You will write a BOOK REVIEW (not REPORT) on a chosen novel. See the list of books below for the choices. 2. You book review is due NO LATER THAN Friday, June 10, 2011, by 2 p.m. I WILL NOT ACCEPT REVIEWS THAT ARE MORE THAN 1 CLASS LATE AND YOU WILL LOSE 20 POINTS FOR A LATE REVIEW. 3. The REVIEW is a FORMAL PAPER. Using research, evaluate the book as an historical source; is it good history, or just a fairy tale. (If you read an "alternate history 'what-if?' story, are the historical figures and events handled plausibly?) Use your RESEARCH SOURCES to check out the period and find things you can compare. Look at things like the SETTING and ATTITUDES of characters, as well as FACTS incorporated into the story. For example, are there BIASES or PREJUDICES which distort the account? If it IS an ACCURATE ACCOUNT, what examples can you COMPARE WITH YOUR RESEARCH to prove its accuracy? In short, show the strengths and weaknesses of the book as an historical source. ****THIS ASSIGNMENT EMPHASIZES RESEARCH, WRITING, AND ANALYTICAL SKILLS. IT ALSO ENCOURAGES YOU TO THINK CRITICALLY ABOUT HISTORICAL SOURCES.**** Sample reviews are posted on my Wikispace in APEH Readings. 4. The project requires A FORMAL BIBLIOGRAPHY (Chicago Format.) 5. In addition to a "BIBLIOGRAPHY" (i.e., a list of your sources), you will have to supply CITATIONS in your paper to show where you got the facts, quotations, etc., you are relating. Please use either FOOTNOTES or ENDNOTES according to the Chicago Manual of Style. 6. The review also requires the FORMAL TITLE PAGE shown later in these directions. 7. Your paper should be 4 – 6 pages and MUST be typed, double spaced with a minimum of one (1) inch margins. Please use 12 point font – Times New Roman, Calibri, Book Antiqua. You must type the paper yourself. This guarantees that the grammar, spelling, neatness will be your’s alone. 8. Don't choose a novel that you've already read. Also don't rely on having seen the movie BASED on the book; the movie makers ALWAYS change things.

Don't rely on Cliff Notes or Internet summaries. Robin Hood. AS IT IS NOT MY INTENTION TO FORCE UPON ANY STUDENT MATERIAL TO WHICH HE OR SHE -. tournaments. I will give approval on a first come. 11. Further on in this assignment is a list of possible titles for the project.] Sharon Kay Penman: THE SUNNE IN SPLENDOR [Richard III] Guy M. and all that. especially those written in the last twenty years or so. To avoid everyone selecting the same choices. I have included these works on the list because their overall content in each case outweighs the otherwise objectionable details. contain passages with language and/or situations requiring something other than "G" ratings. USING THEM VIOLATES MY HONOR GUIDELINES. HOWEVER. Townsend: TO PROVE A VILLAIN [Contemporary murder mystery that takes an anti-Tey side in the Richard III controversy] Josephine Tey: THE DAUGHTER OF TIME [Richard III] Edward Rutherfurd THE PRINCES OF IRELAND (medieval up to the 1500's with detailed links to Brit rule). ANALYSIS. . PROOFREADING and MECHANICS. You will be graded on CONTENT.OR HIS OR HER FAMILY -MAY OBJECT. Your parent MUST sign his/her approval of your selection — see bottom of assignment [before the rubric. 12. should anyone ask. WORKS FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE (Mostly Fiction) NOTE : **A few of the these titles.          Ken Follett: PILLARS OF THE EARTH [Popular epic novel of twelfth-century England.] I will be glad to assist with more thorough descriptions.9. No more than two people may read the same book. PG-14] Sir Walter Scott: IVANHOE [English knights. DON'T CHOOSE A BOOK WITHOUT EXAMINING IT FIRST! Someone always selects a book he/she has NEVER seen only to discover that it has a gazillion pages. with religious prejudice thrown in] Connie Willis: DOOMSDAY BOOK [Award-winner about a time-traveler who blunders into the Black Death] Louis L’Amour :THE WALKING DRUM [A French adventurer travels from one end of Europe to the other] Michael Crichton: TIMELINE [Modern researchers face the 100 Years War. Each project will be worth 150 points. Check the Rubric on a separate page/link. first served basis. PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY. 10.

