Approved PUblication

of California

Wing, Civil Air Patrol. Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force

Summer, 1983

1982 Busy Year for S & R Activities
California air crews flew the quivalent of 1 lim round the world at the Equator on 1 0 missions to a i tic a I Iawe n f rc m n t authoriti ,10 at mi sing r v rdue air raft and tra k down mer ncy lac tor Iran mille (ELT), ac ording t Maj. Ray Peterson, wmg director a operati n . Among th merg ncy ervice mision flown under the ov r II sup rviion of LL Col. Betty Decker, vice director of operations and hi f Mi sian Control Officer for California, were 144 for th Air For e Rescue Coordination Center: 42 for missing aircraft, 89 for ELTs and 13 others - as well s 46 flown in support of local authoriti u t d by th California ffi Em rg n y rvi A total of .812 ES-raed P member - 1,62" air crew and ',191 ground rew - parti ipated in operation with 807 AP-own d and member- wned air raft, Ground t am participating totalled 118. A tu I mil v red by th ir r w w r in excess of 20,000 all nearly 1,500 individu I orti - 1,660 h ur w re lawn in th 'ear h grid whil 1, 28 were flown enroute to and from the search ar a. California wa credited with one save la I y ar. Find totall d 20 nd the wing gal redit for n assi I on another mi ion, Find included 18 aircraft and two others, On the aircraft find, an operating ELT assi led on SIX while anoih r four wer a i. ted by r rded radar data provid d by the FAA ir rout traffi control cent rs u ing lTAP, a compul r pr gram de 'i ned pe ialIy to aid search nd re ue. Wing omm nder Col. Donald Biondich xtended hi p ronal ongratulation and <I "well d ne" to Calif rnia m rgen y service per nnel for an "ouistandin ' Job in 1982."

Pacific Region Cadets Second InN ational Com petition
Being nominated for an Oscar makes any motion pi ture actor/acrres an autornati "winner." Just being up th r i honor enough. hat' th way it i f r a group of Civil Air Patrol d t to be sent to National Cadel Cornpetltion to repr ent th ir re ion; just bing up there i honor nough. How r, to c m in c nd in th nat! n i v n better. Pictured h r ar th m mb r r th Pa if I R gion T am-all members of the Billy G. Turner Compo Sq., Con ord, Californi . who did ju t that! 0

Front Row, left to nghr: Kubiak, Paul R.; Jones, Martha S.; Kempner, Leon f.; Gandhi, Akshai M_ ec nd Row: Geesey, William E.; Martin, Rodney A.; MacAlpine, Mark; Vogel, Kurt A.; Ricard, Troy M.; Ramrakha, Sushil S. Back Row: Kapoor, Eric R.; Thorne, Troy M.; Khalvati, Yusei l-: Barker, Erik; viitem, Paul A.; Anderson, Steve M.; Devries, Ion T. Peterson and Decker echoed th commander' kud bul pint d out thz t "w till have a need to become ven more prof ssi nal in th me nn r in whi h w c ndu I m rg n ervices op r tion . AI 0, here needs to

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The Spirit of Dedication to Others As Expressed In The Fine Work of California Civil Air Patrol Is What Makes Our Nation Great We take this Opportunity to Thank Civil Air Patrol

401 W. ARTESIA BOULEVARD COMPTON, CA 90220 (213) 537-8383 (213) 774-5151

bv Col. Donald M. Biondich, C lifr. rnia Wing ommander CAP


Administration Bulletin
by Lt. Col Thomas A.F. Smith, Oir lor of Administrati f1 AP Comm ncing with thi i 5U of BEAR FACT. Wing H adquart r will publi h in ea h i ue "need t kn w" iniormalion dir ctly 10 the individual who n d I know it. MAIL-W onrinu nl vi ruf d rna il nd xpress mail. C rtif d mall an d lay re ipt u 10 one we k! With the liaison office move 10 McClellan AFB, there is no Inger any ne in the headquarters t receip for it. causin it to b return d t the nt r p st offi - for pi k-u during normal business hours. Express mail i Just waste of unit or individual funds. 11 rar Iy I th re ah ad of first cl ss in time to make th n xt win J me ting night. PAPER CLIP -Please use taples to put together a ca file when mailing to wing h adquarter . Paper lips tend to slip off during the opening and sortin f mail, causing a n atlv mbl d apph ation or oth r a to b om a [urnbl f unr ltd do um nt which l nd I g 1 sent t th wrong pia . Please staple; d n't clip! NEW, REVI ED, OR RESCINDED H I WG PUBLI ATI : NONE. 0

CAP Wedding
veral m nth ago, th San Jose tale campu wa the sue for the wedding f lim Steinmetz and Michelle Umpus. Both r econd n n ration CAP memb r; both met a dt; both all nd d th Int rnati nal Air Cad 1 Exchang to eth r. lim Steinmetz's f th r, James D. Steinmetz, i a mernb r f ddleb k ornp, q.68 ( 0I M l. Michelle limpu' m th r. Delores limpus, i a Mi Ion Coordinator attached to California Wing. lim' best man wa Greg Bowman. Groom men were James D. Steinmetz, Gary W!Jller and Kenl Valenline. Michelle's bridesrn id was Mary Wiggins. A H< waiian honeymoon follow d the re eption whi .h was held in San Jose. lim is employed as cornput r op rator whil ontinuing hi studl I an J e Stat .

THE EDITOR BEAR FACTS 402 W.1761h Torran e, A 0504 Col. Donald Capt. M. Biondich Abel

Barbara Editor apt. Mark Cartwri ht


lor, Publi Mlairs year train


Asso late Editor

Specializing in Westside Cantaloupes

Hildebrand Farl11s
We're proud of the men and women who make up the Civil Air Patrol. Their dedication to the ongoing mission of providing air search for downed and missing aircraft is especially apprecia ted by the employees of Hildebrand Farms.

Main Office:

(80S) 325·7419
1001 17th Street #0 Bakersfield, CA 93301

(209) 655·4921 MENDOTA

Farm: (209) 686·8414
24105 - Road 28 Tulare, CA 93274

To those Civil Air patrol Members who Help Save Lives
4045 stockda Ie HWy. Bakersfield, Ca.
(805) 833-8777

General Manager


3 5 West

tson Ave., Hemet, CA !:I2 43

Telex: 676343
Telephone: (714) 652·6811

Group One Display Draws Influential Visitors

Air and Space Bicentennial

r gion.

Sq. 138 Receives CPR Training
In observance the Am ri an National Red Cross "Cardia-Pulmonary Resuscitation Training Weekend," 28 members of Salesian Compo Sq. 138 rec ived CPR training at Garfield Community Hospital. The four-hour course wa taught by Penni Thorne, RN, and Rose Smith, RN, from the Lo Ang I CPR Consortium. Both in tru ors tre s d the importan e of CPR training for ev ryone. They ited heart and blood ve el di ease a the leading cau e of d ath in the United State. The first on Or two hour after heart attack yrnptom appear are th most dang rou ,and 60-70 percent of heart atta k victim die befor th y r ach a ho pital, Per on trained in CPR can immediately assi t a heart attack vi tim and ve a life. The members learned th ba ie "ABC's" to assist a victim: cI ar the Airway, restore Breathing. and restore Circulation. They learned the differ nt CPR techniqu for Infant, children


and adults, and had the opportunity to practice th e te hnlqu n a fulliz d "R u ci-Annie" mann quin. Th memb rs also received in Iru tion In the "Heimlich Man uv I ar airway obstructions. Atth con lu in fth h member re lv d CPR card from the lAngei . PR Con ortium. Part! ipatlng from Squ dron 138 were: Capt. Charles Wiest, Chaplain (Capt.) LeRoy Lindahl, Capt. Jesse Ochoa, 1st Lt. Ralph landry, 151 U. Luz Maria Ochoa, Senior Members David Silva and Marilyn Stern. Cadets: Waldo Silveyra, Alicia Ochoa, Charles Arzubiaga, Ricardo Moreno, Cesar Ramirez, Elsie Contrera , Dennis Arzubiaga, Mario Gonz-ales, Timothy Kellam, Valerie Mendoza, Miguel Ortega, Eduardo Ramirez, Jose Rios, Alejandro Cazares, Hilda Flore, David Luna, Anthony Maritinez, Timothy Sanford, Aldredo Santos, Arturo Quinonez and Frank Quinonez. 0


• •

•• •


? oJ.


,1983 ~~


~ ... ~





The Bi ntennial ymbol i truly "out of this world." This logo has not only flown in sa, but i over cI with note mad by the four-mao rw f the olumbia during their N v mb r 1982 mi ion, Each ign d the 0 y f the symbol after the mission commander, Vance Brand, dis lay d it to wat hins ielevi ion mer and told, briefly. the tory of th 1983 Air and pa cel brations. Th logo, with the comment on it rev r e sid ,wa pr nt d to the Nation I Air nd p ce Mu eum of the mith onian In titution arly thi year. 0

Squadron 107 Holds Car Wash for Fund Raising
Bea .h 'illl'~ .11('t q. 107 r'lorran eJ has been actlvelv engt g din







Ite. and bak« sak- . Thanks 10 Ih(· ("fiort fall arlets, t hese <1 livlt ies haw be 11 most uccessful in raising 11101l('Y f r the squadron and in h 'lpil1 to l' labli h .1 Cl\P awarrl1l"~ progr.un in the community. Some or the parti ipant were: arlets Tom Van Warrdenburg, Paul Keidel, Darnicn Slatford, Williilm Kemp, Kent Mizuguchi, Jeff Shorter, Palri ia Sanders, lame Kelaher, hristnpher Kelaher, Stuart Seeger, Jeff Owen, Paul vaona, Henry Cupps and Steven Huhta. 0


Lisa Keidel, Ruth Keidel <md Patricia Sanders hilw a pa li"ll Will! tho car \va~h.

