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Humboldt Republican Women Welcome Eric Golub

"Combating Ideological Bigotry: Beating the left at their own game."

Meet Eric Golub, author of Ideological Bigotry, Ideological Violence and Ideological Idiocy. His blog is the “Tygrrrr Express” www.tygrrrrexpress.com/
He’s linked at our website

Eric Golub's message couldn't be more timely! National Labor Leader Jimmy Ho a calls for WAR on Republicans, warming up the Labor Day crowd for Barack Obama, saying "Let's take these sons of bitches out." Eric tackles this head kind of thing head-on in his book: "Ideological bigotry is the hatred of people simply due to their political or ideological beliefs. Ideological bigotry is every bit as destructive as racial or ethnic bigotry, but receives far less attention.” “Conservatives disagree with liberals. Liberals despise conservatives. They hate them.... Liberals hate conservatives for emerely existing and breathing air.” “Ideological bigotry must be handled in the same way as all other bigotry: With swift, loud condemnation and full throttled self-defense" We can read his full-throttled defense at the Washington Times

Communities Online, World Net Daily, and Donne Tempo Magazine. He's written for Andrew Breitbart's "Big Hollywood," Tucker Carlson’s “Daily Caller,” and has been published by the Jewish Journal and the Jewish Policy Center. Commentary Magazine and Pajamas Media have him on their blogroll. (As do we: He's on our blogroll at hrwf-ca.org) His message is more important now than ever before. Please JOIN US for lunch! Bring friends. Details below.

September 15th
11:30 AM Lunch 12 - 1 PM

, hursday 11 T pt. 15, 20 Se

445 Herrick, Eureka

Lunch & Speaker ~ $14.50 Beverage & Speaker ~ $4.00 Payable to Elks Lodge THIS MONTH - Please RSVP to Margaret Sta ord

822-3255 tom-marg @ suddenlink.net

Early lunch reservations appreciated and to be honored

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This is a comprehensive list of links and contact info for elected o cials. It includes links to meeting agendas, email addresses for Letters to the Editor, and links, addresses and phone numbers for Federal, State and local Representatives. From President Barack Obama, to Governor Jerry Brown, to the Board of Supervisors (Humboldt and Del Norte), the City Councils of Arcata, Blue Lake, Crescent City, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell and Trinidad, to the Community Services Districts, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, and Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District, you’ll nd all the information you need. And, if you have any links to add, let us know! We’re adding to it all the time.

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2011 Calendar
NBC/Politico National Republican Presidential Debate at the Reagan Library 9/11 Memorial Parade Noon, Main St., Fortuna (bring ags)

■ September 7

President’s Message

■ September 11 ■ September 15 ■ September 16 ■ September 22
CRP Fall Convention JW Marriot, Los Angeles General Meeting Speaker: Eric Golub

Florida GOP/FOX “Presidency 5” Presidential Debate

■ September 22-25
Florida GOP “Presidency 5” Presidential Straw Poll www.presidency5.com Michigan Republican Presidential Straw Poll

■ September 23-25

HUMBOLDT COUNTY REPUBLICAN PICNIC ~ Rohner Park Fortuna 12:30-4:00 36th NFRW Convention, Kansas City National Republican Presidential Straw Poll Values Voters Summit New Hampshire Bloomberg/Washington Post Presidential Debate Nevada Republican Presidential Debate, Las Vegas HRWF General Meeting Susan Tully on Immigration

■ September 25

Potluck 12:30-4:00 p.m.
Welcome back from a time of summer fun, frolic and a dose of relaxation; well deserved, I might add! We, of course, could not completely stay out of the loop with “DC & CA” woes haunting us. On Sept. 9th we celebrate California becoming the 31st state in the Union ~ now we have to save her! This reminds us of our important role to reinvigorate ourselves and everyone around us as we are the boots on the ground for the party in this country. We are the happening place, and kudos to all the women who are involved – it matters! Join us on Sept. 15th for our General Meeting and again on Sunday, Sept. 25th - 12:30 to 4:00 at Rohner Park in Fortuna for our yearly Republican Roundup Potluck Picnic. Bring Friends! (This is our version of a Humboldt Republican Convention!) Contact Margaret @ 822-3255 or Deb @ 441-1126 for questions and look for details on the website. Pass the word on to your friends~ we have fun at a very nice location! We would like more team members to take part to prepare for the picnic so please call us - you make the di erence! See the calendar for exciting national and statewide events to attend!

