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MUSTANG GAZETTE parent newsletter for

Homestead HIGH
21370 Homestead Road • Cupertino, CA 95014 • 408-522-2500 • Graham Clark, Principal

FALL 2007 Dear Members of the Homestead Community,

Volume 9, Issue 1 School is off to a great start this year. As I write this letter, our current enrollment
exceeds 2,225 students—approximately 35 additional students in comparison to last
year at this time.

HOMECOMING We began this school year with a new Dean and an additional Guidance Counselor to
assist students and parents. Wes Morse is a former teacher and activities director from
Friday, October 19th Cupertino High School and will be the Dean working with 9th and 11th grade students.
Laura Gonzales is returning as a Dean for the 10th and 12th grade students. I am also
Parade at 3pm very happy to announce that Brooke Herald has been added to the Homestead staff as
the third Guidance Counselor. We are now defining Guidance Counselors’ case loads
JV Football Game at 4pm by alpha group rather than grade levels. The Guidance Counselors should be your
Varsity Football Game first line of contact for academic counseling regarding your student and Deans would
be your first line of contact if you have other types of concerns about your student.
at 6:15pm Please keep the Directory of Contacts (included in this Gazette) for information on
Homecoming Dance Guidance Counselor alpha groups and other key staff contact information. And, to
enhance instruction, during the summer we added 20 ceiling mounted data projectors
in our Social Studies, Science and Art Buildings
in Large Gym
I am pleased to announce that Homestead made the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
Goals, as established by the No Child Left Behind Act. This means that we tested the
proper number of students in the right sub-groups, and the percentage of students that
were proficient or advanced met the specified growth targets. A key benchmark of the
assessment program is the Academic Performance Index (API). The API goal for our
all schools in California is 800 and Homestead High is currently standing at 838.
In addition to publishing three copies of the Gazette Newsletter this school year,
Homestead would like to send you a weekly email update of school news and events
through A+ Board. This “blast” of information is generally emailed out each Friday
afternoon and includes a summary of the highlights for the upcoming week. The
at inside cover Guidance Department also sends weekly “blasts” on upcoming guidance events and
for District wide Info timelines. In addition, many Homestead teachers use A+ Board to post assignments and
class information. To register (or re-register) for the Blast, please check the enclosed
• Superintendent’s Message flyer for instructions. All families using A+ Board last year will need to follow the
directions for re-registration on A+ Board for this year. A+ Board may still be accessed
• AYP Report through the link on Homestead’s main website (
• Enrollment During the second week of school, the administrative staff has been reviewing school
• Foundation’s Annual policies, procedures and rules with each class. A copy of these rules can be found on
Recognition Dinner the Homestead website under “HHS Documents/Forms.”
• Info night: “Navigating the Sincerely,
School & Education System” Graham Clark

Homestead High School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2007-2008 school year! Over the last few weeks the feeling of excitement was
obvious as we all began to look forward to the first day of school. We hired 95 new vibrant staff
to support our students. We pruned bushes, repaired classrooms, and cleaned carpets all in
anticipation of this new year.

Utilizing some of the supplemental funding provided by the state and creative efforts of our
staff, we have been able to provide some increased educational opportunities. As the result of
work begun last year, the District has:
• Added one additional counselor at each high school
• Increased access to visual and performing arts electives
• Instituted an advanced drama course
• Developed new courses and services for English Language Learners
• Instituted two new courses that emphasize expository reading and writing
• Included AP Statistics and Music Theory, previously offered only after school, within the school day.

In addition to these new curricular offerings, this year we will launch significant districtwide initiatives to improve:
• student support and guidance services
• our professional development and new teacher induction system, and
• facilities management and planning.
Leadership for these initiatives will be funded by one-time state grants. These one-time dollars provide us a unique
opportunity to explore ways our limited, ongoing resources might be better used to serve staff and students.

Finally, we have committed this year to strengthening two-way communication between schools and families in our
community. The Fremont Union High Schools Foundation has generously donated toward the goal of improving
our school and District websites. You can expect to see changes in the look, organization, and utility of these sites
during this school year! I encourage you to “Get Involved” with our Foundation through its annual recognition dinner
(see info below) and the extremely popular Crab Feed next April.
Later this school year we will survey parents
and students to seek feedback about the prog-
ress of our work to improve course offerings,
student support, and facilities. Your opinions
are important to us. I hope that all of you will
take the time to tell us about your experiences
in our schools.

I look forward to working with all of you this

year for the benefit of our students. If you
Historic Del Monte Murphy Street see me on campus or in the community, please
Building Sunnyvale come up and introduce yourself. I know that it
Wednesday, Casual Dress takes all of us working together to make this
November 7, 2007 Festival Attire Encouraged great school district even greater!

The Foundation will be honoring six outstanding students. Sincerely,

Proceeds will benefit state-of-the-art technology at all five high schools
Questions? Contact The Foundation at 408-773-1218 -

Polly M. Bove
Superintendent of Schools

Connections A Link
PTSA Newsletter of the Homestead High School PTSA Home and School
September, 2007 to January, 2008 Volume 6, Issue 1

PTSA President’s Message We're off and running for 2007-08 and proud of a
very smooth start to the school year -- great
Roundup! While our PTSA Board is mostly staffed, there remain a few opportunities
In this issue: for you to get involved. Please consider taking a position as:
First Vice President Grad Reception
 PTSA President’s
Message Senior Awards Legislation
Honorary Service Awards School Site Council Rep
 SAT/ACT Prep Info FUHSD Rep
 PTSA Meeting Dates Or, if you are an underclass parent, consider partnering or shadowing on a position of
 School Events interest and be prepared to take that spot next year.
 All Night Party
Special welcome to our new webmaster, David Papay.
 Reflections Program
Keep an eye on our website as he takes it to new heights!
 September Meeting
Our PTSA sponsors an exceptional program of SAT/ACT prep programs and mock
exams. Check the website or our Career Center for further information. We are one of
Join PTSA Today! the few schools that offers two vendors -- you have choices!
Applications are
available: PTSA's Spring gift to the school was $10,000!
 Mr. Clark reports that the students absolutely love the Jumbotron. It is a 14' tall
 in the office
inflatable screen with speakers. I want one for home!
 on the HHS PTSA
 Our English Department really appreciates the two additional ceiling mount
web site.
 Look for new graphics around the swimming pool shortly.
Student Directory
deadline: Oct 2
Finally, if you haven't yet submitted your Membership form, I invite you to act
now. Get a school directory and know you are taking a significant step to stay
Kudo's to connected with your child's school and our community!
Aram Darmanian,
our Membership If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me:
Champion Donna Verna 650-964-0342 or

