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Volume 7

September / October / November 2011

Issue 4


Mission Statement
The purpose of the SMBA is to preserve, promote, and enjoy bluegrass music and to bring the music to an ever-increasing number of people.



- 2nd Saturday of each month - October thru May (Unless otherwise listed) - Discounted tickets for members


- 3rd Sunday of every month - Microphones are provided - Visitors & musicians of all skill levels are welcome

 ANNUAL PICNIC - JULY 28, 2012 (4th Saturday every July)

- Good food - Open Jams - On-Stage Jam Bands - Raffle of acoustic instruments & door prizes - Jiffy Johns Available

- Association & newsletter information - Links to bluegrass info

   

- Inside the SMBA - President’s Message - 2011 Officers /Board of Trustees - SMBA 2011-2012 Concert Series - Band Bios - 2011 Picnic - Upcoming Events - Bluegrass Radio - Music Lesson & Instrument Repair - Jams - Membership Invitation 2-3 3 4 5 6-8 9 10-13 14 15 16-17 18

198 Leonard Street Marysville, PA 17053

Seven Mountains Scholarships
Interested in attending a summer music camp, private lessons or have another idea for bluegrass learning? SMBA may be able to help. Each year our Association awards scholarships to help fund bluegrass learning opportunities for our members, both adults and children. In the past we have funded attendees for jam camps, various instrument camps, lessons and other learning opportunities. If you are interested, please e-mail our scholarship committee chair at Include name, address and other contact information, as well as the learning opportunity in which you plan to participate. Please provide any other information the committee would find helpful such as your years of experience and how and why you got interested in bluegrass. We look forward to helping advance bluegrass learning in our area. Applications will be considered at any time.

2011 OFFICERS Dick Beckley Mike Lebo Jean Snyder Bill Coleman

President Vice President Treasurer/Membership Recording Secretary

(717) 938-4975 (717) 215-3088 (717) 957-4609 (717) 308-0752 (717) 728-9039 (410) 357-8388 (717) 599-5944 (717) 957-4349 (717) 292-6175 (717) 728-9039 (717) 649-0107 (717) 215-3088 (717) 215-3088 (717) 957-4349 (717) 599-5944 (717) 244-4428

2011 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Bill Aldinger Glen Miller Jon Raemore Bob Bishard Walt Crider 2011 CHAIRPERSONS Bill Aldinger Picnic Committee Mike Foster Hornpipe Editor Mike Lebo Scholarship Committee Mike Lebo Web Master Bob Bishard Librarian Jon Raemore Music Committee Sue McKinsey PR / Media

Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association “Hornpipe” is published by the Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association Inc., which is a non-profit organization. The SMBA mails this quarterly newsletter to the SMBA membership, music associations, other non-profit organizations, promoters, radio and print media at no charge. All correspondence can be mailed to: SMBA, c/o Mike Foster, 574 Myrtle Ct., Hbg, PA 17112.

the picnic. If you were not in attendance, you missed a wonderful picnic, good friends and a great day of music. As I write my President’s message, we have not received any nominations from our membership to fill the various offices of SMBA. Our nominations committee has recommended that the current slate of officers serve for another year, and if no one steps forward to challenge a spot , the current officers will again, be the officers for 2012. The last weekend in September, Karen and I will be making our annual pilgrimage to Nashville and the IBMA World of Bluegrass Convention. I always look forward to this trip as it is the highlight of the year for me. The IBMA convention covers all facets of everything bluegrass. We get to renew old friendships, make new friends , listen to all of our favorite bands and also, to some great new talent which surfaces each year. After attending since the early 90’s, it has become sort of a family reunion for me. SMBA is an organizational member of IBMA and also a member of IBMM, the International Bluegrass Music Museum . For a great vacation, consider going to IBMA, or to Owensboro KY to visit the Bluegrass Museum. If you go to IMBA, expect to have a fun filled schedule from breakfast on, to the wee hours of the morning. You will find out like Karen and I have, that IBMA also stands for “I’ve been mostly awake”. I hope to see each of you at our concerts in the fall.

