Vatican Forum April 2010 Preliminary General Information December 19, 2009

CALL is planning a forum for members, associates, and friends at the Vatican in April 2010. This is a highly unique event that promises to be as informative as it will be spiritually fulfilling. The group will be led by CALL’s Episcopal Moderator, His Excellency José H. Gomez, Archbishop of San Antonio, CALL Chairman Mario J. Paredes, and Robert B. Aguirre, President/CEO.
Archbishop José H. Gomez

Below are the preliminary details as they are today:

TRAVEL Everyone must make their own individual air travel arrangements. The group will not be traveling together as current group rates on airlines are much more expensive than individual tickets. Group #1: This group will be departing the US on Friday, April 2 (Good Friday) in order to celebrate the Easter Vigil at St. Peter’s the night of April 3. They will return to the US on April 11. Group #2: This group, which will include Archbishop Gomez, will depart the US on Monday, April 5 (Easter Monday) and will return to the US on April 12. As previously mentioned, each person will need to make their own individual air travel arrangements due to cost and since everyone will be coming from different cities.

We can provide private transfers for you from the airport to the Vatican if you wish. The cost for private transfers for 1-3 passengers is €50 (versus €40 for public taxi). The cost for 4-5 passengers for private transfers is €60.


If you are interested in attending the Vatican Forum trip. Chairman of CALL. If a couple wants to stay here. The cost is €99 per day. they will need to reserve two rooms at a cost of €99 per room per day. Social Communications. Chairman Paredes has requested two additional meetings: one with the Cardinal Secretariat of State. FORUM MEETINGS/BRIEFINGS Mario Paredes. Justice and Peace. as such. which includes three meals (although we will not be there for every meal due to planned tours). In addition to these four important briefings. People staying here can still eat at Domus Sanctae Marthae at a cost of €16 per meal. and. These meetings will be with the following: Pontifical Pontifical Pontifical Pontifical Council Council Council Council for for for for the Laity. Neither of these meetings are yet confirmed or 2 . We are still working on getting additional double occupancy rooms in the area. including meals. Let us know if you want a private airport transfer. and another with Dr. His Eminence Cardinal Tarzicio Bertone. the rooms are single occupancy (single beds) with one person allowed per room. at a cost of €110-€130 per room per day. There are seven rooms that have an adjoining door. the Family. ACCOMMODATIONS The primary accommodations will be Domus Sanctae Marthae. US Ambassador to the Holy See. located within the Vatican. but none of the individual rooms are meant to accommodate couples. please let us know and begin making your flight reservations. Domus Sanctae Marthae is the cardinal’s House of the Conclave and. has made arrangements with Vatican officials for morning briefing sessions to take place each morning Wednesday through Saturday (April 7-10) for the members of the CALL group who wish to attend. Miguel Diaz. At this time we have very limited back-up lodging (4 double occupancy rooms) at a B&B two blocks from the Vatican.

+39 063 972 3051 SIGN UP NOW! If you are interested in being a part of this unique Vatican www. Her office is just outside the gate to Vatican City. Paul This is just a sampling of the proposed tours and those listed here are subject to change until booking.87 US. please do the following: 3 .433. and the Vatican Gardens.€50 pp Medieval Hilltop Towns of Southern Tuscany by Bus (time and cost to be announced) St.€35 pp VIP Vatican Tour . 2009 the exchange rate for US dollars and Euros is 1.€50 pp Roma Antica: The Imperial Age (3 hours) .€45 pp Underground Rome: The Hidden City (3 hours) . Paul (3 hours) Telephone . Helen Donegan helen@italywithus. TOURS The CALL group will be provided private tours to the Vatican Museum. TOUR COODINATOR CALL’s Rome tour coordinator will be Helen Donegan of Italy With Us. St. This means that $1 = €0. the cost of a room at Domus Sanctae Marthae is €99 or $141.scheduled however. Tours of Rome and southern Tuscany will be offered. A sample of these tours are: Following the Footsteps of St. As an example. Peter’s. EXCHANGE RATE As of December 19.italywithus.

Let Robert know if you want to stay at Domus Sanctae Marthae (and if so. 3.1. ### 4 . 2. Please put CALL Vatican Forum in the subject line. as soon as possible to let him know of your general interest and intent. how many rooms you want) or if you want a double room offsite (NOTE: Very limited availability – so it’s first come first served). Email Robert Aguirre. at rba@onr. Make your flight arrangements and let Robert know what your travel schedule is and whether or not you want to make arrangements for private airport transfers. Let Robert know if you are interested in any of the tours listed above.