HUL ICE CREAMS By acquisitions ( kwality Delhi base milk food, Dollops from cadbury ) Amul (GCMMF) Amul Ice Cream was launched on 10th March, 1996 in Gujarat

CASE AMUL Frostik.15 Tricone 15 *Tricone 10 growth rate 50% HUL (Kwality walls) Feast-20 Cornet 25 .

Highly diverse product mix HUL (KWALITY WALLS) largest ice-cream company selling in more than 80 countries mainly under the brand name Walls. superior quality product under its international brands .1 ice cream brand in the country. It is now the only national brand and all other ice cream brands are regional.strength AMUL One of the largest Dairy Large distribution network No.

AMUL Amul sell its ice cream with its own name Decentralized manufacturing facilities Growing market Real value for money bye selling at low price 2530% less HUL  Brand loyalty among the general consume Targeted to six main metro cities and acquire large business there .

HUL Growing market 15-20% Amul Ice Cream has achieved 38% share against 9% market share of HLL making it 4 times larger than its closest competitor. .AMUL VS.

mother dairy Focused only on urban market mainly on six metro cities untapped rural market Lack of proper marketing network .Weakness AMUL Short self life of product Risks of highly complex supply chain Alliance with third parties HLL 15-20 % Higher price then amul vadilal.

Weakness HLL   .

Opportunity AMUL HUL Kwality run in shade of hul (FMCG) giant Big distribution chain Big known company name Big chain of Amul parlors .

Verka . Nestle.etc) . Motherdairy.Threats AMUL Short supply of dairy products Day by day increasing price of milk and its products Maintenance of Efficient cold chain HUL …. … …  Cut throat competition A number of hard core competitors are present in the market(like Amul Metro.

Threats AMUL HUL Amul has penetrated the rural market aggressively. .

Amul introduced SUGAR FREE & ProLife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream.Innovations (AMUL) Online order facility home delivery In January 2007. Amul parlors Amul has 5000 preferred outlets . which was a first in India.

Innovations (AMUL) Amul sponsored a whole television show name Master chef on star plus *it’s a cookery competition all the contestant have to take all food material form amul store Click to edit Master text style Second level ● Third level ● Fourth level ● Fifth level .

Innovations(AMUL) Click to edit Master text styles Second level ● Third level ● Fourth level ● Fifth level Buy one get one free .

Range of Amul ice crems .

Range of Amul ice crems .

Amul ice cream for health conscious persons .

Innovations (HUL) Kwality launched Swirl’s Parlors in India in 2004. Kwality market its ice cream With this slogan “love in every bite” "Connector of Hearts" "ho Jaye Dil Ka Connection" “Spark your love with kwality walls” . and currently has 51 Swirl’s Parlors.

They Also have their Home range priced at Rs 99. .overcoming the price barrier HUL create products such as Cornetto Choco Fudge sold at Rs 15 products specifically targeted at kids such as Bikimax and Choco Vanilla sold at Rs 5.

Should explore semi urban or small towns Also launch low price ice cream and frozen deserts .What should hul done HUL's market share in Rs 1.200 cr ice-cream market is 9 per cent compared with 37 per cent for Amul increase in the number of outlets would play a key role in the sales.

probiotic . low fat ice cream market Sponsor or organize some of kids and mother health related programme or camps .For parties marriages birth day like functions special schemes or services can be provide like baskin robbins doing Target event like common wealth and world cup and for them special verity of ice cream can also be launch Explore Sugar free .

Like amul did Idea of Super premium ice cream shows status symbol that allows the purchaser to feel good about what he/she has accomplished in life. . We can help shops in rural areas to procure refrigerators through self-financing schemes.Open ice cream parlor in school and universities campus Ice-cream sales are purely determined by the availability of refrigerators.

e.Concept of Brand loyaltymade substantial effort to gain a develop favorable reputation & image with buyers through frequent promotional campaigns i. free cone Days donation to social causes & the use of eco friendly products. .


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