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Primavera Project Management 6 Workshop

Project Planning and Management

Develop the schedule and apply the resources and cost for the Plant Erection project by creating the Organisation Breakdown Structure and Enterprise Project Structure for the XYZ Company. The Organisation Breakdown Structure is as Shown below.
President Prince

Vice President Special Projects Zakir

Vice President Major Projects Siddiqqui

Director Plant Works Aslam

Director Civil Works Mohammed

Director Piping Works Siddharth

Director Exploration Talaue

Program Manager Internal Roshan

Program Manager Bridges Raja

Program Manager CCP Felix

Program Manager Oil Exploration Ahmed

Project Manager Plant 1 Dilna

Project Manager Bridge 1 Muthu

Project Manager North Regin

Project Manager Central Azhar

Project Manager Plant 2 Francis

Project Manager Bridge 2 Joe

Project Manager South Ramu

Project Manager East & West Reji

Project Planning and Management

The Project Structure is as shown below.


Special Projects

Major Projects

Plant Works

Civil Works

Piping Works


Internal Works


Cross Country Pipeline

Oil Exploration

Plant 1 Project

Bridge 1 Project

North side Projects

Gas Exploration

Plant 2 Project

Bridge 2 Project

South Side Projects

Assign the OBS to the EPS elements and projects. For this Plant erection project create a six day work week calendar with 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and assign it as project calendar. Also create a five day work week calendar with timing as 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and assign this calendar for two tasks. The start date of the project is May 2, 2009. The activities are shown with WBS for two levels and the resources are given below. Analyse the resources by using profile and table. The table given below shows the list of activities.

Project Planning and Management

SS 1 101 2 3 4 5 102 6 7 8 103 9 10 11 104 12 13 14 15

Start of project

Duration Predecessors

Preparation of Tender Evaluation of Technical Bid Evaluation of Commercial Bid Award of Contract 20 15 7 7 1 2 3 4

Ordering of Equipment Site Handing Over Delivery of Equipment 4 7 60 5 5 6

Erection Works
Erection of Civil Structures Erection of Mechanical Equipment Erection of Electrical Equipment 20 35 25 7,8 7,8 7,8

Testing & Closing

Testing of Plant On load Testing Commissioning Finish of project 7 7 1 0 9,10,11 12 13 14

Project Planning and Management

Resource Definition
The table given below shows the list of resources that are available for the whole project.

Materials Manager Engineer Quality Controller Supervisor Office Assistant Electrician Labour Crane Excavator

Max. Avail.
1 3 2 4 1 1 20 1 1

Price/ Unit
550/day 500/day 550/day 400/day 200/day 250/day 100/day 450/day 400/day

Assigning Resources
The table given below shows the list of resources that are needed for each and every activity. Analyse the resources by using resource profile.

Preparation of Tender

Resource Names
Engineer Office Assistant

No. of units
1 1 1 1 1 1

Evaluation of Tech. Bid Evaluation of Comm. Bid Award of Contract

Engineer Engineer Engineer Office Assistant

Project Planning and Management

Ordering of Equipment

Resource Names
Materials Manager Office Assistant

No. of units
1 1 1 1 1 1 10 1 2 15 1 1 1 2 15 1 1 2 1 10 1 2 1 5 1 1 5

Site Handing Over

Engineer Office Assistant

Delivery of Equipment

Materials Manager Engineer Labour

Erection of Civil Structures

Engineer Supervisor Labour Excavator Materials Manager

Erection of Mechanical Equipment

Engineer Supervisor Labour Crane

Erection of Electrical Equipment

Engineer Supervisor Electrician Labour Crane

Testing of Plant

Quality Controller Supervisor Labour

On load Testing

Quality Controller Supervisor Labour

Project Planning and Management


Resource Names
Engineer Office Assistant Labour

No. of units
1 5 5

Report 1) 2) 3) 4) Prepare the schedule and find the critical path and finish date of the project. Assign the resources and find the total cost of the project. Track the project after 15 days with some delay in the activities. Prepare the following report a. Resource Control Detail by Activity b. Monthly Project Cask Flow c. Resource Units Loading Daily organised by WBS

Project Planning and Management

Step-by-Step Procedure
Practice 1 Defining Structure and Calendars
To define Organizational Breakdown Structure

2) Select the level below which you want to add the level and select ADD.

Project Planning and Management

3) If the newly created level wants to be inside the selected level, use SHIFT RIGHT.

To define Enterprise Project Structure

1) Select ENTERPRISE Enterprise Project Structure

2) 3)

Select the level below which you want to add the level and select ADD. If the newly created level wants to be inside the selected level, use the SHIFT RIGHT.

To create new project

1) Select ENTERPRISE Projects

Project Planning and Management


2) Select the EPS node in which project has to be created. Then ADD. 3) Enter the details about the project in activity details. View Show on Bottom Project Details.

Project Planning and Management


To create new calendar.

1) Select ENTERPRISE Calendars

2) Select Project and ADD.

Project Planning and Management


3) Select the calendar which you want to copy. Click

Project Planning and Management


4) Select

5) To define each days working time, click

Project Planning and Management


To assign a calendar as Project Calendar

1) Select ENTERPRISE Projects 2) View Show on Bottom Project Details 3) Select Defaults

Project Planning and Management


4) Select calendar and click

To assign a calendar as Task Calendar

1) Open the project. File Open 2) View Show on Bottom Activity Details 3) Select General

Project Planning and Management


Adding Activities
1) Open project

Project Planning and Management


2) Click

to add activities.

Activity Sequencing
1) Open the project 2) View Show on Bottom Activity Details 3) Select Relationships

Project Planning and Management


Use either Predecessor or Successor to link the activities and give relationship type and lag.

