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Network Appliance NS0-154

NS0-154 Data ONTAP 8.0 7-MODE Administrator

Practice Test
Version 3.0

Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 1 Which three items are NFS resources for export? (Choose three.) A. aggregate B. directory/qtree C. file D. subnet E. volume Answer: B,C,E


Answer: B

A. Perform a base-level backup of the volume after you restore it. B. Reboot the storage system to reset timestamps back to their original times before the reversion. C. Take a new snapshot of the volume to create new base-level timestamps for the incremental backup. D. Take a new snapshot of the volume to create new base-level timestamps for the incremental backup, and then perform a base-level backup of the volume after you restore it. Answer: A

QUESTION NO: 4 Which three /etc/snapmirror.conf entries will support synchronous or semi-synchronous SnapMirror? (Choose three.) A. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol - sync "Pass Any Exam. Any Time." - 2



In a tape environment after a SnapRestore reversion of a volume, incremental backup and restore operations on the file or volume cannot rely on the timestamps to determine what data needs to be backed up or restored. Which course of action ensures correct incremental backups?





A. True B. False


Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode supports SMB 2.0 in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam B. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol - 0-55/5 * * * C. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol outstanding=3s sync D. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol visibility_interval=1hr, outstanding=3ms, cksum=crc32 sync Answer: A,C,D

QUESTION NO: 5 Which changes the NDMP password on the Open System SnapVault agent? A. password B. password C. svpasswd D. svpassword Answer: D

Which two commands can be used to enable LUN reservations? (Choose two.) A. lun create B. lun map C. lun reservation set D. lun set reservation Answer: A,D


Which three licenses are required for fabric-attached MetroCluster? (Choose three.) A. Cluster B. Cluster_remote C. Syncmirror_local D. Syncmirror_fabric E. Syncmirror_remote Answer: A,B,C

"Pass Any Exam. Any Time." -









Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 8 An iSCSI or FC SAN implementation provides _____ access to LUNs. A. block B. file C. VIIP D. VLD Answer: A

QUESTION NO: 9 Which are three characteristics of an iSCSI or FCP SAN implementation? (Choose three.) A. A LUN can be converted into a VLD. B. LUNs can be accessed using the FCP protocol. C. LUNs can be accessed using theiSCSI protocol. D. Block services are associated with aniSCSI or FCP SAN environment. Answer: B,C,D


Which three protocols can coexist on a NetApp storage system? (Choose three.) A. CIFS B. DAFS C. DFS D. FCP E. NFS Answer: A,D,E

QUESTION NO: 11 Which set of protocols provide block-level access to NetApp storage? A. CIFS and NFS B. HTTP and FTP C. iSCSI and FCP D. SNA and RPC "Pass Any Exam. Any Time." - 4







AutoSupport B. System Configuration Guide Answer: B.D QUESTION NO: 14 Which two will allow you to read and analyze a packet trace file generated by the storage system? (Choose two. physical Answer: A QUESTION NO: 13 To determine the version of Data ONTAP in which a bug has been fixed. Any Time. FC or IP SAN.D QUESTION NO: 15 "Pass Any Exam. FC SAN. use the NOW site _______ utility. (Choose two. Bugs Online C. pktt D. Release Comparison 5 Ac tua lTe sts . virtual C. Eternal View m .) A." . WireShark Answer: B.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam Answer: C QUESTION NO: 12 Host multi-pathing describes a _________ solution that has at least two distinct _________ paths to a LUN. virtual D. A.actualtests. Netmon C. NetApp Diagnostics D. FC or IP SAN.) A. physical B.www. token ring.

Use both aNIS server and a Domain Controller in the network.www. ifstat -a B. the time on the storage system must be set to be within plus or minus five minutes of the time on the domain controller.C Answer: A QUESTION NO: 18 For automatic user name mapping to occur for a CIFS and UNIX user name that are the m 6 . netdiag -n C.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam What utility on the storage system will allow you to capture network packet information? A. Nothing: mapping will occur if user name authentication is available." . Any Time. D.equiv file.) A. netstat -i D. "Pass Any Ac A. C. True B. traceroute Answer: B QUESTION NO: 16 Which two commands on the storage system allow you to gather detailed statistics about network interfaces. netstats B. snoop D. B. including basic information about network connections? (Choose two. you must do what? A. False tua To configure a storage system as a member of a Windows active directory domain. pktt C. Enter the user names in the /etc/hosts.actualtests. sysstat 1 Answer: A. lTe QUESTION NO: 17 sts . Enter the CIFS user in theNIS database.

D. GID or UID and UNIX permissions. the mapped UNIX UID/GID of the CIFS client and the UNIX file permissions D. m 7 .com Ac tua lTe sts ." . This is not allowed: A CIFS client cannot access files in a path set to a security style of UNIX Answer: C QUESTION NO: 20 NTFS allows file access based on ___________.default_security_style ntfs "Pass Any Exam. NT ACLs and UNIX permissions.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam Answer: D QUESTION NO: 19 If the security style is set to UNIX. C. the last client to set permissions C.www. CIFS client file access is determined by ___________. NT ACLs and SID. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 22 Executing this command will have what effect? options wafl.actualtests. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 21 UNIX allows file access based on __________. A. B. B. NT ACLs and UNIX permissions. C. GID or UID and ACLs. D. NT ACLs B. Any Time. NT ACLs and SID. A. SID and password. UNIX permissions.