The summer is almost over and our winter concert season is fast approaching. Chairman Jon Raemore and the music committee have assembled a stellar lineup for the 2011-12 season. Some old favorites are back and some great new talent will be gracing the Seven Mountains stage for the first time this year. I invite all our members to attend our shows the second Saturday of each month, Oct. thru May for the great entertainment we have coming. Supporting our shows keeps the quality acts coming to our area, and helps our Association grow. On Sept 10, we are having a benefit show for one of our own, Charlie Tillman. Charlie has been a hard working member of our Association and for the last several years , has been the top salesman of raffle tickets for our annual picnic. Charlie has stage 4 bladder cancer and will have to undergo extensive surgery in the near future. This benefit will help with his medical bills as he has no insurance. All the bands on this show have donated their time and talent and I ask that you come out and support this effort. Information on this special show can be found elsewhere in this issue of the Hornpipe. A big “ thank you “ goes out to Chairman Bill Aldinger, and his able committee members, Jan Woods, Bill Coleman and Jean Snyder for a great 2011 picnic. The food was great, the music abundant, and Bill showed that he can ably shift gears when needed , by quickly securing an inside location at Allenberry at the last minute, when the temperatures were approaching 100 degrees. Our apologies for not being able to get the word of the move inside to everyone before

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Bill Aldinger Bill Coleman Bob Bishard Dick Beckley Glen Miller Jean Snyder Jon Raemore Mike Lebo Mike Foster Sue McKinsey Walt Crider

(717) 728-9039 (717) 308-0752 (717) 957-4349 (717) 938-4975 (410) 357-8388 (717) 957-4609 (717) 599-5944 (717) 215-3088 (717) 649-0107 (717) 244-4428 (717) 292-6175

A complete listing is located on page 2 of this newsletter.

Officer Position Elections - Nominations for 2012 Election Year
The Nominations Committee recommends to the Board the following people be nominated for the 2012 Election Year: Dick Beckley President, Mike Lebo Vice President, Bill Coleman Secretary, and Jean Snyder Treasurer. Each of the nominees has agreed to having their name listed for the positions indicated.

The International Bluegrass Music Museum
SMBA is listed as one of only 5 current association members of The International Bluegrass Music Museum. To check this out simply enter, hit on membership and giving, on the list of options on the left side of your screen. Then scroll down again to associations under membership and giving, again on the left of the screen. There are 5 associations currently listed there at the bottom of the Assn. Membership blurb. We are one of them. Then again go to the list on the left of your screen and hit on Worldwide Bluegrass. Hit again on the left under Worldwide Bluegrass on Bluegrass Associations and scroll down to Seven Mountains. This is a link to our website. A well spent donation to IBMM on our part as we get the benefit of a worldwide link to our website, national recognition as a member assn. and also we help in funding the activities of the IBMM. This is an outstanding museum and one that the bluegrass community and our members can be proud of, and a destination worth the trip for anyone interested in bluegrass and it's history. Dick Beckley Page 4

Location: Goodwill Fire Company 2318 South Queen St., York, PA

Doors open @ 5:30 PM Music starts @ 7:00 PM

FMI Contact: (717) 395-7128 (717) 350-4791

Ticket available at the door only - No reserved seating $13 SMBA members - $16 non-members - (Ages 12 & under free admission)

