September 8,2011

What’s Up Miami? To Cover Shanghai Art Fair and The Inaugural American Pavilion 2011
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE partner, Ben Bela Abounassif to create Leiter Gallery, an art space M i a m i , F l o r i d a . - F l o r i d a located in Belle Meade outside the International University alumnus, arts circuits of Miami. Jesus Manuel Rojas Torres M.S’05 will travel this week to Shanghai, The creative trio of professionals China to cover the inaugural successfully produced exhibitions American Pavilion, Shanghai Art such as “Cachao & Friends” a Fair 2011. photographic exhibition by Miami Herald’s Carl P. Juste to honor the Rojas Torres, a Venezuelan-born l a t e M a m b o K i n g . O t h e r Internationalist & Blogger based in u n p r e c e d e n t e d v i s u a l a r t Miami since 1995, is the Founder experiences followed such as “The & Publisher for What’s Up Art of Living,” and the “Unveiling Miami?, the forward-looking art & of the Sculpture Garden.” culture blog and for La Columna de Jesus, an artistic blog about In less than a year, such artistic h u m a n c o n s c i o u s n e s s a n d involvements allowed Ben Bela spirituality. Abounassif to start creating his own art and Rojas Torres eventually Rojas Torres’ first experience as a started to produce art events in graduate student of Journalism was alternative spaces such as “Art After in 2005 when he partnered with Dark & Experimental Innovators” Miami-based artist Sinuhe Vega during April 2008 Wynwood Arts Leiter and with former business Walk. In November 2009, Rojas Torres created “What’s Up Miami?” to p r o m o t e A b o u n a s s i f ’s s o l o exhibition at ICON South Beach during Art Basel Week. "One day, it was that simple, I was listening to WVUM 90.5 FM, and I heard Dj Laura of Miami with her sultry voice say, What's Up Miami? and Eureka! What's Up Miami? blog was born,” said Rojas Torres in his Examiner column. For more than a year, Rojas Torres visited galleries throughout Miami and gave free publicity to establish his credibility as a blogger. In April 2010, he was selected by Clarity Media Group to write as an independent contractor the Miami



Credit Images, Upper (left), Carolina Rojas, Sergio Garcia, Mariano CostaPeuser, Thierry Farcy Middle Center: Yovani Bauta, and Luis Kaiulani

Art Gallery & Museum column for In January 2011, Museum Curator & Art Dealer, Aldo Castillo offered Rojas Torres the opportunity for additional exposure doing publicity for the International Fine Arts Expositions during MIA Art Fair at the Miami Beach Convention Center. His booth was strategically located at the Museum wing of the fair along with the Lowe Art Museum, the Frost Art Museum, The Wolfsonian- FIU and the Bass Museum. This will be Rojas Torres’ first international experience, a blogger from Miami will document, as reported in the New York Times, “China’s New Cultural Revolution, A Surge in Art Collecting.” The pavilion curated by Associate Director, Aldo Castillo, will host the presence of American galleries exhibiting selective Contemporary and Modern: Studio International Art & Design, Galerie Helene Lamarque, Curator’s Voice Art Projects, CFM Gallery, Lowe Art Museum, Rimonin Art Gallery, LGM Internacional, Beaux Arts Gallery, Bandi Trazos Gallery, A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, Elite Fine Art Editions and Aldo Castillo Gallery. This inaugural initiative is a collaborative endeavor between Castillo and Bandi–Trazos, a company established in Shanghai, China and Seoul Korea since 2006 developing artists from South and North America. The American Pavilion follows in the footsteps of the Latin-American Pavilion, also organized by Bandi-Trazos since 2007. American Pavilion - Shanghai Art Fair Address: 99 Xing Yi Rd., Hong Qiao Development Zone, Shanghai. P.R. CHINA Tel: 86 1370 186 4617 Fair Schedule:September 14-18, 2011 (Wednesday to Sunday) Preview: September 13, 7:00 - 10:00 PM

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