* .. ..
Squadron 107 Squadron 129 Members from South Bay Senior Sq. 129 and Bach Citi s Cad t Sq. 107 (both based in Torrance) recently ombined for e for a w ek n I xer i in Holtvill . Cadets and senior members flew to Holtville Airport south of the Salton Sea. During the exercis ,cadets receivd rientation flights, practi d OF work (ELn, c nd w re in tru t d in th use of firearms.

/ rom /f'fl. Cad I Paul Keidel, William Kemp, Paul Vaona, Damian Slafford Jnd Christopher Kelaher ill III Torr.1111' uuadtnn ar Wash.

* .. ..
Squadron 45 With th influx of new enior Mem rs, March AFB Cadet Sq. 45 (Riverside) has requested recharter as a composite unit. Along with thi orn n w goal and challeng . Most of th n w nior ar licen ed pilots and have begun em rgeney ervices training to become mission pilot a w II a ad tori ntation pilot. They anticipat not only mission

pil t but ob rver senior rnernb rs.

w II from other

•• •

Squadron 150 Th 150th Air Re ue Squadron (Long B a h) has announced the appointrn m of < new 0 'puty mmander. 1st Lt. Bob Gibb ha acc pt d the post, while Charlene Aikman h . a pred the ffi f Finan Offi form rly held by Lt. Gibb.

Squadron 51 Re nt NCOS graduates within lover Field Cornp. Sq. 51 (Santa Monica) have been contrlbuting gr at Iy 10 progres of all th ad ts in the qu dron. They are: Cadets Boess, Boyer, Campion, Dougherty, Durston, Haddad, Katzman, Ribarich and Tubman. Their trip 10 EI Toro for th NCO ho I initial dan 'w quadran vehiI . The vehi Ie will be u ed to ben fit the squadron in many capacities. Sq. 51's member hip ha b en growing In leap and bounds. Curr nt m mb rship number more than 70 personn I. Members of Sq. 51 are busy upgrading their skills in preparation for any em rgency. Recently several member took the Red Cros Multim dia Fir t Aid Cia : Cadet Wilkes, Miramontes, Miramontes (related)' and Ramirez. Senior members: Brezic, S. Finklestein, Howard, Pendleton and Tryon.

Squadron 9 Holds Awards Banquet
Californi I<1t As emblyman Jim Costa is now rnernb r of CAP Richard W. Rogers Squadron 9 in Madera, one of the newest and mall I unit in th tate. Costa formally joined the CAP at an annual award dinn r at which h received a special award for upport of the Civil Air Patrol at the California Stale I vel, for assisting in training rerci e of Squadron 9 and for bringing th quadron a pial r cognition plaqu from the state. Other per onnel re iving pedal recognition nd w rd t the dlnn r were: Maj. Jim Nelson, Squadron 11 commander; Lt. Col. Joe Ortaga; Maj. Bob Boswell, USAF; Lt. Col. David Chapman; Capt. John Miltanbergerj Capt. Sally Ramirez; Capt. Paul Morgan; 2nd Lt. Gayle Orange; Erwain Lazar: Pollc Chief Gordon Skeets; Sheriff-Coroner Ovonual Berkley; lois Bland, Madera Community Ho pital; Dept. Sheriff Beckey Roper; Det ctiv Ser aeant Tom Tomlinson; Virgil Sperry; Bud McClintock; Robert Cavazos; Ralph lawrence; 2nd Lt. Allie McClintock; 2nd Lt. Karen Sperry; and ih Richard W. Rogers family. AI receivin recognition were cadets who had achieved promotion and Brian Hipps, who joined the Air Force with r commendations from CAP, and James Lawrence, wh joined the u.S. Army after ervi e in CAP. 0



Squadron 138 Salesian Camp, Sq. 138 (Huntington Park)'s Color Guard participated In the Bellflower Parade and won first place for Ba ic Color Guard. Color Guard members for the Bellflower Parade were: ClTSgt. Ricardo Moreno, ClTSgt. Cesar Ramirez, CIA lC Jose Rios and ClA1C Miguel Ortega, In th East Los Angeles Christmas Parade, members of the Color Guard were: ClTSgt. Ricardo Moreno, CJA1C Mario Gonzalez, ClTSgt. Cesar Ramirez and CIA1C Jose Rios.


Cadets from Salesian Compo Sq. 138 (Huntington Park) recently received orientation flights at EI Monte Airport. Cadets in attendance were: Waldo Silveyra, Hilda Flores, Mario Gonzalez, Frank Quinonez, Miguel Ortega, Eduardo Ramirez, Cesar Ramirez, lose Rios, Gustavo Ruiz, Ken Wolfe and Cadet Anseth. Squadron 85 The members of Foothill Camp. Sq. 85 (Shingle Springs) celebrated at their recent awards banquet held at Mather r\FB. Maj. Gen. Don D. Pillman, guest speaker, gave a very interesting and inspiring talk about his experiences as an Air Force pilot and gave a few peeks into th future for the benefit of rh pilot or tomorrow (cadets) who were in attendance. Awards presented: Outstanding Senior Member: Lt. Carol Carnahan; Outstanding Pilot, Capl. lim Dick; Outstanding Public Affairs Offi er, Nick Minhoff; Commander's Award, U. Lynn Rackham; Outstanding Cadet, Douglas Bullerworth; Mitchell Award, C/WO Richard Hamm. Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to General Pittman and Joy Minoff. Members of the color guard who presented the colors were: C/Sgl. Beau Eslinger, ClSgt. Richard Smith, CIA Pete Kelleher and CIA Mark Wheeldon. Squadron 16 Alta Squadron '16 (Sultana) recently conducted a training and field outing bivouac at Pine Flat Lake. Squadron members practiced SAR and camping techniques.


Squadron 17 Pasadena Cadet Sq. 17 recently accelerated its growth and enthusiasm in several aerospace education, emergency services and cadet program events - leading to a quadrupled active cadet strength and the Mo-t Improved Squadron Award of 1981 at the Group 15 Annual Awards Banquet.. Twenty-nine cadets participated in one or more orientation flights in 1982, Three cadets completed Type B encampment I Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. One cadet, C/WO Gamila Mherian, was selected as encampment flight commander. Cadet Commander Roy Oberhauser achieved the Amelia Earhart Award, and also was selected to participate in the California Wing 1982 Glider Encampment at Twentynine Palms. Squadron 17 organized a tour of the Northrop Aircraft F-20 Fighte.r ("Tigershark") production center in Hawthorne, the first cadet squadron to see the inside of the new center. Fortyfive cadets and seniors from San Gabriel Valley Group 15 attended, Fifteen cadets and three seniors planned a mountain survival training exercise, held a two-day practice campout at Mt. Baldy in the snow to test gear and methods, and then went on a three-day snow camp for survival training at Table Mountain. Sq. 17 wound up 1982 with an Awards Night attended by 110 peopl . Outstanding Basic Cadet for 1982 went to CIA1C Bevan Cutler. Cadet of the Year for 1982 was awarded 10 Cfwo Gamila Mherian. Squadron 129 South Bay Senior Sq. 129, Torrance, held its annual awards banquet at USAF Space Division Officers Club In EI Segundo, The following awards were presented: Senior Member of the Year, 1st Lt. loseph F. Fuller, Ir.; Outstanding Staff Officer of the Year, Capt. Harry WoolwaYi Commander'S Award, Capt. George Ortega.Pilot of the Year (2nd year) Capt. Gary Beida; Certificate of Achievement, Capt. Gary Belda: Certificate of Appreciation from Commander of Group 7, Lt. Col. Beverly Wittman presented the award to Maj. David Pierson, Check Pilot. Certificate of Appreciation, Lt. Bruce Cobb from Beach Cities Cadet Sq. 107;

Certificate of Appreciation, Allan Singleton, City of Lomita Disaster Preparedness Coordinator; CAP Paperweight, in appreciation to Alvin Villere, California State Office of Emergency Services; CAP Plaque, in appreciation to Suzanne Butler, City of Redondo Beach Emergency Services Coordinator. Certificate of Appreciation, Capt. Terry Galbreath, Liaison Officer, USAF Space Division; Plaque and Certificate of Appreciation to Judy & David Kamlin of the Lomita Headlight. This award was presented several weeks before as they were unabl to attend the banquet. CAP Paperweight, in appreciation to A&E Trophies, Sharon and Steve Kushner. The banquet was outstanding, the meal super and the friendship warm for all the CAP members and private citizens of the cities of Lomita, Torranee and Redondo Beach that lend support to Senior Sq. 129 and Cadet Sq. 107. Capt. Gary Hanson, commander of Senior Sq. 129 and Maj. Roger Griffin, commander of Cadet Sq. 107, thanked all for their support.