The Lost and Found

Audie Blaylock
November 12

December 10

Carrie Hassler with Brand New Strings January 14

October 8

Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice
March 10

February 11

The Little Roy and Lizzy Show April 14

The Paul Adkins Band May 12

Smoke Free - No Alcohol Bands subject to change No reserved seating




Our September benefit show will feature 5 bands from 4-10 PM for the bargain price of $15. Walt Crider and the Old Time Way opens the concert. Walt is an SMBA member and former President and brings his distinctive voice to our stage. Walt is on guitar, our music committee Chairman , Jon Raemore plays a fine banjo. Deb Kaufman lends her voice to some great vocals and also handles the bass. As of this writing, I’m not sure who rounds out the band but rest assured you will see a fine show. Palmer Druck and Long Ryde are from Southern York County and play a good mixture of mostly traditional bluegrass. The band consists of Palmer Druck on Mandolin and vocals, Shane Robinson on guitar and vocals, Dale Aubel on fiddle, Bill Kegarise on banjo ,and Jay Rohasik on Bass The Harold Tipton Band is also from Southern York County. Harold is well known in local bluegrass circles and always brings a top array of musicians to back his traditional sounds. The Baltimore Bluegrass Band is from the Baltimore, MD area and always has some of the stalwarts of area talent in the band. Frankie Short is the leader on vocals and guitar. Warren Blair is a great fiddle player , a top vocalist, and no stranger to big time bluegrass circles. Either Mike Munford or Steve Street usually holds down the banjo slot and both do an excellent job. Dave Robertson is on mandolin and vocals , and Darryl Blair on bass. The Feature Band is HeartTown, a great new band on the National Scene. Darren Beachley is on guitar and vocals, Jason Leek on bass and vocals, Greg Luck on vocals and fiddle, Tim Laughlin on mandolin and vocals, and Shayne Bartley on Banjo and vocals. This is a full partnership band with no featured leader, mainly because they are all capable leaders in their own right, all having played in other national award winning bands, including Doyle Lawson, Legends of the Potomac, IIIrd Tyme Out, Dale Ann Bradley, Circuit Riders, and others. This promises to be a great show and one you won’t want to miss!

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SMBA CONCERT BANDS October 8 - The Lost and Found


Our opening 2011-12 season regular Concert will feature The Lost & Found from Ferrum, Virginia. Bandleader Allen Mills is a friend of many years, and holds forth on some strong vocals and handles the bass for this Virginia Band. Allen started the band in 1973 and has never been better. Many famous bluegrass greats have passed thru this fine band on their way to making their own mark .Their song “Love of the Mountains“ has become a bluegrass standard and is always a most requested number. The current supporting cast is , in my opinion, as good or better than all that have gone before. Scotty Sparks is on guitar and is a fine vocalist. Scott Napier holds forth on mandolin and vocals and is a worthy successor to the late, great Dempsey Young , who before Scott was the only mandolin player ever to play in L&F. Ronald Smith is on banjo and vocals and will hold your interest with his distinctive style. L&F have graced our Seven Mountains stage several times before , thru the years. Let’s fill the hall and welcome this outstanding band back to our stage.

November 12 - Audie Blaylock
The November Band is arguably, the favorite band of a majority of our regular concert goers. Audie Blaylock and Redline, are one of the top traditional bands in Bluegrass and a semi- regular on our concert calendar. Audie is a graduate of the “Jimmy Martin School of Bluegrass” , having played nine years with Jimmy. He recorded a “Tribute to Jimmy Martin” several years ago and , in my opinion , is the best artist performing today in recreating the Jimmy Martin sound. His sound, however, is his own and when an Audie Blaylock song comes on the radio, you know immediately that it is Audie. Redline, at this writing is up for a number of IBMA awards for their great 2010-11 Album “ Cryin’ Heart Blues”, and Audie is also up for several awards for his part in the outstanding all-star jam “Live at Graves Mountain” CD. The band also has a brand new album just out, “I’m Goin’ Back to Old Kentucky”- A Tribute to Bill Monroe, which is getting a lot of air play. Redline consists of Audie on Guitar and exceptional vocals, local favorites Patrick McAvinue on fiddle and vocals, and Russ Carson on Banjo. Rounding out Redline are Reed Jones on bass, and Jason Wood on mandolin. This is a definite “can’t miss” show.

