Fear of Death Chapter 1

"Here it is…The European Branch…," she smirked and walked toward the doors. When she got there, there was a loud booming voice. "Who goes there?" At the Black Order, Reever was looking at the screen of the unknown person at the Orders gate. "Hey Komui, come over would ya? There's a stranger at the gate." Komui went over to the screen and looked. It was a person under a robe. "The gate keeper said the name was Kurono." Komui stood there, sipping at his coffee mug. "Kurono…Kurono…Kurono…"He adjusted his glasses. "Dosen't ring a bell." Reever sighed. "Gatekeeper, do an inspection." After a few seconds, the gatekeeper screamed. "It's an akuma! It's an akuma! There, under the robe, a star shape!" Komui spitted his coffee out and grabbed Reever's headset. "Get Kanda!" Outside, the person jumped alittle as the gate keeper exclaimed that she was an akuma. The person looked up and saw a person jump down from atop of the Black Order building. He striked at the person, but missed. "You must be real foolish for coming here, Akuma," Kanda spoke. The person smirked. "Maybe not as foolish as you think?" Kanda positioned Mugen and slashed at the intruder. Kanda managed to cut the robe te person hid under as the intruder jumped back to dodge the attack. The robe fell to reveal a girl around 16 years old with black hair that went to mid back, wearing a half joker mask and a gold and black exorcist uniform. Kanda growled ajd looked back at the gatekeeper. "What's the meaning of this, Gatekeeper!" Kanda demanded. "No! L-look, the star on her face!" Kanda looked back. The star the gate keeper was talking about was on the eye's of the joker mask. "You mean the mask?" The gatekeeper looked closer. "I-I swear, I saw it!" The gate opened and Komui was standing behind it. "It's ok, Kanda. False alarm, Reever made a mistake." In their speaker, Reever was yelling at Komui saying it was your fault and not his. Komui turned it off and smiled. "General Kichigai. Welcome, welcome. My name is Komui Lee. And over there is Kanda," Komui exclaimed, hold his hand out. The general went

over to shake it. "Sorry for the misunderstanding earlier. Our section chief division 1 made a mistake." The girl smiled alittle. "No harm done. I'm just here to report to the higher ups and get some rest here before heading out tomorrow." Komui lead the general in, followed by Kanda. Allen and Lenalee was walking toward Komui office to deliveer some paperwork from the science division. "Brother. Here some more-Oh a guest." Lenalee said as she noticed Kurono. Komui waved toward them to come. "Allen and Lenalee. Meet the newest general, General Kurono Kichigai." "Oh hello. My name is Lenalee Lee. It's a pleasure to meet you," Lenalee smiled, holding out her hand. "My name is Allen Walker. It's nice to meet you," Allen said, holding out his hand also. Kurono shook both of them. "So you're the famous Allen Walker I've been hearing about…,"she said smiling. "Huh? From who?" "General Cross and some others." Allen scowled. If he knew any better, it would be that master said something like 'No good apprentice' and etc. Allen thought. Kurono turned back toward Komui. "I'll be going back to my room to get some rest. I have to go back out tomorrow and pick up some stuff from town before I head out for the next town." "Your leaving already?" Lenalee asked saddened. "Sadly. I have to go meet up with some people in 2 towns over for some information. Well, it's nice meet you both," she said before leaving. Millenium Earl, Road, Tyki, and Sheril was sat around the dining table at the Kamelot estate. Earl had called them for a meeting. "Lord Earl, what have you called us here for?" Tyki asked. "There someone I'd like you to see today. Why don't you come on out?" From the shadow, a girl wearking black and gold exorcist uniform appeared behind the Earl. Sheril and Tyki jumped out of their seat, about to attack the general. Earl held his hand up to cease. "But my lord!,"Sheril exclaimed. Earl still had his usual wide smile on. "Have a seat, my children. She's on our side." The general had a grin on her face, a grin much like the Noah's. She removed her mask and her skin chaned completely to gray. On her forehead was 7 cross stigmas and her hair changed from black to white. She laughed as their eyes widened. "My dear Deaiasu, have you completely forgotten about me? I would be hurt if you did?," she said, still smiling. "Agrona!,"Road exclaimed, jumping out of her seat to hug her. "How's it going, Earl? "
Hope that gave a good cliff hanger! Who is she? What's she doing with the Black Order if she's a Noah? Please Review on how I did on my first fanfiction ; Also comment on ideas I could put on future chapter of this story! It's very much appreciated! (o/A/o~) Hope I got

the character right on this chapter and future chapters. I haven't seen D. Grayman in a while so I'm just winging it so far. I wrote these during my vacation at Hong Kong, and do to the lack of internet there while doing these chapters, the character might be REALLY~~~ OOC I'll posted as soon as I can! Ja'ne! (P.S. If you read this on the fanfiction website, that account is also mine. :P)

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