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KYRGYZ MOUNTAINS, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE - DAY JACOB (30), a curly haired American leans against a white BMW; talking in his cell phone. A clear river slices the BMWs dirt road. Looking to the unattainable mountain pass. Jacob slaps his phone shut, kicks his stupid BMW, then opens a book in his other hand to read a note inside. JACOB Im supposed to find a dead squaw? DREAM SEQUENCE - INT. DALIAS HOUSE - LIVING ROOM (ARIZONA) DAY Worn 70s carpet, tattered furniture, and chewed dry-wall. A Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism since 1492 poster with armed Native Americans hangs above an old couch. To the left, a blaring plasma TV piled on a fancy stereo. TV REPORTER ... the big players, known as the quartet, met together today to negotiate... Next to the TV, Dalia (21), a beautiful Native American lady with head held high types at a computer. She has bright eyes, a tense gaze, and wears only a bathrobe. Beside her computer a stack of old books, notes, and old pictures lay scattered across the floor and desk. TV REPORTER (O.S.) (CONTD) (from TV) ...peace in the Middle East. Once again the meetings ended without resolution... Dalia jumps from her seat and hurries down the hall, while the PRINTER PRINTS from somewhere among the wires below the big TV. INT. DALIAS ROOM - CONTINUOUS Dalia dresses, then grabs a dream-catcher necklace from her broken, sticker-plastered mirror and puts it around her neck. Frustrated she replaces it with silver & turquoise cross.

2. EXT. DALIAS HOME - CONTINUOUS Looking great, turquoise cross dazzling on her tan neck as she dashes out carrying the printed essay. Dalia opens a bin and throws a cup of feed to the family chickens Then jumps in her sporty, mid-size pickup. JAMIE (21), a good looking, Navajo lady with Mongolian features, slouches in the passenger seat. As they DRIVE OFF we see NAVAJO BOY (9) and his buddies stealing a ride, lying in the back of Dalias pick-up. ON HOGAN (TRADITIONAL NAVAJO DWELLING) next to Dalias house. JOSEPH (50), long-haired, Navajo construction worker type, EMERGES holding a Native flute. watches Dalia driving away. EXT. DESERT SAND - NIGHT To ARABIAN MUSIC, a snake slithers across a moon-lit desert. EXT. DESERT PALACE PATIO - NIGHT (FROM BEHIND) A man seen from behind pushes a briefcase toward SADAM (mid 40s), a Middle Easterner wearing a white skull cap. They TALK ARABIC (with SUBTITLES). MAN Destroy the early prophecies before they destroy us. SADAM (taking the briefcase) Well get you boys for your wars. MAN Thats not what I said. Sadam checks the contents of the case. Money - lots of money. SADAM No problem. Theyre tribals. When Im finished with them, theyll be using the old text as toilet paper. Sadam smiles. He

3. INT./EXT. DALIAS PICKUP - MOVING - DAY Dalia sees Navajo Boy staring at her in her rearview mirror and pounds on the pickup door. The boys get down. Dalia and a Native American patrol officer exchange waves. Navajo Boy peaks to look over the tailgate in back. The Native patrol officer draws his finger, like a gun and takes a shot. Navajo Boy ducks. Dalia, watching from her rearview mirror, LAUGHS. But her easy expression changes as she passes an abandoned Indian church with boarded windows - FREEZE FRAME. END OF DREAM SEQUENCE - ABANDONED CHURCH FADES TO BLACK JACOB (V.O.) That was her life before... EXT. ARIZONA - MOUNTAIN RIDGE - DAY SPINE (early 20s), a good looking, stone-faced Native American man with perfect skin and ponytail rides horseback. Horse and rider stop to overlook NAVAJO GOVERNMENTAL BUILDINGS INT. ARIZONA - WINDOW ROCK - OFFICE - DAY A nicely dressed NAVAJO DIPLOMAT in his office and Joseph listen to the speaker phone. KYRGYZ DIPLOMAT (V.O.) (Kyrgyz accent) Well bury her on our mountain. She is our daughter now. Joseph, miffed, speaks into the mic with a slow Native American accent. JOSEPH She is my daughter. Well bury her in her fatherland between the four sacred mountains.

4. WERE TRANSPORTED quickly through the office window for a view of Navajo capitol, its surrounding beauty with the horse rider, and mountains. VIEW OF AMERICA FROM SPACE The world spins to Central Asia, then down to the mountains of Central Asia, to ERJAN (25), a blondish, semi-Mongolian Kyrgyz man on horse back. His azure eyes overlook Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capitol, and lock on a White House standing above the surrounding buildings. INT. KYRGYZ WHITE HOUSE - DAY A nicely dressed KYRGYZ DIPLOMAT sits at his empty desk in a cheesy, yet stately office with high ceilings, wood panels, Kyrgyz flag, and a picture of horses running through water. KYRGYZ DIPLOMAT (into phone) THIS is her fatherland! Thats why she came here. Well find the body and bury her on OUR mountains... JOSEPH (V.O.) (over phone) Did she marry a Kyrgyz man? She still belongs to us. EXT. U.S. EMBASSY IN KYRGYZSTAN - DAY JACOB (V.O.) (telling us his story) Thats when I got the call. JACOB exits the gate talking on his cell. JACOB (CONTD) (into phone) Dalia, the Navajo girl? Yeah, I read about her. (beat) No, didnt know she was killed. (beat) OK. Jacob slides his phone in a pocket and darts for his car, the white BMW. CUT TO:


5. INT. JAIL (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Jacob and a KYRGYZ DETECTIVE walk down a hall. KYRGYZ DETECTIVE Two gunmen got away. The other four are here. The detective reaches to open a door, which suddenly opens itself. JAZ (24), an attractive, professional lady with a bandaged ear exits. She brushes by Jacob, but Jacob is too focused on ... four wounded Middle Eastern men in the room. A policeman removes rock from the side of one captives face; its Sadam. KYRGYZ DETECTIVE (CONTD) (to Jacob) She is the primary witness. Jacob spins around and CHASES Jaz down the hall. JACOB Do you have a moment? Jaz looks him over with distrust. JACOB (CONTD) You speak English, dont you? Tell me about Dalia? What happened to her? (beat) How did you meet her? Jaz, put off, walks away with Jacob following. EXT. JAIL (KYRGYZSTAN) - MOMENTS LATER Jacob and Jaz walk down the jail house steps. Kyrgyz policemen, smoking and hanging on the rails, watch as Jacob tries to keep up with Jazs getaway gait, down the jail house steps. JAZ What do you care about Dalia? Her people? The legends she believed? The mountains she adored? JACOB I grew up in mountains. I know mountains!

6. MONTAGE - JACOB IN BEVERLY HILLS AND HOLLYWOOD A. Driving a sports car in the Hollywood hills. B. Entering an expensive home in the hills. BACK TO JAZ AND JACOB NOW WALKING DOWN THE STREET JAZ I dont want to be rude, but you, your government. You cant help Dalia. Not now. Jaz gives him her back, and walks. JACOB Her people need to bury her. you help them; her father? She stops. EXT. KYRGYZ VILLAGE - DAY Jacob, stands among a group of men outside a yurt with a picture of a Kyrgyz man, KANAT (55), posted over the yurts door. Men stand at the yurts outer wall wailing and rocking like Jews at Jerusalems Western Wall. Young Kyrgyz men carry a wrapped body out of the yurt; sobbing women follow a bit and then stop. The men proceed. Weeping Jaz stands among the women, wearing traditional head scarf. JACOB (V.O.) They found the dead crazy guy, but not Dalia? What happened to her? Masses of Kyrgyz men replace the women and follow the body. Jacob, not knowing what to do, looks at teary Jaz. Kyrgyz mullahs (Islamic priests) lead the procession. One mullah is old wearing Central Asian clothes, the other, SHAGMULLAH (21), wears Islamic, Middle Eastern clothes. Jacob joins the procession of men. EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Jaz, now dressed in a tight shirt, sits next to ShagMullah, still dressed in his Islamic outfit. Can

7. They drink tea with Jacob. SHAGMULLAH ... She damaged extremism more than all Americas bombs, armies, and diplomacy. Jacob turns to Jaz - doesnt seem interested in ShagMullahs philosophizing. SHAGMULLAH (O.S.) (CONTD) She destroyed the terrorist in me. JACOB Maybe we should start from the beginning. JAZ The beginning? When Assyria took Josephs tribes captive? Or when Manas sent ambassadors to the deep across the Baring Straight? Or when your missionaries and military betrayed and terrorized Dalias people? Or when ... JACOB (interrupting) They werent MY missionaries. JAZ Youre an atheist? JACOB (glancing at ShagMullah) MATCH DISSOLVE TO: INT. JEWISH SUCCOT (TABERNACLE) - DAY YOUNG JACOB (10) with kippah is welled dressed, standing beside a JEWISH RABBI dining at a table of a modern, Jewish family celebrating Succot. FOCUS ON WINE ON THE TABLE AND TASSELS AT YOUNG JACOBS HIP. JEWISH RABBI (for all to hear) We live in succot for one week in remembrance of our nomadic past...


8. INSERT KYRGYZ NOMADS ERECTING A YURT JEWISH RABBI (V.O.) (CONTD) ... when the 12 tribes fled Egypt. Before Manasseh and Ephraim were scattered to the ends of the earth. For disobeying God. BACK TO JEWISH FAMILY YOUNG JACOB Now we are going to pray for the scattered tribes to return? JEWISH RABBI ... because? YOUNG JACOB Because MOSHAYACH will come after ALL the tribes reunite. BACK TO CAFE SCENE JACOB (to Jaz) You dont want to know my beliefs? JAZ Dalia faced all the junk a typical Native American has to... FADE TO: INT. NEWS OFFICE (ARIZONA) - DAY A smart Anglo EDITOR (35) sits behind a tidy desk, trying to ignore Dalia, who stands stubbornly in front of the editor. Why? DALIA

EDITOR Been down this path six or seven times. Youll get banged up and pregnant; marry the jerk who screwed you. Hell beat you. (taking a second to look at Dalia) Your type will keep coming to work, trying to prove to us that youre not like other Indians, but... DALIA (interrupting) My type? And what about your type?

9. He gives her an arrogant smile with a perverted twist. Dalia tries to stand her ground, but ON CLOSE examination we see a nervous finger tapping her leg. The Editor notices and almost laughs before turning his attention back to work. EXT. STREET (ARIZONA) - DAY Dalia, flustered, exists the building, and meets Jamie. DALIA I could never marry a white guy. Jamie rolls her eyes. JAMIE What? He isnt in synch with your BEAUTY WAY preaching? So now you cant marry him. DALIA (interrupting) Whats that? Dalia, pulling up Jamies sleeve, looks at her arm badly bruised. JAMIE Not my dad. The two ladies look at each other, questioningly. Dalia pities Jamie, but Jamie shrugs it off. DALIA Was it bastard? No. JAMIE

Dalia waits for Jamie to tell who beat her. JAMIE (CONTD) (sarcastically; turning) I fell off a horse.

10. INT./EXT. DALIAS PARKED PICKUP BY HER HOUSE (ARIZONA) NIGHT Spine gropes Dalia. Starts pulling off her pants. She stops him. DALIA Im not going to sleep with you. Spine isnt sure hell stop at this point. DALIA (CONTD) I know the others, Spine. dont stick around long. He pulls at her pants. She taps the HORN with her foot. SPINE Christian bitch Lights go on in the house. SPINE (CONTD) Damn you all. Spine is already disappearing into the darkness as Joseph opens the front door and gives Dalia a fathers disapproving gaze. She couldnt care less. She walks across the yard, past Joseph to a window beside the front door. He watches her open the window and climb in. TIME TRANSITION: INT. DALIAS ROOM - NIGHT Dalia lies on her bed, fully awake looking hopeless. INT. URBAN CHURCH (ARIZONA) - DAY The PASTOR (45), a casually dressed, hip Anglo man PREACHES in a modern urban church. Different races are mixed in the mostly white congregation. Native Americans are scattered throughout, mostly in back. A TIMID WHITE GUY, BIG BLACK RASTA GUY, and some very conservative Native Americans sit closer to the front. You

11. PASTOR (V.O.) (reading from the Bible) ...Gods sheep shall be scattered over the whole earth and became food for wild beasts... INSERT A NIGHT SHOT OF A LOST BLACK LAMB, BLEATING HELPLESSLY Prowling wolves hear the BLEATING PASTOR (V.O.) (CONTD) Like sheep without a shepherd, they wander on every mountain... BACK TO CHURCH SCENE Dalias father, Joseph, sits with his wife, CHAR (48), a pretty Mongolian looking, Native American lady. NATE (mid 20s), a humorous, chunky young man with a massive Hari-Krishna pony-tail coming off the top of his head operates technical equipment. Dalia and Jamie sit together in the back. and distracted. Dalia is annoyed


12. EXT. HORSESHOE CANYON - DAY Dalia is standing on the edge of Horseshoe Canyon, stretching her neck into the wind and opening her arms like a soaring eagle. PASTOR (V.O.) (CONTD) (with his God voice) ...I will seek out my sheep and deliver them from all the places where they were scattered on a cloudy and dark day. And I will bring them out from the peoples and gather them from the countries... DISSOLVE TO: An eagle soars overhead. Dalia stands on the cliffs high above the river canyon. Her beautiful, black hair gives us a glimpse of POCAHONTAS; focusing her spiritual gaze on another world. DALIAS POV - THE SOARING EAGLE JAZ (V.O.) A spiritual soul doesnt fit in square, concrete temples. EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY SHAGMULLAH Even a worthy mosque couldnt hold a soul like Dalias. Jacob, looking at ShagMullahs Islamic outfit, tries to write it all down, but hes clearly not in synch with the mullah. EXT. MOUNTAIN PASTURE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Erjan, GALLOPING fast, drives a herd of horses across green pastures. CLOSE ON ERJAN riding hard, checking the galloping horses, checking the terrain. Wind on his tanned face.

EXT. DIN (NAVAJO) COLLEGE (ARIZONA) - ESTABLISHING - DAY At the foot of spectacular red rock cliffs, sit a few beige bungalows surrounded by a chain-linked fence.

13. The sign reads DIN COLLEGE. INT. DIN (NAVAJO) COLLEGE - DAY PROFESSOR BLAKE (60), a thin scholastic Gandhi type Native American, wearing new sweatshirt and sweatpants leads ten Native American students in a heated class discussion. PROFESSOR BLAKE ... yes, most of the Christian missionaries were thoughtless. looked down on our culture... Spine stands. He is stern, but handsome.


SPINE My Christian aunt still thinks we came from the lost tribes of Israel, and she isnt Mormon. Shes one of those Hallelujah types. Im sick of this White mans bullshit manipulation! PROFESSOR BLAKE Yo. Remember, the Mormons werent the first to present this topic. The pilgrims, Penn, and Franklin debated the Indian-Hebrew link. And stones with ancient... INSERT FEMALE HANDS TRACING THE LETTERS OF THE MYSTERY STONE. BACK TO CLASS SCENE Impatient Dalia fidgets in her seat. PROFESSOR BLAKE (V.O.) (CONTD) ... Aramaic letters. Native American customs resemble ancient Hebraic traditions. And plenty of legends; like the Hebrew and Native American legends of a lost ark. Professor Blake notices Dalias impatience. PROFESSOR BLAKE (CONTD) There are reasons why this was a hot topic with Bible believing settlers. Dalia stands with essay in hand and passions burning.