SAT/ACT Prep Upcoming PTSA Meetings

10/16 to 12/4/2007 ACT Prep Course
1st Mondays of the Month
1/26/2008 Mock SAT Test
2/2/2008 Mock ACT Test HOMESTEAD 6:00 - 7:30 pm
2/13/2008 Workshop  October 1 coffee with
Principal Graham Clark &
Register in the Career Center at HHS Superintendent Polly Bove
at Donna Verna’s house:
Look for more information about SAT Prep 1449 Ben Roe Dr., Los Altos
courses on the HHS PTSA web site
 November 5 meeting in the Library
Special thanks to Kalpana Malik for  December no meeting
coordinating this program  January 7 meeting in the Library
 February 4 coffee

Find us on the web at: page 1 of 2

All Night Party
Parent Meetings
 Homestead High Staff Lounge, 7 pm
 2nd Wednesday of each month
Reflections Program
Bids & Waivers available on the HHS PTSA web site. The Reflections Program is a National PTA arts
Price: recognition and achievement program. It recognizes
 10/1 to 1/31 $140 students for their contributions in four categories:
 2/1 to 6/12 $150  Literature
 Musical Composition
T-Shirts for Class of 2008 SENIOR PARENTS  Photography
(dark green with HHS Mustang logo)  Visual Arts
 Wear this all year long to show your pride, then it becomes
All Homestead students are eligible to participate.
your ANP chaperone "uniform"
The 2007-2008 theme is:
 $12.50 short sleeve, $15 long sleeve
“I Can Make a Difference by...”
eScrip for Grad Night:
Safeway shoppers, especially--go to and assign See the PTSA website for more information:
your benefit to our account # 157978918 today, so we earn money
all year long! select “Programs” then “Reflections”
OR contact Gaylene Richards:
Restaurant Nights, Cookie Dough Sales (Oct/Nov & Nov/Dec),
Poinsettia & Wreath Sale (Nov/Dec) 408-739-4860
contact Sue Stahmer at (408) 733-0350 or
for more info or to volunteer
School Events
Tax deductible donations are welcome. Checks should be made
out to: "HHS PTSA ANP08" and mailed to 845 Pear Avenue, 10/1 PTSA Meeting
Sunnyvale, CA 94087. 10/15 College Fair
10/16-19 Homecoming Week
For more info, check the website 10/20 PSAT for Sophomores & Juniors
or contact: 11/5 PTSA Meeting
 Tammy Salwasser at 1/7 PTSA Meeting
 Nancy Blodgett at 1/26 Mock SAT (see page 2)
 Chris Taich at 2/2 Mock ACT (see page 2)

September Meeting Notes Principal Graham Clark’s

“Your Roadmap to Success at Homestead”
 School Deans: Laura Gonzales (grades 10 & 12) and Wes Morse (grades 9 & 11)
Discipline, attendance, counseling for non-passing grades, letters of recommendation, alternate education referrals, SAT
team, IEPs & 504 plans
 Guidance Counselors: Marissa Amezquita (A - Hal), Brooke Herald (Ham - Om), Leslie Ogawa-Boon (On - Z)
Academic advice (articulation, college nights, guidance presentations), 4 year planning, summer school, counseling for non-
passing grades, letters of recommendation, SAT team
 College Recruitment: college visits (fall), college info night (fall), four year planning in classes by grade levels (fall), parent
info night (spring), tutorial workshops for college applications and personal statements (fall), application process support
 Risky Behaviors: presentation on zero tolerance for drug abuse, fighting and weapons (last week in each class), internet abuse
like harassing emails and chats from students late at night have been reported (police recommend no unlimited internet ac-
cess in a closed room)
 Attendance Intervention
tardies: 1st 3 are handled by teacher, tardies 4 to 7 are handled by a dean, more than 7 require a parent conference
cuts: after 5 full days of cuts student is referred to the District Attorney’s office, with fines and driver’s license revocation
 Communication & Parent Involvement: Blast (every Friday afternoon), Gazette (3 times/year), phone dialer (for uncleared
absence), report cards, PTSA, booster groups, volunteering, A Plus board.
 Food Service: new payment system this year, trying to reduce calorie content, selling complete meals

Find us on the web at: page 2 of 2



-Go to information
-Go to publications
-Go to newsletter
We are still looking forward to a time when our families will use the web
site as THE option for receiving their Gazette.

Those families who have already signed up for online access last year have been
removed from the hard copy mailing list. Thank you for responding to this money
saving alternative! Each newsletter is mailed at a cost of approximately $550.00,
which does not include the various costs associated with the running and
maintenance of our copying machines. This amount also does not include the paid
staff time for duplicating, nor the extremely valuable “free” time that our
volunteers commit to each newsletter. The number of hard copies we are mailing
out is shrinking! Please continue to sign up for the online version.

A+ Board Update
Please also note that in an effort to continue improving communication, we
encourage parents and students to sign up for the A+ Board. These families
receive weekly “Blasts” of information with reminders of important dates,
special schedules and updates on school happenings. In addition, the Guidance
Department sends out weekly updates of events and timelines from Guidance
and the Career Center. We have included a flyer in this newsletter with
instructions on how to sign up for this valuable communication tool. Families
using A+ Board last year must renew their account.

I would like to access the newsletter online at

Please remove my name from the hard copy mailing list.

PLEASE print clearly… and return this form ASAP

Name ___________________________________________________________
Street Address ____________________________________________________
City, State, Zip ____________________________________________________
Students name(s) and grade(s) ________________________________________

Please return to: Gabrielle Horwege (or your student can drop off in main office!)
Homestead High School
21370 Homestead Road
Cupertino, CA 95014
Homestead High School Future Business Leaders of America Lead Nation
Cupertino, CA - The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students at Homestead High School
propelled California to its 9th straight national championship at the FBLA National Leadership Conference
held June 26 - July 2 in Chicago, Illinois. Over 7,000 students from the United States and its territories
competed at the conference, a new record attendance figure. Over 30 different Homestead FBLA students
placed, which far exceeds any other school. Furthermore, Homestead High School itself placed first out of
all schools in the nation with 158 points, setting a new all-time record and also soundly trumping the second
place school, from Kansas, with 60 points.