* * ..
Marin Camp. Sq. 4 Cadet Kip Bunlen soloed on 30 December. flying a Cessna 150 owned by Capt. Glen Wallis. Congratulations! Capt Jan Ostrat was presented with the Aerospace Achievement Award, This award is presented by National H adquarters to individuals who achieve the highest level of performance in the field of aerospace. SM Tori Rowbottom completed the Senior Orientation Course, Marin Comp, Sq. 4 (Novato), in conjunction with Group 23, held its "Open House' at Gnoss Field, Due to poor visibility, Group 23 aircraft could not attend; however an 0-1A Bird Dog and a T·34 from Redwood Empire Senior Sq. 42 (Petaluma) were on display. Attendance at this function was xceptional considering the weather, At the conclusion of the Open Hou e, cadets received orientation flight, Special thanks to SM James Weeber who demonstrated the use of ropes and stokes litters with regards to mountain rescue. Extra special thank to Golden Bear Aviation which donated an orientation flight over the Bay Area for this occasion,


... ..



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Group 2 To Dissolve
by 2nd U. Sydney}. Wolfe, CAP
With the appointment of the Group 2 commander, Maj. V. lee White, to the position of Deputy Wing Commander, Group 2 will be dissolved and Squadron 10, 36, 80 and 114 will be Incorporated into Group 20. Other members of San Jose Squadron 80 (San Jose) who have transferred into California Wing Staff are: U. Col. Sleven Updike, Capt. Robert Harris and 2nd Lt. Sydney Wolfe. Group 7 Awards Banquet Good food, music and fun was had by all who attended long Beach Group Ts Awards Banquet. Group Cornmander Lt. Col. Beverly Whil1man and outgoing group commander Lt. Col. Dick Baylis presented certificates and awards. Members of Group Ts staff who received Certificates of Commendation for outstanding service were: Capt. Gordon Foley, Capt. Dale lindsey, Capt. lola Barton, U. Col. Gary Burman, Lt. Col. Ernie Johnson, Capt. Carrol Thomas and Lt. Col. George Fisher. Other Group 7 awards went to: Maj. Preston Manville, Communicator of the Year; 1st U. Paul Chamberlain, Observer of the Year; Capt. Rex Millhouse, Pilot of the Year; Capt. Greg Weiss, Commander of the Year; 150th Air Rescue Squadron (Long Beach), Squadron of the Year; 1st Lt. Jack Van Ausdeln, Hangar Man of the Year and Lt. Col. Dick Baylis, Leader of the Year. Dan and Pat Dyer provided the entertainment with Christmas songs. Group 18 Awards Banquet Inland Empire Group 18 (San Bernardino) held its '1982 awards banqu t and dinner at the Norton AF8 Officers Club. In attendance was Brig. Gen. Howard Brookfield, Civil Air Patrol National Commander. Squadron of the Year was awarded to San Bernardino Senior Squadron 5. Lt. Col. Robert Geiger, Group 18 Headquarters, and Capt. Gary Liswood, Norton AFB Camp. Sq. 31. took honors as Senior Members of the Year. C/Maj. John Rausch, George AFB Compo Sq. 120, was honored as Cadet of the Year. Outstanding Pilot of the Year was presented to 1st Lt. Donald Stalder of Squadron 5. March AF8 Compo Sq. 45 was recognized as the most improved unit. The following received certificates of re ognltion signed by California State Assemblyman William leonard (67th district): Lt. Col. Richard Heitman; Maj. John Abbott; Capts. Albert Mitchell, Sharon Kelley, Charles Killian, Gary liswood and Paul Wilkinson; 151 Lt. Timothy Kauffman; 2nd Lt. Jesse Unruh and SM Lee Gilpatrick. The City of San Bernardino awarded certiflcates to the following for out tanding dedication to community services: Capts. Richard Gale, James Trotman and Paul Shirley; 1st lts. Rae Reichardt and Robert Smith and 2nd Lts. Ray Medrano and Robert Bilynski. Air Force Association certificates were pre nted to Lt. Col. Richard Heitman and Capts. I.W. Balzer, Ramon Estrada and Ian Littlejohn. Capt. Gale received the Grover Loening and Paul Garber Awards. Maj. Abbott received the Paul Garber Award. Maj. John Hadley received the Radio Operator Certiflcat of Proficiency. Maj. Paul Bringman wa awarded his retirement certificate. Rescue find ribbons and appropriate clasp were presented to Maj. Jim Jenkins and Capt. Liswood. U. Col. Russell Kaufman received the FM certificate as a CAP Chief Check Pilot. C/Mai. Rausch received th Amelia Earhart Award and C/WO Doug Meserve was awarded the Billy Mitchell Award. Squadron 64 Congratulations to Capt. Hofman of Brackett Compo Sq. 64 (Glendora), who was awarded the Outstanding Senior Member 1982 at the Group 15 Awards Banquet. Also congratulations to John D. Mac Tavish, Ke\lin Stogadill and Tony Turner who received the Life Saving Award. Kern Kemp, Tony Turner nd George Pollock have passed their examination for the Billy Mitchell Award. The L.A. Op n Golf Tournament i one of Brackett Squadron's major annual fund raisers. Every year for the past five year, the quadron has furni hed manpower, cadets and enior members, to direct traffic and parking. Afterwards, a special treat from the squadron is the annual squadron ice cream party. •*• Squadron 110 West Bay Compo Sq. 110 (Belmont) cadets were recently transported on a weekend bivouac to the San Mateo Memorial Park. The cadets endured a 12 mile forced march through the wood, "capture th flag." etc. Special thanks goes to Mrs. Daniels and the Marsellas (or providing transportation.


Group 3 A Cadet Field Day Exercise was held recently at NAS Miramar for m mber of Squadrons 55, 47 and 67 (all of San Diego Group 3). There was a drill competition, volleyball, a mile run and a tug of war. All cadets did very well, and everyone had a good time. The field day was to prepare cadets of Group 3 for the upcoming Cadet Competition. Another similar exercise will be held this spring. A special thanks to the judges: Lt. Col. Forrest Burleson, CAP, Maj. Bill Boese, USMC, ROTC Cadet Maj. Renato Mejorada and to Lt. Col. Pat Osmon, C'\P.

... .


.. *


Squadron 3 Cad t Sleven Berman received the Cadet of the Year Award from the North Hollywood Compo Sq. 3. Berman also received the Weinsoff Memorial Plaque and a $100 government savings bond for his exemplary service to the search and rescue unit. The Weinsoff Award was established in 1981 by Mr. & Mrs. Peter Drizin, Woodland Hills, in memory of their son, Capt. Jay l. Weinsoff, 17, who was killed in an aircraft accident. Weinsoft was a cadet and later the adult commander of Squadron 3. While a cadet, he was awarded the General Carl Spaatz and the General Billy Mitchell Awards, the highest honors won by a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. Others who received awards were Michael Mulcahy, Cadet of the Third Quarter 1982, and Kevin Missar, Cadet of the Fourth Quarter. Both cadets received certificates and a $50 government savings bond.


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Pacific Region Chaplain Conference (South)-Norton AFB, 21-23 February, 1983

Group Pi lur : Fron Row' Chaplain (Capt.) Claude Miller; Chaplain (up!.) Sammy Campo; Chaplain (Cap!.) David Schavio (Al Wing); Chaplain (LI. Col.) Harold Jarvi; Chaplain (LI. Col.) Chesler Wrzaszczak (pac Reg.t: Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Calvin Turpin; Maj. David Phillips; Chaplain (Col.) Henry Spencer, USAr (Nalion I Chaplain.) e ont! Rov : Chaplain (Maj.) Elbert Davi ; Chaplain (Capt.) Ray take; Capt. Tim Spiller (Vi il/Ilg lergyJ: Chaplain (Capt.) Eugene Lopez (Al WingJ; Chaplain (Maj.) Phil Roberts (AZ \I\lillg); Chaplain (U. Col.) James Powell (Pa . Rellion), Chaplain (Col.) Johnl.indvalllU - Arm , Re ired) retuesenting. ivl,lirary Chaplaills' A 0 j li(ln. TllIfri ROI' : Chaplain (Maj.) lohn Pallerson (N Wing); SM Thomas Corrigan IVisl(illg _/er ); Chaplain {Lt. Col.} Howard Wilde INV Will I: Chaplain (Lt. Col.) leslie Wheeler; Chaplain (Maj.) Mac Culver; Chaplain (Maj.) Hoyd Cummings; Chaplain (1.1. Col.) Richard Causey; Chaplain (1.1. Co/.J Richard Derby (Pac. RegIOn!. Fourlll Row' Chaplain (Maj.) Isaiah Brooks; Chaplain (1.1. Col.) William Mouer; Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Lee James; Chaplain (Maj.) Elbert North: Chaplain (Capl.) lohn Copley; 151 LI. Wilson Couch (Vi ill/l~ Clergy); Chaplain (Capt.) Albion Hoff: Chaplain (Cap!.) David Paisley: SM Frank lohn on (Vi il nt: CI rgy) Fi((h R( v ; Chaplain (Maj.) Gil Brink; Chaplain (Maj.) Dan Dyer, Chaplain (Maj.) Robert Winkels; Chaplain (Col.) Frank Ebner ~ hier of !JapJains, C.AP); Chaplain (Cap!.) Kennelh Benesh; Chaplain (Maj.) Harry Warwicki Chapla;n (Maj.) Cyrus GUe; Rev. Leland Hili (gu· r); Chaplain (H. Col.) Del Mclaughlin. NOl present or picture; Brig. Gen. Howard l. Brookfield ('allOlla! ornmanoer, APJ; Chaplain (Maj.) Makoto Enomoto; Ch.lplain (Capt.) Don Eubank; Cbaplain (Maj.) Robert fike; Lt. Col. Billie LeGair ( P Rat/in N·' ontrol [fie n: Capt. Henry Saffold rphotographed, Rev. Robert Ferguson (JjUCSU. iJlld Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Frank Watkins I P,

