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The Library Project

Danielson Library: 1-860-412-7272

Willimantic Library Learning Center: 1-860-412-7285

Part 3: Finding Books

Books are a crucial resource in any research project. As a student, you want to be sure to consult books
because they often provide comprehensive coverage of a single topic. In a college library like QVCC, books are
arranged on the shelf by subject, allowing you to do “one stop shopping” for books on your topic.

Finding books on your topic is essential to fully understanding your subject.

Part 3 of The Library Project requires you to search and discover the title of a book on your crime topic.
For this assignment, you may either use the title of a circulating print book (on the shelves in Danielson or
Willimantic) or you may use an e-book (NetLibrary), so long as the QVCC Library owns the book. You will
retrieve and read a book record, which will be helpful when creating Work Cited pages in the future.

Step 1 – Use QVCC Library’s Online Catalog to find books

1. Open the library home page.

2. Click the Research button – it's at the top of the page.
3. Click Online Catalog.
4. The default search is Keyword. Check your spelling.

Tips for searching:

1 keyword

2 keywords

1 phrase

1 phrase and 1 keyword

Searching for e-books in NetLibrary:

If you prefer to search for an eBook, you can use the catalog of NetLibrary, but keep in mind this is for e-books
only. If you are trying to find books in NetLibrary from off-campus, you will need to have already signed-up for an
account while on-campus.
Step 2 – Understanding the results list

Here’s a sample results list for the search “death penalty”:

Items are
ranked by
Titles are Circulating Call numbers publication
hyperlinked books can be help you to find date.
to book checked out for a book on the
records. 28 days. shelf.

Reference books This book is

eBooks are cannot leave the currently available
available library. to borrow from the
online 24/7. library.

Step 3 – Understanding the parts of a book record

Learning to understand the parts of a book record will help you to cite sources in the future.

• Author: Michael D. Goldhaber

• Title: A people’s history of the European Court of

Human Rights

• Publisher: Rutgers University Press

• Place of Publication: New Brunswick, NJ

• Date of Publication: 2007

• Length: 215 pages with an introduction (ix)

• This book has illustrations (ill.), a bibliography,

and an index

• Table of Contents: the titles of chapters

• Subject Headings: the topics discussed in the


• Location, Call Number, and Status: where the

book is and if it is available
The Library Project Name _________________________________

Danielson Library: 1-860-412-7272 Due date ______________________________

Willimantic Library Learning Center: 1-860-412-7285

Assignment for Part 3: Finding Books

• Continue with your crime topic.

• Search for books in the Online Catalog (print and e-books) or NetLibrary (eBooks only).
• DO NOT use reference books, DVDs, or Juvenile books for this assignment. Use circulating or eBooks.
• Print the book record.
• Answer the questions in the space provided, attach the book record, and respect the due date. Each incorrect
answer will result in a full letter grade reduction.

The Questions for Part 3

1. What is the full title of the book?

2. Does the book have an author or does it have an editor?

How many authors or editors?

3. What’s the name of the publisher?

4. Where was the book published?

5. What year was the book published?

6. How many pages does the book have?

7. Is it illustrated? Circle one: Yes No

8. Does it have an index? Circle one: Yes No

9. Does the book record list a Table of Contents? Circle one: Yes No

10. Does the book record have Subject Headings? Circle one: Yes No

If you circled “Yes,” list all of the Subject Headings (use the back of the page if needed):

11. Where is the book? Circle one: Danielson Willimantic Both NetLibrary ________________________
(Other Libraries - college name)

12. Is the book available? Circle one: Not Checked Out Checked Out No information available