Isaí Calderón 12-2

27/1/03 Social Studies

Intro to the Intro We, as Americans, understand the importance of Human Rights in a society. whole World. In this case, the society is the The Chinese government is acting very rudely These actions could prevent

towards their inhabitants, breaking many of the Human Rights all around the World. planet a better place. When China started violating the Human Rights, they were a socialist country, controlled by an Emperor. Being Socialist they actually had the ability to commit these crimes, but when this Monarchy was broken and Nationalism came in, it was even worst because the government could do whatever they wanted with the people and with their industries; but then came the Chinese Communist Party. These guys care more about the people, but to the US, not enough. Intro United States, “The Land of Freedom”, needs to look both at the political side and the humane side of this problem. If the US looks only into the political side of If it looks only at the this problem, then many people (1.2 billion to be exact) will live a very unhappy life. humane side of the problem, many people will be happy, but if China becomes the world’s largest superpower, then the US will be in deep trouble. even the whole world. They could loose much of the trading going on between themselves and China; probably Global friendships and other things that could make this

Body When I say “political side” of the problem, I mean that the US will continue to be trading partners with China even if they are breaking the Human Rights. The philosophy But of this problem is that China will eventually see their great mistake and try to fix the problem themselves. what if this was to go wrong? make life even worst for the Chinese population? there is where the problem gets worst. What if China decided to Right China has the

authority to do whatever they want with their country. They could even pass a law that would enforce slavery within the population. Now, what if the US only looked at the humane side of this problem? What will happen with the economy? If the US stops trades with China, then they will most likely never forgive the US about their stop to trade negotiations. China will eventually become the World’s greatest superpower and the US will be isolated from all World trade, causing both the US to become an extremely low-living country, and China’s greater rise to victory accomplishing the worst; more Human Rights violations; but maybe there is a good side to this. China will probably recognize their own mistakes and repair them due to the fact that they are loosing trade to other countries that follow the US as well. This would urge them to decrease the Human Rights This was tested in the year 2000 during the violations to a certain degree so that they can reenter World trade. month of January, when US State Department spokesman James Rubin told reporters that they should put China’s Human Rights problems ‘In the spotlight’ for the whole world to see through. This worked, but only to a certain degree because when China saw that they were back into business

with the with World, secret Chinese Military began attacking secret religious groups that were prohibited in China, therefore breaking yet another Human Right; the right to a religion. What would happen if China all of a sudden decided not to do anything to help the population and not help prevent any further Human Rights violations? Nothing would happen. The people would All that could happen would be that the government would treat them the same way as always; bad. be very unpleased with their government and the whole World, especially the US because they were the World’s “super-power” and they are supposed to look after them, yet, we didn’t do anything to prevent that. Conclusion Although the last option listed could provoke problems around the World for us, I propose that we don’t interfere with China’s Human Rights problem and that we continue our business affairs with them. This could cause troubles to the US, but if we interfere, then the whole World will see us as intruders that want to get into everybody’s business instead of what we really are trying to accomplish. violations. I therefore conclude my proposal to stop Chinese Human Rights

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