14. DALIA Why do you discuss this subject? Our genes are from Central Asia, not the Middle East. Our ancestors came here 10,000 years ago... INSERT A LINE OF BROWNED FEET WALKING ACROSS BARREN LAND DALIA (V.O.) (CONTD) ...not 2,700 years ago when Assyria took Israelis on their long walk. And students plagiarized the mystery stone at Los Lunas. BACK TO SCENE DALIA (CONTD) European occupiers came to stupid conclusions because they didnt understand universal consciousness. So lets stick with real issues. What news do you have about the grant for our Central Asian trip? (glad I promise year. WE our long, PROFESSOR BLAKE to change subjects) you, THIS will be the ARE GOING to REUNITE with lost kin... and culture.

STUDENTS are EXCITED. Dalia, still standing, looks at them with shy pride. But Spine is obviously disgusted with her. EXT. YURT CAMP (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY A tied sheep stands in front of a row of nomadic shepherds. ABA (78), a Central Asian shepherd with thin Asian beard, and tall Kyrgyz hat lifts his hands out as if holding an invisible tray. The others imitate him. ABA (praying in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) Creator, above all others; Receive this innocent souls sacrifice. Ooomin. As he says OOOMIN, all THE KYRGYZ NOMADS lift their hands to their face, Muslim style, and say, Ooomin.

15. Erjan brings his knife to the lambs throat. TIME DISSOLVE: Erjan, cutting the skinned lambs joints, explains traditions to BERMET (9), a cute, sunbaked Kyrgyz girl. ERJAN (in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) We sacrifice the unblemished lamb in the evening. And never eat an animal with its blood. Never cut or break the bones... CLOSE ON Erjan placing a lambs leg in a large dish. ERJAN (V.O.) (CONTD) Always cut the joints, not bones; into 12 pieces; one for each tribe. Erjan pulls a tendon out of the flesh, using his teeth. ERJAN (CONTD) (showing the tendon) Always remove the hip tendon. Bermet grimaces. EXT. DALIAS HOUSE - DAY A pick-up truck SCREECHES to a halt in front of Dalias house. Dalia, wearing Native regalia, jumps out and runs into the house. TIME DISSOLVE: EXT. URBAN CHURCH - MOMENTS LATER Dalias pick-up SCREECHES to a halt in the church parking lot. She jumps out wearing modern clothes, and runs inside the church. INT. URBAN CHURCH - CONTINUOUS Rushing into the church, Dalia bumps into the Pastor. DALIA Hi Pastor, are the ladies all here? PASTOR Yes, Dalia. NOW theyre all here.

16. The Pastor notices an eagle feather in Dalias hair as she passes. Hes annoyed. EXT. URBAN CHURCH, PARKING LOT - MOMENTS LATER The Pastor dials his cell. A snake slithers along the church building. PASTOR (talking on his cell phone) Joseph, sorry to bother you at work, but I need to discuss your daughter again. Shes wearing that witch feather; compromising truth. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE - CONTINUOUS Joseph, standing at a construction site, listens on his cell. PASTOR (V.O.) (CONTD) (over phone) You know, my people lead because we have been making godly choices for centuries. When are your people going to start making godly choices? Were here to help, but my people cant choose for you. Joseph, caught between two worlds, cant find an answer. INT. UNFINISHED MOSQUE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY The whitewashed room has windows without glass and no furniture. Sadam stands in front of 10 or 12 young Kyrgyz builders who squat or sit on buckets and old paint cans. Two Kyrgyz, ShagMullah and RASUL (19) sit side-by-side in the back of the group. Sadam and the builders talk in Russian, with SUBTITLES. SADAM (intimidatingly) Are you trying to change our religion? SHAGMULLAH (shyly) No, but you said Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, is coming to destroy Satan and start the last era. Why does he get that honor?

17. SADAM (annoyed) Boy, your people were idol worshippers until we came... ShagMullah stands. SHAGMULLAH Our forefathers worshipped Father Tengiri, the true Creator, long before your armies invaded. SADAM Your people are simple. Confused. You need guidance! Sadams stern gaze shuts down Shagmullahs opposition. INT. WESTERN STYLE APARTMENT - NIGHT Jewish Rabbi dictates a letter to his WIFE, who types on a computer. JEWISH RABBI (in Hebrew) Are you ready? Ken. WIFE

JEWISH RABBI If Kyrgyz REALLY are one of Israels scattered tribes... She types. INT. INTERNET CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Jaz is sitting at a computer booth, reading her e-mail. INSERT COMPUTER SCREEN JEWISH RABBI (V.O.) (CONTD) ... you will need to renounce your Kyrgyz ways and convert to Orthodox Judaism ... BACK TO JAZ Jaz rests her head on her hands and closes her eyes.

18. JEWISH RABBI (V.O.) (CONTD) ... Remember, adulterous Israeli tribes are lower in our society than non-Jewish converts... DREAM SEQUENCE - EXT. DRY MOUNTAIN PLATEAU (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Two Central Asian NOMADIC CHIEFS (#1 played by Rasul) bring NOMADIC JAZ, dressed in ancient nomadic dress, jewelry, and scarves, to an Islamic priest, and throw her at his feet. JEWISH RABBI (V.O.) (CONT) .... Your people betrayed the Torah and fornicated with foreign gods. Horse riders and a small group gather around Nomadic Jaz. Nomadic Jaz is shaking with fear, looking at the Islamic priest for mercy. Perhaps she knows him. The men talk in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES. RASUL She was caught in adultery. (challenging) You know what our law says. The troubled Islamic priest looks down and scratches the ground with his foot. Well? RASUL (CONTD)

Aba. No response.

NOMADIC JAZ (to the Islamic Priest)

RASUL (pushing the priest) Well!? ISLAMIC PRIEST (standing, sighs) The law is the law. The men drag her away. TIME DISSOLVE: Nomadic Jaz sits on the ground with her arms tied. Each leg is tied to separate horses, both facing opposite directions. One horse rider secures the rope to his horse.

19. She is crying, trying to free her hands and legs from the heavy ropes. Rasul looks at the Islamic Priest. The Priest cant look. He wont do the dirty job.

So Rasul gives the SIGNAL. Horse riders kick and whip their horses away from each other. To the sound of horses GALLOPING ON DIRT, Nomadic Jaz looks up, then desperately tries to kick the ropes off. CLOSE ON JAZS FEET - Slack rope tightens to the BEAT OF GALLOPING HORSES. Her feet get pulled apart. CLOSE ON JAZS TERRIFIED FACE - and SHORT SCREAM END OF DREAM SEQUENCE BACK TO INTERNET CAF JAZS SHORT SCREAM wakes her from her dream. Embarrassed and pale, she looks around. Others look at her. INSERT COMPUTER SCREEN A new letter with FROM Dalia - WERE COMING in the SUBJECT. INT. DALIAS HOUSE - DAY Dalia, sitting at the computer smiling, hits the enter key. JACOB (V.O.) Did you ever write the Rabbi back? EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY JAZ No. Im Kyrgyz, not Jewish. not going to convert. Im

JACOB Why did you write the first time? JAZ I asked him what happened to Manassehs tribe.

20. JACOB Why Manassehs tribe? of the other tribes?

Why not one

JAZ (speaking cautiously) The text says Manassehs tribe lived in the mountains; were captured and taken to halah... EXT. KYRGYZSTAN, MOUNTAIN YURT ESTABLISHING - NIGHT Silhouetted snow capped mountains against a clear starry sky. Moonlight touches a circular, doomed yurt. Orange light from a glowing lantern seeps out of the yurts untied door. INT. YURT CAMP - YURT - NIGHT Orange light from the lantern highlights Abas age. Aba TELLS a legend to young Bermet, in KYRGYZ with SUBTITLES. ABA Manas was just a boy, your age, shepherding the sheep in high mountains... BERMET (interrupting) ... then Manas killed the terrible giant and became khan. ABA (smiling) His best friend ... BERMET (interrupting) ...Almambet, son of the bad khan... ABA ... was the dearest of Manas three valiant warriors. BERMET He had 40 warriors. ABA Yes, but of the forty, three were especially brave... EXT. DIN COLLEGE - DAY Dalia, Jamie, Spine and some students stand around TALKING.

21. SPINE (to Dalia) Dalia babe, dont think youre established after your performance. (to the others) She drops out of Engineering, transfers to Native American Studies, and suddenly everyone thinks shes Miss Indian, Miss save the tribe. (to Dalia) Its in here, bitch. (pounding his chest) The sacred script is in the heart. Dalia stares him down, but he notices her tapping finger and watery eyes. Spine almost laughs as he turns, giving his books to Jamie. Embarrassed, Jamie takes them anyway. Dalia observes, curiously. TIME TRANSITION: EXT. OPEN ROAD (ARIZONA) - WIDE DAY Dalias pickup moves through the Arizona landscape. A modern bow&arrow hang in the back window. INT. DALIAS PICKUP (MOVING) Dalia drives with Jamie in the passenger seat holding Spines books. JAMIE Dont let Spine bother you, Dalia. I think he still likes you. EXT. DRY COUNTRYSIDE (ARIZONA) CONTINUOUS Spine runs across the rocky barren terrain. DALIA (V.O.) Im sick of Navajo WARRIORS. WARRIOR, my ass. Id never marry a Navajo.

22. INT./EXT. DALIAS PICKUP - CONTINUOUS DALIA I hate Navajo testosterone! Navajo Boy and his three buddies walk home beside the road. Dalia GUNS the engine and drives off the road to run their male asses into the ground. The boys scatter just in time. She stops in a cloud of dust. DALIA (CONTD) Maybe Ill marry a Jew. You know, theyre tribal arent they? The boys climb in the back of her pickup as she drives off. DALIA (V.O.) (CONTD) Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the 12 tribes moving around with their flocks, like ancient Navajo. JAMIE (rolling her eyes) Maybe youll find someone on the Central Asian trip. NAVAJO BOYS POV - BACK OF DALIAS HEAD He watches her eyes in the mirror, CLOSE ON DALIAS EYES In the mirror she sees Navajo Boy looking at her. DALIA (O.S.) Yeah, better lose some weight and work on my hips before we go. JAMIE Whatever, Miss Indian EXT. KYRGYZSTAN - YURT CAMP - WIDE - DAY Grassy mountains and snowy peaks surround an alpine lake. Yurt camps and flocks dot the mountain pasture. Erjan, the 25 year old Kyrgyz horse rider, sits on a grassy hill among wildflowers looking up from his book to check...

23. THE GRAZING SHEEP AND PLAYFUL LAMBS. BACK TO DALIAS PICKUP (MOVING) Dalia takes her silver cross off and puts it on the dash. JAMIE (shocked) Dalia, dont take Spines comments personally. Im not. DALIA

JAMIE Come on. Remember your Hey Yah, Yah, Yahweh, HEY! and Yesu, my medicine man chants at youth camp? DALIA That was then. Now is now. EXT. JAMIES HOUSE - MOMENTS LATER Dalia slows down in front of Jamies house. The boys jump out and scatter before she stops. Jamie gets out, saying thanks with a nod and disapproving eyes. Then she walks away. Dalia rubs her forehead as if she has a migraine. INT. DALIAS HOUSE - MOMENTS LATER Dalia enters, greets her mom (AD LIB), and sits at the computer next to the TV. She reads... INSERT COMPUTER SCREEN JAZ (V.O.) My name is Jaz. We will meet your class. Send us your travel plans. CHAR (O.S.) (from the kitchen) Dalia, can you help me? Dalia gets up and moves to the kitchen.

24. INT. KITCHEN Char and Dalia are cooking when Joseph comes home. JOSEPH They wont let us play our drums for the dance this Sunday. CHAR (pushing close to Joseph) Then lets skip church and do another powwow at Slot Canyon. YEAH, DAD! DALIA Lets do it OUR way!

JOSEPH Were all going to church this Sunday! Dalia wont say what shes thinking. back to the stove. She turns her attention

JOSEPH (CONTD) Our people tried the cultic stuff, and the fake Indian New Age junk. DALIA And Christianity. JOSEPH Yesu found the beauty way. DALIA He wasnt Christian. Didnt go to a church. Come on, Dad, who told me White men talk about Jesus - Red men walk with Jesus? Huh? Screw the talkers. Joseph crosses his arms as if his decision is final. COMPUTER SCREEN Dalia gets more mail. She notices from her angle in the kitchen. DALIA (CONTD) Im going to Central Asia. To find what OUR KIN consider beautiful. JOSEPH (taking his time) Dalia, dont forget those answered prayers; (MORE)

25. JOSEPH (CONT'D) the great voice and oracle; your tears. Youre wings have purpose, babe. Dalia gives him her back - she wont hear his lecturing. INT. INTERNET CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Jaz types at a computer speaking her letter. JAZ (speaking while typing) Last time Americans came here ... ANGLO HANDS PLACE KYRGYZ MONEY IN KYRGYZ HANDS. Behind the hands we see dog dishes full of canned dog food and hear DOGS BARKING. JAZ (V.O.) (CONTD) ... they paid us to translate the Bible. They fed their dogs better than their translators... BACK TO JAZ TYPING AT THE COMPUTER JAZ (CONTD) ...then we found the Jacob link, and they fired us... She looks down at a book beside her computer. INSERT MANAS BOOK NEXT TO AN OLD HOLY BOOK INT. DALIAS HOUSE - NIGHT The family gathers around the table. Nate, from the sound room at church, is part of the family. Char serves fry bread to everyone. Dalias nervous finger taps the table while Joseph prays. JOSEPH (looking up) Creator Father (looking to the food, smiles) Thanks Nate starts piling meat on his fry bread.

26. DALIA (to the family) Dad, I just want our people to be normal? Not schizophrenic like, like you; balancing Bible stories and Navajo creation myths. INSERT SCENE OF BERMET CARRYING A BABY ACROSS PASTURE, ENTERING A YURT, TO A KYRGYZ CRADLE INSIDE. DALIA (V.O.) (CONTD) One day it is Mary and baby Jesus, the next its Changing Woman and Monster Slayer. BACK TO DINNER TABLE DALIA (CONTD) Nate wants to fight for the US; the very military that terrorized our people and instigated our long walk. Mom serves Whites in cafs. Maybe I should raise pigs for foreigners in a distant land? Nate stops piling cheese, and sour cream on his fry bread. NATE Where did that come from? DALIA Im not going to your funeral to see the pastor don his uniform... FLASHBACK - INT. URBAN CHURCH (ARIZONA) - DAY Pastor, dressed in military uniform, speaks UNHEARD. We see a pair of military boots, gun, and hat next to a military portrait of a Latino in uniform. PULL BACK TO Dalia sitting beside many young Native Americans; several cry. She is really sad, tapping her middle finger on her leg. DALIA (O.S.) (CONTD) ... to honor you for your service to nation and GOD. BACK TO DINNER TABLE SCENE

27. JOSEPH (slowly) Dalia, wide understanding takes time. Be patient. DALIA Dad, there isnt any WIDE UNDERSTANDING here. God willing Ill find some in Central Asia. CHAR (to Dalia) Dalia dear, where do you think your inner strength comes from? You have your fathers heart; his wisdom and spirituality. Youve always been his girl. Dalia shakes her head. Joseph, smiling, stretches his arms out and his neck forward, like a soaring eagle. DALIA I think were all grown up, Dad. JOSEPH Fly higher than I did, Dalia. beyond me. Go

DALIA Did you fly, dad? Bowing to Anglos who never LOVED us enough; never listened to our legends or cared what God said to our ancestors. CHAR Dalia, you dont know how far your father has brought the tribe. DALIA (to herself, but loud enough for all to hear) Feels like another No-Mans land. NATE (to Dalia) Man, I was pissed when you switched majors, gave up a great future, and wasted the families money. But not dad. Remember what he said to you? EXT. MOSQUE CONSTRUCTION SITE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Sadam, with briefcase in hand, barks orders in RUSSIAN (with SUBTITLES) to Kyrgyz builders (Mongolian in appearance).

