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Kabbalistic Astrology Origins Of the Zodiac The Order Of The Spheres

Share11 The Theory of Calculating Kabbalistic Natal Horoscopes Using Kabbalistic Astrology and The Astrological Calculator

The purpose of Kabbalistic Astrology is to determine the inborne natural talents and attributes that compliment a person and the angelic beings that inspire them throughout their life. This is an entirely different look at Astrology and a completely different calculation from a typical natal or even most other Kabbalistic horoscopes. . . . . Please enjoy this fascinating topic! The Astrological Calculator comes with the very attractive main calculating wheel, a set of charts of positive angelic Cost: $12.95 beings indicating their

The Astrological Calculator is an instrument that can easily be used by anyone to calculate a natal Kabbalistic Horoscope. It uses the Kabbalistic "Order of the Spheres" as it's base. The process is quite simple and form the basis of our abilities, attributes, and talents. A detailed philosophical knowledge of Kabbalah is not necessary to use the Astrological Calculator. There are 10 spheres that comprise the Spheric or Sephirothic order that invisibly ring the Earth like the rings of Saturn; this is the "Order of the

Spheres." Each sphere has a main angelic head and each sphere has a fixed number of main angelic beings that in some cases form the basis for our commonly used mathematical geometric theories. As in Kabbalistic philosophy and because we live on Earth, the center point of all the concentric Kabbalistic spheres is Earth. Therefore all calculations are done relative to Earth based on the time of sunrise on the day of birth, which gives the spheres their starting alignment relative to the time of birth.

names and degree, and instructional information. The colouring of the main wheels is astrologically accurate in accordance to the spherical correspondence s. 6 7 8 9 10

Sphere Number Sphere

3 Saturni an

4 Jovial

Martian Solar Venusian

Mercur Lunar Earth ial

Non Planetar Origi Polari y Saturn n ty Principl e




Zone Mercur Girdli Venus Moon y ng Earth

Found Kingd Pruden Clemenc Main Grace Praise om Crow Wisdo ce y Powers Triumph ation Attribut Excelle Honor Supre n m Cogniti Goodnes Severity Victory Rede es nce Beauty me on s mpPower tion Primu Stellar m Heave Mobil n e Sephiro Cheth Hoch Tiferet Malku Binah Hesed Geburah Netzeth Hod Yesod th er ma s th Order Serap Cheru Throne Dominat Principal Archan Angel of Powers Virtues Souls him bim s ions ities gels s Angels Seven Primord Mercy ial Wisdo Divine Patien Meeknes Love Will Order Spirits m Earnest ce s of Jehovah Sphere Symbol

2D Geomet ry 3D Geomet ry Number of Beings Increme ntal Degree Shift From Sunrise Longitu de













Spheric Influen ce

Destiny of Human Beings Karma Intuitio n Consci ence

Karmic Evolutio n Righteo usness Fairness Guidanc e

Life Impulse and Propens ity Charact er Attribut es Powers Energie s and Abilities

Mainta ins Life Soul Holdin g Astral Togeth Sympath Spirit Body er the y Love Huma Mental Reprodu Mental n , Astral ction Body Astral and Matri Physic x al Matric es. Vital Energy Influen ces Physic al Life in all Three Kingdo ms Fertility and All Fruitfuln gaseous ess in the states Plant and on Animal planet Kingdom Earth s

Planetar y Influen ce

All Powers, Destiny Forces of Harmon or mineral y Energie s, Order s in all plants Lawfuln three and ess kingdo animals ms. Self . Ether Preserva tion

Huma All n Liqui Vital ds on Energ Earth ies

In the Earth Centric Kabbalistic model it is perhaps easier to see that the Kabbalistic spheres can immediately affect all life on Earth. The Kabbalistic model represents the hermetic view of our Universe. This is NOT a physical depiction at all, it is however, a true depiction of the astral order around the Earth. Firstly, although the heliocentric and the Earthcentric models are analogous to each other they do not resemble each other in structure. Secondly, because of the first statement another rethink should be applied to the names traditionally given to our physical planets because if the Kabbalistic spheres have those names as well, then, being Kabbalistic and astral it would stand to reason that those names could not have been formulated arbitrarily. They are the names formulated to define the principles that the Kabbalistic spheres represent and the planets are named after them by analogy according to the order of our Earth and its solar system. The spheres that have the greatest effect are as always the main seven. The influence of the spheres above these (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) are not as significant as those that immediately girdle the Earth Sphere and therefore are not mentioned. Additionally, although the complete structure is represented to the left; the spheres of Mars and Saturn are not part of the calculation because of the heaviness of these two spheres.