1665]  Robert Louis Stevenson: KIDNAPPED [Classic centering on the Scottish Jacobite Rebellion]  Samuel Shellabarger : LORD VANITY [Eighteenth century society and values]  Voltaire: CANDIDE [you should know what this is about!]  Nancy Mitford: FREDERICK THE GREAT [biography of one of Europe’s brightest rulers. who becomes one of his close advisors.]   Alexander Dumas: THE THREE MUSKETEERS [Adventure and intrigue in Richelieu 's France ]  Rafael Sabatini : FORTUNE'S FOOL [Fun and disease in Restoration England]  Geraldine Brooks: YEAR OF WONDERS [the Black Death in England. like Bloody Mary]  Margaret George: MARY QUEEN OF SCOTLAND AND THE ISLES [historical fiction about the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Lawrence Schoonover: THE QUEEN'S CROSS [Spain at the time of Queen Isabella]  Lawrence Schoonover: THE CHANCELLOR [Renaissance court intrigue in the France of Francis I]  Samuel Shellabarger : THE KING'S CAVALIER [Machiavellian adventure and conspiracies in sixteenth-century France ]  Samuel Shellabarger : PRINCE OF FOXES [Cesare Borgia and Renaissance intrigue]  Irving Stone: THE AGONY AND THE ECSTACY: A BIOGRAPGICAL NOVEL OF MICHELANGELO [the title says it all. long but excellent]  Jean Plaidy : ST.]   Baroness Orczy: THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL [Rescuing people from the Reign of Terror in France]  Rafael Sabatini : MASTER-AT-ARMS [Counter-revolutionary movements during the French Revolutionary years]  C. THOMAS 'S EVE [Henry VIII vs. Thomas More in England ]  Jean Plaidy : THE SIXTH WIFE [Katherine Parr.]  Nancy Mitford: MADAME DE POMPADOUR [one-time mistress of Louis XV.S. NOT Mary Tudor]  Tracy Chevalier: GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING [women in the Dutch Republic of the 17th century]  Nancy Mitford: THE SUN KING [daily life of Louis XIV and the building of Versailles and France as a great power. but VERY readable]  Alison Weir: THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII  Robert Bolt: A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS [Sir Thomas More]  Jean Plaidy : THE SPANISH BRIDEGROOM [Philip II of Spain and his wives. who SURVIVED Henry]  Margaret George: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF HENRY VIII [Lengthy.Forester :CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER [Famous tales of the Napoleonic Wars from a naval perspective]  **Jane Austen: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE or SENSE AND SENSIBILITY or .