28. SADAM Stop your work. Its time to pray. The Kyrgyz builders put their tools down and start coming. SADAM (CONTD) Come here. Hey, wash yourselves first. ShagMullah and Rasul look at each other and follow orders. A snake slithers under the mosque. EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY SHAGMULLAH Arabs treat us exactly like you Christians treat Native Americans. JACOB I told you, Im not Christian. EXT. JERUSALEMS JEWISH QUARTER - DAY Jewish teens dance in a circle. in the MUSIC. We hear the word MOSHAYACH

Jewish Rabbi tells Young Jacob to, JEWISH RABBI Go dance. Today your cousin has become a man. FOCUS ON HEBRAIC DANCE STEPS AND WILD ENERGY INT. DALIAS ROOM - NIGHT Dalia, weeping silently, falls to the floor, DALIA Creator, Father, have mercy on me. Under her bed she sees AN OLD BOOK And reaches for it. She gently holds a well-used childrens bible stuffed with pictures and cards. Opening the marked pages, some pictures and cards fall out.

29. INSERT PICTURE of young Dalia (12), in Native American regalia and dream-catcher, a Native friend, who could be Jamie, stands beside her. INSERT A CARD - probably drawn by a 12 year old girl. Dalia holds the card, obviously recalling some memories. The Card, says CHANGING WOMAN, YOUR WINGS HAVE PURPOSE. The next page, with a picture of a woman chasing the sun, says CHASING THE SUN TO HER HOME. The third page has a picture of a Native woman standing at the door of a Hogan holding a baby and the words, PERPETUATING LIFE, MOTHER AND MONSTER SLAYER. Dalias hands tremble. Conflicted, she looks as if she could cry. Supporting herself on her desk she looks up DALIA (CONTD) (softly) Please guide me. I need you. EXT. KYRGYZSTAN, ROADSIDE YURTS - DAY A road runs through a mountain meadow with 20 yurt cafs strung between the creek and the road. Horses and kids dot the landscape. A woman milks a mare beside its colt. Cars loaded with people stop. Passengers drink fermented horse milk. In a grassy spot across the stream Sadam teaches 15-20 kids. Rasul and ShagMullah TRANSLATE and help Sadam. Erjan, loaded with six large canisters of kimis (fermented horse milk) rides horseback down a mountain trail. He stops in front of Rasul. They converse in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES. ERJAN Heres your ALCOHOL. Do you have the vegetables, tea, and flour? Sadam is frustrated with Erjans interruption. Rasul senses the tension and gets uneasy. Not now. RASUL Ill bring it later.

30. ERJAN So, what did your teacher say about that Qur'anic passage The Lord will come with angels, rank upon rank? ShagMullah looks at uneasy Rasul. RASUL (sternly) Not now, Erjan. ERJAN (RIDING by the kids) Are you teaching these kids ALL... or only some of Allahs verses? Rasul and Sadam get more impatient. Erjan turns his horse, and looks at the Kyrgyz kids. Theyre all listening. So is ShagMullah. ERJAN (CONTD) (to the kids) Remember what happened last time we listened to foreigners? Seventy years of Soviet captivity. Rasul is angry. Erjan rides up to Rasul, intimidating him with his horse. He unties the canisters and drops them at Rasuls feet. ERJAN (CONTD) (turning back to the kids) Bomb tossing Americans or Hitler hugging Arabs. Must we pick sides? Sadam YELLS IN ARABIC (AD LIB), but no one translates. Erjan circles him on the horse. Sadam makes a stand, but eventually gives way to the horse. ERJAN (CONTD) (to Sadam) Half our village died when our men left to fight your Nazi alliance. Erjan rides through the class. Kids stand to open his way.

After passing through Erjan turns his horse to face Sadam.

31. ERJAN (CONTD) The Germans asked for forgiveness. Is that what you came to do? ShagMullah TRANSLATES for Sadam, who looks at the kids in front of him, and Erjan waiting behind them. After a short stare-down with Sadam, Erjan tells the kids, ERJAN (CONTD) Our ancestors taught us to give pilof to those who throw stones. Some kids run to a yurt. ShagMullah watches Erjan riding back up the mountain, emanating a mountain mans strength. A kid brings a bowl of pilof (rice) to Sadam. He SLAPS the kid, knocking the bowl and scattering pilof. EXT. URBAN CHURCH (ARIZONA) - ESTABLISHING - DAY INT. URBAN CHURCH - DAY The Pastor is on stage. INT. URBAN CHURCH, SOUND BOARD - CONTINUOUS Nate, wearing headphones, works the sound-board. PASTOR (O.S.) ...the book of revelation says a rider on a white horse will come from heaven with the angels of God to destroy all the enemies of God. EXT. HORSESHOE CANYON - DAY Troubled Dalia, wearing a native dance outfit, stands on the canyons edge, and shoots an arrow across the canyon. The arrow disappears before falling to the river below. A snake slithers up to her. Then a dark spirit, barely visible SWOOPS by her, and almost pushes her over the cliff. She shoots at the spirit, sending another arrow across the canyon. The misty demon turns back toward her.

32. Shes sweating. BACK TO URBAN CHURCH SCENE Joseph and Char sit side-by-side. Joseph looks back, disturbed. Jamie sits alone. Dalia is obviously missing.

PASTOR (O.S.) ... and his name is called the word of God... Woe. JACOB (V.O.) Whats this demon stuff!

EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY JAZ (nodding to Jacob) Shall I change the story for your Western ears? JACOB Come on, youre educated. JAZ Thats why I tell the whole story. EXT. DIN COLLEGE, CLASS ROOM (ARIZONA) - DAY - ESTABLISHING INT./EXT. DIN COLLEGE, CLASS ROOM (ARIZONA) - DAY Downcast Professor Blake stands in front of the class. PROFESSOR BLAKE There will be no grant... and no Central Asian trip this year. DALIA (furious) No! No! Theyre waiting for us. Professor Blake shakes his head. PROFESSOR BLAKE Sorry, Dalia, not this year. funds were redirected to ... The

DALIA (interrupting) Economics, politics, religion; they keep us scattered. No! No more!

33. Dalia stomps out of class holding her head. Jamie gets up and follows her. Nate follows. Even Spine looks worried and follows the others outside. He watches Dalia get in her pickup and drive slowly out of the parking lot and stop at the stop sign. JAMIE (yelling desperately) Dalia! Professor Blake watches from the window as Dalia suddenly TAKES OFF pedal to the metal. CLOSE ON SMOKING TIRES. Nate panics and runs to the building. Professor Blake tosses car keys through the window. Nate catches them and runs to the parking lot, but Spine grabs his arm and stops him. SPINE Let her go, Nate NATE Shes my sister. SPINE Somethings going down. Jamie dangles Dalias cross for Nate to see. He recognizes it, breaks Spines grip and moves to the professors car. SPINE (CONTD) Nate, she had to get rid of that cross before the gods, or the Great Spirit, or whoever could send her. Spine stops Nate again. SPINE (CONTD) You have to let her go ... without any foreign attachment. She goes as a Navajo, not a Christian. Nate is torn. He wants to help his sister.

34. Spine looks to the horizon. A slight breeze whips his hair. SPINE (CONTD) Theres something about her; something me and the tinili couldnt conquer. We got all the bitches, but not that squaw. She has something... DALIA DRIVING FROM ARIZONA TO THE NORTHWEST - A SERIES OF SHOTS. MUSIC ABOUT CHASING A DREAM. A. CLOSE ON Dalia driving hard on the open road. B. Navajo Boy, riding horseback, crosses the road, and sees her flying toward him. He bravely blocks her path. Shes leaving and not looking back!

Dalia roars down on him.

Hes not going to let her leave! He looks her in the eye. She waves him off the road. He doesnt move. Right when we expect to see horse and boy splattered across the grill, Dalia hits the BREAKS and careens off the road. Boy and horse remain calm where they had stood. The car lands upright, on all four. Dalia looks at Navajo Boy. He sees her tear stained face and motherly gaze. But she wont be stopped. She takes off again.

He RIDES beside her truck, soaking in every second with her. Her heart rips as she watches Navajo Boy fade away, into the rearview mirror, until he disappears from view. C. Driving on the open road. Alone.

D. An old, long haired, Semitic/Native American type watches her from a hill top. We see Native American fringes at the hip of his green, buckskin shirt. E. Dalia in a line of cars to cross the Canadian border.

35. F. She lets her cell phone RING on the seat beside her. END MONTAGE SERIES EXT. HIGH MOUNTAINS (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Erjan, on horseback, drives the flocks back to the yurt camp. Bermet and Aba count sheep as they enter the coral. BERMET (in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) Aba, I think the small ewes black lamb is missing. Aba nods, obviously proud of her. Erjan turns his horse around and rides back into the night. EXT. CANADIAN REZ (CANADA) - NIGHT Big kids, wearing big sweatshirts with hoods, walk slowly through the streets in front of mobile homes, littered with motorcycles, old cars, and broken refrigerators. Dalia drives through, listening to the RADIO. RADIO COMMENTATOR #1 ... shes really just like her dad. RADIO COMMENTATOR #2 Yeah, theyre both actors... RADIO COMMENTATOR #1 (interrupting) No, I mean the psychosomatic issues he deals with also plague her... INT. NATIVE AMERICAN HOME - MOMENTS LATER A MYSTICAL OLD NATIVE LADY gives Dalia Indian fry bread, then sits, and looks at her. A lanterns light bounces around the room. MYSTICAL OLD NATIVE LADY I can see you were raised in a good family. Loving mother. Strong father connection. Raised close to Anglos. Clouded in darkness. Dalia freaks a bit and shutters.

36. MYSTICAL OLD NATIVE LADY (CONTD) (laughing) That wasnt spiritual stuff, sweetie. Its just written all over you. TIME DISSOLVE: MYSTICAL OLD NATIVE LADY (CONTD) (with story-telling voice) ... they would come on canoes with white wings carrying the Creators carving. The seer told us to trust the carving, not those bringing it. DALIA Yeah, I know, you think the carving is the Bible. But if you understood Jungs universal consciousness theory, you wouldnt be compromising our ancient faith. The Mystical Old Native Lady gives Dalia a puzzled look. MYSTICAL OLD NATIVE LADY If WE cant find the Creators harmony for this world, who can? Dalias nervous finger starts tapping her leg. MYSTICAL OLD NATIVE LADY (CONTD) And how can we bring the world peace if we dont let the carvings fuse with our native spirit? EXT. MOUNTAINS (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT A black lamb bleats for its mother. Wolves run up a hills brim. They see

the poor, helpless black lamb. EXT. HARBOR (CANADA) DAY MUSIC ABOUT SELLING EVERYTHING TO GET ONE THING. Dalia stands next to her pickup with her bow&arrow over her shoulder. Shes looking tired, tough, and desirable. A rough Native fisherman pulls up in a small, old pickup. He gets out and approaches Dalia. THE MUSIC IS TENSE

37. Dalia looks around, nervously. Nobody in sight. He moves his hand along his belt, sliding his hand behind him. Dalia quickly lowers her bow&arrow from her shoulder. He pulls out a stack of bills and gives her the money. She swallows, backs away a bit, and counts it. Then she gives him keys and registration papers. He offers a little bit more money, but she doesnt take it. He checks her out. Man, she looks good. He adds a bit more money, which she takes, Then she hands him the bow & arrows. She takes her Native dance outfit and backpack from the pickups bed, and walks. He watches. TIME TRANSITION: EXT. BARING STRAIGHT - FISHING BOAT DAY Dalias pickup is on a fishing boat. The fisherman who bought Dalias pickup pilots the boat. Dalia stands by the rail, looking at BRIGHT ICEBERGS jutting out of the dark sea. FLASHBACK - INT. DALIAS HOME, KITCHEN TABLE - NIGHT YOUNGER JOSEPH (to younger Dalia) Then the 12 holy ones passed through moving white cliffs before arriving to this world. END FLASHBACK:

38. BACK TO ICEBERGS With face to the wind, she stretches out her neck, and spreads her arms as if flying. We take time to enjoy another POCAHONTAS moment with her. EXT. RUSSIAN TRAIN STATION (SIBERIA) - DAY Russian signs dot the scene. Crowds are speaking Russian.

INT. TRAIN, DALIAS CABIN (SIBERIA) DAY Dalia is sitting on the right, lower bunk. Two big, drunk RUSSIAN MEN (50) enter Dalias cabin, sit on the bunk opposite hers, and try to talk with her. Kak deila? Dalia ignores them, but they persist. A depressed, haggard woman (45) enters and sits next to Dalia. RUSSIAN MAN #1 (CONTD) Chuchuk devuska, pachimu malchish? DALIA (annoyed) I speak English. The Russian Men LAUGH. They start to check out Dalia as the train LURCHES forward. Shes tired, but still looking good. Anglish. RUSSIAN MAN #1 You Amereekanka? RUSSIAN MAN #1 Kak tibya zabut?

Dalias eyes survey the room, her BREATHING shortened. She gets up and leaves the cabin. INT. TRAINS AISLE - CONTINUOUS The obnoxious Russian Man #1 follows her out. RUSSIAN MAN #1 I Ruseeskee, vodka, and you.

39. Dalia doesnt look back. Behind her we see he isnt following She MOVES quickly through the narrow halls of the train, still BREATHING hard, looking for an empty place, The train is packed. INT. TRAIN, BETWEEN TWO CARS - CONTINUOUS She finds a place with a few smokers between two train cars. Dalia sits on the step by the open door, quietly looking at THE TIGRA FOREST INT. YURT (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT Aba and his friends are lying around a low table covered with fry bread, meat scraps, bones, a cooked sheep skull, shot glasses, and empty vodka bottles. Two old, Central Asian shepherds lean on each other. Erjan plays the Komus, a three-stringed folk instrument. One OLD FRIEND SLAMS his shot glass down on the table, burps, and says (in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) OLD FRIEND A whole lamb in one night. I love our old Kyrgyz ways. God bless the ancestors. The two men, leaning on each other, take their shot glasses toast in Kyrgyz (AD LIB), and drink together. INT. TRANS SIBERIAN TRAIN, BETWEEN CARS (SIBERIA) - NIGHT MYSTERIOUS POV - Dalia, with arms around herself, shivers. She feels uneasy, gets up, and WALKS BACK to her cabin. INT. TRAINS AISLE MYSTERIOUS POV - watches her walk away. Beer cans litter the aisles. She finds her cabin. INT. DALIAS CABIN Russian Man #1 is naked, face down on the floor. Many passengers SNORE.

40. Dalia holds her nose and looks at the haggard woman sleeping on the lower bunk to the right. Across from her is a bunk with Russian Man #1s clothes and Dalias blanket. Above that bed Russian man #2, curled in a tight ball, might be watching her. Dalia looks at the empty bunk above the haggard lady carefully steps over the naked man, and grabs a blanket. Turning back to the haggard woman, Dalia pulls the womans blanket over uncovered parts and looks at her tired face. DALIA (quietly, to nobody) May we find the beauty way. Then Dalia climbs the ladder to her bunk. INT. YURT - NIGHT Erjan is still playing the Komus. One guest moves for the door. The Old Friend stops singing and says to the old guest... OLD FRIEND (with big spooky eyes; in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) If you go outside alone the Boiu may get you. Everyone laughs, but some shudder. Theyre a bit freaked.

CLOSE ON the guests hand clinching the yurts red door frame. INT. TRAIN, DALIAS CABIN - NIGHT Dalia grabs the side of her bed, ridged and frightened. A dark shadow moves by the door. Dalias body cant move. She cant breath. Her eyes dart back and forth.

Shes choking, as if being strangled.

DaliaS POV - a ghost with a demonic face tries to kill her. She tries to scream, but no sound comes forth.

