
con Cristo 11-12 años (*) catequesis y los textos que cantamos (*) - Carlos Carrillo Velásquez
- P. Eduardo Levy en la misa - Santiago Fernández 6-53 Servidores de la palabra (*)
4-53 Evangelizar con el cuerpo: El derecho a 5-53 Si no creésis, no susbistiréis (Is. 7,9) - José-Román Flecha Andres
la ternura (*) - Siro López Gutiérrez (*) - P. Alvaro Ginel Vielva 6-54 Jesús y María de Galilea: Amor
4-54 La Biblia con el Pueblo (*) 5-54 La migración mexicana y revelado en la frontera (*) - Natalia
- Timothy Matovina espiritualidad cristiana (*) Imperatori-Lee y Michael Lee
4-55 La Liturgia de las Horas (orar y cantar - P. Daniel Groody 6-55 Creando una pastoral juvenil DEL
en todo lugar) - Pedro Rubalcava 5-55 Y ustedes, ¿Quien dicen que soy? (*) OTRO MUNDO (*)
4-56 Por que Dios quiso que el hombre - Laura López - Juan Carlos Montenegro
dejara todo por la mujer y se uniera a 5-56 10 enseñanzas de San Pablo para la 6-56 Confrontando la crisis inmigratoria y la
ella (*) catequesis de nuestros días (*) pobreza de los trabajadores que no
- Dra. Dora Tobar Mensbrugghe - Marcelo Murúa pueden vivir de su salario (*)

4-57 Cómo educar a los hijos (*) 5-57 Viviendo un amor que no se acaba, - Rvda. Alexia Salvatierra
- John Yzaguirre pero que cambia muchísimo (*) 6-57 Los primeros educadores de la fe (*)
- P. Domingo Rodríguez Zambrana - Victor Valenzuela

Domingo, 1 de marzo
SESIÓN 7 – 10:00 - 11:30 AM SESIÓN 8 – 1:00 - 2:30 PM
7-51 Señor, dame ese Espíritu que fortalece 8-51 ¿Cómo evangelizar hoy desde la
matrimonios y familias (*) celebración litúrgico sacramental? (*)
- Alejandro Aguilera-Titus - Dionisio Borobio Garcia
7-52 Ritos de la liturgia y rituales urbanos 8-52 Superando los desafíos del coro
(*) - Benjamín Bravo Perez parroquial - Santiago Fernández
7-53 Aspectos psiquiátricos de la violencia 8-53 Vivencia de la enfermedad desde la
domestica (*) - Julia Cano Valero dimensión espiritual (*)
7-54 La Gran Misión Continental: ¿Sólo - Gloria Cecilia Grimaldo
para los misioneros? ¿o para toda la 8-54 El ministerio en parroquias
Iglesia? (*) - Ricardo Grzona multiculturales: Modelos y mejores
7-55 Encuentro para matrimonios, como pa- prácticas (*)
dres educadores (*) - P. Eduardo Levy - Ken Johnson-Mondragón
7-56 Un sí que perdura … ¡contra viento y 8-55 Claves para reflexionar teológicamente
marea! (*) en la vida diaria (*)
- P. Domingo Rodríguez Zambrana - Dr. Hosffman Ospino
7-57 Los pueblos y las culturas en la 8-56 Soy Catequista: Dignidad, vocación y
evangelización de San Pablo (*) misión (*) - Victor Valenzuela
- Clodomiro Siller Acuña y (*) grabación de talleres

En la red a 69
sesión 1 10:00 - 11:30 AM – VIERNES, 27 DE FEBRERO


El Espíritu Santo esta sacudiendo a la Iglesia del San Pablo era judío, sin embargo, su misión la realizó en
Continente Americano con un llamado misionero. ¿Por otros países con culturas diferentes. Aunque en cada parte
qué hay personas que dejan la fe o la viven a medias, y se dirigía primero a los judíos que allí se encontraban,
qué podemos hacer para avivarla? Ven y descubre lo que terminó realizando su evangelización a favor de otros
significa ser misionero hoy en tu parroquia, en tu pueblos no judíos. Por esta razón el tratamiento nuevo
comunidad y en el mundo. Identifica las cualidades de un que da a la humanidad y a la persona enriquece su tradición
discípulo misionero y aprende formas nuevas de dar testi- propia y el evangelio adquiere perspectivas nuevas y más
monio de Jesús y de su misión. profundas.
Alejandro Aguilera-Titus Clodomiro L. Siller Acuña
Alejandro Aguilera-Titus es Director Asistente del Clodomiro Siller Acuña está activo en el área de
Secretariado para la Diversidad Cultural en la investigación y consultoría del Centro Nacional de
Iglesia por la Conferencia de los Obispos Católicos. Misiones Indígenas en la Ciudad de México. Previa-
Cuenta con 25 años de experiencia en la pastoral mente fue Coordinador del área de Promoción Pas-
con énfasis en eclesiología, catequesis, toral. Inició su educación en una escuela para
espiritualidad y pastoral juvenil. Es conferencista y escritor indígenas. Por 35 años sirvió en la pastoral indígena, y algunas
reconocido a nivel nacional. Extensa experiencia en la veces a la hispana. Conferencista sobre culturas indígenas,
planificación de eventos y proyectos continentales en inculturación del evangelio y de la Iglesia, educación religiosa
colaboración con el Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano y Biblia, sobre multiculturalidad y pluralismo.


JUVENIL La revelación de Dios, como lo enseña el a Concilio
Vaticano II, es un acontecimiento histórico mediante el
En este taller analizaremos las características propias de
cual Dios nos sale al encuentro de forma personal, para
la adolescencia, de las familias y de la sociedad actual y
transformamos. Es importante entonces saber, escuchar y
la relación de todo ello con la aparición de conductas
reconocer los signos de la presencia de la Palabra de Dios
violentas en los jóvenes. Psicopatología relacionada con
en nuestras vidas para responderle y dejar que su poder
la violencia en los jóvenes. Reflexión sobre causas y
nos transforme. De estos signos y de su poder nos habla
San Pablo y dan testimonio de ello los santos y los grandes
Julia Cano Valero maestros de espiritualidad, a lo largo de la historia de la
Julia Cano Valero nacido en San Fernando, una Iglesia.
provincia de Cádiz, en Andalucía, sur de España.
Dora Tobar Mensbrugghe
Profesora durante unos años en la Facultad de
Medicina de Cádiz (de Psiquiatría y Psicología Dora Tobar Mensbrugghe se ha desempeñado en
Médica) y desde el año 1991 del Instituto de diferentes cátedras universitarias en el área de la
Criminología de la Facultad de Derecho de Jeréz (de Psiquiatría teología dogmática y espiritual, y en la formación
Forense). Actualmente trabaja como psiquiatra en gabinete de líderes y ministros seglares de la Iglesia.
privado, tras años de ejercicio en hospital público. Perito en Actualmente enseña en el programa de Formación
procedimientos judiciales, miembro del Grupo de Estudios de al Diaconado de la Arquidiócesis de Washington; en el Instituto
Psiquiatría Legal de Andalucía (GEPLA) de la Sociedad de Liderazgo laical de la misma Arquidiócesis y promueve talleres
Española de Psiquiatría y de la Sociedad Española de Psiquiatra de perdón y de formación a la vida de pareja. Promotora de
Legal. Ejercicios Espirituales y de talleres de formación juvenil.


En esta sesión vamos a considerar a Jesús de Galilea – él Este taller se enfoca en varios puntos importantes para el
es uno que comparte nuestros sufrimientos, sana nuestras desarrollo de una catequesis transformadora y efectiva
heridas, y nos ofrece esperanza para una nueva vida. que lleve al adulto a un mayor desarrollo y crecimiento
Rev. Virgilio Elizondo de su fe – desde su experiencia de vida.
El P. Virgilio Elizondo es autor de numerosos María Vital Cruz
artículos y libros, conferencista, y ha sido instru-
Lupita Vital es de Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
mental en el medio de comunicación por televisión
Tiene una gran experiencia en el ramo de la
y producción de videos. Es considerado como el
catequesis por los últimos 30 años en las diócesis
líder intérprete de la religión latina en los Estados
de Tabasco, Guadalajara, México, y San José, Ca-
Unidos. Como profesor, ha colaborado con varias universidades
lif. Desde el año 2000, sirve en la Diócesis de San
e institutos pastorales, en los Estados Unidos y varias partes
José, Calif., como Asociada para la Catequesis de los Hispanos.
del mundo.
En junio de 2007 recibió de la Santa Sede el reconocimiento de
la Cruz “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice.”

70 Congreso de Educacion Religiosa • 27 de febrero - 1 de marzo, 2009

VIERNES, 27 DE FEBRERO – 1:00 - 2:30 PM sesión 2
La juventud hispana de hoy presenta varios desafíos a los Todos somos testigos del poder de la música para formar
padres, educadores y formadores. Se hablará de la impor- nuestra percepción de la liturgia – tanto lo bueno como lo
tancia de conocer, entender y amar a los jóvenes latinos malo. En esta sesión, mientras exploramos las varias
de hoy. El joven necesita respeto, responsabilidad, ser partes de la Misa, veremos con claridad la vitalidad que
guiado, tener la oportunidad de equivocarse, y ser elogiado tiene la música bien seleccionada y bien presentada para
frecuentemente. Un taller con consejos prácticos para re- ampliar nuestro sentido de oración. Al hacerlo, ¡todos
sponder a las necesidades del joven de hoy. sentiremos el deseo de elevar nuestro canto a Dios como
Carlos Carrillo Velásquez
miembros de una asamblea que verdaderamente canta!
Carlos Carrillo Velásquez ha trabajado en la pas- Peter Kolar
toral hispana desde su llegada a Estados Unidos Como pianista, compositor, arreglista y productor,
en 1985. Es miembro activo del Instituto Fe y Vida, Peter Kolar ha hecho muchas contribuciones al
dedicado a la formación de líderes para la pasto repertorio litúrgico de la Iglesia. Él es editor prin-
ral juvenil a nivel nacional. Fue Director de la Pas- cipal de Música y Publicaciones Hispanas en la
toral Juvenil Hispana en la Diócesis de Yakima, Wash. Trabajó casa editorial World Library Publications en Chi-
como supervisor y terapeuta en la Clínica de Campesinos por cago. Fue el director musical de la parroquia Santa Cruz en
seis años y actualmente administra dos oficinas estatales para Chicago por 12 años. Es actualmente el director del Coro
la protección de niños. Diocesano de El Paso e instructor del Instituto Tepeyac.