FBLA students at Homestead would like extend sincere gratitude to their three chapter advisers Mr. Byron
Lee, Mr. Edmond Kwong, and Mr. Graeme Logie for all of the hard work and dedication that went into
organizing the trip to Chicago and preparing for competitive excellence. Furthermore, students would like to
thank all of the alumni and professional mentors who have assisted in learning and development. “We would
specifically like to thank professional mentors Mr. Graham Clark, Mr. Don Romero, Mr. Gene Longinetti,
Mr. Bruce Levin, and Mr. Rodney Lee for all of their instruction, as well as alumni Visish Srinivasan,
Michael Lew, Samuel Lee, and Jo Lin for attending the conference and supporting the chapter,” stated
incoming Homestead FBLA President Jim Danz.

Following are results for Homestead High School Students:


Chapter Event - 3rd Team Event - 9th Team Event - 1st
Jennifer Garnett, Claire Annie Stoner, Stephanie Wong Rohit Ramchandani, Evan
Brubaker, Carson Tang Harris, Ashley Ott
SYSTEMS Charles Liu, Sunny Chu, Jim Brandon Lee - 5th
Howard Li - 3rd Danz
Keri Omuro - 5th MULTIMEDIA
BUSINESS FINANCIAL PLAN Team Event - 1st Team Event - 3rd
Team Event - 1st Yifan Li, Aria Srinivasan Emma Tolley, Oishee Bose
Eddson Alcid, Claire Brubaker,
BUSINESS LAW Max Babicz - 1st Chapter Event - 4th
Jessica Yuan - 2nd Stacy Hwang - 3rd Shawn Xu, Amber Feng, Aria
Bryce Wilson - 5th Srinivasan
C++ PROGRAMMING Mark Orlovsky - 1st Anhang Zhu, Carson Tang, Nima
Drew Haven - 4th Winston Hsu - 6th Rahnemoon
Max Wallack - 9th
John Chen - 9th
U s i n g A + B oa r d ™ Course Areas
To view only the postings on a calendar for a
Getting on board specific class, click the Calendar link under Course
Home. To click on the Months to move forward or
backward in the year.
Student Username
Teachers may have
ID Number
students upload files into
Parent Usernames
the folders in this area.
P1= in front of ID
Students can not delete files but they can upload
P2= in front of ID
multiple times. Students will not have access to
Parents, remember to the equals sign = Information from the teacher will appear under the
other students’ files. Teachers can see ALL files in
Activate your account by entering a valid email Announcements banner. Click on the blue text to open
a folder
address the announcement.
• To add files to a folder the student must click
Students can download files that the teacher places in
on the NAME of the folder in the FOLDER list.
these folders. Certain folders may give students access
to drop their own files into. • Type in the Title of the file.
Click the folder to access files. • Click Browse to locate the file on the
Click Download Zip to download all the files in the folder student’s computer.
to the desktop.
• Click Submit to place the file in the folder.
The Discussions area is enabled
Your email address and other personal Links to Internet sites are placed
and disabled by the teacher. The
information will never be given out by in this area by the teacher.
Discussion link will not appear if the teacher had
A+Board. It will only be used by the school. disabled the course discussion area. In the discussions Chat Sessions can be
area, both students and instructors in a course can start initiated by users with
A+ Board At a Glance discussions or post a responses. Only instructors can instructor status only.
delete messages. Teachers review this area and All chat sessions are logged and archived.
monitor what is posted. Inappropriate use of this area
should be reported to the teacher. Students who Users can
Important announcements are misuse this area will face disciplinary action. change
displayed on the front page. passwords
The user’s course list and To begin a discussion thread, students should do the and update
extra curricular groups are is following: email
also displayed. addresses at
• Click the Compose a any time.
If the words, Not Enabled appear next to the new message link. Click on the
teacher’s name the class is closed to students • Type in a Subject for Change my
and parents. The words Not Enabled will the message password link
disappear when a class • Type in their to access
is open. message. account
All of the information • Click Post Message. information
from each course • Only Instructors and the
calendar is merged and and Admins can password and email update areas.
displays on the At a
delete messages.
Glance calendar, along
with dates from the school calendar and other
extra-curricular calendars. Click the View or print
full calendar for the month view.
Your child’s information
Student ID #:
Parent A+ Log In: P1=
Parent A+ DEFAULT Password: (YYYYMMDD) IT ’S A L L
24/7 Access via New passwords
the Web P1_______________________
P2 ________________________
A+ Board was designed with Class Schedule
Per 1: Voicemail ex:
the needs of teachers,
students, parents and
Per 2: Voicemail ex:
administrators in mind!
Using exports from your Per 3: Voicemail ex:
current student information
Per 4: Voicemail ex: Help for Parents
system, a web environment
is created for your school or
Per 5: Voicemail ex:
Each teacher, parent, Per 6: Voicemail ex:
administrator and student
Per 7: Voicemail ex:
has a unique login into the
system. It is easy to use and
it has a clean, uncluttered Grades in A+ Board
Grades from official grading periods are available in
A+ Board. The grades are entered by the A+ Board
site administrator. Teachers do not enter grades.
Parents of students who have a D or an F will be
notified by email and for those parents who have not
activated their A+Board accounts, a letter is generated
and mailed by the school. This option may not be used by
your school. Contact your school if you have questions.
Homestead High School
College Career Center News
Ms. Priscilla Chan September 2007 HOMESTEAD CEEB CODE: 053462 (408) 522-2521
Upcoming Events: Congratulations to seniors Eddson Alcid, Bryan
September 18 – CSU/UC Information Night for Baird, YuanYu Chen, Ami Chiu, Jonathan Chu,
Seniors and their parents in the Auditorium James Danz, Avik Das, Andrew Haven, Nikita
October – Private College Information Night for Khetan, Jonathan Lo, Anisha Mazloom, Kerilyn
Seniors and their parents in the Auditorium Omuro, Eric Pai, Aaron Wong, Peijia Yuan,
October 4 – UC Application Workshop in A108 Muller Zhang and Bob Zhao who are the National
October 15 – FUHSD College Fair at Homestead Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists this year.

