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2006 International Building Code: Code & Commentary, Volumes 1 & 2 80X86 IBM PC and Compatible Computers: Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Assembly Language, Design and Interfacing Janice Gillispie Mazidi Vol. I and II (3rd Edition) A Designer's Guide to Fire Alarm Systems Robert M. Gagnon and Ronald H. Kirby


A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways AASHTO Green Book and Streets (2004) AASHTO Maintenance Manual American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials American Concrete Institute American Concrete Institute Leo L. Beranek Leo L. Beranek Michele S. Ohmes NFSA U.S. Department of Agriculture

AASHTO Manual for Bridge Maintenance

AASHTO Materials, Part I & II

ACI Manual of Concrete Inspection (SP-2) ACI Manual of Concrete Practice 2002 Acoustic Measurement Acoustics ADA and Accessibility: Let's Get Practical Advanced Technician Training Seminar AES Anthology: Sound Reinforcement Agricultural Handbook AIA A201 Algebra 1 Spark Chart Spark Publishing AMA Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Kathleen A. Handal and Handbook the American Red Cross Annual Book of ASTM Standards ANSI A17.1 1990 ANSI B40.1 ANSI B88.2 ANSI C100.6-3 ANSI C33.76 ANSI C83.27

Red Cross ASTM

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5 ASME PTC 19.10 ASME PTC 19.16 ASME PTC 19.31 1990 ANSI/ASI MC96.1 ANSI MC88.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Author 888-476-4238 www.1 Handbook ASME PTC 19.17 ASME A17.6 Asphalt Handbook (Manual) Assumed Pipe Flow Worksheet ASTM A135 1986 ASTM A53/A53M 1986 ASTM D1071 ASTM D1145 ASTM D1247 ASTM D1408-65 ASTM D1750-62 ASTM D1945 ASTM D1946 ASTM E1 ASTM E137 ASTM E230 ASTM E235 ASTM E275 ASTM E337-84 ASTM E355-77 ASTM E380 ASTM E425-84a ASTM E70-77 ASTM E77 Audio Cyclopedia Howard W.1 API RP 550 Architectural Acoustics M.2 ASME PTC 19. S1.4 w/ Publisher ANSI C85. Tremaine Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook (NFPA 13.4A ANSI S12.1 ANSI S1.3 ASME PTC 19. 13D and 13R) Automatic Sprinklers & Standpipe Systems John L.nicet. David Egan ASME 19. Bryan AVS 2.3 Asphalt Institute 2 of 18 02/02/2011 .

and T. White Evaluation Brown Book. Cooke. Adams. Department of Transportation U. Adair Moore NFSA Basic Technician Training Seminar BICSI/InfoCom AV Design Reference Manual BOCA Basic Building Codes Building Officials and Code Administrators International Inc. R. Dell.nicet. Singer and Harry Foster Nelson Author Publisher American Water Works Association Bertrand B. Putnam Building Professional's Guide to Contract Documents By all Means Communicate Leroy L.S.Basic Engineering Principles for Professionals in the Fire Protection Industry Basic Mathematics for Electricity and Electronics Basic Mathematics for Electronics Van Valkenburgh. Department of Transportation Bridge Inspection and Structural Analysis Bridge Inspector's Training Manual 70 Bridge Inspector's Training Manual 90 Bridge Maintenance Inspection and Kenneth R. Inc Milton Gussow Alvis J.H.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book AVS 6.H.S. Syndenham Fire Tech 888-476-4238 www. Peter B. Lane C Factor Conversion Tables NTC 3 of 18 02/02/2011 . Nooger. S. Herbert F. Evans and Gene McWhorter P.5 AWWA C701 AWWA C702 AWWA C706 AWWA C708 AWWA MI4 Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Basic Electricity Basic Electriciy Crash Course Basic Electronics Basic Electronics for Instrumentation Basic Engineering . Park U. Fire Alarm Systems Design & Installation Builder's Comprehensive Dictionary Robert E. & Neville.