Para conmemorar los 2,000 años del nacimiento de San Vivimos en la era de la comunicación y en la actualidad
Pablo, el Papa ha promulgado este año en su honor. San uno de los grandes miedos y tabúes es el silencio. Nuestros
Pablo fue uno de los pilares importantes en el desarrollo jóvenes se ausentan de los espacios religiosos y de la
de las primeras comunidades cristianas. Sus enseñanzas espiritualidad. Me propongo trabajar a través del silencio
y visión pastoral continúan siendo un verdadero patri- de forma atractiva, ofreciendo un espacio de interpre-
monio para la Iglesia. En este taller daremos un vistazo tación, de compromiso social y sobre todo, de encuentro
al contexto histórico de la trayectoria misionera de San con Dios. Trabajaremos con imágenes, con el cuerpo y
Pablo, al igual que alguno de sus mensajes y enseñanzas claro está: con el silencio.
que bien se aplican hoy. Todo esto para ayudarnos a
Siro López Gutiérrez
profundizar nuestro conocimiento acerca de este gran
arquitecto de la Iglesia Católica. Siro López Gutiérrez, licenciado en Teología Pas-
toral, especialista en arte, diseño, expresión cor-
Maria C. Covarrubias poral y mimo. Tiene varias exposiciones de arte y
Nativa de León, Guanajuato, México, es la derechos humanos itinerantes por Europa. Es
Directora de la Oficina del Ministerio para la Profesor de Catequesis para adolescentes en el
Instituto de Catequética de San Pío X en Madrid, España. López

Catequesis de la Diócesis de San Bernardino, Ca-
lif. Sirvió anteriormente como consultante y Gutiérrez es autor de cuatro libros: “Cuerpo y Sangre,” “Cara
coordinadora parroquial. Tiene gran experiencia y Cruz,” y más recientemente, “Contenedor de Silencios.”
como catequista con maestría, coordinadora parroquial de
Educación Religiosa, consultante de catequesis, formación de
catequistas a todos los niveles, y conferencista y presentadora 2-56 SER DISCÍPULAS Y DISCÍPULOS MISIONEROS
de talleres, retiros y formación de catequistas. SEGÚN LOS EVANGELIOS
El seguimiento de Jesús es la característica fundarte de la
experiencia de la fe cristiana. El discipulado se presenta
2-53 UN AMOR PARA UNA VIDA en los evangelios como la matriz formadora de la
El ser humano ha nacido del amor y está llamado a Espiritualidad. Seguir al Señor es vivir según el Espíritu,
realizarse en el amor. Pero muchas veces se confunde el y es una tarea que nos lleva la vida entera. En la Iglesia
amor con otras ofertas. El taller trata de descubrir el amor de nuestro tiempo necesitamos más discípulas y discípulos,
a la luz de la fe; se pregunta qué implica y qué exigencias dispuestos a vivir el desafío del Reino, como servidores
nos plantea hoy. de la vida, de la justicia, de la paz, de la fraternidad. Un
José-Román Flecha Andres recorrido por los evangelios nos permitirá asomarnos al
José-Román Flecha es Profesor de Teología Moral
camino de Jesús.
y Director del Instituto de Estudios Europeos y Marcelo A. Murúa
Derechos Humanos, y Director del Centro de
Orientación Familiar de la Universidad Pontificia Marcelo Murúa es catequista y formador, vive en
de Salamanca, España. Muchos años de profesor Bariloche, Argentina. Trabaja en la formación de
universitario, conferencista en numerosos países. Invitado al catequistas, educadores y agentes de pastoral en
Instituto de Pastoral de los Ángeles y al Congreso de Educación comunidades hispanas de muchos países de
Religiosa de los Ángeles. Sacerdote de la Diócesis de León, América. Es Director del Centro Diocesano de
España, en la que ha sido párroco. Formación Pastoral de su diócesis, y Profesor del Instituto de
Teología Pastoral del CELAM.
En la red a 71
sesión 3 3:00 - 4:30 PM – VIERNES, 27 DE FEBRERO


TRAFICO DE SERES HUMANOS Hoy día el ser humano busca sentido de vida más que
“La Esclavitud: No Se Terminó con La Guerra Civil” es verdades. No pocos bautizados parecen encontrar sentido
una poderosa presentación de multimedia llena de hechos en otros grupos religiosos. Cómo lograr que los sacra-
reales y historias humanas las cuales explican el tráfico mentos tengan eco en la vida y cómo hacer que en la vida
moderno de seres humanos. La presentación comienza en se encuentre la acción sacramental.
forma rápida e impactante para darle una cara humana a Benjamín Bravo Pérez
la historia de la esclavitud. De allí, la presentación usa
reportes de la prensa diaria, teoría académica, reportes Pbro. Benjamín Bravo Pérez es Párroco de la Iglesia
de San Felipe de Jesús en México. Es Profesor del
gubernamentales, estadísticos y experiencias directas de Centro de Estudios Superiores Religiosos y Profesor
la calle para llevarle a la audiencia a un estado de de Pastoral en la Universidad Pontificia de México.
entendimiento profundo sobre lo que es la esclavitud y Es Asesor de la Vicaria de Pastoral del la
cómo podemos combatirla. Acompañado con documentos Arquidiócesis de México. También es Profesor de Pastoral Ur-
originales y reliquias históricas. bana en el Instituto de Formación Teológica Intercongregacional
de México, y Profesor de Prácticas Pastorales en la Universidad
Patricio J. Atkinson Intercontinental.
Un residente legal de Guatemala, Patricio Atkinson
creció en Bismarck, N.D., desde donde aun dirige
sus obras internacionales. Su trabajo enfatiza el 3-53 COMO VIVIR UNA AFECTIVIDAD EVANGELI-
desarrollo de formas prácticas por medio de las ZADA
cuales madres solteras, viudas y abandonadas La afectividad humana es “caldo de cultivo” donde nos
pueden escapar la herencia de la pobreza.. Atkinson es el jugamos la vida, y se hace necesario revisarla, para vivirla
fundador y director ejecutivo de numerosas obras no-lucrativas
internacionales, y es miembro de las Asambleas Generales de
de manera coherente en relación al proyecto de vida de la
varias empresas lucrativas como no-lucrativas. Viaja más de persona humana cristiana. Se plantean diferentes
150,000 millas cada año dando presentaciones mundialmente. estrategias para re-orientarla, dependiendo desde donde
y hacia donde la vivimos. Ordenar los afectos se hace
pues, requisito de vida.
Gloria Cecilia Grimaldo
Gloria Grimaldo es Médica psiquiatra originaria
del Panamá. Fue Presidenta de la Asociación
Centroamericana de Psiquiatría en 1998. Ha sido
Docente en la Universidad de las Américas en
Panamá y Jefa del Programa de Salud Mental a
nivel nacional en Panamá durante el 1995-99. Ha dado
numerosos seminarios y talleres sobre el manejo de la afectividad
y sexualidad en la vida religiosa, y es autora de varios artículos.


El Primer Encuentro Nacional de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana
demostró la necesidad de diversidad de modelos y
esfuerzos pastorales para llevar la Buena Nueva de Jesús
a toda la juventud latina católica en nuestras parroquias.
Conozcan los aportes del Encuentro y de algunos estudios
recientes sobre la realidad juvenil latina en Estados
Unidos, para la formación en la fe de jóvenes latinos, y su
capacitación como líderes y discípulos comprometidos,
que la iglesia en EUA tanto necesita en el siglo XXI.
Ken Johnson-Mondragón
Ken Johnson-Mondragón sirvió en la pastoral con
jóvenes latinos a nivel parroquial por seis años.
En 1999 entró al equipo del Instituto Fe y Vida en
Stockton, Calif., donde ahora es Director de
Investigación y Publicaciones. Previamente sirvió
como profesor en el Instituto Hispano del Jesuit School of The-
ology en Berkeley, Calif. Es presentador en múltiples confer-
El Obispo Rutilio del Riego de San encies y congresos a niveles nacional, regional y diocesano a lo
Bernardino fue el celebrante de la Misa largo del país. Es reconocido como líder nacional en la Pasto-
en español realizada en la Sala B. ral Juvenil Hispana por sus libros, artículos y presentaciones.

72 Congreso de Educacion Religiosa • 27 de febrero - 1 de marzo, 2009

sesión 3 sesión 4 10:00 - 11:30 AM


A lo largo de estos 53 años de historia, DESAFÍOS PARA LA CATEQUESIS Y LOS
el Congreso de Educación Religiosa de CATEQUISTAS
Los Angeles se ha convertido en el mayor Los Obispos reunidos en el Sínodo sobre “La Palabra de
encuentro anual de los Católicos Romanos Dios en la Vida de la Iglesia,” nos presentan: Cuál debe
en la nación, con la participación de más de ser la renovación bíblica en la Catequesis; cómo debe
40,000 personas cada año. enfocarse la oración en la Catequesis desde la Lectio
Divina. Cómo presentar la Exégesis y hermenéutica de
acuerdo a la tradición y el Magisterio de la Iglesia para la
3-55 MEDITACIÓN SOBRE JESÚS PRISIONERO correcta interpretación de la Biblia y la renovación de la
vida eclesial. Qué actitud debe tener el catequista ante la
En este taller reviviremos la experiencia de la meditación Revelación y como hacer vida testimonial la palabra de
ignaciana. Veremos, sentiremos y estaremos con Jesús, Dios. Caminos prácticos.
quien siendo un prisionero, cautivo, experimenta la
verdadera libertad. Meditando sobre Jesús Resucitado y Ricardo Grzona
Prisionero podremos experimentar un poder transformante Nació en Mendoza, Argentina. Consagró su vida a
que nos liberará de nuestra propia prisión. Al finalizar la Formación y Espiritualidad de los catequistas y
este taller, habremos adquirido un método de oración agentes de pastoral. Es Consultor Católico de las
contemplativa que podrá ser usado en escuelas, en distintas Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas para las Américas, y
fundador y Presidente de la Fundación Ramón
situaciones, en la educación religiosa y/o en nuestras casas. Pané, institución que apoya la capacitación de quienes se dedican
Javier Stauring a la evangelización. Viaja permanentemente por los países de
América dictando conferencias, retiros y talleres sobre temas
El capellán Javier Stauring es Co-Director de la
relacionados a catequesis, pastoral bíblica, espiritualidad y
Oficina de Justicia Restaurativa de la Arquidiócesis
Lectio Divina.
de Los Ángeles. En esta capacidad, supervisa los
programas católicos del Ministerio de Detención
dentro de las cárceles juveniles y los campos de
libertad condicional en los condados de Los Ángeles, Ventura y 4-52 RENOVACIÓN DEL BAUTISMO: ENCUENTRO
Santa Bárbara. Además supervisa tres otros programas y también CON CRISTO 11-12 AÑOS
es Director de los Reglamentos de Comunidades de Fe para las
Familias y los Niños, una coalición de diferentes líderes
El corazón humano dividido y débil para el bien, necesita
religiosos en Los Ángeles. el auxilio de Dios, más a esta edad y en estos tiempos.
Muchos preadolescentes ignoran o desprecian la presencia
Miguel Kennedy, SJ y la acción de Dios en ellos. Es muy importante tener un
El padre Miguel Kennedy ha trabajado con los instrumento para lograr una experiencia de Dios que
pobres y los “sin voz” por más de 30 años en lugares ilumine y motive, adaptada a los grupos de esta edad.
como California, México, El Salvador y Bolivia.
También ha sido autor de cinco libros que presentan Eduardo Levy, SJ
un método de oración dinámico y que puede ser Sacerdote Jesuita, es Director de Encuentros con
utilizado en hogares, escuelas, grupos de oración y centros de Cristo desde 1963. Una vida dedicada a la pasto-