■ September 29-Oct 2 ■ October 7-9

■ October 11

■ October 18 ■ October 20

2907 E Street, Eureka 442-2527 32 Sunnybrae Center, Arcata 822-3750 Redwood Village Shopping Center 725-9003

Is It Time For FairTax?

REALTOR (707) 599-3255 CELL (707)822-5971 BUSINESS (707) 884-9740 TOLL FREE (707) 822-4337 FAX terryroberts@coldwellbanker.com

981 “G” Street Arcata, CA 95521
Each O ce is Independently Owned And Operated




Joy Finley
Loan O cer

906 West Avenue Eureka, CA 95503 in Burre Center (Myrtle & West)
707.269.4327 phone 707.269.4306 fax 707.845.2575 cell
Broker DRW License # 01194832 Assoc Broker License #00622612

Are you getting tired of the “Class Warfare” that keeps creeping into your everyday life? I know I’m tired of hearing “Tax the rich” and “Tax all those making over $250,000 per year.” I have never been envious of the rich but have always aspired to be one. I believe if you work hard, make good choices, that you too may become rich! I know I’m trying to do that, so enough of this mantra. The Fair Tax may make everyone love the rich as the more you buy the more you pay in taxes. The tax rate would be 23% but it would abolish all federal, personal and corporate income taxes, gift and estate tax, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and self-employment taxes. This means that there would be no withholding from your paycheck and you get to take more money home. The most obvious advantage of the Fair Tax is the elimination of the annual income tax headache and cost of tax preparation. Government spending would be reduced by eliminating the IRS. Some believe since workers would keep 100% of their wages, the increased consumer spending would lead to an increase in GDP, jobs, productivity, and wages. To o set the impact on those at poverty level or below, a rebate (prebate) would be given on a monthly basis. In 2008, the poverty guideline for a family of four was $21,000. The Fair Tax Act of 2008 proposed to remove the marriage penalty and thus would have raised the income amount to $27,380. This means a family of four would have received a check for $525 per month, or $6,297 a year, to cover the cost of the sales tax. This tax would only tax us on what we choose to spend on new goods or services, not on what we earn. If you choose to buy used goods − used car, used home, used appliances − you do not pay the tax. A business owner or farmer buying something for strictly business purposes (not for personal consumption) would pay no consumption tax. The tax would be charged just as state sales taxes are today. When you decide what to buy and how much to spend, you would see exactly how much you would be contributing to the government with each purchase. This sounds good to me.

LEARN MORE at http://www.fairtax.org and at http://www.facebook.com/fairtax.org

Americanism Report
Chaplain’s Report
America’s rst printed book
When the Pilgrim Fathers arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts, the in uence of the Bible and their Christian faith over their lives and literature came with them. A mere 20 years later, the “Bay Psalm Book,” originally titled, “The Whole Booke of Psalmes Faithfully Translated into English Metre,” was printed in 1640 in Cambridge, Mass. It was the rst book printed in the colonies as well as the rst book entirely written in the colonies. The rst printing press in New England was purchased and imported speci cally to print this volume. The book represented a sacred value held by the Puritans…a faithful translation of God’s word to be sung in worship by the entire congregation. Given the harsh living condition of those early years, it was a remarkable achievement. Ironic, isn’t it? The rst book printed in our nation is not allowed in our public state schools today.

FLY THE FLAG: Sept. 4 ■ Labor Day Sept.11 ■ 10th Anniversary of the Twin Towers disaster Sept. 14 ■ Anniversary of our National Anthem Sept. 17 ■ Constitution and Citizenship Day

Our OVERSEAS COUPON PROJECT continues to be highly successful, thanks to our members and all those who clip and save coupons for our military families overseas. We received a thank you note from one of those familes after our last shipment expressing their appreciation for all the coupons and the savings. I also mailed the latest batch of coupons on 8/31, the value of which totaled over $27,000!! Good work, everyone!! Let's keep our military in prayer and express our thanks in every way we can. We are still the Land of the Free because of the Brave. May God always bless our troops and our great country. ------------------------

Two Views:

President Obama has just con rmed that the DC earthquake occurred on a rare and obscure fault line, apparently known as... "Bush's Fault".... Scientists have just reported that there was no earthquake in D.C. last month. Studies show that it was, in fact, our Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.... ---------------