Beyer. Dykstra Richard H.S. Glenn A. S. and Law for Engineers Control of Pipeline Corrosion CRC Standard Mathematical Tables Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms Department of Energy Fundamentals Handbook. Hungerford U. Dudley. Specifications.2. Keoki Sears Robert A.2nd Edition Contracts. Ph. Harcourt Brace College Publishers .OSHA Safety and Health Standards Digest UL 268 Construction Inspection Handbook Construction Inspection Manual Contemporary Pre-Calculus . S. John Raeber Thomas W.W. Volume 1. T.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Author 888-476-4238 www. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping American Society of Agricultural Engineers Portland Cement Association 4 of 18 02/02/2011 . Electrical Science. Dunham and Robert D.D.nicet.A Graphing Approach O'Brien. Seager Chemistry Spark Chart Spark Publishing Cisco Networking Academy Program: First Year Companion Guide Code of Federal Regulations Compendium of Materials for Noise Control Concrete Pipe Handbook and Installation Manual Concrete Pipe Installation Concrete Technician Manual Construction Contracting W. Department of Labor Saunders College Publisher California DOT Survey Manual Cameron Hydraulic Data Flowserve Corporation Certificate Program for Fire Sprinkler Technicians Phase 6 Advanced Technician Training CGA C-6 Chemistry for Today Spencer L. Heden NFSA Cisco Networking Academy Program Department of Labor American Concrete Pipe Association American Concrete Pipe Association Construction Industry . Feltz. Young A.3 and 4 Design and Construction of Subsurface Drains in Humid Areas Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures Clarence W. Peabody William H. James J. Sears. Clough.

Robert E. Lee Turpin. Karen K. Catherine Stark J.E. Gagnon Publisher CENGAGE Delmar Learning NFSA Publication Digital Control Devices: Equipment & J. Moore Underwriters Laboratories Engineering Properties of Soils and Their Measurement Engineer-In-Training Reference Manual 7th Edition Facility Inspection Field Manual: A Complete Condition Assessment Guide Field Engineer's Manual .3rd Edition Fire & Life Safety Inspection Manual . Miles Robert L. P. Parmley. Treatment and Prevention of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Water-Based Fire Protection Systems 888-476-4238 www.nicet. Wayne D. Shumaker.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Design of Special Hazard and Fire Alarm Systems Design of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Designer's Guide to Automatic Sprinkler Systems Detection. Fowler. Moore Applications EIA RS-186-10E EIA RS-186-9E EIA RS-186-E EIA RS-232-C EIA RS-275-A EIA RS-281-B EIA RS-309 EIA RS-359 EIA RS-408 EIA RS-422-A EIA RS-423-A Electrical Construction Materials Directory Electrical Safety: Safety and Health for Electrical Trades: Student Manual Electronic Communication Engineering Drawing and Design Thadeus W. Bowles Michael Lindeburg. Madsen.E.A. Solomon Richard W. Bernard Lewis and Richard Payant Robert O. P. Bukowski .8th Edition Fire Alarm Signaling Systems Professional Publications (CA) McGraw Hill National Fire Protection Association 5 of 18 02/02/2011 Author Robert Gagnon Robert Gagnon Robert M. J. Terence M. Shrader David A.

Weyrick Pat D. The Basics of Water-Based Sprinkler Systems Fire Fighter's Handbook Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement .F.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Fire Alarm Technician Meets Sprinkler System. Frey. Sanders Robert C.Recognition and Prevention Foundation Engineering Handbook Friction Loss Calculation Worksheet Fundamentals of Acoustics H. Winterkorn and H. Austin R. Bryan National Association of Corrosion Engineers Fundamentals of Automatic Control Fundamentals of Engineering Supplied Reference Handbook.7th Edition David Halliday et al Paul W. LLC Delmar Cengage Learning Michael Weider and Carol Smith International Fire Service Training Association Underwriters Laboratories National Fire Protection Association American Iron and Steel Institute NFSA John Author Paul Stansfield Publisher PGS Educational Services. Coppens .6th Edition Fire Protection Equipment Directory (2006) Fire Protection Handbook Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis Fire Protection Through Modern Building Codes Fire Pump Handbook (NFPA #20) Fire Sprinkler Guide Fire Suppression and Detection Systems Flow Conversion Sheets Flow Test Graph Sheets Forms of Corrosion . James V. Fang Lawrence E.nicet. Brock 888-476-4238 www. Kinsler. 8th Edition Fundamentals of Physcis -4th Edition Fundamentals of Process Control Theory Fundamentals of Quality Precast Fundaments of Engineering Supplied Reference Handbook . Murrill National Precast Concrete Association National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (2005) 6 of 18 02/02/2011 . Alan B.