Cadet Net
bv ClSgt Brian



R tir d),
Photo hI' Capt. Henry Saffold, P

senior one member? If you have a ornpl te et or the ab v ,Ih n ou have the ne ry ingr dien . for p rti ipation in the California Wing Cadet Training el. The adet Training Net i a California Wing dir cted net, a per Tab. A to App ndix 2,10 Annex K to CAWG PLAN Y·10 (the CAWG C MM Plan). The net is on every Thursday evening at 1830 h urs I cal tim and i ntr lIed by d t. Any ration and ny cad t has th Of p rlunity to participate in nd ontrol th CAWG Cad I Training Net. The fficer-in-Charg f th Cad t Tr Ining Nel i Lt. Col. Billie LeClair, OIC White B ear 46. ::J







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Cadet Drill Instructors' School
by Capt. Jesse Ochoa, P
The Cad I Drill In iructor ' Shoal, span or d by Sal ian amp. q.' 8 of La Angele ,wa h ld t ih M rine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRDl. an Diego. Ei hty Civil Air Patrol, Air Force ROTC, and Army, Navy and Air Force JROT adet from throughoul outhern California parti ipat d. The urriculum in -Iuded lasses in leadership, close order drill. and empha ized technique or acad mic and drill instruction. Each cadet made < n irnpr mptu pre entatlon, which was valuated by the insiru Under the cia up rvl Ion Marin Corp Drill In rrucror. ah cadet also had the opportunity to pr cti drill in truction t chniques by COmmandrng e quad in 10 e ord r rill. ad ts received 10 hour of c1as r Om instructi nand practi . TJ1e entire course was taught by in· structors from th Drill In tru or hool at MCRD. The ho I. dir by Maj. John Walsh, USMC, trains M rin C rp non-commi sian d 01'ers to b am drill in tructors, who. in turn, train re ru]t at the MCRD. 0

Why ar we her ? What ar we d ing? Wh re are we gain? Periodically, it's good to it back and 1 ke I ok I ourselves. Why ar we memb r of Ih ivil Air Patrol? Ar we making a re I contribution! Are w working f r the goals and objectives of the oraanizalion? We read with inter t an rri I • In Fr n omp ite Squadron 112'5 n wsl tte.r. It se m that a m mber of that squadron encount red a local Fixed Ba perator who had 10 t inter st in joining CAP. Why? The man r ~ nded by aying that he did not think il wa th kind of organization h wanted 10 be part of. How would you have fel oming f e I fa e with m on who h b n "turned W' by CAP. Would you hav felt eli appointrn nt .. embarra sm nl.. arrow ... confusion .. .rnavbe alia these? Would you have felt that posibly someone valuable 10 ur au e hed been 105t- and w nd r why? You h hard our them forand you will hear il again and again PUBLIC AFFAIR I EVERYBODY' BU I ES.. Putting our best (oat forw rd and cr ating a favorable image for Civil Air Patr I is the re pan ibllity of each member. lnd ed, the reputation f any rganlzatlon i th um total of it members. Whal a h on of u de, ay and profes e makes that ind lible impr i n in the mind of the publi - and yes, in the mii1d of that one fixed ba e peraior at a 10 I (irport who auld. and should, be eag r 10 join us. Good rnanag m nt and g od I adership is imperative 10 the succe of ny organizati n - CAP is no e epti n. But, when that "OUI ld r" m t· vouwh ther you ar a adet, a seasoned enior member, a pilot, or a ground team member - you ARE th ivil Air Patrol. You may b th only onl t with our organization that pers n r ha . You may det rmine whether or not that p rson think we are the kind of organization he or she w nt to b a part of. Think about it. Th choice is our. If ware members of Civil Air Patrol b au we b lieve in it mi ions, why not convey that pride to ether ? 0


~det John MacTavish demo/1.trates as Gunnery Sgt. C.N. Copeland make a p In.

A Marine Corps physical u:llning IMtru or a i ISa cadet through the coniide» our e at M RD. an Diego.

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New Mission for an Old Squadron

Capsule Glimpses ...

Lt. Rebecca Armfield,


Meet Ed Ryan, Director of Communications
Maj. Ed Ryan ha b n Direct r f Communications f r allfornia Wing since October, 1979. His pa 1 dutie indud : Communi ailon Administrative ffj er, alifornia Wing 8f74-9/7; Communic tions om r. Waldo F. Fi Id Cornp, q. 18 ( an L andr, A) 1960·62, 1%4-74; Operator and Chief Op rat r, Wing NC5 c rid later ANCS, San Francis 01%0-6_, 1963·64,IA 0, Adjutant. California Win 196L: and p, ronnel Offi er, Waldo F, Fi eld Camp, Sq. 18, Ryan join d CAP a a cadet at Syra use det q. 1 (N w Y rk Wing) in 1954. C

rang County nior quadron 7 (La I mi l, i now known t the "Training quadran" for Lon' Bah Group 7. Under the I ader hip )f u. Col. Guy Burnham, quad ron 73 has tart d its training pro 'ram, whi h at the pre ent tim in ludes L vel 1 rieruation Couts s, instruction On Emerg ncy S rvi e and In th future will consist 0 comprehen ive study and training programs in th technical pe i Ilie. whi h in lude level of proficiency from Technician throu h S nior 10 the /via ter raLing . quad ron 73's first Level I rientalion Cours may have 'el J r ord by on of i c II nding memb r - Paul Herrick, a member of Group V, West Palm Bea h, Florida. Even though his e press purpose or bing in California wa not to tak th L el I rientati n Course, the di lane in mil ge fr m Herrick's home 10 the base where L v I 1 wa mu I bar ord. 0

Coast Guard Cutter Vi sited by Cadets
bv Capt. Rick Gale, March AFB nd Georg AFB rntly tour d the U,. a 51 Guard utt r emr u at an P dro, Californi . 60:h d ts and nior rn ml er spent the day in the Lon Beach- an Pedro ar during Ihe field trip. Ensign Terry Bickham orted the 'roup from stem t tern, port 10 t rboar, nd provid d fir t-hand view of the Coast Guard mission and lifeSlyl . In lud d In the tour were the bridg , flight deck. ward room and living quarters, "I moved th bridge th ' I," stated C/MSgt. Shawnie Bruce, cadet ommand r' of quadron 45, "and learning how sv rything works. The bridge is the focal point of all op ralions, t was very irnpres ed with both th op ration of the ship and Ihe profes ionalism of all crew rnemb r , /vIost p .opl don't think oi the cast Guard wh n they talk about the arm d force, but these people are highly qualifi d f r their job," CAP members I it the hip with a bet-

t r under t< ndlng
rni sion th ir lif The v 2 10- oot and a lyle. f th
'II r

C t Guard' ppre i lion for

The 11111110 1m

FLL N E." ancJ ,1S dPllie Il'clIW il lu~o. 10 redcil our goal, ior lomurmw (repre_enl cI /)1' th« I ri, W lIeed krw Irc/g (r pr nleri h), Ihe lall I vm) ";/llch comes (rom ILld)' iwrf/fJf I"lirlln~ ([('W "('1111'(] /) ttvo Lighl/lm!j Holl), niucli . u! .. a (ifill In Ih n indo whi " givps u< a reI' arci (reprcscnle:i hI' rhe ~('Tnll) whil .. TRIVINC F R [X HLtNL , , INC F 1\ F


73 '.1 nnw



Iltrous wa th thlrte nth fa class of cutters de i ·ned by 1 he 0< 51 Cue rd ~ r rnaritirn I· w nforceIII nt and ar hand re u duty. She was laun hed by the Am ri all Shipbuilding Company on Nov. '11, 1967. Commi stoned on Sept. 12, 1968, she wa assign d t the EI venth oa t Guard Di tri-t with a horn port at an Oi go, California. In S pt mb r 1 70. he was transferred to her present home port of Sail P dro. In addition to h r basi sear h and re cue duties, t.h Ventrous nducts offshor law nfor ement pal rol off the w t rn oa-t of th UI1I1 d States and Mexico. The \~ tur u carrie a rew of eight off er and 61 enlist d mernb rs. Their quarters include many feature deigned to pr vid rnfort and pri acv, The hip ha a tOJ peed 0 18 knot, and at IS kn IS c n rui up t 5,0 miles, or approximately th distan e from Lo Angeles to Honolulu and ba k without refueling. :J

FrcJlI1 /('lr-C<lrJpr, 5yril Richards, (harle Middleton eru! lisa Chevalier til C"k (iiI' tunCIIOIl (l a Ihre rn h, 50 caliber cannon a/}Clarci 111 U.. oalr ,uard utlpr Veritrous during J , C nl ricif/ frio. AP ,ac/C'(s lid scruor l11('mllf't> h' mod J/)OUI 111 1ll1.ion and II ('<;f)'1 'or ().1 I ,uard memb r ,

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alifornia ivil ir Patrol F )[ Their Lit. tanding '\ rk.