detención. Actualmente visita a jóvenes encancerados y da retiros ral y a la educación. Escritor de 28 libros instruc-
en prisiones estatales en su labor como Director del Programa tivos para dirigir Encuentros. Su servicio
de Justicia Restaurativa de la provincia de California de la apostólico lo ha llevado a múltiples viajes por
Compañía de Jesús (Jesuitas). Latinoamérica y España, y en más de 20 parroquias de Estados


En la sociedad actual todas las personas tenemos la
necesidad de ver a Jesús. ¿Cómo hacerlo? ¿Dónde está? Siro López Gutiérrez
El primer anuncio de Jesús es importante. La etapa Nuestro cuerpo nos posibilita la vida y lo más importante:
kerigmática es esencial. Todos debemos evangelizar. ¡No el amor. Evangelizar con el cuerpo supone en primer lugar
faltes, te espero! conocerlo, respetarlo. Recuperemos la alegría de sentirnos
amados, de romper con los complejos, de sentir la vida,
de sentir al otro. El Dios encarnado se hace cuerpo para
poder sentirlo. Expresar nuestra fe en categorías como
danza, humor, juego, ternura en el compromiso con el otro.

En la red a 73
sesión 4 10:00 - 11:30 AM – SÁBADO, 28 DE FEBRERO


Los católicos latinos tienen hambre de la Biblia. El Sínodo
de Obispos sobre la Palabra de Dios en la Vida y la Misión
de la Iglesia que el Papa Benedicto XVI convocó en
octubre 2008 nos llama a saciar esta hambre con una
preparación pastoral-teológica sobre la Biblia. En este
taller se trata de tal preparación, con enfoque en cómo
guiar grupos pequeños y clases parroquiales sobre la
Palabra de Dios.
Dr. Timoteo Matovina
Dr. Timoteo Matovina tiene más de 25 años de
experiencia sirviendo entre los católicos hispanos. EL TALENTO de Pedro Rubalcava,
Sus escritos incluyen publicaciones sobre la Biblia quien se ha convertido en parte
como su libro “Camino a Emaús.” Actualmente es significativa del Congreso, no sólo se
Profesor de Teología y Director del Cushwa Center encuentra en las liturgias del Congreso,
para el Estudio del Catolicismo Americano en la Universidad sino también en los conciertos.
de Notre Dame en South Bend, Ind.


La Iglesia nos proporciona un modelo para la oración que
a la vez nos ayuda a profundizar nuestro conocimiento Dora Tobar Mensbrugghe
bíblico, y en especial a conocer íntimamente los salmos. Dios tenía un plan cuando indicó en el Génesis que el
El Oficio Divino (o la Liturgia de las Horas) nos presenta hombre debería ser quien primero dejara a padre y madre,
esta tradición para orar solo, con nuestra pareja, la fa- y se entregara a su mujer, y ese plan beneficia tanto al
milia, grupos pequeños o la comunidad entera. Además, hombre como a la mujer. Pero cuando aparece el pecado
se presta para acompañar con canto y animar la partici- los papeles se invierten y es la mujer quien empieza a
pación en la vida sacramental de la Iglesia tanto como las buscar y suplicar el amor de su marido. ¿Cuál es entonces
devociones del pueblo. ¡Vengan a orar y cantar! ese plan y por qué debemos respetarlo? Esta y otras
Pedro Rubalcava preguntas las responderemos analizando la sabiduría de
las Sagradas Escrituras y confrontándola con los datos de
Pedro Rubalcava es muy conocido como composi-
tor litúrgico y orador sobre la música litúrgica.
la ciencia moderna.
Actualmente sirve como Director de Ministerios
Hípanos en OCP en Oregon. Ha sido director de
ministerios litúrgicos parroquiales, co-director de
pastoral juvenil diocesana (San Diego), y coordinador de pas- ¿Qué es lo que los hijos necesitan de sus padres para
toral parroquial. Visitante frecuente en el Congreso de Los convertirse en personas emocionalmente felices y
Ángeles, en el National Association of Pastoral Musicians, en socialmente competentes? ¿Cómo mejorar la comunica-
varios congresos diocesanos litúrgicos y en conferencias sobre ción con los hijos? ¿Cómo transmitir valores cristianos a
educación religiosa, y en misiones parroquiales. los hijos y ayudar a que los traduzcan en vida evangélica?
¿Cómo promover la unidad familiar y la vida espiritual
de los hijos? ¿Qué tipo de disciplina es efectiva? En esta
conferencia, el Dr. John Yzaguirre responderá a estas
preguntas con estrategias educativas concretas y eficaces.
John Yzaguirre, PhD
El Dr. John Yzaguirre es un psicólogo católico y
autor que se especializa en la integración de la
psicología y la espiritualidad católica en la vida
familiar. Ha ofrecido sus servicios a la comunidad
hispana en Estados Unidos y México desde 1976.
Ha dado conferencias en Estados Unidos, Canadá, México y
Europa. Es autor del libro “Casados y Felices” con su esposa,
Claire Frazier-Yzaguirre, MFT.

LAS LITURGIAS siempre han sido

un elemento clave de la experiencia
del Congreso. Durante todo el fin del
semana del Congreso 2009 se ofrecen
14 Liturgias Eucarísticas en diferentes
enfoques culturales.

74 Congreso de Educacion Religiosa • 27 de febrero - 1 de marzo, 2009

SÁBADO, 28 DE FEBRERO – 1:00 - 2:30 PM sesión 5
RAL A VÍCTIMAS DE VIOLENCIA DOMÉ- Álvaro Ginel Vielva, nacido en España, es salesiano
STICA y sacerdote. Es Profesor de Teología Catequética
Los estudios indican que una de cada cuatro mujeres desde 1975. Dedicado a la reflexión y a escribir
sobre pastoral, catequesis y celebraciones. Dedi-
experimenta violencia doméstica en su vida. La mayoría
cado a la formación de catequistas en diócesis y en
de las víctimas sufre tan secretamente que sus familiares, congregaciones. Amplia experiencia de conferencista. fundador
amigas y aún sus párrocos no ven su opresión. Nuestras y Director de la revista “Catequista” desde 1985. Encargado de
parroquias pueden y deben desarrollar una respuesta pas- publicaciones de Pastoral en la editorial CCS de Madrid.
toral a las víctimas de la violencia doméstica y sus hijos. Escritor de libros de catequesis y animador de la formación de
Basado en 10 años de experiencia de desarrollar un catequistas. Miembro del consejo de redacción de la revista
programa parroquial para apoyar a las víctimas de “Misión Joven.”
violencia doméstica, examinaremos la realidad de la
violencia, cómo entenderla, descubrirla, y responder a las 5-54 LA MIGRACIÓN MEXICANA Y ESPIRITUALIDAD
víctimas en una forma pastoral. CRISTIANA
Charles W. Dahm El taller explorará las dinámicas de la migración
El Padre Carlos Dahm sirvió cinco años como mexicana, la espiritualidad cristiana, y la transformación
misionero en Bolivia, antes de regresar a los Esta- humana. También dará a conocer maneras eficaces de
dos Unidos. Ayudó a fundar un centro de justicia y apoyo pastoral para la creciente comunidad latina en la
paz en Chicago donde trabajó por 12 años. Después Iglesia. El Padre Daniel Groody presentará su más reciente
de ser nombrado párroco de San Pío V en Chicago, producción cinematográfica titulada “Morir Para Vivir:
sirvió al pueblo inmigrante por 21 años. Actualmente es Co-
El Camino del Migrante” (en inglés con subtítulos en
coordinador de Justicia y Paz para los Dominicos de América
del Norte y párroco asociado de San Pío V. español) donde analiza los momentos de fe y esperanza
en unos de los lugares más inclementes del viaje de los
P. Daniel Groody, CSC, PhD
EN LA MISA Daniel Groody es sacerdote católico de la
Congregación de la Santa Cruz, académico,
¿Realmente creemos lo que cantamos y proclamamos por profesor y reconocido autor y cineasta. Actualmente
medio de la música, o sólo queremos que el canto termine es Profesor de Teología y Director del Centro de
pronto? En esta sesión se hablará de lo importante que es Espiritualidad y Cultura Latina en la Universidad
“entrar en el canto” y vivir la música litúrgica plenamente de Notre Dame, además de docente en el Centro de Refugiados
– con nuestras voces, con nuestros corazones y con en Oxford. Es el autor de “Frontera de Muerte, Valle de Vida” y
nuestras mentes. Se distribuirán recursos gratuitos y se “Globalización, Espiritualidad y Justicia.” Editó los libros “The
Option for the Poor in Christian Theology” y “A Promised Land,
presentarán varios ejemplos musicales. ¡Vengan listos para
A Perilous Journey: Theological Perspectives on Migration.”
cantar como nunca antes! También es el productor de los documentales “Morir para Vivir:
Santiago Fernández El Camino del Migrante” y “Una Frontera, Un Cuerpo:
Inmigraciòn y Eucaristía.¨