but well worth the read.] Victor Hugo: LES MISERABLES [the story of Jean Valjean.]  Thomas Hardy: FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD [19TH century British social history]  Michael Crichton: THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY [A neat little caper in smug Victorian England ]  **Anne Perry: any of the CHARLOTTE & THOMAS PITT or WILLIAM MONK novels or NO GRAVES AS YET and sequels [Reavley family and World War I]  Ivan Turgenev : FATHERS AND SONS [anti-establishment youth in tsarist Russia ]  Irving Stone: LUST FOR LIFE [Struggles of the artist-individualist. India.] Alexandre Dumas: THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO [Edmond Dantes is imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit and wants revenge on the three men responsible. Made into a movie with Reese Witherspoon. written by a woman]  Charlotte Bronte: JANE EYRE [story of a woman who struggles for selfdefinition and determination in a society that too often denies her that right]  Emily Bronte: WUTHERING HEIGHTS [How British society’s standards and rules can thwart love. explores issues of class and gender]  George Elliot: MIDDLEMARCH [19TH century British social history. Fantine.     PERSUASION [Turn of century (19th) British society] Peter Shaffer: AMADEUS (Play) [Mozart in Vienna ] William Makepeace Thackery: VANITY FAIR [British Society – post Napoleon to about 1830. his pursuer Javert. winner of the best historical novel award in 1981]  M. Deeply devoted to an old Tibetan lama but involved in a secret mission for the British. Based on a true story in early nineteenth century France. Cosett.Kimball O’Hara grows up an orphan in the walled city of Lahore.]  Rudyard Kipling: KIM [India under the British Raj -.]  J. Kaye: THE FAR PAVILIONS [India under the British Raj during the time of the “Great Game” (term used for the strategic rivalry and conflict between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia.G. Vincent Van Gogh]  Jules Verne: AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS  Valerie Fitzgerald: ZEMINDAR [India during the British Raj. around the time of the Sepoy Mutiny.  Elizabeth Gaskell: NORTH AND SOUTH [Britain’s Industrial Revolution. M. and others against the background of the French Revolution of 1830.] Alexandre Dumas: THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK [The last adventure of the Musketeers.]  **Charles Dickens: HARD TIMES [Tribulations of the British industrial worker] OR any other Dickens novel.) A very long book. in this case of Heathcliff and Cathy. Farrell: THE SIEGE OF KRISHNAPUR [Native revolt against the British in India ] .

]   Christabel Bielenberg: WHEN I WAS A GERMAN [An English woman who married a German and lived in Nazi Germany. Shirer: BERLIN DIARIES [An American reporter views life in Nazi Germany before the U. [World War I from the point of view of the women who drove ambulances. she becomes a member of the German resistance to Hitler. S. Autobiographical.]  Ernest Hemingway: THE SUN ALSO RISES [disillusionment and angst of the post-World War I generation. SHOULDER THE SKY [World War I]  Sebastian Faulks: BIRDSONG.M. . Originally titled The Past is .] or A FAREWELL TO ARMS [the tenuous nature of love in a time of war – World War I.(amazon. Maisie becomes a private investigator after the war. Autobiographical. using previously unseen documents released after the fall of the Soviet Union. . NO GRAVES AS YET [pre-World War I Britain]  Anne Perry.com review)]  Robert Graves: GOOD-BYE TO ALL THAT [autobiography. PASSIONS OF THE MIND [Sigmund Freud]  Anne Perry. a classic of the disillusioned Lost Generation]   Erich Maria Remarque: ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT [World War I in the trenches.]  Robert Massie: NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA [a love story and the end of the Romanov Empire]  Robert Massie: THE ROMANOVS: the FINAL CHAPTER [what occurred from the execution of the Romanovs to present days. This series gives a vivid picture of the “motivations and demons prevalent in postwar England”.]  William L. Forster: A PASSAGE TO INDIA [British values and prejudices in the colonies]  **Leon Uris: TRINITY [Ireland’s struggle for independence]  Nicholas Meyer: THE SEVEN-PER-CENT SOLUTION [Sherlock Holmes meets Sigmund Freud in pre-World War I Vienna.]  Boris Pasternak: DOCTOR ZHIVAGO [Love story set amidst the upheaval of the Russian Revolution]  Ignazio Silone : BREAD AND WINE [Life in Fascist Italy]  Arthur Koestler : DARKNESS AT NOON [The Stalinist Purge Trials]  Ernest Hemingway: FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS [The Spanish Civil War]  Carlos Ruiz Zafon: THE SHADOW OF THE WIND.]  **Jacqueline Winspear: MAISIE DOBBS [a nurse during the Great War. [Spain during the Civil War in the 1930's]  Maria von Trapp: THE STORY OF THE TRAPP FAMILY SINGERS [The real Sound of Music story. story of the author during World War I. [one of the best depictions of World War I]  Helen Zenna Smith: NOT SO QUIET . Giuseppe di Lampedusa : THE LEOPARD [Italian aristocracy at the time of national unification]  E.]  Irving Stone. enters the war.

