Gene Kwan 10/8/2008 1st 1.

SD “Convexed” Wilson’s piece consists of a man painting what seem to be a black circular frame,

and a gold border. The man takes up most of the space within the piece; he is wearing a black long sleeve and blue pants. He has the expression is of a careful painter; in his right hand is his paint panel and in his left is his paint brush. In the background behind this man stands a collection of busts and statues. The farthest sides shows full body busts, one facing forward, and one with its back turned. The busts moving near the center of the painting appear larger. The on our left is a statue of a woman covering her breasts, and to our right is the figure of a head tiled to the side with the person’s eyes closed, as if sleeping. Directly behind the painters head is a statue of a muscular man holding a woman with long hair who seems to be suffering or in sorrow. Behind this line of large statues is a wall with a shelf with more busts and statues, with assorted heads and figures less distinguishable. The room depicts an artist’s domain, with a shelf full of paints to our far right and a box filled with tubes of paint to the painters left. 2. The frame as a mirror would suggest that Wilson’s piece is a self-portrait. He

would be painting the gold border of the mirror, probably finishing his piece. Wilson is captured in the still of the moment. The room depicted would be quite small if the mirror Wilson used was on a wall. The room, which he paints, would be a storage room for artwork. The one thing that fools me is the paintbrush tip appearing outside of the painting, as if reaching into the real world. The frame as a plate would be quite humorous in a sense that, we would be eating off his face. In fact the resemblance of the frame to a plate is quite real. The outer hinges, and shades show were the plate is shallow and where the plate is deep. Even the places where the man’s face is lit would match that of the lighting. Perhaps Wilson was painting on a plate, which is why he is looking down in the picture and his brush is pointed downwards. The frame as a tire is possible also. The black outer frame being the rubber tire and the man painting a gold finish on the tire spoke. The other three tires could depict the man painting the black on the rubber, or possibly even the background behind him.The frame as a hole in the wall would be quite artistic. For the audience it would be like looking into another room. I could almost see the man look up at me as if to say, “why are you staring at me?”