Santiago Fernández ha sido músico pastoralista por
20 años. Trabaja actualmente in la parroquia de
San Miguel en Pontiac, Mich., como director de 5-55 Y USTEDES, ¿QUIÉN DICEN QUE SOY?
música y también como consultor de Ministerios
Hispanos para la Arquidiócesis de Detroit. Es Uno de los efectos más graves de la secularización,
conferencista a nivel nacional y ha sido miembro del Consejo consiste en vivir “como si Dios no existiera.” El Papa
Asesor Nacional para la Conferencia de Obispos de los Estados Benedicto XVI afirma que el fracaso de este modo de
Unidos, Director musical del Consejo Nacional Católico del vivir está ahora a la vista de todos, y hace un llamado
Ministerio Hispano, e instructor del Instituto Fe y Vida. urgente a redescubrir quién es Jesucristo. Venga y
encuentre cómo a través de la catequesis de adultos su
5-53 SI NO CREÉIS, NO SUBSISTIRÉIS (IS. 7,9) comunidad parroquial puede experimentar que Jesucristo
no es una simple convicción, sino una persona real capaz
Esta advertencia del profeta Isaías al pueblo sigue siendo
de renovar la vida de todos.
hoy válida. “Nos jugamos la vida” creyendo en Dios. “Nos
jugamos la vida” abriéndonos a Dios. Sin respuesta a Dios Laura López
no tenemos futuro como creyentes. La charla será una Laura López es Coordinadora Pastoral de la
reflexión sobre la fe como respuesta al amor de Dios. Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro
Decir sí a Dios nos llevará a repasar la historia creyente en Indio, Calif. En la Diócesis de San Bernardino
de hombres y mujeres del Antiguo Testamento, del Nuevo ha sido Directora Asociada del Instituto de
Formación para los ministerios y consultante para
Testamento. Decir sí a Dios es dejar que Dios tenga
la Oficina de Catequesis. Ella participó en la primera consulta
protagonismo en nuestra vida. Solo somos eficaces dejando para la catequesis en las comunidades latinas en Estados Unidos,
que Dios actúe en nosotros. La eficacia de las obras de titulada “Soy Catequista.” Tiene más de 20 años como
nuestras manos es dejar que Dios intervenga en nuestra instructora de educación religiosa, presentadora de talleres a
vida y aceptar esa intervención y colaborar en el proyecto nivel diocesano, nacional e internacional.
de Dios.
En la red a 75
sesión 5 1:00 - 2:30 PM – SÁBADO, 28 DE FEBRERO


Cada uno vive una experiencia de Iglesia diferente. No
EN EL SEGUNDO piso está localizada
la Exposición Multicultural que muestra
siempre nos damos cuenta porqué nos sentimos confusos
fotografias , iconos, vestidos, como o decepcionados ante las experiencias de cambio.
también, la explicación de la variedad de Hablemos de los cambios por los que pasamos cada vez
culturas que existen dentro de la que nos comprometemos en algún ministerio pastoral. El
Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles. saber “porqué” nos ayudará en el “cómo” responder.
Domingo Rodríguez Zambrana, ST
Domingo Rodríguez es Misionero Trinitario desde
5-56 10 ENSEÑANZAS DE SAN PABLO PARA LA hace 45 años y es Párroco en su nativo Puerto Rico
y también en Cleveland, desde hace 14 años.
CATEQUESIS DE NUESTROS DÍAS Actualmente es Rector del Seminario Mayor de los
Marcelo A. Murúa Misioneros Trinitarios. Ha sido Superior General
durante dos períodos. Fue también Presidente del Consejo
La Iglesia celebra la vida de San Pablo y contempla su Nacional Católico de Pastoral Hispana y Vice Presidente de
vida para animarnos a una Nueva Evangelización. ¿Qué AHNSH. Profesor del Seminario Menor y predicador itinerante.
nos ofrece la experiencia de Dios, la vida de misión y las Ha sido predicador de las misiones trinitarias por 20 años por
enseñanzas de san Pablo, para pensar la Catequesis de toda la nación.
nuestros días? ¿Cómo caminar hacia una Nueva Cate-
quesis para un mundo que ha cambiado y sigue cam-
biando? El testimonio de San Pablo nos ofrece interesantes
aportes para pensar con nuevos enfoques una catequesis
que sea verdaderamente iniciadora de una conversión al
Dios de la Vida.

sesión 6 3:00 - 4:30 PM – SÁBADO, 28 DE FEBRERO


ACTUAL Carlos Carrillo Velásquez
El autentificar la iniciación cristiana es un verdadero reto
para la Iglesia actual. La “verdad” de la Iglesia univer- Presentación de los resultados de la Encuesta Nacional
sal, de las comunidades concretas, y de los cristianos en Sobre la Juventud y la Religión realizada en Estados
particular depende en parte de la autenticidad de la Unidos en el año 2000 y cuyos resultados son poco
Iniciación. No se trata sólo de “cómo” hay que administrar conocidos. Un repaso sobre los aspectos demográficos de
unos sacramentos de iniciación, sino de “cuál” es el familias hispanas en la encuesta; repaso de los valores en
cristiano que “hacemos” al preparar y celebrar estos las familias y la importancia de la tradición religiosa del
sacramentos. En ellos se centra una gran parte de la acción hispano en la vida de fe del joven latino. Se darán, además,
pastoral de la Iglesia. Bautismo, confirmación, primera recomendaciones pastorales para trabajar con jóvenes
eucaristía, son los centros significantes de un proceso que hispanos en las parroquias.
abarca más, y debe durar más de lo que dura hacer el rito.
Y esto es lo ha hecho siempre la Iglesia con el
catecumenado. Pero, ¿cómo restaurar, actualizar, situar y 6-53 SERVIDORES DE LA PALABRA
realizar hoy este catecumenado dentro del proceso de la José-Román Flecha Andres
Iniciación Cristiana?
Creemos que Dios nos ha hablado. Su Palabra se ha hecho
Dionisio Borobio Garcia carne. Los cristianos tratamos de leer, meditar, vivir y
Dionisio Borobio Garcia nació en Soria, España, anunciar la Palabra de Dios. Muchos nos preguntamos
y se ordenó sacerdote en 1965. Ha sido Profesor de cómo predicarla con dignidad y verdad. En este taller
la Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao), y actualmente reflexionamos sobre nuestra vocación de oyente y
es Profesor Catedrático de “Liturgia y
Sacramentos” en la Facultad de Teología de la
anunciante de la Palabra de Dios.
Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, España. Ha impartido
cursos en México, Colombia, Perú, Alemania, Pekín, y diversas
facultades de teología de España. Sus publicaciones alcanzan
el volumen de más de 40 libros, además de numerosos artículos.

76 Congreso de Educacion Religiosa • 27 de febrero - 1 de marzo, 2009

SÁBADO, 28 DE FEBRERO – 3:00 - 4:30 PM sesión 6
¿Qué significa el hecho de que Dios se hizo no solamente PUEDEN VIVIR DE SU SALARIO
ser humano sino un hombre de Nazaret? ¿Apreciaríamos Más del 40% de las familias de nuestra comunidad son
aún más a Nuestra Señora si la vemos como María de trabajadores que desempeñan un trabajo muy duro y con
Galilea, una madre típica de su lugar y época? Este taller responsabilidad para poder cubrir sus necesidades básicas.
se enfocará en las figuras de Jesús y María como perso- Más del 70% de esas familias son inmigrantes. ¿Cómo
nas de la frontera, que nos revelan un amor que le da un los cristianos pueden dar una respuesta efectiva a esta
“no” al pecado y, a la vez, enciende nuestro “sí” al situación? CLUE-CA (Clero y Laicos unidos por una
discipulado. economía justa de California) integra líderes de diferentes
Natalia M. lmperatori-Lee, PhD tradiciones religiosas con el objetivo de favorecer una
economía digna y lograr una política inmigratoria más
Dra. Natalia lmperatori-Lee nació en Miami, de justa. Hablaremos de la actual situación de los inmigrantes
padres cubanos. Actualmente es profesora en Man-
hattan College en Nueva York. Ha sido ponente en y de sus familias en necesidad, y de cómo responder
varios eventos, incluido el Congreso de Los Ángeles, cristianamente a sus necesidades.
“Soy Catequista” en la Universidad de Notre Dame, Rvda. Alexia Salvatierra
y “Raíces y Alas” en el Consejo Nacional Católico para el
Ministerio Hispano. Es una conferencista a números eventos, Rvda. Alexia Salvatierra es una Pastora ordenada
incluyendo el Congreso de Los Ángeles, “Soy Catequista” del en la Iglesia Evangélica Luterana de América, con
University of Notre Dame, y “Raíces y Alas” del National Catho- más de 30 años de experiencia en ministerios
lic Council for Hispanic Ministry. interreligiosos y comunitarios, organización de la
comunidad y abogacía con los legisladores. Es la
Michael E. Lee, PhD Directora Ejecutiva de CLUE-California, una alianza estatal
Dr. Michael Lee es Profesor de Teología en Fordham de organizaciones interreligiosas, ques organizan a los líderes
University en Nueva York, donde también pertenece religiosos de todas las religiones para responder a la crisis
al Instituto de Estudios Latinoamericanos y Latinos. comunitaria de la pobreza de los trabajadores. Estos líderes
El hijo do padres Puertorriqueños, Dr. Lee combina religiosos unen a los trabajadores pobres en su lucha para un
su trabajo académico con años de experiencia en sueldo digno, seguro médico, condiciones laborales justas, y una
el pastoral hispano/la. Es parte de la mesa directiva de la voz en las decisiones que afectan a sus vidas.
academia de teólogos hispanos católicos de los Estados Unidos.
En nuestra vocación como catequistas tenemos el
privilegio y el honor de transmitir la fe. Esta es una labor
de amor que hacemos con mucho esfuerzo y esmero. Pero
Cuántas veces nos hemos preguntado: ¿cuál es la mejor como todo trabajo, tiene sus desafíos y dificultades. Uno
manera de hacer Pastoral Juvenil? ¿Cómo puedo ser un de los desafíos es el incorporar a los padres de familia en
agente de transformación en los jóvenes de mi parroquia? la catequesis. En este taller veremos el rol importante que
Esta sesión contestará estas y muchas otras preguntas que desempeñan los padres de familia en la catequesis.
de seguro tiene sobre la P.J. Basado en el documento

