Gymnasium Gymnasium Lagorsse

The black SolarWall® system installed on the south wall of Gymnasium Lagorsse in Fontainebleau, France

The town of Fontainebleau is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in France, renown for its famous Palace at Fontainebleau as well as the woodlands and parks that surround the chateau and the town. When the municipal government in Fontainebleau was planning construction of a new gymnasium and recreation centre, a primary objective of the project was to build a highly energy efficient facility with minimal CO2 emissions (compared to a conventional building). In order to achieve this goal, the town decided to follow the “HQE” steps (the French construction standards for High Quality Environmental buildings). After careful consideration of a variety of different products, they decided that the SolarWall® air heating technology would provide an optimal solution to assist with their renewable energy and GHG emission goals.

the South wall of Gymnasium Lagorsse. Recreation and fitness centres require lots of fresh air ventilation to maintain the indoor air quality, and with the SolarWall system in place, the incoming air is preheated with solar energy during the heating season, which reduces the use of the conventional natural gas-fired heating system.

The SolarWall system at the Lagorsse Gym is projected to reduce over 5 tons of CO2/year and provide 22.5 MWh/ year of free thermal energy. Mr. Bertrand Cuvillier, head of Heritage of the Town of Fontainebleau believes installing a SolarWall system has been a “well thought out decision”. “We chose SolarWall technology for 3 reasons: it's very low maintenance, it easily adapts to the site and its environment, and of course the most fundamental element - its heat input of up to 20% for this building.” -Mr. Bertrand Cuvillier, head of Heritage of the Town of Fontainebleau

The 109 m2 (1,173 ft2) SolarWall System was installed on

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