From the CalWatch Dog.com. website with John Hrabe come detailed articles regarding the California Redistricting Committee. He claims the committee was instructed to produce ungerrymandered districts. Instead, it was riddled with partisan gamesmanship. One Committee member charged in an exclusive interview that the committee broke the law. Corruption, failed vetting and Democrats in charge o ered no transparency and deals were made behind closed doors. The accusations above look like accurate discriptions of the district in which we now reside. Public employees work fewer hours than other employees because they have more days o . Typically, the public sector jobs in California work a four-day week or less. They can retire at a younger age, often between 50-55, with pensions indexed for in ation of 75- 90 % of their nal salary. The system has to change. Ending public sector collective bargaining is the answer to the problem. These pensions are bankrupting cities and this state. Although change is needed, it seems unlikely those who created the problem will solve it. State pension funds currently control $432 billion in assets and su ered a $109.7 billion loss in 2008-09.

California Legislative Report

RedistrictingStatewide Control Update The Democrat Party Expands Its
I, for one, was hopeful that a citizen commission would fairly dole out districts and make signi cant improvements to break up this one-party controlled state. Now that the commission’s work is done and they have submitted the maps to the Secretary of State, I fear we’re going to miss the “good ole days” of gerrymandered districts drawn by our Legislature. “Be careful what you wish for,” echoes in my head. In 2008, voters thought we were taking away the Legislature’s responsibility of redistricting and placing it in the hands of fourteen non-partisan, neutral voters. Unfortunately, we’re on the politically correct left coast, so the selection process can’t help but be awed. Last year, a special panel was convened to narrow an applicant pool to about 60, with our Legislature eliminating about a third of those applicants before the State Auditor “randomly” picked the nal eight, and then those eight picked the nal six. This experiment, in hindsight, has some fatal aws. The process focused too heavily on minority, non-engaged (in politics) applicants at the expense of the most quali ed people. The second fatal aw is that the commission wanted speci c citizen input, namely the “communities of interest.” They were looking for minority ethnic communities, not necessarily economic or social or even geographic communities. They were not looking at voter registration or voter turn-out either. And nally, the party in control controls everything in this state. The commission has been focusing on race and, while this is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the determining factor in legislative districts. This factor alone could be grounds for a challenge. States are allowed to have their own guidelines for redistricting, but they must consider a handful of federal guidelines: ■ Districts must be relatively the same size. ■ There cannot be racial gerrymandering. ■ Districts cannot dilute the minority vote. The districts must take into account certain criteria, including political subdivision lines, compactness, contiguity, and communities of interest. To challenge the new district maps there are two remedies: ■ Within 45 days of nal certi cation of the maps, any registered California voter may le a challenge to the nal maps in the California Supreme Court. The 45-day period ends on September 29th. ■ Within 90 days of the nal certi cation of the maps, a referendum petition may be led regarding any map or portion of a map. The 90-day period to request a title and summary from the Attorney General, collect the required voter signatures, and le the petitions with county elections o cials ends on November 13, 2011. For more information on the referendum process, visit www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ballot-measures/referenda.htm.

“Sadly, the fact that zero jobs were created last month is only tting for this administration, which is led by a President with zero leadership, zero plans, zero results and zero understanding of basic economics. And the American people are worse o because of it.” Herman Cain on the Jobs Report

W ays & Means
Our June Opportunity Drawing prizes were donated by Debbie Walker, Vee Sorensen and Linda Arata. The winners were Mary Scott, Barbara Hecathorn, Colleen Hedrick and Nancy Elcock. To donate a prize for future drawings, please telephone Linda Arata at 839-5054.

LEARN MORE at wedrawthelines.ca.gov/and at http://www.facebook.com/CACitizensRedistrictingCommission

