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Multiservice Proxy

Ericsson Multiservice Proxy is a multi-purpose, multi-technology network node that enables operators to meet their three priorities in relation to the data traffic explosion: differentiation, control and monetization. Product description Ericsson Multiservice Proxy is deployed as the critical link between the operator domain and Internet. It is an IPv6-ready, multi-purpose, multi-protocol, multi-service node that offers seamless integration with the core network through standard interfaces. As a one vendor solution, Ericsson Multiservice Proxy is capable of replacing several other proxies in the operator network. This means a simplified network architecture and reduced Opex. Multiservice Proxy is service aware and can handle all TCP based traffic. Proxy services such as user identification and access control can be applied per protocol for all TCP-based traffic. Statistics can be generated per protocol giving the operator an understanding of user behavior. Multiservice Proxy acts as a true transparent proxy ensuring IP transparency both from the device and from the origin server. It also supports policy enforcement by using information retrieved from a centralized Policy Control Rule Function (PCRF). The product communicates with the PCRF over a 3GPP standard Gx interface and can dynamically execute user-related policy decisions that can be based on time aspects, data usage or event triggers. Optimize data traffic Ericsson Multiservice Proxy provides web, video and protocol optimization capabilities for both browsing and streaming scenarios. A caching technique that minimizes the amount of data that needs to be retrieved from the internet is also applied. By combining these techniques, operators can effectively reduce network load by up to 50 percent meaning that less pressure for capacity expansion and end users can surf the internet faster. However, Ericsson Multiservice Proxy not only enables operators to deliver more content, but also enables them to deliver it to more people. The product offers a powerful content adaptation engine that can apply page restructuring, image resizing, and image format conversion to ensure end users have a similar experience regardless of the device they use.

Deliver differentiated services With networks today serving as increasingly critical differentiators to end users demanding coverage and speed, optimizing data traffic is a key component if operators are to differentiate their offerings. However, Ericsson Multiservice Proxy enables operators to deepen the process of differentiation and make their networks stand out even more. Many of the demands that the data traffic explosion places on networks can be traced to specific user types. Operators must therefore balance individual data use requirements with the total bandwidth available if networks are to cope with increased data traffic. The key to differentiating a network is ensuring that all users follow their agreed servicelevel agreements. Flexibility and scalability How operators choose to optimize data traffic and deliver differentiated services will vary from case to case. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Accordingly, the behavior of Ericsson Multiservice Proxy can be easily customized to meet individual operator priorities. By creating URL rules, editing the default workflow scripts or adding new scripts, the proxy behavior can fit a wide range of policies. Ericsson Multiservice Proxy is also fully scalable. It can be deployed as a one-server solution or as a high-availability system scalable up to 60Gbps. And seamless upgrade procedures mean minimal downtime. Minimize costs Optimizing data traffic means that the pace of network expansions can be reduced; but operators still need to plan for the capacity demands that will be created by the third stage of the mobile broadband evolution, with the growth of the Networked Society expected to create more than 50 billion connected devices each resulting in new demands for bandwidth. However, using Ericsson Multiservice Proxy to allocate network resources in a smart and efficient way gives operators valuable breathing room, and allows the truly strategic development of their infrastructure. And the product itself offers low total cost of ownership. By combining multiple proxies into a single offering, Ericsson Multiservice Proxy effectively replaces a complex, multiple-box setup with a one-box solution.

Monetize data traffic Ericsson Multiservice Proxy can serve as the principal business intelligence source for a wide range of services and products that are vital for keeping customers happy and therefore for maintaining operator revenues. Ericsson Multiservice Proxy also enables operators to monetize data traffic by offering users a range of value-added services. Finally, the product can be used to support the insertion of targeted, context-aware advertisements into user sessions while giving users the opportunity to opt out and as the basis for a profile-brokering role in which operators can establish themselves in a range of consumer-focused value chains. Traffic may already represent revenues for operators, but with the help of Ericsson Multiservice Proxy, it can be a potential gold mine.