También veremos estrategias que se pueden integrar o
escrito por la Conferencia de Obispos de Estados Unidos. desarrollar con los padres de familia en nuestra labor.
Venga y comparta con nosotros una nueva manera de hacer
Pastoral Juvenil y sea un Agente de Transformación para Víctor Valenzuela
el Señor! Víctor Valenzuela es consultor bilingüe a nivel
nacional de William H. Sadlier Inc. Por más de 20
Juan Carlos Montenegro años ha estado trabajando en el ministerio hispano.
Su ministerio empezó cuando Juan Carlos Monte- Ha sido maestro de secundaria y ha colaborado en
negro tenía solo 18 años de edad y se involucró en diversos ministerios parroquiales incluyendo pas-
el voluntariado Salesiano en donde fue enviado a toral juvenil y educación religiosa, donde tiene una gran experi-
la selva Amazónica por un año. Desde allí toda su encia preparando materiales escritos. Nació en Arizona de pa-
formación profesional ha sido dirigida a mejorar dres mexicanos, ha vivido la mayor parte de su vida en el área
la calidad de vida de los jóvenes. Desde hace ocho años trabaja de la bahía y ahora vive en Alameda, Calif.
como encargado de la Pastoral Juvenil de la Parroquia Salesiana
de Santo Domingo Savio en donde maneja más de ocho grupos
juveniles y 200 jóvenes. Actualmente está también trabajando
como encargado del Voluntariado Salesiano, en donde su objetivo
principal es enseñar y promover los derechos humanos.

En la red a 77
sesión 7 10:00 - 11:30 AM – DOMINGO, 1 DE MARZO

Alejandro Aguilera-Titus Domingo Rodríguez Zambrana, ST
El matrimonio y la familia sufren un gran desgaste en la “Donde dos a tres estén reunidos en mi nombre …” (Mt
sociedad actual. ¿Cómo superar los retos que la golpean 18:20). ¡Habrá problemas! Los conflictos son parte nor-
y dividen? Ven y reflexiona sobre los valores que mal de la vida. Miremos de cerca cómo en la comunidad
fortalecen ya nuestra vida matrimonial y familiar. Ven y parroquial y en los grupos apostólicos esos conflictos
analiza aquellos aspectos que la debilitan. Ven y aprende desafían nuestra fe. ¿Cómo reaccionamos ante esos
cómo hacer de nuestros matrimonios y familias una fuerza conflictos? ¿Por qué continuamos con nuestro compro-
transformadora de la Iglesia y la sociedad. miso? Hablemos de todo esto.

Benjamín Bravo Pérez Clodomiro L. Siller Acuña
El gran peligro de un rito es que se convierta en ritualismo; Cuando san Pablo abre su evangelización a otros pueblos
éste seca y mata los símbolos de la liturgia. Un acto surge la necesidad de introducir cambios en la tradición
litúrgico auténtico no necesita muchas palabras. La ciudad, judía que parecían ser esenciales. Igualmente la fe que
sobre todo la gran ciudad, está llena de rituales que llegan trae el evangelio se profundiza con los aportes culturales
al corazón del ser humano y lo llenan de satisfacción. y religiosos propios de los pueblos adquiriendo formas
nuevas y fortaleciendo el sentido de la vida que
7-53 ASPECTOS PSIQUIÁTRICOS DE LA VIOLENCIA anteriormente tenían los no judíos.
En este taller se analizará la importancia y la gravedad La compañía de super-
del tema. Se considerarán las características de los mercados Ralphs, una de
protagonistas de la violencia familiar, agresor y víctima, las cadenas más grandes
y de su relación. Causas de la violencia y de la psico- en el área de sur Califor-
patología de ambos. Actuación frente al problema. nia, apoya a las escuelas, a las iglesias y a otras organi-
zaciones sin fin lucrativo con contribuciones anuales. El
Congreso de Educación Religiosa de Los Ángeles ya es
7-54 LA GRAN MISIÓN CONTINENTAL: ¿SÓLO PARA miembro del programa de contribuciones de “Ralphs Com-
LOS MISIONEROS? ¿O PARA TODA LA munity Contributions Program.” Con solamente usar su
IGLESIA? tarjeta de premios Ralphs (“Ralphs rewards Card”), una
Ricardo Grzona porción elegible de sus compras será contribuida hacia el
Aportes de la catequesis y de los catequistas al gran Congreso.
llamado del Papa Benedicto XVI. Las temáticas de la Gran Invitamos a todos los compradores de Ralphs a registrarse
Misión, cómo hacerla desde la parroquia, desde la para recibir gratis una tarjeta “Ralphs rewards Card” e
catequesis, uniéndose al gran proyecto misionero. ¿Somos inscribirse al Programa de Contribuciones de la Comunidad.
una Iglesia misionera? ¿Qué nos falta? Ideas para poner ¡Es facil! Solamente vaya de compras, presente su tarjeta y
en práctica en las comunidades la gran misión continen- gane dinero para el Congreso de Educación Religiosa.
tal. Espiritualidad de la Gran Misión ¡Inscríbase ya!
Se puede también llenar su aplicación del programa “Ralphs
rewards Card” en la red.
DRES EDUCADORES • En la parte de debajo de la sección de “Información de
Eduardo Levy, SJ las Compañías,” apretar en “Community.”
• Buscar Contribución a la Comunidad en la parte de debajo
Este taller es un explicación de cómo en un Encuentro de la página y seleccionar en Ver más (o apretar en el
con Cristo, en un día, se logra hacer tomar conciencia y dibujo)
motivar a los papás a cumplir con su misión educadora. • Seleccionar en Inscripcion
Ven el tipo de hijo que deben formar y el tipo de papás • Seleccionar en Inscríbase Hoy
que tal educación exige. Se explica cómo se examinan • Deberá escribir su código postal y seleccionar un negocio
como padres. para continuar
• Deberá escribir su Número de Comprador (se encuentra
por detrás de su tarjeta)
• Confirmar o entrar su nombre y domicilio
• Escribir 90658 o escribir “Archdiocese” en la barra de
búsqueda for Arquidiócesis de Los Angeles.

78 Congreso de Educacion Religiosa • 27 de febrero - 1 de marzo, 2009

DOMINGO, 1 DE MARZO – 1:00 - 2:30 PM sesión 8
Ken Johnson-Mondragón
El Papa Juan Pablo II habló de la importancia de organizar
las parroquias grandes como “comunidades de comuni-
dades y movimientos,” para realizar una evangelización
y catequesis integral de los católicos de nuestra época.
Esta sesión explora la teología que fundamenta esta visión
del Papa sobre la parroquia, y ofrece estrategias prácticas
para implementarla en parroquias biculturales y
multiculturales, con un enfoque particular en la pastoral
EN EL SEGUNDO piso está localizada hispana.
la Exposición Multicultural que muestra
fotografias, iconos, como también, la
explicación de la variedad de culturas que
existen en la Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles.
En este taller los participantes descubrirán al teólogo(a)
que vive en lo más íntimo de su ser y explorarán modelos
de reflexión teológica tradicionales y contemporáneos que
8-51 ¿CÓMO EVANGELIZAR HOY DESDE LA les ayudarán a profundizar la inteligencia de su fe. El
CELEBRACIÓN LITÚRGICA SACRAMENTAL? propósito es valorar mejor el arte de hacer teología y
Dionisio Borobio Garcia enseñar a otros a hacer lo mismo.
Se trata de estudiar la especificidad y posibilidades de Hosffman Ospino, PhD
evangelización que ofrece la celebración de los El Dr. Hosffman Ospino es Profesor de Teología
sacramentos. Evangelización específica, porque tiene Pastoral y Catequética en Boston College, donde
como medio la “mistagogia,” es decir, los signos, símbolos, dirige los programas de postgrado en Pastoral
gestos y movimientos, en una acción armoniosa, narrativa Hispana de la universidad. Su trabajo académico
y pastoral le ha llevado a hacer presentaciones en
y estética a la vez, que nos remiten al misterio invisible Europa, Norteamérica y Latinoamérica. La investigación del
celebrado. Y evangelización integral, porque implica a la Dr. Ospino se enfoca en el diálogo entre fe y cultura y el impacto
vez la Palabra y el Rito, la acción y la contemplación, el de esta conversación en los procesos de educación cristiana en
sujeto y la comunidad, la confesión de fe y el compromiso la Iglesia.
de vida. Se trata del mejor, el más extenso y permanente
medio de evangelización. Con una condición: “que se
celebre bien.” Pero, ¿qué supone este “celebrar bien”?
Víctor Valenzuela

PARROQUIAL “Soy Catequista” es un movimiento nacional que empezó
hace tres años. La meta de este movimiento es reconocer
Santiago Fernández el valor y la importancia de los catequistas en nuestro
¿Cómo se puede enseñar música nueva y ampliar el futuro como iglesia. Ser catequista no sólo es una
repertorio parroquial eficazmente? ¿Cómo se selecciona responsabilidad de todos los católicos, sino también un
un cancionero y se establece un programa musical a largo privilegio. Este taller es una reflexión profunda sobre cuál
plazo? ¿Qué se puede hacer para nutrir la espiritualidad es el significado de ser catequista en nuestra iglesia.
del coro y mantener a sus integrantes enganchados y Prepárate para ser inspirado, renovado y llevado más cerca
motivados? En esta sesión hablaremos de estos y otros de Cristo que es nuestro modelo de cómo ser un catequista.
desafíos que hay en el ministerio musical-litúrgico hispano
y se ofrecerán recomendaciones y sugerencias prácticas
para superarlos.


