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r!~dia" s ickness. Tests for' DU r beaU!tifu gen@me' D Reed -uslness II nform. '_'. EJJGMA 5&1 F1EEIDBACK B~nHuruni..'. __ M~ UI'!IIiiiO ~~.d [he fam@tli autl1 OiF R~!yBradbury' 471 IAeviews. Why' s.:_·. " . I '51 I 14 Vour !qua tum .•stinct u. 21 lOne m~nl!l.~ IW_ _~ l. p~Choll:C)g)~'~f Ih1omf:=glmwn rdlJe'rs. T'S' I I' .~Cl ~ _ tl!iiiii.mov:allexp lodes nearby" IMut~m ~. .2ICi[~leatn ndfied k iitle 6. e~pl'. YVIU r bral n ctiU!!mistry carnie berore you r btn:ty:. . -" .hle deep [:Oinnlec. 'S upe.1I'SI.traliJn lof bfrd"fnu lelme'~les. e._]1.m~t rea III.GHrT Flrolm Illalbto IP.!liiiil W~' smell words revea~1 your pe rsena Ility Mleat:m I veg'et~liilins N'e ani..a~ity.a rks concern 'VI ur Im~. rUlles W hy sdentsts shou'ld lembrace an 0 pen-access o~Jllrrulrnl '0-.'.1 I T: ..SlS.' you halrd.. ""1 NI T.rna Is. e-"aV:-'.['0" - r- . e a d.!!Oiii.=llatSjf no . • -=: .sing H igt-Jrs" ~IS ~ fie pre rn 2Ilwre IN I'I.... .s 57 T':~lElaST WORD Whl!r!~to wfl@r!~ 48 JIO : :(5. lrequ~re:ct l 'p'_.'?' 'Ieln 'Wrasse and sta rfish g~.--an. I" .. Lirf211 kmlome' res down 42: ILilll'lei~SKret5 (s@t! Ill!f"t) IliiH. rlLll..&:ltARIIR5 .) iI'li lBafk: 'tOI 'tha! IJ~. _5 _. -. l8arte~iu[m b etJlindl 'tile.W\Ml dassroom How to hac. . li' I-e'l11killo me-ties! dC. lInn::::. An end 001. tl gleus.IIIJJti'on LETrIERS 1D@luslons.' . .-Igentsl l_rUVDICaieu rs Wlhat 'hackt iiv~s..t-o S£)ut~ A' '-lri. IDlpennes5.-..ation . Oullp bms alii dIg. Bqw~ !I._iF'n R' 'rN-T UJ =!.rI ill ins.p Paul ~Iey ~ri·5 90 I 42 . 'at -r-. I " ' .lll". .U'mbers 'that [shape re. .AJin the '38 Ralck te thre .~iolnl between IQUBI_ urn thll!ory and thinkilng ~'Dc E'xt: -f1-~mi!!l.n~1up en SBa U Kh lns il Amnnlonia cou ldi (lowe clfean lea rs.. AntibhJth: ressta nee ha s an enderr history" Thought -ccntro led prosthetii( £11111111. words.~' Rewri~iinghuman eva:llu.. . w'ii"iillf' . Vo urns 2:11 No 28:2'8 Th'~s iS5-I~e' a:~~li'me lnis:wscljI9ntuist:c)o.albys'!..te wlitlrnliliiii LiiQu:an whl[J ~s send ilngl 'Oli ness. lflBveal your' perso:nailliity' I[SI ~I anlt:. IIf' . ~i~ns. az IIDGrY' S'vante Pati'IDo on ni!wlr.~. .ind' (se@'abo~e!'Ieft. QUantlJrn Ipmam~'S Ixtreme' Iglenea .'.· Planet -slzed d~'~ mood.: IHIIV 'Your' pill l-out QIU ide Dwmiima..g_)~ ii!:lIi. ' " . b11.et ls .-d .IIUla.r~~f.et-'·· .4Z lJltle :SlBclrets anl-'UII'I :8 ..!IIOoi!Eillw _ .page' ooillect~bl e g u ]de~WI the defiiningl e pide mit 'or rete ITt dleGades 461 Scribe olr'the' space._ -. p~rlUiclle5 Opinion 21..rture [£:61 The hunt for ell us liVe. '. ".-: -.anima~reQfuliiredl -.rs i'IntOI thle 'wilidl Ii Wel~ne'reheasiiln'QI mli 11~'on:s otthem EDlfiJiDRIAL In virtlflo meat mus.I . age' "~heSden()2 that ilnspif@.i5WIEEI.~rive" DNA SLIP er ~dlaltail:~als2 sp.Y' do iI n9 to 'th e ~li1telrn. The n.1 '.t tCl'5te good !II.IEF ICOO lest s" ars.' IHe '_. ~. . - IV' ¥tou r erght.ltlilll g human wo.mlis5u'llI28:28 • _. Grey \NO If hunt iisen .tltcn Instalnt..~1111~ b.'-I ..mallll. .. T.. &. I ~.:=iIllliil'jIigiv 1I.1l. .. -'Ie··.

.. '.:[0 mrnewsclentlst .. . ..."..Ziilnli~o.····. '. - . e .. To find au -_ how to IQletconnected with a digitalll malga..·· '.e s a dlqltal rnaqazlne throuqh our ontine partner .Y i Ne·\NScientist delivered to y'OU dligital ~y every week Allw'ays. I Eas·y·. '.. '.z:ine subscrlptlon.. .mzin to . '. . a'vailalble '(our copy w'U~1always be available for yOlu tO read.: .. • 'I. "... . ... • .. Instant Ide'll'u'E! ...' n I~II ... c. ". v'iiis. .·.. I - - er r • New Sclentlst is now avai~lallb~. _It y '"'" . . to read . .. - - ... • .. "'.. a rneaninq it~salways at YOUIIr finqertlps on your iPad air talbIet computer. '.it:: www. wherever you are.

First.th!€ sp. ~nq. If early in vitro meat products."Y. distJibu®Ecl i irrit.' . ie "" ". poI'itica] .n. ' . nutritional va ue I' Never mind. 'm .j'ur -n-L~.n~gepa3d art. Th.:r._ ~_J .~.New ~ork.t:m. unless they offer clear and fundamental benefi ts In termsof taste and. -. behind hunting and.e. Another argument in favour of in vitro meat 15 that much of the meat gleefully consumed 11.3 little opt 1'·'M" 1· st Ic . " .er. ..w.erg:ywe wa ste growing: animals and.! 61.a..rNJSW' 2067 lei +612 '9422 d666 F.8770 F.." '')1 "il cffarmland to nature.h. Ni¥ lUOIO.2'94.EDITORIAL USA ILOCAi~QNS r .arldress chfmges W NeiJ\! 'SciefIJt:i6t PO Bru: 3005" rOhesfiEriield. news-lis tha.a clear consc Ience..~_~y ieu escn oe. Churchill made ' a remarkable lei +JL415 '908 3348 nax. JJ.. with a.C g. U" I.:r-''i""ii.'ffe·rlent.ow that grow:in.out HIV' in the s.Advertisiingl leil7B1. 'instinctive' visceral revulsion various preservatives. tu'med.. _-.. of'food the consumer is king" This reality explains w~y so fe'w food firms are stepping forward to fund what could be the third big revelutlon in meat production.~YJ __-~~ CU& ~ e me . m tion Th ..-. .e s'ta.2011 ~eed BIJ~.o forgo meat for ethicalrea sons could tuck in w~th. ~l .e to st.lth ing? Noboe Y tlt h bod knows.ie he possible to grow chickenbreasts Tower 2f 4]5 VittoFJia . .1 '"" ..d over gJolba...'1n t-i h pas t.20 76. slow.enough :inv'estm.t Expert re'~ports" 'wie ar.-r.at 'ferv.. An armua IslJJbsc$bion iimCanada is ICAN$lB2 ~nLjllJding d@IMEt'y. The 4f. opp ortunity to. NewS6efil~fst ISSN'IJaI52 4!J79 ~ publVshl'£id ~ty ~ptfurth~ r'(J~.o doub.h rd 11--"b . because. . InrormOilion Ltrj Englol1lrj.b.th..ii n" u· JlJ."absurdity of' growing a.·~ blg'.ie condlition~ Tb'es!e drug.JLo'JnI(rlltiitact Di~.as.0. '_ ". 1 novel foods. ~ ld b a century..artionltd.~ lII .ISnQlI€llid.a:m.aria. a~ a blight on :h.ch da:ym.Mob.t and 1 Re~~~d AA1J06S aft the Paost Office al$a ch..w.ea sy to ima"gi n!B.O} .-. NY .c is.e pa:ndem'ic is still hard questions~ How 'much should. meat grow. ..e is :n.evelop a:n app!Etite fOir 1 vit ro meat: public acceptabillty.g.Ulndbn1Ll\fCIX eN S lei i'4~{O).th :senten.. the ethics..Iid'. '-~"..rtfng. If cheap will have to overcome the "yuck sausages made 'from mechanically factor" twice over...Qnd cth-~r miJ~ing offirus..I~Lcom . rut is thi s: sc ience ca.W~th...~.ta e Se ~~d lv 'vt. UJ. ". R Periodicals pOf..·.s' being complacent.uimies.d__==_at.'Jli.ax: i 17203...aJ."~r.eIp@. ". N] 07054 lei 212 . f'or -secon dh e 1 ~ Let us hope.~ ". •• .. J technologypresents a 'huge.appear to.-::.o' .i1It"llL]1'.re·ad.1!i .ganisationt it will soon be plosslble to turD thl.'11.._.n. othe·[ ways to curb the s'pre.com Malfketlng lei 7.20 76111202' Ieff! ~uirlies@tl!e'!.ay" u '~lIt·-. TB and otherdID.v'e a c'ho:h:e. ways. USA.~ n. ..ce: to a 'mana. . -V1c~*"r--'o.© ..a1... WIDth the first synthetic meat.. '. return massive tracts C.Q!l." '.ar'S:u. cruelty of'factory farming" Any gf'eien press.' be. surely . that the re alitles of'factory farming 'far -_-0 emerge 'from the BS'Ecrisis and outweigh the 'first of'these the first genera tion of genetically concerns. it is strfking that People modified foods.not .a~th ptior.l1 Ssrvk:ies InterratiQ~1 le{]213. leil + i 781734 ..b."'.e tide.. I 'r]. RarSipparifY..eet Wal~MIit MA..t that .. g.p'Ing."".e~ it :is. effective· va. 350 Pa rk A. '.@rryHill Rood.5221212' to bucolic pastures. co m Wli1io'$ wttfJ.ure· grou:p planning to denounce in.' 1.e to.g:ea." _ !LL···· ~~~~. . While: he may' have been ..a':ple in di. fled tape means Yet anyone who thinks these nobody has eaten it.237798-7 lem'GillaI1Isih. ._3I}:i'. ... f?eed ~uslness IIlIDJ"rMtlOI\ cJo $cfinell ~Ishialg ill r11(. '_. J.e ah. 'n.!!!i~ll.ar'o"W'Ing m eatwithout anim !'Ji'l€" C(" The world's first lab-grown sausage is scheduled to appear in slx months.~X' .lnJtisoo~ CAt 94::tl0!5 IN' 1l'93:2~..vemle 'Soutf1~.g: ea.(I IP"IU· IL' l[~gl.d~ SYliiUiUciliUon Tribune IMe.h:e AIDS t 'p'!B. 8.. ills backing the technology. yet are winning arguments m. Canadran subscriptions.elillflJ1Jonai iZLS2 ~Iden ct. _ '.e'nt.le be come 'infected with.rompt .til1gi 250 lJi.scientiS'tc(lflll 'erml:Ssiloms for muse :~Fiid icatioFii@Fiie\1\ISCierrtist. .:!ebJrng@flewSt: ienti5t. th'in'khlg a.ear '~-ha-_with .734.en.Cc].i\I'SC[erm st. also oI. .Winston. "--u-'-r-': . . new5Cierm~t.. s:maUpox once w.." w~th dliffe...er. 'First more to food science labs than Impressions count." there Is rec ove red meat and stuffedwith the. 2l6th IrloJDfr San Fir.hamburger to "lf in v'itro meat leaves a follow' later [see page 8)~ Impressive as the se advances bad taste ln consumers' are..e:wa. go against nature.s can. .as. steak or organic sausage there are shelves of'processed products that owe .. the.. +1415704'11Z5- antivl visectiomst organi sa tion.Ave. In a lab technical tour de force of cell cul ture Inbioreactors.. 'whole chicken '.d --.2m Miission Street.:r.liw Aduertisi!ilg li@17H1734B77D Idis:pl~ale5@neii\l$(remst)Lom Reclfuimtent'. If'there is 00..Jiv'e careful thought to.02451.e for the lEthic~t!I]. fly off supermarket shelves. · -'. they are unlikely to c-ome: back . -c. II.aten different ple.at ca p.nnot r.. m -b I. wf..~l"'. ona'bly' expect . • new5pa~ and printed in USA ~ Fry Wmml.. IT IS . B'u.IJI'. side 'r"a-.ore: peop. these wider co. in the realm. lei 7:8:1 8. :y as "natural'tor or even especial'ill I ' natura ' ex tasty Por every well-h un. H'[V th.n:ised. 'infe'ctllion fro'm a dea.en we o. Even If certlfled safe nor' h uman consumption. (.-u-J!ld.li211ih loor~ NMYork. reduce our carb on footprint. rewsde ntstconvpeo pie' ContadUS.i:nes5.re'nt e\conomic .abiiUty' will p.~_..any· people feel when scientists agents and flavour enhancers can .·ttm. there is a basic stumbling mouths they wonl't: cema back fOlr seconds" block when it comes to selling in :-f·.-_-o dev1elop.-.22.'~_"" L.y~ n. .84 liheobal:dr:s IMlrJad.i. g'iiI. 734 8770 nssaleS@\neJliJ.ently publ i.a. leave a bad *' taste in consumers mourth.m fixa -_ on simply achieving a.--dl ~o_ay can a.s.. ch' "0'" .i tie~LThe: good.tml An artltU\3JI $1J[)scnp uion ~iilltle USA is $154-incllJotng a~elivery.PII. It seems !Lacon lHou se. I~ ro SUBSCRIBE le!186f3. drastically cut the amount of'water and e:n.a. mart.CONTACTS Edkaliiia~ Ii: media eli1ui~uiri~s..lli he. .:'lor:3.se:ases which thre. uWonra.56'91217 . drugs 'have.e a.j·.W·· . of the' 'vim s~Andl . _ .inhalf . Mechanksburg.o:ices U. M~48::150 by ~ .. we s. ''U'P rs · ..u.d".c(.heseltorn@I1e\!\fS'(ieniti:stcom there ha s 'been real progress in .i1Ii i..stJb5(l'ib~ewsdientist..t :it is cl. U succeeds. 1ell +44. MO 53005-'9953". .difficult l di st_t1bute an.0-'.-m..7110 f3~ Jill. 'that vegetarians w:h. end.. " .pend on HillV 'while a1s·'Dfight in. lab as goo d as til e tea.start. Treatme:n.0 1.nu~1 Ohat~'LMJOO~._as 't·. ..effects'? Th.s..inrcatiiom Irl(.7/8.ar t'hese benefits :in ml1n.~()rn1 Newsstandl COCismootred 1iirneJVVamBF'Retarl by 'Sal@$and MCl~.·_ ...111600 Fax +44 (0).aU:yto .--' there is a room for pun~~ muscle 'g.a.'uman... farming.t of Anfma~s {P'ETA)~.t 'i!~ in O~Q~mb~r by ~ IBtJ~n~ss in~ortrll'. .2638 and wings without the.20 7\6111250 Australia UK the future of'food ..:::"._con--.1'2 lesson You can . h sat·'d'..~t'WOU~I-_. ib pre dictlo n about I..e to d.t~when it co:m. 0.nd.ndemi..ad O'I H IV~ For now th.- . 822 3242' .. Postfillaster~ Send .-1.an start drug: trea.asour Mnstan. reh-:.g :m.225 Wyman 'Str. .e~ rightly.'Yet wie eventually' beat smaUpox wh.lfaJ'e' . '. r. ".~!. in sight. . its makers mus t g.es to HiVr at Ieast w1enow hi. ~ _' ~. I.s.ji.rg. emulsifylng m.

