Survey on Methods & Approaches to Teaching EFL

Please complete this survey if you are currently teaching a General English PreIntermediate (or above) class. The completion of this survey is entirely voluntary and any information provided will remain anonymous.

Section 1: About Yourself

1. How many years have you been teaching EFL? (Tick ONE) Less than 1 year 1 to 5 years 5 to 10 years 10 to 15 years 15 years plus

2. What highest teaching related qualification do you currently possess? (Tick ONE) Certificate Diploma Bachelor’s Master’s Doctorate Other (please specify)

3. Have you experience teaching English in a foreign country? (Tick ONE) Yes No

4. How would you describe your work as an English language teacher? (Tick ONE) I teach English full-time I teach English part-time

5. How would you describe the role of an English language teacher whilst in class?

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Section 2: Current Class & Teaching Techniques
6. How many classes do you teach per week?

7. What other classes have you taught before? Young Learners Business English English for Specific Purposes English for Academic Purposes Exam Preparation Other (please specify)

8. Which of the following lessons would you consider teaching without materials? Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation Discourse Speaking 9. Do you ever teach a lesson without any material, hand-outs or worksheets? (Tick ONE) Yes No Listening Reading Writing Other (please specify)

10. Which of the following reasons reflects why you sometimes do not use materials or a coursebook? It happens spontaneously in class I do this to generate interest in the lesson I do this mainly to encourage students to speak To add variety or surprise for students during the lesson Students could lead the lesson in an interesting way Other (please specify)

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11. How would/do you feel teaching without material, hand-outs or worksheets?

12. How often do you use a coursebook during a class? (Tick ONE) Never Once a week Twice a week Three times a week 13. Do you find the use of a coursebook restrictive in class? Yes No Four times a week Always Other (please specify)

14. Describe how you would teach students a lesson without the aid of a coursebook, hand-outs or materials.

15. How would you encourage a classroom environment conducive for student speaking?

16. How often do you teach speaking skills in class? (Tick ONE) Never Once a week Twice a week Three times a week Four times a week Always Other (please specify)

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17. How do you respond to learner errors?

18. Do you believe that it is important for the teacher to participate in classroom talk? Yes No

19. Do you in class: Allow learners to choose what materials will be covered Prepare lessons based upon the current needs of your learners Provide learners the opportunity to create their own material for other learners Respond to learners’ requests for assistance with vocabulary and grammar Encourage learners to incorporate their own native language and culture Other (please specify)

20. Do you know what Dogme ELT is? Yes No

21. Please describe Dogme ELT in your own words?

22. Do you consciously follow Dogme ELT? Yes No

Thank you for taking your time to complete the survey. It is greatly appreciated.
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