Gloria Grimaldo
La enfermedad es un proceso existencial del ser humano.
El enfoque es lograr desmitificarla y encontrar el sentido
que tiene en nuestro proceso de vida, pues los síntomas
traducen experiencias muy profundas grabadas en nuestro
cuerpo a lo largo de nuestra historia. La enfermedad es
camino de vida.
En la red a 79
Cada persona que asista a las sesiones debe tener boleto. Nadie Muchos de los talleres del Congreso serán grabados por
será admitido sin boleto. El Congreso es un evento de Educación “Convention Seminar Cassettes/CSC Digial Media.” La
Religiosa SOLAMENTE para ADULTOS Y JOVENES grabación individual no estará permitida. Puede encontrar
ADULTOS. Todos los talleres son dirigidos a estos grupos. Si usted mayor información en la red en o en
piensa que no puede hacer ningún arreglo para dejar su niño/a en el libreto-guía.
casa, recuerde que tendrá que pagar por el boleto de su niño/a.
Además responsabilizarse por su cuidado para que no perturbe a REGLAMENTACION DEL CENTRO
los demás asistentes.
Las reglas siguientes han sido dadas a conocer a la Oficina
SUGERENCIA del Congreso con respecto al Centro, Favor de atender a lo
Traiga consigo este libreto-guía al Congreso puesto que mucho 1. No esta permitido acampar ni realizar picnic en
del material contenido aquí no estará en el Programa del Congreso. ningún espacio del estacionamiento del Centro de
2. No esta permitida la distribución y venta de
Los honorarios por estacionamiento en el Centro de Convenciones alimentos y bebidas por organizaciones privadas,
de Anaheim serán de $10 cada vez que usted ingrese. NO HAY expositores ni por particulares.
PASES DE ESTACIONAMIENTO disponibles y NO ESTÁ Esto sería una infracción al contrato con el Centro de
PERMITIDO EL ESTACIONAMIENTO DE NOCHE. Tampoco Convenciones, quien da derechos exclusivamente al Aramak
esta permitido acampar ni hacer picnic. Food Service, Inc. y a la reglamentación del Orange County
NOTA: Los coches deberán ocupar los lugares designados para Board of Health.
tal efecto, si su coche se encuentra en área restringida, éste será
remolcado. “ENDOWMENT FUND”
EL CENTRO DE MENSAJES La Oficina de Educación Religiosa ha establecido un fondo
(Endowment Fund) para donaciones que nos permitan
De ser necesario que sus familiares o amistades se pongan en sostener la instrucción continua y formación de líderes de
contacto con Ud. en cualquier momento durante el Congreso, educación religiosa, especialmente poniendo a disposición
pueden hacerlo de 9:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m. llamando al teléfono becas para aquellos que desean continuar su estudios en
(714) 765-8883 o (714) 765-8884 y dejando recado. También Ud. catequesis. Es nuestra esperanza que cada director de
puede dejar recado en la Central de Recados para personas con educación religiosa tenga la oportunidad de obtener el grado
quienes Ud. desee comunicarse. de Maestría en Estudios Religiosos/Educación Religiosa.
Si usted desea contribuir a este fondo y ser mencionado en
el libro del programa del congreso como benefactor, donante,
Habrá oportunidad para recibir el sacramento de Reconciliación patrocinador o amigo, favor de enviar su donativo a la
en español los días viernes y sábado en el “Sacred Space” en Sala dirección mencionada al final.
304 del Centro de Convenciones (tercer piso), de 11:30 a.m. -
Benefactor Donante Patrocinador Amigo
1:00 p.m. y 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
$1,000 $500 $100 $50
Por favor haga su donativo a nombre de: Religious Educa-
Este año la capilla estará localizada en “Sacred Space” en Sala tion Endowment Fund.
304 del Centro de Convenciones para su uso durante el Congreso. Envié a: Hna. Edith Prendergast, R.S.C.
Usted puede entrar para un momento de oración y adoración ante Office of Religious Education
el Santísimo. La capilla estará abierta el viernes a el domingo de 3424 Wilshire Boulevard
10 a.m. a 3 p.m. Los Angeles, CA 90010
CAMBIO DE BOLETOS En la red: Un beneficio de inscribirse por la red en
Los boletos para las sesiones que no se han llenado se pueden es que permite
conseguir en la mesa de inscripciones. Allí podrá cambiar sus hacer un cargo a su tarjeta de crédito, ya
boletos durante el Congreso con la excepción del día viernes por sea su cuota de inscripción y/o cualquier
la mañana. NOTA: No somos responsables por boletos perdidos. contribución al Endowment Fund. Estas
pueden ser cargadas a su Visa, Master-
PARA MÁS INFORMACIÓN: card o American Express.

Llame al: (213) 637-7348 o (213) 637-7346

Escriba a: ORE / CONGRESS
3424 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

80 Congreso de Educacion Religiosa • 27 de febrero - 1 de marzo, 2009

special note
The Office of Religious Education has established an Endowment Please make your donation payable to: Religious Education
Fund to support the on-going training and formation of religious Endowment Fund.
education leaders, particularly by making scholarships available Mail to: Sister Edith Prendergast, RSC
for catechetical leaders to pursue graduate studies. It is our hope Office of Religious Education
that every Director of Religious Education and Director of Youth 3424 Wilshire Boulevard
Ministry will be given the opportunity to receive a master’s de- Los Angeles, CA 90010-2241
gree in Religious Education/Religious Studies. If you would like On the web: A benefit of registering online at
to contribute to this fund and be listed in the Congress Program allows you to put
Book as a Benefactor, Donor, Sponsor or Friend, please send your all charges on a credit card. Both your
donation to the address below. In addition, there will be a collec- registration fees and any contribution to
tion for this fund at the Saturday evening liturgies. the Endowment Fund can be charged to
your Visa, MasterCard or American
Benefactor Sponsor Donor Friend Express. And any contribution to the
$1,000 $500 $100 $50 Endowment Fund is tax-deductible.


Ralphs Grocery Com- • Log in to
pany, a major supermar- • Click on Sign In/Register
ket chain in the Southern • Click on New Customer? Sign up today!
California area, supports • Enter your ZIP Code and click on “Find,” then Select the store
schools, churches and where you primarily shop.
other non-profit organizations with annual contributions of up to • Enter your email and password information
$3 million. The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress is now • Subscribe or unsubscribe to email subscription by leaving the
a member of Ralphs Community Contributions Program. Simply check marks or removing them and click Confirm
by using your Ralphs rewards Card a portion of eligible purchases • Confirm the Terms and Conditions
are contributed to the RECongress. (Note: This is an annual pro- • Click on Edit Community Contribution Program Information
gram that must be renewed each year. The current term is Sep- • Enter the card number on the back of your Ralphs rewards
tember 1, 2008 through August 31, 2009.) card
• Click on “Save Changes”
We encourage all Ralphs shoppers to sign up for a free Ralphs • Confirm or enter any corrections and click on “Save Changes”
rewards Card and register their card with the Community Contri- • Type in “Archdiocese” or 90658 and click “Search”
butions Program. It’s easy! Just shop, swipe your card and earn • Click on the bubble next to Archdiocese of Los Angeles - Con-
money for the RECongress. Every time you shop for groceries gress and then click on “Save Changes”
and swipe your card at Ralphs, RECongress will automatically Your organization selection will appear on the right side of this
earn up to 5% of all eligible purchases per enrolled card. Sign up page. You have now completed your Online rewards card regis-
now! It’s never been easier to contribute to the RECongress. tration AND your Community Contributions registration.


Review which workshops you would like Make your workshop selections and fin- Simply pay with your MasterCard, Visa

to attend. Then click the “Register” but- ish by adding what address you would like or American Express. You’re done, and
ton or link near the bottom of the page. your tickets mailed. you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation.

  

Register online at 81



The Anaheim Resort Transit (ART) re-
places individual hotel shuttle service
to locations throughout the Anaheim
Resort District. ART’s fleet of vehicles
runs along nine interchangeable routes
that connect hotels, Disneyland,
Disney’s California Adventure, Downtown Disney and the Ana-
heim Convention Center with shopping, dining and evening en-
ART schedules and system maps, adult and child passes, display
materials and signage will be available at all participating hotels
in the Anaheim Resort District.
Service Schedule: Daily service begins 60 minutes before area
theme parks open and concludes 30 minutes after closing.
Disneyland’s East Esplanade offers ART guests priority pick-up
and drop-off locations. During peak periods or special events, 10-
minute frequency services early morning and evening high-de-
mand periods. Non-peak periods are serviced with 20-minute fre-
Fares & Passes: ART adult all-day passes can be purchased by
cash, ATM and credit card at $3 per day for unlimited use, two-
day adult passes are priced at $6, and five-day adult passes are
$12. Children 9 and under ride free. (No on-board pass sales.)
Passes are available from:
• The Front Desk of all participating ART properties. only fares of $3 for adults. Children 9 and under ride free.
• ART kiosks located at 13 locations throughout the Resort. For Information: For information in English and Spanish,
• On-board, guests may purchase one-way, one-time, cash- contact the 24-hour, toll-free Call Center at 1-888-364-ARTS.

82 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009


Prime Time Shuttle is a full-service concessionaire, provid- be found on the coupons below. For more information or to
ing 24-hour/7-day service for all airlines operating at LAX. make a reservation, call 1-800-RED-VANS or contact them
Prime Time provides both Shared Ride/Exclusive (non-stop) online at
transportation between all Southern California airports and
hotels/tourist destinations.
The Religious Education Congress has made special arrange-
ments for airport transportation with Prime Time Shuttle.
Prime Time’s shared ride shuttle fare is reduced by $4 round
trip with the discount coupons below.
Shuttle service is available from LAX, the Los Angeles In-
ternational Airport, for the special discounted rate of $13
per person, one way. From John Wayne Airport, the one-
way discounted rate is $8 per person. You may either use the
coupons on this page or mention the Religious Education
Congress when you book the shuttle. Additional details can


Register online at 83

anaheim area FEB. 26 (YOUTH DAY) & FEB. 27 - MARCH 1, 2009


You can find additional maps and downloadable hotel information and updates to listings at Be sure
to check our online interactive map showing hotel locations and pricing.

84 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

NOTE: We have negotiated special rates with the following properties. To get the quoted rates, be sure to inform the hotel
that you are attending the Religious Education Congress. Room availability is not guaranteed after date indicated.
NOTE: Listing as of October 6, 2008; check online at for latest updates.