._-·51".gres:s fa:Uute :is.galri:al~' R.Y' . ' __ 0 . decade.t' iJ on .Clln!a.g.()s~.-c.judge oiVierturned 'that dec.fii iS ~trea Iheallthiy"i~. two stam:s aillow~d hll..s. U. outt:neaks ..lives.Nl call:edl2 . d1eifided the.ay~a. the' v'i'nJis pop IIIp in unexpected places across .a plrotrartecill'eglal ba~l:. after the Progress mi ssion to the' . g~y' w[)llves af Mlon0tana and Id.ake iE diffm..nal :s.:31.. =:JU~. Investigate the crash.0.alnd Africa ~E'xte.'~'ss.la II h unt's 'wen~~ ru ~€!d that: th~ hll. bee n observed since 197.ILast In the late'st lnstsl rnent. such measurements led 'US space shuttle progr3.b on Q~ Jl. I. are th reate1n edl ~Iy' hilii til kiing he!bitat. :.e ende d._.~O' .pa. carry satellites.. 'tin ~ loc'all wQ.afteJ' mjd -Nov'e:mbeT.t :yea r The Alii (Jlnce fot the.g.' ~ .alll diseases..pa ra.a . wh.now' E!'mlE!'rgi g as dam i naJnt'in n biilids.ad between pea ph~: nd go pandem k. occurwhen a whJte dwarf star and will likely reach between onesixth and one-half'the brightness of'Neptune as seen from Barth.le .ce' station prog. '':i.n..(1 nearby galaxy is getting: brighter by the day and may soon be visfble with small telescopes .. set up to. been ea rrled to countries'wh~lre H.yea rs Iblilt: is.oo:s'm.ger M"ll.opera.3"2.'.i'sionlt halrIDing the! 2[0:1.ilI:.. human presence in. In als been Ciltcullating fo. the ISS could in the 'northe rn hemisphere. n o a.a h (l.---I ---- ras h.-J!.te'~'"'witho.and some are [cCilliryiing a vii ru s that cOllll!d Ieadl to a resur'gence'of H51NIl biird fllu iin pOllltr... j lII:S.space for more than a..i\rsaysJalrti ' 51iingenbe 11In.CJirTl'llania ndilSJraet a HSNl .lnti ng in .. -.Nl has cost po ultry 'f. mission. atlo:-.ell 'wtde .pi II [ovelr iinto hlU mlans:'~ says S..'.':. stopping the engine prematurely. 'Three of'its six current crew have to leave by the [enid of Octoberbecause the safe functioning of one of the two Soyuz capsules parked there".a :ser iOllJsth reat.:: In ..rs from Earth. n. Soyuz r.-. so the virus has. a disti1i. re '. W'illd Rocllde:s. :.and an uncr-e. I.to ~ star E-V~iI6ll-R ran t e <_--.pa"c!e station can 'be . A commlssion is being.'U__ r'e _..0 hunb..a ~.n9· Ille -:ii =lr51111 u ".ocket untU..[oomi ng ~~ks to see. provided a continuous as succes sfully com pleted a. Called PTFlddy~tt's at member of the particularly interesting w'ay to ferry p eople EO the lSS~ On Wednesd.2. iiin Ilildi..tion~ .i)IF'e ng to ttyji di:5(Of\telr the' mllitatiirUliS. 'Withl the' :spre. 'I" 'iii. ("! \. Icrew~ b:ut it .d N'ASA have said.at the.d .20 biillii[on so fair" It: has aliso iinfected 565 peo'i::de" of whom :331 die d" \I'iiroll og lsts .·1.ssjion. SOlm'e sam piles O'f b the 'stlra'in iin Chi na and Vietna m ShOrVIJ' its continuii ng evo Ilutlon~ 'The: mlQIFecases you get in biind 5". an es1:iimated '$. exp oslon. [e . ln IPoul~rypeaked in 2006" 'wirth 4000 across Eu rasla .eat[en the. .aln~~ a eli< [on the rise. ..ce sta.Cillertbees use W~ expect in th~.Cllnilm.2..otlaun(~h . Progress.idieam.3. and Roscosmos may rerun the -ears itself to 'bits in a nuclear dl.eglCllt P'mperl.. iitil A'sjlCJIIt is no me re vilru lent thaln plJ'._".-d"-.on. but It co uilld soon becomea ghost town. lust two months. j"A. h"ealth of the spa. cannot 'be guaranteed beyond 'that point.--t-·tJln~.e s.·Iyi g high again MIIIULION:5of due ks are flying south from Siiberia this week.nsiive leu Illiing Cilndi vaccinathl n qlueilled tin ~ '\ii rus.IIl !l.. IH5.un. r '.ISS in Octob ID.tle. supernova detected in ._tv ae flight planned forthe same.-. The' Iida ho IJOIPLIlatio.oi . Unless everything runs like clockwork. no Ida In 0 inIMo'SljoW'.1.. ~ 'f. a The FAO is [concernecil about' a strailn of' HI5. 'though".g'hting.t--!'JiI.enbeltglh~ 1 Cullii'ng time.W.---. 'he Idaho lhu nt :should n at b~.'!.~ uw.ed :period o:f'tim.is.take three to better understand its effect s'~ PTFlltiy' is the closest type a that has.e 'S. S·I.rsity' [of ..:1which lt 1.mm.an_ a r . a U FE:m list be (0 musing fD r the.II L!I lie 20-u: }"aft-. . crash has ea st doubt on the safety of the' Russian Soyuz rockets that are now' 'the. Soy IU· ~ !'JiI ]1.across Eurasla.a_'CCfLe ~-a.'.~ __ ---.. The rocket and Its end up betngtempcrarilyempty. .. ii . 'Ros.5Nl had been 'elliim'i l1at'edi from POlliltry~ iinc. to orbit.'1!-: lOll"III....gJ. cr'aslh hEllS cast dOiUbt: on the sa.eason fo:r the Pro. she says.' . ~.QutbF€!alks.ette Wa irts. -. a.. Th ere Il"S·· .' .ted 'wi thout ..peci'esArt. lLa:s. says The. Soyuz rocket failed when fuel press ure in :its third-stage engine dropped suddenly.lling. to lan.nearby and dlstant galaxies is used to ''7 track the expansion history of the unfverse.. R ·u!C' _.cuJt. U:s.ta~'~s~' annll.celerat _.C1 ndl AQ riclIltli re O'rganiization's aa r~y' WCIJ niing syste'm fOli' .t ch a ~*' ar explode? A.... .te'n. _:eM' .a cr. .. 5e rvife. . each ofwhich can.e n..t :several . Russia's space agency.ea...d.. the mysterious force thought causi n. Iiongl~r needed the prob~!ctio n of. ....c A: 1-t' · .I 'M M I. the ]Nlinth win m. the expansion t_0. that ceu lid enabl e H5Nl to :splre. crew on board.or a.aIFm~rs. n.and peop:I'e. the mOI'\E! it mii'glht s.--" ' . ..I ed-. .-.amme 'mana.pille-f.ffl_.lnts tan n~~stalrt.ct .~ type ta class of s'up-ernova~ These . . the f....that those 'wolves tr1i[gQIE!Jing.. decl aired ba[ck on. :g.fety of the SO'yluz rock'e'l's t'hat' ferry peopll'@ to the :space statio:n·' 'the:y wiU ~n._ ..m~. Grey wolf hunt is back on CirclU it ([ourt [of AlP pea Is 'Olnc'eagliailn ~~Ii< those 's.t 30 2 outbrea 1<5. astronauts.. W!'JJ.jW@Jre issuing elln . w()lli\les fhere.e~n An ofi'-iboard crew can I..·· . The re la tlve brightness of type ta supernovae in.wed Soyuz rocket has Th..opera..derstood and fixe:d1. Unive. rna nagled~.['e -'. I . h.ew'e!d . il not "expire" untll December but weather a:nd.w. The other willil uncrewe d cargo ship.a TH-E Intern..-d@spiite' a jilildge'3 ru lilng iln 21010 that: mad e'th elm ill. in a spiral galaxy called the Pinwheel.".head of tin ~ IUN lFood . I . I~ .a.r ~"" .lllIdii ng Bu I. conditru. s _. and ~' 20018 ttl eire were..er' th UeIF"' h a IilAW-·'"IIAII-b.. says N'ASA. IlL --s -d _ 'be 0 abo ut .n.!ex. The explosion is taking place to the dt scovery of dark energy. loth states': hu Ints open thii:s weelk'.ct to probl[ems be-fore 'they thr. ---d .ut.[1I]SIO known as Mioi..ad of 2:.r.evious stra iitl's but it i:swe~11 a da pted to man:y"willd rni'Qrat[Dlry spedes. Ily Enda If1geredl'S..J .~.. and howeve'r" iillliSists. 'Both..still 'u. Conly month to.o Imonimlrs the. ..25millton illig'ht yea.