The nal maps for the Northcoast region are not good. The Congressional District (CD02) has captured the entire coast from the Golden Gate Bridge to Oregon, including Trinity County and excluding Santa Rosa. In doing so, it merges with Marin and retiring progressive Representative Lynn Woolsey’s district. Mike Thompson will run in his new, home-area district which leaves an open seat here. 49.9% Democrat, 22.75% Republican, and 21.21% Decline To State. To date, three candidates have announced running. One is Assemblyman Jared Hu man, an environmental attorney from Marin. Norman Solomon, a progressive author/activist from Marin who Sean Penn recently stumped for. The third candidate to announce is Susan Adams, a Marin County supervisor and nurse. So far, Jared Hu man is the favorite, having raised twice that of Solomon. You can pretty much bet that our Representative will be a progressive from Marin and that county will have its way with the entire district. The Assembly District (AD02) is very similar to the CD02 but doesn’t go farther south than Hwy 12 in Santa Rosa. Two Democrat Assemblymen are now in this district, career-politician Wes Chesbro and newcomer Michael Allen. The district now leaves out Lake County and extends further south. Eureka is no longer the largest city in the district. 46.45% Democrat, 25.73% Republican, and 20.78% Declined To State. The State Senate seat (SD02) starts at the Golden Gate Bridge and goes along the coast to Oregon. It also includes Lake and Trinity County, with Santa Rosa carved out. Del Norte and Trinity County are not happy about losing Doug LaMalfa for Noreen Evans. The California Republican Party is expected to challenge the Senate redistricting either by referendum or in the courts. 49.73% Democrat, 23.23% Republican, and 21.02% Decline To State. As a disclaimer, the maps are not very detailed so it is hard to see exactly where the edges of the districts are, which is very frustrating for those living on that edge. If you would like to see for yourself go to www.mpimaps.com or http://wedrawthelines.ca.gov/. With all this bad news there has to be something positive for us to rally behind. Now more than ever we need an active, engaged, and growing Republican Women Federated in our communities. Now more than ever we need to be informed, involved and inspired. I know RWF is up for the challenge. We de nitely have our work cut out for us!

Congress (CD02)

Assembly (AD02)



Initiative E orts Update: There are two big initiatives that the

Capitol Update

CFRW is supporting by collecting signatures to qualify for the ballot. One is Repeal SB 48 and many of our women have already gotten involved! You can collect signatures and make donations at www.stopsb48.com. Thank you to our women who have already helped on this front! The next big e ort we need from ALL of our members is to collect signatures to repeal the Redistricting Commission’s nal maps for the Senate lines. The petitions will be available for us very soon, so thank you for your patience! As soon as we have the petitions in hand, we will be sending them to EVERY club president to distribute to members and to gather signatures! Please be on the lookout for those petitions as well as talking points and instructions from the CRP via our email blast VERY SOON. (We will keep you updated on these action items at hrwf-ca.org)

Honor Flight Update
We have chartered a jet that will carry over 100 WWII veterans and 30 guardians. We still need a few more vets so if you know of any WWII vets who haven't applied, please urge them to do so, and help them ll out their application. There may also be room for a few more guardians---the cost is $1000. (tax-deductible). We are close to our nancial goal, but donations are still needed. Please come to the Airport to send our vets o . We'll be departing at around 8:00 am the morning of the 4th. Our return will be late Wednesday, October 5---probably around 10 or 11pm and we hope to have a HUGE Humboldt County welcome. Please bring ags to wave. You won't want to miss this opportunity to cheer these heroes as they return from this trip. (Bring Kleenex as well---you'll need them) Many thanks to Republican Women for all that you have done, and for your ongoing support. For more information, please call Kathrin 677-0490 www.KathrinBurleson.blogspot.com www.KathrinBurleson.com

North Coast Honor Flight will be taking o from the Arcata Airport on the morning of Tuesday, October 4 for our ight to Washington DC!

As you know, I strongly believe that your contributions have been invaluable. I am inviting all CFRW members to attend the CRP’s 2011 Fall Convention in Los Angeles, September 16-18, to celebrate Republican women leaders. Friday night, you’ll hear one of the most dynamic women in modern politics, Rep. Michele Bachmann, who will show exactly why she’s a formidable candidate and a front-runner to become the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2012. Saturday night, the celebration continues, as the state party features California’s elected Republican women. The program includes Congressional Rep. Mary Bono Mack, Board of Equalization member Michelle Steel, and Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway. It’s an impressive list, highlighting the successful women who are leading our state party. More and more, women are taking control of their political future and this convention is a great opportunity for you to learn how the CFRW can make even more of a di erence as we head into the crucial 2012 election cycle. Please join the CFRW and the California Republican Party at the JW Marriott hotel at L.A. Live, the weekend of September 16-18 and take a bow as we salute the success of California’s Republican women. Slate of HRWF O cers for 2012 Election at October 20, 2011 General Meeting Debbie Walker - President Gwen Morris - 1st Vice President Sheryl Fearrien - 2nd Vice President Carol Del Biaggio - Recording Secretary Mary Jerland - Treasurer Margaret Sta ord- Director at Large

A Message from CRP Chair Tom Del Beccaro

For the Republican Roundup Potluck Picnic September 25 - one of our more visible events... How can you help?

