Flight of Mystical Seagulls

Corporate Relations & Placement 2010-11

Faculty of Management Studies
University of Delhi

‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’ by Richard Bach, is a story of an ordinary seagull with an extraordinary love for flying. While other seagulls focus on routine needs; food and shelter, Jonathan views these as incidental and challenges himself to reach beyond the conceivable limits; reaching new worlds and strengths on the way. The FMS Manager doesn’t just manage; he believes, he is ‘free’. He understands reality but doesn’t accept its limitations. He seeks the sky of possibilities, struggles for it and learns to be a whole new self, in the process. It’s a flight/journey that transcends any educational program or a tangible experience in pursuit of an infinite excellence.


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Dean’s Message
Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi has been a pioneer and a leader in imparting management education in India for the past many decades. FMS has been able to attract some of the most talented students and the best companies to recruit them by being able to adapt to the ever changing world outside. The teaching pedagogy and the learning environment make our students innovators and leaders. On behalf of FMS I am proud to present to you our latest batch of students, who I am sure will be of great value to your organisation. Best wishes Kuriakose Mamkoottam, PhD Head & Dean Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi

Placement Convenor’s Message
The Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi stands on the edifice of knowledge gaining strength through the exemplary faculty, global alumni and talented students. Each individual associated with FMS synergizes the academic spirit, professional excellence and global industrial and cultural exposure. The oldest Business school in the country, with its rich heritage, FMS has stood the test of time with great panache. For more than half a century, thousands of thinkers, strategists and visionaries have passed through the portals of this institution and gone on to make their places as industry captains and thought leaders across the country and world over. . Leaders across the country and the world over. The stellar placement record, the phenomenal exposure and the extraordinary experience at FMS has shaped the minds of the tomorrow of India and the future of the world.

A.Venkat Raman, Ph.D. Associate Professor Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi

Life@FMS 2. its now time to eat your words. 9. .30 pm Presentation time 5.00 pm Time to try hands in different areas of management in Campus Library.00 am The theory of initiation states that the best way to treat the morning is to wake up 2.30 pm Discussions are never ending.00 pm Delicious eatables and crisp presentations are the specialities at canteen 2 7.30 pm Time to interpret and rediscover classroom discussions 7. Midnight The stroke of midnight sends pulsating signals to the waiting fingertips.

00 am Sleep? .9.15 pm Lasting business solutions and ever-lasting friendships are born. What about tomorrow’s class presentation and quiz? .15 pm Lasting business solutions and ever-lasting friendships are born.15 pm Corridor Logic and discussions always manages to solve classroom cases 4.30 pm Scoring a Table Tennis point when you can 10. tried and tested in the study groups 3 6. tried and tested in the study groups 2..00 pm All set for Foreign language classes 6.00 am Where the vagaries of the business hit you for the first time 12.

Chp 03 4 knowledge .” Johnathan Livingston Seagull.“You don’t need faith to fly. you need to understand flying.

n 5 i FMS c o m Part Time Courses • Part time program in Business Administration Management Development Programmes The faculty of Management Studies has been at the forefront of imparting quality management education to the corporate world as well. Italy • Esade. Fountainbleau. Boconi. • Doordarshan India . and other Business Schools across the globe. France tion. Netherlands • Lyon School of Management. GoI • All India Radio • The Taj Group of Hotels • North Delhi Power Ltd. USA • Lahore Institute of Management Sciences .o n h understa w it n d p a o s si n with poi se . INSEAD. France • Manchester Business School. FMS is one of the founding members of the Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA) and International Teacher’s Program (ITP) with American Universities. in imagin ati ines b ience wit h to fi Programmes Full Time Courses • Master of Business Administration • Master of Business Administration – Management of Services • Post Graduate program in Health Care Administration • Doctoral and Research Programmes • Nijenrode Biefield. USA • Wisconsin University. Berkeley. The clientiele includes: • Department of Posts. Fullerton. Stanford. ex p er g. France • Groupe Essce. ova nn • NTPC • GAIL Limited • NACEN • SAIL horizo ns new d . England • SDA. Kellogg. Spain • Rotterdam School of Management . Pakistan Exchange Programmes FMS is actively engaged in collaborations with International Business Schools such as Harvard. Milan. Germany • University of California. White Water • University of California. Partners in Exchange Programme(s) • INSEAD . Barcelona. Cergy Pontise.

Compulsory Courses FINANCE • Financial Accounting (MBAFT 6104) • Financial Management (MBAFT 6204) • Management Accounting (MBAFT6205) PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT • Quantitative Methods (MBAFT 6102) • Production and Operations Management (MBAFT 6206) MARKETING • Marketing Management (MBAFT 6105) • Marketing Research (MBAFT 6207) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT • Information Technology Management (MBAFT 6108) • Management of Information System (MBAFT 6208) ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND HUMAN RESOURE MANAGEMENT • Organizational Behaviour (MBAFT 6101) • Human Resource Management (MBAFT 6106) • Business Communication (MBAFT 6107) • Organization Effectiveness and Change (MBAFT 6201) • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (MBAFT 6301) STRATEGY • International Business Environment (MBAFT 6403) • Strategic Management (MBAFT 6402) • Legal Environment of Business (MBAFT 6303) • Strategic Analysis (MBAFT 6302) • Economic Environment of Business (MBAFT 6203) • Managerial Economics SUMMER PROJECT • Paper on summer training with academic inputs.6 Course Structure The programs are designed to provide innovative and practical solutions to critical management challenges that are real time in nature. Companies have benefitted immensely due to these programmes conducted by the faculty members.Written Report & Viva Voce .

