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Corporate Membership Application Form

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Welcome AD Package February 2011only

Step Sisters Trading ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Company Website URL: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Business Address :_________________________________________________________________________ Fax No.: __________________ __________________ Secondary Contact Person: ________________________________________ __________________

U608 Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City Lulu Saldivar

Gen. Mgr.


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Registered Email Address : __________________________________________________

Please provide an email address for communication between your company and JobsDB. The email address will be used as our main communication address and all resumes requested by your Company will be sent to this email address. To change the email address in the future, please contact us at 914 8000/637 3333.

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Standard Rate (Vat Inclusive) P6,720

PROMO for the month of FEBRUARY!!! NEW RATE(Vat Inclusive)

Promotional rates to new Company subscriber only

x Option 1

P1,680 only!

For clients outside Metro Manila, please deposit all payments thru the following banks: Bank: Account No. BPI Family Savings Acct No.: 6793-0570 UCPB Savings Acct No.: 177-102488-7 Metrobank Savings Acct No. : 631-3631002260 CLIENTS AGREEMENT INCLUSIONS BDO- 13-40109601 Please use deposit slips BPI Family: 6793-057022 UCPB: 177-102488-7

REQUIREMENTS DECLARATION 1. FREE AD REPOSTING EVERY 15 DAYS! 1. Step Sisters Trading Business Permit We, _____________________________________ hereby apply to subscribe to the Services of Jobs DB Philippines, 2. A dedicated Customer Service Agent who will attend all Job Posting concerns 2. Inc. mentioned above. We have read the clients agreement, and the terms and conditions found at the Accomplished Corporate Membership Form back of this Application Form and agree to be bound by them upon our application to subscribe to the 3. Companies Hiring Section company logo will be seen in this section, 3. SEC/DTI Services, as set out in the Application Form and accepted by Jobs DB Philippines, Inc.. Permit (Clickable to companys job openings in the website.) 4. Copy of job Confirmed and Accepted by: ads with job descriptions Step Sisters Trading Feb 4, 2011 4. Free importing of resume in your JobsDB RMS Account Date 5. Job Alert Notification automatic email notification to qualified applicants (Company Name/Authorized Signature) 6. No limit in the size & length of the ads 7. Website Link your ad can be made clickable to your companys website 8. Ad will be viewable in JC Catama Account Executive: 30 days. Email: 9. Free RMS Training & Multi-access of the system. increase the traffic both of your ad and applicants 10. Google Map Facility it will