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The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the potential of the computer as a creative tool. Class will be conducted through both discussion and hands-on computer work. Through a variety of projects, students will become familiar with how to create and manipulate art and/or photography two dimensionally using vector (Adobe Illustrator / InDesign) and raster (Adobe Photoshop) based computer software. The basic software experience should not only prepare students for creating artwork in your program focus but also act as a springboard to other programs, even new media, 3 dimensional computer art and animation. Emphasis will also be given to creativity and principle of design in all assignments. All work should be of such quality that it could be included in portfolios for advancement in the art program.


Regardless of the computer skills attained, design/creativity is always the priority. No matter how technically proficient and image may seem, if lacks excellence in design or if the concept is poor, it will fail as a good solution.There is a great deal to learn in a limited time. Students will be instructed in the core elements of several software applications. However, instruction will be general and brief. Anything more than a cursory understanding of the application will come only through personal effort beyond the minimal course requirements.

Course Policy To complete this course successfully, students must have access to the Adobe Creative Suite (at least version 3) applications Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. You may purchase student applications at a significant discount at the UVU bookstore or download trial versions at If you choose to utilize trial versions, be aware that they are date sensetive and expire 30 days after download. Check the course calendar to confirm time frames. Information will be dispersed through email and via the course blog.
Because the information covered online is a basis for personal exploration, it is vital that students watch all media presentations. You may submit assignments at any time, however, all assignments are due by the last day of classes this semester. You are adults and I expect your to manage your time appropriately. I will respond with a critique and grade within one week of getting your submitted assignment. This will be your verification that the assignment was recieved. If you have not heard from me, it is YOUR responsibility to confirm that the project was indeed submitted. In preparation for additional education, and ultimately a profession, it is of primary importance that your work be as good as possible. That being said, any project that has been submitted on time may be redone for a better grade at any point in the term. It may be improved or solved in an entirely different manner as long as it still fulfills the assignment. A late project may be redone but the final grade will be no more than 70%. If redo’s are done poorly, I reserve the right to assign a lower grade. Do not waste my time with mediocrity. Projects should be reworked based on the critique comments until they are as strong as possible. Doing this is a very important way to improve your skills, focus your creativity, and resolve visual problems. It is also the reality of the creative industry. If you feel the redo’s grade is not appropriate, an impartial group of faculty will be asked to review the piece and establish a grade. When grading projects, my personal experience, professional judgement and aesthetic preferences influence my response. When I review student projects, I consider the following: 1. Creativity: Ordinary solutions are not only dull, they are not competitive. They neither challenge nor improve the student’s ability. Solutions should be exciting, innovative and interesting. 2. Design/Composition: Regardless of your discipline, skillful and creative use of design principles and elements are essential to communication with an audience. While most viewers cannot identify what may be right or wrong with an image, they sense when the are comfortable or uncomfortable. Design is as important as content in the process of communication. 3. Craft: Skill with media is necessary to success. A good idea fails to communicate if worked poorly. I realize most of you have limited media experience, especially with the computer, and will take that into account. Work that we do in class is designed to develop some degree of comfort with the medium.