Persuasion & Social Influence Skills • F-3303 Manpower Development for Technological change • F-3304 Compensation Management • F-3305 Performance Management • F-3306 Management Training and Development • F-3307 Managing Interpersonal and Group Processes • F-3308 Personal Power & Leadership through Asian Values • F-3309 Counselling Skills for Managers • F-3310 Human Resource Development: Strategies and Systems • F-3311 Human Resource Planning and Development • F-3312 Cross Cultural and Global Management • F-3313 Managing Diversity • F3314 Leadership. Analysis and Management • F-3111 Fixed Income Securities • F-3112 Corporate Governance • F-3113 Financial Reporting PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT • F-3401 Advanced Operations Management • F-3402 Total Quality Management • F-3403 Production Planning and Control • F-3404 Operations Strategy • F-3405 Operations Research • F-3406 Environment & Safety Management • F-3407 Modelling in Supply Chain Management • F-3408 Decision Models and Optimization • F-3409 Quantitative Analysis of Risk and Uncertainty • F-3410 Supply Chain Management • F-3411 Technology.Electives MBA FINANCE • F-3101 Quantitative Analysis of Financial Decisions • F-3102 Security Analysis and Investment Management • F-3103 Portfolio Management • F-3104 International Financial Management • F-3105 Management of Financial Services • F-3106 Management Control System • F-3107 Risk Management • F-3108 Corporate Taxation • F-3109 Financial Derivatives • F-3110 Project Planning. Power & Politics MBA (MANAGEMENT OF SERVICES) FUNCTIONAL ELECTIVES (FE) FINANCE • FE-3101 Financial Decisions Analysis • FE-3102 International Financial Management • FE-3103 Management Control System • FE-3104 Corporate Taxation • FE-3105 Project Planning. Management & Security • F-3609 Business Intelligence OB & HRD • F-3301 Management of Industrial Relations • F-3302 Negotiation. Innovation and New Product Management ENTREPRENEURSHIP • F-3501 Entrepreneurial Management • F-3502 Entrepreneurship. Creativity and Innovation • F-3503 Social Entrepreneurship • F-3504 Family Business and Entrepreneurship • F-3505 Financing the Entrepreneurial Business • F-3506 Managing the Growing Business 7 MARKETING • F-3201 Consumer Behaviour • F-3202 Advertising Management • F-3203 Competitive Marketing • F-3204 Internet Marketing • F-3205 Sales Force Management • F-3206 Business Marketing • F-3207 Sales Promotion Management • F-3208 Services Marketing • F-3209 Marketing Channel • F-3210 Analytical Marketing • F-3211 Brand Management • F-3212 Advanced Research Techniques in Marketing INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT • F-3601 Managing E-Business • F-3602 Business Process Re-engineering • F-3603 System Analysis and Design • F-3604 Strategic Management of Information Technology • F-3605 Database Management System • F-3606 Knowledge Management • F-3607 Managing IT-Enabled Services • F-3608 Network Operations. Analysis and Management • FE 3106 Working Capital Management • FE-3107 Foreign Exchange Management • FE-3108 International Financial Markets • FE-3109 International Accounting .

MARKETING • FE-3201 Consumer Behaviour • FE-3202 Advertising Management • FE-3203 Marketing Research • FE-3204 Strategic Marketing • FE-3205 Distribution Management • FE-3206 Business Marketing • FE-3207 Brand Management • FE-3208 Relationship Marketing • FE-3209 Direct & Network Marketing • FE-3210 Sales Promotion Management • FE-3211 Retail Marketing • FE-3212 Sales Force Management HEALTHCARE SERVICES • SE-4201 Health Systems Management • SE-4202 Health Management Information Systems • SE 4203 Corporate Health Services and Health Insurance • SE-4204 Marketing of Health Services • SE-4205 Purchasing and Materials Management for Hospitals • SE-4206 Quality Management in Healthcare Services • SE-4207 Environmental Health Management & Safety Planning • SE-4208 Health Economics INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENABLED SERVICES • SE-4301 Managing e-Business • SE-4302 Business Process Re-engineering • SE-4303 System Analysis and Design • SE-4304 Knowledge Management • SE-4305 Strategic Management of Information Technology • SE-4306 Database Management Systems • SE-4307 Enterprise Resource Planning • SE-4308 Managing IT Enabled Services HUMAN RESOURCES • FE-3301 Management of Industrial Relations • FE-3302 Human Resource Planning & Development • FE-3303 Technological Change & Human Resource Management • FE-3304 Performance Management: Systems and Strategies • FE-3305 Cross-cultural management • FE-3306 Counselling Skills for Managers • FE-3307 Labour Laws • FE-3308 Managing Diversity • FE-3309 Personal Power and Leadership through Asian Values • FE-3310 Compensation Management 8 HOSPITALITY AND TRANSPORTATION SERVICES • SE-4401 Tourism Marketing • SE-4402 Transportation Management • SE-4403 Hospitality Marketing • SE-4404 Hospitality Operations Management • SE-4405 Quality in Hospitality Services • SE-4406 Civil Aviation Management • SE-4407 Airport Management OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT • FE-3401 Total Quality Service • FE-3402 Logistics and Supply Chain Management • FE 3403 Environment and Safety Management • FE 3404 Operations Research • FE-3405 Operations Strategy PUBLIC SERVICES • SE-4501 Social Marketing • SE-4502 Management of Public Distribution System • SE-4503 Development Administration • SE-4504 Planning and Management of Education System • SE-4505 Management of Cooperatives • SE-4506 Technology Finance • SE-4507 R&D Management • SE-4508 Infrastructure Financing • SE-4509 Energy Management • SE-4510 Management of Telecommunication Systems • SE-4511 Management of NGOs SECTOR ELECTIVES (SE) FINANCIAL SERVICES • SE-4101 Security Analysis and Investment Management • SE-4102 Portfolio Management • SE-4103 Financial Derivatives • SE-4104 Risk Management & Insurance • SE-4105 Treasury Management • SE-4106 e-Banking • SE-4107 Management of Financial Services • SE-4108 Management of Financial Institutions .