41. DALIA (V.O.) (franticly, in her mind) Yesu. Yesu. My medicine man. A gruff looking Jesus appears and throws the shadowy figure off her. He is wearing a sheep skin sash, looking at Dalia. FADE TO: EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY CLOSE ON Jazs focused eyes JAZ Neither speaks. Jesus just looks at her. Then disappears. Jacob with a puzzled smirk, stops writing and taps his pen. JACOB So she didnt leave Christianity? JAZ Oh yes she did. The Dalia I knew was pure Navajo, untainted. FADE TO: BACK TO TRAIN CABIN Jesus and Dalia look at each other. Then he disappears. Dalia exhales, and takes in irregular, weepy breaths. She looks around. Russian Man #2 on the other upper bunk stares at her with wide eyes, as if hed just seen a ghost. Dalia lies back, and releases her grip on the beds side. EXT. SLOT CANYON (ARIZONA) - DAY Dalias mother, Char, dressed in Native regalia, dances on the soft sand, chanting a Navajo prayer to heaven. She is spiritually connecting. Smoke from a smoldering juniper branch drifts around her.

42. EXT. LAKE POWELL, HARBOR - PASTORS YACHT (ARIZONA) - DAY The Pastor, dressed in shorts, lectures Joseph. PASTOR ... you choose, Joseph; either native beliefs or Christian beliefs. Satan or God. You chose. Joseph drops his head, turns, and walks off the yacht. PASTOR (CONTD) (yelling from the yacht) You cant serve two masters. Joseph stops walking, thinks a second, and turns, looking up JOSEPH You know how you love Judaism? Yeah. PASTOR

JOSEPH But youre not Jewish No. PASTOR

JOSEPH Thats how I am with Christianity. I dig Martin Luther King, Chief Spokane, Mom Teresa, Francis from Assisi and all the Christians who have brought beauty to this world. But your religion tears up our inner world like a tank in a flowerbed. The sacred writings are ancestral, but your dance is demented. (looking at his hand) If I have to choose between Christianity and our Creators oasis; I choose ... PASTOR (interrupting) Come on, man. Theyre the same, Joseph! Why cant you see that? The Editor, who interviewed Dalia, comes to watch the argument from his yacht, docked next to the Pastors. Joseph holds a small leather pouch tied to his belt. JOSEPH Whats important, the leather skin or the corn pollen?

43. PASTOR Hello! Can someone stop talking Indian! Hopeless! Joseph walks. The Pastor might know he pushed too far. PASTOR (CONTD) Joseph, I know this is a hard time. We all miss Dalia. Well help you, but you have to be willing to receive our help AND LOVE. Come on, brother; youre too stressed. Joseph still walking, quietly says JOSEPH You dont even have a skin to hold our pollen. Realizing his mistake, the Pastor kicks the boats rail. EDITOR (to the Pastor) Told you. INT. DALIAS HOME - NIGHT Char, Joseph, and Nate sit around watching TV. Depressed Joseph pierces the cover of Dalias old childrens Bible with a huge buck knife. INSERT TV TV REPORTER There are still no clues about the disappearance of Din Colleges Miss Indian, a beautiful... CLOSE ON CHILDRENS BIBLE WITH KNIFE THROUGH THE WORD BIBLE TV REPORTER (O.S.) (CONTD) ...motivational speaker for kids on Indian Reservations and talented... FADE TO: EXT. FOREST (SIBERIA) - DAY HIGH SHOT on Dalia worshipping heaven. Dressed in Native regalia, Dalia chants while dancing on a rock outcropping, over the blue Katun River.

44. Her eyes open, arms outstretched, full of adoration. DaliaS MOCCASINS look like her mothers. The dance could be Middle Eastern, but is distinctly Native American. MYSTERIOUS POV - WATCHING DALIA DANCE ON THE ROCK OUTCROPPING Dalia looks beautiful. We see a pouch of corn pollen tied on her belt. THERES A MOVEMENT IN THE FOREST BELOW SINARU (13), a Native Siberian girl with Mongolian features, blue eyes, and brown hair rides bareback among the trees, holding the rope of a trailing mare, which is also trailed by a little colt. Sinaru watches Dalia. Dalia senses something in the forest below her. TIME TRANSITION: EXT. SIBERIAN VILLAGE (SIBERIA) - EVENING Sinaru and Dalia each ride bareback to Sinarus family. colt trailing behind Dalia. The

They trot to a wooden log house, an ayil (a traditional Siberian dwelling) with similar shape and form to the Navajo hogan and Kyrgyz yurt. INT. SIBERIAN AYIL - MOMENTS LATER SINARUS MOTHER enters with a smoldering juniper branch. Dalia, following, pays attention to the earth floor; and the ayils right side, with kitchen, pots, and dishes. Dalia closes her eyes and breathes in deeply through her nose, enjoying the ayil with all her senses. A fire burns on the ground in the center, under an open pot. The ayils left side has saddle, horse whip, and mans boots. Furthest from the door an ornate chest (sunduk) holds her attention. Sinaru notices Dalias curiosity.

45. SINARU Fathers lost true one, long, long ago. It was gold made... INSERT ALTAI CHEST OR ARK (SANDYK) SINARU (V.O.) (CONTD) ...with great gold book. Also lost. Book tells future and past history. BACK TO SINARU SINARU (CONTD) When find book, rider comes; on white horse; makes all good. Sinaru smiles. Dalia says nothing. Sinaru picks up a Jews harp (mouth harp), bites it, and starts plucking a beautiful MELODY. Her mother cooks fry bread. Dalia starts to braid Sinarus thick brown hair. DALIA (whispering in her ear) Youre beautiful. SINARU I is old Altai; blue eyes, blond hair, like past history people. Before Chingis Khan. Dalia sees a small, old Russian Orthodox icon of Jesus hanging on the wall beside a black shamanistic ox tail. Sinarus Mother watches Dalia staring at the icon. SINARUS MOTHER (in Altai language) Ol menin SHAMAN. Dalia doesnt understand. Sinaru stops playing the Jews Harp, and tells Dalia SINARU It is mothers shaman. It teaches good; no bad. Middle man with upper White. DALIA Jesus is a shaman?

46. SINARU White shaman. EXT. SIBERIA, VILLAGE - DAY Mountains surround a dilapidated Siberian village. Dalia and Sinaru walk down the mud street. People passing in the village are mostly Mongolian in appearance, but one Russian farmer pulls a donkey cart past the post office. Sinaru leads Dalia inside. INT. POST OFFICE - CONTINUOUS The female clerk shows Dalia a dusty, new computer with a USAID sticker. Dalia turns it on and finds INTERNET EXPLORER. She connects, and gives a surprised look to Sinaru. Sinaru and the clerk watch over Dalias shoulder. EXT. YURT CAMP (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT Little Bermet holds a lantern for Erjan as he rides into camp. From horseback, he hands her a little black lamb. Theres blood on his hand and a torn sleeve. She puts the lantern down and takes the BLEATING lamb to its BLEATING mother in the corral. The two unite like magnets. INT. DIN COLLEGE, CLASSROOM - DAY Professor Blake reads a letter. The blond TV Reporter and her cameraman stand to the side, filming the class. PROFESSOR BLAKE (reading a letter) ... Altai people cleanse their hogan, called an ayil, with smoldering cedar. (MORE)

47. PROFESSOR BLAKE (CONT'D) They say they migrated from a hot land, where there was no winter. And their ancestors fathered many nations... INT. SPINES HOME - NIGHT Spine sits in front of his TV, next to his drunk father. Spine no longer has the bravado he once had. INSERT TV SCREEN TV REPORTER ... The missing Miss Indian from Din College suddenly sent a flood of e-mails to family, friends, and a professor describing her... ON TV - INSERT MAP OF DALIAS JOURNEY TV REPORTER (V.O) (CONTD) ... unusual adventures from Arizona to Siberia. But have authorities found her? Or does anyone really know where she is or where she is headed? No. The only clues she gives are anthropological traces based on bizarre biblical passages. BACK TO SPINE ON THE COUCH TV REPORTER (V.O.) (CONTD) What would cause a perfectly happy young lady, with a bright future to suddenly ... Spine turns off his TV and stares at the blank screen. His dad is asleep next to him.

SPINE (to the blank screen) She went back to the fourth world, the passage of the 12 holy ones. INT. DALIAS HOME - MOMENTS LATER Nate is working at the computer. Char still watches TV, next to Joseph who looks at the globe.

48. INSERT TV SCREEN WITH PROFESSOR BLAKE PROFESSOR BLAKE Yes, were making a web-page about Dalias adventure. INSERT RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK PICTURE WITH DALIAS FACE SUPERIMPOSED OVER HARRISON FORDS. BACK TO NATE SITTING AT THE COMPUTER Dalias Raiders of the Lost Ark picture is visible on his computer screen. NATE (turning to his parents) Were already getting freaky responses to Dalias site. Check out this tribe in India who claims to be a lost Israeli tribe. INSERT COMPUTER SCREEN. We see DR. KHUPLAM (83), an elderly Mongolian looking tribal with long white hair, big earrings, and fringed shawl. He sets a white chicken free and then starts sacrificing a second chicken. DR. KHUPLAMS TRANSLATOR STEPS into view. DR. KHUPLAMS TRANSLATOR (from computer) This white chicken goes free. (pointing to the dead one) This one we sacrifice, draining the blood. Breaking NO bones, like in Moses time... BACK TO NATE NATE They say Israel already accepted them as brothers. Another letter says Levities were found in South Africa. As if the old seers were right - Jacobs clans scattered to the ends of the world. JOSEPH (looking at the globe) Siberia is huge.

49. EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Jacob flips through his notes. JACOB I got information from Arizona; her family, the professor. SHAGMULLAH One tribal lady infused with the oracle. Can you believe it? A tribal. A lady. A nobody uniting our religions like no one else can. JACOB Did you read the news today? The religions arent united. SHAGMULLAH She started something that will never stop. Jacob doesnt buy the religious crap. INT. WESTERN STYLE APARTMENT - EVENING Young Jacob lights candles on an elegant table. The family is gathered around the table, set for Sabbath dinner. Jewish Rabbi wears a white kippah and a tallit on his shoulders. FOCUS ON TANAKH (TORAH) Jewish Rabbi opens the book and prepares to read. Young Jacob listens. INT. DIN COLLEGE, CLASSROOM (ARIZONA) - DAY There is another LIVELY DISCUSSION. Woe, woe. Nate stands up. NATE Were still getting crazy stuff... INT./EXT. AFGHAN MUD HOME (AFGHANISTAN) - EVENING Outside Afghan men with rifles pass a mud wall with a red, painted menorah. PROFESSOR BLAKE Quiet everyone.

50. Two Afghani women inside ceremoniously light candles. A Semitic looking Afghan enters (could be Abraham), takes off his turban, revealing a white skull cap. He wears the turbanturned-shawl like the rabbi wore his tallit. The Afghan actually looks like the Rabbi. NATE (V.O.) ... Today Afghan leaders, descended from Moses, say they have mountains of information theyll show us when we come to Kabul. And... BACK TO DIN COLLEGE JAMIE (interrupting) Lets do a documentary about all the biblical customs and traditions found between here and Jerusalem, retracing our ancestors journey. SPINE Documentaries are for the oppressors. Lets just go like Dalia did. Lets do it for ourselves; for the tribe. NATE (interrupting) But were on to something bigger than the tribe... EXT. BUS STATION (SIBERIA) - DAY Dalia waves bye to Sinaru and turns to get on a Soviet bus. Sinaru hesitates, then runs and hands Dalia a white stone. SINARU Mom said your new name is Alya. They hug. TIME TRANSITION: EXT. KAZAKH STEPPE (KAZAKHSTAN) - EVENING We see Dalias bus travelling through the Kazakh Steppe.

51. INT. BUS - NIGHT Dalia is sitting by the window holding the white stone. The bus comes to a stop; door opens, then the whole bus dips to the right. Dalia looks up. A HUGE CENTRAL ASIAN MAN (mid 40s) gets on. He moves down the aisle, shaking the bus with each step. He looks at Dalia. Dalia nervously looks to see how many free seats remain. None; except the one next to her. He sits next to her, without acknowledging her. Dalia practically disappears under his shoulder. Shes smashed against the cold window. PASSENGERS kind of laugh, but not really. TIME TRANSITION: Dalia, still smashed against the window, shifts a bit. The Huge Man turns to Dalia and asks her a question in Russian (AD LIB). English? DALIA

HUGE CENTRAL ASIAN MAN (smiling) You who? Amereekanka? Yeah. DALIA

The Huge Man turns to the other Passengers. HUGE CENTRAL ASIAN MAN (Russian with SUBTITLES) Shes American girl. The Passengers murmur. He turns back to Dalia. HUGE CENTRAL ASIAN MAN (CONTD) You what, Indaits? (then raising one hand.) Hoow! Yeah. DALIA Im INDAITS.

52. The other Passengers hear the conversation, but they eagerly wait to hear the news from the Huge Man, who tells them in Russian (with SUBTITLES). HUGE CENTRAL ASIAN MAN She is American Indian. The Passengers MURMUR LOUDER. One nicely dressed Passenger starts dialing his cell phone. HUGE CENTRAL ASIAN MAN (CONTD) You drive what? Dalia looks out the window. EXT. KAZAKH STEPPE - NIGHT A herd of horses run by a moon lit stream. HUGE CENTRAL ASIAN MAN (O.S.) You drive car or horse? Maybe Mustang? (He LAUGHS) EXT. BUS STATION (KYRGYZSTAN) - MORNING A small crowd of reporters and police gather at the bus station. Jaz waits in the crowd as Dalias bus pulls in. Passengers emerge. The reporters look for someone, but dont know who. JAZ (O.S.) Then I saw her. Dalia steps off the bus, blending in with her black hair and smooth skin, looking like the Central Asians around her. EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY JAZ (to Jacob) She was beautiful. A modern hero; she made it all by herself, opening the way between our two nations without outside finances or help. BACK TO BUS STATION Jaz pushes through the crowd.

53. Dalia is disoriented by the commotion and new surroundings. JAZ Dalia, it is me, Jaz. DALIA (tired and confused) What? JAZ We heard an Indian girl was coming. I knew it was you. DALIA Who are you? JAZ Its me, Jaz. I e-mailed you. Come on, I have a car ready. The reporters now realize Dalia is the American Indian. She is swamped with microphones, cameras, and QUESTIONS. Jaz gently pulls Dalia into an old Soviet taxi. EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY JAZ (to Jacob) You dont know what her arrival meant to us; to oppressed people who have been devoured generation after generation by an unending stream of arrogant, selfish greed. INT. TAXI (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY (MOVING) DALIA Where are we going? JAZ Were taking you to my home, but first well run by the TV studio. Can I interview you for 15 minutes? DALIA Let me wash first. JAZ You look great. In ten minutes there is a live show. Can you just say Hi? Dalia says nothing.

54. JAZ (CONTD) Everyone watched cowboys and Indians during the Soviet days. And our legends say our hero Manas... DALIAS POV - MAGNIFICENT STATUE OF MANAS ON HORSEBACK JAZ (V.O.) (CONTD) ... sent ambassadors to the deep. BACK TO JAZ JAZ (CONTD) Those ambassadors never... (pointing) Thats our White House. INSERT KYRGYZ WHITE HOUSE JAZ (V.O.) (CONTD) The ambassadors Manas sent never came back... from the deep. CLOSE ON JAZS LOCKED EYES, LOOKING AT DALIA JAZ (CONTD) Weve been waiting for you... these many centuries. (backing off a bit) Now you have returned, from the deep. The whole nation is watching TV this morning. DALIA (seeing something outside) Changing Woman! You have a statue of Changing Woman in your capitol? INSERT KYRGYZSTANS FREEDOM STATUE, a great bronze statue of a female angel reaching for the sun. DALIA (CONTD) Can you stop the car. Dalia gets out to gaze on... THE STATUE, so similar to her childhood pictures. She doesnt notice the people on the square or the journalists who photograph her. A train of cars follow.