Regardless of the amount of time you spent completing an assignment. The final image must include both manmade and organic elements. Photo Corrections In Photoshop. through drawing additional shapes. creativity and following the assingment. The industry requires this as will I. visual interest and effective use of tools.Reasonable academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. The act is intended to eliminate sex discrimination in education. You must submit the original spread as well as the finished product. Photos need not be well designed but an attractive photo is much nicer to look at. contact the campus EEO office. Do not use the live paint. The two page spread must include type and images/graphics. Title IX covers discrimination in programs admissions. Grading will be determined by recognizability. Paint by Numbers In Illustrator you are to reinterpret a landscape from a photograph that YOU have taken. Additional information for all assignments is contained in this syllabus and will also be posted on the course blog. 5. 3-d Name Using only the pen tool. Then. please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office. You will be graded on craft. but to students as well. If you encounter unlawful sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination. If you have any disability which may impair your ability to complete this course successfully. . you are to draw your full name as vector shapes. please talk to your professor. you will make these appear as though they are 3-dimensional objects. Magazine Spread Using inDesign. Grading will be based on quality of work. you may seek resolution through established grievance policy and procedures. swatches and stroke palattes from Illustrator. UVU’s Policy against sexual harassment extends not only to employees of the university. lighting and resolution as you select your images. color. Consider context.4. University Policy Preventing Sexual Harassment Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination against any participant in an educational program or activity that receives federal funds. Students with Disabilities Utah Valley University is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere which reasonably accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. All students enter this course at different leves and abilities. Finish size is 8X10. color. color correct and edit an existing photo. effects or any outlining means. Services are coordinated with the student and instructor by the SSD office. If you need assistance or if you feel you have been unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of disability. you will replicate exactly an existing consumer magazine spread. Grading will be based on craft. time expenditure is expected and will not factor into your grade. you are to repair. Minimum size is 4X6 inches. Appropriateness: All projects have goals and rules that need to be accomplished. Scan the photo then print a before and after version of the image. gradients. activities. This image will be stylized and abstracted given the nature of drawing in a vector based program. and student -to-student sexual harassment. You may use all the tools available to you. You will be graded on how close the copy mimics the original. Assignments 5 assignments worth 100 points each (grading is percentage based) due by 9 December 2011 Total points 500 points All work will be given specific requirements for submission. creativity and accurate deception. Smoke and Mirrors In Photoshop. but it must still be recognizable. Colors should be appropriate to the subject matter. you will combine two or more individual photographs that could work together into a single image. It is expected that these will be met through your solutions. You may use any of the drawing tools in the software application.

You will be graded on craft. Shapes must have upper and lower case and must include curved areas. in turn will establish recognizable shapes. you are to draw your first and last name. difficulty and completion. Email illustrator file to hfullmer@uvu. Be aware that this assignment will take longer than you may anticipate. you must assign anchor points that. The second step will require you to create and manipulate shapes that will cause your name to appear as 3-dimensional letters. For this .1400 Assignment | The Third Dimension When drawing with vector based computer mediums. using only the pen tool family and the selection tools.

However. For this assignment.1400 Assignment | Paint by Numbers Images in illustrator are made of a combination of abstract shapes that ultimately form a recognizable image. gradients and rasterizing ) you are to interpret a photo that you have taken with both natural and man-made elements in illustrator. using any tool in illustrator at your disposal (except for live trace. Email jpeg image and illustrator file (remove the photo in the illustrator file before sending it) to hfullmer@uvu. Layers and colors are particularly helpful in this . the nature of the medium requires that images be edited for simplicity.

you are to repair a damaged photograph without changing the overall feel or mood of the image. dust and other damage. Using one of your own photos. This can be in black and white or color and must be a minimum of 3X5 inches. remove scratches.1400 Assignment | Photo Repair For this assignment. Email Jpeg “before” and “after” files to hfullmer@uvu. .

1400 Assignment | Smoke and Mirrors 1400 Assignment | Smoke and Mirros Photo A Photo B Smoke and Mirros For this assignment. shadows and depth field (focus). This mage size must be 8X10 inches. 300 dpi. 300 tions are to submit the finished image printed Please submit a second print (it may be black original images. Photo B Photo A Combined B Photo Photo The final image size must be 8X10 inches.Combined Photothe original i and one of This assignment is due: Campus Section: Printed. File two shouldimage. of the finished be the composite file. and one of the original images side by side. ignment. You are allowed just 25 images total so plan your shots and imagesoffrom two or morebe aware of colors. The final image size must be dpi. Monday. I will cus). need to see two files. April 4th b Online Section: Emailed as Jpeg. you are to combine images from two or more photographs so it appears that they were originally the same photo. Monday. You are allowed just 25 images8X10 inches. you are to combine imag photographs so it appears that they were origi You must take the photos yourself. April 4th by 8:15 am . You are all total so plan your shots and be aware of colors of field (focus).edu and white) of the two shadows second print Please submit and depth(it may be black File one should have original photos. Aug For this assignment. Monday. Online sections. assignment is due: Campus secCampus Section: Printed. submit the finished image printed on photo paper. you are to combine hs so it appears that they were originally the same photo. 300 on photo paper. Email two Jpegafiles to hfullmer@uvu. tions are to submit the finished image printed n your shots and be aware of colors. You must take the photos yourself. Online sections. I will need t of the finished image. One original images. Campus secake the photos yourself.