VIJAY K. Com. DIM. KAVITA SINGH MA (Psychology).Tech. M.. A. M. Ph. J. Ph.D • Prof. M. LECTURERS • HEMENDRA K DANGI B. SUNIL SHARMA M. K. Ph. PREETAM KHANDELWAL M. MADHU VIJ M. M. GICAME (Stanford). K.Faculty 9 HEAD & DEAN • Prof. SIMRIT KAUR M. HARSH V.. K. Ph. • Dr. Ph. ABAD AHMAD Ph.D. F. RAGHAV GAIHA Ph. Ph.D • Prof. K. TUTEJA M.. PDS (UCLA) • Prof.C. AMIT BARDHAN M. Ph.D (Manchester) • Prof. Operations Research and Marketing Engineering PROFESSORS • Prof.D.. Security Analysis and Investment Management.A.. (Psychology) • Dr. ITP (Harvard) • Prof.D. MITRA M..Phil. BHALLA M.. PhD • Prof.D . Ph.D. Tech (IIT). (TISS). FCS.D.D • Dr. Disaster Management. Psychology. TANUJA AGARWALA M. M.D. VENKATRAMAN M. Ph. Ph. (O R). Sales and Distribution Management.D.D • Dr. MAMKOOTTAM M. Ph.. H.Sc. PhD • Prof. Ph.A. S.D. • Prof. SUNITA SINGH-SENGUPTA Ph. SINGLA BE. Econometrics and Forecasting • Dr. (Gold Medalist). Ph. NEELAMEGHAM M.B. M.D • Dr. ANUPAMA VOHRA MBA.Phil.D. S. Ph.A.E. MBA. ITP (Harvard) • Prof. ITP (Harvard).A • Prof. MBA.E. • Dr.A.A.D. MBA (Western Ontario). Ph. VIJAY KAPUR MBA. Ph.. D Economics • Dr.Sc.. NARAG M. Ph..D. D • Dr. MBA. PANKAJ SINHA M. A. (Eco).Sc.D. NARAIN M. Ph.. Portfolio Management GUEST FACULTY • Prof.Com. Ph. V. AJAY PANDIT B.D • Prof.D • Dr.D. MONIKA SINGHANIA M. GICAME (Stanford) READERS • Dr. VERMA M.Com.Com. M. Corporate Taxation • Dr. A. DEBADYUTI DAS M.B. A..A. • Mr.D • Dr. SETH M. MALA SINHA Ph. Operations • Dr. GUPTA B. M.. L.D • Prof. Ph.A. Ph.Com Ph.Tech. D. VIVEK SUNEJA Ph. Ph. DHANKAR M.D. ANAND M. S.Com.D. LL. Ph..A.Com. • Dr. AMBIM (London).D.. Marketing Research.Phil. • Dr.(Psy).Phil. RAJ S. Financial Engineering.

Fullerton. Australia* • McGill University. Spain • Harvard Business School. USA • Wisconsin University. UK* • University of Nottingham. As a founding member of the Association of Management Development Institutions of South Asia (AMDISA). Canada* • Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Ireland* • Waseda University. South Korea* • Lund University. UK* • University of Glasgow. MOU with Government of Chaina • University of Melbourne. China* • University of New South Wales. Germany • University of California. Berkeley. FMS has had a rich history of relationships with excellent institutions around the world and is exploring further areas of collaboration: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS • ESADE. Australia* • University of HongKong* • University College Dublin. Netherlands • SDA Bocconi. USA • INSEAD. England • Rotterdam School of Management. New Zealand* • National University of Signapore* • Korea University. France • Katholieke Universiteit. Fontainebleau. Italy • University Bielefeld. China* • University of Queensland. Milan. South Korea • Indian Youth Delegation to China. White Water. Sweden* • University of Birmingham. Leuven. Barcelona. FMS strives to give its students and faculty members the opportunity to develop and apply cross-cultural skills and concepts in global business contexts. UK* . Pakistan • IAE de Lyon Business School of the University.International Linkages The world for which the MBAs prepare is multicultural and multinational. USA • University of California. UK* • University of Virginia. China* • Fudan University. Boston. USA* • University fo Edinburg. Australia* • University of British Columbia. Japan* • Tecnologico de Monterrey. Belgium • Manchester Business School. Mexico* • University of Auckland. USA FOREIGN EXCHANGE PROGRAMS 10 • Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Gordon Patzer. Liverpool Hope Business School Hosted delegation from IESEG Business School. Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 11 SCHOLARSHIPS O P Jindal Engineering and Management Scholarship (OPJEMS) TMI Scholarship IFCI Scholarship Bharti Scholarship His Holiness “The Pope” Scholarship Award of Pandit Manmohan Nath Dhar Endowment Scholarship G L Mehta Scholarship for Academic Excellence All India Post Graduate Scholarship Guru Harkrishan Educational Society Scholaorship NDPL Scholarship NTPC Scholarship New Central Scholarship Scheme of top class education . Government fo France Mr. Prof. John Brinkman. Berlin School of Economics. Vice Chancellor. IAE-Lyon. France Mr.K.G. Addis Ababa University. Wolfgang Holtgen German-India Business Center. Woldemariam. Dean. Technical and Vocational. Korea. Director MBA Programs. University Paul Cezanne. Germany taught at FMS for one Semester Hosted Prof. Denise Dimon. Hilary Rodham Clinton. Chicago taught at FMS for one year Prof. Tokyo. Prof. International Relations. Gilles Guyout. Prof. Robert Fouchet. Gert Bruche. Lyon. Lyon. Germany Mrs. Guy Scoffoni. Post-Graduate Programmes. Embassy in New Delhi. Seoule. Aix-en-Provence. IAE-Lyon. Salman Akhtar. Ajit Tanaka. IMPGT & Vice Rector University Paul Cézanne. California. France Prof. Lille. Director. France. Prof. Alain Boge. Hannover. France. Universite Jéan Moulin Lyon 3. France. of Management & Associate Dean. Minister for Higher Education & Research. State Minister. John Davison. Vice President. Prof. Michael. University of San Diego. Coordinator India Programme.INTERNATIONAL DIGNITARIES ON CAMPUS Address by Mrs. USA. Valerie Pecresse. Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. Berlin. T.S. Allen Boge. Econimic Minister Counsellor at the U. USA Prof. Germany Mr. Japan Prof.W. Prof. Dean. SungKyunKwan University. Lahore University of Management Sciences. Zahoor Hassan. Aix-en-Provence. Waseda University. on “Barack Obama & Indo-US relations” Proof. Hongjoo Jung. Pakistan Prof. W. Secretary of State USA Prof. a Full Bright Scholar from University of Roosevelt. Vice President. Prof.. Jefferson Medical College and Psychoanalytic Centre of Philadelphia.