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SMBA CONCERT BANDS December 10 - Boxcars


December brings to our stage another all-star band which has been taking the bluegrass community by storm. They have released their first album with much acclaim, and by the time they hit the SMBA stage, may very well have a second one out. The great Adam Steffey, a multiple IBMA mandolin player of the year is also on vocals. Adam was a regular member of Allison Krauss and Union Station for years . Keith Garrett is a superb vocalist and is on guitar. SMBA concert goers may remember Keith performing here several years ago with Blue Moon Rising. The great Ron Stewart is on banjo. Ron is an alumnus of J.D. Crowe and the New South and is also a member of the award winning group Longview. Ron made history a few years ago by being a finalist at the IBMA awards show for both banjo and fiddle player of the year. No one else has ever been a finalist in two categories for instrumentalist of the year. John Bowman, formerly of the Issacs and JD Crowe, is another stellar vocalist and is on fiddle. Harold Nixon, formerly of J.D. Crowe keeps the rhythm on bass for this fine band. Show attendees will quickly find that my bios of the members of the band and the instruments they play seldom correspond with what they are actually playing because these guys are all multiinstrumentalists and trade instruments around on stage like it’s an acoustic marathon. A great band and a great show. There is no other band out there like them. Another can’t miss show!

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The theme of this years picnic was “ Beat the Heat “. Thanks to Bob Bishard for his idea and encouragement to move the picnic inside at Allenberry. A big thank you to Allenberry for making it happen at short notice. The inside facility was excellent and the food was especially good with plenty for all. Two inside jam areas worked well. Thanks to the following companies and folks that donated items for the gift basket; BCR Music, Fox Music, Holly’s Embroidery, J W Music, Martin Guitar, Saga Music and Bluegrass Unlimited. Dick Beckley, Bill Coleman, Lynn Davis, Glen Miller, Jan Woods and Bill Aldinger. Thanks to the following members that contributed their time to hold this years picnic: Bill Coleman, Jean Snyder and Jan Woods. Bob Bishard and George Fishel for setting up the sound system. Top raffle ticket sellers: 1st David Miller 2nd George Fishel 3rd Jane Warner, good job supporting SMBA. Enjoy the show passes. Thank you Karen Senserman for donating back the Blueridge Guitar you won this year. It will be an add on for next year. I am already looking forward to the 2012 picnic. SMBA will celebrate its 30th Anniversary. More prizes and a paid bluegrass band. Bill Aldinger, Picnic Chairman. Committee, Jean Snyder and Bill Coleman

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118 Walnut St., Waynesboro, PA 17268 FMI: 717-762-4711 or Dick & Della Boschert

Shows start @ 7:00 PM * Unless otherwise noted

Concerts $13—Jams $4 (Children under 12 free)
September 17, 2011 HeartTown October 15, 2011 Remington Ride Bluegrass Band / Grassy Ridge November 19, 2011 Sunny Side Bluegrass Band / Jay Armsworthy & Eastern Tradition December 10, 2011 Scott Brannon Bluegrass Band / Bluegrass Blend Band

As one of the longest running concert series in central Pennsylvania, Beck and Benedict hosts some of the most talented musicians in bluegrass music today. Dick & Della Boschert In addition to the concert series, Dick and Della also sponsor an open mic jam held every Friday evening at 7:00 PM.

Directions: Main Street in Waynesboro and turn onto Walnut Street. Go 2 blocks, Music Theatre is on the right.

Concerts held at Lucketts Elementary School, 14550 James Monroe Hwy. (US RTE. 15), LEESBURG, VA 20176

Oct 01 - Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie Oct 08 - The Timmons Family/ Aspen Run Oct 15 - The Travelers with Norman Wright and Kevin Church Oct 22 - Travers Chandler and Avery County / Stoney Creek Bluegrass Oct 29 - ----------NO SHOW TONIGHT---------Nov 05 - The Hillbilly Gypsies / David Davis and The Warrior River Boys Nov 14 - The Scott Brannon Band / Melvin Goins and Windy Mountain Nov 19 - Nothin' Fancy Dec 03 - The Ralph Stanley II Band Dec 10 - Ernie Bradley and Grassy Ridge / The Virginia Ramblers Dec 17 - LUCKETTS CHRISTMAS JAMBOREE with SANTA CLAUS (Many of Lucketts'popular pickers will mix & match their talents to perform bluegrass favorites)