User names used in an export must be resolvable. False Answer: A "Pass Any Exam. It will set the security style of all newly created volumes Ac A. It will set the security style of all files to bentfs. Exports can access multiple paths on the same m 8 . D. C. It will change the security style of allqtrees to be ntfs. Any Time. C. NFS is turned off on the storage system.www. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 24 Answer: A. A. B. Each volume must be exported separately. Theqtree is set to ntfs security style. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 23 The super user receives an "Access Denied" message when he attempts to access a newly mounted qtree. D. Exports are accessible only to hosts with names.D QUESTION NO: 25 To automatically export volumes and directories on storage system reboot.) sts . Theqtree is missing from the /etc/hosts file.actualtests. B. Whats the most likely cause of this error? A. True B.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam A. B." . include them in the /etc/exports file. Theqtree has not been exported. It will change the security style of all existing volumes to bentfs. tua lTe Which two statements apply to an entry in the /etc/exports file regarding exporting directories/qtrees and volumes? (Choose two. D. C.

perfstat C. the option m Which two are Data ONTAP commands for displaying performance information? (Choose Ac tua lTe sts A. exportfs -i C. B. Display the default output every five seconds and print a summary upon termination. nfsstat B. sysstat . C. Display the default output every five seconds andterminate after five counts.D QUESTION NO: 28 Which statement best describes the output of this command? sysstat -s 5 A.enable must be set on. sio_ntap_soll D. Display extended output every five seconds and print a summary after five counts.www. A. Any Time.actualtests.per_client_stats. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 29 To collect per client NFS statistics on a storage system." . D. exportfs -a B. exportfs -u D. Display extended output every five seconds and print a summary upon termination.) 9 .Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 26 Which exportfs command will temporarily export the resource while ignoring the options specified in the /etc/exports file? A. True B. False "Pass Any Exam. exportfs -v Answer: B QUESTION NO: 27 Answer: A.

and the storage system's HBA is referred to as the __________ . which three fields are part of the output? (Choose three.www. lun create B.) A. D.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam Answer: A QUESTION NO: 30 When viewing the output of the sysstat -f 1 Ac QUESTION NO: 32 tua lTe sts . lun make D.C. iSCSI Answer: A. A. the host's HBA is referred to as the ___________. target.) A. primary. lun config C. CIFS B. primary. FCP E. Any Time. FTP C. NFS D. secondary. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 33 "Pass Any Exam. lun setup Answer: A. initiator. secondary.D QUESTION NO: 31 Which two are Data ONTAP commands for creating LUNs on a storage system? (Choose two. B. target. initiator." . m 10 .D In a Fibre Channel configuration. m 11 . Ac False Answer: B QUESTION NO: 34 These are three methods of creating a LUN: * lun create * lun map * lun setup A.actualtests. True B. dishshm_stats. netdiag B. sysstat D. sysconfig . Any Time. False Answer: B Answer: A QUESTION NO: 36 Which command displays the statistics for Ethernet network interfaces? A. ifstat." . sysstat tua Which set of commands should be used for troubleshooting Ethernet connectivity problems from the storage system console? lTe QUESTION NO: 35 sts . ifconfig B.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam Before running lun setup on the storage system. tracert C. True B. ifstat C. you must first create the igroup to which the initiator will be attached. sysstat "Pass Any Exam.www. sysconfig D.

actualtests. Useaggr reallocate -p pathname to run the physical reallocate. C. Any Time." . Ac tua lTe A. netstat .www.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam Answer: B QUESTION NO: 37 Which command is used to set the configuration of an Ethernet network interface? A. sts . Use reallocate -p pathname to run the physical reallocate. sysconfig . ifstat C. B.i D.v Answer: A QUESTION NO: 38 Answer: A. A. False Answer: A QUESTION NO: 40 When running deduplication on SnapVault destinations. which three statements are true? "Pass Any Exam.3? (Choose three. ifconfig B. True B.2.E QUESTION NO: 39 Physical Reallocation of a SnapMirror source volume increases the amount of data to transfer for the next SnapMirror update. Volume Snapshots do not need to be deleted for the reallocate to run effectively. Reinitialize anySnapMirror relationship for the new physical geometry. Dont run it on What are three true statements about physical reallocation of data added in ONTAP 7.) m 12 . volumes. D. and LUNs that are in an aggregate created by a version of ONTAP earlier than 7.D.