October 17 – CSU Application Workshop in A108 Learn about Careers & Majors related to Careers
th th
October 20 – PSAT (11 & 10 graders) Not sure what major to choose in college or what
November 28 – Financial Aid Night you want to do after high school and college? Go to
these free websites to learn more about the
January 16 – Step-by-Step FAFSA Workshop
possibilities based on your interests:
TBD - Junior College Information Night - use HHS Code F4632 –
Just a reminder! Provided by the school district for our students. – this site has information
Students who have a “D” or “F” in a course
required for admission to college can make on all California public and private colleges. It also
up that requirement at a community college has information on careers and related majors., – tons of
during this school year.
information on careers and majors.
Many Colleges are visiting HHS this fall. Check
√ December is the last time to take the SAT College & Career Center’s
or ACT tests for the UC System.
College Visitation link, Daily Bulletin and Weekly
√ November 30 is the UC and CSU deadline
Activities Calendar. Best opportunity to meet with
for applications.
the regional representative and to receive first-
√ Senior year’s grades do count!! Don’t let
hand information about the school.
them slip. Keep up the good work.
Seniors and FAFSA Tip
If you hear something about the college process
√ File the FAFSA (Free Application for
you are unsure of, please check it out with a
Federal Student Aid) from Jan. 2 – March 2.
reliable source before believing it.
It is the only application that makes you
eligible for all federal aid & for most state PSAT
aid. It is available at Juniors and Sophomores are recommended to take
Beware, there is a for- profit site that the PSAT to assess their critical reading, math,
sounds similar-this one is FREE and writing skills. It is the best preparation for
√ Some private schools require applicants to the SAT because it provides students with a low-
submit CSS Profile in order to qualify for risk, low-stress opportunity to take a test that is
financial aid. It is available at very similar to the SAT. If a college-bound junior achieves a high score, he/she will be eligible for
√ Apply for Cal Grant for California public scholarship through the National Merit Foundation.
and private colleges. Go to Also, students can access MyRoad, a comprehensive
for a GPA Verification form. Turn it in to college, major and career exploration tool for free.
the Registrar in A120 before the holiday. When you receive your PSAT score and test
√ Apply for PIN (Personal Identification #) booklet in December, use it as study aid for the
anytime now. Go to today. SAT Reasoning test.
Invite you to attend their performances for the
2007-2008 marching season:

Thu., Sept. 13th (Football Game, Fremont HS)

Fri., Sept. 28th (Football Game and Senior
Recognition, Fremont HS)
Sat., Sept. 29th (FUHSD Field Show Expo, Fremont HS)
Fri., Oct. 5th (Feeder School Tour)
Sat., Oct. 13th (Tournament of Bands, Cupertino)
Fri., Oct. 19th (Homecoming Football Game, Homestead
Sat., Oct. 20th (Gilroy Field Show Competition,
Sat., Oct. 27th (Valley Christrian Field Show
Competition, Spartan Stadium)
Fri., Nov. 2nd (Football Game, Fremont HS)
Sat., Nov. 3rd (Homeshow, Homestead HS and
Independence HS Field Show Competition,
Independence HS)
Sat., Nov. 10th (Bands of America Competition, East
Los Angeles College,
Monterey Park)
Sun, Nov. 11th (Disneyland parade, Disneyland)
Sun., Nov. 25th (Festival of Lights Parade, Los Altos)

Come support this award-winning group!

You can also support them by buying scrip and
a Music Booster.
Go to for more
Homestead High School This exciting evening will include silent and live
auctions, gourmet dinner, cocktails, and dancing.
Athletic Boosters
Auction, Dinner Tickets
$75 per person - includes two drink tickets.
and Dance For ticket reservation information, please contact
Rick Gross (408) 737-8966 or

Yes, I will be attending. Enclosed is payment for

______ tickets ($75 per ticket)

(Detach here)
No, I will not be able to attend. Enclosed is
donation in the amount of $_______

Sport to support: ____________________

Name: _________________________________
Saturday, February 2, 2008 Address: _______________________________
7 pm to Midnight City: ___________________ Zip: ____________
Phone: _____________________
Email: ______________________
Mariani's Inn & Restaurant
2500 El Camino Real
Make check payable to : HHS Athletic Boosters
Santa Clara Please send this form & check to:
Rick Gross, 1341 Elsona Ct. Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Semi-Formal Attire
Saturday, October 20th
8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Report to classrooms as posted around school on 10/20

Monday, September 10th
(upon availability, freshmen may register on Monday, October 8th)


Monday, September 10th THROUGH WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10TH
NOTE: the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE)

Please bring the following items the morning of the test:

#2 pencils
(4-function, scientific or graphing is fine, nothing fancy)
PLEASE NOTE: cell phone use during the exam is strictly prohibited.
If you are a junior and want to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship
you must take this exam on this date.
Le t yo u r
talent shine
Are you looking for a way to express yourself and show others
your talent as a photographer, visual artist, writer, composer,
choreographer, or film producer?

Participate in PTA’s
Reflections Program.
The 2007–2008 theme is
“I Can Make a Difference by…”
Think about what you can do to make a difference.
Then create an original piece of artwork
in one of six categories:
❖ Musical Composition ❖ Dance Choreography
❖ Film/Video Production ❖ Literature
❖ Visual Arts ❖ Photography
Express your thoughts and creativity,
and earn recognition.
To view a gallery of last year’s national award–winning entries,

Suggested for 6th through 12th grade

Class of 2008
Grad Night Party
Will be held….

June 12, 2008

At a Surprise Location!

Bid Prices are $140 now through

January 31, 2008
Final Bid Price of $150 will run February 1 thru June 12, 2008

To print your Bid and Waiver form and to

find more information and volunteer
opportunities for Grad Night, please visit
the HHS website: Grad Night Meetings
Scholarships are available
will be held in the Staff
Lounge at 7p.m. on the
2nd Wednesday of
each month.
Upcoming Class of 2008 Grad Night

• T-Shirts for Class of 2008 Senior Parents (dark green with HHS Mustang logo)
Wear this all year long to show your pride. Then it becomes your ANP chaperone
"uniform". $12 short sleeve, $15 long sleeve

• eScrip for Grad Night: Safeway shoppers especially--go to and assign
your benefits to our account # 157978918 today, so we earn money all year long!

• Restaurant Nights (Sept/Oct/Nov)

4 local restaurants give us a cut of sales during our events--skip cooking those nights!

• FREE Electronic Recycling Events – Sunday, Sept, 30, 2007 at HHS & after the
Get rid of all your extra electronic junk for free--drop off at HHS, and Grad Night makes

• Cookie Dough Sales (Oct/Nov & Nov/Dec)

Local company, great product & price, and the frozen pre-formed cookies are so
convenient to use!

• Poinsettia & Wreath Sale (Nov/Dec)

Florist-quality poinsettias from a California grower; wreaths fresh from the forests of
Washington-- all conveniently delivered to HHS on December 3rd!

