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Advertising Exercises

1] Develop a logo for education institution and use the same in stationery design Visiting card, Letterhead and Envelope) 2] Make classified advertisement for a used P4 Laptop of HP, 40 GB hard disk, 256 MB RAM, Purchased in 2005. The machine is in good condition except for jammed CD ROM drive door. The seller is Mr.Raghunathan. He wants to sell it for Rs.20,000/- . His contact details Cell No.9821152456, Email Id: 3] Write a 30 seconds Radio spot for Shoppers Stop. Highlighting its range and location. 4] Write a radio spot of 30 seconds to promote latest campaign of Big Bazar, announcing 25% discount on selected items of grocery and cosmetics. 5] Write a copy for Email message inviting prospects for a test drive for new model launched by Maruti, priced around 4 laks. The U.S.P for the product is style, power and comfort. 6] Avantika chemicals have come up with an innovative formula for eye cleansing drops. These drops not only clean eyes from dust but also provide cool relief. They wish to launch it in a 30 ml capacity bottle along with an eye dropper. The product is most recommended for people with daily extensive traveling. It has no side effects. The prescribed dosage is 2 drops per eye in a day. Make a creative brief and prepare print advertisement. 7] Design a rough layout: Subject: National EGG Co-ordination Committee Headline: Eggs nourish your childs mind and body Body copy: Eggs are great source of nutrition to help your child grow. A single egg gives six grams of protein along with vitamins. Eggs contain 44 essential nutrients, which nourishes brains, eyes and bones. Choline, a nutrient found abundantly in eggs, which pay key role in development of memory. Whats more! Eggs cost less than any other food article and they come to you in a naturally sealed form, absolutely unadulterated. Address: Maker Chambers, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020, Tel.22488015. Prepare a print ad by designing suitable logo and arrange copy elements properly. 8] Design a layout: Subject: Meva dry fruits stores Headline: Indulge your sweet tooth and the other 31 as well Body copy: Delectable sweets spiced with cardamom and saffron, Iranian pistas rolled into mithais selected cashews ground and made into delicately thin kaju katlis. Freshly picked walnuts from Kashmir, arricots from Afghanistan and almonds from Iran. Its enough to satisfy any craving. Baseline: Making good taste a tradition. Address: 369, D.N.Road, Flora Fountain, Mumbai 400 001. Prepare a print ad by designing suitable logo and arrange copy elements properly.

9] Design a layout: Subject: Oline Lipstick Headline: Get Noticed Body Copy: A revolution in Lipstick comes in irresistible shades. Protective formula stays with you for longer hours. Prepare a print ad by designing suitable logo and arrange copy elements properly. 10] VIP luggage is launching a new campaign to reinforce its new image in market by providing trendy luggage for young professionals. They have added a new design and different colours for their products. Prepare a creative brief for making impact on the target audience. Create a press advertisement campaign based on the creative brief. Prepare a storyboard for television commercial based on the creative brief. 11] The recent cases of corruption among a few police have tarnished the image of Mumbai police. The Commissioner wants to improve public image of Mumbai police. Advice them on advertising strategy. Develop one print advertisement. Develop a story board of 30 seconds for TV commercial. 12] Ice cream major Baskin Robbins is unleashing a fresh multimedia advertising campaign targeting youth, in the age group of 19-35. Having shed its perception of being a highly priced premium brand in the country, Baskin Robbins is today moving away from price related issues and focusing on its product offerings. Hence the focus of the latest campaign is more on pushing the product. Prepare a creative brief for making impact on the target audience. Suggest an appropriate message strategy. Create a press advertisement based on the creative brief. Prepare a story board of 30 seconds television commercial based on the creative brief. 13] State Bank of India (SBI) is planning to launch Rs.10 core multi-media campaign, which is scheduled to run on major channels and print publications for six weeks. SBI commanding a market share of 22-26% in the banking segment and also the largest issuer of Debit cards in the country. It has over 14 million customers, in addition to transactions via 1,23,000 ATMs across the country. The purpose of the campaign is to create awareness about SBI Debit Card. Besides encouraging existing cardholders to substitute cash with cards, the campaign targets noncard holders to reduce cash transactions per second. Suggest USP and base line. Suggest an appropriate message strategy Develop one press advertisement. Develop a story board for 30 seconds television commercial.

Copywriting Exercises
Keep a habit of reading daily newspapers, magazines especially advertisements and try to visualize them from advertisers and consumers point of view. Watch television advertisements very carefully. Keep a collection of best newspapers ads, magazines ads (File them for your ready reference or scan and download them on CDs or DVDs). Visit websites like,, download print ads and TV commercials from these websites and prepare your own CDs presentations for future reference.

How can a copywriter master the art message planning for print advertisement?
As a beginning process aspirant copywriters should feel the sense of product. Think of any object or article and try to list out its attributes. For e.g. an ordinary brick, study the brick carefully and write down as many uses of the brick as you can think like construction, stepping stones (steps), foundation stone, goal post, supporting any object, as a coloured powder. Now think of 10 more items for instance pen, knife, mobile, vase (flower pot), black board, etc and repeat the above exercise. Choose a picture that attracts you from the magazine or newspaper or book (Not the illustrations from the advertisement), study the picture then write a description of the picture in say 100 words. Take one print ad or a combination of two similar brands and change its headline, body copy, punch line, and caption, change the position of illustration. You can even remove body copy or eliminate word, pictures. Select different types of advertisements and prepare ad copy in your own style for e.g. in matrimonial advertisement imagine yourself as the one looking out for a life partner publish an advertisement about your strong points and what type of life partner do you expect. Think or watch of five outstanding TV commercials and solve few questions like: Question Answer format Do you think the message in these ads is relevant in today situations? What is the big idea in each of them that make them memorable? Who is the target audience? Jot down your answers in. Carefully listen to the dialogues of TV commercials. Select any five TV commercials and write a script or a skit on your own taking into consideration the different types of ad copy and most importantly the time factor (20-30-60 seconds). Turn down the volume of any commercial. You should be able to identify the benefits of purchasing a product just from the video. In radio advertisement copy select any product or service, try to create jingles based on Hindi film songs, record those jingles in your own voice and judge yourself whether it can create an image in the minds of listeners (Regularly tune on to radio channels). Close your eyes and listen to the announcer. If the audio doesn't explain the product in detail, then the commercial isn't effective.