vol options flexvol1 nosnapdir on D. Deduplication savings are available after the baseline snapshot rolls off and the blocks are freed. directory D. Deduplication internally synchronizes with the SnapVault schedule on the destination. snap access flexvol1 off C. Any Time.actualtests. storage system Answer: B QUESTION NO: 42 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 43 Which command disables client access to Snapshot copies on a volume called flexvol1? A. B. then deletes and recreates the snapshot to effectively deduplicate savings.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam A. 13 Ac A. volume C. disk blocks C.E QUESTION NO: 41 A snapshot is a frozen. qtrees B. Snapshot copies tua Data ONTAP uses inodes in an active file system to reference ___________. The source (primary) system sends duplicated data even if the source data isdeduplicated." . C. qtrees B. A. Answer: A. file segments D.C. cifs shares -change flexvol1 -nosnap B. read-only image of the entire Data ONTAP active file system that reflects the state of the ____________ at the time the snapshot was m . lTe sts .www. D. Deduplication with SnapVault creates a snapshot. vol options flexvol1 snapdir off "Pass Any Exam. The sourceSnapVault data is deduplicated inline on the target before it is written to disk. E.

n. Any Time. A.) A. older B. 125 B. C. Depends on capacity and number of disk drives Answer: B QUESTION NO: 46 Which three are pre-requisites for using SnapRestore? (Choose three. The volume to be reverted must not be aSnapMirror destination. least important Answer: A QUESTION NO: 45 A SnapVault secondary volume can contain up to ___ Snapshot copies for data protection. 251 C. the value of n (as shown by the snap list command) is adjusted for all the weekly." . nightly. The volume to be reverted must be offline. 255 D. the _________ the snapshot. more important m 14 . vol options flexvol1 snapdir on Answer: C QUESTION NO: 44 When Data ONTAP creates a weekly. Answer: B. or hourly snapshot. You must enter theSnapRestore license code before you can use it. or hourly.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam E. The higher the value of n.n Snapshot copies.www. nightly. newer C.C.D "Pass Any Exam. D. Ac tua lTe sts . Snapshot copies must exist on the storage system so that you can select a snapshot for the reversion.n. B.

B. The volume must be online. You must bring the volume back online. B. Any Time. snap revert -svol C. SnapRestore prompts you to confirm your decision to revert the file." .actualtests. snap restore undovol D. D. The Snapshot copies that are more recent than the snapshot you used are deleted. You cannot undo aSnapRestore operation at the volume level.) m .B. Every time you run the procedure. B.www. How can you automate this step? A. D. C.D QUESTION NO: 50 You want to create an automated test environment that performs a single file SnapRestore. Answer: A. The Snapshot copies that are older than the snapshot you used are deleted. The snap restore enable on option must be enabled. The volume to be reverted must not be aSnapMirror destination mirror. Use the -f option with the snap restore command. 15 Ac tua lTe sts . snap restore -rvol B. C. SnapRestore must be licensed before you can use it. These prompts are for data protection and auditing and cannot be overridden. Enable the optionssnaprestore_noprompts enable=on option. "Pass Any Exam. The storage system automatically performs a snapshot for that volume.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 47 Which command or procedure would you use to undo a volume SnapRestore operation? A. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 48 What happens after you use SnapRestore to revert a volume to a specific snapshot? A. C. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 49 Which three statements are true when using SnapRestore? (Choose three.

snap restore -r D. You revert the volume using a snapshot that was created two days ago. snap restore -d C. SnapMirror update Answer: D "Pass Any Exam. SnapMirror resume D. SnapMirror initialize B.B." . snap restore s lTe sts Which option of the snap restore command allows you to specify a different directory.www. Enter thepriv set advanced mode on the storage system and the prompt will not appear. Any Time. SnapMirror resync Ac tua A. volume E. snap restore -c B. directory QUESTION NO: 52 Answer: C QUESTION NO: 53 A volume is SnapMirrored hourly.D 16 . file B. qtree D. as long as the directory already exists? . SnapMirror quiesce C. Which command continues the relationship? A. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 51 Which objects can be restored by a single SnapRestore command? (Choose three) m Answer: A. LUN C.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam D.

You must now SnapRestore the volume. You must recreate the directory structure before trying to restore the file. which three are replication pre-requisites? (Choose three. Which is the most likely explanation? A. NFS users who try to access a reverted file without first reopening it might get a "stale file handle" error message.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 54 Five minutes ago. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 55 You are trying to do a single file SnapRestore for a file. D. but you are receiving an error message that the directory structure no longer exists. After a single fileSnapRestore. m 17 . You cannot restore a file to an alternate location. C. "Pass Any Exam. Have the users try to reopen the file and see if the problem is resolved. 40% of your NFS users are now complaining about getting "stale file handles" for the file.www. This might be due to an NFS storage system and client version mismatch. Check to see that these users have the same version of the NFS client that existed at the time the snapshot was taken. D. If you are replicating a volume. Any Time. and the best procedure to correct it? Ac tua lTe sts . The source volume must be offline. Start troubleshooting by checking their subnet. C. Which is the most likely cause of this problem. B.actualtests. B. you performed a single file SnapRestore on a large NFS file. you must create a restricted volume to be used as theSnapMirror. D. SnapMirror must be licensed for each storage system." . you cannot restore the file using single fileSnapRestore. NFS users have to reboot their systems.) A. Have them reboot their systems. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 56 When you are setting up SnapMirror. The capacity of theSnapMirror destination must be greater than or equal to the capacity of the source destination volume. Snapshot copies have been created since the original directory structure was deleted. C. These users are on a different subnet from the others. Once the directory structure has been deleted.

