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SPC expanded it’s 4 unit plants with combined total capacity nearly 2 million tons per year. low material consumption and energy saving improvements. with a history of working with world recognized petrochemical companies. is now proud to offer PTA licensing package to the industry as Samsung. Since then. (SPC) was established in 1974 as the first chemical company in Samsung as a PTA manufacturer and still going strong for over 30 years. SPC’s continuous research and pursuit of perfection from R&DB (Research and Development Business) Center of SAIT (Samsung Advance Institute of Technology) in Giheung and Chemical R&DB Center in Ulsan. Since establishment. . we have continuously brought innovation and engineering excellence to the PTA industry. greatest product output. Technology and skill gained by our endeavor of over 30 years in experience and continuous research in PTA manufacturing have been fully applied in the process design. All included in SPC licensing package. SPC has grown to be one of the biggest PTA producers in Asia. which will ultimately result in maximum profitability. lowest variable cost. resulting in a process with a most compact and economical plant. SPC. safest and easiest O&M “Operation & Maintenance”. thereby contributing to a better global society.Samsung Petrochemical Company is proud to offer Licensing package to the industry Samsung will devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services. providing results like impressive debottlenecking record. Introduction Samsung Petrochemical Co.

Energy optimization (fuel) system .Plant design and consulting . Procurement and Construction .Advisor for Engineering.Commissioning support New Process Innovation .Environmental friendly system .Plant / Process rationalization . Process Licensing .Design of operation monitoring system .We provide over 30 years of our hands-on-experience with the proven method in complete Licensing package SPC Licensing Characteristics Over 30 year PTA manufacturing know-how Advanced technology highly applied The greatest operability guaranteed World’s lowest variable cost Economic debottlenecking available Plenty of engineering capability Most compact plant design Complete PTA service Business Scope SPC provides it’s long experience in PTA manufacturing based on the proven method.Advanced Management Technology .Raw material minimization (acetic acid.Plant optimization . paraxylene) .Training for operability and productivity Unit Performance Project .Remarkably low variable cost Technical Service (Operation & Maintenance) . to the industry.Methyl acetate hydrolysis system .Process control strategy .

Minimized TA vessels. less equipment . With our hands-on experience of successfully running PTA plants for over 30 years. turbine and expander . The lowest acetic acid consumption . improvements and assistance made available through our distinctive technical service program. which are also our biggest strength.Implementation of methyl acetate hydrolysis system Initial Service Our initial service will begin with analyzing the specific needs and the plan for the client. Process simplification . commissioning support and O&M will be provided. Optimal energy consumption . Working with our Samsung sister companies.Single train of compressor.Single stage of PTA separation system . SPC licensing package features the state-of-the-art technologies which make it possible not only to reduce the variable cost by a unrivaled low acetic acid and energy consumption. Technical conceptual introduction Preliminary discussions Confidentiality agreement Technical and commercial proposal Feasibility study Technology license agreement Design basis meeting Front end engineering package Support during project execution Commissioning support Operation training by the highly skilled and experienced engineers Technical support to ensure stable operation after start-up SPC licensees benefit from a unique technical association with us by means of upgrade technologies. The top 3 major features include: 1.Azeotropic tower system . but also significantly reduce the massive investment cost by requiring fewer major equipments and the most compact plant layout for the maximum efficiency due to the process simplification and shortened delivery term developed by SPC’s long term experience and expertise know-how in the licensing package.Optimal reactor sizing .Improved agitator system .Optimal PTA pre-heater system design 3.We license the most competitive PTA technology in the world today and for the years to come PTA Licensing Features In order to maximize your return investment. We will utilize our experience and know-hows to come up with the plant design perfect for the each individual client. 2. together we can have the plant up-and-running in the shortest possible timeframe with absolutely no sacrifice in quality. superb training. The following are list of services available.Minimization of PTA pre-heaters and crystallizers .

To minimize paraxylene loss by recovering solid from mother liquor .Manufacturing Process Key Performance Solution During our long years of continuous research and pursuit of perfection. Most distinctive key performance solutions are as follow: Oxidation Reactor System .Single stage separation instead of double stage separation .To recycle Co/Mn catalyst from mother liquor purge .Acetic acid unit consumption improvement by up to 20% compared to industry average Methyl Acetate Hydrolysis System .To convert methyl acetate from oxidation reactor into acetic acid .Micro porous metal filtering system . our tremendous amount discoveries led to significant variable cost reduction and higher final product quality.Reduce acetic acid consumption by 3 Kg per ton of PTA production from your current system Pressurized Separation System .Improved separation efficiency with higher purity Catalyst Recovery Unit .High recovery ratio (at least 95%) PTA Solid Recovery Unit .Optimal design & operation by oxidation reactor simulation .