• GOT MONEY? We need your donations, especially if you can't help with volunteer time.
We are campaigning for your donations now, so we can use the money to put down
deposits on entertainment for the Grad Night party. Donations are 100% TAX
DEDUCTIBLE, and a letter will be issued to you for tax purposes. Checks should be
made out to: "HHS PTSA ANP08" and mailed to 845 Pear Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA

ATTENTION PARENTS: For details on any of these fundraisers,

as well as other important Grad Night information, visit our web site:

You will also receive emails and flyers in the mail with more detailed information on each of these
fundraisers. Please support these fundraisers generously with your checkbook--the kids
will benefit. This year's Grad Night party is going to be spectacular--your kids will have the time
of their lives in a great setting, and will be safe! If you are interested in more information on any of
these fundraisers, or want to HELP with any of these events, please contact Sue Stahmer at
(408) 733-0350 or via email:
Homestead High School PTSA Sponsored ACT & SAT Prep
Program through Princeton Review
Fall and Spring classes offered at Homestead High School with all practice tests at The
Princeton Review- Cupertino location.
To enroll in a course, you can call 1-800-2-REVIEW and mention the Homestead discount.
To sign up for the workshops, please go the Career Center at Homestead – fill out the form
and leave a $25 check for the workshop made out to HHS PTSA.

Course Tuition: For ACT Class - $514 ($185 savings from regular retail course tuition of $699)
For SAT Class - $724 ($275 savings from regular retail course tuition of $999)

Workshops: Workshop 1
PRA Test (mini SAT/ACT test) - Saturday, November 3, 2007 from 9am-1pm
; SAT/ACT Strategy Session- Tuesday, November 14, 2007 from 7pm-8:30pm
OR: Workshop 2
PRA Test (mini SAT/ACT test) - Saturday April 5, 2008 from 9am-1pm
SAT/ACT Strategy Session- Thursday, April 24, 2008 from 7pm-8:30pm
December 8, 2007 ACT Prep Schedule April 12, 2008 ACT Prep Schedule
Course Number- 7129-0 (At Homestead) Course Number- 7049-03 (At Homestead)
Test Sat Oct 13 9:00AM - 12:45PM Test Sat Feb 9 9:00AM - 12:45PM
Class Tue Oct 16 6:00PM - 9:00PM Class Tue Feb 12 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Class Tue Oct 23 6:00PM - 9:00PM Class Tue Feb 26 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Test Sat Oct 27 9:00AM - 12:45PM Class Tue Mar 4 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Class Tue Oct 30 6:00PM - 9:00PM Test Sat Mar 8 9:00AM - 12:45PM
Class Tue Nov 6 6:00PM - 9:00PM Class Tue Mar 11 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Class Tue Nov 13 6:00PM - 9:00PM Class Tue Mar 18 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Test Sat Nov 17 9:00AM - 12:45PM Class Tue Mar 25 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Class Tue Nov 20 6:00PM - 9:00PM Test Sat Mar 29 9:00AM - 12:45PM
Class Tue Nov 27 6:00PM - 9:00PM Class Tue Apr 1 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Class Tue Dec 4 6:00PM - 9:00PM Class Tue Apr 8 6:00PM - 9:00PM

