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Private and Confidential

Name 10 August 2011

Dear Mr Name, FREELANCE WRITING CONTRACT AND AGREEMENT 1. PARTIES AND ASSIGNMENT This Agreement is made and entered into on date (the Effective Date) between ABC Pte Ltd (hereafter referred to as the Company), and Name (hereafter referred to as the Writer). This contract is in regards to professional freelance writing services to be performed on/for the following project (s): Project name: Handball Correspondent Tchoukball Correspondent In consideration of the mutual covenants made herein, the parties agree as follows: 2. WORK 2.1 The Writer agrees to produce articles (the Work) at the request of the Company for fees agreed upon in advance and turn in or deliver the Work by an agreed upon deadline as set out in Appendix I. 2.2 The Writer agrees that he/she will be the sole author of the Work, which will be original work by the Writer, free of plagiarism. 2.3 The Writer agrees to use all possible care to ensure that all facts and statements in the Work are true and that the Work does not infringe upon any copyright, right of privacy, proprietary right, right of publicity or any other right of a third party. 2.4 The Company retains all propriety rights of the Work. The Writer agrees that no publication, distribution, reproduction, recording, display, or other right under copyright will be exploited by the Writer other than in strict conformity with this Agreement. 2.5 The Writer agrees that the Company has the right to edit the Work as it deems appropriate for publication, and that the Writer will cooperate with the Company in editing and otherwise reviewing the Work prior to publication. 2.6 The Writer will cooperate with the Company if any complaints, claims or litigation should arise regarding the Work.


CONFIDENTIALITY 3.1 The Writer acknowledges that he/she may be furnished or may otherwise receive or have access to information which relates to the Companys past, present or future products, vendor lists, creative works, marketing strategies, pending projects and proposals, and other proprietary
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Private and Confidential information which gives the Company an opportunity to acquire an advantage over its competitors 10 August 2011 who do not know or use it (the "Proprietary Information"). The Writer agrees to preserve and protect the confidentiality of the Proprietary Information and all physical forms thereof, whether disclosed to the Writer before this Agreement is signed or afterward.
3.2 In addition, the Writer shall not disclose or disseminate the Proprietary Information to any third party and shall not use the Proprietary Information for his or her own benefit or for the benefit of any third party. 3.3 Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Writer shall be prohibited from discussing the Company or the Work with a representative of the media, either directly or indirectly, without the Companys express prior written approval.

COMPENSATION 4.1 Company agrees to pay the Writer $** an article. 4.2 Incidental expenses such as but not limited to long distance phone calls, postage, courier service, are absorbed by the Writer. The Writer is responsible for the payment of all government/or local taxes with respect to the services he/she performs for the Company as an independent contractor. 4.3 The Company will not treat the Writer as an employee for any purpose. COURT OF JURISDICTION This contract is bound by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and all disputes should and will be settled in a recognised Singapore Court of Law.

Please sign and return a duplicate copy of this agreement to indicate your acceptance of this offer of employment. APPENDIX I: Handball and Tchoukball Correspondent The Writer is to write articles according to the specifications stated below: Scope of Work 1. 2. 3.

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Yours sincerely,

Private and Confidential

10 August 2011

Name Executive Director ABC Pte Ltd

I assert that I have read, understood and agree to the Freelance Writing Contract and Agreement. Agreed & accepted by,

Name: NRIC: Date:

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