Peliyor Castle (Romanian.

Castelul Peli¸or [kastelul pelior]) is a castle in
Sinaia, Romania, part of the same complex as the larger castle of Pele¸. It was
built in 18991903 by order of King Carol I, as the residence for his nephew and
heir, the future King Ferdinand (son of Carol´s brother Leopold von Hohen:ollern)
and Ferdinand´s consort Queen Marie.
Peli¸or was designed by the C:ech architect Karel Liman in the Art Nouveau style,
the furniture and the interior decorations were designed mostly by the Jiennese
Bernhard Ludwig. There are several chambers, working cabinets, a chapel, and
"the golden room". Queen Marie herself, an accomplished artist, made many of
the artistic decisions about the design of the palace, and participated in its
decoration, including as a painter. Queen Marie considered Art Nouveau a
weapon against sterile historicism, creating a personal style combining Art-
Nouveau elements with By:antine and Celtic elements.
The hall of honor is very simple with the walls covered with oak-timber and a
glass ceiling.
2ages and text: nternet
Music: Mozart Piano Concerto # 21 in C Major K4ô7
"Elvira Madigan" (Andante)

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