Walt Disney has touched the hearts of many, adults and children alike, all over the world

, with his amazing effects of Disney films over the years. Walt Disney was born December the 5th 1901 to parents Elais and Flora Disney in Illinois, his family and himself moved cities to Marceline Missouri when he was very young. From an early age Walt would do drawings of cartoon characters, and sell them to neighbours to make extra money. Walt pursued his career at high school in Chicago studying art and photography, he was highly encouraged by his brother Roy and mum Flora, to pursue a career. Walt's father was a quite stern man and often there was very little money. In 1918 Walt attempted to enlist for military service but was rejected on the grounds of being under age. Instead he became a driver for the Red Cross ambulance service in France. The ambulance he drove was covered in cartoon characters, which he had drawn himself. On Walt's return from France, he pursued his own company and called it 'Laugh-0-Gram' which was unsuccessful, and he went bankrupt. With his suitcase and only 20 dollars to his name he headed for Hollywood, California. Walt then put himself in-to the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was two years of production and a lot of hard work, More than 750 Disney artists used over 5000 miles of paper to create more than 2 million drawings and sketches. Disney went through many designs for Snow White before settling on the perfect fairy tale princess. For each second on screen for the animators they had 24 pictures to do, with each one being a bit different from the last. To make the characters appear to move, some bits had to be cut out of the film, as it would have been too long. There were also originally 25 songs made for the film but only eight were needed to tell the story, They had everything wrapped up in the making of Snow White, all the family fortunes, and bank loans. Walt Disney risked everything in the making of Snow White to bring it to the screen. The characters he created Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful and most of all Dopey had touched the world's hearts, as they were the most endearing little characters the world had ever seen.

Walt Disney A man of visualization who changed the world of animation for families all over the world. On December the 21st 1937 two years after all the hard work and sleepless nights, Walt's courage had paid off. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs had captured the world's hearts for Walt Disney's imagination on his first full length animated feature. He was regarded as a mile stone in the film making industry, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had become his biggest triumph in changing the presentation of motion pictures forever. Walt Disney was asked years later, to explain the secret of Snow White's appeal He replied…"Over in our place, we are sure of just one thing, everybody in the world was once a child. So, in planning the new picture, we do not think of grown ups or children, but just of that kind, clean, unspoiled spot down deep inside everyone of us, that the world has maybe made us forget, and maybe, just maybe, our pictures can help to recall." The film earned Walt Disney an academy award. Walt eventually got his past due Royalty payments and his total earnings from Snow White were over 8 million dollars.

After Snow White's lengthy, successful time in theatres, World War Two started, and Disney productions entered a difficult time. Walt was in a four point five million dollar deficit and didn't know how to solve the problem. To make things even worse, Pearl Harbor was bombed and the Walt Disney studio was used as an anti aircraft base. The anti- craft base was removed a month later and Disney studio was then advertising war bonds and other government positions. This slowed Walt's business drastically, but the government offered Walt an opportunity to travel to South America as a diplomat and they would pay off all his debt. Walt accepted and enjoyed the experience: there he found new ideas for future films. Walt returned home from South America and trouble was brewing in his studio. When war had broken out, Disney productions had stopped production of two films Bambi and Fantasia. The movies were then released at the end of the war, but they had made no profit, just more debt and Disney animators were not given bonuses as they were promised. Walt was astounded when he heard the news. He thought his new studio would have solved all the problems, but unfortunately the animators didn't find it to be the paradise Walt did. Not seeing bonuses in their paycheck, Disney Animators went on strike. To solve this problem, Walt elected to sell stock in his company and it sold immediately. Walt was now out of debt but had a new idea. He then went on to create Disney Land, He once said "Saturday was always Daddy's day and I would take my two daughters to the merry go round and sit on the bench eating peanuts while they rode. Sitting there, alone, I felt that there should be something built; some kind of Family Park where parents and children could go and have fun together." Disney productions could not afford this, but Walt had great determination, he raised the money by showing his weekly Disney show on the American Broadcasting Corporation [A.B.C]. With money made from weekly Disney showing on A.B.C he found 200 acres of land in Anaheim, California and set to work on the Disney land theme park. The park was opened in 1955 and has been very successful ever since, with two other parks that were to follow in later years. They are still highly successful today. Walt Disney has shown the world he was a man of creation, he taught us many things, even when the odds were against him, his creativity allowed him to succeed in the contributions he made to society, to the kind, clean, little unspoiled spot inside all of us. Without a doubt, he will be remembered for generations and I guess there will always be the child inside everyone of us thinking back to those childhood days of the Walt Disney cartoons and films we all loved so much, (and still do!).

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