For a complete listing contact Luckett’s or (703) 771-5281
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Concerts are held October through April


40 Shepherd Rd., Newville, PA Exit 37, RT I-81. FMI: Gary & Mary

717-776-7447 Dinner Specials Shows start at 4:30 PM 6:30 PM

Jam Sessions
Second Sunday of every month. Fort Hunter Barn 1:00 PM—4:00 PM We welcome musicians and vocalists of all skill levels, genres’ and ages. Contact Info for SFMS
Dale Laninga, President, Ralph Dahle, Jam Session & Coffee House Henry Koretzky, Events, 232-7817 657-8709 763-5744

Show tickets - $5.00
Held the second and fourth Saturday of every month.
September 10 Remington Ryde (Our 100th Show Celebration!) September 24 Bailey’s Crossing October 8 Set Free October 22 Across The Tracks November 12 Mosley Family November 26 Lykens Valley Bluegrass

Concerts at Ye Olde’ Country Auction are a great source entertainment for the whole family and at an affordable price. The concerts are now held twice every month and continue to draw folks from all over the central Pennsylvania area.


FOR SALE - 1953 Kay Bass

In perfect shape ...fully restored. 1953 Kay for sale - C - Bass. It was a feature in Bass Player Magazine when I had it set up by James Condino of Asheville. They did a story on maintenance to vintage basses. Super duty case with it. $2000 bottom dollar. It's a killer bass ....great tone. Darren Nicholson 828-216-6624 828-277-5001

SMBA Members
Know anyone that likes bluegrass music that is not a member of SMBA, ask them to join.

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Goofy’s Eatery & Spirits 5965 York Rd Spring Grove, PA 17362 717-225-9909

Date Band Time Sep 4 Dee Gunter & The Dukes of Bluegrass ...... 4:00-8:00 Sep 11 Aspen Run .............................................. 4:00-8:00 Sep 16 Salem Bottom Boys ............................... 7:00-11:00 Sep 18 Long Ryde .............................................. 4:00-8:00 Sep 25 The Harold Tipton Band .......................... 4:00-8:00 Sep 30 Salem Bottom Boys ............................... 7:00-11:00 Oct 1 "LOST & FOUND" ................................. 6:00-10:00 Oct 2 Dee Gunter & The Dukes of Bluegrass ...... 4:00-8:00



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(Washington, DC)
Larry Royce, Sanctuary Show Every Friday from 8-10 PM Bluegrass Breakdown
Tues. 12 AM, Wed. 5 AM,Thurs. 6 PM, Sun. 2 AM

Bluegrass Overnight
Sunday 3 A.M, Thurs. Midnight

Bluegrass Review
Mon. 8 PM,,Tues. 2 AM, Wed. 4 AM, Sun. 11 PM

Enjoy bluegrass 24 hours a day Channel 61

Bluegrass Signal
Sun. 10 PM, Mon. 7 PM,,Tues. 1 AM, Wed. 6 AM, Thurs. 8 PM

(Gettysburg, PA)

The Katy Daley Show
Mon. - Fri. 7:00 AM
(Selinsgrove, PA) WQSU 88.9 FM
(Selinsgrove, PA) Bluegrass Classic Show Saturday 3—6 PM w/Derrick The Dude Bluegrass Rules Saturday 9—Midnight w/Tracy Waite

Gospel Bluegrass Show - Hank Janney Sunday Morning 6:00 - 8:00 AM The Bluegrass Show Sunday Evening 8:00 - Midnight
(Dickinson College - Carlisle, PA)

Davis Tracy Monday 8:00 - 9:00 AM Monday 9:00 - 10:00 AM Friday 8:00 - 10:00 AM Friday 4:00 - 6:00 PM
(Delaware Township, NJ)

Great website. Check it out !