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Group I (Los Angeles) CAP Members In Action on Practice ELT Missions:

P photo< by AI Meryman.

In til Communication (om. standing, {rom left ar : Roberl Gresham and C/MSgl. Kaye Szujewski, who et demonstrating th use 0 the tel phone and mi rophone. Seated are C/Maj. John R. Aylesworlh (leit) and tst Lt. Ray Bre.zic, milnnJng the radio and laking d wn I'll ,ge, r p Ii ... Iy Th are th q. I (GfJ. I) Santa Monl iii ummuni tor~ n the iob:


Footprints Lead Ground Team to Crash Site
by Capt. David RudawilZ, AP
Footprints In the now b longing to an unknown hiker led a CAP ground team to the crash scene of a missing Cessna 172 during one of the most extensiv search effort conducted by CAP in Southern California. The footstep w re fir tight d by a CAP aircraft piloted by Capt. Greg Wiese of Squadron 150. Th observers, Maj. Martin Hoxworth of Pacific Region and Maj. David Chapman of Squadron 13, p tted footsteps in the snow between Toro Mountain and anra Ro.. M untain, Th r a wh rc the prints w 'rc p I· t d was th same are in whi h the missing aircraft was d t rmined, u ing ITAP information. to have gone off rad r. The aircraft ontacted the ground team led by Capt. David Rudawitz of Squadron 88 which wa advancing up the Santa Rosa Mountain road and workin in oordination with the aircraft. Capt. Rudawitz, with 1st Lt. Rod Koral, aloof Squadron 88, followed the footprints for about a quarter of a mil and wer led t th rash sit. Th crash was not readily visible tn the aircraft crew even when being signaled by the ground team at the rash site. There wer no survivor of the crash which partially burned on impact. also destroying the HT. The mysterious toorprirn continu d on from th era h ite and were followed by oth r memb rs of the ground team led by Don Jeske of Ihe Saddl back Search and Res ue Team. The footprints went on for about one mile and ended ageIn at the road. Apparently an unknown hiker located the crash one or more days earlier and, thinking that it was an old wreck, did not contact the authoritie . Other footprints had also b n spotted in the same general area by everal pilots during the search. The ightings generated optimism that there might have been survivors. The aircraft. a Ces n 172, white with brown trim, had departed Palm Springs AIrport at 21: 19 on November 28. 1982, on a VFR flight to Palomar Airport. The pilot did not file a flight plan on this last leg of the flight from Lake Havasu. There were three persons on board, and II wa unknown wh ther the raft was b in piloted by the owner or her pilot friend. Th raft' olor, the terrain and n w made th wre k almost impossible to see from the air. Bad weather in the search area for the first three days after the era h sever Iy restricted th arch ffort. Other ground team personnel from SQ88, GP18 and 5Qll3 attempted both visual and ELT/DF search I n the area during the first day of the search. Although they passed near the era h site, the weather and terrain made it impossible for th m to mak a ighting. Th area was completely Impassable for the nexl few days of the search. By Friday the weather cleared completely, allowing a full scale search effort. Twenty- ix aircraft parti ipated th t first day, and 49 air raft were Involved on the second and last day of this mo t intensive search effort. 0


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~ ~ ~~ by R.J. Jones FA /\ . d nl PreventJ o kl;md FS

Accident Prevention Corner
~~ pC'

.. ... .. .. ... ..~.~.~... .. ..
~~ ~ ~~ ~~
lisf eriod of time and then "expect high r.' Whal high r? Again, the cl arance would only be legal i Ihe final e Ititude i tat d in th cl aran . 3. A P ibl pr blem as iat d with "t wer enroute clearan es' i th I In most e these I < ran are "popp d up," and la k < great deal of information th t would otherwise b on a "filed" IFR flight plan. Example: A "popped up" tow r enroute c1earan e would n I n c rily Include ETE, ETA, fu I on board, or an alt rnate airport (if required)' s me of th more irnport snt items n ed d if you had mrnurucation failur during flight and wer unable I land L your destin lion. 4. How many times during an IFR flight hav you been "v t r d" n departure or landing arrival? How many limes during rh "ve tor did you know ally wh r you wer ? The point her is ALWAYS KNOW where you are being v nor d nd th minimum altitudes you must have in your dir i n of flight. Th e "ve l r " ar joinl re p n ibilltv b Iw n you and the controller. Filing and flying IFR i .. eriou busin ,.... tr at it as such o you will around for th next issu . U

Foot Path
bV Lt. Col. Dennis L. Matarrese

Wing Ground Operations Office;


I FR... "Points to Remember"
I. When you rec iv your IFR I aran from Ground ontrol prior to tak off, r if you have request d c n IFR cl aran e during flight, MAKE URE THE LEARANCE WORK. All to often, a pil I will a cept a I r n only 10 ind out later that the routing, altitude r me oth r problem i a lated With th learanc. A good procedure with r sp ct to cl arance r adb k would b 10 copy the clearan e as given and then ask the contro!ling our to" land by.' After you have made ure thE' I arance works. then advis you are ready for r adback. 2. Make sure that ny IFR cI arance you r iv tates FINAL ALTITUDE. An IFR I aran without < final altttud in luded i n t I gal. Exam I : If you have been cleared "via flight plan r ute' or Ita fil d," Ih learance would not be legal unle it stated a final ahitud . Another e mple f the nature would be clearance thai k d you to maintain a certain altitud

Th la t everal years hay een an improvement 111 the irnaa of ground op r tions in Calif rni Wing. Ground team p rati n during night hours and advers weather ondition contribut d to thi chang . Many "Find" awards have now been credit d I ground learn within the la t two y ar due t qui k resp n e and II weather capabilities of th ground teams. All round team rn rnber hould b pr p r d with b< ic p .rsonnel equipment and RON (remain-ov r-nlght) gear when reporting t a arch ba e. Foul weath r cI thing hould be carried a appropriat . Failure to have the ba ic equipm nl will prevent your parti ipati n on a ground team. I have appointed five officers 10 s rve as ground operation assi tant to work with th ground team p rsonnel within th wing: Lt. Col. Lloyd Burrell and Maj. John Abbott - outhern California; Maj. John Heimgartiner - Fre no and Baker field areas; Capt. Michael Smith - a ramemo and hi 0 area; Lt. Darryl Bramlette - North oa t areas. I appreciate the effort that has been made by all of th ground team leaders and m m r. Thl d di ation will ke p California Wing p rati n the b t po ible. 0

Billie LeClair-A

Member of Real Courage and Dedication
tim and provides valuabl as i lance on arch bas 111 administration, cornmunications and dlspat h. LeClair has been honor d with many citations, including th Silver ak L ave Award from National CAP headquart r. In 1982 she rec~ved Ihe S nior Communication Award of the Year. She also has an Air For e Asso ialion citation and a Merit rious Award. "I don't have time 10 think about my aches and pain ," says LeClair, but record how that he has had _S major o r lion made necessary by th internal damage to her body as a re ult of Ihe MS. She i I 0 < dlabeti and ha r ecov r d from acute pancreatitis, pn umonia. two heart arta k and a trok . "Life goes on," comment LeClair, "and I just tak on day at a time." California Wing m rnb rs salute LeClair for h r courag ,dedication and " an do" plritl 0

Lt. Col Billie LeClair (bet! r known th ughout the wing as WB 46), reIV d om well-d rved publicity arly thi y r wh n th San B mardin un-Tel gram ran a featur t ry on her accompli hrn nt . For sam lim, LeClair ha be nonfin d 10 a wheel hair becau multipl clero i paralyzed her I wer limb but c th n w paper tory a knowledg d, "I he 62-year-old radio operator probablv mpli h mar than d rno t p ople who hav the u of two good I g ." In h r job a Wing Communication Control ffi r, LeClair monitors fr qu n i from early morning until lat t night - and th nome. he has been a CAP m mb r mor than 20 year, working her way up through the ranks from staff serg ani to U. Colon I. Alth ugh h no long r a ompanie earch pilots a an observer, he has clocked more than 1,50 hour of flight

Lt. Col Billie LeC/a;r

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We are proud to be a port of the continuing good work of California Civil Air Patrol