nicet. Fleming Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Center for Chemical Process Safety W. Ballou USDA Soil Conservation Service Milton Kaufman . Warren H. Day Geotechnical: Testing. Lewis Lori A. Arthur H.G. Inspection. Kallen Tim Davis 888-476-4238 www. Author Publisher American Institute of Architects Prentice Hall McGraw-Hill American Society of Civil Engineers Bernard Grob McGraw-Hill Ralph Morrison. Seidman Factory Mutual System 7 of 18 02/02/2011 . Eiche Guidelines for Evaluating Process Plant Buildings for External Explosions and Fires H. Thomson Fire Suppression Systems Association Russell P. and Documentation GPA 2165 GPA 2174 Grob: Basic Electronics Grounding and Shielding in Facilities Guide for Agricultural Spray Adjuvants Used In the United States Guide for Service. (Bill) Newberry Glenn M. and Re-qualification of Fire Suppression Systems Containers Guide for Sprinkler Plan Review Guide for the Installation of Ductile Iron Pipe Guide Specifications for Highway Construction Guide to Networking for Physical Security David Engebretson Systems Guide to Sound Systems for Worship Jon F.C. Maintenance. Test. Loop Calculation Worksheet Handbook for Riggers Handbook for Sound Engineers: The New Audio Cyclopedia Handbook of Channel Design for Soil and Water Conservation Handbook of Electronics Calculations Handbook of Industrial Loss Prevention Handbook of Instrumentation and Controls Howard P. Coduto Practices Geotechnical Engineers Portable Handbook Robert W.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book General Conditions of the Contract for Construction General Science Spark Chart Spark Publishing Geotechnical Engineering Principles and Donald P.

Elements of Change (Handbook of Measurement Science) Handbook of Rigging for Construction and Industrial Operations Handbook of Sound System Design Handbook of Steel Drainage and Highway Construction Products Handbook: Ductile Iron Pipe. Richard Thorn W. Cast Iron Pipe Hardy Cross Loop Calculation Form Hazardous Materials Compliance Pocketbook Highway Capacity Manual J.nicet. Syndenham. Rossnagel. Higgins John Eargle Publisher American Iron and Steel Institute Cast Iron Pipe Research Association Transportation Research Board Hot Mix Asphalt Materials. E. P.J. Joseph A. Brown. Crowley U. F L. Keller and Associates Inc. E.H. 888-476-4238 www. Lindley R.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Handbook of Measurement Science. National Asphalt Pavement and Construction Kandhal. Kennedy Hot-Mix Asphalt Paving Handbook 2000 Hydraulic Calculation Worksheet Hydraulic Design Manual Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts Hydraulic Friction Loss Pipe Tables Hydraulic Work Sheets IEEE 162 IEEE 171 IEEE 216 IEEE 261 IEEE 316 IEEE 336 IEEE 446 IEEE 467 IEEE 488 IEEE 518 IEEE 583 IEEE 585 IEEE 596 IEEE 695 IEEE 696 National Asphalt Pavement Association John E. Mixture Design Roberts. Department of Transportation 8 of 18 02/02/2011 ..S. Lee. MacDonald. Author P. and T. Association Y. W. R. S.