C QUESTION NO: 60 You have quiesced a SnapMirror relationship.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam Answer: B.) m . Create Disk 18 Ac tua lTe A. Create Snapshot copies D. (Choose two. Any Which two operations can be performed with the SnapDrive for Windows graphical user interface? (Choose two.D QUESTION NO: 57 Which command would you use to verify that the iSCSI service is running? A.C. Which command would re-establish the scheduled updates? "Pass Any Exam. iscsi show D. iscsi status Answer: D QUESTION NO: 58 Answer: A. iscsi protocol B.C QUESTION NO: 59 Identify the two commands that could be entered on the SnapMirror destination storage system.) A. snapmirror release C." . optionssnapmirror.access on Answer: A. snapmirror resync B. Create File C. iscsi service C.www. snapmirror initialize D. Create Volume sts .

) Ac tua A.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam A. snapmirror resume C.www.) . C. Partner E. Standalone Answer: A. Giveback C. Failover B. False QUESTION NO: 62 Answer: B. snapmirror update Answer: B QUESTION NO: 61 In a volume SnapMirror relationship.C "Pass Any Exam. Multi D. True B.D QUESTION NO: 63 Which two modes support using SnapMirror over multiple paths? (Choose two. This option turns to off after thesnapmirror break command is issued for the relationship." . snapmirror restart B. D. B. Any Time. This option causes theSnapMirror destination volume to remain the same size and not grow or shrink when a SnapMirrored volume relationship is broken.actualtests. lTe sts Which two statements apply to the fs_size_fixed volume option? (Choose two. The default setting is on. A. snapmirror resync m Answer: B 19 . the source and destination volumes must be the same size. This option is automatically set to be on when a volume becomes aSnapMirrored volume.

D.) A. B. By setting a value. /vol/vol0/etc/snapmirror/ D. Answer: B. C. a scheduled incremental update is interrupted Answer: D QUESTION NO: 67 Which statement describes the results of the SnapMirror resync command? A. Resynchronization will update the snapshot on the destination filer.D QUESTION NO: 65 SnapMirror will automatically try to restart a transfer after ___________. This variable controls the view of the data on the destination system. /vol/vol0/etc/snaplog/ C. The smallest interval value supported is 30 seconds.actualtests. what is the path to these files? . "Pass Any Exam. you specify the amount of time before an automatic snapshot is created on the source volume that is synchronously mirrored. Any 20 Ac tua QUESTION NO: 66 lTe Answer: A sts A. C. The default interval value is five minutes." . a transfer interrupted by reboot D.C. Resynchronization will cause the loss of all data written to the destination after the original base snapshot was made. Resynchronization will update the snapshot on the source filer. m If you were troubleshooting and wanted to look at SnapMirror log files. /vol/vol0/etc/log/snaplog/ .www. B. an initial transfer is interrupted B.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 64 Which three statements apply to the SnapMirror visibility_interval argument? (Choose three. a manual update is interrupted C. /vol/vol0/etc/log/ B.

com Ac tua lTe sts .access B. cksum m 21 .access host = Answer: D QUESTION NO: 70 Which action will cause a currently in-sync SnapMirror relationship to fall out of sync? A. optionssnapmirror. sync B. Modifying the /etc/snapmirror. Runningsnapmirror release on the source storage system C. src_con D. and removes all newer information on the storage system on which the command is run. Runningsnapmirror update on the source storage system B.allow host = D. snapmirror.destination C.conf file for the relationship on the source storage system D. Resynchronization finds the newest common snapshot shared by the two volumes orqtrees.actualtests. optionssnapmirror.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam D. Modifying the /etc/snapmirror. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 68 Which keyword alone can be used to convert an asynchronous SnapMirror relationship to a synchronous SnapMirror relationship? A. snapmirror.conf file for the relationship on the destination storage system Answer: D QUESTION NO: 71 "Pass Any Exam. Any Time.www. outstanding Answer: A QUESTION NO: 69 Which option will allow a storage system to SnapMirror from this source system? A." .

B.2 D. C.actualtests. The volume is the basic unit ofSnapVault backup destination." . The file is the basic unit forSnapVault backup destination. IS1200 B. DataFort C.www. True B. Any Time. visibility interval C. using option semi-sync in DOT 7. lTe Which is true of the SnapVault backup of a NetApp storage system? sts . NearStore VTL D. outstanding=3s in DOT 7. D.) A. False 22 .D QUESTION NO: 72 A NearStore license increases the amount of concurrent replication Ac Answer: B tua A. FAS withNearStore license Answer: D "Pass Any Exam. Theqtree is the basic unit for SnapVault backup destination. throttle B.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam Which two choices are used to configure a semi-synchronous SnapMirror relationship? (Choose two.3 and higher Answer: m A. The directory is the basic unit forSnapVault backup destination. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 73 QUESTION NO: 74 Which system is recommended as a secondary system for SnapVault? A.

www. . D. Any Time. A.actualtests. Ac tua lTe sts A. schedule full backups B." . open systems "Pass Any Exam. A. This utility must be enabled on the secondary storage system. This utility determines if there is sufficient disk space available on the secondary to perform an OSSV transfer. C. schedule incremental backups Answer: D QUESTION NO: 78 The snapvault snap create volume snapname command can be executed on the m Which statement applies to the Open Systems SnapVault Free Space Estimator utility? 23 . List of dates in ISO Date format Answer: C QUESTION NO: 76 Answer: C QUESTION NO: 77 The snapvault snap sched -x command is used to ____________. cancel scheduled backups C.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 75 What is the correct format for the scheduling component of a SnapVault schedule? A. YYYY-MM-DD B. This utility runs automatically after each transfer. schedule baseline transfer D. crontab format C. cnt[@day_list][@hour_list] D. This utility determines if there is sufficient disk space available on the primary to perform an OSSV transfer.