55. Dalia is experiencing the statue. Destiny can almost be seen on Dalias face. Jaz approaches from behind and carefully says, JAZ (pointing with her nose) She represents freedom. DALIA Like Changing Woman. INT. KYRGYZ TV STUDIO (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY A nondescript KYRGYZ ANCHORMAN, tired, but fast talking, introduces a show in KYRGYZ language with SUBTITLES. He is sitting at one end of a discussion table. Several cameras and lights focus on him. KYRGYZ ANCHORMAN Manas ambassadors came back from Iran, Tibet, and Hungry, but those who went to the deep ... Did they drown in the ocean? Jaz and Dalia walk in. The Anchormans talking gets louder and faster. KYRGYZ ANCHORMAN (CONTD) Here she is; our lost daughter. Our sister returns from the deep! Two cameras spin around to film the ladies. Jaz, confidently offers Dalia a seat at the table. The man starts conversing with Jaz in KYRGYZ (AD LIB). Then Jaz turns to Dalia JAZ We welcome you back, sister, from a very, very long journey. Thank you. DALIA

JAZ What is the purpose of this trip?

56. DALIA Our ancestors say we came from a passage below the earth, to the fifth world, but geneticists say we are from Central Asia. I came to find the truth. JAZ Maybe your ancestors and the geneticists are both right. DALIA (shaking her head) Just like my dad. INSERT TRANSLATORS BOOTH A young Kyrgyz woman with headphones sits inside a soundproof booth. She is TRANSLATING IN KYRGYZ into a microphone. JAZ (V.O.) What do you expect to find here? BACK TO SCENE DALIA I want to meet your people, learn your customs, and see Kyrgyzstan. JAZ What specific customs do you want to learn? DALIA I want to see what we have in common. If there is some way we can help each other and fix this broken world. And, I dont know; Its weird, but do you have any connections to the ancient writings? JAZ What ancient writings? DALIA You know, from the shepherd prophets. From nomadic kings. What? JAZ Like the Quran?

DALIA Yeah, do you have any customs from the Quran or Bible?

57. At the word BIBLE, Jaz quickly glances up to the... CONTROL PANEL ROOM - BEHIND A GLASS WINDOW The director, wearing headphones, stands abruptly, sending his chair to the floor. JAZ tries to save the situation JAZ Why would an American Indian be concerned about the Christian book? DALIA The book keeps following me, even beyond Judeo-Christian borders. I dont know. I guess I half expect to find its traces here too. Phones start RINGING in the background. JAZ No place is further from the Christian world than Kyrgyzstan. INT. KYRGYZ HOME (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Rasul, dressed like a young Muslim fanatic, watches Dalia on TV (in KYRGYZ) while speaking into his cell phone. RASUL (in Arabic with SUBTITLES) There is an infidel from America; an idol worshipper... EXT. UNFINISHED MOSQUE - CONTINUOUS Sadam stands on the mosque steps with phone to his ear. RASUL (V.O.) (over phone) ...telling us to read the Westerners bible. CLOSE ON Sadams KHOMEINI gaze. EXT. KYRGYZ TV STUDIO (KYRGYZSTAN) - ESTABLISHING EXT. KYRGYZ TV STUDIO - DAY Dalia and Jaz, standing at a back door, say bye to the TV stations staff.

58. Two dark SUVs pull up to the front of the studio. Six guys wearing white skull caps jump out and enter the studios front door. INT. JAZS HOME - NIGHT Dalia, fresh from the shower, sits at a table with Jaz. Jazs sisters move around the table and kitchen. Jaz tears flat bread and puts a few broken pieces in front of Dalia. JAZ (pouring Dalia tea) The mullahs wont let me do any more live interviews with you. Were Muslims, Dalia, youre not supposed to talk about that book! (laughing) They also threatened our director. Jaz serves salad. Dalia eats bread. DALIA You dont look Muslim. JAZ Kyrgyz like freedom. (whispering) Freedom is our true religion. DALIA If you cant talk freely, youre not free. JAZ Those mullahs are supported by FOREIGN funds. They arent really Kyrgyz. Anyway, a company from Moscow wants to do a program about you. They have a cameraman here. DALIA Can I talk freely? Jaz smiles. DALIA (CONTD) Honestly, Jaz, we dont need the camera. Im here for my people. JAZ The camera is here for my people. We know what were doing.

59. INT. DALIAS HOME (ARIZONA) - DAY Char is on the phone. CHAR (into the phone) Nate said he wont join the U.S. Military until the government officially apologizes for acts of terrorism against our people, and ... INT. INTERNET CAF, IP PHONE BOOTH (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT Jaz stands outside the phone booth. Inside Dalia listens on the phone, smiling. CHAR (V.O.) (CONT) (over phone) ... dad is building a hogan for the neighbors. EXT. NEIGHBORS HOME (ARIZONA) - DAY Joseph, Nate, Spine and a few men build a hogan. DALIA (V.O.) Mom, dont tell dad, but I have this weird feeling; like someone hates me; someone without a face. EXT. ATA BIET PARK (FATHERS GRAVE) (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY At the foot of impressive, snow-capped mountains Jaz and Dalia stand before bronze statues of bound Kyrgyz prisoners being shot, dragged, and beat by Soviet soldiers. JAZ A crazy man saw you on TV and wants to meet you here. (shaking her head) The first man in Kyrgyzstan to start a porn journal. Dalia cringes. Jaz laughs. JAZ (CONTD) He also worked on the Bible translation team with me. DALIA Is he Christian?

60. JAZ No, no, no! Hes a Muslim believer in Allahs earlier books... and the Jacob link. He dropped the porn. Dalia doesnt understand. JAZ (CONTD) Like Quran says - Torah and Gospel are from Allah, and cant be changed. Anyone who doesnt believe Allahs revelations burns. (laughing) Its in the Quran. DALIA (shaking her head) Whats the link thing? JAZ He found countless similarities... (looking up) Here he comes. KANAT (55), a roundish Kyrgyz man with thick specks, wears a faded fishermans vest, faded baseball cap, torn, dirty jeans, and old leather sandals. He approaches the ladies, greets Dalia in English (AD LIB), acknowledges Jaz, and hands them a newspaper. INSERT FRONT PAGE PIC OF DALIA GETTING OFF THE BUS TIME DISSOLVE: Kanat leads the girls through the outdoor memorial. A Russian CAMERAMAN follows them. BRONZE STATUES OF MEN BEING PULLED FROM FAMILIES and statues of men being shot are scattered around the park, at the foot of awesome mountains. KANAT (showing the statues) This is where the Soviets promised to work with us, but they turned and shot our leaders. DALIA A Kyrgyz Wounded Knee. With Cameraman filming, they walk around the memorial park.

61. Dalia is deeply disturbed. Jaz notices. INT. DALIAS HOME - NIGHT Joseph, alone on the couch, turns his globe. JOSEPH (to himself) Changing Woman flew west, following the sun... CLOSE ON GLOBE His finger moves west around the globe to Altai, then follows the mountain chain down to Kyrgyzstans Tien Shan Mountains. JOSEPH (O.S.) (CONTD) ... to mountains like our mountains where she preserves life. Giving birth to Monster Slayer? Joseph with one finger on Arizona which is on the exact opposite side of the globe from the other finger on Kyrgyzstan. EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Kanats car, an old, brown, Soviet jeep (Niva), swings around mountain curves beside a clear rushing river. INT./EXT. BROWN NIVA - CONTINUOUS (MOVING) Kanat drives with Cameraman beside him. The car has exposed metal, wires, and cracked glass. Dalia and Jaz sit in back. Kanat points outside ... ANOTHER MEMORIAL - 1916 WRITTEN ABOVE. KANAT (V.O.) The Tsars army killed one third of all Kyrgyz. INT. DIN COLLEGE (ARIZONA) - DAY Nate stands in front of the class. NATE Today we got an invitation to a Japanese Shinto ceremony centered around their holy ark, which is...

62. FORMAL JAPANESE CARRY THE OMIKOSHI (ARK) AT A RIVERS EDGE NATE (V.O.) (CONTD) ... carried according to Mosaic law. We also got an anonymous threat that we must shut down our web-page. BACK TO COLLEGE SCENE SPINE (standing up defiantly) Im in. The class is silent. SPINE (CONTD) No more chains. Ill join your cause, even if you all are asses. The CLASS CHEERS. EXT. LAKE ISSYK KOL (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Kanats Niva moves along red rocks that come down to a sparkling blue lake (like Arizonas Lake Powell). Kyrgyz kids in underwear ride horses in the water. Kids climb on and dive from swimming horses. KANAT (V.O.) This was the capital of an ancient kingdom called Halluh or Hallah. INT. NIVA - CONTINUOUS He turns to Dalia and waits for her to respond, but she doesnt. She replies with a blank stare. KANAT Manassehs tribe was taken to a place called Halah. This is it, the biblical Halah... CLOSE ON SWIMMING HORSE struggling to keep his head above water. KANAT (V.O.) (CONTD) ... still surviving.

63. BACK TO KANATS CAR JAZ Manas is our legendary Kyrgyz warrior. Hundreds of our heroes and thousands of years are placed in his biographical epic. INT./EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY The Niva climbs a steep dirt road along rocky cliffs with great vistas of Kyrgyzstan. Dalia soaks in the beauty. KANAT (V.O.) In our legends Manas father, who had two wives, went out to a field, put his head on his saddle. A heavenly man entered his dream... DALIA (V.O.) Jacob, but in the Torah he put his head on a rock, not a saddle. KANAT (V.O.) When Manas was born, his parents hid him in the mountains to protect him from the enemy king. DALIA (V.O.) Moses. Jesus. All monster slayers born under a tyrants jealous eye. (beat) Your Manas epic has these stories? JAZ As if they came from one source. INT. NIVA - CONTINUOUS (MOVING) KANAT When Manas was older his father didnt get his sons wife from the surrounding tribes, but from kin in a distant land. DALIA Abraham found a wife for Isaac in Syria. KANAT What was her name? Rachel. DALIA No. Rebecca.

64. KANAT In our epic her name is Rabeega. DALIA Rebecca; Rabeega; thats not an archetype. You heard that from missionaries. KANAT (pissed) Manas is OUR epic. foreign! He turns to glare at her. She holds his stare, But her nervous finger starts to twitch. KANAT (CONTD) (still slightly pissed) When our people escaped from oppression we left with 600,000 fighting men. DALIA (no longer enjoying) The exodus, led by Moses. JAZ (to the Cameraman in Russian with SUBTITLES) You can NOT air this conversation until... The Cameraman puts his hand up to stop Jaz without stopping the film sequence. Obviously he knows the danger. KANAT Did you know Moses left Egypt with 600,000 soldiers? DALIA That also doesnt fit Jungs universal conscience theory. Kanat smiles. Dalias mind works, trying to put it all together. KANAT It gets better than that. Manas fathers name, the man with two wives is Jakyb.

It is not

65. DALIA Jacob?! (beat) And Manasseh?! EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY JACOB (jabbing) Did Dalia believe all his lost tribe crap? JAZ Shes intelligent enough. Jacob jots some notes. EXT. YURT CAMP (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Rasul, the young fanatic, takes supplies (potatoes, sugar, tea, and Islamic books) from the trunk of his car to Aba and little Bermet at the yurt camp. EXT. URBAN CHURCH, PARKING LOT (ARIZONA) - DAY Joseph, in his work clothes, talks with the Pastor whos wearing kind of cool shorts and a stylish Hawaiian shirt. JOSEPH I think you are polluting Jesus beauty when you present him to my people through a Western religion. PASTOR Youre stepping into syncretism, the false gospel... and hell. JOSEPH We just want to drink the purity of Jesus water without all your ... PASTOR (interrupting) Joseph, your people need a good example ... and you arent... Joseph SIGHS as he heads for his car. The Pastor shakes his head, pitying Joseph. PASTORS POV - JOSEPH DRIVES AWAY.

66. INT. JOSEPHS CAR - CONTINUOUS (MOVING) Joseph eases; starts smiling. He starts to move to a beat and SINGS in Navajo (AD LIB). EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY The Niva climbs higher. EXT. YURT CAMP (KYRGYZSTAN) - CONTINUOUS Rasul, looking more like an extremist, is now loading his car with meat, milk, and yogurt. Rasul takes the sheeps head and shows it to Erjan. converse in Kyrgyz (with SUBTITLES). RASUL This is what that infidel Indian girl is going to look like if she doesnt shut up. Erjan, treating a lambs wound, gives him puzzled glance. RASUL (CONTD) Shes converting Muslims to the heathen bible. Erjan stands, still looking uncertain. ERJAN I thought Allah gave ALL the holy books. Thats why Quran commands us to believe them all! RASUL Oh, Allah have mercy on you. ERJAN You want to harm an American Indian? What have you become? RASUL (shaking the sheep head) She is contaminating our nation. ERJAN With a holy book? RASUL They arent our holy books! infidels changed them. The They

67. ERJAN 600 years after the prophet Jesus, our prophet still trusted the Torah, Psalms, and Gospel. So when did Jews and Christians change them? RASUL (shaking his head) Erjan, Youre falling the wrong way. INSERT KYRGYZ MOUNTAIN ERJAN (V.O.) Maybe your mullahs should go home before their wars reach the Lords Mountain. BACK TO ERJAN AND RASUL RASUL Theyll make us blessed and rich. Like the Arabs; if we obey Allah. ERJAN Theyll turn our nation into another Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan. RASUL (stepping back fearfully) Oh mercy. May Allah give me time to escape. ERJAN Rasul, stay and read all Allahs verses with me, here on our mountains. Rasul takes another step back, shaking his head in disbelief. RASUL Erjan, you dont have the cursed book, do you? ERJAN (stepping back mockingly) Oh mercy. The Quran says its from Allah. You say its cursed... Erjan fearfully looks for lightening, but cracks a smile. Rasul isnt laughing.

68. EXT./INT. NIVA - MOUNTAIN ROAD (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY The Niva reaches the pass, arching into green alpine pastures covered with creeks, sheep, and horses. KANAT (V.O.) We have an eternal saint, called the wanderer. When you meet him you hold on. Dont let go until you get your wish. DALIA (V.O.) Jacob wrestling with the angel, til he got blessed... KANAT (V.O.) Then after you get his blessing the wanderer disappears. DALIA (V.O.) Jesus on the road to Emmeaus. KANAT (V.O.) Yeah, one of our 16th century poets believed Jesus was the wanderer. BACK TO SCENE KANAT (CONTD) (to Dalia) We can only identify the wanderer by his wounded hand. EXT. YURT CAMP (KYRGYZSTAN) - CONTINUOUS The Niva approaches the yurt camp. Rasul notices. RASUL (looking to the Niva) Doesnt look like real customers. Rasul gestures bye to Aba. Rasul shakes his head at Erjan, and STARTS HIS CAR as Kanat and gang pull in. Rasul glances at the Nivas passengers and drives away. Dalia and Jaz get out of Kanats Niva.

69. DALIAS POV: The yurt camp is classic. warm. The scenery beautiful. The people

Bermet immediately adores Dalia and Jaz. Erjan stands at a distance, fiddling with his horses reins. INT. YURT CAMP - YURT - MOMENTS LATER Dalia enters the yurt (similar to the Navajo hogan and the Siberian ayil). She closes her eyes, breathes deep. She finds an ornate CHEST (ARK), at the yurts far end. Dalia opens the chest. Inside she sees

an old book with gold trim sitting on expensive cloth. Little Bermet enters and MOVES to a big leather skin filled with kimis (horse milk). Dalia is embarrassed to be looking in the chest. the lid down She puts

Bermet aerates the kimis, thrusting a long stick up and down, then fills a pitcher while looking at beautiful Dalia. EXT. YURT CAMP - MOMENTS LATER The group sits down at a low table on the grass in front of the yurt. Kyrgyz are talking with each other. Erjan is away from the table still fixing a stirrup. Dalia, eating fry bread and thick cream, watches him. Little Bermet serves everyone fermented horse milk. Dalia watches, the others drink. Their faces betray the milks sourness.