2 IEEE 802. Inc Fire Tech Productions.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Author 888-476-4238 Publisher IEEE 796 IEEE 802.nicet.. Edward R.1 Firetech Productions Fire Tech Productions. Third Edition: Process Measurement and Analysis Intermediate Algebra David W. Inc NFSA Bela Liptak Bela Liptak Bittinger & Keedy Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. Sheets Industrial Flow Measurement Industrial Level Measurement Industrial Pressure Measurement Industrial Temperature Measurement Inspection & Testing of Water-Based Systems Reference Text Inspection and Testing for the Sprinkler Industry Instrument Engineers Handbook.Gillum Thomas W. Inc AFAA International Code Council International Code Council Driskell. Randy R. Seventh Edition Intermediate Automatic Sprinkler Principles Intermediate Automatic Sprinkler Principles: Hydraulics Intermediate Fire Alarm Seminar International Building Code International Fire Code Introduction to Control Valves and Other Final Control Devices Introduction to Engineering Construction Inspection ISA RP42. Spitzer Donald R. and L. J.P.T. L. Fisk.4 IEEE 828 IEEE 829 IEEE 830 IEEE Dictionary IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms IEEE/ANSI 91-84 IEEE/ASTM SI 10 Industrial Electronics Humpheries.Gillum Donald R. Kerlin Fire Tech Productions. Rapp Publisher: John Wiley & Sons 9 of 18 02/02/2011 .M. Process Control Instrument Engineers' Handbook.

11 ISA S75.6 ISA S37.13 ISA S75.06 ISA S75.1 ISA RP7.12 ISA S12.8 ISA S42.04 ISA S75.1 ISA S5.02 ISA S75.l0 ISA S26 ISA S37.01 ISA S75.4 ISA S12.10 ISA S37.1 ISA S5.03 ISA S75.01 ISA Author Publisher 970722974 978-0970722937 U.12 ISA S37.01 ISA S75.1 ISA RP7.2 ISA S5.3 ISA S37.7 ISA S12.4 ISA S72.S.4 ISA S51.1 ISA S37.3 ISA S7.04 ISA S71.05 ISA S75. Army Corps of Engineers 10 of 18 02/02/2011 .1 ISA S7.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book ISA RP55.1 ISA S71.14 ISA Standards ISBN-10 ISNB-13 JEDEC 77 Laboratory Soils Testing 888-476-4238 www.nicet.4 ISA S71.11 ISA S12.3 ISA S5.

OPPENLANDER Manual for Maintenance Inspection of Bridges Manual of Steel Construction (13th Edition) Manual of Traffic Engineering Studies Manual on Uniform Traffic Contral Devices for Streets and Highways. 2003 Edition Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways Map Uses. Erik Oberg. Henry Ryffel.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Land Surveyor Reference Manual Layout. Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for PE Exam -12th Edition Microphone Handbook Microphone Manual: Design and Application Modernizing Control Systems Music. Farmer Harry F. Ricardo Heald Joseph D. Henkel Michael R. PAUL C. BOX JOSEPH C. Lindeburg John Eargle David Miles Huber Edward J. Publisher Industrial Press Maintainability and Maintenance Management Maintenance Planning and Managing Roadside Vegetation Transportation Research Record 1189. and Accuracies for Engineering and Associated Purposes Math Basics Spark Chart Math The Easy Way 4th edition Measurement of Soil Properties in the Triaxial Test. and Engineering National Electric Code National Electrical Code Handbook American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials American Society of Civil Engineers Spark Publishing Anthony Prindle and Katie Barron’s Prindle Alan W. Olsen 11 of 18 02/02/2011 . National Research Council American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials American Institute of Steel Construction PH. J. Bishop and D. Physics. Patton Author Andrew Harbin NFSA Franklin Jones. D. Scales. Detail and Calculation of Fire Sprinkler Systems Machinery's Handbook 888-476-4238 www.nicet. Christopher McCauley.