" .Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam B.enable m Answer: A 24 . optionsreplication. D. True B. It provides increased concurrent streams when the storage systems are used as destinations forSnapMirror and SnapVault transfers. secondary system only D. secondary or primary systems Answer: D QUESTION NO: 79 The SnapVault secondary system allows you to keep a separate schedule of Snapshot copies from your primary system.wide.enable C.) .C.enable Answer: D QUESTION NO: 82 "Pass Any Exam. False QUESTION NO: 80 Answer: B.D QUESTION NO: 81 Which Data ONTAP option sets system-wide throttling for all transfers? A.throttle. Any Time.wide. optionsreplication.enable Ac tua A. optionstransfer. lTe sts Which three statements apply to NearStore Personality license? (Choose three. C. It requires thenearstore_option license on the destination storage system. B. It converts the destination storage system to aNearStore system.throttle. optionstransfer. A. primary system only C. It increases the storage capacity.actualtests.

a scheduled update copy Answer: C QUESTION NO: 84 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 85 To restore a qtree protected with SnapVault from the secondary storage system to the primary storage system. an incremental copy C. you can ______________. snapvault initialize Answer: B QUESTION NO: 83 For each Open Systems platform directory to be backed up to the SnapVault secondary storage system. snapvault initialize D.2 C. an initial baseline copy D. secondary system to push data to the primary storage system tua The snapvault restore command is run on the _________. 2 B. a temporary copy B.) A. secondary system to push data to the primary system B. A. lTe sts . you must execute _____. sec_qtree_path. secondary system to pull data from the primary system D." m 25 . restore to a non existingqtree with DOT 7.3 "Pass Any Exam. sec_qtree_path. snapvault start B. pri_qtree_path.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam The qtree specified for ____ must not exist on the secondary system before you run the ____ command. overwrite the existingqtree on the primary storage system with DOT 7. primary system to pull data from the secondary system C. Ac A. pri_qtree_path. add the newqtree to the primary storage system with DOT 7. Any Time. (Choose two. snapvault start C.

actualtests. delete the existing qtree from the secondary storage system with DOT 7. Contents inside a file called access and located in OSSV /snapvault/etc D.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam D.C QUESTION NO: 86 The snapvault update command is only available on the secondary system. A. False . Via /etc/hosts. True B. MD5 based authentication betweenSnapVault primary and secondary. with changeable password Answer: B QUESTION NO: 89 How can you "throttle" SnapVault updates and baseline transfers so that the primary or secondary is not transmitting data as fast as it can? "Pass Any Exam.3 Answer: Ac tua lTe sts The OSSV agent on the primary system listens to TCP port 10000 for all SnapVault communications." . QSM access list modifiable viasvconfigurator C. Any Time.www. False Answer: A Answer: A QUESTION NO: 88 What security mechanism can an administrator use on an OSSV client to set permissions allowing backups to a SnapVault secondary system? A.equiv file B. True B. m QUESTION NO: 87 26 .

Any Time. True B. In Data ONTAP 7. Protection Manager C.1 and later.www. SnapLock Compliance volumes are not supported on the VSeries controller with NetApp Storage.C QUESTION NO: 92 Snapshot copies for SnapLock volumes are deleted automatically according to the retention count set in the Snapshot schedule. SnapVault does not support throttling of network throughput. False Answer: A "Pass Any m 27 . svdebug. B. tua lTe Which three statements are true about SnapLock volumes? (Choose three.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam A. Use the -k option in thesnapvault initialize command.5. A. and capturing trace files? A. D. C. C. D.) sts . B.2. Operations Manager B. modifying NDMP settings.exe Answer: C QUESTION NO: 91 Answer: A. Svconfigurator GUI D. enabling debugging." . Use thesnapvault throttle command. SnapMirror supports SnapLock volumes. There are two types ofSnapLock volumes. SnapLock volumes support per-file retention Ac A.actualtests. Use the -k option in thesnapvault start or snapvault modify commands. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 90 Which tool is available on an OSSV client to assist in starting or stopping the OSSV service.