They all watch Dalia drink the sour horse milk and squinch her face. All the Kyrgyz LAUGH; so does Erjan.

70. JAZ (smiling) Our fermented horse milk beer, wont make you drunk, just happy. BERMET (to Jaz, in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) I saw you on TV. Erjan tightens the saddle, and hops on the horse. JAZ (whispering to Dalia) He still doesnt know youre a foreigner. JAZ (CONTD) (calling to Erjan in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) Brother, let my sister ride with you. She has never been on this mountain. Erjan turns red. Jaz nudges Dalia until she agrees. Erjan scoots back, making room for Dalia on the saddle. Dalia mounts, and the two ride off together, in silence. Erjan gently spurs his horse to RIDE FASTER up a hill. He has to push into Dalia to keep from falling off the back. Dalia is beautiful in the late evening light. Little Bermet, riding a young horse, bareback, FOLLOWS Erjan and Dalia at a distance. The horse stumbles, launching Erjan off the back. Dalia and horse continue a scary, but exquisite ride. Bermet follows. Those at the camp watch. Slowly Dalia gets comfortable and gains control of the horse. She rides to Erjan, and moves back, so he can be in the saddle. Riding to a ridge, she holds on to Erjan. From the ridge he looks at the BLEATING FLOCK to the right. Dalia, enjoys the setting sun and vista on her left.

71. DALIAS POV - MOUNTAIN LAKE, PASTURES, AND BACK TO DALIA leaning her head on Erjans back as if this is the first time she relaxed since leaving Arizona. Its been a hard, lonely trip, and now her face reveals it. Erjan WHISTLES GENTLY, then WHISTLES again, louder. The flock of sheep responds and gathers together. Dalia watches. BLEATING lambs and ewes reunite. The black lamb hobbles. Erjan RIDES gently, not wanting to disturb Dalia. He leans over, picks up the hurt lamb, and hands it back to Dalia. Slowly they shepherd the flock back to camp, Dalia holding the lamb close, like a mother. INT. RASULS CAR - (MOVING) - NIGHT RASUL (into phone) Guess who I just saw? INT. DUSTY HOUSE - NIGHT Sadam puts down the phone. SADAM Theyre blurring the lines. have to kill them now. We ENDLESS MOUNTAINS

Five Middle Eastern Gunmen get up and strap on their guns. INT. YURT CAMP - YURT - NIGHT Everyone is lying down, men on one side, women on the other. Aba and his wife sleep in the middle. Kanat keeps a lantern burning beside him. Dalia, lying on her back, watches,

72. the lanterns light dances on the yurts smoke hole. The smoke holes center is crossed with red, wooden sticks, like the sun symbol held by the Changing Woman (Freedom) Statue. She views the smoke hole through the cross of her dreamcatcher, lining up the circles and crosses til they match. Dalia and Kanat, lying on separate sides of the yurt, talk about Kyrgyz ethnology. KANAT You probably dont point with your finger, just with a glance or nod. DALIA Pointing is rude. Condemning.

Erjan seems to be listening, as if he knew English. Jaz is listening too. recorder by her head. The others sleep. DALIA (CONTD) You probably welcome every guest that walks by your door. KANAT Our God-guest tradition; The Creator could visit any time. You know from... DALIA (interrupting) ... from the Abraham story. He welcomed three guests. One was God. Kanat smiles. DALIA (CONTD) Are you one of those tribes that steals girls for brides? KANAT Like Jesus, you know, he comes and takes us, his unsuspecting bride back to... Jaz rolls her eyes. KANAT (V.O.) (CONTD) ...his fathers house in heaven. We Kyrgyz kind of do it the same way. DALIA I think Jesus only takes people who want to live with him. A red light beams from a small

73. KANAT Yeah, well Kyrgyz guys arent all quite as classy. Erjan suddenly sits up and looks at Dalia with big eyes. ERJAN (in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) The American Indian infidel. Dalia, startled, looks at him. What? DALIA

EXT. YURT CAMP (KYRGYZSTAN) - CONTINUOUS A wolf prowls in the darkness. Sheep, in the corral, stand up. EXT. DINER (ARIZONA) - ESTABLISHING - DAY INT. DINER Spine and Joseph eat breakfast together at a busy diner. Spine is reading the NATIVE NEWS. Spine, pissed, SLAMS the paper down. Joseph LAUGHS O.S.

SPINE Even from the other side of the world your daughter still broadcasts her opinion. JOSEPH (smiling) She couldve written more. SPINE (shaking his head) Shes not Navajo. JOSEPH Shes right. You dont have to get high to be spiritual. SPINE (burning) I always wanted you to lead the tribe... til I learned how much your religion screwed our people. Then I started to hate you; saw you leashed to a pastor who gets paid for every pet Indian in his church.

74. Joseph twinges, hesitates. Spine gets up, heads for the door; then turns and continues barking at Joseph, loud enough for all to hear. SPINE (CONTD) Do you really need their missions and churches to teach you about God and the beauty way? Can Anglos help define blood sacrifice or initiation passages or sacred rights? (beat) You couldve interpreted the old writings through our ancestors wisdom; not their sermons! Spine turns to leave again, staring down a White trucker type on the way out. He stops at the door. SPINE (CONTD) (loud; to Joseph) Now you lost your daughter too. Joseph taps his middle finger on the salt shaker. EXT. YURT CAMP (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT A wolf prowls. Sheep run toward the corrals far fence.

INT. YURT - CONTINUOUS Everyone is sleeping. Sheep can be HEARD RUNNING.

Erjan springs from his mat, puts his pants on, grabs a slingshot, and leaps through the door like lightening. EXT. YURT CAMP - CONTINUOUS He HOLLERS as he leaps into the darkness And finds gorgeous Dalia petting his horse. He looks pretty stupid with his slingshot aimed at her. She looks pretty stunning in her sleeveless T-shirt. EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY No gun? JACOB Just a slingshot? She continues...

Jaz searches his motives.

75. JAZ The next day we were walking on the lakes shore... EXT. LAKES SHORE (KYRGYZSTAN) - CONTINUOUS Dalia and Kanat walk and talk along the lakes edge. EXT. HIGH MOUNTAIN PASTURE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Erjan on horseback looks over Kyrgyzstans beauty; the mountains, alpine lake, yurt camps, and... four people walking along the waters edge. BACK TO LAKES SHORE KANAT If no one else cared, why should I? (smiling) Muslims wont let my people examine our ancestral faith. Jews want us to renounce our culture. Christians fired us when we found our root in the oracle. They all want us to convert, become like them. DALIA Did you ever think you were wrong? KANAT I thought I was crazy. I kept asking the Creator for help, for proof. DALIA How did you keep going? KANAT I didnt. I gave up. (smiling at Dalia) Then you were on TV. Jaz and Little Bermet follow, walking hand-in-hand, they converse in Kyrgyz (with SUBTITLES). BERMET Has a man ever stolen you? Twice. JAZ But I got away both times.

Jumping, little Bermet obviously wants to hear more.

76. JAZ (CONTD) The first time I told them I had a boyfriend. They still wouldnt let me leave, until I stepped over the grandmother and left. FLASHBACK - INT. KYRGYZ HOME (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT An old lady sits on the threshold of a beautiful room with carpets on the walls. Red-eyed Jaz rips a white scarf from her head and jumps over an old lady sitting at the threshold. BERMET (V.O.) You stepped over the grandmother? Then youre cursed! BACK TO LAKE SCENE JAZ (smiling) I was, but now Im free. Little Bermet, jumping, wants more. JAZ (CONTD) I got really sick. Failed exams. Then older brother (nodding toward Kanat) told me about Allahs command in the third holy book: Bless the person who curses you. So I blessed them. My hatred left, and I got better. BERMET What is the third holy book? JAZ Muslims believe in four holy books. First is the Torah... BERMET (interrupting) ... given to Moses; second is the Psalms given to David ... BACK TO Dalia AND KANAT DALIA I thought I was going to find something different here... KANAT (interrupting) Something you could write? For a dissertation? An article to save the world and make you famous?

77. Kanat stops walking and looks sternly at Dalia. Jaz and Bermet also stop and listen. KANAT (CONTD) (with fatherly eyes) Youre the first to come back. The first! Make your home here, Dalia. If you go back to America your feet will grow heavy. Dalia isnt sure. He smiles at her and looks up to Erjan on the ridge, silhouetted on his horse Dalia looks at him too; perhaps longingly. KANAT (O.S.) (CONTD) These are your mountains. EXT. LAKE POWELL HARBOR (ARIZONA) - DAY Spine and Nate paddle a Native, skin-kayak. Nates preoccupied with the fishing, but Spine isnt. Spine paddles up to a yacht named Beacon. SPINE (to the kayak) Old kayak. WATER SPLASHES IN THE KAYAK AT SPINES LEGS Spine pulls out a battery powered, rotary mini-saw... leans to the yachts hull and quickly and starts CUTTING. NATE (spinning) What are you doing? SPINE I need something to patch my Kayak. Hope the White mans crap works. The mini-saw WHIRLS, cutting fiberglass. Nate, using tangled fishing rod, kind of tries to stop Spine.

78. NATE You cant do that. (noticing the yachts name) Spine, this is the Pastors yacht. Nate jabs Spine while looking to see if anyone is watching. SPINE Calm down. Their junk always fixes our problems! Shoving Nates rod away, Spine finishes the job, and picks out the cut piece of fiberglass. He takes gum from his mouth and applies it to the piece. NATE (trying to paddle away) Shut up! This is serious. We can get serious time for this. SPINE Chained to a White man. (turning to Nate) Nothing would change for you. Nate uses his paddle to push away from the yacht. CLOSE ON yachts hole. Spine tries affixes the piece to the kayaks skin floor. Damn. SPINE (O.S.) (CONTD) Doesnt work.

Water and the cut fiberglass float around Spines legs. EXT. YURT CAMP (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Kanat walks back to the camp by himself. EXT. LAKES SHORE (KYRGYZSTAN) - CONTINUOUS Dalia, Jaz, and little Bermet wade in the clear water. JAZ (to Dalia) If the mission school soaped your fathers mouth for speaking Navajo, why did he keep their religion? DALIA (shaking her head) I dont know. I have a weird dad.

79. JAZ (looking at Kanat) He also stays in the mosque. Kanat, stops to pet the colts on the green pasture. JAZ (V.O.) (CONTD) They threaten to kill him every time he publishes a book or writes an article, but he wont leave. Why not? DALIA

Jaz and Dalia look at each other until Jaz laughs. But Dalias not laughing. DALIA (CONTD) I hope I didnt make a mistake coming here. Kanat is far out of site. The three gals neatly pile their clothes on the rocky beach. Close on their naked feet testing the water. Dalia, Jaz, and little Bermet bathe in the lake. SEXY BARE SHOULDER SHOTS. DALIA (CONTD) (in the water) Maybe your life harmonizes your fathers life. JAZ How did you know he was my father? Kanat sits on a stool, sharpening a knife at the yurt camp. DALIA (O.S.) You two had some hard years. JAZ (looking at Bermet) I was just a little girl; nine when he started the porn journal. . DALIA But hes changed. JAZ That doesnt change my childhood. We get some

80. EXT. YURT CAMP - DAY Everyone is eating bread and drinking tea around the low table, sitting on thin mattresses on the grass outside. Abas Wife gives the baby a bottle. Dalia looks at Erjan. He smiles and blushes. Jaz watches and approves. EXT. ROAD TO YURT CAMP - CONTINUOUS Three cars (Rasuls car and two nice black SUVs) drive on a dirt road toward the yurt camp. All the cars carry men wearing religious, mafia outfits. Erjan looks up and panics. ERJAN (to Dalia in good English) Go. On the horse. Go. Leave! Dalia hesitates. DALIA You speak English? Go. Now! ERJAN

She RUNS to the horse, hops on and starts to RIDE, but one SUV blocks her. She RIDES another direction, but its too late. Cars encircle the camp, Eight GUNMEN jump out and surround everyone. Sadam takes aim at Dalia, and makes Rasul grab her horse. Rasul and ShagMullah, the youngest, are two Kyrgyz working with Sadam and five other Middle Eastern Gunmen. Aba sees Rasul and gives a disapproving look. RASUL (in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) Old man, they are pagans. They are destroying our people.

81. ABA You transgressed the mountain way. Gunmen force Kanat, Jaz, and the Cameraman into their SUVs. Dalia still wont get off the horse. KANAT (yelling to Dalia) Theyll kill you. Sadam shifts the gun from Dalia to the horses head. Dalia quickly dismounts. Sadam roughs her up. Erjan steps in. Sadam butts him with a rifle, knocks him to the ground, kicks him in the face, and points the rifle at Erjans head. Erjan puts his hands up and looks away. Sinister Sadam kicks Erjan in the gut. Erjan doubles over. Rasul walks by.

RASUL (in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) Its better to be on Allahs side. CLOSE ON Erjans bloody mouth and response. ERJAN (in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) Do you think youre God? Did you suddenly become the Mashayak? Rasul laughs, shaking his head disapprovingly. Dalia is thrown against the SUV. They tie her hands. Shes terrified; and desperately looks to Erjan, who doesnt seem to care. Help! Erjan is defeated. Dalia is pushed in the car with the others. Gunmen get back into their SUVs and drive off. DALIA

82. Erjan springs up, and quickly mounts his horse. ABA (to Erjan) Bring her back. Erjan RIDES OFF, chasing the cars at top speed. Bermet follows him, bareback. ABA (CONTD) (to his wife) Well do this Kyrgyz style. Get ready for your daughter-in-law. EXT./INT. RIDGE/MOUNTAIN ROAD/RASULS CAR/SUV - DAY The CHASE is dramatic; the HORSE RIDING brilliant, the scenery stunning. At the ridge Erjan splits from the road and stays on top. The cars descend. Erjan picks rocks from the ground while RIDING TOP-SPEED and launches them at the descending cars. RIDING along the ridge, he starts landslides that hit the cars. The Gunmen SHOOT up at him from their moving SUVs. Falling rocks HIT Rasuls car and cause an accident. Then a rock BREAKS THE WINDSHIELD of the lead SUV, causing it to crash. Two Middle Easterners are badly injured in the crashed SUV. On horseback, Erjan grabs another rock for his slingshot. The other SUV stops. Three Gunmen, mad as hell, get out and SHOOT MULTIPLE ROUNDS at Erjan up on the ridge. One Gunman dodges another rock. SHOOTS. Then takes careful aim and

Erjan bends over, then falls from his horse. From inside the car Rasul and ShagMullah watch Erjan fall. From inside the good SUV, Dalia also watches. Erjan hits the ground hard and doesnt move. horse GALLOP AWAY (O.S.). We hear his

83. The Gunmen put their two injured men in the good SUV and flee. ShagMullah and Rasul get left behind. They start walking, following the dust cloud. Bermet finds Erjan holding his bloody leg. Kyrgyz (with SUBTITLES)... BERMET Brother Erjan? ERJAN Get my horse. Bermet RIDES OFF. She finds his horse trotting along a creek, catches it, and brings it back to wounded Erjan. She makes the horse kneel. He gets on (ARAGON STYLE). INT./EXT. YURT CAMP - YURT (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT The colorful yurt is prepared for a wedding; to one side a white sheet hangs like a curtain. Aba hears a HORSE APPROACHING (O.S). He exits. Bermet is close. They talk in Kyrgyz (with SUBTITLES) Conversing in

BERMET (to Aba) Aba ... ABA Wheres Erjan? TIME TRANSITION: INT./EXT. YURT CAMP - YURT - MORNING Aba outside and alone, scans the horizon, watching the morning star. He sees no one, then he GASPS. ABAS POV - A Semitic/Kyrgyz looking man wearing a green robe, rides a donkey.