12 action .

Economic Advisory Council Dr. Barings Private Equity Partners Mr.Director. Faculty of Management Studies Dr. Hugh Sandeman – MD. Langham Capital Session 2 : Evolution of the Private Equity Ecosystem Mr. Sanjeev Bhasin-MD. T. India Talks. Blue River Capital . t ap plic ation 13 FINSOC & FINEESE Panel Discussion . National Institute of Public Finance and Policy. M Govinda Rao Director. Ajay Garg-MD. Sinha. Udai Dhawan. Deustche GMC Mr.” Johnathan Livingston Seagull.ED. 99 nsp i % o e onesel volv fa e lities rea nd a t ti t u d e i MS F “Heaven is not a place or time.M. Monica Singhania Faculty. CNBC TV 18 Dr. Member.Union Budget and its Implications on the Economy Paranjoy Guha Thakurta Ex-Anchor.National Consumers Helpline The Banker’s Summit Session 1 : Banking after the Bubble Mr.s1 % iration. Oriental Bank of Commerce Mr. Kotak Investment Banking Mr. Founder. S.C. DBS Mr. Jayasankar– Executive Director. United Bank of India Mr. Chp 03 Student Activities FINANCE ACTIVITIES The Finance society at FMS challenge the hackneyed and clichéd to go beyond. Heaven is being perfect. Sriram Khanna Faculty. Equirius Capital Mr. Standard Chartered PE Mr. Muneesh Chawla-MD. Anirban Lahiri – CEO. Munish Dayal-MD. Bhasin-ED. combining business ideas with business theories to bring about convergence with business realities. Delhi School of Economics.

Atul Kumar Rai CEO and MD. Religare Advisory Services Mr. Naveen Gupta Head .Dun & Bradstreet A two day extensive workshop on Derivatives -futures. Inbuss Practical application of Global macro economics in Investing decisions across global asset classes Equity Research and Value investing Workshop Conducted by Mr. Regional Director . Mr. KPMG Conducted by Arvind Vermani. Paresh Thakkar. 2i Capital Mr. Avinash Gupta-Head. Manasvi Srivastav Senior Vice President. Anup Kapadia Director. Associate Director. Hedging. Conducted by Mr. Ltd. Aviva and Mr. KPMG Covered practical application of theories of valuation techniques and live case studies Workshop on Global Currency Markets One day workshop covering Foreign Exchange Risk Management. Shailesh Singh Director Investments. IFCI Ltd. swaps and options Investment Banking and Wealth Management: Conducted by Mr. Altais Advisors on Stock Investing. BMR Advisors Pvt. Share Badshaah & Comparta Comerciar Workshops & Courses Short courses on Securitization & Credit Derivatives Workshop on Structured Trade & Commodity Finance . Sector research. Varun Gupta. Currency Futures. Rachit Singh . Aviva Valuation Workshop. Neeraj Batra: Exhedge fund manager and Director.MD. NM Rothschild Mr.Private Banking Treasury. Transaction Advisory Services. Calyon Bank Mr. Saurabh Basrar. Mr. Standard Chartered Bank Mr. Financial Express Mr. forwards. Subhomoy Bhattacharjee Senior Editor . AVP . National Level Competitions Kshitij. & Value investing Certified workshop on Insurance sector and Marketing of Insurance Companies. CRISIL Ratings Mr.Bancassurance & Business Partnerships. Rajesh Parthasarthy Vice President. IDBI Capital Mr. Sachin Gupta Business Head. Currency Spreads & Strategies 14 Finanza ‘09 ‘Managing Economic Recovery’. MD American Appraisal Mr. Deloitte Workshop & Courses Derivatives .Mr. Gyan Mohan. Director KPMG (Corporate Finance) and Mahek Vikamsey. Exec VP Head IB.DSF. Naresh Vigh .