2 C. Auto enable of giveback Answer: C What is the maximum number of disk shelves per loop in a fabric-attached MetroCluster? A. False Answer: B QUESTION NO: 94 Node 1 in a clustered pair detects that it has lost connectivity to one of its disk shelves. disk own -s B. and then forcibly take over Node 1 if the error condition persists? A. However.quickloop. the partner m .Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 93 A volume SnapMirror relationship is allowed between two SnapLock Compliance volumes if the destination volume has unexpired WORM files.enable B. cf. True B. 6 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 96 Which command displays the disk ownership for both CPU modules in a FAS2020 system? A. Any Time. disk show -v C.actualtests. Node 28 Ac tua QUESTION NO: 95 lTe sts ." . 1 B. 4 D. vol status -r "Pass Any Exam. A.www. Takeover on panic C. Which feature will cause Node 2 to monitor this error condition for a period of three minutes by default. can see all of Node 1s disk shelves. Node 1 is still up. Negotiated Fail Over D. but it cannot see one of its disk shelves.

Halt and make sure the partner-sysid is blank. but you get the following error: lTe sts . The customer explains that both storage systems were NFS mounted onto the Solaris host.cgi to identify the problem and corrective action. While in takeover mode. Unlicense cluster. Remove partner entries for network interfaces from the /etc/rc file. Submit a new bug report.www. 2. Replace the cluster interconnect card and run diagnostics "all" to ensure proper system operation. 4. What should you do first to resolve this issue? A. tua You are troubleshooting a clustered failover problem at a customer site. 3. m 29 . A. Perform steps 1-5 above on the partner node. both storage systems operate normally and you do not get the error. Any Time. D. 6. True B. You perform a "cf giveback" and you can now create a file over NFS on both systems. Power down and remove the cluster interconnect card.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam D. B. you attempt to create a file on the NFS mount point for the inaccessible system. Replace the NIC Ac NFS server filer2 not responding still trying. disk display r Answer: B QUESTION NO: 97 To remove a cluster setup." .actualtests. Answer: C "Pass Any Exam. False Answer: A QUESTION NO: 98 When not in takeover mode. 5. Use the cluster-config-checker. you must perform these steps: 1. Type cf disable.

actualtests. The disks are data m . A. Any Time. D. To make this configuration persistent across reboots. The disks are not used. 50 meters C. /etc/rc B. C. /vol/vol0/mount Answer: A QUESTION NO: 102 What is the maximum distance between a standard clustered pair at 2Gbps? A. cluster partner C. 100 meters "Pass Any Exam. host same collection of subnets Answer: D QUESTION NO: 101 A. B.www. Internet B. same administration D. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 100 Each storage system in a cluster must have network access to the __________." . 10 meters B. The disks are mailbox disks. you must enter this information in the _____ file for each system. The disks are spare disks.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 99 What does it signify if the disks are "not owned" in a FAS2020 system? 30 Ac tua One method of configuring an interface for takeover is to enter ifconfig interface partner address at the command line. lTe sts . /etc/hosts C. /vol/vol0/home D.

connection. the surviving controller interfaces will reflect the identity of the ________. Any Time. failed partner interfaces only C. . sessions D. local interfaces only B.actualtests. LUN hiding D.www. connection. session. 500 meters Answer: D QUESTION NO: 103 In an active/active configuration in takeover mode. sessions B. connection. Within a ________ you can have one or more ____________. LUN cloning B. LUN masking Answer: D "Pass Any Exam. LUN grouping C. connections lTe sts An iSCSI __________ is established when the host initiator logs into the iSCSI target. connection. session. A. interfaces as defined in the /etc/rc file QUESTION NO: 104 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 105 Which mechanism allows you to make LUNs available to some initiators and unavailable to others? A.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam D. connections Ac tua A. local and failed partner interfaces D. session." .co m Answer: D 31 . session.

E sts A.) A. The version of Data ONTAP. lun snap . The size of the LUN." . lun copy C. the LUN must be ___________. LUN reset B. "Pass Any Exam. lun clone B. VolumeAutoSize Answer: B. C. exported and accessible B.) .co m Which three are valid LUN commands? (Choose three. lun rename E. 32 Ac tua QUESTION NO: 108 lTe Answer: A. taken offline or unmapped Answer: D QUESTION NO: 109 Which three attributes would you specify when creating a LUN? (Choose three. Snapshot Reserve D. The path to the LUN.actualtests.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 106 What are two methods of protecting LUN overwrites using Snapshot copies on a volume with fractional reserve set to 0%? (Choose two. mounted on a host D.C.) A. lun move D. SnapAutodelete C.D QUESTION NO: 107 When using SnapRestore to restore a single LUN. A. mapped to a Windows server C.www. Any Time.

actualtests.B. RAID groups and disk sizes D. The host operating system of the system attached to the LUN. lTe sts . the configuration of each plex should be identical with regard to ____________. Both aggregates revert to the last common snapshot before the split. E. True B. Data ONTAP will always retain data from the newest aggregate. Answer: A. A.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam D. NDMP and Snapshot copies QUESTION NO: 111 What happens when two aggregates are rejoined? Answer: E QUESTION NO: 112 You cannot remove the SyncMirror license if one or more mirrored volumes exist. A. You will have a large new aggregate containing all volumes from both Ac tua A. Mirrored Snapshot copies C." .www. C. False Answer: A QUESTION NO: 113 "Pass Any Exam. Any Time. NVRAM B. D.D QUESTION NO: 110 For aggregates or traditional volume SyncMirror to work correctly. B. It is not possible to rejoin m Answer: C 33 . One of the aggregates will be overwritten and you will lose any data changed on it after the split.