84. ABA (back to the yurt) Old lady, quick light the stove. (calling the Semite) Come join us for tea! INT. DUSTY HOUSE (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT Dalia, Jaz, Kanat, and the Cameraman are all tied up in a dusty room with no furniture except one Kyrgyz carpet. Dalia weeps, then sobs. Kanat looks at her. She cant believe this is happening.

Hes troubled.

KANAT Dalia, our religion isnt bad. These men dont know our real religion or the Creator. Dalia rubs the binding ropes against a Soviet heating system. DALIA (coming to herself) I dont want religious lessons now. I want to live. KANAT Thats why you to remember some Quranic verses... EXT. POWELL LAKE HARBOR (ARIZONA)- ESTABLISHING - DAY An Anglo Policeman interrogates Nate, who is handcuffed and passive. A photographer in the background takes photos. KANAT (V.O.) (CONTD) ... The most hated Jew, Islams Messiah, was infused with Allahs breath. Quran 3:45 and ... DALIA (V.O.) The Quran has a Messiah? POLICE (to Nate) If you didnt do it, who did? Nate looks away; wont answer. Pastor looks on from his yacht. The Editor watches from the deck of the neighboring yacht.

85. EDITOR (shouting to the photographer) Come get shots of the yachts hull. PASTOR What the hell? Editor gives him that should-have-listened-to-me smirk. POLICE Get his ass down to the station. A Native American policeman pushes Nate into the police car. EXT. BLUFF OVERLOOKING HARBOR (ARIZONA) - MOMENTS LATER Spine sits on the rocks smoking peyote and watching the police car drive by with Nate in the back. Spine isnt too interested or emotional. INT. YURT (KYRGYZSTAN) - MORNING The Semitic/Kyrgyz man sits at the table with Aba, Abas wife, and Bermet. As the Semitic/Kyrgyz breaks bread we see his wounded hand looking a lot like the hand in the closing scene of MEL GIBSONS PASSION OF CHRIST. Bermet notices the hand. EXT. KYRGYZSTAN - DUSTY HOUSE - DAY Armed ShagMullah sits on a large log in front of an old Kyrgyz house surrounded with weeds, empty corrals, and sheds. INT. DUSTY HOUSE, BACK ROOM - CONTINUOUS Dalia, Kanat, Jaz and the Cameraman are still tied, hands and legs. Theyre lying or sitting on the floor. Jaz is breathing SHORT BREATHS. Dalia, wide awake, tries to close her eyes. Seconds later she quietly panics, as if slipping into hell. No. No! DALIA NOOOO!

She shakes herself out of a frightening vision or something.

86. KANAT Whats the matter? DALIA Im not ready to die. KANAT (methodically) Do your people... Uh. Our people believe a lamb carries the deceased across a thread stretched over hell. Only the right lamb can carry you all the way to paradise. You have to trust him ... ride him. DALIA The lamb of God ... Dalia takes it in, looking at the dream-catcher draped from her neck to the floor. KANAT (O.S.) I cant do it without him. Closing her eyes again, she eventually finds an inner peace which envelopes her expression and posture. But the moment is short lived. Holding a rifle, he checks out terrified Jaz and Dalia, Jaz experiences paralysis as she recalls... FLASHBACK - EXT. DRY MOUNTAIN PASTURE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY Rasul was the horse rider who tore her apart in her dream. END FLASHBACK: BACK TO RASUL LOOKING AT Jaz. Then he grabs Dalia and drags her to the front room. Dalia sheds the wrist rope on the floor while being dragged. INT. FRONT ROOM Two wounded Middle Eastern Gunmen lie on mats; both bloodied and bandaged. They watch Rasul, enviously. Rasul BURSTS into the room.

87. He pushes Dalia on her back and kisses her. She looks like easy prey, pretending her hands are still tied. He rips at her shirt, and cuts her legs free. Then Dalia kicks Rasul, knocking the rifle from him. She rolls to the rifle. Rasul stands up and charges toward her, but the rifle is aimed at his gut, and she obviously knows how to use it. DALIA (furious) Youre not Kyrgyz. Youre like the White man and them (pointing to the wounded Gunmen). Always trying to stop us, put us down. No longer... She FIRES, and almost cant believe what she did. CLOSE ON RASUL - He cant believe it either. and falls. His groin is a bloody mess. The wounded Gunmen watch him WRITHE, wondering if theyre next. She keeps the rifle on Rasul, who seems so boyish now. Shes still mad, but also confused. Hes terrified. DALIA (CONTD) Youre not ready. She drops her aim, and hurries to the back room... INT. BACK ROOM where she unties a delighted Jaz. DALIA Youre going to live, girl. Jaz shakes her head, smiling. Disbelieving. He turns pale

We HEAR SOMEONE. Jazs smile and Dalias bravado disappear.

88. INT. FRONT ROOM ShagMullah comes in the front door and finds Rasul GROANING, looking pathetic, next to the other wounded. With drawn gun, he moves timidly toward the back room. INT. BACK ROOM While Jaz unties the Cameraman, Kanat speaks loud enough (in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) for the men in the other room to hear. KANAT Listen, you guys are Kyrgyz, killing Kyrgyz. This isnt our war. INT. FRONT ROOM ShagMullah listens. Rasul doubles up in pain. INT. BACK ROOM Freed, the Cameraman grabs his cassettes and escapes through the back window. While Jaz unties Kanat we hear a CAR DRIVE UP. Dalia holds the rifle, standing guard by the door. KANAT (waiting to be untied. Loud.) You dont know the message, do you? You cant interpret it without foreign mullahs, can you? JAZ (to Dalia) Hes telling them how stupid they are for needing foreigners to interpret ancient writings. Dalia should be guarding the door, but shes staring at Kanat. DALIA (to herself) Just like us; submitting ourselves to a foreign interpretation of sacred writings. Jaz listens to Dalia as she cuts Kanats rope shackles.

89. KANAT (loud) Youre not Muslims. The Quran says youre worse than infidels. Dalias brow furrows. INT. FRONT ROOM Kanats words sting ShagMullah, who responds like Dalia. INT. BACK ROOM Jaz gets Kanats arms free. With freed hands, Kanat works to untie his own legs. INT. FRONT ROOM ShagMullah, with rifle drawn, listens. EXT. DUSTY HOUSE - CONTINUOUS Sadam and three Gunmen, followed by two Kyrgyz prostitutes, WALK from the car to the house. They chat in Arabic (AD LIB). Sadam, looks around. Somethings not right. We hear CAR DOORS.

INT. BACK ROOM - CONTINUOUS Kanat takes the rifle and motions for Jaz and Dalia to run. Dalia hops through the window. KANAT (whispering to Jaz in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) When the sacred writings fuse with the ancient ones the world will again know their Makers goodness. (with a fathers gaze) Now fly, my daughter. This is your era. Beware of outsiders and their money. Remember Jakyb, the twelve, the holy tent, and Father Tengiri; God of the nomadic saints. Jaz nods and says bye with teary eyes. KANAT (CONTD) Keep it pure. Now go. Go!

90. EXT. BACK OF DUSTY HOUSE - CONTINUOUS Jaz jumps out the back window and starts running with Dalia, armed, toward the mountains. INT./EXT. FRONT ROOM - CONTINUOUS Sadam and the Gunmen enter. They see Rasul sitting in his blood crying, and ShagMullah standing nervously by the wall with his gun drawn. Sadam and the Gunmen draw weapons. The three Gunmen BURST outside with their guns, scaring the prostitutes. Sadam moves toward the door of the back room, pushing ShagMullah in front of him. ShagMullah is scared and complies. INT. BACK ROOM Kanat, listening, COCKS the gun and quickly FIRES TWICE... through the wall, high and then low. INT. FRONT ROOM A hole BLOWS through the wall, just above ShagMullahs head and at his feet, causing ShagMullah and Sadam to fly backwards. EXT. FRONT OF DUSTY HOUSE The Kyrgyz prostitutes SCREAM and run toward the main road. EXT. DUSTY HOUSE, CORRAL Running, Dalia and wet-cheeked Jaz hear SHOTS and jump behind a shed. EXT. BACK OF DUSTY HOUSE - CONTINUOUS The three Gunmen outside, hear SHOTS, and hit the ground. They dont see Dalia and Jaz. They get up and move slowly toward the houses back window.

91. INT./EXT. BACK ROOM Kanat puts his gun down. The Middle Eastern Gunmen stand at the windows side. whip around, ready to shoot inside. They

Inside Kanat is bowing, praying the Islamic daily prayers. He doesnt look at the gunmen. GUNMAN #1 (in Arabic, loud) We got him! Sadam enters from the front room, rifle drawn. Kanat, standing in Islamic prayer posture, PRAYS KANAT (in Arabic with SUBTITLES) Guide us to the Right Way. The way of those whom You have favored; not of those who have earned Your wrath, or of those who have lost the way... Sadam hesitates, then interrupts, SADAM (in Arabic with SUBTITLES) Shut up, hypocrite. And SHOOTS Kanat in the chest. ShagMullah enters and stares at dying Kanat. SADAM (CONTD) (to ShagMullah) Film his agonizing passage to hell. (to the three gunmen at the window) Get the others. The three gunmen run toward the shed. ShagMullah sets up his camera to film Kanat. KANAT (struggling to ShagMullah in Kyrgyz with SUBTITLES) Always remember our ancestors: give pilof to him who throws stones. May Allah let you ride the lamb. Kanat turns his eyes to heaven, enjoys something, then dies.

92. ShagMullah loses his strength and falls back on his butt. EXT. CORRAL - CONTINUOUS Dalia and Jaz hide in a pile of hay on top of a shed. A Gunman hunts them, running along the buildings side. Dalia grabs a pitchfork, looks at the man below and spears him in the collar bone. Jaz is troubled and relieved. Dalia smiles reassuringly, jumps down, takes the gun, and points it at the injured man, who stares with panicked eyes. She seems to pity the jerk. DALIA Youre not my enemy. Hes not going anywhere with the pitchfork in his collarbone. But then he convulses. A dark shadow comes out of him, takes shape, and looks at Dalia, mockingly. JAZS POV - Dalia spastically SHOOTS at nothing. Dalia! go. JAZ What are you doing? Lets

The two beautiful young ladies RUN toward the mountains. Dalia looking like LAURA CROFT. Jaz isnt so athletic. Soon guns are FIRING behind them and bullets WHIZ by splattering Jazs blood on Dalias cheek. Shocked, Jaz grabs her head as they hit the ground. Frightened and PANTING HARD, Dalia looks at JAZS BLOODY, PIERCED EAR. Youre OK. DALIA Run.

Dalia darts behind a low dirt brim, lies in the dirt and returns FIRE,

93. giving Jaz room to RUN. Two gunmen take cover. Dalia searches for her targets through the guns scope. She aims at the head of a gunman hiding behind a post. Calms herself. Steadies herself,

then she moves the cross hairs to his hips. DALIA (CONTD) Come on, Dalia. She pulls the trigger. CLICK. Shes out of ammo.

Pissed and terrified, she rolls on her back, watching Jaz running ... disappearing into a river valley. Dalia smiles. One Gunman makes a run toward Dalia, FIRING. The other Gunman covers him, taking SHOTS at Dalia. She puts her head down. Bullets make dust-clouds around her head. Her worry turns to a weird calm. The other Gunman moves in, FIRING. INT. URBAN CHURCH - DAY The church is half full. Many Native Americans are gone.

PASTOR (to congregation) We need to ask God to open the eyes of our confused friends. INSERT NATIVE AMERICANS DANCING AT SLOT CANYON - DRUMS! BACK TO CHURCH A Big Black Reggae Guy, with hair, accent, and rhythm stands. BIG BLACK REGGAE GUY We gotta love em. Love em like friends. Like brothers. More love. Thats what the Lord said.

94. A TIMID WHITE GUY stands up, stiff as a board, arms at his sides, glancing at everyone, but looking at no one. TIMID WHITE GUY (spitting and stuttering) Yes. Maybe we should be humble and ask the Lord for forgiveness. Maybe were continuing missionary atrocities against Indians. You know, 500 years of bad haircuts. One conservative, Native American looks around, then pats his trimmed hair. Pastor is pissed. No one says anything. The Timid White Guy, now beet red, sits as stiffly as he stood. FADE TO BLACK. BIG BLACK GUY (V.O.) Yeah, more lovin, less shearing. FADE IN: INT. FRONT ROOM - EVENING Two Gunmen drag their pitch-forked friend and place him next to bloody Rasul and the other two wounded Gunmen. INT. BACK ROOM Then they drag Dalia, tied, back into the back room and throw her next to Kanats dead body. Shes been roughed up. Exhausted, Dalia turns to dead Kanat. She shakes her head - cant believe hes dead. Holding back the tears, she asks DALIA Did you hold on til you got the wanderers blessing? ShagMullah turns off the camera and quietly tells Dalia, SHAGMULLAH He was a true martyr. Weepy Dalia looks up. DALIA Who are you?

95. ShagMullah cant answer. The two healthy Gunmen come back in and take Kanats body. The empty spot by Dalia is thick with blood. EXT. DUSTY HOUSE - NIGHT They put Kanats shrouded body into the SUV and drive off. Sadam watches from the front door. TIME TRANSITION: INT. BACK ROOM - NIGHT Dalia, blindfolded, is pushed to the ground at gunpoint. SADAM Deny Christianity and become a Muslim. DALIA Im not a Christian. Im submitted to the Creator Spirit, God of my ancestors, Elohim or Eloh; your Allah. SADAM (kicking her hard) Pagan liar! ShagMullah continues filming, but he is torn, wanting to help Dalia. Sadam puts his foot on Dalias head, pushing her to the floor. She uses the floor to move the blindfold to her forehead, revealing her eyes. He puts the gun to her head again. SADAM (CONTD) Christians and Jews changed Allahs words in the Torah and Gospel. Dalias calm returns under the gun. DALIA (closing her eyes) Your words condemn you. I believe in the supreme victory. Quran ten:sixty-four. ShagMullah opens a Quran, and shows it to Sadam.

96. Sadam finishes reading and kicks Dalia again. SADAM Dont teach me Islam, pagan girl. She remains composed, looking so Native American. DALIA Let Kyrgyz read the prophecies with their own spirit... in their culture! Tribal spirituality can heal this world. SADAM (laughs while yanking her head back) This world will have peace when Islam rules, not drunken tribals. (COCKING his rifle) Now Allah will show you. DALIA (swallowing) First read me Quran sixtysix:twelve. ShagMullah fumbles through the Quran and then reads the passage IN ARABIC (with SUBTITLES). SHAGMULLAH We breathed Our Spirit into Marys chaste body. And she put faith in the words of her Lord and His Scriptures, and was obedient. CLOSE ON Dalia DALIA Is it about the breath of God? Yeah. SHAGMULLAH

DALIA Breathe on me, God of our ancestors. Breathe on me. Keeping his rifle to Dalias head Sadam glares at Shagmullah. Dalia closes her eyes and takes a DEEP BREATH. Sadams finger presses on the trigger. ShagMullah doesnt know what to do except film the execution.

97. EXT. DUSTY HOUSE - NIGHT WIDE ON the house. The SUV and guards are gone.

DALIA (O.S.) (breathing hard) Hey Yah, Yah, Yahweh, Hey... We hear A GUNSHOT. All is QUIET.