Summer 2008 sessions held at

Princeton Review - Cupertino
Summer ACT Prep Schedule to Prepare Summer SAT Prep Schedule to Prepare
for the September 13, 2008 ACT for the October 4, 2008 SAT
Course Number- 7099-04 (At Princeton Course Number- 0109-82 (At Princeton
Review – Cupertino branch) Review – Cupertino branch)
Test Mon Jul 7 9:00AM - 12:45PM Test Mon Jul 7 9:00AM - 1:15PM
Class Wed Jul 9 10:00AM - 1:00PM Class Tue Jul 8 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Class Mon Jul 14 10:00AM - 1:00PM Class Thu Jul 10 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Class Wed Jul 16 10:00AM - 1:00PM Test Mon Jul 14 9:00AM - 1:15PM
Test Sat Jul 19 9:00AM - 12:45PM Class Tue Jul 15 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Class Mon Jul 21 10:00AM - 1:00PM Class Thu Jul 17 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Class Wed Jul 23 10:00AM - 1:00PM Test Mon Jul 21 9:00AM - 1:15PM
Test Sat Jul 26 9:00AM - 12:45PM Class Tue Jul 22 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Class Mon Jul 28 10:00AM - 1:00PM Class Thu Jul 24 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Class Wed Jul 30 10:00AM - 1:00PM Test Mon Jul 28 9:00AM - 1:15PM
Class Mon Aug 4 10:00AM - 1:00PM Class Tue Jul 29 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Test Sat Sep 6 9:00AM - 12:45PM Class Thu Jul 31 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Class Wed Sep 10 6:00PM - 9:00PM Test Sat Sep 27 9:00AM - 1:15PM
Class Wed Oct 1 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Revolution Prep SAT Courses on Campus - 2007-2008
Note: Please confirm schedules before sign up 2007 - Workshop package
Homestead - November 3rd SAT Prep 2007 Mock SAT: Sept. 8th 9-1pm
Date Day Time Location Class# or Test # Mock ACT: Sept. 15th 9-1pm
9/22 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 1 Workshop: Sept. 17th 6-8pm
9/26 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 1
9/29 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 2
10/3 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 2
10/6 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 3
10/10 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 3
10/13 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 4
10/17 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 4
10/24 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 5
10/27 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 5 Special time change
10/31 Wednesday 4-7PM Homestead Class 6 Halloween day
2008 - Workshop package
Homestead - May 3rd SAT Prep 2008 Mock SAT: Jan. 26th 9-1pm
Date Day Time Location Class# or Test # Mock ACT: Feb. 2nd 9-1pm
3/15 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 1 Workshop: Feb. 13th 6-8pm
3/19 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 1
3/22 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 2
3/26 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 2
3/29 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 3 To enroll in these classes
4/2 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 3 please see Mrs. Chan in
4/5 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 4 the Homestead Career Center
4/9 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 4
4/23 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 5
4/26 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Mtn. View Test 5 This program is
4/30 Wednesday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 6 sponsored by
Homestead PTSA
Homestead - June 7th SAT Prep 2008
Date Day Time Location Class# or Test #
4/26 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Los Altos Test 1
5/1 Thursday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 1
5/3 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Los Altos Test 2
5/8 Thursday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 2
5/10 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Los Altos Test 3
5/15 Thursday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 3
5/17 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Los Altos Test 4
5/22 Thursday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 4
5/29 Thursday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 5
5/31 Saturday 9:00-1:00 Los Altos Test 5
6/5 Thursday 6-9 PM Homestead Class 6
Student Organization Update: 
Future Business Leaders of America 
  FBLA provides a number of exciting competitions for members over a broad range of 
topics, including law, marketing, entrepreneurship, technology concepts, and public speaking. 
The nature of the events is varied; a student might take a test, write a program, or break down 
a case and present a solution. In April, qualifying students get the chance to attend the State 
Leadership Conference, where FBLA chapters from all over the nation come to compete (over 
1500  students!).  One  of  the  most  powerful  aspects  of  the  conferences  is  the  extensive 
opportunity to network and meet people of different backgrounds. While the focus is business, 
the competitions can develop leadership and team‐building as well, which are skills relevant to 
any  career.  And  perhaps  most  importantly,  the  competitions  build  a  sense  of  pride  and 
accomplishment in students. 
American Enterprise Project 
American  Enterprise  is  one  of  the  three  nationally‐sponsored  yearlong  FBLA  projects 
offered by Homestead.  The goal of the American Enterprise Project of Homestead FBLA is to 
teach  a  specific  part  of  the  community  business‐related  knowledge.  For  the  past  two  years 
since  the  chartering  of  the  Cupertino  Middle  School  Middle  Level  FBLA  chapter  by 
Homestead’s  own  American  Enterprise  Project,  students  have  taught  business  to  the  middle 
school members in biweekly afterschool lessons. This year, the goal of the American Enterprise 
Project is to relate the curriculum to an industry that has embedded itself deep into the heart 
of  American  culture:  Entertainment  business.  Through  exploration  of  today's  entertainment 
industry,  which  has  great  influence  in  the  shaping  of  our  culture,  students  may  better 
understand  the  significant  role  that  movies,  the  Internet,  and  amusement  parks  play  in  our 
daily  lives  through  observation  of  local  businesses.  The  benefits  of  being  involved  in  the 
American  Enterprise  Project  will  not  only  be  a  memorable  and  valuable  experience  in  any 
future endeavors, but in our personal lives as well. 
Community Service Project 
  The  Community  Service  Project  is  essentially  what  its  title  connotes.  Every  year,  the 
project  assists  a  particular  organization  for  the  betterment  of  the  community.  Previous 
projects have assisted the Cupertino Historical Society and the Sunnyvale Public Library, with 
its  Library  of  the  Future  project.  Businesses  have  a  social  responsibility  to  the  environment 
around  them,  and  so  do  Future  Business  Leaders.  This  year,  the  Community  Service  project 
will focus on a pressing issue: the environment. The 2007‐2008 Community Service Project is 
planning to lend its services this year to turn its vision of a beautiful, community‐friendly park 
into  a  legacy:  something  that  can  be  enjoyed  by  many  for  years  to  come.  In  order  to 
accomplish this,  the  project  has  decided  to  work  with  the  Stevens  Creek  Park  Restoration  in 
Cupertino. If all goes according to plan, the park will reopen in 2009 – but not without the help 
of  the  students!  Interested  students  should  report  to  meetings,  which  are  held  Thursdays 
during tutorial in Mr. Lee’s room, A207. 
Partnership with Business Project 
The Partnership with Business project this year is most likely going to be working with 
REgrid Power, a local solar power company.  While discussing project ideas, project co‐chairs 
decided  that  they  were  interested  in  collaborating  with  a  business  doing  good  for  the  world 
and  the  community.  Traditionally,  the  PwB  projects  have  worked  with  high‐tech  companies, 
since we are located right in the middle of Silicon Valley. But last year, Project Knockout took 
the PwB program in an entirely different and exciting new direction, working with professional 
fighter  Daniel  Puder  to  produce  his  own  magazine,  Puder  Magazine.  This  year,  it  has  been 
decided that the club will partner with a solar power company. This will incorporate really cool 
technology (harnessing the sun’s power for our use), while at the same time giving members 
the opportunity to learn about sales, marketing, and other aspects of business. As we progress 
into the 21st century, society needs to think about the effect that our consuming of resources 
will  have  on  future  generations.  Photovoltaic  solar  cells  are  an  effective  way  to  reduce 
pollution by providing us with clean, green energy while saving money too. The project plans 
to  educate  the  community  and  teach  them  about  operating  a  socially  and  environmentally 
responsible business. Workshops will also be held throughout the year to teach FBLA members 
about solar technology and business in general. Meetings are held Fridays during tutorial in Mr. 
Lee’s room, A207. 
Business Development Update 
  Vijay  Parikh,  a  venture  capitalist  and  partner  at  Global  Catalyst  Partners,  has  very 
graciously  donated  a  sum  of  five  hundred  dollars  to  the  Future  Business  Leaders  of  America 
Chapter at Homestead High School. His donation will go toward a variety of items, the main 
one being to reduce the costs to members for the many conferences in which they attend and 
excel in. This marks a great beginning to a new year of business development efforts within the 
Homestead  FBLA  organization,  a  new  approach  to  funding  that  is  being  tried  out  for  the 
upcoming year. 
If your child is interested in joining FBLA… 
Meetings are every other Tuesday at lunch in room A207 
The Homestead FBLA website (including membership forms for download) is 
located at  
Questions?  Contact Jim Danz, President at  
Graham Clark, Principal …….. 522-2501
Graham Clark, Principal……………….. 522-2501 Pricilla Chan……………………………. 522-2521 Shui-Man Choy………………………… 522-2571 Paula Bassett, AP Sched/Guid... 522-2510
Gabrielle Horwege, A to P……………… 522-2502 GUIDANCE RESOURCE TEACHERS PTSA INFO Liz Seabury, AP Act/Testing….. 522-2511
Paula Bassett, AP Scheduling/Guidance.. 522-2510 Marisa Amezquita (A – Hal)………… 522-2550 Donna Verna……….. Don Romero, AP Discip/Fac…. 522-2509
Liz Seabury, AP Activities/Testing……... 522-2511 Brooke Herald (Ham - Om)……………. 522-2517 REGISTRATION/TRANSCRIPTS Laura Gonzales, Dean 10th/12th .. 522-2506
Don Romero, AP Discipline/Facilities….. 522-2509 Leslie Ogawa-Boon (On – Z)…………... 522-2520 Eugenia San Cristobal…………………... 522-2503 Wes Morse, Dean 9th/11th …… 522-2556
Laura Gonzales, Dean (10th /12th)……... 522-2506 HOMEWORK REQUESTS SPEECH THERAPIST ATTENDANCE
Wes Morse, Dean (9th/11th)……….. 522-2556 Christine Glenny……………………….. 522-2505 Mary Ellen Jones………………………... 522-2566 Sherry Watkins……………….. 522-2515
Sherry Watkins………………………… 522-2515 Melina Miller/Activities Hot Line...……. 522-2535 Steve Schmidt…………………………... 522-2533 Nancy Daffern………………... 522-2534
Charlie Bostic…………………. 522-2546
Nancy Daffern………………………….. 522-2534 Roxanne Woodmansee…………………. 522-2560 Louise Garces…………………………… 522-2508
Paula Nobriga………………… 522-2567
Charlie Bostic…………………………… 522-2546 Keri McArthur………………………….. 522-2500 Educational Services Center……………. 522-2200 Pricilla Chan………………….. 522-2521
Paula Weismann………………………... 522-2567 GUIDANCE RESOURCE TEACHERS
Marisa Amezquita (A-Hal)…… 522-2550
Brooke Herald (Ham-Om)…… 522-2517

