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Speech Recognition & Pronunciation Practice
Summary The GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service™ uses the most advanced speech recognition technology in the industry.

Learners receive immediate word and sound feedback on their English pronunciation and are directed to remediation exercises that target the individual sounds that were difficult for them. This approach allows learners to identify and address specific pronunciation problem areas, increasing their ability to communicate effectively in spoken English.

Over the past year we surveyed more than 30,000 GlobalEnglish learners from leading global companies across the world, and speaking was cited as the most important skill learners wanted to improve. More specifically, learners reported needing better communication skills to converse with both native and non-native speakers of English.

In response to this need, GlobalEnglish has incorporated the innovative EduSpeak® speech recognition engine* into the Corporate Learning Service to help learners identify their speaking mistakes, practice pronunciation within a conversational context, participate in specific remediation practice, and track their progress. • Our technology is sensitive to a broad range of accents and uses a composite of 1,500 male and female voices to ensure accurate evaluation of native and non-native speakers. • The technology provides immediate feedback to learners and tracks the pronunciation of individual sounds to determine where more practice is needed. • A customized list of sounds identified as troublesome is continually updated based on the learners’ individual performance.

* EduSpeak® speech recognition software is licensed from SRI International’s Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory, which is recognized as a world-leading speech technology organization.

A Thorough Learning Experience with Feedback The implementation of speech recognition technology within the Corporate Learning Service enables learners to identify specific sounds that are impeding their pronunciation and also to improve their overall ability to be understood in English. indicating the accuracy of their pronunciation and how well they were understood. so learners always have immediate access to practice activities for the specific sounds that are difficult for them. learners use the grammar. and they can practice as many times as they would like. . Learners can also listen to the recording and compare their pronunciation to that of a native speaker. In the Communication Practice activities. the problem phonemes continue to be tracked as learners progress through the service. The speech recognition engine determines whether or not learners provided the correct response and were understood. • Learners receive immediate word-level feedback on their pronunciation of a phrase or sentence. In addition. expressions.Speech Recognition & Pronunciation Practice | Feature Brief A New Type of Speech Recognition EduSpeak has been specifically developed to allow for variances of intelligibility. • Learners also have the opportunity to practice speaking in the context of business conversations. These sounds are saved in a customized menu so that learners can be immediately directed to targeted practice activities for those phonemes. and vocabulary they’ve learned in an assignment to participate in a dialogue. • The engine also identifies specific problem sounds (phonemes) while evaluating learners’ pronunciation. this technology identifies elements that interfere with clarity and steers learners to focus on these elements. Rather than just comparing learners’ speech to that of a native speaker or matching recordings with native speaker models. so GlobalEnglish learners are provided with feedback that is neither gender specific nor specific to speakers with a particular accent.

. but it also helps them distinguish among various similar sounds. and intonation through the use of movies and targeted activities so they can increase their confidence in all areas of spoken English. and corporate training and simulation.Speech Recognition & Pronunciation Practice | Feature Brief Specific Remediation Exercises • The additional pronunciation exercises provide detailed diagrams and animated mouth models to demonstrate how each sound is produced. Flash is a registered trademark of Adobe Corporation. reading development and interactive tutoring. All other products and brand names are the trademarks of their respective owners. and the EduSpeak logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SRI International. SRI’s patented pronunciation scoring technology provides feedback to language learners to help them compare how their spoken word or phrase pronunciation compares with that of a native speaker of the language they are learning. English as a second language (ESL). Copyright © 2010 GlobalEnglish Corporation. • Learners can also work on their stress. • Learners receive customized guidance in using the remediation exercises. All rights reserved. rhythm. Its staff includes engineers. the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service includes audio recordings of diverse speakers of English with different accents and dialects from around the world. SRI International. The Hear-It tool is also persistently available in the Corporate Learning Service and on the GlobalEnglish Productivity Toolbar™ that sits in an Internet browser so learners can easily listen to any text read aloud at various speeds and in several different English accents. the SRI International logo. GlobalEnglish and the GlobalEnglish logo are registered trademarks of GlobalEnglish Corporation. computer scientists. enhancing their ability to listen effectively. as the sounds that are typically difficult for speakers of their native language are highlighted. and linguists. This not only helps learners improve their pronunciation. Audio recordings demonstrate how the sounds should be pronounced when used in multiple words. enabling learners to listen to important variations of spoken English. About SRI International® SRI International’s Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory is recognized as a world-leading speech technology organization. and the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service and GlobalEnglish Productivity Toolbar are trademarks of GlobalEnglish Corporation in the United States and certain other countries. encouraging learners to focus on those sounds. EduSpeak. offering a fine balance of the skills required for leading-edge development. Further Opportunities Since so many spoken interactions occur between non-native speakers of English. The EduSpeak SDK is a speech recognition system for computer learning and training applications such as foreign language education.

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