Bluegrass Horizon - Rich Evans Monday - Noon - 3:00 PM Bluegrass Breakfast - Susan Rose Wednesday - 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM Sunrise Surprise - Russ Hunsberger Satruday - 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM Bluegrass Junction - Dick Saylor Saturday - 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

We’re Reality Radio !
Tim Michaels 717-637-3831
Opry Show Tim Michaels Knee Deep In Bluegrass Cindy Baucom Knee Deep In Bluegrass Cindy Baucom Into The Blue Terry Herd Saturday 8:00 - 10:00 AM Saturday 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Sunday 5:00 - 7:00 PM Sunday 7:00 - 8:00 PM
(Brevard, NC)

Every Sunday 3-5 PM FMI: Page 14


Tom Adams 717 259 6502 Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Nev Jackson 717-867-4175 Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Bass, Mandolin, & Dobro Nelson Steffy 717-241-6305 Mandolin, & Fiddle Warren Newman 717-730-7255 Guitar, Mandolin, & Fiddle Trevor Wire Banjo Alex Dietrich Banjo 717-395-7059 Contact info pending

Bluette Bros. 122 Hill St York, PA 17403 (717) 854-9064 Campbell’s Music 2361 S. Queen St York, PA 17405 (717) 741-2634 Country String Shop 54 W. Main St Campbelltown, PA 17010 (717) 838-8732 Norm Deaver 203 W. Watson Ave. Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 757-0471 Jeff Hostetter 109 N. 2nd St New Freedom, PA 17349 (717) 235-7465 J W Music 127 N. Hanover St Carlisle, PA 17013 (717) 258-6765 Fiddle’s & Bows Ken Crone 3340 Colonial Rd. Dover, PA 17315 (717) 292-3058

Mike’s Music Shop 3966 Jonestown Rd Harrisburg, PA 17109 (717) 540-5188 David W. Musselwhite RD 3, Box 7593 Jonestown, PA 17038 (717) 865-6236 David R. Strait Master Luthier (717) 258-6036 Phone (717) 258-4098 Fax Chimneys Violin Shop 614 Lerew Rd. Boiling Springs, PA 17007 (717) 258-3203 RLH Guitars 30 North Main St Red Lion, PA 17356 (717) 244-9981 Ken Runkle West York, PA (717) 792-0302 Keener Violins Sales & Repairs 19 Maple Stree Jacobus, PA 17407 (717) 428-1151

Patsy Kline 717-964-3797 Mandolin & Beginning Guitar

2400 Oakland Road Dover, PA 17315 (717) 767-9400

Authorized: Blueridge Dealer

Judy & Robert Winters Music lessons / Instrument repairs / Setups / Sales

Phone: (717) 627-1010 Email: Web: Located in Lititz, PA, over 40 years of full-time experience in stringed instrument repair, all repairs done by appointment only, and is factory-authorized by most major brands. Authorized Deering banjo dealer. Please check out our website at for the full information.

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1:00 to 3:30 PM—Every Monday Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation Ctr 1000 Claremont Road, Carlisle, PA $1 donation goes to residents activities. FMI: Dick Gow 717-649-1436 Mary Wohler 717-245-2529 7:00 to 10:00 PM—Every Monday Dutch Country Restaurant 2nd Floor—946 Baltimore St., Hanover, PA $3.00 per person / Open mic format FMI: 717-632-1616

7:30 PM— Every Wednesday Doylestown Jam German Hungarian Sportsman's Club 1622 Hilltown Pike—Hilltown, PA Outside in nice weather, inside otherwise. All playing levels welcome. FMI: Ben 215-249-9354 7:00—10:00 PM—Every Wednesday Arcadia Jam—Activity Building 16020 Carnival Avenue—Upperco, MD