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CAP Team Participates in Chili Cook-Off
by Lt. Cot, Ed Crankshaw, CAP
8:00 A.M.: A beautiful morning on the Monterey Peninsula. The twelve cooking teams, arriving at close intervals, busied themselves setting up tables, stoves, cutting boards ... and generally preparing their work areas. Occasionally a face would be raised to the sky, to observe the rapidly dissipating mist, or bask in the warming morning sunlight. Soon, the tables were laden with a variety of supplies: packages of beef, everything from stew-cut chunks to rough-ground; cans of tomato paste, sauce, juice or stewed tomato chunks; packets of spices, some clearly marked, others premixed in plain containers ... some marked "top secret;" whole onions, peppers (of all kinds); here and there a can marked "Alpo dog chow" or "Meow Mix cat food." On one table. amid the clutter. we found two flat cans simply marked "RED MAN," on another, a tin of "rattlesnake meat, chunky" was proudly displayed. It was obvious these people were completely serious about their chili "rnakins." All this preparation kept the teams too busy for any tension to build. 9:00 A.M.: The contest manager came around with boxes of contest supplies: T-shirts, aprons and tablecovers for the cooking team members; buttons for the Booster team members. The contest sponsor, the local Budweiser distributor thoughtfully provided a van-load of Bud ... a case per team, and a back-up supply for the Boosters, along with styrofoam coolers and ice. 10:30 A.M.: The head judge outlined the cook-off rules ... more for the edification of the crowd than the cooks. "From eleven to twelve is preparation time, from twelve to three, cooking time. At three, we judge the results." Some of the cooking team members are starting to get downright edgy at this point. 11:00 A.M.: "Man your knives and choppers. " With the boisterous applause of the Boosters spurring them on. the cooking team members busied themselves slicing meat, dicing onions, chopping a variety of peppers, cutting and mincing tomatoes, melding together various mysterious mixtures of spices and "secret ingredients" ... some did this behind hastily erected tablecloth "wails ..... preparing their mixes according to old family recipes until ... 12:00 oon: "Light your fires," shouted the contest manager. Soon the tantalizing odor of frying meats, onions, peppers, and who knows what mixed with that of the chopped vegetables and spices ... and the Booster teams found their numbers being swelled by fair-goers from all directions, responding to the appeal of the atmosphere surrounding the cookoff site. The Monterey County Fair "Chilicon-Bud" Texas-style Chili Cook-off was well and truly underway. Among this year's contestants was the team billing Itself as the "High Flying Pipers Chill and Beer Lovers Society, Unlimited," led by Capt. Mary Bassett, deputy commander of Monterey's Cypress Senior Squadron 33. Her teammates were Senior Members Rich Brassfield and Sharon LaCalmita. Her husband, Capt. John Bassett, doubled as Booster and First Taster. Maj. James Crispelle, Squadron 33 commander, led the booster team ... assisted by Senior Member Ed Jarvis and other members of the Salinas Valley Highlanders, who entertained the crowd with a breath-taking display of piping. During the cooking time, much visiting took place between teams: "How's it corning!" "Pretty good. Here, have a taste." "Have you guys got any beer left? Our cook used the last can in the chili." "Check with Ralph ... he'll get you another case." "Hey. taste this. Good, huh?" "Yeah. Good Luck. But I know we'll win ... " 2:50 P.M.: Each team has been given a quart-sized container with their entry number printed on the bottom ... and told to fill it directly from the pot and give it to the "collector" when he comes around with the tray. All the containers look alike, 50 the entries are truly anonymous. The tension is thicker than the chili. 3:00 P.M.: The collector comes around, and carries all twelve containers to the judges' chambers. The cooking tables are immediately mobbed by the Boosters, and the crowd ... permission has been given to the cooking teams to distribute the rest of the chili in little tasting cups to all who want samples. Everybody wants a sample. By 3:20 the crowd is fed, and begins the nervous, jittery waiting for the judges to announce their verdicts ... they judge by the formula TACA: Taste, Aroma, Consistency and Appearance.

Three prizes will be given in each of three categories: Best Showmanship by a Team, Best Chili by a Team representing a town, and Best Over-all Chili. "The High Flying Pipers Chili and Beer Lovers Society, Unlimited wins S cond Place in Showmanship, and Third In the Best Over-all Chili category." Capt. Bassett's comment was, "This was our first year ... we'll do better in '83. Meanwhile, if anybody from Texas Wing wants to lend us an 'old family recipe' ... ?" 0


Wing History Information Needed
The Public Affairs Office needs information about California Wing during the 19405, '505 and '60s. They need photos with notes attached telling Who, What, Why, When and Where. Written personal reminiscences are also welcomed. Especially appreciated would be books, manuals, pamphlets or any publication about CAP or California Wi ng in the 4()s, 50s or 60s. If you were in CAP during these years, or know someone who was, please submit your information or names and addresses of "old timers." If you know someone who was in CAP during that time, please send u a taped interview on C-30 or (,60 audio cassette (contact your Publi Affairs Officer or Commander for help). You will receive a replacement tape. All of thi material will be combined to create a HI lory of California Wing for use at all levels, including Level I instruction. You may submit your material to your Public Affairs Officer or Commander for consolidated mailing, or you may send the information directly to: Lt. Col. Edward Crankshaw, CAP, P.O. Box 1158, Seaside, CA 93955.

The U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service has presented certificates of appreciation to members of Clover Field Compo Sq. 51 (Santa Monica). These members are: Lt. R. Finklestein, Cilst Lt. Gresham and Capt. Jones. Air Force Representative SSgt. C. Hayes, now CAP senior member Hayes, has joined Squadron 51 as Leadership Officer. He has initiated training for Squadron 51's Color Guard.

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CAP Members Participate in Air Force Movie
AP rn rnbers from Group 18 and 15 gOI a taste of what il is lik 10 perform b f re the motion picture am ra a they imulaied a arch mission for a 10 I hiker in th San Gabriel Mountain fur an upcoming egmern ("Air Force Now," th USAF' quarterly in ervice new re I producti n. For three weekend in Mar h they fI w, r am d a rugg d mountain, communicated, brief dId brief d and a I d out th ript which ulrninated with a CAP "find" and the vi im bing airlifted out by a helicopter of the an Bern rdino County Sheriff' Dep rtmerit.

Acting ut the rol - ome of them speaking part - for Air F r Capt. Ron Dietel, Ihe produc r/dir or a igned by th Aerospa Audio Visual ervice (AAVS) from Norton AFB, wer Gr up 18 mmander l.t. Col. John Abbot nd Group 15 C mmander Maj, Ernest Pear on togeih r with: Capt. Charles Wie t, Capt. Gerald Bessler, Capt. Jesse Ochoa, Capt. Paul Deuts h, 2nd lI. Beverly Guido < nd Cadet Ri ardo Moreno f Group 15 and Capt. J. W. Balser, Capt. Rick Gale and Capt. Gary listwood of Group 18, The" urvivor" was Group 15's Bill Schmitt. CAP technical advisor for th proj ct wer Maj. Fred BeeJby, hief of the Ele Ironic M dla Relation Branch of th wing Office of Public Affair and Lt. Col. Frank Burnham, advisor to wing Dire tor of Public Affairs. 0

Capt. Ron Dietel, AAV5 produc rldirecror, clH~Ck5 Oul a )/)01 of roup 18' Capt. Carr listwood communicetine (rom ,h group' Iour-wheei-drive ground ream v lucie during rhe lnlU/at ar h.

CAP Retiree Finds Lost Camper
M ny CAP rnernb rs look forward to the day they an "retir from the or anization. However, the pirit of helping others fails to leave u vn beyond retirem nt. Case in point i former CAP Lt. Col. Don Mageean. Col. Mageean i a double r tlr , having retired from the Civil Air Patrol in 1975 after 31 year ervi e, and from the USAFR (ala as a Lt. Col.), On th morning of Nov rnber 14th, Mageean wa giving pilot Paul Garber ache k flight in Garber'S new Moon y. During the he k flight, In the vicinity of Wrightwood, Mageean potted the letters "SOS" tamped in the snow. Mageean and Garber clr led and descended to approximately SOD feet AGL. They caught a glimp e of a lone camp r making hi way through three feet of snow toward a learin.

After "dipping" their win s, they flew to Fox Field, Lanca ter. where they reported their finding to FAA per onriel. Within an hour, th camper wa picked up by Sheriff' heli opt r. Th amper. Thomas Scheltens, had driven his amper along the crest of Pine Mountain before bing nowed in for six days. Col. Mageean i credited with aving two other lives. In 1957. while flying in Canada, he locat d rnis ing two-yearold girl. DUring th win! r of 1963, he spotted a era h victim 10 r in the cold Adirondack Wildernes while flying an F-89 Interceptor. For his 1963 rescue, Mageean wa present d with the Civil Air Patrol Di tinguish d Service Award. Col. Mageean i urrently a Chief Flight In trucior at Bra kett Field, La Verne. California. 0

CAP Represented At Scout Fair
b Cadet Patrick Harrington,
AP Th Boy Scout f America re ently held their annual Scout Fair at the Fresno Fairground. The following adets and senior repr nt d Squadron 112 atthat Fair: Patrick Harrington, Hardy Weaver, Melody Erdman, Claudia Wedel, Major Nelson and Captain Downing. Civil Air Patrol had been invited and was ther to pr sent the requirements for the cout Aero pace Badge. Special attractions included a surpri i it by the California Highway Patrol' helic pter which was open for di play and in pection by visitors to the Fair. The Air N tional Guard al 0 participated in this event. 0

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Civil Air Patrol
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and Glen A. Gramps salute Civil Air Patrol in California.