Moore..nicet.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book National Fire Alarm Code Handbook 888-476-4238 Author Publisher Lee F Richardson & Wayne National Fire Protection D. Editors Association National Fire Protection Association National Fire Codes NEMA Books NEMA ICS 2 NEMA ICS 3 Network Cabling for Contractors Network+ Certification for Dummies Networking Cabling Handbook New England Transportation Certification Program (NETTCP . P.Concrete Technician Handbook NFPA #25 Handbook NFPA 1 Handbook NFPA 10 NFPA 101 NFPA 11 NFPA 110 NFPA 11A NFPA 12 NFPA 120 NFPA 121 NFPA 1221 NFPA 12A NFPA 13 NFPA 13 Handbook NFPA 13D NFPA 13R NFPA 14 NFPA 14 Handbook NFPA 15 NFPA 16 NFPA 17 NFPA 170 NFPA 17A NFPA 20 NFPA 20 Handbook NFPA 2001 NFPA 214 NFPA 22 NFPA 230 Daniel Capano Ron Gilster Chris Clark 12 of 18 02/02/2011 .

Department of Labor U. 2001 NYDOT Standard Spec 2008 Orange Book.S. Clark Industrial Press Inc. Bunker and Richard J.D. An Everyday Reference Pocket Tables.3rd Edition Pocket Tables. An Everyday Reference 2nd. Author Publisher Merton W. Pipefitters Handbook Pocket Ref . Spring 2003 Edition NFPA Pocket Guide to Fire Alarm System Installation NFPA Pocket Guide to Sprinkler System Installation NJ Standard Specifications for Raod and Bridge Construction. E. Department of Labor National Electrical Manufactuers Association R.nicet. Roux Jones and Bartlett NFPA NTC U. Clark John O. 3rd and 4th Editions Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets 888-476-4238 www. Barnes & Nobles Barnes & Nobles American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials 13 of 18 02/02/2011 .S. Chellis Forrest R. Lindsey Thomas J. Chuck Notes OSHA Construction Industry Regulations (29 CFR) OSHA Field Operations Manual and Industrial Hygiene Field Operations OSHA Standards for the Construction Industry (CFR 1910) PCI QC Manual 116 Pile Foundations.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book NFPA 24 NFPA 25 NFPA 409 NFPA 68 NFPA 69 NFPA 70 NFPA 72 NFPA 72 Handbook NFPA 75 NFPA 750 NFPA 80 NFPA 80A NFPA 90A NFPA 90B NFPA 92A NFPA Glossary of Terms. Glover John O.

Cassie and J. 4th Edition Private Fire Proection and Detection Joseph D.A. Considine Gilbert R. Llewellyn BNI W. T.R.D. National Society of Mechanical Engineers Allyn and Bacon. W. 5th Edition Programmable Controllers Practices and Concepts Public Works Inspectors' Manual Putnam's Geology Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control (M14) Recording and Coding Guide for the Structure. Escalators and Moving Walks 14 of 18 02/02/2011 . NO. Capper. E. Curtis Johnson Gregory K.nicet. A Guide to Conservation Planning. Thomas F.Part 2. Pearsall. Inventory and Appraisal of the Nation's Bridges Report Technical Information Route Location and Design Safety Code for Author USDA Publisher American Technical Publishers (ATP) International Fire Service Training Association P. Tebeaux Hickerson. Geddes.L. Judd James Quintiere Raymond Friedman Ernest Smith David Madsen and Alan Jefferis Delmar Delmar 888-476-4238 www. McMillan.F. Ninth Edition Fire Protection Publications Problems in Engineering Soils Process Control Instrumentation Technology Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook. Patton Jr. Birkeland American Water Works Association Federal Highway Administration K. and J.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Predicting Rainfall Erosion Losses. Drynine and W. Dumbwaiters. 537 Preventive Maintenance Principles of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics Principles of Fire Behavior Principles of Fire Protection Chemistry and Physics Principles of Industrial Measurement for Control Applications Print Reading for Architectur & Construction Technology Printreading for Residential and Light Commerical Construction . Houp.P. Douglas M. D.

