Policy Exchange at the Labour Party Conference 2011

Policy Exchange at the 2011 Labour Party Conference
Novotel Liverpool Centre, 40 Hanover Street, L1 4LN

CHaiR: Roger Graef oBE, Criminologist SPEAKERS: Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP, Shadow Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Louise Casey CB, Commissioner for Victims and Witnesses, Blair Gibbs, Head of Crime & Justice, Policy Exchange, Javed Khan, Chief Executive, Victim Support 08.15 | Pacific Room

Has Labour lost the plot on crime?

Balancing act: do we need to restore the imbalance between different sectors of the UK economy?
CHaiR: John Willman, Editorial Consultant & former Associate Editor, The Financial Times SPEAKERS: angela Eagle MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Tom ironside, Director of Business and Regulation, The British Retail Consortium, Matt Oakley, Head of Economics and Social Policy, Policy Exchange, david Sproul, Senior Partner & Chief Executive, Deloitte 08.15 | Pacific Room

“Class of 2010” The future of the Labour Party
CHaiR: Kevin Maguire, Columnist, The Daily Mirror SPEAKERS: Stella Creasey MP, ian Murray MP, John Reynolds MP 13.00 | Macandrews Room

Social Housing: Fixing the current mess

Electing the new Police and Crime Commissioners

CHaiR: Sean o’neill, Crime & Security Editor, The Times SPEAKERS: Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP, Member, Intelligence and Security Committee, Vernon Coaker MP, Shadow Minister for Policing, Blair Gibbs, Head of Crime & Justice, Policy Exchange 13.00 | Macandrews Room

CHaiR: Randeep Ramesh, Social Editor, The Guardian SPEAKERS: Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, John Bird, Founder, The Big Issue, Kay Boycott, Director of Communications, Policy & Campaigns, Shelter, Mark Henderson, CEO, Home Group, Matt Oakley, Head of Economics and Social Policy, Policy Exchange 13.00 | Pacific Room

Remonopolising Power? Reforming the electricity market

2020 Hindsight: Does the Renewable Energy Strategy help us decarbonise?
CHaiR: Geoffrey Lean, Contributing Editor – Environment, The Daily Telegraph SPEAKERS: Huw irranca-davies MP, Shadow Minister for Energy, Simon Less, Head of Environment & Energy, Policy Exchange, Pierre noel, Research Associate & Director – Energy Policy Forum, University of Cambridge, david Palmer-Jones, Chief Executive, SITA UK 13.00 | Pacific Room

CHaiR: oliver Morton, Energy & Environment Editor, The Economist SPEAKERS: Barry Gardiner MP, Special Envoy for Climate Change & the Environment, Meg Hillier MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, Simon Less, Head of Environment & Energy, Policy Exchange, david odling, Energy Policy Manager, Oil & Gas UK, Professor George yarrow, Chairman, Regulatory Policy Institute 17.45 | Pacific Room

Will the Green Deal deliver?

CHaiR: damian Carrington, Head of Environment, The Guardian SPEAKERS: Luciana Berger MP, Shadow Minister for Energy & Climate Change, Guy newey, Senior Researcher – Environment & Energy, Policy Exchange, Trewin Restorick, CEO, Global Action Plan, John Swinney, Business Development Public Sector Director, Carillion Energy Services 17.45 | Pacific Room

Getting the UK saving again: Are radical solutions needed?

CHaiR: Vincent Moss, Political Editor, The Sunday Mirror SPEAKERS: Chris Leslie MP, Shadow Financial Secretary, Gerard Lemos, Chair, Money Advice Service, Matt Oakley, Head of Economics and Social Policy, Policy Exchange, Chris Rhodes, Executive Director – Products and Marketing, Nationwide Building Society 17.45 | Macandrews Room

CHaiR: neil o’Brien, Director, Policy Exchange SPEAKERS: ivan Lewis MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, Jim Killock, Executive Director, Open Rights Group, Jag Singh, Chief Information Officer, MessageSpace 19.00 | Macandrews Room

Law and Order online: The future of internet regulation

CHaiR: alan Travis, Home Affairs Editor, The Guardian Rt Hon Jack Straw MP, Harry Fletcher, Assistant General Secretary, NAPO, Blair Gibbs, Head of Crime & Justice, Policy Exchange, debbie Ryan, Director of Justice Division, Working Links 19.00 | Pacific Room

Soft or smart? Should Labour back the rehabilitation revolution?

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