Rizwan Period:6 Portfolio assignment Does school have the ability to bring light to our eyes and make

the world look better to us? As a Vista del Lago student, I am expected to achieve the levels of understanding, be responsible, and respect different or uncommon environments. During the first semester of 11th grade I have sensed growth in all aspect of my life, but the dominant of many skills I encountered this semester were Critical thinking, Responsible Citizen, and Individual who values world culture. An individual who values world culture is someone who is able to respect and identify some unusual aspect of his environment’s life. They are able to have such characteristics by learning of different environments and cultures, that might be presented and active around the world or even in the USA. In my English class I had the opportunity to learn about the Iraques when I read the “World on the Turtle’s Back”, and then wrote an in class essay about this creation myth. This portfolio assignment helped me develop as an individual who values world culture because it gave me the opportunity to explore something very unique and now I am aware of something very different from what most of us believe in. It has allowed me to appreciate and be able to acknowledge this way of culture, which is mostly uncommon in American Indians, and be able to greet them with knowledge and handle things much better then some one who has not had the opportunity to learn their unique style of living. Apart from basic cause and effects I have learned how to evaluate, what appreciated opportunities I should consider putting my valuable time in and what might be the logical reason behind something are just few of the many features I adapted from this dominant field. Apart from just studies and what we actually learn in our classes, Advance Placement summer homework has forced me to take a step ahead of everyone else and put myself in better position then many in this world. Summer assignment has forced me to get used to critical work and make my image stronger, so when I am put in critical circumstances where I am competing against some very capable competitors adults outside of school, I am prepared to act like them. Regarding responsibilities, it is largely believed that citizens have the general responsibility to participate in their community to make it "better". Definition of "make it better" will vary greatly, and is largely determined by social norms in the community. In my Advance Placement United States History class, I got the assignment to search and write an essay upon the analyzing of the Declaration of Independence. Reading it and writing an essay upon how and what Jefferson’s views were that he represented, and why such actions should be taken taught me greatly to develop my self into a very capable person who constantly analyze and thinks highly of one’s part and or responsibility one must owe to his surrounded environment. In my everyday school life I use this skill in many ways, I use it to follow direction do my part to comfort and make good impression upon me from others. Apart from school and just following directions, doing this has motivated me to such a great extent, that I have been involved in community services with the community hospital and another community which helps the needy on holidays. I think I still have a long way to go in adapting and perfecting into this ESLR, and I can only do that by strengthening some of the qualities I have already adapted into. I have had the blessing to improve upon many features of life during this semester, but the few that I mentioned really stood out for me and have shown it by my improved abilities. I think portfolios have taught me many skills, but mainly, the ones it has strengthen are, to think critically, respect and learn to appreciate, and allow your self to be like an open skull and capture knowledge from different and unique sources.