7:00 PM—Every Friday Beck & Benedict Hardware Jam Walnut & 3rd Sts., Waynesboro, PA FMI:Dick/Della Boschert 717-762-4711 See “Upcoming Bluegrass Events” section of this newsletter for bluegrass shows held at the Beck & Benedict Hardware Theatre, featuring two great bands each month. 7:00 PM—As listed below Bunker Hill Bluegrass & Old Country Music Jam FMI: John Garloff 717-272-1677 B.H. Fellowship Hall, Mountville Rd., Rt 72, North of Lebanon. From Rt 22 take Rt 72 South 1 1/2 miles to Mountville Rd. From Rt 422 take Rt 72 North 6 miles to Mountville Rd. June thru September jams are held on 1st & 3rd Fridays. October thru May jams are held every Friday. Donations accepted. Good homemade foods. Small area for pickers to jam. Sign-up for 30 minute spots on stage with sound system. 7:30 PM—Every Friday Muse & Music Performance Series 10 West Expresso St., Mansfield, PA FMI: Every Friday - 7:00 - 10:00 P.M. YWCA - Gettysburg PA


Closed end of June through mid August

6:45 to 9:45 PM— Every Tuesday The Church of The Open Door The Church of the Open Door—Just off Rt 74 on Loucks Rd., North of the West Manchester Mall. This Gospel Music, performers of all levels, including those with electric instruments. A microphone is provided for vocalists. Visitors are always welcome. FMI: Ken Runkle 717-792-0302 7:00 to Midnight - 3rd Tuesday The Whole Cannoli
115 Saint Johns Church Rd., Camp Hill, PA (Between Carlisle Pike and Trindle Rd) 7:00 to 10:00 PM— Every Tuesday (TNBJ) Pine Hall Lutheran Church 1760 West College Ave., State College FMI: Alan (Scott) Krug 814-883-0287 E-mail: Professional sound system provided. Alan publishes an e-mail newsletter of bluegrass happenings in northern PA. For your copy, write to Alan at 6:00 to 9:00 PM— Every Tuesday RLH Guitars 30 North Main St., Red Lion, PA FMI: Randy Hake 717-244-9981 E-mail: A sound system provided. RLH is also hosting bluegrass shows. For more information and scheduling, contact Randy. 8:00 to 11 PM—1st & 3rd Tuesdays Washington House BG Jam Main Street, Sellersville, PA (Bucks County) This is a high level jam. FMI: Jim Simpson 215-659-8623 for details. Or see http://

7:30 to 10:30 PM—Every Thursday The Lower Windsor Township Municipal Bldg 2425 Craley Road(also Rt. 624), Craley, PA Craley is 2 miles south of East Prospect, York County FMI: Ebert M. Blymire 717-434-5716 7:00 to 10:00 PM—Every Thursday Franklintown Fire Hall Jam 2 miles south of Dillsburg on Rt194— $2.00 Admission 5:30 PM—2nd & 4th Thursday
Central Berks Lion's Club Bluegrass Jam

909 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Phone 717-334-9171. Note: Former Arrow Horse jam.
5:00 to 11:00 PM Every Friday

Kitchen open at 4:00 PM Music begins at 5:30 PM FMI: Betty Naftzinger 610-488-1920

Third Thursday Coffey Music 31 East Main St. Westminster, MD 410-876-1045 or 410-848-5003 7:00 to 10:00—1st Thursday CHAPLIN'S The Music Café 66 N. Main St., Spring City PA. 19475 Amazing historic vaudeville era theatre. Just $5 or $7 with your BYOB. Contact: Brad Haberle #484-340-9716 or . More info about Chaplin's at

Ephrata Best Music Source Bluegrass, Gospel, Classic Country Jam.
Doors open at 5 for jamming. Open stage runs 6:30-11 p.m. There are multiple rooms available for jams. Located at Best Source Music, just off route 272 on Helen Ave., Ephrata, PA 17533 ( near Ephrata Hospital). FMI: 717-721-7120

6:00 to 10:00 PM Every Friday Carroll Township Community Center Jam Shermans Dale, Perry County Call for directions. FMI: 717-582-2312

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6:30 PM—Every Saturday
April—October 6:00 - 9:00 PM November—March 2:00 - 5:00 PM White Oak Campground Quarryville, PA FMI: 717-687-6207 6:00 to 10:00 pm - Every Saturday Grand Old Jam 2073 Orrstown Rd., Shippensburg, PA 17257 (Turn at Morris St., go 3 miles, on right before car auction) Pickers - Free Visitors - $3.00 Admission (children under 12 free) FMI: Robert Forrester 717-530-0248 1:00 PM - First Saturday (Sept-May) Sugar Run Bluegrass Calvary Baptist Church 902 Ruskin Dr., Altoona, PA FMI: Ron Anderson 814-9408352 Music at the Cider Press - 6:00 P.M. 47 Crystal Falls Dr., Smithsburg. Md. Bluegrass jams are on 1st and 3rd Saturday and Classic Country music on the 2nd and 4th. Doors open at 5:00. $3.00 donation at the door. Please come and join us.