. which is awarding them fewer Nobel prizes.I .. says~ Japanese re searchers attending I. .tu~.lf'it could be' e'x.~none.t"'Grt· 'u~... .sters e'X:p!ected.Gil 0-"'[' 'alt'I"'V'G ~\Y'.']25 8/lrs..o'ye."_ . 0011: :UrtlO~lB/rsbI1l2011..'_~ui"'g.oxic to.' - • • •• •• _ ftgur.. :. because they are really upsetting the Iapanese population..r': . ~ i.•_: In 11038:1 . 'will1ne.~ ·v·l···owadi p' alt is. ...advantagl@'.calneto ads.'and...West IPassag'e and Ru:ssia':S.al Socie:~JlofMedi'ci..a.60 SECONDS.ars 79 percent of the prizes t awarded !11l'~ .p-'·..--1II'-~ t ens. ..t'edi ordin." Thomas. od i:edath letes .r. I' ...!~J!.Bialo.dII. o clInlet I:i'n€' The (JiG 1.. it' 13. :.-.. ·f·j· w . .r.~ I' ..i:.~...... this p.su-rge of faste r windls . ~". 0!U-Tt· ":~rn-I-~n-" g.t!ess of' a. to 26 per c.a~ eggls on lalndllrathelr tha n in w·ater' (N'aturei .d gen._~IS I~ f.-]lfi. Th killIermsitd etoads i the meeting are upset.es.~.~. ' ...a~ =_n '-rv~ 'ro" Mcd' i..ee-s that !clinical l j A rc..ages ShOiW. .d the right ~ ..'.: ~ - nuclear reactor at the C alvert Atlantic Ocean is.e ~.r'ged from alCtUlllpute'f siimu latiion ot ttl e ealrly u til iiverselll.AV'ilrtlU8I Mlillk~y Way t1als e.~.• ease tell he ...ear ·acel·. r- t'~"lirn'bot'iW.to. fiim frull gena ml@' s·eQIUle'tilce.maids beta lie they mak'f! itto adullthood" '..1. iin 46. .i ky W.1 ~ tt --' j• lr HURRlCAN'E Irene killed at least 44·people across eight states on the American east coast.. diev'eloped.~ 3:Sept1em ber 2011 ~New Sc:ientliist ! 7 . ". and forecasters expect several more dangerous storms this year..t. .Fore{~a..ive Ire'D!e a.rt·s comiing DIUt aboult FUlkushiima must st'OIP as they ar'e up.."henomlenon to g.tp' .liil"Ni3ii!"'l1iO) _ . . 'F m.a contra..I.e -".~ lB.'!b' 'R1' ~.i_.s 0 pe·n 'HI C'ili""'l···.Ji' ~.urall g. B-'.Iy.' _ .i:ilry matterthatthen ferrned stars and planets ..=-e . j' the 'moiecular level in a mab/' . Cliffs power stauon in Lusby.'l·' of_• a r:." ~ Qt' O. N IW _ "~~ ~ - J I _ -..r· ...1.Z. 13(I··n· ~.' .· h" 'ill ld Ill . The hurricane season in the: This· c.m..= -~J~t".uDtite:rstor.alp.w· ].\Ii:!I. she adds.. e'xpI afn.a.~ However.i: hur. . IRichalr-d Shline' 'of the Un iiversit. the' ch'e1lrn itall cou Id be used't. ~OY'I ne..'. of'the ba. :in the Ia.·t-I" .. 'The RUI:5Siian route ha So'pened wide enouglh to I@.(' _Ii! unma:.sic biological scienc... appen again ~._ I=: I :.D·DI.aIY· ..: ~ h' il" 'P rop. 2 website to study prizewinners over the last 100 years.· .. =~ .a.... .alliso mad.• "..' "i-i" ·· 1· N0= .cooling system .. ...was less severe than 'lE .[)ut-e halve bec'Olmei:ce~fliee $iihillUItalli1 eou sly~ sate Illiit'e!im. .:. ~.:"= f..a. le a 1). "The Japanese . o 'If ttL 'h'· aro'u n d t h e·.gj' Letter~..'.car Pi s..anti... . -orecasters e:xpected a SU lige of faster winds. '-1Ii-r ~JI . .~ ·'I-:r. sta rted by siiIlliulating SIDW..hall made ihi:s.a n·utJD. .s:tt 'po sSib'ly bum'ping it up from c~jtegof)f3 to 4~But in. _~.tic...lllJmp~d 'bJgleth~rto'f'c)lrm g FiC!v'itatiionall·wellls.11-0ClSl). I'Ui~' who runs on ea be n-f bre prost -etic: leg's.". "] =~.:[~1 SebOIO'!"'S . .2 secon as belhi nd the...m._..~' W'e'lY'O I t" I.a.. ' .ar' ili. '1". A· 'h'~' hs. ·t-".at the b Athletifs Wo. t... ...-·ble ~-."'iii""l·' '~. Ire ne hard calmed to a category 1storm.." ~~ O'n..... who is attending the meeting.--·. . OS. "The media has a hell of at lot of responslblllty here]. .Y' of Syd ney in Austra Ilia hSIS 'found that: oldle. R DOE:: ]0'.. boo.a " rUlz~ and colll!eagiu E!:S. he says..st 30 years {Jo'U'fflt'd 0.w' anilmals eva lved the cepa cii'ttyto II. U." ..·h-·.-1I jg...n..~ __ e __ca. 'Jilt Un·UII!.oriiu s . -: ".'.ricane· took ·an un.steatil .Jap.r of: h ls se'mi -fli na II... I "c. .~I .art:l=y· becau SIt! the· =_r -.Iis ccnli)Jin~nsisshow ho.~'i"'i'h' g.le:xp····· ectied. ::: damaged a tra nsformer supplying truth..n~s~ _:S ...t o a IIiizan:J has rwealled r...a.alsta nlters thro ugh.n:sJhii ps.tlraded.-. . this week. ..'(. . ·~ powerto a.:I.:I~ .01l.. Gene:s in iiliIlhtaiture e ggls 'fm'hill Ano.::.. Maryland..~= = ~.e got to stop these' sorts of reports coming out. ~m' ''!I.::. the.=::..- 'The 'way th. ~providing' ··It·.. egg 5 and newib(nns (...t._ _.n..cold dC':iIt'll<: m attel~.e has dfop'ped. .g f th. .." .di..1 ·"I·... be worse than those following Chernobyl in 19:86 are ~H{elyto "Alarmlist Ire'po..olre'.ys ASmL..eye· 0__ st:orm~_. ." says Gerry Thomas at Imperial College London.. ...e hurricane th~e' oy.J! m 0.JI:=ii'eI"""n' t·ih·Uo''''''".. .me.~ and.1'11.. C' ~.Canada's Ni:H1tr1·.anlese populatiion" aggravate harmful psychological effects of the tnctdent.. mos tly through drowning or falling trees.C) k:iill off the iinrvasive.1 . '.~~Tna'Y pe . 'The' Intemati:onal Associ'aili'olh of ...-th I~Ssh ouldn't r h .ryiin competilng 'witlh able . .'r'" . .i''which anrac. l ..he· decline·" 'W'j'lni-m .' J!li .piece of alumimum cladding torn from a bulkllng u th ~lfi=_a~ radtoaetlve doses to children were minimal.CllVi:e lei uedes at 'ttl e ra ~t...wQlll these' had the stria !le· of the' M i'l1qf' W'ay" j I t . Ii' nillK dopl._ .IP .Athletics Fedelratiio iii ruled that: hls leg'Sdo not: 'g'iv@ ihilm an .US·lm.id evol utlon in gen es. C U n Irversl".onsidereJd the handmaiden Bltlftl.s can form. ._"".II!. Hutan Ashrafian at Imperial College London used the Nobel d ..cts mt ean cr-eatle a. 'That was tbe warning heard at a conference on radi ation re search itn._'...m()t\fi 1119 or lir...l_'.0._ liie wiilhii n.Chi'-'~I _a~" a.3 res. .sett'ing the . .rO_In3.. "Th Jl:=iiy' [a sav 'ng . lizar.rldl(halm ph). 1 L"'iI."'nature_lu . in physiology scattered ralnbands" or medicine .rth .. ~ The hurricane also caused wtde spread flooding and left millions of'homes without power from North Carolina to Maine .~: '.. '" i' . ·_e mOullin·eo.t sevelrall nart.' . uWe·I·v..~..· .•.. c-~.ome read 'The.·."_ re ~ yi 1:..r 'tad poles rel ease a chem [call·that: is ·t.t nne..'... 1. but instead lrene formed PITY the clinicians: their-work has fallen out of favour at the 'N0bel Institute. .llinlk'edl w'ith eg'Qproduction.ill 1. .. B·I!ade RUlnnelr hlistOlry' A1A.. ~I~ .~UJL\.. South K:.~ to' ._ rth~ ·. '.~L '1. t:' t·'" FQlf. I" formed a bunch of scattered rain ba... was forced to shut down when a. 0011 '_. 1..o·~ -·'·=·"·p.~qI.INlorthelil1 SelCiI R... . r .... --d' A -.=.19 seconds.al" ra n the 400 IHe metres. tr'ad1e ro ute. Poland.f.t"'o· 'n" ·d·l"'f["li nnl .(.. 'i"'il·n···d· '..~ ~.of L"'iIIif!' 1~ . enemy' mlay (. because no OD'e believes ·US~.··. ~" . i..u=e S .. A Japan's Nuclear and tndustrtal safety Agency reportthat the release of radioactivity' from Fukushtrna Is a bout 10 per (lent that of'Chernobyl.o:n...awjr Emergent M.. 'with winds of about 140 kilometres pet hour. be cause the' worst post-Chemobyl effects were the psychologlea] consequences .f·a"~. Q lJLLu1JJ. In the first 3..' '.'. l ~'hr'l2j.Il.0794·)... fa.._: ii).lUdiST' predictions that the long -term health effects of'the Dou ble-em IJ ut...1!\-iU . __'!I.Wars..a :ri. just gettlng under way...in Daeg u.ent.ent W]~ . trene simp •ac t O!D = ~ 'the rea i.. madelandfall in North Carolina last s aturday.i""jg.u_. .gr. . S.e·xecutive· dean for :res·'eareh~a..ml[_g h.: ."'" ":~:'._.cinated .. htng ...~ v ~rl~n-.' dOflD " .