ANAHEIM MARRIOTT (Headquarters Hotel)

(714) 750-8000 $189 $199 $209 $219 $575 4:00 pm BLOCK SOLD OUT
700 W Convention Way
(714) 905-1055 $137 $137 $167 $167 4:00 pm Rate through 1/12
1030 W Katella Ave
(714) 750-4321 $189 / $209 / $229 Available 4:00 pm BLOCK SOLD OUT
777 W Convention Way
ANAHEIM INN (Best Western)
(714) 774-1050 $104 $104 $104 $104 4:00 pm Rate through 1/26
1630 S Harbor Blvd
(714) 750-2801 $119 $119 3:00 pm Rate through 1/26
1850 S Harbor Blvd.
(714) 750-1000 $129 $129 $129 $129 All Suites 4:00 pm Rate through 2/8
12015 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove 92840
1441 S Manchester Ave (714) 991-8100 $91 $91 $91 $91 3:00 pm Rate through 1/25
12901 Garden Grove Blvd (714) 539-4200 $99 $99 $99 $99 $99 4:00 pm Rate through 1/15
Garden Grove 92843
616 W Convention Way (714) 750-3131 $132 $132 $132 $132 $142 4:00 pm Rate through 2/1
COMFORT INN & SUITES Over 2 people, $10 ea.;
(714) 772-8713 $99 $99 Available 3:00 pm
300 E Katella Ave Rate through 1/26
(714) 740-2645 $149 $149 $149 $149 $149 3:00 pm Rate through 1/26
2045 S Harbor Blvd
Rollaway $15;
Harbor & Chapman (714) 867-5555 $125 $125 $125 $125 4:00 pm
Rate through 1/25
Anaheim 92840
DESERT PALMS HOTEL & SUITES Comp. continental breakfast;
(714) 399-0169 $143 / $163 / $183 Available 3:00 pm
631 W Katella Ave Rate through 1/26
(714) 520-5005 $169 $169 $179 $179 3:00 pm Rate through 1/26
1150 W Magic Way
(714) 750-3000 $141 $141 $141 $141 All Suites 3:00 pm Rate through 1/26
2085 S Harbor Blvd
(714) 539-3300 $165/$185 $165/$185 $165/$185 $165/$185 All Suites 3:00 pm Rate through 12/25
11767 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove 92840
(714) 772-6777 $119 $119 $119 $119 3:00 pm Rate through 2/6
1460 S Harbor Blvd
(714) 703-8800 $119 $119 $119 $119 Available 3:00 pm Rate through 1/28
11747 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove 92840
(714) 703-8100 $119 $119 $119 3:00 pm Rate through 1/4
11777 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove 92840
12867 Garden Grove Blvd (714) 539-3535 $98 $108 $108 $108 3:00 pm Rate through 1/31
Garden Grove 92843
HOLIDAY INN HOTEL & SUITES Welcome reception;
(714) 535-0300 $102 $102 $102 $102 Available 3:00 pm
1240 S Walnut St Rate through 1/26
(714) 740-1800 $135 $135 $135 $135 All Suites 3:00 pm Rate through 1/26
12005 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove 92840

(714) 776-6120 $109 $109 $109 $109 3:00 pm Rate through 1/26
1380 S Harbor Blvd.
(714) 750-1234 $119 $119 $119 $119 4:00 pm Rate through 2/6
11999 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove 92840
PARK PLACE INN (Best Western)
(714) 776-4800 $107 $107 $107 $107 4:00 pm Rate through 1/26
1544 S Harbor Blvd
PAVILIONS (Best Western)
(714) 776-0140 $98 $98 $98 $98 4:00 pm Rate through 1/26
1176 W Katella Ave
(714) 782-7600 $139/$169 $139/$169 $139/$169 $139/$169 Available 3:00 pm Rate through 1/26
1831 S Harbor Blvd
RAFFLES INN & SUITES (Best Western) Comp. deluxe breakfast;
(714) 750-6100 $114 $114 $114 $114 $145 - $175 3:00 pm
2040 S Harbor Blvd Rate through 2/1
RAMADA INN MAINGATE Contact Michelle Blanchard;
(714) 771-5188 $109 $109 $109 $109 3:00 pm
1650 S Harbor Blvd Rate through 2/12.
RAMADA LIMITED SUITES Free continental breakfast;
(714) 971-3553 $69 $79 $89 Available 3:00 pm
2141 S Harbor Blvd Rate through 1/26
(866) 837-4197 $135/$190 $135/$190 $145/$205 $145/$205 Available 4:00 pm Rate through 1/26
1855 S Harbor Blvd.
STOVALL’S INN (Best Western)
(714) 778-1880 $101 $101 $101 $101 4:00 pm Rate through 1/26
1110 W Katella Ave

Register online at 85


It’s time to book your

Airline Tickets
for the
Call and reserve your tickets early with the Official Travel Agency of Congress.


CALL AND ASK FOR THE CONGRESS DESK: 310-552-0786 (in California)
– or – 1-800-323-7004 (outside California)
FAX: 310-552-2622 E-MAIL:


Passenger Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________________
Passenger Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________________
Billing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________ State: ___________ ZIP Code: ________________________
Home Phone:________________________ Work Phone: ____________________________________________
Fax Number:________________________ Cell Number: ____________________________________________
E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Credit Card Number: ______________________________________________ Exp.: _____________________
City of Departure:____________________ or Airport of Departure: ___________________________________
Date of Departure: _____________________________________________________ Time: _________AM or PM
Date of Return: _______________________________________________________ Time: _________AM or PM
Frequent flyer number(s): ____________________________Seating preference: _________________________
Car rental type (and preference of company, if you have one): _________________________________________

Any special requests: __________________________________________________________________________


In lieu of my credit card imprint, I, _____________________________________, hereby authorize EXECUTOURS TRAVEL
SERVICE to charge any transactions requested by me via telephone, fax or e-mail to my credit card listed above.

___________________________________ _______________________________________
Date Signature of Cardholder

86 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

FEB. 26 (YOUTH DAY) & FEB. 27 - MARCH 1, 2009 featured hotels


Register online at 87

featured ads FEB. 26 (YOUTH DAY) & FEB. 27 - MARCH 1, 2009


• Enjoy our 371 Spacious and Luxurious All-Suite Hotel, located just
one mile from the Anaheim Convention Center!
• Experience Revive, the new bed from Marriott. Feel the difference that
300-thread-count sheets can make. Down comforters snuggled inside
custom-sheeted duvet covers fresh for your arrival. Separate bedroom
and sitting area, large bathrooms, work desk area and a pull-out sofa
bed. Family suites sleep up to 6!
• Easy access to the Convention Center and the Disneyland Resort via the
Anaheim Resort Transit (ART) system. Trolleys leave every 20 minutes
from the front of our hotel.
• Dine in our brand new restaurant! Introducing – SunSpot, an American
Restaurant, features a wide variety of delicious American favorites.
• Enjoy our very own Starbucks™. Full service featuring freshly pre-
pared espresso drinks, sumptuous pastries and light fare.



88 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

RECONGRESS 2009 certification

Earn professional development / continuing education credit for attending

Love Unfolding ... Igniting Our Yes!

Amor Revelador ... Encendiendo nuestro ¡Sí!
February 27 - March 1, 2009
In cooperation with the Office of Religious Education at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles,
LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY offers the opportunity to earn professional development
(continuing education) credit for attending the Religious Education Congress, with two options:

To earn 1.0 unit (10 hours over two days): To earn 1.5 units (15 hours over three days):
• attend any six workshops (including keynote • attend any eight workshops (including keynote
addresses) and at least one major liturgy; addresses) and at least two major liturgies;
• write a 1-2 page reflection paper integrating • write a 2-3 page reflection paper integrating
what you learned at the presentations. what you learned at the presentations.
• registration fee: $35 • registration fee: $50

 To register, fill out the form below, and either FAX it or mail it to the address below.
• You can also register by phone (310-338-2799) or online (
• You can also register, at Congress; just come by the LMU Booth in the Exhibit Hall.

 To receive credit, submit your paper (typed, double-spaced), along with a list of all the sessions you
attended, on or before March 18, 2009 (two weeks after Congress)
• Send your materials by e-mail (, or FAX (310-338-2706), or regular mail to:
Center for Religion & Spirituality, 1 LMU Drive, Suite 1840, Los Angeles, CA 90045
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


 RELX 870.01 / CRN 80487 – R.E. CONGRESS: Two Days (1.0 unit for $30)
 RELX 871.01 / CRN 80488 – R.E. CONGRESS: Three Days (1.5 units for $45)
FULL NAME ____________________________________________________________________________
Title First Middle Last Suffix

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________

CITY ________________________________________ STATE _________ ZIP CODE ________________

PHONE ______________________________________ E-MAIL __________________________________

Social Security # _____________________________________ Date of Birth _______________________


VISA or MasterCard # ______________________________________ CCV# _______ Exp. Date _______

Please submit this form along with the appropriate registration fee on or before March 18, 2009.
Make checks payable to “Loyola Marymount University,” or give credit card information above.

Center for Religion & Spirituality, 1 LMU Drive Suite 1840, Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659, 310-338-2799; FAX 310-338-2706

Register online at 89

certification RECONGRESS 2009


Graduate Religious Studies Program
Doheny Campus, 10 Chester Place, Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 477-2640 (213) 477-2649 fax


Mount St. Mary’s College offers you one Continuing Education Unit (C.E.U.) for attending workshops and Keynotes at the
2009 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. This C.E.U. is recorded by the American Council on Education.

EARN ONE C.E.U. BY ATTENDING SEVEN 1. C.E.U. credit is awarded nationally for attendance at con-
CONGRESS WORKSHOPS.* ferences, seminars, workshops, and classes providing
EARN .8 C.E.U. BY ATTENDING FIVE adult-learning experiences.
2. C.E.U. credit is used toward advancement in some pro-
a. Earn .8 C.E.U. by attending five workshops. fessions or as proof of continuing education.
Earn 1 C.E.U. for seven workshops. (S.1)
3 C.E.U. credit is processed by Mount St. Mary’s College
b. Earn 1 C.E.U. in any of these areas by attending and recorded by the American Council on Education in
four of seven workshops in the desired area: Washington, D.C.
• Catechist recertification (S.2)
• Hispanic Ministry certification (S.3) 4. C.E.U. credit offers proof of attendance for recertification
• Master Catechist recertification (S.4) or certification credits as a religion teacher.
• Liturgical recertification (S.5)
• High School cert./recertification (S.6) 5 The fee for either .8 C.E.U. or 1 C.E.U. is $15.
c. To obtain one C.E.U. in any of the areas, S.2-6,
four of the seven workshops must be related to the de- * All General Arena Keynotes (non-liturgies) also
sired area. (4 of 5 for .8 C.E.U.) count toward workshop credit.