Always searching for endless possibilities. manufacturing. Licensing package also includes access to the full range of technical expertise in the fields of various engineering. operation and maintenance. We provide the service most suited for your ever-changing needs and requirements to fulfill your never-changing goal to operate the most profitable PTA plant. new technologies and valuable information in the industry. highly recognized government institutes in chemistry field. etc. etc. top technical universities and well known professors. Samsung R&DB center continuously offers the latest discoveries.We provide the service most suited for your ever-changing needs to fulfill your never-changing goal to operate the most profitable PTA plant For over 30 years. Samsung will be the most dependable partner for your future. “Samsung PTA Licensing package” will result in excellence in PTA manufacturing. Our service program will include any of the following elements. Samsung works with worldwide prestigious research centers with the most advanced instruments. SPC has always been eagerly pursuing the lowest variable cost and the highest operability by adopting & challenging new PTA technologies. but not limited to : Regular customer service visits by PTA experts Access to help desk for resolution Analytical and investigative process enhancements Training for operation improvement Additional customized services and process Operational troubleshooting services and advice Capacity increase through debottlenecking and plant design modification as necessary Technical exchange and PTA conference hosting Plant optimization and modification to meet the business cycle Stable operation project development Cost saving project (acetic acid / paraxylene / fuel) Safety training and consulting . Continuous Service Program Including in our licensing package as continuous service program.

000 recorded. which has reflected on our quality and output for many years. with total net sales close to US$ 185 billion last year with the headquarters located in Seoul. SHARQ EO/EG Plant in Saudi Arabia by Samsung Engineering . Samsung with our own network solution will ensure our licensees will get the most economical. Korea. well organized discoveries and knowhows. Caring for the Environment We at SPC. SPC has earned the trust and recognition. greatly care about preserving the environment. Awards in Excellence During our over 30 years of contributing to the PTA industry by providing excellent quality products. our mission is to continuously develop and distribute our technology worldwide. SPC is most proud of it’s customer service awards. Elite Engineering Standard At SPC we take great pride in the highest standard of our engineers. and petrochemical trading record setting excellent networking solution around the world. etc. outstanding productivity.We proudly share our innovation with the rest of the world Burj Dubai by Samsung C&T Corporation Sister Companies Network Solution SPC is the one of Samsung affiliates whose total of 229. and Samsung C&T (Construction and Trading) Corporation. since Samsung is based on the belief the customers come first. especially the C/S Grand Prix for 5 years straight.000 employees and over 350 offices and facilities in 65 countries worldwide. Ltd. Samsung sister network solution is one of the most leading technological network worldwide. which greatly improved our production technology resulting over 6. Large parts of our continuous research is based on environmental friendly technologies. We have developed an excellent alliance with Samsung affiliated companies among the world’s best. setting the industry leading standard. Also all SPC employees including our engineers are certified in knowledge management. C/S (customer service). Being the first ever nationally recognized as the most environmental friendly company. Majority of our engineers are certified Master Black Belt (MBB) or Black Belt (BB) in 6 sigma certification. association and government. efficient. Samsung Engineering Co.. SPC has won various awards in HSE (Health Safety and Environment). by various industries. highest quality solution in the industry. Our engineering qualification and training program are at the highest level. With Samsung’s countless experience in various engineering and constructions around the world including PTA plants with an impressive record.

Shanghai int’l Trading Center. Giheung Gyeonggi-do. China 200336 Tel 86-21-6275-6915 Fax 86-21-6275-6920 . dokgot-ri. Seosan Chungcheongnam-do.. Nam-gu. Seocho-gu. Headquarter 20th Samsung Electronics Building 1320-10. Ulsan 680-110. 446-712. No. Seoul. Seocho 2 dong. Daesan-eup. Korea 137-857 Tel 82-2-2255-0341 Fax 82-2-756-0613 Ulsan Plant 500. Bugok-dong.Samsung Petrochemical Co. Korea Tel 82-52-278-6441 Fax 82-52-273-6403 Seosan Plant 411-8. 2201 Yan An Road(W). Korea Tel 82-31-280-1847 Fax 82-31-280-1840 Shanghai Office 8th FI. Nongseo-dong. Korea Tel 82-41-660-8400 Fax 82-41-660-8409 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) 6th floor. Building 2. 356-711. Shanghai.

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