Contact Margaret @ 822-3255 or Deb @ 441-1126

Membership Applications are available online at our website, just print the pdf le and send your application to:


HRWF c/o Terry Roberts 4425 Cha n Road McKinleyville, CA 95519

Contact Margaret @ 822-3255 or Deb @ 441-1126
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standing rules
2011 Revision

The following Standing Rules are the guidelines for conducting the activities of Humboldt Republican Women, Federated. They can be adopted at any regular meeting by a majority vote without previous notice. They remain in e ect until amended or rescinded and can be suspended for the duration of a particular business session by a majority vote. To amend or rescind a standing rule requires either (a) previous notice and a majority vote or (b) a two-thirds (2/3) vote without notice. They, after adoption, can be suspended or revised by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting, after previous written notice printed in the bulletin prior to the regular meeting. These Standing Rules shall be read at the rst meeting of a new Board of Directors, and a copy, with the Bylaws, delivered to each Board Member. DUES: Dues shall be paid annually; due on January 1. (Delinquent 3/31) 1. Regular Member dues shall be $30. 2. Angel Member (sustaining) dues are a minimum of $35, and may be more at the option of the Member. 3. Associate Member dues shall be $30. 4. The membership chair shall be listed in the October program to begin solicitations for new membership for the next year. I. BUDGET: 1. The proposed budget shall be prepared by the Budget team which shall consist of the Treasurer, First Vice President, Auditor, Ways and Means Chairman, and the Immediate Past President, if possible. The Treasurer may be the chairman. Budget team shall submit proposed budget to Board at the November Board meeting. 2. The proposed budget shall be prepared for presentation to the membership at the rst meeting of each club year. II. EXPENDITURES: V. VI. 1. No nancial liability for the club shall be undertaken without the prior express consent of the Board of Directors. All contracts for the Club shall be in the sole name of HRWF. 2. The Board of Directors must approve any non-budgeted expenditures. 3. The club will pay the following expenses: 4. A - President – Northern Division Conference expenses to include registration, conference meals, and (2) nights lodging. B Delegates - Upon approval of the Board of Directors, registration and conference meals or a speci c dollar amount to be divided evenly among the delegates attending. Any regular member may be a delegate. This will include Northern Division Conferences and the Advocacy Workshop. 4. Club bills shall be submitted to the Treasurer no later than the next board meeting. III. BILLS FOR IN-KIND DONATIONS: Shall be presented in a timely manner to the board of directors, no later than the next board meeting. IV. ENDORSEMENTS: 1. The club does not make a pre-primary endorsement if there are two or more Republican candidates for the same o ce. 2. However, each member except the President and First Vice President, may work for the pre-primary Republican candidate of her choice. 3. The club does not make an endorsement of, or give nancial support to, any Republican candidate for a non-partisan o ce. V. MEETINGS: 1. Regular meetings of the club will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. 2. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors will be held directly after close of the regular monthly luncheon meeting. 3. Special meetings may be called by the President or the Board of Directors. VI. SPEAKERS: All speakers at the club sponsored meetings MUST be registered Republicans. VII. BOARD OF DIRECTORS RESPONSIBILITIES: Every Board Member has an obligation to be at every Board meeting, and every regular meeting if at all possible. 1. Agenda: The President shall provide an agenda for each person seated at the head table for regular meetings. 2. Programs: The First Vice President shall be responsible for the programs.

