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7th October ,2008, Dhaka.

General Maung Aye, the 2nd head of Burmese military regime, is still arriving in Dhaka now to arbitrarily sell the State-owned
resources for the self-interest of his family only. Maung Aye, one of the brutal lackeys of late Gen.New Win, is a wicked
perpetrator of Burmese military junta, State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) that is brutally ruling Burma and its
people without any of constitution and legislative law at all.

Aftermath of bloody coup led by Gen.Ne Win on 2nd March, 1962, Burma has been stumbling under the reign of terror of
military regimes without constitution for 28 years of Dark-Age in First Phase. As the people could not endure under Ne Win’s
autocratic anarchy, the democratic uprising was overwhelmingly brought out against New Win’s regime in 1988. After the
uprising was brutally struck down by a bloody coup on 18/9/88 led by the barbarous Generals named Saw Maung, Than Shwe
and Maung Aye; refusing to hand over the power to the winning party i.e. NLD led by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu
Kyi in 1990 General Election, SPDC led by Than Shwe and Maung Aye has been barbarously ruling Burma without any of law
and constitution entrenching the reign of terror of military regime seemed as autocratic anarchy.

Gen. Maung Aye and a clique of brutal criminals have been complicating with the offences of money laundries, stagflation,
drug and human trafficking, child soldiers, civil war, extra juridical persecutions, political prisoners, illegal land and property
confiscations, forced labors, forced relocation, racial and religious discriminations, corruptions, rape and prostitutions,
refugee influxes, thefts of natural resources such as gas/ minerals/ hydropower/timbers and crops, illegal atomic plant-
construction, annulations of systemic educational studies and healthcare for the people, destructions of historical heritages /
monuments and antiquities including Buddhist Temples/Churches and Mosques etc.

SPDC has been stupidly spending only 0.4% and 0.5% of National Budget (NB) for educational and health sectors while
ministry of defense has been spending 47% of NB. There is no detail estimated expenses for military polices at all that are
stolen from NB without any of account.

Aftermath of SPDC led by Than Shwe and Maung Aye has barbarously ruled Burma for 20 yrs, Burma has also been
converted into a nation of devilries mixing with the above mentioned cases and the innocent people have also been deeply
drowning in the woe like inferno-beings sadly.

The saffron revolution for human rights led by thousands of Buddhist monks was also struck down in September 2007
barbarously. The victims of Nargis , drastic cyclone in delta area of Burma on 2nd May 2008, have been given no help by
SPDC. Over 130,000 people were died of Nargis while 2.4 million people have been suffering from homelessness and various
diseases, and over 50,000 acres of cultivated land has been blanked and destroyed by the salty sea-water-deluge.

Now Maung Aye is arriving in Dhaka to deal with road construction between Bangladesh and Burma and to rent thousands
acres of the cultivated lands of Burma which have been confiscated by force and any compensation or price has never been
paid to the farmers ,the owners of lands. Hundreds farmers and local civilians have also been detained in the various jails
because of their protestation against unlawful land-confiscation along the road-area being proposed.

At present, all motion of Maung Aye and his lackeys, butchers, is tending to become a perilous climax in Burma and
neighboring countries. Burmese regime is actually threatening against the regional peace and tranquility because the brutal
Generals of SPDC are in ready positions to commit everything wrong and evil struggling for their criminal lives alive.

Therefore the dignitaries of UN, democratic governments including the government of Bangladesh, NGOs and human rights
defenders of international would fervently be requested to refrain from any dealing of cooperation and relationship in all
round spheres with the brutal Generals of Burmese military regime at present.

Absolutely we, Democratic Activists of Burma, believe that international relationship and diplomatic ties are actually required
to build our world of humanity and peace. But protocol communication to Burma would be constructed whenever a
democratic government is in Burma.

Democratic Activists of Burma

Dhaka, Bangladesh.