For Your Wallet

Leslie Ogawa-Boon (On-Z)…... 522-2550
Christine Glenny……………… 522-2505
Sep. 19……………….. Back to School Night Feb. 18-22…………… Winter Break LEADERSHIP
Sept. 28………………. End of Grading Period Mar. 7………………... End of Grading Period Miller/Activities Hot Line…….. 522-2535
Oct. 9………………… Progress Reports Mar. 18………………. Progress Reports LIBRARY
Oct. 15……………….. No School Mar. 31………………. No School Roxanne Woodmansee……….. 522-2560
Nov. 9……...…………. End of Grading Period Apr. 14-18…………… Spring Break MAIN OFFICE
Nov. 12………………. Veteran’s Day Holiday Apr. 25…..…………… End of Grading Keri McArthur………………... 522-2500
Nov. 20………………. Progress Reports May 6………………… Progress Reports PEER TUTORIAL
Nov. 22-23…………... Thanksgiving Holiday May 26………………. Memorial Day Shui-Man Choy………………. 522-2571
Dec. 24-Jan. 4……….. Mid-Year Break Jun. 3-4….…………... Senior Finals PTSA – Donna Verna
Jan. 14-17……………. Finals Jun. 9-12…………….. Finals
Jan. 17……………….. 1st Semester Ends Jun. 12……………….. End of 2nd Semester REGISTRATION/TRANSCRIPTS
Eugenia San Cristobal………… 522-2503
Jan. 18……………….. Teacher Work Day – No Students Jun. 12……………….. Graduation
Jan. 21……………….. M.L. King Holiday Jun. 13……………….. Teacher Work Day – No Students Mary Ellen Jones……………… 522-2566
Jan. 22……………….. 2nd Semester Begins Jun. 27……………….. Report Cards Mailed STUDENT ADVOCATE
Jan. 29………………... Report Cards Mailed Steve Schmidt…………………. 522-2533
Louise Garces…………………. 522-2508
Educational Services Center….. 522-2200
MONDAY (C/REGULAR) TUESDAY & THURSDAY (A) WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY (B) Holiday Schedule (11/21, 12/21, 2/15, 4/11)
Period Time Min. Period Time Min. Period Time Min. Period Time Min.
Collaboration 7:50 – 8:55 (65) 1 7:50 – 9:25 (95) 2 7:50 – 9:25 (95) 2 7:50 – 9:15 (85)
1 9:00 – 9:40 (40) Tutorial 9:25 – 9:55 (30) Tutorial 9:25 – 9:55 (30) 4 9:20 – 10:45 (85)
2 9:45 – 10:25 (40) Brunch 9:55 – 10:10 (15) Brunch 9:55 – 10:10 (15) Brunch 10:45 – 11:00 (15)
Brunch 10:25 – 10:40 (15) 3 10:15 – 11:55 (100) 4 10:15 – 11:55 (100) 6 11:05 – 12:30 (85)
3 10:45 – 11:30 (45) Lunch 11:55 – 12:35 (40) Lunch 11:55 – 12:35 (40) Lunch 12:30 – 1:15 (45)
4 11:35 – 12:15 (40) 5 12:40 – 2:15 (95) 6 12:40 – 2:15 (95) 7 1:20 – 2:05 (45)
Lunch 12:15 – 12:55 (40) 7 2:20 – 3:10 (50) 7 2:20 – 3:10 (50)
5 1:00 – 1:40 (40) 7(Optional) 2:20 – 3:55 (95)
6 1:45 – 2:25 (40)
7 2:30 – 3:10 (40)
I would like to introduce myself. I am Mr. Ted Crutchfield, your new
Facilities Manager at Homestead High School. I began my position in
December of 2006, and am proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.
Here is an update on what has been happening at the school.

Summer was a very productive 3 months. The City of

Cupertino donated 200 California white rockroses that we
planted in the teacher parking lot at the entrance to our
school. These plants are a native to our region and very
drought resistance.

We also stripped and waxed all the floors, repaired flower beds, repaired
the water system to the field and grounds, repaired the sidewalk, and
brought the kitchen’s walk-in cooler up to date. In addition,
we did construction work in the special education department
to accommodate two new offices, as well as a new conference

The district provided a deep cleaning crew for one week to clean all the
carpets. They also provided a grounds crew who cleared all shrubs and debris
from around the perimeter of our school grounds.

The Athletic Booster Club generously provided a new commercial John Deer
riding lawn mower. This has allowed us to
provide the teams with better-groomed lawns.

Despite these accomplishments, I am always looking for ways to improve the

facilities. To do this, I am looking for anyone who would like to donate a
small used pick up truck, a used quad run or even a golf cart. These vehicles
would be crucial in providing better service.

I am looking forward to hearing from parents for further suggestions on

how to improve our facilities and services.

HHS Facilities Manager
Fremont Union High School District 2007 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Report
The Federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act requirements measure the academic success of a school or district according to how
well it meets common performance targets. By law, all California schools receive annual AYP results.
MET 2007 CRITERIA FOR: State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell:
All English-Lang Graduation “In reporting our latest test scores, I noted that California
Components Arts* Mathematics* API Rate experienced a general leveling off after steady gains in
student achievement over the past five years. Some perfor-
DISTRICT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
mance indicators in the APR indicate modest growth, while
Community Day Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes others show no change, or even a slight decrease.
Cupertino High Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes For example, the median API score grew from 745 last year
Fremont High Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes to 751 in 2007, and the percentage of schools at or above
Homestead High Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes the performance target of 800 grew by just 1 percentage
Lynbrook High Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes point, from 30 percent to 31 percent. The percentage of
schools meeting all API targets decreased from 53 percent
Monta Vista High Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
in 2005-06 to 45 percent in 2006-07.”

