Reflexology chart showing how acupressure points in the foot pertain to different parts of the body

1. Top of Head 2. Sinuses 3. Pituitary Gland 4. Temporal Area 5. Neck, Cervical 6. Upper Lymph Area 7. Parathyroid Gland 8. Ears 9. Eyes 10. Thyroid Glands 11. Shoulder 12. Lungs and Bronchi 13. Heart Area 14. Heart

15. Spine, Vertebra 16. Pancreas 17. Solar Plexus 18. Stomach & Duodenum 19. Liver 20. Spleen 21. Spleenic Fixture 22. Gall Bladder 23. Adrenal Glands 24. Hepatic Flexure 25. Kidneys 26. Transverse Colon 27. Waist 28. Ureters

29. Ascending Colon 30. Descending Colon 31. Lumbar 32. Small Intestines 33. Sacral 34. Bladder 35. Ileo-Caecal Valve 36. Appendix 37. Sigmoid Flexure 38. Hip & Lower Back 39. Coccyx 40. Sciatic Area

that means you can find these points on both the hands. choosing the points is very important. you want to continue with it or you can choose new points to press and rub. so after 7 days discontinue it for three or four days. as pathological information is reflected on the hand. Usually you can massage 3 or 4 points on both the hands. By analyzing this. Location of different hand acupressure points: .Have a look on this Hand Acupressure Chart. for any of the problematic part in your whole body. (or more). Some hand acupressure points even feel very good when they are pressed. You can observe all the reaction on your hand the form of tender points. All the pressure points of hand are bilateral. Choosing Points for Pressing But in hand acupressure.Hand is a part of our body which can be used to diagnose diseases as per traditional Chinese medication. These kinds of hand therapy are trouble free and pain less. So pain will be positively affected by the stimulation of tender points. Koryo Hand Therapy is a systematic and scientific therapeutic system that is very easy to understand and simple to act upon with no side effects or hazard. we can say that all the functions of the internal organs can be controlled by stimulation of tender points and can live healthy life. Hand is a body part which has a close relationship with body’s other internal organs. Regularly or frequently Pain revealed on the hands corresponds to the painful part of the body. Hand acupressure points become accustomed to stimulation though. One can also maintain health by applying various methods of stimulation to definite area of the hand. There are different methods for Hand Acupressure. One of them is Koryo Hand Therapy. Then it depends on your condition and symptoms persist. We can use this method for prevention of disease and improve quality of life. It will show you all the points located at our hand for the treatment. Even its easy to practice and reliably safe with benefits of good effects for a majority of diseases. once or twice a day.

On the fore arm just below the hand. Reflexology experts manipulate reflexes on bottom and top of the hands—the above chart shows a few of the reflexes set up in our hands. You will find another two hand acupressure points located at the base of the hand where base of the palm and the wrist meets. hiccups and joint issues. torso and arms. headaches. using mobile devices. allergies: Sensory ailments such as these have been steadily increasing in Western countries for decades . which is also common for children also. Even some people basically feel happy having their hands manipulated rather than their feet. the acupressure point at the mould of flesh on the hand is carefully press downward in circulation motion. One is just below the thumb and another below the little finger. Nowadays you can see the common problem of nausea and vomiting. For improving health and circulation in the head. straight below the middle finger you will find another acupressure point. Both acupuncture and acupressure can decrease the effects of nausea and vomiting. and even the common cold • Contains step-by-step instructions illustrated in full color for self-treatment or treatment of a partner • A simultaneous hardcover and paperback release Trouble sleeping. Hand reflexology has turn out to be more and more well-liked as more and more people do to excess their hands through playing video games. including back pain. heart and circulatory problems. and typing on keyboard. by means of uneven degrees of efficiency depending on the acupuncture points used and the time duration. sensitive stomach. Acupressure on hands can be your key for healthy life. Another acupressure point is located at the lower right corner of the left thumb nail and at the lower left corner of the right thumb nail. joint problems. The Acupressure Atlas – A fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide to acupressure • Provides acupressure treatments tailored for a wide variety of health disorders. Pressing the hand acupressure points below the hand on the inner forearm is said to give relief from cold symptoms.     The acupressure point that is located in the webbing of hand between the index finger and the thumb when pressed gives relief from the pains especially back and head pain.

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