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Comm Column

by Maj. Ed Ryan, CAP
Director or Communications

Cadets Earn 1st Prize Trophy
Ten cadet from the Glendale Eagl Camp. Sq. 27 earned another 1st prize trophy recently by participating in the 35th annual "Days of th Verdugo Parade" in the Gty of Glendale. The color guard consisted of five flag carriers, two riflemen two banner carriers and a olor guard commander. Cadets participating were: Eric Senter, lose Gama, Mike Dewees, Mark Wagstaff, Edward Mireles, Rick Estrada, Randy Peukert, Mike Milosevich, Edgar Aco ta and Dan Raducan. Along with other color guards, drill teams, marchin bands, tall flags, short flag, mount d celebriti , ivil and politi al organizations, they marched a route of three mile. At th end of the parade. ClTSgt Dan Raducan, acting colorguard cornmander, received th 1st prize trophy, along with a kiss for ood luck from Miss Glendale. This trophy will be added to the numerou collection of Squadron 27.0

CAPCOMM?! - First of all, CAP· COMM is a function, NOT a call sign. During the second half of 1982, the use of airborne radio relay increased considerably, specially in areas remote from CAP repeater coverage. The aircraft/aircrew performing this function were told in some instances to use the term CAPCOMM as their call sign. This is I CORRECT. When an aircraft/aircrew is used to perform CAPCOMM function, their call sign will be the BROWN BEAR call asso iated with the craft. A r lated item: Attention MCO's and Me's: Fresno Compo Sq. 112 has available an airborn VHF-FM repeater package that can b installed in a Cessna 150. This will be of great value should there be any mi sions su h as AFRCC 8-1259, where aircraft were deployed out of the range of any repeater and in some cases, several hundred miles from the prime search bas. COMMUNICATIONS PLAN UPDATED - The California Wing Cornmunications Plan, published as Anne K to the Operations Plan (OPLAN 55·10), has been revised. Dated 01 December 1982, the plan should be in the field well before this column is published. In addition to regular unll distribution, each radio ration licensee will be mailed a copy of the plan via their unit headquarters. This version i somewhat different than the one of 1980. Wing Communications Is in the process of writing a California Wing Manual 100-2, tentatively titled "Radio Operator's Guide." This Is loosely based on the old HEDCAP Manual 100-2. This manual will include sections on message format, routing, office symbols, and such other things thai the CAPM 100-' fail to cover. BYE BYE BLACK BEAR (BROWN BEAR TOO)! . There are presently 156 tactical call signs within the CAP communications system. In an attempt to reduc these, and as well to eliminate some rather "tacky" calls, the National Executive Committee (NEC) decreed that when the time comes to renew the various Wing's tactical call signs, they be renewed with th fixed station call followed by "Mobile," or ,.Aircraft." Thus California Wing units would be White Bear, White Bear Mobile, White Bear Aircraft. Our ren wal date is not until 1985, and, although by then a different NEC will be in office, once the first Wing starts the process, it will probably be irrever ible. All state names cannot be used as are approximately 20 state names already in use as military tactical calls. However, we are not locked in to using WHITE BEAR. Our preference would be a one syllable word. uch as BEAR; but certainly not more than the current two syllables, WHITE BEARor REDWOOD. If you would like to suggest an alternative tactical call word, send your suggestion, via letter, to California Wing Headqua rters/DC. This is White Bear 4 ... out! 0

AFA Banquet Honors CAP
The Air Force Association's Sacramento Chapter 116 (the fourth largest chapter in the United States) recently honored California Wing CAP members at an awards banquet held in Sacramento. Those honored were Capt. Thomas Mason, operations officer at Group 4 headquarters. and Capt. James Dick of Group 4. The citation for Capt. Mason read, in part: "Capt. Mason has distinguished himself by demonstrating time and again hi devotion to the Emergency Services Mission of CAP. He has unhesitatingly volunteered his time, money and aircraft on nine AFRCC missions. These missions were flown in all types of weather and mostly mountainous terrain, presenting many hazard to both himself and his aircraft." The citation for Capt. Dick read, in part: "Although Capt. Dick will celebrate his 70th birthday on 26 March, 1983, he has maintained his flight skill at an extremely high level of proficiency and has volunteered for many 'early morning' flights in search of potential aircraft incidents involving inadvert nt ELT transmissions." 1982 recipients of AFA citations were: Maj. Eugene Kunz of Group 4 and ClMaj. Steve Humphrey of Hillcombers Compo Sq. 22. 0

adet Dan Raducan. Glendale Ea ,Ie omp. q. 27, te ive II vi lory kl . from Miss Glendale afler Ihe squadron re eived First Prize lroph al Ihe Da~'s the erdu80



Code of the Rescueman


Aerospace Rescue Serv; e (ARRS)


"It is my duty, as a member of the Ai r Rescu Service, to sav live and 10 aid the injured. I will be prepared at all times to perform my as igned duties befor personal desir and comforts. These things I do that others may live." ::J

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The Personal Computer In Squadron Management
by Maj. David A. Rudawitz, CAP
The personal computer (microcomputer) can become a very important tool in the effective management of a CAP squadron. Ranging in price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars and up, the personal computer opens a new era in the management of personnel records, finance, correspondence preparation, public affairs and training. Using a combination of available software and the custom preparation of programs In BASIC and PASCAL (two of the most common computer languages used with microcomputers), almost all of the administrative functions of the squadron can be assisted. Although several members of EI Toro Compo Sq. 88 have personal computers, three members have been actively using their microcomputers to reduce some of the effort needed to manage an active unit. The author has an Apple III computer with a Prism printer. Lt. Col. Robert Wood, squadron Emergency Services Officer, has a TRS-80 Level 3 microcomputer with an Epson printer and uses hi to support the Emergency Services function. Lt. Col. Pat Robinson uses an ExIdy Sorcerer microcomputer with a C. Itoh letter-quality printer. The author has used his Apple III for a number of applications within the unit. Using PFS (a product of Software Publishing Corporation), which is a database management language with a report writer, a database is maintained of all the members in the unit. This database contains most of the information found in the members 201 (personnel) file. Using the facilities of the report writer, a number of reports and lists can be quickly prepared. These include rosters, emergency services callout lists, and mailing labels all generated on a routine basis and all generated from the same base data. Using the interactive query capability of this program, special reports can be generated for such things as certificate expiration dates, awards, vehicle and aircraft equipment lists, form 5 renewal dates, etc. Using word processing software (Applewrlter III in this case), letters, personnel actions, control lists, press releases, memos and reports can be quickly prepared and updated. All of these items can be retained on a flexible disk and recalled at a future date for updating or use as a core for the preparation of a similar document. Special formats have been generated for letterhead, press releases, memos and even CAP form 2a. These are then recalled from the disk, as needed, and the information filled In from the keyboard to generate a letter or report, etc. II. is even possible to extract data from the data base and insert it into a leiter 0 r report. Although the uses described above are quite extensive, they only represent a small portion of the types of uses the microcomputer can be put to in a unit. Using a spreadsheet program like VisiCalc (a product of Personal Software, lnc.). squadron financial recordkeeping can be automated. Other software packages are available that could be adapted to completely automated finance including the generation of checks. Other uses include the preparation of training programs for CAl (computer aided instruction) and the teaching of computer and electronic principles to cadets and senior members alike. The advantages of having a personal computer available in a unit are very extensive and appealing. II would be well worth the effort to recruit microcomputer enthusiasts into your unit. To learn more about the personal computer, make contact with a local computer store. You may also be able to get a local company to donate a computer or raise the funds to purchase one for the unit. In any case, the personal computer will continue to have an ever increasing role in CAP and those units able to take advantage of this technology will be able to spend more time with the other aspects of the CAP program. D


Sailplane Encampment Held by Group 15
Group 15's glider program continued to record milestones in late 1982 and early 1983 with contlnuing activities at Twentynine Palms Airport in the high desert northwest of Los Angeles. Capt. Marcia Willey of Orange County Eagle Flight 20 is the sailplane program direccertificates were cadets Chris Bell, Sq. 61; Alex Ecarma. Sq.7; Steve Segura, Sq. 101; Rock Skowbo, Sq. 131; Shawnie Bruce and Charles Boyd, Sq. 45; Shelli Sedlak, Sq. 47; Jay Daniel, Sq. 55; Eddie Haddad, Sq. 51; Roy Oberhauser, Sq. 17; Beth Mayer and Todd Keifer, FIt. 20; Stuart Seeger and Tom VanWaardenburg, Sq. 107. Billeting (or the entire group was provided by the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Combat Training Center. Certified flight Instructors who donated their time for this special event were Group 15 commander Maj. Ernie Pearson: sailplane night manager Capt. Mike Willey and Capt. Ernie Zoeter. Orientation pilots assisting in flight training included Lt. Col. John McMahon (also tow pilot) and the sailplane program director. Special recognition for assistance goes to Capt. Mark Williams, Sq. 107, Lt. Pat Anderson, USMC, encampment escort, and special mention to Mrs. Ernie Zoeler for her flight-line coordination and lunches. Earlier this year, Flight 20 held a sailplane transition COurse for power pilots at Twentynine Palm. The course included ground school and flight training. Five seniors participated in the allday program and all five soloed in the CAP sailplane by the end of the day. They were: Capt. Dave Widrig, Group 15; Maj. Francis Turney, Sq. 21: Capt. Bob Fikes, 1st Lt. Larry Schmidt and lSi Lt. Jack Riley from Sq. 25. All are now "hooked" on soaring. Reservations are required for each transition cour e and limited to five participants per day. Course qualifications include a valid CAP membership card and a current fixed wing or helicopter license. For further information or reservations, write to: Orange Co. Eagle Flight 20 P.O. Box 853 Brea, CA 92621 0


Late last year Group 15 held its annual sailplane encampment for Southern California cadets. Fourteen cadets participated and were given over 90 instructional flights In the CAP Schweizer 2-33 sailplane. The highlight of the encampment was a solo flight by cad et Rock Skowbo from Sq. 1 31 after just five dual flights. There would have been more solo flights if more cadets had acquired their necessary student pilot' certificates. Cadets also received ground school instruction and packets including The Joy or Soaring manual, log books and other pertinent flying information. Receiving encampment completion