10:00 AM—Second Sunday AFBA Open stage & Jam Hellertown, PA (just south of Allentown) FMI:
Doors open at 10 a.m. Stage show begins at noon.


2:00 to 5:00 PM - Third Sunday September thru May North Bay Bluegrass Association Monthly Concert and Jam Havre de Grace Middle School. Going west on Rt. 40 make a left turn onto Lewis Lane. FMI: Gary Testerman 410-939-0028 1:00 to 5:00 PM - Third Sunday Penn’s Grove Bluegrass & Acoustic Jam Citizens League, 50 West Pitman St., Penns Grove, NJ. The entrance is at rear of the building. The bar will be operating for drinks. FMI: Kevin Justice 856-299-2402 e-mail Note: this jam goes on hiatus for the summer.

2:00 to 5:00 PM Third Sunday EVERY MONTH
Held at: Marysville—Rye Senior Center 198 Leonard Street Marysville, PA 17053 FMI:Jean Snyder 717-957-4609

1:00 to 4:00 PM - Second Sunday (October thru June) Susquehanna Folk Music Society Jam & Song Swap ~ Fort Hunter North of Harrisburg on Front St. FMI:Ralph Dahle 717-652-0799 717-657-8709 Bringing a small snack is optional!
2:00 to 5:00 PM—Second Sunday (September thru May) Canyon Country Bluegrass Wellsboro Community Center 3 Queen St., Wellsboro, PA FMI:Call 570-724-0300 Call toll free 877-blu-gras 12:00 to 5:00 PM 2nd & 4th Sunday’s Ephrata, PA All Acoustic Jam. October thru May Best Source Music, Helen Ave. Ephrata, PA. 17522. FMI: Michalle Garman 717-721-7120. Also see

May to Sept. - 1st Sunday, 1 - 4PM Dick Environmental Center-Pickin' on the Porch - Mt. Gretna, PA Several Areas to play in. Inside Wernick style. FMI Patsy Kline - 717-964-3797
1:00 to 5:00 PM - Third Sunday September thru May New Jersey Bluegrass & Old Time Music Association Embury United Methodist Church Hall Church St., Little Silver, NJ Jamming & open stage show FMI: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Third Sunday September thru May Jerseytown Community Center Jerseytown, Pa. FMI: Bob Knorr or 1:00 PM—Fourth Sunday Rick’s Tavern Bluegrass & Country Jam 9th & Chestnut Sts Trainer, PA All skill levels are invited to participate in playing bluegrass, country, folk, and old-time music. FMI: 610-497-1338

Directions: Rt 11 & 15 to Marysville Turn onto Rt 850 West Go 6/10ths of a mile Turn left on Leonard St. Go to “T” at Locust Point Apartments Turn right - You’ll see it.


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SMBA Family Membership
With your membership, you can help to promote bluegrass music to an ever-increasing number of people. Your membership helps to support our concerts, jams, an annual picnic, a quarterly newsletter, an informative website, and introduces folks of all ages to bluegrass music through music scholarships. Please join today.


Just $12 per year
Help support bluegrass music.

Join today !

Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association c/o: Jean Snyder 827 New Valley Road Marysville, PA 17053-9716 FMI: Call Jean Snyder (717) 957-4609

The annual fee is $12 per family. FMI: call Jean at (717) 957-4609. Make checks payable to Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association

Please send your membership information and fee to Jean Snyder ~ 827 New Valley Road ~ Marysville, PA 17053

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