sif makes sure his i:s's.s.. . l.i' €laJC'. .he Isolateda 10 ..Ja.t'eUan Weli. '(leady'to extend the 'work to cow cells.ni'veifsity of .h'II:I":'D1lI.~a~fl.. 'i'~N.'~l. .100'2/jlcb..:JI~1l11!. :S.l~rIDWn there's '0'0 'blood 'in 'it"...1I!lI/oii.. . 'tOI 'multi. ~ I 'k~ '" tnew m.ay bJ'. be d'lOOE!1'without k:~U...~' .-I!fI..nUon.y'~Because 'that IC.ani~lllgl at 'ways to 'build u'p the m.cl.2.and rO.0 'tilJ 1 l 3.. could b g o'btarh:lled 'norm rare ClI' exotic animals Ilell.~' ' -- 'J~W~ are 'e .k's mfe'~i'ng!." .t!O'PI'toH!lie.: J.J'~' need _' ".til0g. 'lng..Oii:IJt.give It CO.It.OOD..Ji ~ .. 'I 'the sl jps I..b supplles from pi.g.rogemtor ce]J]isl (MOPC's. '.• •..datU. "It's wbite because: .~h1~ _. ~~ Ii for months .ve ... 'U' ' with ... He anehors them QlnLtOI 'Velcro'befcllle stretehtng the' cells surface E"lrQR 'El'. 'ha""re.oou:~d.bltll"J" With"runding'D-1). II_. SVied.------- '.. " 'whi-eb m~gbt be.iLJII Jl.' 'I' '_..S: I~J!LIJ .th@.sc'i@.Ji.sarily IE~.ii~y'in Swede'n and anoth.tissue.~c..IO'lI'tt 1 :P'(jIS.aUkind. _ 'IF'hAiI!! 8. Por.'.1:Y:&:" su ~w:hy s.h.i.".--~ -.".e.:Jt~ 0 domesrlcate.lil. .. He' 'is a path towa.1:..experimented mUI'~nlY' ~ extractmg ItUffer~n.hJe usual steaks and blurg:err ~I:i.ogy :irn IGO'~helnb'ur& ~iho ~daug. 0 ' ttl. be 'ta'ble'"=. the same IrDin'stiit~utio.1es'wi. hamburger in it year/~ he '5. Th..r'i:~ ~3i ICellJu1. ThJ! week'~researchers ' though.away~ OJ i ~or'th'·I~.n:B. .'.f'O'winl' :s. u\!i.:~uUle' o..h.'1 'I m.Ho. '. 'to - m. . "If 'we start 'with -10 00 . He s'a.::-.b1n Icanteot to. _ _ '!'.f ]llroduc lon a :e "w'.IJouln 't'!i.. '-~rro." s. eixellc.m an 'unnamed ]p.en ifplt)lst does sucee s:s\ftJJ~y' from 'iI.e 'his produced 'i'n 'vitr'ol meat yet.o ar1k Post M of' Maastricht UnivEH:S\[ty In the serum.ce'iElJs after 'three. .ext 12 months.. 'They Idiv:lcle on'ly 2...1 .t ~a]t)-.8.chno~Dgy~ unsppetls ing....' .YsOUI' meat lcbo.gmw muscle under lalb co ndilti0 ns ..UcI ~ leno!1UJ. biDetlllc]st ..ulal'~:Y and extract frles." ~: ~ ~ _.J[Ul\o. iI.a 'ma.-m eat has been ban d ~Qdc'about inthe past decade'" but several . to. "IU. __ !ii1 ~n.'iii.gh....aww.~. 'J' m hopeful 'we' can have a.eat'~these rules no 1 _ start t'lhe proces S ((I.nJ .plIl!vi.I.y":f@edblg ptg stem cells mth horse feta] eel Is from ~pi'lm'u.einbull~gattendee..Oide'n. .a'bUi ty of 1P 11musde stem ceU. 'mil" be: . 'wiD.n... He has P'ro due ed muscle'~e strip S'.. 'that nOIone knows what the dllDn]]J!s of W'U::U: eeells .21 Q. ~ ...~. 2 .J __ nt m. .yiD..ad..~.'I! . euld e . U.. '".3.~ n.'1_ l!.Il-J[~ '.101 'r:i.inli:je unlU .[ng -l\.months 'we have b..e..QIUld. I 'J" Ev.ht 'be jrllst' :S~X'months .~la.oftl.n 2'OIO'8~. muscle IJI!Ilii"II""'I'lllrn. ~ :synth!L!tJ(!' . me at ''...I.'_~~UIH!:li.~'.s. SO(n1i' IDf.'tru:veiy easU.IJ 'lO.. to :FlRSr raise them 1GB.gIio."te.a." sa.win_g. and very ~.e of the next '1bJieakt'hItJ'u.-11 n" n:ton'-I:..I '.~d '~\-l'~'-Y'te -:Bn iima s ~ . lI!.de.J' ~ €Ji:n.m the' .[to.1. ~'~!" "[ lonaer [alp. burger .-:.e tTlS..me .~' p:ionee'l rand.!I. the OlD farms~ NlrDW"wle~re a Vierg.e'lofmultiipID..~.~ys..r..ch.ba. meat 'fer. " .P.......grow .'?' U.ll iiIIlJI' ~IIiiI'~I~ IUJI.B:i:ocHle.i'ng . .yogIlc.'. .!G.-.@n~'tD :p~otout Nether1aruis . another 'G\oith. Iaterone fact remains' u '_ !an:led.OI 'ba:ek .ry are meat.. U' I~blllrger 'II ~.~lii'~h J II!.tify' ' th'DsellcapabJ...' ...w " S. dl:armpion ofthe 'b~.'!!IOja. '1'· ene d~ WI'~d"en DiOJ eunnary ay' .s.~:_ . ".. "'~JI~S.y:nt:het~)c:..-.'p.g' to :g.)' l~llt·~ .. -" the t. _~.tyin the NetherbuThds"..lb set tv Af~"if!iit-iOJm'~iIf1i'nll ~ Ib~..'md 5 meat 'wi'th._ months false d...GiOJ.ue strlps Irf!cei..~'fc IGIO..g"""1iCI1 I~ .-.jj. .t..tIQ -.t ' " as. Umver[s. '.and not j'ust t.' l'liI I. _ I.Ui1i! _" i:iiLJt~:d!!rived p. ~"~ [ _1 ~ :'lfli~Jj llJ'.plml[ln.'UPI b) the 'talk.1.. £.~ID.iHfi' .II.ab:Ile to help._~I gets a whole' -" .hter. choices Y1Y'.: the animals.ite' is '~a~81elfyg'QiVl@m@.:hUanthJ1ophf "I Pest Is.i!Ir ••. to give them.!.: miJg. ethical que:stions :p'C!J\s!ed 'by' panda burgers could be' sidestepped.. Post's progress is the lim lte d.o..' ~. If ~ -I.'I:.".Il.e'rorganiser of'thls WEe.".[leg.o-. The 'idea 'D'fp~liin"'&ele -'.. "">u'iIi:!'Ii!"'... " met fn ~ IGothenburs.y.Meat from lex. h@:lped organise the ~m!letl.'.I.¥ Il1o..:..P__ ~.l_'"' ~I!~tlllIi.mesjl itllfctn. 2u:cant~g ..pig.'be S.~ lI.r!!I.U8 aBle' .~ '~ thw_.~.try~.ys. not neee s.1cen'rimetJ.a1m"er:s.OSlt 'Bemard IDeb~n of'U'treif:h 'Univers. . 1a.is.:' 1__.[ be~ieve that W@ caneat .t'types of' steim we'hunted animals fortheir :meat~Tben 'we develapled ways.m $8 try" DO..-'._.III. :!i'11 'k ne sayl.t:her.$ centimetres .1!G lItlMll. of .Dusly ve. 'we w.at :Unko'pl:ing.'.I I.r.'w" 'l"th' eiFi a.nas real muscle..lnt tOIeat :it?1 lu'old potnts out.ks·anaemIDt and : "1IIW' I-CliYC' u ' p.~.dby the ~.jfo.00.ld O of Ch.pm:y in culture.!!!iO. 1 1 labs.'e'~-.s1 '[I' pnn _ 'b~-Ill O'n irl" he savs I'J"~IU. 'WeJ'in :s:ays.ollieantma S •. cells and has reicen ']1 deve~oped a ..1". One thing shll.

! AIU'Stra Iiial~A.1 .eat."l'f'IiI:' '.y'the' pu Iisaif. make a diff'~mnc'~ '1"lf.ns Irea.dl. Tuomisto at the Universi ty of Oxford estimated the resources. imp..a ilily flfiiie nd~ y ~[Juilitry Pro d ud n gil 000 kg of cu ltu red meat recu ire s: Gree nh ouse qas elmlh.s'CflU!(ii.o ut klno'~\dlng the' Din 'thle' pu lisa r..al ~s' not as cle.. than beef farming (En:vi. r.lonstrate' 'that th.ad iio te. hormones or antlblotics.mb ~po:rk. pressu r'i:!E!(xe rted by lts own g Ii'avit.trengt heni nenmgtne mora..n~ find 0: . iEilql '~ .ed ~mea.ays" uM t 'win.w Impact on the environment. ~'_II!-". b':'!d~ fF fF~"' Welin says the· results furth.lilliii.']. which prod.uld be hillo'stl.hiIJiE!"U Kr 1n2f\llea lie ell periiodii.lif"o'''n .. .allbelt by teh!SCOlp1e" ls .-·t'."~.tonii shi n!g possl b iiij'ty.atthew liailes of SwinDUlfne' 'the~re.A'.e)~uThe' t l t~ 0 c lose ..:staf. 'Ethical [Trea. more sp.pa.. is.Y' Iha:ve m ade' the team CJJ..er/~she s.ers.!.t:ralii.estoe_1kin vitro interesting to slee h.i)1 :j ntelUge nee goes to school" page.tm.~t'er~. to develop feed based on cyanobacterta instead. and fats that th.sbrnd. 'wiith the Lov~ Illradii.'I'. poii nte ell to..at iro'n:ica:UyJ' the liiv.lesco pe in INlew'SID uth Wah!:s.n..grow 11[00!0' kilograms of'lab meat by extrapolating from the.ce'n. nd res u 1ft lof the pia net's.: . be uMak~.u. And wjith the! mass Pa rtes.y~water and land made by industrlal -scale.alv' m 'find .I.and unnatur.omm.' radio be\aro. of meat without slaughter. Tihey det-ect.n:ial synth!etm. a na III iialmlQ D ea le'l1's (Iluib iiii New VtH"k .eopill.. Cololfada..owrisk tit ~ ~ that n 'may comam pnon s or t ~*" meat could replace ts often kept in 'unnatural conditions and dosed with. W~!II sp~ca diista nC'l:! ii..your mmnnaiss.acts.2..ee dia.titt1!'.t s illo.am~ a'bov..jadi ~.\11 III ~iL!W U'~IU iJ" U=-' u~ of? Pilitsa rs 'that liotat-e m.I .'i an".• ""... of tn e see.. demands on e.ac@ to nat.'11" .ir page 10 Prosth eti:Carm u nde r tho ught centro I" palge 15 Artifi'ci. I n th iis lLlece'mher 200 91' Ulsiiillg the (i$11 RO i case.y would til LlI'S~iit tEl oibs6!'IiV'ations. 1001:: lOJ1.an~'t: has.ilrvis· 1M ~'tcalf~' 1M Ih~ ha til bU€Hill f'Ou nd to Ih erbou r IJIlanet:s" IFurthe ria nallysi:s.it ls' a iit I11IUSt be IFOughlly' 40 per c~nt: of: ju p:itets. ·•·· 10····0:·· ..a:ys..en't of Ani.to 'the pulsa rs ~nt~nse Qlraviity .spInning deiod det~de-d.L r'"'t"nt..ml!Llon betw'ee'n 'n.s[ling to see hD'W [ir'B.g' ffuvug.th....t:k abvut hell/'as w. . S h .~and m ILJch mere CIHTi'llpact. '~"If: the[l"e"s Jlu plters .that: .ies[o pe in Che:s...w::.(]v'irty' tu~u~iin~ iintlriglued..li~ of.e first c..ea:rc-h. 'gr.ee:nvi.--lIi"nm '1"1 . pa. needed to . ...000 kiilom'etres 1~5tiltil"i'I:=:she t dhita nc'~ of 'the moon fliCJlm Ealrth.ars. Th ls and curt irt it: doesn't.equire~ J.ncllU de 'that the IP~a a :s.ct to this~n' • ca] . r'alli.e amino a.. .ea't.l 1Rn"g st---.Qi .h the M:II..en ploli ti.e'F~the.2.rOinme'ntal costs of ge:n.c V.. very ~. 'Welin p o~ints.ealiichi iln IBou Ideli.ai.8.grams ofbeef~ la.~ogyin net Mle'llboUlmine~ AJUls. ("no c:IIUle. al}eso mu..m)~ds) will giv.n. If the' pll..aln 10 rbiti ng 11J11.is no sign of suchaeom pi(!Jlnion.~.o (irystallli'se _.! be e n ~au 1 '~i". Hanna. a 11 ev'en IN ationall'Cent[E! r for AtmoslpheJii r IRelg.:_'~ t· .ch ~ow..a S ill ra re 'fj nd.alctuall!y' a former sta r thalt was.know ve'Iy'wien.e. reach su ell liT' SO UINIDSfa ncifull but a tea m Iledl tremendous spe eds by steall i[ng matter 'from a COlmlpani'Oln 'stalf. The tealm 'oolncllud'e:5.e muc'h. t[e\l-e"al~ed that: the' d la mondl':s qua liity.E..rtie s.0'. sile.'!· ".nC:IQ "mJt~ . o· '".act s. I l!!! _• _!]!I~' =' 1 l 1 l.00 lkilo.e:rating 10.efor 'tb'f.""'~1 IW ~ =\ .alny tiim[~s a sece nd ita IN! 'tlhouglht to.Q013. ma. - 'a*'u' .a.und .c 'm. a 1111as's.stalnCJe:~cultur.ed the~ Isa r ~In pu w h iHlled dloWlf'I1b.. a p'u/5'ar~In orbit Q. but: wit:h. 'nOta. Uniiur!lrsit.et be made '£:''Ih ~m'~. If '''Mlakin.~upit.--'d:'_~. "' taste like.rfeh i.--n .a nd olfbits the pu Ifsar at SOll11'eway to 'tralt1:spolrt: it'to INlew'Vork 6. . a 11'"011'" OILl+CIti" :'. m ontih l[ate.~.1/ eS..'d' '~l! ·n.f.fro. for i.::_~-.? \-fouhcnlte just What ~Dulld the Irfatl.ce extr.12!6lscienc'~.s'J~piter: (o:n It be..I.521 m3:of water o .j"lfs hiQllh I~ spe ru lative" but IIcan't That iin itself 'w.a. itwlO. :" 40 60 . mIOFE!' a:s.nerg.alYs'lr.e' an~imalce:Us.l't-t-·. 1-"1 I $' '"~Il"' IS'..ro..: .s" iindicat-i n g .In th i's'sed ion DD'I'p'hi ns in rn oum in g.IL .00.. .Qi'~.g. ·•·· 80 ' .rdedi nI exce:pillon.out th. any 1iE!\C)i50'1f'l1 'wh(Y it 'wou lid 1i1('t 1.Q'w th!e G'n:~.lf.siiio illS.ro:n m.I'.r..atural. olnlly two spa rkle:~ :s.g..in the Ilab w'il'l g'ive mar'e spac::eto na Ilure!l t wil'l be lin'tere.ie ~ln.ts Mhillosphe'lie' I Ihe~add s~ lDavii dI Sh ig a - (r'1'.plie!is~dentof the varlatlons iin th~ pJullsers Sii[Q ls. Strict regulations prevent the consumption of labgrown tissue fed on calf fetal serum because of . ~!: .nnllf'l' n'l' 'ru'.m' t1 pOlwerfu.er de:m.t illes.~.amond" tE!.ngmeat ~ the laboratory] in. he has.e -·-·-111 1Ifu.andl p oultry i(s. the Netherlands.-' a 'unn' . and others are attempting." ~ ":--Ob!=~ _I"~ fuL. 22 (irowi ng Imlealt in the lab not on Iy ned uces the lin eed to sla ug hter an ilmlCi Is but ailiso might b e more envi n)nlmlent.'I case other harmful contaminants Feeding: synthetic meat on animal products also defeats the purpose for synthetic meat Is ].e:nta~l' Scif'nce and T€chno. 20 .ycatboh" wirth a dash of oxyglen.. li"in I IIIL ~'II ..ar'-cut as it might appe·a:r~ oft'e:reid b!y PE. She compared those re'smts 'with ~h.'.Jr pll.ure/~ 'he s..alnd 'SOl w(J!ulldl ."_.most I i'kelly' into dii. A:5 by M.TA (P!.'.. r'".i"'d··'inm' .ciids sug.ii iill.Cllnet:we re the size~ oftfJlUp.'$ln.ring m.et to' tlhiIS"" R.allto how much 'it 'IIIOillllld'f'e1c:h. that thei~r work ca:n be r'eg.you pilek not hiflv@ sUN'iv·ed liang enough to be up a sigruJI. rouQlh l(y' e q LlI. 'iliEiln'tl-y [I' [II IU .logY:i 'DOM:: 10.es.aln~t. Joost Teixeira de Mattos at the' University (If Amsterdam.ide' o...Q'U).g m.90)[" siig nail.ea.a. The Mlo:sh[~ 1M osba ch(~n'". for th. 1190-230 m2 of land 367-.BOO or SiC pulssrs known.Y of: Te~chno. cellular-based pharmaceuticals operations.arltiio'li1sln the plu lsa r's i IIike ca liibo'lil iinsiide the: Ea rth (Science! l 12:0'B:B..t wUID:n~lqulir'e '99 pier .ky WaJt in WO IU lei haui!.