co m 34 . chooses a 72-Gigabyte disk anduse it as is B. lTe sts . Data ONTAP will then perform what action? A. disk shelves. The number of disks added must be an even number and equally divided between the twoplexes. A drive fails and only 72-Gigabyte spare disks are available. The disks selected forPlex 0 and Plex 1 must come from the same disk shelf. but there are no available spares in the pool from which the degraded plex was built. The disks selected forPlex 0 and Plex 1 must come from the same disk pools.www. A. chooses a 72-Gigabyte disk and right-size it C. alerts you that there are no 36-Gigabyte disks and wait for one to be inserted Answer: B QUESTION NO: 115 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 116 Which two are true when creating a SyncMirror volume? (Choose two. choose spare disks to reconstruct from the opposite pool C. B. warn you that there are no available spares from the proper pool D. halts after 24 hours of running in degraded mode D. C. and cabling tua The required hardware to add SyncMirror to an existing system would be ____________. disk shelves and cluster interconnect B. Any Time. "Pass Any Ac A. disk shelves and termination switches C.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam A mirrored volume has a failed disk." . Ethernet adapters. Data ONTAP will __________. halt all operations to volumes in that pool B.actualtests. "halt" after 24 hours if spare disks are not added to the proper pool Answer: C QUESTION NO: 114 An aggregate is composed of twelve 36-Gigabyte disks. disk shelves.Fibre Channel adapters.) A. and cabling D.

online. before you split a SyncMirror volume. The disks are selected first on the basis of equivalent bytes per sector (bps) size. plexes B. thereare two new plexes. flexible volumes are evenly split between aggr0 andaggrNew Answer: D QUESTION NO: 119 Normally. A. aggr0 and aggrNew E. which are physical copies of the same file system and consist of one or more RAID groups. online. Snapshot copies Answer: A After issuing the aggr split aggr0/plex0 aggrNew command ____________.D QUESTION NO: 117 The two copies of a SyncMirror volume are called _______.actualtests. offline. you ensure that both plexes are _______ and _______. offline Answer: C "Pass Any Exam. Data ONTAP takes a larger capacity disk and right-sizes it. volumes C.quiesced B. Answer: C. A. thereare two unmirrored aggregates. aggregates D. If there is no equivalent-sized m 35 . restricted. there is a new mirrored aggregate calledaggrNew D. then on the basis of the size of the disk. A. there is a newplex called aggrNew B." .www. Any Ac tua lTe sts QUESTION NO: 118 . consistent C.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam D. plex0 and plexNew C. normal D.

Turn on power to the cluster node at the disaster site. in a giveback mode B. fenced off manually C. vol status -r D.www. sysconfig -p C. C. disk show B.actualtests. powered on and accessible You can avoid data corruption when you issue the cf forcetakeover -d command if the remote node is ________. Rejoin the two volumes. Any Time. (Choose two." . m .Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 120 Which MetroCluster configuration procedure is recommended for re-establishing a mirrored volume that was in a level-0 resynchronization state when it failed? A. 36 Ac tua lTe A. Determine which volumes are at the remote and disaster sites. Which command would verify that disks are connected and have dual paths? A. D.) "Pass Any Exam. storage show disk -p Answer: D QUESTION NO: 123 When using MetroCluster in a forced takeover mode. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 121 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 122 You have connected all cables and disk shelves in a fabric-attached MetroCluster. Re-create the synchronous mirror. powered off and inaccessible sts . identify two methods for restricting access to the disaster site node.

lTe Which two statements are true of the cf forcetakeover -d command? (Choose two. failure of the Inter-Switch-Links (ISL) B. Use thecf giveback -f command. Isolate the failed node from the surviving node.D QUESTION NO: 124 In a fabric-attached Ac tua A. D. E. Partner mailboxes must be available. A. Use thecf forcetakeover -d command. False Answer: A "Pass Any Exam.actualtests.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam A.www. Any Time. failure of the interconnect cable C. Use manual fencing. complete failure of the primary controller and disk shelves D. Answer: A. B. B. The failed cluster node is powered off automatically. Mirrored volumes are implicitly split." . D. C.) sts .co m 37 . True B. malfunction of theFibre Channel adapter on the cluster node Answer: C QUESTION NO: 125 Answer: A. C. The surviving cluster node takes over the functions of the failed partner. A. Turn off power to the disaster site node.D QUESTION NO: 126 Protection Manager is an optional component of the Operations Manager that can be licensed and accessed from the NetApp Management Console (NMC). a "site failure" is described as a __________.

actualtests.) A.) A. False Answer: A QUESTION NO: 128 Which are three valid data protection solutions? (Choose three.C. A. Aqtree C.www. A file 38 Ac tua lTe QUESTION NO: 129 sts .C.D Protection Manager has policies that allow for tape-based protection as well as disk-based protection. SnapVault toVolume SnapMirror B. Theentire client Answer: A. True B. SnapVault toVolume SnapMirror toVolume SnapMirror D." .D "Pass Any Exam. False Answer: B QUESTION NO: 130 When using a Protection Manager policy to manage Open Systems SnapVault backups on a UNIX server. which three are valid objects to include in the data set? (Choose three. SnapVault toVolume SnapMirror to SnapVault C. A. A directory D.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 127 Operations Manager can monitor and manage only NetApp storage hosts that have the NetApp Host Agent installed. VolumeSnapMirror to SnapVault Answer: A. True m . Any Time.