Any other elements such as line. This will need to be exported as a PDF (use the high-quality print option). Individual files for the spread are posted on the blog. color and font. April 21st by 11:59 PM . Please note that you will need to measure the page to determine where all materials will go need to layout the type in the proper location. you are to replicate exactly the magazine spread above using InDesign need to pay as much attention to detail as creativity. Details | It’s all in the Details For this assignment. Please note that you will need to measure the page to determine where all materials will go. This replicate exactly the For this assignment. You will need to download those for placement in the document plus the “for position only” image. Email PDF files to hfullmer@uvu. You will need to download those for placement in the docu “for position only” image. color and font. Details. page numbers and borders will need to be included in the final document. you will be graded on how accurately your final docuEmail: include “For Position Only” PM ment mirrors the original (do notThursday. you are to assignment is due: magazine spread above using InDesign. Indiv spread are posted on the blog. Any o such as line. be accurate with size. you will need to layout the type in the proper location. As designers need to pay as much attention to detail as creativity. page numbers and borders will need to be included in the final document. Th be exported as a PDF (use the high-quality print option).edu This assignment is due: Email: Thursday.400 Online Assignment | It’s all in the Details 1400 Assignment | Details. you will be graded on how accurately ment mirrors the original (do not include “For Position Only” in the finish product. be accurate with size. Also. April 21st by 11:59in the finish product.

Alt+Shift+Cmd+. Shift+Cmd+L Shift+Cmd+C Shift+Cmd+R . Alt+Cmd+.ILLUSTRATOR TOOLS Menu Shortcut Keys New New from Template Open Close Save Save As Save a Copy Save Web Revert Document Setup Print Exit Undo Redo Cut Copy Paste Paste in Front Paste in Back Check Spelling Color Settings Keyboard Shortcuts General Transform Again Move Transform Each Bring to Front Bring Forward Send Backward Send to Back Group Ungroup Lock Selection Cmd+N Shift+Cmd+N Cmd+O Cmd+W Cmd+S Shift+Cmd+S Alt+Cmd+S Alt+Shift+Cmd+S F12 Alt+Cmd+P Cmd+P Cmd+Q Cmd+Z Shift+Cmd+Z Cmd+X Cmd+C Cmd+V Cmd+F Cmd+B Cmd+I Shift+Cmd+K Alt+Shift+Cmd+K Cmd+K Cmd+D Shift+Cmd+M Alt+Shift+Cmd+D Shift+Cmd+] Cmd+] Cmd+[ Shift+Cmd+[ Cmd+G Shift+Cmd+G Cmd+2 Unlock All Join Average Make Release Make w/Warp Make with Mesh Make with Top Object Edit Contents Make Release Make Release Create Outlines All Deselect Reselect Apply Last Filter Last Filter Preview Zoom In Zoom Out Fit in Window Actual Size Hide Edges Show Rulers Hide Guides Lock Guides Make Guides Release Guides Alt+Cmd+2 Cmd+J Alt+Cmd+J Alt+Cmd+B Alt+Shift+Cmd+B Alt+Shift+Cmd+W Alt+Cmd+M Alt+Cmd+C Shift+Cmd+V Cmd+7 Alt+Cmd+7 Cmd+8 Alt+Cmd+8 Shift+Cmd+O Cmd+A Shift+Cmd+A Cmd+6 Cmd+E Alt+Cmd+E Cmd+Y Cmd+= Cmd+Cmd+0 Cmd+1 Cmd+H Cmd+R Cmd+. Alt+Shift+Cmd+. Shift+Cmd+. Cmd+5 Alt+Cmd+5 Smart Guides Show Grid Snap to Grid Snap to Point Align Appearance Attributes Brushes Color Gradient Graphic Styles Info Layers Pathfinder Stroke Symbols Transform Transparency Character Paragraph Tabs Switch Selection Tools Point Size Up Point Size Down Font Size Step Up Font Size Step Down Left Align Text Center Text Right Align Text Cmd+U Cmd+’ Shift+Cmd+’ Alt+Cmd+’ Shift+F7 Shift+F6 F11 F5 F6 F9 Shift+F5 F8 F7 Shift+F9 F10 Shift+F11 Shift+F8 Shift+F10 Cmd+T Alt+Cmd+T Shift+Cmd+T Cmd+Tab Shift+Cmd+.