Nike India Mr. ITC Mr. MD. Sai Nagesh from Dentsu Communication • Vivek Bali. Mobility and Consumer Marketing. National Sales Head of Foods and Personal care businesses. Manishi Sanwal GM.Tarun Puri MD. Hewlett-Packard Mr. Spice • Mr. M. Marketing Manager. Ogilvy & Mather 15 .V. CMO. Manasvi Rasgotra. McCann Erickson India • Mr. What lies beneath: An event focused on learning about the hottest trends and concepts in the marketing world Merchants of Delhi: A selling and entrepreneurial event aimed at testing both creativity and selling skills Mark-o-pedia: A category analysis event Guest Lectures Mr. H. Microsoft India. Mr. Rajiev Grover Director. MARKSOC & MARKIT Annual Marketing Conclave Session 1: Marketing Tools in Recessionary Times Panel • Mr Ravi Kiran. RTE Division. Mr. MakeMyTrip • Mr. COO and co founder 141-Sercon Markibrand ’09 Brand Loyalty and its relevance in today’s context. ITCK • Keynote address and moderation by Dr.MARKETING ACTIVITIES Marketing societies at FMS endeavour to build marketing acumen in the future managers at FMS. Mohit Gupta. Professor of Marketing. Business marketing. Con-sumer Insight. Vikram Khosla. Gadhok Category Head. Sandeep Lahiri Marico Mr. Kellogg’s India Mr. Intel Mr. Ex-change4media group. Gurumukh Singh Malhotra Head. Faculty of Management Studies Session 2: Advertising is the answer…… What is the question? Panel • Mr Vivek Sharma. Nestle Professional • Mr. Anupam Dutta MD. Satish Sharma Apollo Tyres Chief. Group President – Global Brand and Marketing. Futurebrands. • Mr. CEO (South Asia). Philips Electronics India Ltd. Enterprise Marketing. Mr. India operations Mr.Verma. Rajesh Ghatge Executive director . Atulik Saxena COO. LVMH Mr.S. CMO. Starcom Media-vest Group • Mr. Vice President. Punit Modhgil Director. Kishore Chakraborti. Editor in chief.Prakash Dharmarajan President. Anurag Batra.

Bank of America Mr. Abhay Kapoor GM. Religare Enterprises Workshop: Emotional Intelligence at Workplace (FEIL) Initiatives: Praxis Blog Contact a senior – Mentorship Programme for Batch 2012 Outbound Trip . Ashish Anand. Ranbaxy Laboratories Dwandh – Inter B School Paper Presentation . Mr. “Managing HR in times of recession”. South Asia. Ashu Malhotra Head Human resource India. Fortis Healthcare Mr.Student / Faculty Interaction Live Projects 6S Capital 2020 Social Jaquar PVR Nest Harvest Theme. Executive Assistant to President & CEO.016 1 HR & OB ACTIVITIES HR & OB Society aim to facilitate discovery of the self and a better understanding about one’s own responses and reactions to the situation. Sebi Chacko Head Human resource. PRAXIS & PERSONA Conclave Theme Ownership & Management: Rethinking of Corporate Governance in 21st Century Speakers – Mr. C S Raju. Vice President. Alcatel Lucent Ms. Maruti Udyog Limited Mr. Vijaya G Head HR Corporate. Shourov Mukherjee. Vice President. Deepak Khandelwal. Thomson Reuters Mr. Coca Cola India Mr. Sr. General Manager (HR).

• Mr. Head. Banking. Tourism. Managing Director (Mining) and Vice President & Co. Senior Principal. Real Estate and Health care. Langham Capital and Solving Case Studies. Senior Consultant. Puneet Kalra. Charu Sehgal. (India. Ranjit Shastri. Vikas Aggarwal. Prize money INR 1. Deloitte Consulting • Mr Manish Upadhyaay. T R Ramachandran. Director. Deloitte Consulting Mr. MD. Middle East. Mr. • Decode the Enigma – Online Treasure Hunt competition. at E&Y India. Q Equip Associates India Pvt. Senior Director. IT/ITes. Live Projects Live Project in association with Q Equip Associates partnered with firms like Porsche and Aviva. CEO Aviva India Talk to the Consultant : • Mr Vishal Pandit. Arcelor Mittal Mr. Arsh Maini. former consultant McKinsey. MD of PSi. Power Equity. DirectorAdvisory Services. MD. and SAARC. 17 CONSULTING CLUB & SYNOPSIS Conclave Mr. Guest Lectures • M&A . The sectors which have been covered Telecom. Richard Dailly. Prakash Chandra Prabhakar. • Prof. Jindal Steel & Power Mr. Partner & HeadHuman Capital. Contraband Contraband which throws light on specific sectors are circulated amongst the students to give them insights and a clearer perspective about the industry. Monitor Group Mr. • Manuj Ohri. N S Rajan . Senior DGM. Ms. Sector Speak Mr. Head. M.CONSULTING INITIATIVES Consulting Club in FMS aims to be an incubator for consultants par excellence and is powered by ideas and innovation. Hewitt Associates India • Mr. Power. • Management Simulation Games and knowledge-sharing sessions .Naman Mawandia.000. KPMG • Mr. Q-Equip Business Innovation Challenge Topic : “Innovation to Expand Reach. Accenture Business Consulting. Sumit Gupta. • Prof Prasad a former faculty at SUNY Stone Brook University Workshops Mr. Ernst & Young • Mr. Kroll (India) Political Risk & Business Litigation Consilium Magazine Article by consultants from Cognizant Business Consulting. Reduce Cost & Offer Greater Value to All Stake Holders in the Healthcare Industry” . Tarun Arora.P. Ltd. Singh. Bain & Co. Pradeep Dubey of Yale University. Pricewaterhouse Coopers • Athenica – White paper presentation competition. Entertainment. Praveen Kumar.00.

MD FITT. CEO Redwood Associates Sharat Jain – President. Greenobin 15. ARC Financial Services 10. . Participating Companies: 1. It required the development of a basic structure of a Business Plan under economic constraints and pre-specified business conditions. AccessAbility 17. PiggyJobs 6. Nurture Avenues 13. Magic Bricks. Skullcandy 3.General Partner. 7. Columnist. IIT Delhi Gautam Munshi. Khojguru 4. Kumar Labels 16. Fractal Solutions 2. Sanjeev Bikhchandani – Founder & CEO Naukri. com. Verkko 14.com Prajakt Raut – Co-Founder. Vivek Suneja Dr. Orange Cross(healthcare) Raghav Aggarwal – Founder. Blueprint The event aimed at addressing the vital need to find out alternative sources of energy. Anil Wali. InstaLearning 18.com CONNEXION 2009 Connexion is the annual start-up fair started in 2009.ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES E-Cell is an endeavour to create opportunities and to provide people with a platform for their StartUps and convert their ideas and plans into sustainable realities. General Education 12. KyaZoonga 5. ForbesStrategy Consulting and Online Strategy Roundtables Sameer Guglani . analysis and knowledge input from the students. The firms got several credible market researches. True Tech Live Projects Fractal Solutions ITDC Neuve Consultancy E-Week in association with National Entrepreneurship Network Events Judges Sramana Mitra: Author. The Sports Campus 9. NIIT e-Learning. Morpheus Venture Partners Dipti Tandon – Founder Jeevan Saathi. India Property Review SERVEPENEUR The Inter-School Business Plan Contest was unique in its focus on services. The Recruiters 11. Online Recharge Services Private Limited Guest Lectures Mr. E-CELL International Entrepreneurship Challenge 2009 18 Finale Judges Prof. Redseer Consulting 8. It saw several companies visiting the campus to share their dreams.visions and live projects with students.