Although it has always been there, the Zone Girdling the Earth and its 360 entities (one for each degree or every four minutes - this is why a geometric circle, as far back in history as anyone wishes to go, has always had 360 degrees) may be seen as an entirely new concept altogether to many. Even though the order of Kabbalistic Astrology is structured according to the order of the Kabbalistic Spheres or Sephiroth and, the purpose of these spheres is Kabbalistically defined, these spheres are actually specific stratified realms in the "cel" or "heavenly sky" that are inhabited by the beings of those spheres. It is from these "heavenly" beings that each sphere has its characteristic effects. These fundamentally important distinctions are very seldom made and are what distinguishes Kabbalistic Astrology and in fact are the origin of all other forms of astrology. Surely, if the human beings on Earth through their activities produce all of the Earthly effects through their specific talents, it is not unreasonable to deduce that forces that might influence the matter of Earth and its animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms are guided or at least inspired through the activity of intelligent beings to produce the astrological effect. This hierarchal order can also be called Divine Providence - an aspect of God who's organizational order provides governance to existance. Everyone familiar with astrology in general accepts the concept that each sphere produces a distinct influence because its field of influence is defined. It is impossible to produce a predictable, distinct and characteristic effect without a specific intelligence producing it. For instance, if someone should want to make a chair; someone has to deliberately put their talents to work to physically assemble the necessary materials and put them together, otherwise a chair will not manifest. Kabbalistic Astrology deals directly with the specific influences that produce the astrological effects which are, in fact, actual beings; angels, intelligences, genii, etc. It is these beings who purposefully produce the effects according to their specific field of expertise, through their specific sphere or activity as part of what we might call Divine Providence. These talents might be, working with wood, clay, electronics, animals, politics, healing, music, painting, love and so on. Kabbalistic astrology calculates which specific beings were present at the time of birth and their specific fields of influence. Even though we tend to take credit for our own abilities, it is from these beings that our talents actually originate from or are inspired through. As is evident from the circular chart above the number in each color circle indicates the number of entities that belong to the specific spheres. The degrees indicates, based on a 360 degree circle around the equator of the Earth, when one entity enters and exits. The starting point is the exact time of Sun Rise which changes daily calculated in Standard Time. Daylight savings should be compensated for. This is not a map of the soul! The soul has its make up partially from the souls of our progenitors (parents, grandparents, etc.) and partially from our own self (spirit) and partially from our Earth. The beings in our Kabbalistic Horoscope can be likened unto a personal team of spiritual consultants that are available to an individual, consciously or unconsciously, throughout the course of their lives. These beings impart a variety of knowledge, skills or arts that can accurately be described as "talents." This has nothing to do with DNA or genetics; it is above that. It is also interesting to compare Kabbalistic

Horoscopes with members of ones immediate family and descendents to see what is reinforced or changes through generations as it helps to give a more complete picture of a persons makeup. Let's get real when it comes to astrology. Human beings are not robots so, no astrological chart can actually force a person to act in a pre-specified way. A person is always in charge of their own life by virtue of their free will. A talent is a gift from Divine Providence/ God, that anyone can choose to use or ignore. The "Spheres" have also been called "the Sephirothic Spheres," "the Tree of Sephiroth," and, in astrology also "the Houses." The Biblical Tree of Life is another name they go by. The order of the angelic beings that correspond to the spheres was the basis for all the ancient sciences through the now almost forgotten Science of Analogy and is the basis for many things, including the division of time, and the naming of the days of the week and their unchanging sequence, geometry, numbers and so on. Although this spiritual knowledge is universal and singular, there are two very distinctly different depictions of the Tree of the Sephiroth, one is Hebraic and the other is Christian (there are also likely oriental depictions). Some might reject the idea that Kabbalah has any relation to Christianity and is exclusively Hebraic. However, in many Gnostic and medieval, Christian mystical writings you will find Kabbalistic concepts very well explained by many authors, i.e. Jakob Boehme, Robert Fludd, Franz Bardon etc., in keeping within the context of Christianity. Both Hebraic and Christian perspectives have the same origin but differ fundamentally in their conceptual depiction. These pictorial representations may help in visualizing what it is that Kabbalistic astrology is actually dealing with. The Sephiroth or "Spheres" can also conceptually be called the seven main emanations from God or the Seven Main Ideas within Jehovah , or even the Prime Ideas out of God. They are represented in a hierarchal sequence to explain the very important fundamental Kabbalistic structure and order. A sphere is symbolic is a three dimensional circle and has traditionally represented God or His hierarchal activity for thousands of years in all advanced cultures. This aspect of Kabbalah is not only very interesting, it also illustrates one very fundamental and practical application as well as the depth of True Kabbalistic study that is largely unknown and untapped especially among present day Kabbalistic philosophers. It also makes Kabbalistic astrology universally accessible to anyone who is spiritually minded even without a complete initiation into the deepest Kabbalistic Mysteries. Deep knowledge of Kabbalah cannot be bought or even taught, it must be personally earned.

The Astrological Calculator calculates, using this information, which beings are present at the time of birth. The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon details the attributes of those beings. The Key to the True Kabbalah by Franz Bardon accurately and meticulously defines the "Order of the Spheres," the angelic beings that inhabit them, their practical applications and the fundamental principles and basis for how the depictions are generated and the finer details and applications of the true Kabbalah itself

From a Customer: Dear Amalux, I received my order very quickly after sending it to you and am more than pleased with the Kabbalah Astrological calculator I received. It has proved to be a great blessing and inspiration to me to know the angels that are present at my birth. More orders to come, I assure you. Thanks for the prompt service. T. Mitchell Kittanning, PA

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