EXT. CAFE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY CLOSE ON ShagMullah, in his Islamic garb talking to Jacob and Jaz. SHAGMULLAH (to Jacob) Bang! He was the devil, teaching us about God. HOLD ON: ShagMullah, shaking his head and curling his lip. JACOB Where did they take her body? JAZ Ill tell her people first. JACOB We didnt find her blood. Jaz shrugs her shoulders. JACOB (CONTD) (to ShagMullah) Do you have the video? SHAGMULLAH The two who escaped posted it. INT. KYRGYZ JAIL - DAY Four injured Middle Eastern Gunmen line a wall eating pilof. Sadams mug is bandaged. JACOB (V.O.) Who launched that stone in the religious guys face? BACK TO CAFE Allah. SHAGMULLAH

98. JACOB (impatient) Allah? SHAGMULLAH (Offering a Quran) Its in the Quran - 8th surah. Jacob is tired. JACOB Wheres the castrated guy? SHAGMULLAH He got his rice pilof. JACOB (looking at his notes) Take me to the slingshot shepherd. Jaz puts her passport on the table. JACOB (CONTD) Do the paper work and youll get your visa. After I meet the shepherd! INT. JACOBS OFFICE (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY INSERT COMPUTER SCREEN Poor quality video of Dalias last moments. Dalia lifts her head slightly, pushing the gun out of view. Calming herself, but still BREATHING HARD, Dalia starts SINGING, DALIA Hey Yah, Yah, Yahweh, Hey... BANG! The camera SHAKES,

Dalia slumps, and the camera TURNS to an empty wall. Jacob sits looking into the computer screen, replaying the video in slow motion: THUD, camera moves, BANG! JACOB (V.O.) Thud, movement, Bang. I had questions. The beauty, Jaz, was hard to track.

99. EXT. UNFINISHED MOSQUE - ESTABLISHING - DAY JACOB (V.O.) But I could always find the young mullah. INT. UNFINISHED MOSQUE - DAY The mosque is packed. the windows. People stand outside, looking through

ShagMullah, in front, speaks in Kyrgyz (with SUBTITLES). SHAGMULLAH Many of you were adopted by your grandparents. About 25% of those attending AGREE saying EEE. SHAGMULLAH (CONTD) You call your father brother and your grandfather you call dad. Those 25% AGREE SHAGMULLAH (CONTD) You belong to your grandparents, not your parents. More AGREEMENT. SHAGMULLAH (CONTD) (lifting the Torah) This Kyrgyz custom, like our blood sacrifices, legends, and holidays also originated in this holy book. He opens the Torah. Everyone is silent, intent, waiting, SHAGMULLAH (CONTD) (reading from the Torah) Before Jacob died, Joseph took with him his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. (looking to the crowd) Grandfather Jacob said to his son, INT. YURT - DAY Old Aba takes a baby from the cradle into his arms. SHAGMULLAH (V.O.) Your two sons are mine; Ephraim and MANAS SHALL BE MINE.

100. BACK TO MOSQUE The Crowd is SURPRISED. Some are perturbed.

MAN FROM CROWD #1 (for all to hear) Jakyps son Manas? MAN FROM CROWD #2 Our father Jakyb is the prophet Jacob? MAN FROM CROWD #3 Our hero Manas son of Jakyp is in the Torah? ShagMullah smiles and shows them the Torah again and opens it again. SHAGMULLAH (from the Torah) Let them grow into a multitude in the earth... MAN FROM CROWD #4 (interrupting) The Jews changed that book, to deceive us. ShagMullah looks nervously at Jacob, standing in the back of the mosque. watches the stirring crowd. Man From Crowd #2 boils with rage. He explosively charges Man From Crowd #4, swinging fists. MAN FROM CROWD #2 (attacking #4) Damn these asses! Always trying to keep Allahs verses far from us. The crowd stops Man From Crowd #2, who swings in vain. MAN FROM CROWD #2 (CONTD) (breaks down) God finally feels close, breathing our culture; speaking our legends. Hes close. So close... ShagMullah and most of the Crowd let him emote. Jacob looks at the only man still sitting by a wall. It is Rasul. Jacob intently

101. MAN FROM CROWD #2 (O.S.) (CONTD) ...then asses like this try to take it from us. Leaving us cursed. Man From Crowd #2 tries to get a hold of himself. MAN FROM CROWD #2 (CONTD) Im OK. Keep reading. Please. Tell us more about Khan Jakyb, our hero Manas, and our great oracle. ShagMullah looks back to the text and reads, but WE CANT HEAR. JACOB (V.O.) My Rabbi wasnt impressed with me worshipping with Muslims - It didnt matter that their Quran authenticates our Torah. INT. APARTMENT - NIGHT

Jacobs big family celebrates Seder Dinner. Leaning to one side, the Rabbi GIVES A BLESSING in Hebrew. Everyone, leaning, drinks their wine. TIME TRANSITION: JEWISH RABBI (to Jacob, mockingly) ... nomads, living like Abraham. Totally unimpressed with earthly creeds, values, and desires, you say? So now you think theyre one of the scattered tribes ... A LITTLE JEWISH BOY (9) walks up to the Rabbi and interrupts LITTLE JEWISH BOY When will Messiah come? JEWISH RABBI Next year in Jerusalem! LITTLE JEWISH BOY You said that last year. Jacob laughs. EXT. SLOT CANYON - POWWOW - DAY Char, in full regalia in front of red sandstone cliffs, dances to the POUNDING OF DRUMS and NATIVE SINGING.

102. WIDE TO many Native Americans dancing in a circle with Char: some dressed in full regalia, some in street clothes. The Big Black Guy from church dances. The Semitic/Navajo guy, with buckskin shirt, dances too. Ten or Twelve men including Joseph, Nate, and the professor sit around a DRUM, POUNDING and SINGING, more like SCREAMING. SINGERS ... Hey Yah, Yah, Yahweh, HEY! JOSEPH (intensely singing NAVAJO with SUBTITLES) She was my daughter Teaching me to sing He was Messiah Teaching me to dance She went West Seeking our origin. Hogans face east Waitin his comin May you two meet Where the light always shines. More HOLLERING; drummers DRUMMING, singers CHANTING, dancers STUMPING. The energy and noise are intense. INT. URBAN CHURCH (ARIZONA) - DAY Pastor reads in front of a half filled, dull church. is no energy or noise. There

CLOSE ON the KHOMEINI gaze of a bad-haircut Native American. PASTOR (reading from the Bible) David, wearing a linen ephod... BACK TO POWWOW AT SLOT CANYON (ARIZONA) CLOSE ON the bone/coral breastplate of an electrified dancer. PASTOR (V.O.) (CONTD) ... danced before the Lord with all his might. The dancer is Navajo Boy, dancing with all his might. A HISSING SNAKES SLITHERS CLOSE TO THE DANCERS.

103. EXT. RIDGE OVER SLOT CANYON (ARIZONA) - DAY Intoxicated Spine emerges from some boulders holding a bra. SPINE Here. (no response) You werent so grumpy in the cave. CLOSE ON numb Jamie with untucked shirt, and Dalias cross. Shes overlooking the POWWOW Intense energy emanates from DRUMMING, SINGING and DANCING. A moccasin and spear (to the MUSICS BEAT) crush the snake. Navajo Boy looks from the crushed snake under his foot to Spine on the rocks above, still holding the bra. Navajo Boys gaze is fierce. Spine doesnt seem to care, but hes awkward. BACK TO POWWOW Navajo Diplomat and Jaz come to the circle. Navajo Diplomat looks at Joseph. The DRUMMING gets QUIETER.

Navajo Diplomat introduces Jaz, but WE CANT HEAR anything. Jaz starts talking. The CROWD hangs on her every word, but WE STILL CANT HEAR. JACOB (V.O.) The beauty waited a year before she visited the Navajo. Maybe it took her that long to save money for the ticket. Or maybe it was some tribal custom she had to follow. Jaz takes an honorable Kyrgyz felt hat and Central Asian elders robe from her bag, walks over to Joseph, who stands from his seat at the big drum. She puts the hat and robe on him, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and walks back to the Diplomats side.

104. Joseph is watching closely; his emotions on edge. Char and Joseph look at each other, not daring to believe. Jaz opens a letter and begins reading, WE STILL CANT HEAR. Jaz, still reading, glances at Nate. Hes watching her every move. Jaz, looking to the letter and up again, sees Joseph, lifting his brown hands and tan face to heaven. Jaz reads something... stops. the eyes of those listening. Slowly she says something. The Crowd ERUPTS IN LOUD CELEBRATION. All the energy and NOISE return. Ladies SURROUND and hug Char, who can barely stand. FOCUS ON Josephs thick arms and heavenly stance. No one touches him. Tears streak his face, still focused on heaven. FADE TO BLACK: INT. JACOBS OFFICE (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT B&W SURVEILLANCE CAMERA FOOTAGE Jaz, Joseph, and Char PUSH LUGGAGE THROUGH airport doors. INT. AIRPORT (KYRGYZSTAN) - NIGHT CLOSE ON JAZ, smiling to the airport surveillance camera. JACOB (V.O.) I finished my missing person report a long time ago... but... BACK TO JACOB reviewing the surveillance tape, tapping the screen with his pen. We see Joseph. ZOOM ON JOSEPHS SPARKLING EYES JACOB (CONTD) (slamming his fist) I KNEW IT! Looks up, into

105. NIVA ON THE ROAD - MONTAGE Kanats old Niva (car) drives by the Manas statue. Passes the Changing Woman statue. By red cliffs and swimming horses. Passes roadside yurts, where Jacobs white BMW starts following them. JACOB (V.O.) I wanted her... or something she and the missing Dalia represented. The two cars climb up a jagged road on cliffs, and pass a stripped SUV and Rasuls old crashed car (now rusted). The old Niva CROSSES a deep, wide, clear river. The white BMW stops at the rivers edge. Jacob gets out. The Niva stops on the rivers other side. Jaz gets out, lifts her sunglasses to her head. Jacob and Jaz smile at each other, divided by the river. With the tilt of her head, shes asking if hes coming. Jacob looks at his BMW and then glances to the stripped SUV, and back to Jaz, who looks great. He shakes his head. She gives him a I thought so smile, and the peace sign. Then gets in, and drives away. JACOBS POV: the Niva disappears over a pass. The CHURNING RIVER keeps him from crossing. BACK TO THE EMPTY PASS

106. JACOB (V.O.) (CONTD) Beauty is a journey that goes beyond the reach of pastors, rabbis, mullahs and religion. INT. YURT - DAY CLOSE ON THE CHEST (SANDYK) MOVE TO Dalias beautiful smile and shiny eyes. Erjan is holding her neck, she tilts her head toward his hand, revealing some skin. She is so relaxed, at home, and ready. EXT. RIVER - DAY Jacob leans against his car with open door, beside the river, holding a Quran. FLASHBACK - EXT. UNFINISHED MOSQUE - DAY ShagMullah, still dressed in religious clothes talks with Jacob who holds the Quran. SHAGMULLAH (indicating the Quran) Did you read it? JACOB Just finished it. SHAGMULLAH I mean her note, did you read it. BACK TO JACOB BY THE RIVER - DAY He opens the Quran to A SLIP OF PAPER, WHICH READS JAZ (V.O.) God made the son of Mariam and his mother a sign, and them refuge on a height, a flocks and springs. Quran (Mary) gave place of 23:50

Jacob looks to the mountain pass. His PHONE RINGS. JACOB (into phone) Yeah. (Beat) A Peace Summit in Jerusalem? (Beat) Been there. Not interested. (Beat) (MORE)

107. JACOB (CONT'D) Cause nothing ever changes, damnit! Same old war, same old promises. Im not going! Jacob slams shut his phone, kicks his stupid BMW, And looks back at the paper in the Quran. JACOB (CONTD) Im supposed to find a dead squaw. (beat) Pretending to be a prophet. WERE TRANSPORTED UP THE MOUNTAIN, ACROSS JAGGED PEAKS, HIGH PASTURE, AND FLOCKS TO THE YURT CAMP, AND INSIDE THE YURT. INT. YURT - DAY Erjan pulls Dalia closer. His hand moves toward her breast. She melts. Then a HORN HONKS, ruining the moment. EXT. YURT - CONTINUOUS Jaz jumps from the Niva to hug Bermet. Bermet looks at the car and sees Navajo Boy, staring at her through the window. Jaz looks toward the yurt and gives a killer smile. CLOSE ON Dalia looking out the yurt, smiling back. Dalia! CHAR (O.S.) Sheep all around. She half smiles.

Dalias eyes get huge. Mom?! The car door opens. Char jumps out and runs toward the yurt. Dalia steps from the yurt. Mom! DALIA (CONTD) DALIA

108. They embrace for a precious second. Then Dalia looks up from her moms shoulder and sees someone or something. Behind her reserved smile, dancing eyes reveal tons of joy. Its her dad! Joseph, dressed up, walks toward Dalia as if on clouds, sticking his neck forward and arms out like an eagle. In one hand he has her tattered, childrens Bible. Dalia jumps into her fathers arms. embrace! From the yurt, Erjan watches. Bermet and Jaz watch. Joseph, holding back tears, hands Dalia her old Bible. JOSEPH This oracle, I gave to a little girl. Kept her in a cage. (Swallows) A woman broke out, flew to the ancestors. Found the beauty way. CLOSE ON her shaky hand taking the old book. The title replaced with leather letters: THE BEAUTY WAY Dalia hugs Joseph again. DALIA Without you I could not have stood against the monsters. Joseph closes his eyes and sighs. CLOSE ON Dalias teary eyes, looking toward the yurt. DALIA (CONTD) He saved me, Dad. Joseph looks at Erjan. Erjan disappears into the yurt, then reappears carrying a baby to Joseph. Navajo Boy watches. Aba and his wife watch. Chars eyes get big. Joseph shakes Erjans hand, then takes the child. JOSEPHS POV: baby with Mongolian features, dark straight hair, and blue eyes looks right at the camera. HOLD ON the babys face. Dalia and Joseph

109. BACK TO JACOB PICKING SMOOTH STONES FROM THE RIVER JACOB (V.O.) I dont believe in monsters monster slayers, so I dont why, but I half expect some element coming here to ruin this... INT. DESERT PALACE PATIO - DAY The two escaped Middle Eastern Gunmen stand before the Unseen Religious Leader. He pushes a briefcase to the Gunmen. UNSEEN RELIGIOUS LEADER Destroy their boys. Impregnate their girls. The escaped Gunmen smile confidently. FADE TO BLACK. C R E D I T S or know extreme this,

FADE IN: EXT. YURT CAMP (KYRGYZSTAN) - DAY LOCAL MUSIC and a nomadic CELEBRATION. FOCUS ON Native American and Kyrgyz DANCE STEPS. Joseph, very much a chief, shines as he watches Dalias beautiful dance, beaming smile, and sparkling eyes. CLOSE ON a little penis stretched like a rubber tube. A knife cuts the foreskin, splattering blood. BABY CRIES

110. PULL BACK TO GREEN MOUNTAIN OVERLOOKING THE YURT CAMP Jacob sits on the grassy slope, with wet, slightly muddy shoes, watching the celebration and dialing his phone. JACOB Yeah, the Peace Summit. Ill try to send a delegation. (Beat) Theyre stubborn nomads. (beat) No this isnt cosmic, spiritual bullshit. Theyre just taking us all back to our roots, restoring humanity. Jacob, still on the phone, looks to the yurt camp. EXT. YURT CAMP - CONTINUOUS Joseph lifts the baby to heaven, reminiscent of LION KING. CLOSE ON THE BABY JOSEPH (O.S.) Hey Yah, Yah, Yahweh, HEY! Jaz, Bermet, and Navajo Boy dance. Navajo Boy stomps. Then looks from his foot to the hills, then to Jaz. Glancing back at the hills he motions, come with a nod. Jacob, watching, closes his phone and walks toward the camp. FADE TO BLACK.