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Action Figures

2008 Michael Jacobson

first edition: Avance Publishing, 2008

this edition:

Literate Machine 2008

other projects by Michael Jacobson:

The Giant's Fence (Barbarian Interior, 2006) A Headhunter's Tale (preview Press, 2008) gallery

An Introduction
Who are these creatures? Are they the characters & things you might see, walking down the street in any big city? Are they the inhabitants of a metropolis at some time in the far future? Or are they the occupants of our own minds? Whoever they are, they walk a line between crazy exuberance, & standing in well-behaved rows. Some of them are reacting to their immediate neighbours, but they all seem to respect each others space. They hint at both Mayan glyphs & street graf. Oddly enough, Jacobsons figures remind me of Nathalie Sarrautes Tropismes . Some of Sarrautes short prose pieces strike me as examples of fiction where the main character is third person plural: they, them.

Tim Gaze

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