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A is for
A is for Amy pond. She is a companion of the 11th doctor and is married to rory. She is the mother of river song.

B is for
Bad wolf. Bad wolf was a mystery in series one, and is revealed to be rose tyler, the companion of the 9th and 10th doctor.

C is for
Cybermen. They are devoid of emotion and want to upgrade humanity. They are better at dying then daleks

D is for
Donna noble. She is a companion of the 10th doctor, and is also part time lord. She is feisty and met the doctor on her wedding day.

E is for
Exterminate. This is the war cry of the daleks, the most evil creatures in the universe. They are the oldest enemy of the doctor.

F is for
Fez. The 11th doctor wears fezes now, because fezes are cool.

G is for
Gallifrey. This is the home world of the doctor and the time lords. It was destroyed during the last great time war.

H is for
Harriet jones, mp flydale north, prime minster and former prime minster. We all know who she is.

I is for
Impossible astronaut. This will rise from the deep and strike the time lord dead.

J is for
Jack harkness. He is sexy. And immortal. And makes everyone want to have sex with him.

K is for
K9. he is a robotic dog and formerly belonged to the doctor. He is cool and has lasers and stuff.

L is for
The last centurion, also known as rory williams. He is married to amy pond and is the mother of river song. He is killed many times but always comes back

M is for
The master. He is also a time lord, and is the main villain to the doctor. He is crazy cause of the drums.

n is for
Nestene. They are living plastic and are often disguised as shop window dummies.

O is for
The ood. They are aliens that were once enslaved, but were freed by the doctor. They sing and do stuff.

P is for
The pandorica. It is said to hold the greatest warrior in all of creation, and is the perfect prison. Its also a trappp

Q is for
Queen Elizabeth the 10th. Basically, she rules.

R is for
River song. She is part time lord, and may be the lover to the doctor. she also is supposed to kill the doctor. Spoilers.

S is for
Steven moffat. There is only one thing you need to know about him. He lies.

T is for
Tarids. Which is time and relative dimension(s) in space. The tardis is the doctors ship, and is sexy.

U is for
UNIT. They are a special agency dedicated to protecting the earth from aliens. The doctor used to work for em. They also have a flying aircraft carrier.

V is for
The vashta nerada. They are shadow creatures, and are pretty scary. Who turned out the lights?

W is for
Weeping angels. Whatver you do, dont blink. Dont even blink. They are fast, faster then you can ever imagine.

X is for
X-rays. They can be dangerous to humans, but to time lords, they are just a plaything.

Y is for
Yana. That means you. Are. Not. Alone. These are the face of boes last words to the doctor.

Z is for
Zig zag plotter. Its a thingie on the tardis that amy moves around to help land the tardis in the lodger episode.