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August 11, 2011

Hot News
Microsoft Acquires Skype
MS has acquired Skype for $8.5 billion dollars. This brings MS the new opportunities in its untouched social space.

Now call your friends right from Facebook

Facebook is all set to bring its in-browser Skype powered video chat facility in a short while. Both the companies will be benefitting with the partnership since the 750 million plus Facebook users will have voice and video chat

App millionaires... sorry, billionaires!

What you need is an app idea and you get a global market of more than 250 million smartphone and tablet users with devices such as iPhones and Androids. Build an app and release it through the application store.

option to communicate and will also substantially increase the current 170 million user base for Skype. Skype and Facebook have been working on the deeper integration like Skype 5.5 for Windows, allows users to chat with Facebook friends. Apart from portable and desktop computers what to look forward is the

The opportunity is huge in both volume and value. A 2011 report by Gartner predicts annual worldwide mobile app downloads will reach 185 billion by 2014.

experience of the new video chat service on the new breed of smartphones and tablets since it will further enhance the already the biggest social networking platform.

iPhone and Android rock the boat

Apple iPhone and Google Android are the ones, which have changed the entire smartphone industry and have pushed down Nokia from market dominating position to the third place and ended its 15-year smartphone market leadership. Nokia has been struggling to the advancements of iPhone and Android, ever since their introduction. IPhone and Android run on Unix based desktop class software but Nokia still drags its Symbian platform, which is like Win98 in todays era of smartphone software. Also both of them have software stores with huge library of applications to choose from. Nokia also came up with Ovi store, but has not been able to make a big impression. As of today Nokia has shaken hands with Microsoft to take on Apple and Google and will be coming up with new range of smartphones with Windows Mobile 7 platform loaded around first quarter of 2012. Now lets see if the Nokias new strategy saves its losing customers.

-Ira Rani

Editorial Team: Prof. Kavita Venkatachari and IT Club

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Simmtronics launches Indias first Solar powered PC

Simmtronics Semiconductors has announced the launch of its new range of ultimate truly Solar power operated Desktop PC. It is also the first company across the globe to launch a desktop PC based on Solar Power. The most important feature of this desktop is it can work for 3-4 days, without sunlight. Simmtronics Solar PC is available at a price of Rs 29,999/- only. Logitech New Z906 Speakers is Ready For The Masses

The technology would allow consumers to use their phone as an access card or a wallet by merely waving it over a wireless reader and in some cases entering a pin number into the phone. Travelers in Tokyo and London are already using the technology to access public transport, and Nokia has introduced four new products based on the technology, however the high price has slowed down its widespread adoption. Apple and Google have also reportedly researching on this technology. Microsoft to launch Xbox 720 in 2012 2013

access your content on all your devices such as phone, iPad and computer anytime. It is compatible with both Mac and PC. There have been quite a few cloud services in the past but none have been able to generate high amount of popularity, but iCloud seems to be very promising since it syncs all your files like, music, photos and documents, across all your devices. And all this is done automatically in the background. No user intervention is required. Apple will be offering this service for free and will only charge you for the extra storage required above 5 GB. Your purchased music, apps, and books, as well as your Photos, dont count against your free storage, only your documents and other files count.

The new Logitech Surround Sound, 500W powered speaker, Z906 is ready to hit the stores. It features 5.1 surround sound that surely bring realistic sound, and a 165W bass subwoofer that will rock your house. Made to bring you audio experience at the quality of theater in your living room. Mobile Phone Wallets a reality by 2012 Researchers from Strategy Analytics and ABI research predict that by 2012 mobile phones will come equipped with new technology enabling small payments to be made by simply flashing the handsets.

MS plans to launch its next version of Xbox, The Xbox 720 in 2012 2013. While Sony already admitted to be thinking about the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo are also developing a Wii 2. Apple iCloud, the cloud the way it should be?