16-bit B. which optional switch/flag/parameter/option to the aggr create command must be included? A.C. Foreign Ac tua When migrating from Data ONTAP 7G to Data ONTAP m 39 .D QUESTION NO: 132 XML-files in /etc/stats/preset are used together with the sysstat command to customize the output. windowsperfmon D. sysstat C.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 131 Which three tools present statistics from the Data ONTAP counter manager? (Choose three.www. True B. existing non-traditional aggregates are designated as ________. lTe sts . 32-bit C. Any Time. stats B. Unknown Answer: B QUESTION NO: 134 To create a 64-bit aggregate. 64-bit D.actualtests.0 7-mode. A.) A. False Answer: B QUESTION NO: 133 A. operations manager Answer: A." . b 64 "Pass Any Exam.

B 64 C. 500 B. A." . you can convert existing 32-bit aggregates into 64-bit m 40 . Equal to size of the aggregate Answer: D "Pass Any Exam. 64 TB D. A.actualtests. Any Time. 1000 C. L 64 E. 10 TB B. 6400 D. 64000 Answer: A QUESTION NO: 137 The largest volume that can be created on a 64-bit aggregate is ___. True B. A. l 64 D. False Answer: B QUESTION NO: 136 With 64-bit aggregates. No optional switch/flag/parameter/option is needed because 64-bit aggregates are the default Answer: B QUESTION NO: 135 After upgrading to DOT 8. the number of FlexVols that can be created on a storage controller is Ac tua lTe sts . 16 TB C.0 7-mode.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam B.www.

True B. a co-worker determined that these are type "Solaris" m .Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 138 Which command will show the FCP target(s) on a storage system? A. Any Time. lun show -m LUN pathMapped to LUNID --------------------------------------------------/vol/vol1/lun0 solaris-igroup0 0 /vol/vol1/lun1 windows-igroup 0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun2 aix-igroup 0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun3 linux-igroup 0 A. Given the output below.www. What would your determination be? lun show -m LUN pathMapped to LUN ID --------------------------------------------------/vol/vol1/lun0 solaris-igroup0 0 /vol/vol1/lun1 solaris-igroup1 0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun2 solaris-igroup2 0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun3 solaris-igroup3 0 A. "Pass Any Exam.actualtests. These are type "Solaris" LUNs." . fcp status Answer: A QUESTION NO: 139 You are having problems accessing three recently-created LUNs. False Answer: B QUESTION NO: 140 Using the output below. the reason is because all of the LUNs are using the same LUN ID of 0. fcp show adapter B. fcp show -t D. fcp show all 41 Ac tua lTe sts .

Run thelun show -v command to get the information requested. Not enough information is given here. poststat "Pass Any Exam. Run thelun status command to get the information requested. Any Time.actualtests.) lTe sts .Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam 42 Ac tua Which two commands would help you troubleshoot a LUN that cannot be accessed by a host? (Choose two. which NetApp utility would gather both your Solaris host and storage system data for analysis? m . D. igroup show D. C. Run thelun map command to get the information requested.www. Not enough information is given here. lun show -err E." .E QUESTION NO: 143 If you believe you have a FC SAN performance problem. fcp show initiator Answer: D QUESTION NO: 142 A. perfstat B. fcp config B. Not enough information is given here. fcp initiator show C. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 141 Which storage system command would display the WWPNs of hosts that have logged into a storage system using a Fibre Channel connection? A. fcp show wwpn B. lun show -v Answer: C. fcp wwpn C. fcp show -i D.

the root user is exempt from these two quotas: _______. cifs shares -add /vol/vol2 netapp B. prestat D.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam C. not new quota entries. QUESTION NO: 145 m .exe Answer: A QUESTION NO: 144 NetApp recommends that Fibre Channel switches that have both disk and tape connected to them should have separate zones created for each. Any Time. True B. file quotas "Pass Any Exam.actualtests." . cifs shares -add /vol/vol2/home/netapp C. (Choose 43 Ac tua lTe sts . False Answer: B QUESTION NO: 147 In Data ONTAP.) A. sio_ntap. False Answer: A Which command shares out the directory /vol/vol2/home using the share name "netapp"? A. A. True B. cifs shares -add netapp vol/vol2 D. cifs shares -add netapp /vol/vol2/home Answer: D QUESTION NO: 146 The quota resize command only affects existing /etc/quotas file target entries.www.

False Answer: A "Pass Any Exam. A. user quotas Answer: B. Any Time.Network Appliance NS0-154: Practice Exam B. tree quotas E." . root quotas D. both the Microsoft Windows Administrator and root are exempt from user and group Ac tua lTe sts . True m 44 .E QUESTION NO: 148 In Data ONTAP. group quotas C. but not from tree quotas.actualtests.