m. fr-om oth er 'f'£Ii e 'JIII("!h.cc. 0_ .-_f' co cep_." ..._e exa.' ..alMowed to sink and t'he g. a' .'ct. 0'. I' .'1I!.. -.n.'-.d' I"'n t'I h. "'.I:.. . Trust in..g.--. n T'h t h ._ r. ..know t-_-. -" . .erv. --.. anr .oing on in.ppear.te-ract: with her d[. a.in an apparrent attemp. : Jl'II.posstb~e to k.'.nz alvo "Aware of the dancers of CI . 0 ~ ~1i:'B dl mowt h at .aro:e'd'_.n' b-.I' stay .. dyi.e s e ..aer'o ss.re' :ne.. New Z' 'I db as seen bottlenose '..' u+ u.' ... ~_...ng j err.. death differen --Iy depending on 'whether a pod member has died suddenly or after alonger period of Illness r N ~_ew 5'·' ··'·haW _s =e. they human emotions.1-'e. " ..are':n M. ~~Wh. ~q. Gonzamvo carnie . such as.e _eai_ . as if to acknowledge o-r confirm that :it was dead.. is fr." ~ ..e.iarge sruise~ ~II ~ .e'am. l'nstitute VOl untee'fS." ..se.11l.~. wa.. asso ciatedwirith grief'ln hum ans n As a result..g I~Ol '. gI..a. . _11l I . I~ I.a]vo..l~ . they ·'·1!.. e= '_ cetaceans have von lB:co:nomo.:.an 3i'n:ima.mjnd other intemlig.t -.a. . . _ .Ji b~ !'iO.:.n"emot~on:s to .. right.. .~'n-__ .an~.· .rusplay' parti'c'ular behaviours ....elephants act 'wh.-~ . th.st-1 Interpreting animal 'behaviour after 'the d. '11I!:~.1--.'" ". .er:ge s'~~~ I.ays.on. which 'ha.~_l.e g~'. '::'". to.1 .y~ . ': Ilg. . ex.te'r.~ - .JO " 11!. .t" ut ~t ept si. -of' 'Earthwatc'h. '~I"~'rIII.s g.0 b.' specu anve e '= ~i· .~-.-e .-d onnmi -.corpse a..ow)~ It bon! blea. -.- .dl swimmru.~ :N. -.omb. ~servanon.. t. has been observing the bottl!enos:e do~. =.v'o-'. '.-..a.. ".----. Sh.he hn ot K.he and his t. .._"0"'.P--u...ar.!edru.. an animal dies ~ behaviours en which some have interp ret ed . _: .w.anlmam~ I dlo :n.ath.' I.j" dolphins and orcas carrying dead Infan ts in what she too.~I_~h.~.zh .anbnai . h~ .~jl!. I ..4.l.p'sJ'nion._ .._ ~..e e m.~_. I! Ingrid Visser o'f t:'h..eital 'po..ati:on.. . ..j'v'en r _ 0 support. .goril1as~ .. .. 1. ' " 1.b '--..e an' imals d '_' n .~ .' r= ~ -.len '~IJ-'f:'J g 19.... interprets as grief. misdirected behaviour.. "a. Tutukaka.' .·. K. ~_l __ .Qw'er jl'~l'W~uggesting It s . - one died the others would stop when passing by.'-onZ3L··~··O -.._-..:1 .0 ._ ..' back "t-_-0 'iM-h·. nes~ says. :pmc..lU..o "'-[10i""i' ..ph-I a."d'l m.~' . neurons.b'l~shin ~g-~'his' obs ervatlons 1 • I." says. '•.e. .__ ~ _ ! _ _ _ ~_ "This was repeated over and over again sometimes frantically.bove the surfaee1.. their behaviours. sy·: t-~.as. ..0 __=-.t to get :it to. . Ie.otknow' :if th. the Greek study suggests dolphins 'may have a..ati'n 0 b'ut ()tut of it our realc'h as scie:ntils:ts/ s'h. .er to stay wi th tl'u~ CO'rp'~H~.:a.ays~ .d '' .n:z...'ch ma.' IS'...a'l'.ccum: a.t'h8·:' ottl enose =I!. co:m..JIi. vo observa:tlons bring. form of'grief 'R-~:~II/. .'·'.'1'1' at One ylear IDa.1 '.'" '1-·. ..ty l. U ~JI!.C" with dead members oftheir 'pod are ral sing questions abou t whether cetaceans understand th =--. U *i . . . 'd lase). n5 '.r 1 .s. IOU... Go.e'n..onz... .' .s 'm'ind.chiim'ps and ele'pha.. ' ~O grru. .~ ~.~'~' b k Iater~ iF:rom hi:s ptevIou's .up .pected.. she.urlng.ba Sled in M:ilanJ' Italy. says _!'o-tn-'~i:z.:R11'JIIo..rou:p h(lUr l :it is tm.. ...tu[.-:'-.vl€been "I . I~ I" ~ .T ISWEEK was kept companyJ and .Q!.. If 'we trifid to get them to move past without stopping..e. when rut dw.t-.t-' _.--. ~ Go.e s.-I'U I. ..~ 'RE:POiRTS of'dolphlns Interacting 'r-arG ~Iy arv' \i'2i.eve. I-T·-'h" new bo h' 'd''-'~ . '-j'" . ~ i'!Ji It' 'V'i sser ha s seen similar things at pilot whale strandlngs.-"'- '-..ent~!socmal . 1 Ie'" . ' 1--' '..'. to . belli..Qi III. C' '\z:~J" '!til . d . I t"s gte-at J ' :- '.m. the in animal behaviour after the dea'th of a cempanlon is fraught 'with d'iffifult...and even sophistlcated reaction to death = 111 do ~Jt"phi n "Infan to. and that . 2 to 3-.€ Orca Research. .ared stre s.-call!'I. 'Itl. Intuition.. '.nki:ng.' ".ath of . ti!' Ii._.ea anc .~ .ani:m.. "'I.. .g'ht wil_h dlifficu~t. and.lmution~ ~'~ThiE: gJo.d'ead ~". She acknowledges that rhe aetivity may simply 'be ~ ."'!!! ~ ~~== _ " _. G. to help tlhe..t-· d -'.'. 'It- 'I' " -. data..ples_ 'hi' 'h"- lm:m. a i"'fIJ • . .. b "~ . ~I cide h:J~.0 w.ne ream separarecd rrom nercau.'IG . he nonetheless "'''1'' : ."_ g.0. -.~ .ce ss..n'imal UK 'who has stud~. -.-mab. - fe wh . ~ aruma 'l'b enaviour WltL-_ "Interpretilng .' ••.' bi "'"~'n reported in this species..• i.n. g'ullifsiln(~e2006" In JuIDy 20'07~. •WO_ Jays 0 f'I 0 b..0.' nom "la.onth -old dolphin that w·a:s ha.. CI'entl.' • ':.eve:rtheles. .~ My hypothes:is is that the s~.ure to pesticide· or he'avy'=' ".Y'" "I edt"' " 'lb. he s. .fs'iops tnulc'atus) 'popu~at~.'~_ IIJ rF'i'~' .s~several species of' . In this case they had already assumed death would eventually come th_ey wer-e p'=lepa.acle'are-r ..e... UAdults w'ere trying.I ~ott -:.o'fth.ate-Iy ~eft the .--nrenared "' rnzalvc accepts that his interpretation is = .ath but.".dlnewborn cadf. He is gath .may have. been killed 'by another '_ I . U'~niIversi.':. .. _. "Th mosther n @v~r •. iJ!.'..at:ieammy/:...sociam mamm:ams~ but J. I·'t I'"'S..lIUier ill In. 1I.._ o ..: ..i g. . .. ~ ~ . pod :fiuII«)undin.. !J! _ . . ·."...g a.." U ..f..I ~.~- pectoral fins. -'.~floa. '. ff~ h . h tnvesttng 1I.ers before ~'ll..w.Jl.out 'we'_. .. saw'a mother i.a. G·" _ __ _ _ ~~I~ ~ .=~ = . '.'nts can d.s. 'the ed group had done their job.d '··t ··1 WII II 1._... Amvrakikos ! " -"" wonI'ld-' f'·'·· )h.' n ca Jfi.ale .. t .··. ~- r ~" .'... Taken together with a. 1 . .'cu~ty swimmi'ng (far~left photo:..-. - I. " ...a.' . ''Ia-. .ng_Ja th t any In_ef\en1ces a.n. .:!l11 " _. .m. s . jJi' 1 It d'ied a'bout an ~~ :i-8 fasci.rea.to .---t.If' ._. Id[. .as mOl. discovervth .e moth. 1) dd~ a_]. ~\Ul .o':n. Mnste.'. m.nd t oucr f'_:WL with h er snou ana I '''._ea =_.I" . "'..ear. ···-.' ... below). they have specialised neurons linked to empathy and. .a...w. '" Ie '.:phtn(nJ.in teU.-. complex ..' uj'-' -( ..'1"'~Jli:U"R... d:ifflli. 1.:: ~tU'~I~ . .....t-·' .k '" !b 1Il . Ii. llis.g aJ. J. - breathe (photo on.arUy s pecu...vi ng. d· eer t8rrnJ1Y a'.ent~. lly. akin to moumlng.€.'b· JO.'g. speculates that the behaviours are a..erl~d .-.ed how' .. ering example s . .e Of'SUSSI€X. I ." &: " '..le tiTI_-e'dthe .iativ. -_ .sath.E:Y Tunde-rstand de'.. It.-.-: dolphins in western Greece have belen seen reacting to.' .1"I ~o. .tc .' 'huma. . .. 1]:'ogo .d[I.rks poss:ihIDy from expo s. _- ...'.. . sh'.[lp':pe.-. .0 'based.~ ~.aJ.' '1-"-" -I ' loan Gonzalvo of'the Tethys Re search Institute.1I!.'.''-. .-. hey find t . on rts .1Il.ea.now'w:hJat i.- "y.. h !'C!I'. D II!....." _. th th suggests t e mot er may bave been mourning the sudden death: "[She] seemed 'unable to accept t hJO d \.' Ii.growingnumber of reports of cetaceans 'i nteractlng wlilh dleadl anlm" and th a." -_ .ad 'it.~~.s. a. t.W h" ru.