Dougal Drysdale . 4th edition.Traffic Control . Douglas Walton . Joyce.. J. W. Glerum Southern Building Code Congress International American Water Works Association American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials IRM Insurance NFSA 15 of 18 02/02/2011 . E. Watts .. Jr. AWWA Standards Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing State of Connecticut DOT-Construction Manual State of Connecticut DOT-Standard Specifications Form 816 State of NJ Dept of Transportation: Standard Roadway Construction . James and Harry Parker. Standard for Installation of Ductile-Iron Water Mains and Appurtenances.nicet. Author Craig L. Spon Ltd Publisher Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers Simplified Mechanics and Strength of Materials.Bridge Construction Details 2001 Stormwater Wastewater Construction Inspection Field Guide NSPE ASTM Harold S Wass Jack J.Spring 1982 issue Stage Rigging Handbook Standard Building Code. Dinenno Lynn Quitman Troyka. and Liu. Don Davis Special Procedures for Testing Soil and Rock for Engineering Purposes Sprinkler hydraulics Sprinkler Quarterly . Jr. & F.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering 888-476-4238 www. Hall . and Evett.P. John M. Philip J. Hayden Jay O. Evaluation Soil Testing for Engineers T. M. C. Manko Sound System Engineering Eugene Patronis. John R. Custer .D. Richard L. Site Investigation Practice Soil Properties: Testing. Douglas Hesse Ambrose.N.W. Beyler . Lambe Solders and Soldering Howard H.

Hvorslev 888-476-4238 www.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Street and Highway Maintenance Manual Subsurface Exploration and Sampling of Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes Subsurface Investigation for Design and Construction of Foundations of Buildings Sums-Adjusters Calculation Worksheet Super Review of Physics Surveying Fundamentals Teach Yourself Networking in 24 Hours Teach Yourself Project Management in 24 Hours Technical Mathematics with Calculus Technicians Guide to Fibre Optics Traffic Control Devices Handbook Traffic Control Through Maintenance Areas Traffic Engineering J. James L. McMillan George V. Ph.nicet. Hart. Elena S. Najafi Trigonometry Spark Chart Trigonometry Tables and Handy References for Engineers Trigonometry The Easy Way 3rd Edition Troubleshooting Analog Circuits Tuning and Control Loop Performance: A Practitioner's Guide Ugly's Electrical References Spark Publishing Carr Lane Manufacturing Company Douglas Downing. Calter and Michael Wiley A. Pline Institute of Transportation Engineers Roger P. Prassas. and Author Publisher American Pubic Works Association American Society of Civil Engineers Research & Education Association (REA) Jack McCormac Matt Hayden. William R. McShane Institute of Transportation Engineers National Electrical Manufacturers Association Traffic Engineering Handbook Training Manual on Fire Alarm Systems Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation Manual Iseley. Roess. T. Sammie Hart Barron’s 16 of 18 02/02/2011 . Joe Habraken Nancy Mingus Paul A. Robert Pease Gregory K.D. Calter Donald J. D. Sterling Jr.

Lee International Code Council USDA Soil Conservation Service USDA National Precast Concrete Association 17 of 18 02/02/2011 . M. Evans Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual Shun Dar Lin. C. 703 (Predicting Soil Erosion by Water: A Guide to Conservation Planning With the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) Utility Structures VOM and DVM Multitesters Alvis J. A.nicet. Herb Uniform Building Code Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds USDA Agriculture Handbook No. Huth Mark Author Publisher H.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book UL 1002 UL 1244 UL 1437 UL 144 UL 1468 UL 180 UL 193 UL 199 UL 217 UL 25 UL 252 UL 260 UL 268 UL 268A UL 404 UL 429 UL 508 UL 521 UL 632 UL 864 UL 873 Understanding and Servicing Alarm Systems Understanding Construction Drawings Understanding Construction Drawings 4th Edition 888-476-4238 www. Butterworth Heinemann Mark W. S. C. William Trimmer. Huth Delmar/Cengage Learning Thompson Delmar Learning Understanding Distributed Process Control J. Moore .

Ralph Jones 18 of 18 02/02/2011 .nicet. Heisler.Reference Material Allowed in NICET Paper and Pencil Test Centers Title of Book Weights & Measures Spark Chart Wiley Engineers Desk Reference Wire Rope Users Manual Wireless Cable and SMATV Work Area Traffic Control Handbook: Watch Work Zone Traffic Control Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook 888-476-4238 Author Spark Publishing Sanford I. PE Publisher Wire Rope Technical Board Frank Baylin Building News American Traffic Safety Services Association Gary Davis.

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