*All our schools met participation rate
and proficiency levels.
2006-07 2006-07 Comparable Both
2007 2006 Growth Actual School- Improvement# Schoolwide API reports are based on test results of the Stan-
Growth Base Target Growth wide (CI) & CI dardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program,
the California High School Exit Examination
DISTRICT 840 842 D -2
(CAHSEE), and the California Alternate Perfor-
Cupertino High 817 810 A 7 Yes Yes Yes mance Assessment (CAPA). The API measures
Fremont High 709 706 5 3 No* No No both academic performance and improvement.
Homestead High 838 842 A -4 Yes No No State 2007 API summary of high schools: 27%
Lynbrook High 911 901 A 10 Yes Yes Yes met all growth targets (36% last year), 59% in-
Monta Vista High 900 911 A -11 Yes Yes Yes creased API (65% last year) & 14% (same as
last year) are at or above state performance tar-
* — FHS’s schoolwide growth target was 5 and, while there was growth, they only went up 2 points schoolwide. get of 800. A school met its growth target if it met
# — FHS did not make Comparable Improvement target for their Filipino, Hispanic or Latino, White (not of Hispanic its schoolwide growth target and all numerically
origin), SED or EL subgroups; HHS did not make their target for their Hispanic or Latino or EL subgroups. significant subgroups at the school demonstrated
NOTE: Community Day had fewer than 11 valid STAR test scores. No reliable API can be calculated with so few scores. comparable improvement.

Meet Your Local School Superintendents Enrollment

as of Monday, September 10, 2007:
Polly Bove, Superintendent Phil Quon, Superintendent Cupertino HS...........1,565
Fremont Union High School District Cupertino Union School District
Fremont HS.............1,894
Presenting the topic: “Navigating the School and Education System” Homestead HS......2,226
— What school district resources are available for parents and students? Lynbrook HS.............1,924
Monta Vista HS.... 2,472
— How can we support our schools and foundations?
— What are the benefits of parental involvement in schools?
Community School....... 13
— How important is knowing school policies and what are the consequences
TOTAL.................... 10,124
of violations?
— Questions & Answers Reorganization of
Monday, October 8, 2007 Board Officers
6:30 – 7pm Reception with Hors d’oeuvres Due to resignation of Kathryn Ho
7 – 9pm Program and appointment of Hung Wei to
Quinlan Community Center Sponsored by Board of Trustees, the officers
10185 N Stelling, Cupertino, CA 95014 Asian American Parent Association through November 2007 are:
408-777-3120 Barbara Nunes, President;
Nancy Newton, Vice President;
Free Admission. All Parents are Welcome! and Homer Tong, Clerk.


Important Dates to Remember
1..............PTSA sponsored Principal’s Coffee 6pm* * Principal’s Coffee will be held in the home
2..............FUHSD Board Meeting at ESC — Open Session 6pm of our PTSA President. Contact
9..............Progress Reports Distributed During Third Period Classes Gabrielle Horwege 522-2202 for details.
10............National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 5:30pm Aud
13............Tournament of Bands at Cupertino High School – all day DECEMBER 2007
15............Teacher Work Day – NO STUDENTS 4..............FUHSD Board Meeting at ESC;
15............District College Fair at Homestead 6:30-8:30pm Large/Small Gyms Annual Organizational Meeting 6-6:30pm
16............FUHSD Board Meeting at ESC — Open Session 6pm Open Session 7:30pm
19............HOMECOMING— see front sidebar
26-27.......Fall Play “Two Gentlemen of Verona” at 7:30pm in Auditorium 12............Winter Choir & Jazz Concert 7:30pm Aud
30............School Site Council Meeting at 6:30pm in Main Conference Room 13............Winter POPS Concert 6pm & 8pm in Aud
NOVEMBER 2007 24-31.......Mid Year Break – NO SCHOOL
2-3...........Fall Play “Two Gentlemen of Verona” at 7:30pm in Auditorium JANUARY 2008
5..............PTSA Meeting at 6pm in Library
1-4...........Mid Year Break – NO SCHOOL
6..............FUHSD Board Meeting at ESC — Open Session 6pm
7 .............PTSA Meeting at 6pm in Library
6-7...........California High School Exit Exam for 11th and 12th graders
who have not passed one or both sections of the test. 17 ...........End of First Semester
7..............FOUNDATION Recognition Dinner more information inside page 18............Teacher Work Day – NO STUDENTS
12............Veteran’s Day Holiday – NO SCHOOL 18............Winter Formal 8-11pm
20............Progress Reports Distributed During Third Period Classes 21 ...........Martin Luther King Day – NO SCHOOL
20............FUHSD Board Meeting at ESC — Open Session 6pm 25-26.......Night of One Acts at 7:30pm in Auditorium
22-23.......Thanksgiving Holiday – NO SCHOOL 29............REPORT CARDS Mailed Home
27............School Site Council Meeting at 6:30pm in Main Conference Room

Graham Clark — Principal........................................................................ 522-2501

The best resource we have for student Gabrielle Horwege — Assistant to the Principal....................................... 522-2502
Paula Bassett, Assistant Principal, Scheduling & Guidance...................... 522-2510
safety is good communication. Liz Seabury, Assistant Principal, Activities and Testing........................... 522-2511
Students and parents need to know Don Romero, Assistant Principal, Discipline and Facilities..................... 522-2509
Laura Gonzales, Dean of Students — 10th & 12th Grade......................... 522-2506
that they should always report their Wes Morse, Dean of Students — 9th & 11th Grade................................... 522-2556
concerns or observations. Louise Garces — Student Conduct Specialist............................................ 522-2508
Steve Schmidt — Student Advocate........................................................... 522-2533

Fremont Union High School District Board of Trustees

Educational Services Center Nancy Newton, Barbara Nunes, Homer Tong, Hung Wei, Bill Wilson
and Student Member JingJing Xia
589 W. Fremont Avenue Sunnvyale, CA Superintendent
94087 408-522-2200 Polly M. Bove

This parent newsletter cover is published by Communications Manager Cindy McArthur and printed by John Hott, Adult & Community
Education Print Center Technician. Thank you for sharing your suggestions — Cindy: (408) 522-2206 or e-mail:

Homestead High School Non Profit Organization

21370 Homestead Road PAID
Cupertino, CA 95014 Sunnyvale, CA
Permit No. 378

Fremont Union High School District