i!llied in 5 j n~le-es 111~d r'ga nh..'saioy'!":" .'·.. alre~ til the bo 1lInd.bre'lfm/l:is h.ist'ed. 'whe n they deciided to [Ioo!k for them iin'velry '5i m pie.. I~ ~ 11 ~:.at: tlhle'y wiire' up.ave a! liot of' p.4.ence:s!t!' l!'~"Ii'O.can be used 'with your existing hi-f or on its own .·M· h'e says.··re.alrjily p reselnt iinthle a nrces.CJIIii!aq uet iit D~ 10rg.":_..y iin Du rhsm.he'!fE! iis nO ieviidence· tt:lillat t they eCiltli m. :' . Mlil(filae..ans· a ndllrive rs ·alrOll no th'E!Q[[lolbe·. t.ceed._.gs' .. '_'. W\!i·..lbe ga IilI.. (Qlme tOQIE!·ther iint-o 1)50 IIDlnieis~.(Jllt anii ma Is. .selillng Rhyth m a Inc! 8..at """h''~lf1g-corn pact 50'-"'W"'~'.n't instant.alS those used b:y neUlr1ons·(H:o.. .s. - WWW .. Nort h Cairo iifl. .e~ra':-'u--se'--:. vi sit. again in seconds I. .. W ..on.~.ts jrt WO's bu iIIt U Piflr10 :s.d s" F'r. [_ -• . i ues M. '.:..alsM Austin . M-."f.brevlctJ ... 'wound..\ .ay h. '.vildence fliolm these t:illiliY 10 rga nis.'..wllJ'liks as· n e UfiO 1iI:S.aln ancii'E! nt choanoiil. -.'. iinto ne't.ifty DI Te.ars~110611B9'l0'el'). Finds individual albums Displays track names as they play present in anfmals" .····~··-U~-lkl/' b •..0 CD~s*.'Ch.'__:.mliitt'e rs Ica~ The 'fiiFld iingl is Ii mrigu iing 10n irtts own.tl~'(:J'gJl~ IDOl:: 10.1(1!..m pose:r s r nge r an l l tellF!!!/v slion [host ~ lelme'Ii~..000 CDs* ...r th'E!se fllnd iing·s Ichilm palnzees.Cilke ne'u rnfft r..€l .erSit.' 11 '.o'y' t've rediscovered lots 0.Brenna-'n' has m'n. a ne touch record from vi nyl.aJs the same 'Sodiulm Icmalnnels that ne urons use! t..arte~yfIn d ilff~'Ii~'nt: If~asons.5)E! rnti.Cilction b£rtwe~n the 'two was·the 'salme as iin ne u ron'S ('P./14 71-.diISCQr\lf!red ·that 14. Pi ays . you r Sre IIIf1a III j 87 w€/ II O'r cha rg:e and CG II set it fn:..-_ "'. :_ _:_.all nE!!ura II prote iins ca[lle.eve I s'jm ple :sys.a.nln·a-ln-C·····O.)iIi' e)(ia mlplii! . IN[ot:a[11 of ·the~ 'calmpOlnelnts lieq u ilred fOIIi' neurons to 'work 'w~r'~ne.S·'O~· accessibl« the w~ _'__ P~-u~-re-'ly-. . Sw'ilt~E!lrla nd. be C2Iluse they'·sQlmertiimes. .•.tte·m seems J\j'unlbelii. lif tin afs true.. I. Olr t h.artlue:s a nd... 'sinlgll'e. J l Brennan" I .. and lroll~eag ues were stUdyiiFlrg a paiir 1M e:5....tlrica II sigln.' l ~..I[I:s 'ex. long 10 before~ . In ra wh iclh evolvedse pa t.speakers also a"vaila ible " ."·.11 a rshalll _ M I . .rj Mun clB:Jsynit.ani hilllD ls.l··.r'.Cllssha uelr :s.C)lnii 115~. . but e.lco...T. ~l .". iin 2010 .Dogy. Automaticallv 81111 average hardback book (4·.8:-.er of Squeeze a ndl the m t11[t:i-mH I ionl .~'s5.".10'7... refUl n d you In fUll ~" And tt hii·s:ye\alr~ Hla roll ctI Za kon (llf the IUnh/ers._. -' .oa'noflagellalres h. .. ·n··a· .tS b@liie..~just 3·~4minutes per CID! .t i'.O PCiISS 'ellec._".far Oli9-3 I.j I' ot the' N.~ "_.y $. 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8) .. "1" ' ' '... 05~.luding gene's. ". 1'-' tth not contamtnated. . tics f -I -.-. 'but. 1"- e .'"":"":--. Wright.' [ '. " 30~OOO years.8/natu'rel(J.. ..10. !J. .T ISWEEK A . . __ 00 Bo· . for' anti biotic resistance" bacterta merelyhave to acquire resistance glen.Mo.. This fact long = suspected.' - . d. . they found several.:s-·.. Sure enough. with the NEW RoseO'a Stone TOTALep" . from..r~as." says 'Wr. . ~. including _ .A from the centre of'each. but lacked detectable DN...$ doomed to..· .-e~.es that already exist somewhere in nature a much quicker task: than. took two cores IT'O."". I" from ancient sources such as have belen carryt ng antibioticresistance genes far far longer than humans have had medical antibtotics.ny antibiotic drug derived from a natural source i. inc. tetracycline and vancomycin . on 'preventing: the . focus.= _ . L IN' 'THE beginning there was antfblotic re sistance.8 variety ofbacterial antibioticresistance genes.~ =~ _ ~.' -_ .r: Ily .WI.n ramuton.b. umversr y:rn.I and colleagues thought they could settle the.. CJ'I' '.. waiting for 'new' = .ge:nes. unusually pristine permafrost in the Yukon terrltory = of Canada..~. ..-::. Many permafrosts un d ergo fr eeze-t hJa. DNI".-...DOT:. I [during the.. • tOI muta tions Feel at Home in Your New Language Speak Chinese' confidently.g.-:. fro tr H' '..!ll 0: froI!7·.-:-'': -: '-1':'-:: :-. been '. . [' " .co. .a process about which relatively lfttle Is known.. ' "Thi s Is Just part of the natural history' of the world. ' ' I. - - .st antlbiotlcs are developed from toxic molecules produced natural Y'by' bacteria 01' fungi.' ..... . -'--.-: .' . any studyof'ancient DNA" it has been difficult to ~provethatthe I..- - ---: - - -'..'-l~"-'" . n .. Ii" " __ arise ~ Researche rs rnt ght findl it more useful to..leno.·· lll'iM... resis tanee gene s have b een ~" I._ - ~..~.alrs ag'D. --"-. "". tth .... ermafrost ~ and p u~ analysed DN.. ' rsit__. . its way in..0' mtinua ~.es. 'Wright 's team. . sa:ys.-' bacterial DNAfrom 30. short effective UJe:" . ..w eye1 over I IEJS the mlllenni a.3.ight The results suggest that even the newest antibioties are Iikely to. . This has led microbiologlsts to suspect that genes. modern specie s such as spruce tree s and moose. be short-lived.solutionl Ava ilable in over .m.A. -M nc ee d~ . _ '..' H-Im-::. and reflect those for resistance to.H'·· ·._' conclustve proof that these genes truly pre-date me dical antibiotles (Na:rur. ~~~ . . .u=_ and other specie s pre sent at the site -:Ii _ .bacterial sam ples taken .. '·=anaua.-.i(!M....'. penicillin. that a.:_. from mammoths ft _ .20 oth er laneuages~ Leallrn Natura IIYI' Speak COlnlidentlYI Vis·t Roset aSto e.= = = _~ _ = = --I bison . Pleistocene..000 'ye.. minlmlstng the risk ofrecent DNA 'working. [' -..to this. ...owe:ve. .are . and 'now'provedlsuggests.a. _ =_ =..perma.' .-:-' .. conferring resistance to these molecules must be a natural part of'many samples are not: contarnlnated 'IU'·· . '. question with samples from..' ]-. -· .' ""'- ~~-~ ~ -~~ 14 I NewSc:i e ntlst III '3:Septa m be r 2011 . these samples hav. obesse .n soil bacteria from.-.:_ u .i. Bacteria found in.'.'.uk . oa t resls .. "" .r '''The permafrost contains . 'H'ThIe 'prot) f'that tne cores. . '~"'~~. spreadi ng 'i nto pathogens. since with modern D'NA~ Gerry 'Wrigh t at M.= ~-_a=~_ W~thcontamination ruled out" the researchers 1 ooke d for .. 'lb. '11''.. U ~ .. a.~ micro es g... llO"llo3....8. conftrmlng that the O:NA samples 'we-retruly ancient.ste.efo .. The samples contained..... .

eag ues tocu sed Olnl 'ellect1rocQ.t'ed at nea rbry prosthetic lei lim tOI CD mpll.to f'~ed th~mlselves ·witlh arebet a Iim .eiilt tllrm'S The a rm acts.ania a lie. ~1iioImy kl11rOWledlglE!it ii s the 'f~ .alnd" . .owiiIng stroke 5~a Inlfl th ~e!ewit h damlagle: WI th'e motor ne'IiV'e'$.llaced dii rec.y"falr each morue'melm.@ss iin th.albillt.Y:.xpelrienced a stro ke and th nee w'irl:h no pa ra Itvsts.1002:1 a na ..braiins. acth/it.a II point of.mpt tOI use IE(D G'to rst controll a ro bctilc hand iiIn peo1plile that ihave.y' fou r wiith wealkn.(Ilin h.y~.GIin people 'wit h IUIPper liim b para Iysiisil Ferrl s ja br 1 ~ ar -essle' to move robo ar m = '~IIectrka II. to math iines. p...Cllnd h i:5 fD.y recorded by the electlio des" it: IinstFu(. ut lit has bee!n used b to conned: people~.alndi .Y1pica lIy used tOI f:iind the 'fac.i3ve shewn some ptolmi!dlngl res u Irts.ill'E! but no para Iys.. epill'ep~. .aln .. I(Annals' at N'eiu'rnlogy~ IDOl: 10.(i iis 't.~1 Ipattern .eii Ii e IbOWlS" tOI t he: be~st f thel r .ersit. ne U re n'lIUSC u liar diisorders.yof IPittsbu lig h in IPennSYllv.alpa rticula r pattern ." Vanagisaiwa's tea ml mCfiUl irted fiv~ pleopile 'with e p.thetiiCStf..Y' as the ptartkl ~:IIi:Jnts Ipe~no rmed .1 1M QIFaJln at Wal'sJllingt. p~.t:Lou ls.alln!ady hell pedl peOIP le Co'nltirol ICOlm puler IProlglialms .UU. . Da n iie.iili1lg th. Ta kuflU m iiValna'l~1isawa 'of: O:~Hj i tal Uni'v. recru iting IPEI pile' fo r ..y Mled i(all·Sc:hoo I ilnJalp... say:s Gerw'i n ScJuJl1 k of the IN@w ¥o rk 'State.of ue blt.alcI inic. on ~.ar ba nd of bra in tlssu e that ee ntrols vol L!I nta ry' move ml€Hillt:.of the Sihollilidelrl' lei rm and h.of .aiin acth/it.:3:). E('o.III.j:u:tiorlis.1 . The electrcdes record e d neura I aJctivirt.ete the' Ii'ellevalm moilltnll~ The PliOsthetk arm S.all IIowed monk'~ys. 0 n the' vollulilltee rs' b tea ins" 'the teallli stud ile d ac~hJity iln the. o i eha liaJfte risJ~dl.alv~' .Afte'F' p Ilafi liI'g e1ieftrod'e:s. the te'.r~Theyh. .B -alII si l .attelrl11 5 w'irth the cQ'lirespo'ndingl hand 0 _arm mIOVE!'ments" When the' plroglraml rece g nised .[E!'ssfullty Ipalrli.tJly Q'1ii th'e surfCiIC3e of the bliaii IiiI du ri n'g :suli"g'e11'. Sc:halilk ha s pn~vli'ouslly used IE'CoCi'to dlh..o n Uniivelfsit.a II~ just by thi n llding.p. De pa r~tm@:n-tof H'e. S UIC:h as 9 riaspiiln~1and 'flex.aldlviity inthe bli. ··a-· ..e Irthr iiIill AI ba my. and researchers at the Un iivE!Js~t." It Ii s un ikelly to be the 1.1 st..tilng uli:sh indliividllJa IIfingler Imove ments.rti(tI'g liaphy (EGo(iil.2:26:1. ls resea f\fhl~ln!g 1E(loGfo r neuro plros.. iilnwlhlj'ch 'ellectrodes alfe p. I - s ..amdle!sig !lied a com puter Iplrog ra ml to mlm:h the d iRe rent ECoC.artte. M lssourl. se nso rsn oto r I(JOIr1@')(.o'Uthoug ht If' f(J.oted the mlOV@lmerrts orf 0 111 e person who had e.iis.ClllUlnih.Y' iiIiiI 'S.III.a Itdal~ 0 of ~\Co.'.