For more information, contact: Brigidann Cooper, Program Assistant • (213) 477-2640 •

Mount St. Mary’s College Continuing Education for Pastoral / Catechetical Ministry Congress 2009

I wish to enroll for one Continuing Education Unit (1 C.E.U.)  I understand I must attend 7 workshops at the Los Angeles
Religious Education Congress to obtain this credit.
I wish to enroll for .8 Continuing Education Unit (5 C.E.U.)  I understand I must attend 5 workshops at the Los Angeles
Religious Education Congress to obtain this credit.
 Please send me the registration packet  Please reserve a packet for me at the MSMC Congress Booth
Circle one: S.1 S.2 S.3 S.4 S.5 S.6

Name ________________________________________ E-mail _______________________________________________

Address ______________________________________ City _______________________ State _____ ZIP __________

Phone ______________________________ Date of Birth _________________ SS# _____________________________

 $45 enclosed for new students (Check payable to Mount St. Mary’s College)
Return to: Graduate Religious Studies
 $25 enclosed for continuing students (Check to Mount St. Mary’s College)
Mount St. Mary’s College
10 Chester Place No registration will be honored without accompanying payment.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
90 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009
FEB. 26 (YOUTH DAY) & FEB. 27 - MARCH 1, 2009 information
We have always asked that everyone observe the rules and regu- If family or friends need to contact you during Congress, they
lations of the hotels regarding food and beverages in their may do so from 9 am to 6 pm by phoning (714) 765-8883 or
rooms. Hotel regulations regarding food are as follows: (714) 765-8884 and leaving a message. You may also leave a
message for friends you wish to contact.
includes microwave ovens, warming ovens, toasters or
any type of similar appliances. Many of the Congress workshops will be recorded by Conven-
tion Seminar Cassettes/CSC Digital Media. Individual audio/
2. FOOD AND BEVERAGES – OTHER THAN video taping is not allowed. Further information about cas-
THOSE PROVIDED BY HOTEL CATERING DE- sette tapes and audio CDs can be found online at
PARTMENTS – ARE FORBIDDEN IN ROOMS.; an order form and contact information
Notices will be filed with the management if anything will be printed in the Program Book.
is found in the rooms by housekeeping personnel. Ho-
tel management will take appropriate action. SERVICES FOR THE DEAF/HARD OF HEARING
Knowing that many parishes do provide hospitality for their We will make every effort to assure that Congress 2009 is ac-
people, we have contacted the catering managers of all major cessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons. Please let us
hotels, and they have agreed to work very closely with us in know if you have need of interpreters or Assistive Listening
providing a variety of reasonably priced food and beverages.
They can also set up banquets in their meeting rooms as We encourage you to contact the Religious Education Con-
well. For your convenience, we have listed the contact person gress staff by February 2, 2009, at (213) 637-7348 to be sure
at each of these facilities. your request has been received. The Closing Liturgy on Sun-
day will be interpreted. Special seating for all deaf community
members is located near the front right of the Arena floor. If
BANQUET/CATERING CONTACTS ONLY you would like another Mass interpreted, you may request an
CLARION: Mitzi Hoffman (714) 750-3131 x3024 interpreter upon your arrival.
HILTON: Susan Maarup (714) 740-4495
If you wish to add, drop or change a request AFTER you ar-
rive, ask Interpreting Services, located in Congress Headquar-
MARRIOTT: Bernadette Chute (714) 748-2431 ters (AR-1). While we can accommodate most requests for last-
minute changes, we cannot guarantee an interpreter will be
SHERATON: Kirsten Garcia (714) 740-4174 available.


The Religious Education Congress Committee wants you to
The following regulations have been given to the Congress enjoy your Congress experience and offers the following op-
Office regarding policies. PLEASE, PAY ATTENTION TO tions:
THESE POLICIES, AS THEY WILL BE ENFORCED BY THE • It is our desire to meet the needs of all those requiring assis-
CONVENTION CENTER. tance. If you need an attendant to accompany you, we ask
1. No camping or picnicking on the Convention Center that only one attendant accompany you to workshops and
Parking lots. other Congress events. If an attendant is to accompany you,
it is important to mail your registration – along with your
2. No free distribution or selling of food and beverages by attendant’s – in the same envelope with a note explaining
private organizations, exhibitors or individuals. that both need to be registered in the same workshops. It is
This is a violation of the Convention Center's contract giving essential that you register by January 5, 2009.
exclusive rights to Aramark Food Service, Inc. and Orange • The distances between the Convention Center and surround-
County Board of Health regulations. ing hotels are quite large. However, the Convention Center
has a free shuttle service to Convention Center buildings. If
PARKING you would like to be scheduled for Convention Center-only
workshops, please include a note with your registration card.
The parking fee at the Anaheim Convention Center is $10 each
time you drive in. NO PARKING PASSES will be available, • NOTE: The Convention Center does not provide wheelchairs.
and NO OVERNIGHT PARKING is permitted. Camping and Please contact Alpha Drugs Pharmacy at either of their two
locations in Anaheim: 1240 S. Magnolia, (714) 220-0373; or
picnicking are NOT allowed.

515 S. Beach Blvd., (714) 821-8959.

NOTE: Cars will be ticketed if backed into designated head-in
Phone: (213) 637-7346

Register online at 91

registration CONGRESS • FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 1, 2009


DO . . . SÍ . . .
1. Affix address label in designated area on Registration Form (in- 1. Pegue la etiqueta con su dirección en la sección designada. Si la
side back cover). If address label is not correct, fill out regis- dirección no está correcta, favor de llenar la forma de inscripción
tration card completely. Please be sure to PRINT your Name, totalmente. Por favor incluya su Nombre, Direccion, Zona Postal
Address, ZIP Code and Phone Number. y número de teléfono.
2. Enclose correct amount in check/money order (U.S. dollars only). 2. Adjunte la cantidad correcta de dinero (U.S.).
3. Make checks payable to: Religious Education Congress. 3. Haga su cheque pagadero a: Religious Education Congress.
5. Register by credit card online at 5. Se aceptan tarjetas de crédito en linea en
6. Register on site during the Congress weekend if you have not 6. Si para el 15 de febrero de 2009 no ha enviado su registro, puede
registered by February 15, 2009. hacerlo personalmente durante el fin de semana del Congreso.
PLEASE . . . POR FAVOR . . .
1. DO NOT make copies of the Registration Form. 1. NO reproduzca la tarjeta de inscripción.
2. DO NOT register two people on one form. 2. NO inscriba a dos personas en una tarjeta.
3. DO NOT mail registrations after February 15, 2009. 3. NO envie su registración después del 15 de febrero, 2009.
4. DO NOT clip or staple your check to the registration form. 4. NO asegure ni engrape su cheque a la tarjeta de inscripción.
5. DO NOT expect the Congress Office to make changes in work- 5. NO espere que la Oficina del Congreso le cambie los talleres
shops after you have registered. (You may exchange tickets for después de inscribirse. (Podrá cambiar sus boletos por otra sesión
any available sessions beginning at noon on Friday of Congress.) con cupo, el viernes del Congreso.)

1. Registration fee: $60. Postmarked after January 5, 2009: $70. 1. LA CUOTA ES $60 (U.S.). Después del 5 de enero, 2009 sará $70.
2. Refunds are made, less a $30 processing fee per person. Refunds 2. No habrá devolución de cuota después del 5 de enero, 2009. Se
must be requested in writing and postmarked by January 5, 2009. cobraran $30, por persona, si cancela su inscripción. (Para pedir
There are NO REFUNDS after this date. reembolso es necesario hacerlo por escrito por la fecha.)
3. Registrations received after February 15 will be processed and must 3. Si recibimos su forma de inscripción después del 15 de febrero,
be picked up through Advance Pick-Up or at the Registration Booth. se procesará pero usted no recibirá los boletos por correo. Los
Tickets will only be given to the registered individual with ID. boletos se le entregaran solamente a la persona que se registró y
4. TICKETS will be mailed after JANUARY 31, 2009. Please al- necesitará presentar identificación en el Centro de Convenciones.
low two weeks for delivery. READ ALL MATERIALS THAT ARE 4. LOS BOLETOS se enviarán por correo después del 31 de
SENT WITH TICKETS. enero, 2009. Por favor espere 2 semanas para recibirlos. LEA
5. Replacement tickets cost: $25. TODO EL MATERIAL QUE SE LE ENVIA con los boletos, y
recoja su libro de programa en la casilla de programas.
ADVANCE TICKET/PROGRAM BOOK PICK-UP 5. El costo para reemplazar boletos es de $25.
Get a “jump start” on Congress and avoid the Program Book lines! Pick RECOJA SU LIBRO DE PROGRAMA
up your Congress Program Book and badge holder beginning Thursday ,
February 26, from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm, in the Convention Center Hall Evite las largas líneas y recoja su libro a partir del día jueves, 26 de
A Prefunction Lobby. Please bring your program card with you! febrero, por la noche desde las 6:30 pm hasta las 8:30 pm en el
Prefunciones área del Salón A del Centro de Convenciones.
REMINDER: Congress is an adult/young adult-ONLY religious
education event. All workshops are directed to these age El Congreso es un evento de educación religiosa para adultos/
groups. If you must bring your child(ren), they MUST be reg- jóvenes adultos SOLAMENTE. Todos los talleres son dirigidos
istered and they must accompany you. We ask that they be a estos grupos. Si usted debe traer a su niño/s, ellos deben ser
your sole responsibility so they do not disturb the other dele- registrados y deben estar acompañados. Le pedimos hacerse
gates. responsable de ellos para evitar distracciones a otros delegados.


The Religious Education Congress staff will make every effort to assure that Congress 2009 is accessible to the Deaf or Hard
of Hearing person. For those who would like to request an interpreter or use of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs).
Please fill out and include this form along with your registration.
What services do you need?  Sign Interpreter  Oral Interpreter  Deaf/Blind Interpreter  ALD
 I plan on attending the following periods (circle all that apply): FRI: 1 2 3 SAT: 4 5 6 SUN: 7 8
Name: ____________________________________________ City/State: ________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________
If you wish to add, drop or change a request AFTER you arrive at Congress, check with the Information Desk where Interpreting
Services is located. While we can accommodate most last-minute requests, we cannot guarantee an interpreter will be available.

92 Religious Education Congress • February 27 - March 1, 2009

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