Dr. Hasya Kavi Sammelans The Nostalgia Committee works in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the institute and its alumni. Chennai. Enterprise Services. Hyderabad. Krishna Kumamuru. Kolkata. Deepak Marwah. Synopsys is a cross functional society with involvement spanning across domains “KshITij” the annual IT conclave Theme: The future of IT leadership and the evolution of delivery models in IT Mr. NASSCOM. Light Musical Programmes. Operations and Consulting. Director Marketing. Microsoft The conclave also had distinguished industry leaders and academicians from Michigan State University. who is a senior Manager at IBM Research Hyderabad delivered a guest lecture on “Engineering and Management Innovations in Services” enlightening the students on the prominence of innovation in the service industry. Bangalore.Apoorva Chamaria. Director Online and Sales Marketing from Google Mr. 19 FMS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION & THE NOSTALGIA COMMITTEE Events : • ‘FOOTPRINTS’ magazine: FMS Alumni Newsletter • Annual Alumni Dinner • City Chapter meets at Mumbai. Singapore • Family Picnic. Amarpreet Singh. HCL Mr. Sopra Group and ST Microelectronics.IT & OPERATIONS INITIATIVES SYSSOC & SYNOPSYS Systems society aims to spread awareness in the fields of Systems. . Director Manufacturing.

a team bands together to accomplish a familiar goal.Sales & Marketing Suzuki India Mr. Tug-of-War. Lakshmi Kant Gupta CMO LG Electronics Mr. Gurdeep Singh COO Aircel Mr. Salil Kapoor COO DishTV India Ltd. Rohit Adya CEO Vodafone Essar Mr. Ranjiv Singh CMO Microsoft Corporation India Mr. Throwball. Tuhin Sen Creative Director Saatchi & Saatchi Mr.Intra college Cricket championship • Fantasia and Felicity-Cultural Programs • Wining and Dining sessions • Grooming sessions • Adventure trips and sports meets . Amit Ranjan COO Slideshare Mr. Serveskriti ‘09 Speakers : Mr.Strategy and New Business development Philips Electronics Mr. Rakesh Sharma Head . Amitabh Vardhan CEO PVR Cinemas Mr. Basketball. Sanjeev Kapur Director Country Marketing & Banking Products Citibank Mr. Badminton. 20 SPORTS SOCIETY & SPARKS Sports bring people together. • SMASH-Intra college Badminton tournament • OTC championship. Table Tennis. Carrom. Serveskriti of MBA-MS programme. Altius A 3-day sports extravaganza that envisages participation from prominent Business schools of the country Sports Covered Athletics. Football. Chess. Cricket.SEMCOM The Seminars and Conventions committee at FMS has a pivotal responsibility of organizing the annual seminar. Vikram Malhotra COO Balaji Motion Pictures Mr. Volleyball This society that aims at the overall development apart from the regular academics that one is used to. Atul Gupta VP .

FMS Annual Management Festival • Business. JAM and Dumb Charades • Induction dinner • Grandiose parties • Accolades IIM-A ‘Chaos’ With an aim to improve and assess the general awareness quotient . Admissions Brochure and the Student Resources Guide • Special Publications like Spark & Kairos . general quizzes CULTURAL AFFAIRS • The Teachers’ Day Celebrations • Antakshari.the newsletters of FMS • Comprehensive coverage and reportage of campus activities • Update and streamline the official website 21 FMS SCHOLASTIC COUNCIL • Retail Marketing Workshop • Redesign New Courses • Reorganization of the library system • Acquisition of databases and journals FIESTA • Annual Convention • Fiesta .MEDIA RELATIONS • Prospectus . . this group aims at conducting voluntary participation based quizzes.

India. Russell Reynolds Associates Mr. Senior Group VP. IDFC Foundation Mr. Ravi Kiran. Shailesh Vickram Singh. ICRA . Personal Care. 2i Capital Mr. MD. Cherian Thomas. GE Capital India Mr. Abhimanyu R.Little Middle East Mr. CEO South East and South Asia. Prabhat. HUL Mr. Sandip Tarkas. Pallav Sinha. Amaria. mCommerce CEO. Amit Ranjan. Group Head and Chief Operations Officer. Sanjay Kukreja. Executive Director. Senior VP & Head .Corporate Participation • • • • • • • • • • • • 22 • • • • Mr. Nielsen India • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mr. Business Practice Head (Employee). President. Principal. RPG Group Mr. Executive Director. Chief Operating Officer (Mass Market Business). Piyush Mathur. Bharti Airtel Mr. Vineet Trakroo. President and CEO. Pankaj Mittal. Chrys Capital Mr. Associate Director. Tata Capital Limited Mr. Tower Watson Mr. Kulin Patel. President. MD Yum Resraurants Mr. Neeraj Garg. Thomas Kuruvilla. ITC Mr. CHRO (Chief of Human Resources) Indus Towers Mr. Aviva LIfe MD. India Region. Elpis Inc Mr. CEO Mr. T Ramachandran. Niren Chaudhary. Slideshare Mr. Anil Saxena. President and CEO of the Speciality Sector. Customer Strategy. Marketing (Personal Care). Steve Remedios. Vivek Mathur. A S Chouhan. MTS Mr. Marketing Head. GAIL Mr. Director.North India. Vice President. Arthur D. IBM Consulting Mr. President. G. Anish Shah. Jitin Goyal. Starcom MediaVest Group Mr. AVP. Marketing Director. Puneet Kalra. Everstone Investment Advisors Mr.K. Marketing.. Co-Founder. Pankaj Maheshwari. Cavinkare Mr. Ramit Gupta. Suresh. Director. Sriram Jagannthan. MD & CEO at Fullerton Securities & Wealth Advisors Ltd Mr. Head Hewitt Consulting. Piramal Healthcare Mr. Subhash Chand. SC Johnson Mr. Middle East & SAARC Mr. Head CD Center of Excellence. Vishal Pandit. Future Group Mr Sanjay Gujral. CEO. Credit Agricole CIB Mr. Avalon Consulting Mr.