3. President’s Gift: The First Vice President shall present the outgoing President with a gift from the club at the November installation. 4. President’s Pin: The incoming President shall be presented with a NFRW Club President’s pin. The Ways and Means Chairman shall purchase the pin for the presentation at the November installation. 5. Legislation: The Second Vice President shall be the Legislation Chairman. 6. Budget: The Treasurer shall be a member of the Budget team and may be appointed to serve as chairman. 7. Minutes: The Recording Secretary shall send a copy of the minutes of all meetings to the president within seven (7) days after the meeting. 8. Sympathy Cards: The corresponding Secretary shall send a sympathy card upon the death of one of the club’s members and/or immediate family. 9. Bulletin: The News Letter (Bulletin) Chairman shall mail the bulletin by the 2nd Friday of every month, with the exception of December. No bulletin needs to be mailed if no meeting takes place. 10. Dues: The Membership Chairman shall receive all dues and keep a list of all members. After immediate posting, she shall remit all monies with complete information (names, addresses and phone numbers) to the treasurer. The membership dues paid/received as of October 1st through December 31st will be applied to the following year. 11. Bank Account: General funds of the organization shall be kept in a non-interest bearing bank account. Special designated funds may be held in an interest bearing account. 12. Membership Activities: The membership Chairman shall plan membership activities. 13. Hospitality: The Hospitality team shall greet members at the door. 14. Name Tags: The Name Tag team shall provide name tags for each member and guest and guest speaker, and shall not receive money for Membership or Ways and Means, or luncheon money. 15. Guest Book: The Name Tag team shall be responsible for the signatures in the Guest Book and its availability at each meeting. 16. Scrapbook: The Historian shall keep a record of the club’s activities in a scrapbook, and shall be responsible for taking photos. 17. Hot Line: The Hot Line Chairman shall form a hot line tree. She will initiate calls upon the approval of the President. 18. Chaplain: The Chaplain shall plan the invocation for each meeting. It is her responsibility to secure a substitute if she is unable to be present. 19. Americanism: The Americanism Chairman shall lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America at all meetings of the club. It is her responsibility to secure a substitute if she is unable to be present. 20. Flag Sales: The Americanism Chairman shall be in charge of all ag sales. 21. Registration: The Precinct Chairman assists the club in registering unregistered Republicans. 22. Telephone Chairman: The telephone Chairman shall make arrangements with the restaurant for the luncheon, including reservation count and extra tables. 23. Meeting Noti cation: The Telephone Chairman shall notify all Board Members of prospective meetings. 24. Out-of-Town Guest: The members will provide a no-host event for out-of-town guest speakers who are spending time in our area. 25. Ways and Means: The Ways and Means Chairman is responsible for raising additional money in excess of dues. VIII. The Board of Directors is responsible for the contents of the Newsletter (Bulletin), and all material must have the President’s approval prior to inclusion in the Newsletter (Bulletin). IX. The Club shall present a $25 gift or check to any Guest Speaker of the Northern Division, State or National Federation, provided that this is the only compensation. In some cases, the Board of Directors may vote to pay for travel (air fare or mileage) which would warrant a smaller gift should the Board so decide. X. Treasurer’s Books, Membership Reports and Club Minutes shall be retained for 7 years. Formerly Eureka Republican Women, Federated - 2011 revision Barbara Hecathorn, Parliamentarian

Humboldt Republican Women, Federated c/o Terry Roberts 4425 Chaffin Road McKinleyville, CA 95519


The Redwood Alert


Never Forget

Though we took a Newsletter hiatus over the summer, there's been a lot going on: Aliens plan to attack the US because we drive SUVs, did you know? The 2012 Presidential eld is shaping up; Michele Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll; the Candidates debate; Rick Perry jumps in the race; Tim Pawlenty withdraws; Sarah Palin, will she or won't she? From contentious budget discussions to the Debt Ceiling Debacle, America's credit rating downgraded - the biggest stories of the summer... And now, ZERO job growth, (waiting for the President's JOBS Plan) the Unions declare WAR on Republicans, even as Democrats are souring on Obama and talking about oating a challenger... Locally, we worked with the Humboldt Republican Central Committee, and tested the winds with our own straw polls with booths at the Old Town Fourth of July Fair, Rio Dell’s Wildwood Days and the Humboldt County Fair; all this, and much more! It’s been a busy summer. We've been on top of it - so you are, too. Stay up to date on our website hrwf-ca.org. Get the latest News and Views from the Republican front - from Humboldt County to Washington DC news, opinion and analysis from the best reporters, columnists and bloggers. All at www.hrwf-ca.org/ - We’ve got the TRANSCRIPTS of important speeches, we post the videos of the debates, news clips and campaign ads for you to view at YOUR convenience. And, we make it easy for you to share it all with friends. Between the website and Facebook (and yes, Twitter), it’s a way to stay in touch, even when we are on hiatus.
LIKE us on FACEBOOK Humboldt Republican Women Help us get our vanity listing FOLLOW us on TWITTER @hrwf (http://twitter.com/hrwf )

It’s been a busy summer!


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