Organizational Semantics

These are the structures, routes and formalities that are placed within an organisation in order to come up with a functional system. They are represented by the organisational hierachy and rules and procedures for getting a job done. A wise owner or manager of a system is one that can make it fully operational even without his/her involvement. You have to set up systems and procedures that are relevant to the type of functions and objectives that the organisation serves. A highly risk environment e.g. surgery or bomb difussion requires a highly structured system that requires a more dictatorial approach to management. There is not much room for negotiation or considering different opinions when the flat line has begun to hum on a patient or there are 10 seconds left before the bomb explodes. In such a situation it is far better to just surrender all decision making to the senior manager if the overall objective of saving lives is to be met. A junior cannot afford to make up his/her own mind and implement what he/she feels is best. This may have the effect of costing lives. However because of the high levels of authority that are excercised in such environments, juniors are only accountable up to the completion of their immediate instruction. There is little room for growth and exposure as they are limited to what they are directed to doing. Promotion and acknowledgement is solely dependent on the ability of the surbodinate to execute given instructions well. The better the level of execution the higher level of recognition, and with it comes a higher responsibility and growth. In such circumstances, subordinates do not need to “think outside the box” or be creative and innovative in their approach.

It is important though. but there is a plethora of methods available to meet the stated need. in marketing. which they can both surpass. . There is no limit to. the same university. but if asked to construct an effective marketing campaign. And a strategy that works today may not necessarily work tomorow because the environement as we know it is highly dynamic so factors that may influence a situation today may not be as influential the next day. Such industries are those that have a core objective that needs to be met. Surbodinates who tend to think and question are regarded as rebellious and unfit to perfom the given job and may even be fired if they are persistant even though they might know more than their superiors.Good ideas have little to no room for facilitation in such structures and suborfinates are encouraged to stick to their given instructions and not improve or reduce a given order. For example. It is imperative in such situations to create a structure that allows for innovation. people can attend the same classes. or there is no one correct answer to a question. to note that the overall accountabilty and responsibility towards getting a job done still rests on the overall manager. They may feel as of their authority is being challenged by quiries from surbodinates. but not accountability or responsibility. Some functions and objectives require a relatively informal type of organisational structure and semantics. creativity and flexibility. be hired by the same company. The promotion of a junior usually rests solely on how well they can execute a given instruction without any diversion. they will never have the same method or result for that matter. You can only delegate authority. the same college. though a minimum standard can be set. Some superiors may also feel threatened if questioned by a subordinate on a decision they have made as they may have a rigid view of how that particular system operates.

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