Software of the Month

OpenOffice, is an open-source application suite and free software, whose main components are for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases. Apple will be releasing its latest service iCloud this fall. It will seamlessly integrated into your applications, so you can It also supports Microsoft Office formats.

- Anurag Mahawar


It was April 3, 2010, when Apple reinvented and completely revolutionized a whole category of product, TABLET. Apple named it iPad. Everyone in the technology pool was thrilled to see such an invention. Rival mobile device makers saw a great opportunity and an untapped market. As of today there are many players in the tablet arena innovating every second and enhancing the way people use technology or rather touch the technology. Tablets have picked up very fast and are being increasingly used by many facets of industries such as manufacturing, medical services, logistics, education and many more. Some of the organizations that have deployed tablets across include Standard Chartered Bank, GE and Hyatt hotels. Tablets have bridged the gap between small form factor of a smartphone and a bulky laptop and considered today as the most important invention in the post PC era. Two major products in the Tablet space are Apple iPad 2 and Blackberry Playbook. Both are great products of there classes. Design: IPad is 10.1-inch tablet and playbook is a 7inch tablet. Both iPad and playbook have a slick design. But the screen size to go for is a users preference. Processor: Both the tablets come with dual core processors running at 1 GHz., resulting in a lag free user experience. These processors are more than sufficient for running heavy applications and videos. Operating System: Playbook comes with the QNX OS developed by Blackberry that focuses on multitasking and gesture based controls for quick navigation. iPad comes with iOS which is a Mac OS X based OS, used on Macintosh line of computers. In comparison what iOS lacks is the customizability of the user interface but what scores is the simplicity, neatness and elegance. Apps: Its mind boggling to see the amount of apps or applications available on the iPad for almost every purpose, the games are giving a competition to Sony and Nintendo. There are more than 500,000+ apps available for the device including games. On the other hand the amount of apps available on the playbook is paltry. To address this issue Blackberry has decided to make playbook compatible with Android apps, which is another platform for tablets comparable to iPad. It has more than 200,000+ apps available. This feature will be enabled in the future updates to be released for Playbook. Web Browsing and Email: Both the products are groundbreaking in terms of web browsing and email, but playbook has a slight edge over iPad for web browsing since it supports interactive flash content on the websites. Flash is not supported on iPad which leaves a user stuck on sites dominated by flash content. A far closer contest is there between the tablet manufacturers. However, when it comes to Operating system and apps iPad outshines everybody. -Prateek Kedia

Let robots do the parking for you...

No its nothing like fancy malls deploying humanoid robots to drive your car to the parking lot. Engineers in US have designed a parking garage that does the parking for you. A computer program controls the machine that moves the car from the drive in lobby to the efficiently designed car cubbyholes underneath. Because it eliminates the need for driving lanes and ramps, this garage fits 67 cars where a traditional parking garage would fit 24. Behind the wheel is a computer software program responsible for parking cars. And, it's parking in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. "It combines elevator equipment with horizontal movement," says Ari Milstein of Automotion Parking Systems in West Hempstead, N.Y. You pull in and the computer tells you when to stop. Answer a few questions, take a ticket -- and leave!. "The car then gets transferred from the elevator here onto a storage retrieval unit," The retrieval unit then takes the car, spins it 180 degrees, and places it in its proper cubbyhole. This engineering marvel saves space, squeezing 67 cars in this New York City garage where 24 would normally fit. If the car is sticking out for any reason, the robots stop operation. Demand in the United States is stacking up for these people-free parking garages, where customers are happy to not tip ... and drive out without the dings. -Source:


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1. Electronic visual display for computer 2. Which is worlds most complete, open & integrated business software & hardware systems company 3. Intel 4004 was the first commercially available computer processor designed & mfd. By ________ maker Intel 4. Physical components that make up a computer system 5. What grew from 1981 as an OS for IBM PC 6. What is a form of computer data storage 7. Most popular commercial spreadsheet application.