-1=10%) Set Opacity Numeric key ((0=100%.-1=10%) File Management Open Image Close Image Close All Images Browse New Image Save Image Save As Save For Web Page Setup Print with Preview Print Exit Photoshop Cmd+O Cmd+W Cmd+Shift+W Cmd+Shift+O Cmd+N Cmd+S Cmd+Shift+S Cmd+Shift+Alt+S Cmd+Shift+P Cmd+P Cmd+Alt+P Cmd+Q .PHOTOSHOP TOOLS Viewing and Navigation 100% Magnify Alt+Cmd+0 (zero) Zoom in/out Cmd + or Cmd Fit image in window Cmd+0 (zero) Move around canvas Spacebar Selecting and Moving Move Layer Constrain Proportions Moves selection 1 pixel Selections Select All Deselect Reselect Hide/Show Selection Invert Selection Feathering Various Undo Redo Undo Multiple Redo Multiple Copy Cut Paste Inverse Image Paste Apply Last Filter Extract Free Transform Transform Again Photoshop Preferences Show Grid Show Ruler Cmd Shift Arrow keys Cmd+A Cmd+D Cmd+Shift+D Cmd+H Shift+Cmd+Alt+I Cmd+Alt+D Cmd+Z Cmd+Shift+Z Cmd+Alt+Z Cmd+Shift+Z Cmd+C Cmd+X Cmd+V Cmd+Alt+I Cmd+V Cmd+F Cmd+Alt+X Cmd+T Crtl+Shift+T Cmd+K Cmd+@ Cmd+R Painting Set flow Shft+Numeric key (0=100%.

right. or C Shift+Cmd+F (all lines) or J Shift+Cmd+> or < Shift+Cmd+ Option+> or < Shift+Option+Cmd+A Shift+Option+Cmd+G Shift+Option+Cmd+H Shift-click loaded text icon . R.point size by 5X* Auto leading Align to grid (on/off ) Auto-hyphenate (on/off ) Automatically flow story Shift+Cmd+(+) [plus sign] Shift+Option+Cmd+(+) [plus sign] Shift+Cmd+L. or ctr Justify all lines + or .InDESIGN TOOLS Open Close New Bold Italic Normal Underline Strikethrough All caps (on/off ) Small caps (on/off ) Cmd+O Cmd+W Cmd+N Shift+Cmd+B Shift+Cmd+I Shift+Cmd+Y Shift+Cmd+U Shift+Cmd+/ Shift+Cmd+K Shift+Cmd+H Superscript Subscript Align left.point size* + or .