In fact. work hard. If you still miss it.” 23 “Commit. and excel…it’s plain. there won’t be anything to complain” “ FMS is a place that teaches you the capabilities to perform under constraints and make you a smart individual” . we refine.Student Speak “ My notable memory of FMS will always be of the great camaraderie that students enjoyed and this made the learning experience so much more enjoyable” “ Products of FMS have outshone management graduates in practically all fields of business because we do not produce management graduates.

.. too . Break the chains of your thought. in a form you can see. and you break the chains of your body.“Your whole body is nothing more than your thought itself.” Johnathan Livingston Seagull. Part 03 24 discovery .

live projects. competitions etc. 2 4 5 25 The profiles of the students are sent to the companies 3 6 Company conducts a Pre-placement talk Company asks for the resumes of the interested candidates Based on the students’ perceptions and areas of interests. Corporate –Campus Building exercises . Summer Internship Process Stages 1 Company interacts with students on campus through Guest Lectures.ad ry of the ‘ ove inf isc i w te’ ni FMS is ings a t ids m finite gro un d r ea lities. the companies are ranked and called on campus for interviews Company announces final results Placement Season Company PPTs for Summers Summer Placements (Batch of 2010-2012) Lateral Placement (Batch of 2009-2011) Final Placements (Batch of 2009-2011) 25th August –20th September October 2010 January 2011 February 2011 .

Brand Name of the organization 2. Remuneration Placement Process is conducted on campus or off campus (Video Conference. Profile 3. remuneration package and other relevant information . position offered.26 Final & Lateral Placement Process 4 3 1. Previous Relationship (consistency in recruitment from campus & Number of Offers) 2 1 Participating companies are invited to make their assessment of the applicants during a specific time slot Companies make a pre-placement presentation (PPT) to provide an opportunity to the students to seek clarity on the profile of the company. Telephonic Conversation) The slots for the companies shall be decided on the basis of the following parameters: 4.

Global CIO Mastek “Some of the best professionals I have worked with over the last 20 years came from FMS” Sriram. P&G India “Its a family institution where we are so closely knit with the faculty that they would always encourage us to achive more” Manoj Kohli. The students we have recruited consistently exceed our expectations” Leela Nair. M-commerce. • ITC • Kellogg’s • Nestle • Pepsi • Perfetti • Procter & Gamble • Reckitt Benckiser • SAB Miller • Yum foods General Management • M & M • Aditya Birla Group • Essar • Larsen & Toubro • TAS Private Equity • 2i Capital • Avigo • Bajaj Capital • Barings Private Equity • Millennium Spires Banking • American Express • Axis • BNP Paribas • Citibank • HDFC • HSBC • ICICI • Kotak • Standard Chartered • Yes Bank 27 Trade Finance • Jaypee • JRG Securities • Kotak Securities Consulting • Accenture • Avalon consulting • Capgemini • Deloitte • Directi • Ernst & Young • Frost & Sullivan • KPMG • Q –Equip • Technopak • TSMG Project Finance • Aviva • Bajaj Allianz • BMR Advisors • IFCI Investment Banking • Avendus Advisors • Bank of America • Deutsche • Goldman Sachs • J P Morgan • Lazard • Nomura • SBI Capital • Tata Capital • Zeus Infra Insurance • Aviva • Max New York Life • Bajaj Allianz Pharma • Astra Zeneca • Elli Lily • Genzyme • Glenmark Marketing • Apple • Godrej • Johnson & Johnson • Jumbo Electronics • Microsoft • Puma • Reebok • UB Group • Usha International • Whirlpool IT Consulting • Aricent • Cognizant • GE IMLP • HCL • IBM • Infosys • Microland • NIIT • TCS • Wipro Operations • Britslecone • Cummins • DSCL HR • Cinepolis HR • Cummins HR • Hewitt • Pepsi HR • PVR HR • Mercer Telecom • Airtel • Idea • Tata Teleservices • Vodafone . Airtel “One distinguishing feature of FMS has always has been the rich diversity of student profiles in terms of work experience as well as educational backgrounds. HR. CEO & Joint MD of Bharti Airtel IB Group Past Years Recruiters’ FMCG • Asian paints • Britannia • Cadburys • Coca Cola • Colgate Palmolive • Dabur • Godrej • GSK • Heinz • Hindustan Unilever Ltd.” Sonali Chowdhury. Associate Director & Head HR. Rajagopal. Your robust and deep selection process for screening new joinees is very effective.” Mr. HUL “FMS students are driven by a strong value system. Executive Director.“The quality of education imparted and the quality of student talent shines through. CEO.

FMS Alumn i is natur al w vie s the globe of perfo rm ere ph s c an e. 28 experience as h .

