A Thankful Prayer Lesson 1

Thankful Prayer

A Bit of News
 This is a new theme on the topic of prayer. We believe that prayer is important in building our faith and in being homes that are Christ centered. Take time this week to eat one meal together a day and have family prayer. NEXT SUNDAY we will be discussing “The Ten Lepers” and how ONE returned to show a thankful heart!

I am going to share with you one way that will help you to pray for those around you and help you to remember who, and what to pray for. We will do this together today, and this glove that I have on my hand will help us. Let’s look at my thumb here (wiggle your thumb). This small thumb will stand for “Family”. We have so much to thank God for

Family Prayer is Important

regarding our family. What are some things that we can pray about regarding our family? Some suggestions are: good health, good jobs, food, and safe protection while driving, in storms and during the night. It is good to pray that God will help our parents make good decisions, and do well in their jobs. We need to always thank God for giving us a good family to love and protect us. Let us stop and pray now for our families. The index finger represents all our friends. The middle finger stands for leaders. Our pastors, USA President, Government Leaders, and Major of your city. The fourth finger stands for missions. And the pinky stands for YOU. Let us remember to pray for all these important people in our lives. © Jeanne McIntosh September 2011

A Note from our Staff

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