81 7/12 = 0.FRACTION TO DECIMAL CONVERSION 1/1 = 1 1/2 = 0.9375 13/32 = 0.1 1/10 = 0.083 1/16 = 0.4375 7/32 = 0.857142 3/5 = 0.36 10/11 = 0.96875 11/16 = 0.7 8/9 = 0.75 2/5 = 0.63 7/9 = 0.16 1/7 = 0.625 4/9 = 0.875 5/9 = 0.28125 21/32 = 0.34375 23/32 = 0.83 2/7 = 0.03125 2/3 = 0.72 5/12 = 0.71875 15/16 = 0.90625 4/7 = 0.2 3/10 = 0.54 7/11 = 0.59375 31/32 = 0.714285 6/7 = 0.4 7/10 = 0.125 1/9 = 0.90 11/12 = 0.375 2/9 = 0.27 9/11 = 0.4 5/6 = 0.1875 3/32 = 0.6 4/5 = 0.53125 29/32 = 0.45 6/11 = 0.18 8/11 = 0.571428 7/8 = 0.09 1/12 = 0.1 1/11 = 0.15625 17/32 = 0.65625 13/16 = 0.285714 3/8 = 0.8125 11/32 = 0.46875 27/32 = 0.428571 5/8 = 0.3 2/11 = 0.8 .84375 3/7 = 0.5 9/10 = 0.142857 1/8 = 0.416 3/16 = 0.6 3/4 = 0.3125 5/32 = 0.0625 1/32 = 0.5 1/3 = 0.9 4/11 = 0.21875 19/32 = 0.6875 9/32 = 0.09375 15/32 = 0.3 1/4 = 0.25 1/5 = 0.2 1/6 = 0.916 7/16 = 0.583 5/16 = 0.8 5/7 = 0.78125 5/11 = 0.40625 25/32 = 0.7 3/11 = 0.

5”) 5 (. Some letters will have minimal variation. others. like those above.03125”) 1/16” (. will have dramatic changes.015625”) 1/32” (. others. 2pt 4pt 8pt 16pt x type baseline x type Helvetica Goudy Times Optima Lubalin Goudy Futura Optima Helvetica SRQkga SRQkga SRQkga SRQkga 2 3 4 1/64” 1/32” Futura Letterforms will have subtile variations in shape.25”) 1/2” (.25”) 1/2” (.0625”) 1/8” (.125”) 1” (1”) (.Some letters will have minimal variation. x–height height and width of letterforms may vary. will have dramatic changes. Compare the sampled letters from the fonts above.015625”) (. Hairline 0.5pt 1pt x–height baseline distance between baselines often referred to as font size often referred to as font size x–height leading baseline Helvetica 54 pt Times 54 pt Even though the font baseline size may be the same.0625”) 1/8” (. like those above.015625”) (.125”) 3 6 1/16” (.5”) 8 1” (1”) Greyscale Spectrum 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% . Times Lubalin Inch Ruler 6 7 8 0 1 2 1/64” 1/4” Point Ruler {1” = 72 pt} 4 (. Some letters will have minimal variation. others.03125”) 7 (.125”) 3 4 5 1/4” Point Ruler {1” = 72 pt} 100pt (.25”) 1/2” (. Compare the sampled letters from the fonts above. will Inch Ruler 0 6pt 7pt 8pt 9pt 10pt 11pt 12pt 14pt 18pt 21pt 24pt 1/64” 1/32” 1 36pt 48pt 60pt 72pt 100pt 2 (. SRQkga SRQkga SRQkga SRQkga SRQkga SRQkga SRQkga SRQkga 5 1/4” Letterforms will have subtile variations in shape.0625”) 1/8” (.5”) 6pt 7pt 8pt 9pt 10pt 11pt 12pt 14pt 18pt 21pt 24pt 36pt 48pt 60pt 72pt Greyscale Spectrum 6pt 7pt 8pt 9pt 10pt 11pt 12pt 14pt 18pt 21pt 24pt 36pt 48pt 60pt 72pt 100pt 6pt 7pt 8pt 9pt 10pt 11pt 12pt 14pt 18pt 21pt 24pt 36pt 48pt 60pt 72pt 100% x–height 100pt 90% 80% 70% Even though the font 60% 50% 40% 30% 20 x–height Helvetica 54 pt Times 54 pt often referred to as font size often referred to as font size size may be the same. like those above.03125”) 1/16” (. leading distance between x–height height and width of baselines letterforms may vary.

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