o (I e~rl..Olln~ l .p'RJ1oed 'tha-t we uld bin d 10 DNlA..~I. Hig:gsis now r~~tricted m IHliggs.1 :stra'iin1!Jlndmade .'" Tih ere'~sLanDt.a15 wli1ethell":~ii:mna'ttlld'evaistildng .._~U 1.pI1oredf. willi III a .mnoi.a'boutlaJ Ih:ird af IEurolpe.~_.t!lndlri I IPoi'nar lit:IHI[t~laI51I!ir 'Un iuer5it.n.ed tn'fj. _ . it decays.100 uldl the: m m iEli.e sted lit:o.~IQQede:riJtors. nd iifs a certa ~nlrt a passibi Ifrty .lmou5.OI look for' VUfSiniu DNA ~nthe..mm ill m fJdellir. ~Jln::+ I U SdyS to having. If' this turns.. jj llallecllJ 1. stenda rd Im.~jlltW'OLI ~dh~e: been very ' lelmbarr£3ss:i ng for:sulpersy.ies. Si~r1lte s a.. .rslin~a Ig e pe.len: iimh!'li!Itifiltatillll!il~J' IP\oii il r m '51!Y$~JessiC'il exm\la/ted fln)'l1iI]a LolndQlnl. h l!Jnb!rs a tre' actua I~'y re l'iev.. the If.ler..' • il CI~·.45 (ie.. This has ttl e(Jlry d ~Il'.says. he elusiVie [~fggrs boson doesn'l a .i.oml lo. Puii1ll81f: !.V) tins W'and . Tbst he s sparked speculation that: the. sign A that.lQ. the harder lt 'wo'U~d beto t!! IIIiii h ~avi:e. . u'I!:" so fast [F'n r I~U¥~~' t. I~alngl@''tha-t ls now' left.: _ I I I 1_• ' ~ __ ~ : 'C: lOD 2:00 31CJ'C1 .n iI!'~lfII'Ijln~'~5.'s.l m re.llID!5\1I0!7tJDB)I" 'The' 'fi n d iing's are tim I''flrst reoftJfilrllation 'that ltilese B:laid~: ealth D UiCUI1I15 were iinleC1ed W'FtI!i1I ~: Jestis. IImI:iJna.That's be(~iU5Ia..aiii(i11 of '~:pestis unli'kl! .a~'Sw~benand..:inn~lng down its mass.ill'iIl15. :: .-Jh~ h Cil meu [b ~ 11'_. 'l'ow-·hang~ng'f'ru~t SClm@' Hi'gg's.V IR@.at: 'I ·ne Ilow e ncll1of' :.Mli5 mUldle tricj~y bec~aIse: l . (ERN 1 AA'IIi't..m:ight IIJ Pi a a ppealli' in. Ii C I II P5\1. 'tts never too ea r:lyto th i'nk alborn it.e'liI ts: 'llhat bubDnic pl'a gue! WilS. bUll ill hianii~-:sisl of DNA.::ii I"C iC I ~ Igoo d reaso ns o ass ume the H~ s gg is just hjd~ng.a~' [k!nDwn todQ~ The DNA.~ 11'if'! '10 nn .~aovered in the' [ang@ of masses 'th~lt ~fv.e L' are not surpr~'Si g:~ llH n Wllc2i_ek s~ys.mIDdel (S.IEariietlecpe:liiimetTts laltecce I'erate rs ~iIe Tevaltro~ the 'tlMUi' La rge E:lleC1JMl:UiPc sitrCl!~ CD~!I Bind idelf tt1 E' Stanfonj l '"near AcrJJ.f !oll1n. ball1lkil~9 .gy _lin! ope:R bJav:s: h'ew' Wi.a.1 prizew~'nner Fro nk WilC2ek lofthe Massachusetts hlstiturte' of l!chrroltlQ)t1 The sti ~Ih~~otneticallHig QS' boson hsthoulglh~ to len dow GlIII ct her particilles..Iiii .odi@i'call'ed 5upel~mmE!try' mal~@5 an ~en stronger case 'frOIH a UgM Higrgs~ TM eore~tira 11'y~ e s.~nill II _'II Ham~ell QU :u. 'S. tlhe on I.__ ..'ii::II'A:\ . ilatest 1'1 ~r£s. Th ls mea ns h 13ltalbolut 90 per ce nt of tflll!' poss ibl e masses flo r the Hi'QjQslare now ruled out.genetti:c 'II quencI: Df 't. t . (mass and e ne'rg_~ Ican be' tri!'21ilJedi inte n:hcJllfigeab~ 'for IP~ftlid es).ill says."10'1!/lpn 915. Ih liSwDlmk 'dillnd lout: ii.. iln Niun:j Itc'n Ontilri'OI.1 h' h"' .t.NSIGH _ D THE war d~5m.s'~ence~ ingl 'spa ~EI5m l3n ~ames Gi II iss. womld'sllm...Fld 'QII: iI~j!U1::re'rd' [Dalho g.~! e DUgl.f.t 3 S@ptemblir 2 OIl I .te. from 13l1otn. lHIC PIfE!vi. wi'nd'cw e)(~perijimle'nts."..c:e~pti Df preUI[niS C!a~ lreseallilcjh "n t!h:is tupi'[jl!~~' Ihe.@E cha rtJ (jo..1'0 lWI 'ItJ'l ~dilr~1 ~.ctor~ btrltthe lii:ghter it: is. ean th~. mused by II 'vi sUlchl a'~El!:umllal".pani[.- tltuouclh the.. of The~bisk .ee 'walS '5b"mlll'1.gg!5~.i1lr j'J. tlhe latest LJHC Iim~its..u.r thE! Hiig'gs 'wrom 121 liang:e'of POiS$iibi Ilities la'ilowed by' the stt:andardl. d~rk martter Of' as-yet -IIJln U1D\Nn paf1ictles.~J\ile I:!e~ re r tracks ln the de.'fraim.i ggs to we~.ms .oI!.of'ths' poss Ibil ity 0'1:' C8ntamlnatlan~.llplp'l\oi!dhl~bI' [loth IQi~ be~r1iund l'iOii n iiiImckom.Bd '"".!mass of ~ JlIF01:on Ken Lane Olf· Bos.~ iE'.iI l IUDIPe."".~.!!iiii'!!i.~ ~111~ i lanyth ~rtg~ ~upe~mmetry:.' 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I~y 1100 kinglfor ti ny amounts of m~ssingl lell1e~y.:Ir_· ·1: I ~1. doni pay.v..Y' c_lle.ectl~1' the' H i~gSlmass to ~Ii n~. csn put Iiimirj5.rted smashing protons .~ "~ It..1ingl Si~lllails. :str._.t-h ~!!i.'teaml mQ:k DNA I.~s ~~ul.~...2_ boson mass@sJ wii-h some IQuantum oonections that bump it up tOlaoout 130 IweV! .--11e uni~ef512' lis iii~ggs=I@S$~ _ow~v'@rl Ta ke the sma] mass. ISome: resea rehel'S IhIVi! SU'U1r1!s.'m".!i!!!ii!!!!!~!!It'!"~!!!l!i!Y~I !I!. bcu~ of I mack Death 'uictilfl1:S"..'theIIUnij'veJ 1 sl_.L.z bO~~QriIS.ewhem in ILa fulan Illef-ore e 'lhe Bla[JK Delllhi (PfDCSediflgs'atthe Notional A[Jlldem. {1IJt5.LH( .1 to it becsuse I dtJrft th itil ~ 'irs goi'ng trO ~how uJ) lall1i~r~ I~~ true 'siigna'ifrom othe r partices that produ a! Sli mi ~alfree ks-..s' .XlnlulinaeMaleam membe!nil WltiiOIhad prev.. furlll!llre..cst pC)lNl'erful pa rtid l! ~:uJce'lt!ra.cmel of phy5'jr5 'ttl e ledld'i ng[ the. - ._ ... tl tOI's-edle the a ligumenll: in favour' 1'" t'nle' l~iPl 111 bade:dl.ma~ining M~IES IEXClUD'I:O IV IU'~'I ~l.cted melalSU rernents that he liPru lie to urt v~lri'ou5 m. 'Ule.4th cem~JJry~but: 'in umU In ow ~helre WillS nliDIfifilm iPiu~. I: 'Ci ".d partide I(onti'nu@'s tc e. n is. ude the.led I trom the skellet'Dfls" we .~n··. ell lout.ct@lectronvol~s I[Gi~V)~ tOr 122 t-o 154 tim.ther .81:51)1 get: IDNA tram thlei'r enVi'Ii"Olnment~f" 'TO ~felk:loul:'ti'Je ~Sjlg lilIa~u lielof t:: pestis:t' 'Qina..nhaggn~ Denllilil'~kj' 'who fta5 not iilnvo~wdllnith the wort~ Is.l'TJlfs technoh..was nat [prese nt iin lelrihJ '. ~tis.ggs~s mass 01 bleJtvJi!len 115 and 1.DS sa 'wlililU le'nl II nd haw ilt'levDlhl.3D GeV.t thl3rt 'tJhe~Hi gg.11 I .:a~5ii The· evilde.400 ~ndlia.fS. '-:~·~tt!h . out to be true .. Latest: data 'a.' s'd.1 0/ Science& IDOl: .P~ilgl1le piit Thlil'lliI'lhey used IBllmaglliilet tal tilsh Glut .e h [now] been ex.' wi'.' Wli i It ·iI!I. H IIglg[S. m'jg ht n et . B'~a(jk:Death inf.andmroe:s lnteract Finding the: 'HigIQ5: ~. nal:the Icause" l '1'li m ti:i lib-en lit..nrtlBi.2i5'Se5 ro.al rno reiIpa~ nstakin~IIP!fQ(ess\r and needs as th e IH ~tJ. [enid iOoil~eagrue5d'evei~oped ill ted1'rdq U~.b e Bin s. !stra:in behliilftd.ll Jj.igrgS.5 'shouilld be 'S~ilg htly hE!iiVie~rthan' h (2 W' a ndl. a bsenoe.se ls .il .j~111l 'Se!nst:!'" tbese I[Jat@s ~].dls. hell" 'exp1lanation fur 'the [H.ghaJmost I man~~ata" GjllUes.nd p.Jelprmn=Pho'tcn confelrenoo in MlIm'~a~.J 0 t"' II Ii II . II ~~9'wScienrt:iis.rom sffelf!tons blJJlIr~e.-. (loftFt~fI1m its e{l(i.l~. 'iiW'h at m ake5.dOIr:1 pl1agWl'e plit'S!e1ems fUl.O me al~.y'tQ t 'WlO:wy.mund '. the dlj~~entang..U 1 [aJs fur nvi(e as malny !partilcl1es as the standa rd mode~~.~)(listat: l. but it l~.(tJDse.V... bE!M. s. ".gs~ iv:esm i3 SS to ttl e I~nown lPariic lies" thsse .. . 'VVr~"1 mass. It8lJSS." ur·'ve ..'01 m~S5. 'W'Dulrd oomp Ile. I~~. The. says.e)~n J120 end 1.!S DINA belo.ew~ U ill[.iousl" .CIUS n·_. 'wh im EJut.arguedl 'lhatU1m bug wa:-:. I Hi!ggrs.:)U _J.ass ((i@. [In thlat case.I~sullts 1a "'1'10IM '~tI.t-etne'standard mc.lconvij'ntled 'tDC.t:-wan-te. ~In'ocher'woms d rather the n sou rid in~l. 'into [partkhas.Ollith ~s. t'ne I aclk:Deati"ltj' w'hiic:h ICDulldhel'p'lxIP -a'iln both why' ilt .yeo as tlrney nev1er e)(p ected th e pa n:i de to be Newfllndlingfs ~cnstJrajn thli! IHi..ounooeJ elf'll 22 AUgllJls-t Jet tlfte!' i. fma.an extra fo ree' rOf nal.l_e·bactefia II 1: rat..pILJlartiion the 1.!II!~ _ !Ii!!!LI_.ton Un ivefS~ty.e~ '. loJ. we doni·t know how· n detsct ~su(h as.a death me~11 'for '1Uhe'Hli. ~t An i2'xtens ion o. __~~_ ..it +.Y v'JiJy -tn det-ectthe: 'H~gg5 wlobJh~be.nla. ~isall[ir-oslsJma_n ICana:da". stricter ru les.__ .f th!!. Ion 1heIIH~~gssl mas5. THE. Ul~ atte rr iOt.. JJ rei" Iindeed.Ullin IIGWmass 1i"(]ln~le~.·es '1!jhe. U1a Eplidelmlliic:lwu. b~biVeen-1S and 145 9 i!g. ~ ..' eamllattachedl a ilia gnetic ~hiiP' 10 Ih e'probe and ..rth~tn 145 IG~V.s its 've f.'t.andaro modell th 12illrcws. A heavrner IH iggs w()uldlle. ~~I~ h g.. IPOttentiij! masses i3nd so i1sth~ most dlirfficult "or he tH( to ~~'pIDm". _!~I-· .