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lee's Flying Service

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E.I. Brandt Trucking
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CAP Supports Major Disaster Exercise At Redondo Beach
by Capt. Harry Woo/way, CAP
The State Offic of Emergency Service (OES) recently authorized a weekend simulated major disaster exercise in which Senior Sq. 129 and Bea h Cities Cadet Sq. 107 upported the City of Redondo Beach. The simulated situation Involved a major earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Ri hter S al that rocked the whole South Bay area with the epicenter located in the City of Redondo Beach. Mission Base was Redondo Bea h OES with initial CAP base operations set up at Torrance Airport. CAP Base Operation Coordinator was Maj. Roger Griffin, commander or Cadet Sq. 107; Air Operation Officer was Capt. Gary Hanson, commander of Senior Sq. 129; Ground Operations wa Capl. Toigo; and Communications Offi r wa 1st Lt. Bruce Cobb. First call Into CAP base operations was from Redondo Beach Emergency Operation Center, stating that 50 percent of th emergency equipment was damaged and all roads were unusable for emergency vehicles. Back-up communication and aerial surveillance were request d. Communi ations with OES Center was established by CAP base operation and three CAP aircraft were airborne for aerial surveillance. The first air survey Indicated va t South Bay destru tion with hospitals, hopping centers, power plant and Redondo Beach Pier complex all being leveled. Many fire cau ed by broken ga mains were spotted and 75 percent of all roadway were unusable due to ga main explosions, sewage pipes collapsing and cracks In road surfaces. All aerial pictures were processed by a base operation photo lab which gave rapid and accurate appraisals of the simulated damage. Damage r ports and requests for emergency qulprnent, food or medical supplies wer received and forwarded by CAP Communication Network. The exer i e proved to be very effective and enabled all p rsonnel taking part to realize the importance of an Em rgency Preparedness Plan being tested and affirming it workable before an actual disaster happens. CAP Squadron 107 and 129 were accepted as part of the Redondo Beach Emergency Preparedness Plan and the units hope to become part of local cities Torrance, Lomita and Palos Verdes Disaster plans. 0

From left: U. Col. Robert Evans, pilot; Capl. Gary Beida, pilot; SU1!anne Buller, Re<londo Bea h Emerg n y Servi e Coordineior; Maj. Daile Hawkins, pilot; Capt. Gary Hanson, Air op ration om et and ommand r of Sq. 129. P"OIO b Capt. Henry Saffold.

Bivouac Held
by ClSgt. Edgar Acosta,


Sqdns. 27 and 51
(Ob erver). The bivouac had many activities to ffer su has: ro ketry, rapp lllrig, mount In llrnblng, d ert survival, physical training, guard duty, kitchen duty, latrine duty, and two football games. These activities were supervised by nior members of Squadron 51. C/lsl 1I. Robert Creshaw and CfWO John Sowter had the responsibllitv of planning the bivouac. All activities were planned by the cadet staff and approv d by the nior member staff. This wa the fir I activity planned by the cadets from both squadron. Capt. Bryan Jones was th commander for cadets during 'the four-day period. Maj. Doug Pendleton, commander of Clover Reid Compo Sq. 51, attended the ntir bivouac. Some transportallon and equipment was supplied by the California alional Guard from the City of Glendale and by Squadron 51. 0

AP Glendale Eagle omp. Sq. 27

Nearly 50 cadets and nin nior members from the Glendale Eagle Cornp. Sq. 27 (Glendale), and Clover Field Compo Sq. 5" (Santa Monica) recently participated in a joint four-day bivouac held at Vasquez Rocks National Park near Palrnda I , California. The purpose of the bivouac was to learn omething different from ea h unit and work as a team, but to have fun at the sam time. The cadet staff was composed of members from both squadron. Cadets In the staff were: Cllst Lt. Robert ereshaw (Cadet Commander), CfWO John Sow1er (l t Sergeant). CfMSGT Kay Szuijewski (Flight "N' Command r), CfTSGT Dan Raducan (Fli tht "B" Commander), ClSseT Rick Estrada (Flight Sergeant "N' Flight), C!SSGT Eduardo Haddad (Flight Sergeant "B" Flight), and CfWO Bob Arnds

Higher Authority

by Chaplain (Capt.) Dan Dyer, CAP
150rl1 Air Res ue Sq. (Long Beach) All of u have heard the saying. "Ti an ill wind that blows no man to good!" The Bible in isrs that. .. there is an ill wind that blow no man to good. An unseen but powerful force is subtly pushing u off the straight and narrow course. The small deviation at the commencement of life finally leaves us desp rately far off the mark at the end of life. An ill wind of hurricane force might alarm u to tak r medial steps, but balmy breez s of evil intluence ease us off course in a most delightful way. We rarely remember how it happened, or when. Particularly is it 50 in this day and age when traditional moral guideline are bing blown away by permissiveness. We drift without v n r alizing it. A pilot has four basic steps to take in order to keep from being blown off course: 1. He mu t accept the reality of the wind a a danger in spite of the fact that he cannot see it. 2. He must determine the dire tion from which It comes and Its forc

3. He must correct his COurseby turning hi plane into the wind uffi ientlv to make good his intend dour e over the earth's surface. 4. He must be alert to the ne d for further possible cours correction because a change in wind dire tion. or wind force, or both, demand a new course. We use the Bibl to et our our in life. It guid 5 us into all truth. It adjusts our live to the right course of action, and it how to us th right course to take, even though we can't se th forces thai com again t our daily walk. Anything that takes us away from God and good should b suspect. To gauge the for of vii's effect upon us, we simply hav to compare our lives to Ihe life of J us Christ. Only JesusChri t indwelling a man ... can impart to him ... the ability and dire lion 10 make a true track through this windy world. Ephesians 4: J 4 says ... "We are no longer to b hlldren, tossed here and th re by waves, and carried about by very wind of doctrin , by th trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful schemi ng." W ar ncouraged, then, by the words of Jeremiah:" ... 0 Lord, I know il is not within the power of man to map his life and plan his cour e_ .. 50 you correct me, Lord; but please be gentle. Don't do it in your anger, for I would die." We pray that you would let the Lord pl. n your course Ihroughoul Ihis year. When you do, the Lord's corre tion will bring your Tru Cour into plane view. 0

Cadets Plant a Tree for the Future
1st Lt. Carole Bethards,


After many day of rain we flnallv found a day thai was uitabl to plant the trees. The date was February 9/ commemorating the 50lh nniv r arv of the Civilian Conservation Corp program th t was passed by Congress in 193 and ign d by President Roosevelt during the depression years in order to create job. The Edward B. O'Coffeey Cadet Sq. 37 In Salina tart d helpln the CCC about a year ago. The Iwo group together planted 400 trees in a very hort time-just over an hour. D puty commander leland Rodriquez i al 0 member of the CCC, and it was his idea to introduce young peopl to th conservation program. We were ob erved by hundred of motorists passing by th Highway 101 and 156 interchange. We hope th y will know that CAP exists In the area and that we are doing something useful for the community. 0

Weather Service Director Visits Wing
by Mai. Hal Stoner, CAP West Bay Compo Sq. 110 Lt. Col. Pete Warn, newly-appointed
director of the weather service supporting the U.S. Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (RCC), visited Ihe Bay Area to review the latest I ctronic aids. weather facilities, and procedures utilized by California Wing in Search and Rescue (SAR) techniques. Lt. Col. Jim Bigelow, California Wing Headquarters Staff, and Maj. Hal Stoner, West Bay Compo Sq. 110 (Belmont), escorted the visitor to the FAA's Oakland ARTCC to discuss the Track Analysis Program (TAP) with key controllers; to National Environmental Satellite Service/National Weather Service ( ESS/NWS) in Redwood City to review the latest in video equipment for weather photos, real time data and analysis; and Information Processing Systems (IPS), an R&D firm in Belmont supplying specialized Weather Satellite Recorder equipment to key Air Force. FAA and airline customers. AFRCC is keenly intent on maintaining, nationally, a high level of profi iency in SAR op rations by keeping abreast of technological advancements in equipment and Improvements in operational techniques. The new director is thus investigating all the options having potential for Improving the expediency and accuracy in locating mi sing aircraft. The past accomplishment and application of these advanced radar and weather analysi t hnlqu by California Wing, as brought about by the tlrele s and persevering efforts of LI. Col Jim Bigelow, again erves as a unique model for Ihe rest of th nation to follow. 0
Cadet, George Borden (left) iJnd DuPoo' plant a tree for Ihf' fllture. Cliff

Why I Joined Civil Air Patrol
by Cadet Bill Ketry, CAP Ailied Card n Cede: Sq. 55 (Lake Id ) The reason I joined CAP is because il is fun, it helps me in school, and I learn about drill and leadership. Civil Air Patrol has done a 101 for me. One thing is thai il ha changed my lifestyle. No doubt about it, CAP is fun. I've made a lot of new friends and met a lot of new people. In CAP. I like to drill, take tests, attend clivitie and recruit people into the squadron. C


you learn


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The Pretzer Family Is Proud of the men and women that make lip the California Civil Air Palrol. Their dedication to the ongoing mission of providing air search for downed or missing aircraft is especially appreciated by tho e employe of our company who Ily for either bu iness or pleasure.

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