Infosys BPO Sameer Joshi. Brar. CEO. Chairman. COO. Former President & CEO. Phillipines Sarvesh Swaroop. OIL India Ltd Manoj Kohli. Sales. Head. PWC Rajan C R. TATA Chemicals Raghav Bahl. Director & CFO. Infosys Hiroo Mirchandani. IHC Ravi Kant. Hinduja Power Shumeet Banerji. Managing Partner. Singapore Anil Aggarwal. MD. Starcom MediaVest Group Reshmi Sehghal. CFO. Head (Exports). Infosys Udit Prakash. MD.Retail Banking. CMD. Pfizer Kamal Oberoi. Morgan Stanley. Societe Generale Rajiv Sharma. Axis Private Equity Ravi Deol. CEO & Regional Head. Vice President. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Seema Chandra. Nomura Securities Singapore R.Dutta. CEO. Avigo Capital Ajay Mahajan.com Manoj Vaish. Chairman & CEO. President & CEO. Wadia Group Ashok Bhasin. TV18 Indian Media Raj Kamal Sharma. COO. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. RPG Akhil Awasthi. CEO of Booz & Co. Executive Director. Managing Director. UAE Sandeep Goyal. Hewitt Associates 29 . Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance R. Union Bank of Switzerland Ajit Singh Chauhan. Motilal Oswal Group . Dentsu Communications & Marcom Sanjiv Vohra. CEO (International) & Joint MD. Head . Managing Director. (CHPD). Barista Coffee Ravi Deol. Partner. Citibank. Regional GM (Asia & Middle East).” Johnathan Livingston Seagull. Deepak Khetrapal. Director Cadbury India Neelam Dhawan. MD. UK Vishal Pandit. MFG Americas. CEO. AVP. Partner Accenture Management Consulting D. Indiatimes. Part 03 Some of our prominent alumni in the corporate world include: A. President & CEO (speciality Sector) & Board Member. GVK Biosciences Dalip Raheja. Head. Credit Agricole CIB. Tata Capital Private Equity Amit Jain. Asia Pacific Harit Nagpal. Mpower Group Dalip Sehgal. Co-Head. Bharti Airtel Mahendra Swaroop. Head of Consulting for India. TATA Sky Hemant Lamba . Director. Former MD &CEO. Dun and Bradstreet Mohit Joshi – Head. K. President. CEO (South Asia). Managing Director.“Each of us is in truth an idea of the ‘great’. Chairman . MD. Nestle Rakesh Bhatia.K. Mukundan. Former CMD. BNP Paribas Ritesh Idnani. HSBC Bank (India) Rahul Malhotra. Puri. Strategic distribution. MTV Asia. an unlimited idea of freedom. Infosys Narayan Sundaram. Wadhawan Food Retail Pvt Ltd Ashutosh Maheshvari. Titan Eyewear Ravi Kiran. Managing Director. LPG. M&C Saatchi Saatchi Kamesh Goyal. IREO Ashok Bhan. CFO. Hewlett Packard (India) Niren Chaudhary. Investment Banking. Murugappa Group Ranjan Sen. Commodities Corporate Structuring. CEO. Unilever Pravin Paby. Global & European Marketing Director. MD. Citibank. Achal Ghai. Times OOH Sukanta Acharya. Banking and Capital Markets. Director. IDG Ventures Sunder Hemrajani. MD. Jumbo Electronics Gokul Laroia. MD. Reckitt Benckiser Pankaj Sharma. Shell Rahul Vohra. Managing Director. MD. Times Internet. MD and CEO. YUM! India Pankal Agarwal. Barclays Capital Singapore Vineet Joshi. CEO. S. Banking and Capital Markets. Spicejet Sudhir Sethi Founder & CMD. Founder & MD. Investment Banking B V Shriraman.

” Johnathan Livingston Seagull. that real. Part 03 30 achievement . unlimited Seagull.“You need to keep finding yourself. a little more each day.

StudentBusinesses. PepsiCo India Star Youth Achievers Award Shumeet Banerji Global CEO.school’s International Business Plan Competition • Internship at N.S. Mass-market Branded Formulations Business. at US Space and Rocket Center. CEO. it’s a co u c c es s i s wh e r orrow’s ttom ef e e inu nt f or d process .A. • Gold medals in Trans-National Maths and Chemistry Olympiads • Recipient of JRD Tata Scholarship for academic excellence At F accola des . at Citco Fund Services. Avaya GlobalConnect • Director at Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre • Managing Director. Canada • Selected to Represent British School as Management Intern at Purolator India Limited • CTO’s Fast Track Learner Award. for process initiatives at Corporate Operations • Awarded Employee of the month for May 2008. Booz Allen & Co Worlwide Top 25 Consultants by Consulting Magazine Student Achievements • NCPEDP-Samsung Scholarship by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.no t e targ a t. s M m ass yes surp t er t us ts da y’s Alumni Achievements Neeraj Garg COO. given by CTO. India • Author. Huntsville. • Felicitated by Ms Chanda Kochhar. Piramal Healthcare AT Kearney Global Intellectual Capital award for creating a methodology to evaluate retail business models Manoj Kohli CEO & Joint Managing Director of Bharti Airtel Limited Telecom Man of the Year” in 2000 by Media Transasia Raghav Bahl Founding/Controlling Shareholder & Managing Director Network 18 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award 2007 Homi Battiwalla Director. S. Alabama.com. ICICI Bank. a collection of short stories • Runner-up in the Oxford’s SAID B. Juice & Juice Drinks Business.A. 31 . Ibbani.

aculty of 32 anagement tudies .

FMS in News .

Joint Placement Secretary (+91 9990634802) Email us at placement@fms. Ph.Venkat Raman.A Guide to FMS Delhi Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi.edu .. Associate Professor & Placement Convenor (011-24113353) Varun Satia. Malkaganj Marg. Delhi 110 007 A. Placement Secretary (+91 9650695087) Kunal Prabhakar. New Delhi.D. Kamla Nagar.

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