but doesn’t count on a beautiful woman who falls in love with him. and the Nazis]  Louis de Bernières :CORELLI’S MANDOLIN [Greece at the time of the Axis invasion]  Leon Uris: THE ANGRY HILLS [Greece just before and after the Axis invasion. tries to find out the actual landing sites of the D-Day Invasion.]  Ken Follett: THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE [Hitler’s spy. TAILOR.]  Len Deighton :SS-GB [Thriller based on the premise of Germany's beating Britain in World War II]  Pierre Boulle :THE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER KWAI [British army attitudes vs. and then Ride Out the Dark]   Richard Condon: AN INFINITY OF MIRRORS [Anti-Semitism. or THE HONORABLE SCHOOLBOY [Cold War spy tales from a former member of British Intelligence]  **Helen MacInnes: PRELUDE TO TERROR. SOLDIER. if you can call it that.]  Alexander Solzhenitsyn: ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF IVAN DENISOVICH [Life.Myself. a Jewish state]  Leon Uris: ARMAGEDDON: A NOVEL OF BERLIN [Planning and execution of occupation of Berlin after the war. and establishment of. German and British spies chase British military plans and each other. one teenager’s experiences in the Nazi concentration camps. or CLOAK OF DARKNESS [spying and romance during the Cold War]** **You may read any book by authors marked with a ** denotes nonfiction books OTHER BOOKS MAY BE ACCEPTABLE IF I APPROVE THEM FIRST! HONOR PLEDGE On the last page of the review (a separate page) please type.]  John Hersey : THE WALL [Nazi extermination of Polish Jews]  Leon Uris: MILA 18 [The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising]  Livia Bitton-Jackson: I HAVE LIVED A THOUSAND YEARS: Growing Up in the Holocaust [memoir. or THE HIDDEN TARGET. in a Soviet labor camp under Stalin]  John Le Carré: THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD. shows acts of humanity in a horrible situation]  Elie Wiesel: NIGHT [autobiographical. of a 13-year-old Hungarian Jewish girl's incarceration in Auschwitz. the German army. the Japanese]  Ronald Harwood: TAKING SIDES (Play) [Is a famous musician who stayed in Nazi Germany guilty of war crimes?]  Leon Uris: QB VII [Is a doctor guilty of crimes against humanity while serving as a concentration camp physician during World War II?]  Leon Uris : EXODUS [Background to.]  Ken Follett: THE KEY TO REBECCA [North Africa during World War II. SPY. in Britain. or TINKER. sign and mean: .

OR ANY OTHER SUCH LITERARY AID IN THE WRITING OF MY PAPER. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME. __________________________________ STUDENT SIGNATURE SIGNATURE ______________________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN TITLE PAGES – GUIDELINES 1.I HAVE READ IN FULL. Title of book and author centered in the middle of the page (title on one line. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME. At the bottom right corner of the page: Date Class/Block APEH Name STUDENT/PARENT SIGNATURES FOR BOOK APPROVAL Fill out and turn in the following portion of the page by May 23rd (A)/May 24th (B): I WILL READ IN FULL. THE BOOK ABOUT WHICH I AM WRITING. SPARKSNOTES. I UNDERSTAND THAT I MAY RECEIVE A ZERO. AND WILL RECEIVE NO HIGHER GRADE THAN A 50. THE BOOK ABOUT WHICH I AM WRITING. __________________________________ STUDENT SIGNATURE SIGNATURE ______________________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN Name: ________________________________________________________ . author below) 2. I WILL NOT USE CLIFFNOTES. IF I DO SO. AND HAVE TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY ACTED HONORABLY IN THE PREPARATION OF THIS PAPER. AND WILL TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY ACT HONORABLY IN THE PREPARATION OF THIS PAPER.

Title of book: __________________________________________________ .

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