WBS To define the WBS for the project

1) Project WBS

2) Click . 3) To add one level below the selected level.

Project Planning and Management


To assign WBS level for the project

4) Use Activity Details General

5) Click

6) Select WBS level and click

Project Planning and Management


Resources To define the resources

1) Enterprise Resources

1) Click General to give resource ID, name etc. 2) Click Details to mention whether it is labour, non labour or material. Currency and overtime factor can also be mention here. 3) In the Units & Prices we can give the availability of resources and the price.

Project Planning and Management


To assign resources
1) Project Activities 2) View Show on bottom Activity Details 3) Select Resources

4) Click

to assign resource directly.

Project Planning and Management


5) Select the resource and click

Resource Analysis
View Show on bottom Resource Usage Profile

Project Planning and Management


Red colour indicates the over allocation of resources.

Project Planning and Management


Update Progress
1) Save the baseline. Project Maintain Baselines


to create new baseline.

To assign the baseline Project Assign Baselines

Project Planning and Management


1) Select each and every activity and for each activity, you need to specify the Actual Start, Actual Finish and the percent complete and the remaining duration for the activities in status tab

2) Then, you need to schedule the project by specifying the data date that is the status date what you are going to set.

Project Planning and Management


3) For comparing the actual progress and the baseline schedule go to View Bars and display the baseline bar.

Earned Value Analysis

For doing the earned value analysis, follow all the steps mentioned in the previous topic. Go to Activity details Expenses. Give the extra amount which you spend in the Actual cost and find the EVA. To get the EVA, Planned Value, Earned Value and Actual Cost, go to Tools Reports Earned Value.

Report Generation
For taking tabular reports, Tools Reports Reports

Project Planning and Management


Top Down Estimation

The Top Down Estimation feature allows us to calculate the resource units of labour, non labour and material using estimated weight in a top down manner by applying weights to WBS elements and activities. The top down estimation approach can be followed in certain cases where the projects total estimated units of the resource are known and with the help of that the individual resource units can be calculated. Certain conditions where the project manager/ resource manager knows the total resource units of the project based on his previous experience in the similar type of project. The top down estimation feature can be used for labour and non labour resource at once, but for material resource it has to be calculated individually only, since the unit of measure is different for each resource. Also this feature cannot be applied for Microsoft office Project managed projects. Any changes that we get through this Top Down Estimation cannot be made Undo. The Top Down Estimation feature works based on the weights that we give to WBS elements and Activities. The following procedure has to be followed in using the Top Down Estimation: Give weights to the WBS elements for the set of activities under which the resource units need to be calculated Give weights to the activities for which resource units need to be calculated Apply Top Down Estimation by selecting the appropriate WBS for which the resource units need to be calculated. Calculate resource units for labour, non labour and separately for material resources as it cannot be done at once as we do for labour and non labour. Save the calculation for future comparison and use. Note: If labour units and non labour units follow different level of resource distribution in the WBS element then apply that separately as we do for material resource.

Assigning Estimation Weights to WBS Elements

Project Planning and Management


We can assign estimation weights to work breakdown structure (WBS) elements and activities to perform Top-down estimation. We can assign estimation weights directly in the Project Management module or import them from the Methodology Management module using Project Architect. The Project Management module uses the estimation weights to calculate the number of units that each WBS element receives in relation to its lower-level elements in the WBS hierarchy. For giving the Estimated Weights to the WBS elements select Display Columns Size or View Columns Size from that you can see the column Est Weight as shown in the figure below.

In the example above, WBS level 1 shows Pump Station and in the second level of WBS Pump Station 1 and Pump Station 2 are available. The activities under the WBS can be listed by selecting the Activities view. For the WBS elements and the activities Est. Weights can be given as required on how the resource units need to be calculated and distributed to the resources in the activities. For giving Est. Weight to the activities insert the column Est. Weight from the General category of the column.

Define some resource Labour, Non Labour and Material Resources and apply to the activities for calculating the units of resources for each activities.

Project Planning and Management


The resource definition sample is as shown below:

Now assign the resource to the activities. A sample assignment for an activity is as shown below:

Project Planning and Management


Now we give the est. weight for the WBS 1 Pump Station 1 as 5 and WBS 2 Pump Station 2 as 2. With this estimated weight now we can calculate the units of resources for the activities using Top Down Estimation. Note: In this situation we are not applying est. weights to the activities. Select Tools Top Down Estimation. The dialog box will appear as shown below:

Now we are going to calculate the estimated units for the Labour units. Select Estimated Labour and then select the WBS under which the units need to be calculated and give the Estimated Units for example as 500 using prior experience. The dialog box will appear as shown below with the estimated units and adjustment units calculated. Note: For calculating units for individual labour then in the resources, select resource.

Project Planning and Management


You can apply adjustment factor as required in positive or negative and as per that the adjustment units will be calculated. After applying adjustment factor: Now select Save As, so that in future it can be used to apply based on the applied units, which can be seen in the History. Now select Apply and you will be able to see the changes in the resource assignment for the activities. You can insert columns Budgeted Labour units and Budgeted Non Labour Units in the activity table and for material units it can be seen in the resource assignment information. The formula used in calculation is Estimated Units for WBS 1.1 = (Est. Weight of WBS 1.1 / Total Est. Weight of all WBS) * Estimated Units

Project Planning and Management


In the same way the resource units can be calculated for Non Labour Resource and Material Resource. For material resource we need to select the material resource in the option Resource. Now it can be seen that the units are assigned equally to the activities under the single WBS, but in real practice the activities will be having different assignment units. Now apply the weights to the activities using the Est. Weight column and follow the same procedure for calculating the units using Top Down Estimation. Est. Weights to activities assigned:

After doing the Top Down Estimation:

Project Planning and Management


Project Planning and Management