.... IExtil'nctilonls]~ IlJalrk Mlatter and m'u(lh mOire! YOiIUltr' w'se'kll:tl i:s.slu.elnts. _ve prlc _• -..e·~III'guide yOlu 'thfiOUIQlh AstrobliiiDIIIDg.._tllho r'-w. 'W:ith OIUlr mOJ.ehe1n'siive lan!dI1e'dlsy' tn Idiigler!st format.W5jf tE. most reputable S..as.you up-to-date wil' lhl the latest §p..j series w.ela~t'_care aln'··~enVllrnnmelntJa~science.1\O fur l'E!'sS than two Idl'D. '. .o.lth ~I'-' )~..ciiis'ntiifilC:: die content fir-omthe 'wDlrl' i"5.lg oft e '~llillu I -II'I-'I-ell~ hI'S· to' 9 .III.nthlly Ins.:.". C • [Nlew~. i (j lf.el'wiUIIIkeel[p..11opm.alllil.alce ne.ul.CIUIiC1E!'S a iln com p:r.i~st' iliB. ~ t I I··.. and ~ih d -'III kh h"'h Ib r!ea_~t"'~rlougIIJ_S' _. I 1~:l.s.. lIn j iii.-.the I. I /5/5305 ..::.alrspier issue.' 'pe ...!:S this hiighe.st q..call deue.'.ur on II~ne a rc'h'II'IV"~' ~[C as S to' II e.. .L~· I .y~ Mi.'r:il![nt..r 60% .y s.tant 1-='.chnoJolgii.' .II~ '- ~'1.

'...n.. .flepieated foUowin. uth _PP_YL_ ." ...y . ru_ ~A········r 1~-::-' ng·· a .root.~·~ says. . INliljo IiaGalasso of Tusda Uniiwn.cei.h aboard the Hubble 'Sp._. thanks to N·.v~'" orr uba '..b out be Witl 40.- .~-_h ~ a'st . .h1e dors·ola. reaching us from quasars in other galaxies.·.• ..ial ·magn.nd.oug.. ITh . t.." ~. ~~ ~. ..Ol has.ASA~s.a. Harthasterias gl'rlc.. of t h·e ICaU.lds" :HIes. Chrtstopher Howk and NlcolasIehnerof the University of'Notre Dame in Indiana have detected fast-moving clouds of " sec d " ~ rom ." th Ei.~ . l 'The t. the galaxy ablaze.- ' Wrasse and starfish join forces to catch dlnner SE'A u rch iins b~walfe: you am.ndire'ws·# UK..m at. '. N'o. . aIIowi ng tile 5t8 rfti sh to catch it .a:m·lPle·~ len. .ty w.'bliA. MSE: te'am ~ ~ ..1L. Th.00 U.wo prediatt'Nis don"t 'seem to be trlll.:~ ~J.ays.. .In. lie I f'l ]1.ari.ns:i.~'.h~_e '(1-.'~'''... ~_~u ..t:'week at the summer IjOnfiH·'€!nC~of. .. ~.yi:n.. ~-ay ·(:5'oCl ence~_ . lies.. I__ BRIEF N __~ -I .a~ th..etic :stim'u~31tion (TMS) to dl.YS· fas·t:'elnoUig hi to catch them..S of the left DL'PFC =but suppressingthe right DlPFC Increasedthe number of true responses (.'\. :-::-w· "' : ..11112 '~H':~len.-).e·Y!dw·arf$ wlere fb·u. t'. IBuitthe.cognitive '1 s']~n:volv'e·d.~!<.o~..·.0.al sea urchin ls attaclkedl by ell starftsh.'..__ .. l" : {"!O" :. is thought toO :invoOmv!E' 16volunteers to name the colour of'a d 0:' n ~ comput .p·en a"ct:ivm. 1ft iis fiulrt her evi'denc'e that WIi'. I~ ':_.fomfa Institute ofTechn. ya!'Jiir . .ains undear/.e:n .... I Over th e '~ urse of'aa.2o.a:m.' • 6:' )'" "9 r" d finish th~' lob.1 g"'Fi'~... ~ '!..~ ~I. 1 =n._'_ 1"_. WISE r8.~ C. ..ty· :in the:ir DiLPf'. i _·"I·_· ...g: _ l!!""! _ _ afte.iir actions neverth eless be ne'fit each lother. .i:rk..~ iVhml oft· . shattered record S·J..i n . of'the sun.tf a Ii1ell moves aw'ay..alsse alre inteilliigelilit and can adalpt their foll"ag ing methods.cran.. '..(I11il ""'-'--1"''''- 1[.S·to.1 .the Cosmic Origzins _ Sp ectrog rap.se hyd.al1 s. That exposes tts tu be. tne nai b Tel he pallfO's.w~.".. _.e volunte·e:rs g:ave I I b..at th.!IU~ . .Lying.. '-.'...ra:in.. sar."s tea.g.Br:a in Research ~:D!OI :: 'inhi'biting out 'n()nnaI p.roge:·n. ~ ~. Wrasse· a ndl sta niish a Je both palrtiall to sea IIfchiin... 02:8) uDLPfC siee:m. _ _ iL. Using . at less tha .ac.etal cort1ex ..Karton.e·nre\. SOIhey give eachl other a lhe1lping ha nd to tee lde tin eiiJ' common pr~y.p.". .+..~~ ::.. withi:n 40 U.. -.ogy :in P.~~ 'b~' .gi v'en tile ..of the 'prefrontal icotteJ{ (D'LPI~C). Wideo~:field Infrared Survey Bxplorer found six 0'( these r... .0.option to... '..' . .'(o·pe._ . . . l i When ..'~ "...}''VY ·K.gnl···t~ con.. :1" fI'. LJ nde r atta ell< from two sides.""t=- The Milky Way forms about one sun-sized star pier ye ar.i....". nfrared explorerWlsll..s..• :m...2.e.astarfish.d in !deoe'ptionJ' but ruts exa(t role rem.:_..Y' (Iooperatiing as ineith er m altes . m.2. signlflcantly fewer truthful answers after 1"M.o II'MJH THE: coldest stars in the galaxy have come out of hiding.l:u.J(_:' "-~. TholOss'ama paw~IIiike to eat the tube f'eet._. _ M···:"·~I··-lr. t f'Oi]v'e .U. Halfwere obscured by' gas clouds.etelescope.'dll_ ..I" :.t alter the·lilke]i·hood of].. Verschuere . Ionised clouds could provide this.. She has a 1:50fou Ii1d th at 0 rn ate' wra:sse h o ~ I~~"'''''' I~ ~lini!:!ll. thlf' U'n'i'versity of' T~n1.ty toO _-ruth:-·telU..' ~.on::=' . they are not:m:assive (~On'C~U5~o..a trIck. -.1. but struggl e to catch it Ginthelr OWIi1I.. .·ing W.:~'_ ..HAT keeps the Milky Way~~s lights onl Ionised clouds of gas have been found close enou igh to "v horne to keep.I_~_ _~!d . '... ~.. '.o'P'" ser een g u :.iJitJ.control. n "The brown dwarfs 'we were .g.ity in Vii-mrlbo Iita Iy~and c:olileel'g ues halVE!' ifolUlnd 1hat the t. so a IllIrking wrasse ean sweelP in for a me·at 'The' wJasse(s feast dlsa bIes the sea u n:lhiin.e U:ni. 1beinvolv'e. The coldest..C~ 1O~.._' neve r before seen. part .s (i'alla:s-so"wh 0 presented her research las... sa:ys.. -!l ' .il0 1 ·6/ They' wer..~ __ '.I!.'unassoeiated with ..[ . Olrnalt'!! wrasse. .e Nethetla:n.h to fu.asoned that ida:mpenin....' .l.eJr' D''.65..activi..~ II ~..I.1 . I.as... 6·': ._ f!lit-1iy T'-h'-a t~~··a Til'iI"'lI. . .emb. a. iit:uproots irtse.. ~ ~__e_~.:•.alisl! .migh. . it :is.: . d 27 stars k nown to bewl him a.' ..t"'! ~c.r' ...al:5a orifi ce ror' the atn.8. '. t en.~g.w firm.~:" J. . wen withln the galactic di sc.2. Brunlo "almo c'tl.r :receiving trans. . of sea urchins" Ib ut as the I!J richiins kee p their f'eet bUllri'~din the sea bed the wrass€!'ca rrt 'Qet to them easl Iy. .:-~ \:-.4to "'-·11.I! 1..... _.pro cess that requires a constan t source of fuel.'y:~rogenrn our galll~~n{y.g T'MS of' the p.ell':.re lofyo..__i. 1 'C' magnetic fleld to the brain seems to ham per our ability to.5. - '. I~.':~.r... ~ _ ~ • i~~_~ ~ • _~ _" = ~~ ~t=-:...:': ~~ . \On b reek .· . .w. open sea urchi ns 'to attract flisJh. . co. .adlen.ur oV'e n.n.s.Be'haviour:al .ofthe sun~ 'Unlike Am:sterdam i.ng.~ . .o help each other OllLJt..1~1ll ...t!era~. aliso Iiike~s lIliiChiilil sea but iisli1l~ta IWi. ·nEi.·j. ght years." le: I NewSc:ientiiist III :3:Septe mlber 2011 . ~c. . but had only been glimpsed vi a the chemical signature they Impart on light.'.a." "..vers.. a class of ·ch]il~y 'brown YO'I[J'Iwi'li t-::_U t· ..1'1 _L 10 -~sedl g-~~5 keeps Mik'Y' W'ay slhi ../:. -.i .Of'e Uoke the temperatu.ra.n th.. _ "I~ . .go . so In. '_:.r~-yof Th..~ Of' anC'w' a rho·'_.ght ye:ars.a. Y dwarfs. from . ._ d 'I''':. difficult to dr3·. _ ~~''.uin 'Estonhii re. "" j'~bbr201 L07~ . .D~r~· -"s -'"U' _'~. ..the As:soc::iatiion 'for 'the Stud!y' of Ani rna I Behavioll r in St A.~ mtng up before this discovery u wer'l:.".'M. meaning the gas must be Inside th~_e. our sun. dh.s:m. '.. .which ~~ I .stars" pred II" cted but . ~ 1b.' i' - i' ."1'" ····"00·' .

a" 1 k Q. 'I· I'.et e:xp:res"SiCH].sed . Atte. acs f gen. only 'if 'it has.-.::1s Baciltus cereus.111)..terIDI'i'dl'suture f t101ld in space dust TAILJ( .lit ro.ells so that a.ng·· f!"h·...).Ql!Q"t·-¥O-W[liI'·~ _= ~ """'= sensing has. sn." says lames Musse"f~ head of'pathology at the hospital. day. .sa iwa iii it IiId Japan.ang ley Df'the Ulnh/elisity' olf.ars future too. . treatme nt.rc'h IDaM:: llO'. .omlnews I .'executioner enzyme....lethodtst t rather than months..ven.a'stelro'i:d~s surface 'for nO more than B miilillian yealrs~ IEirthelrImlkaw.~ iin the PlroCE!SS . moen not only tugs at Ealrtlh~s oc.I D'n· . tat cause s Is.' II. c€'. I cancer is more effective.iils. .eqlUipme..II.. iii.could re. (50 nfiili m i~.eg. been 'used! to.~ a 'K.etivity.. be . . . The team also looked at gene expression before and after exposure and Identified 33.easp. .""II.(~e:r cemllis" siensUivit.e. tho II Qlh a nd Iilmped baeJk''to sa mh.'. breathe.. moon's shadow O1ffliilPpl es ii n the..' _' I .e too.• :..._.new strain ofbacterla to tell qui:ck'~y whether it arose nat urally or is the resul _of bioterrori sm can be vital in devlslngthe public health response.alt'ional Centrall U Ifi iiversJity iilfilTa iiw. k ra dtation sickne SS'~ 'Vivian Cheung at the University of Pennsylvama in Philadelphia and colleagues exposed cells 'from '99 healthy individuals to a.!I!.._about 300 lei lometres above .~li'suk~ laga.alnd a W.n medi I~:ne ~J he .mo.-]. ~texas.2!0 and 72!0' 'pe'!'" ent.ans and struggling to..)ll __ 1I!. says Musser (A~chJv:e.gi. 'While the analysis couldn't prevent this pattent's death. 'n. To rrent based in G'uUford" Connecticut.h the help of' bioterrorlsts {' The Ion Torrent technology technology was able to c[ui... or i'l lreg uIairily but sllowly loses mater ira exposl IiIQn~w' IIa:yti!rs II. Muss .ki Nalkam ura of To hoku Ulnivelrsilty ilM Sen daii a Midhis.~~~.20 k:iilometre'5 across.- I _ QI.. he saw both iin the. M. 39-'ye.at~:on(GeJl0:me R'esea.iiit· ~IV'~I·-Y'" .lilt f.ckMy rule.~. settle 'the:questto n in a matter of'hours . "This represents a new frontier ~... N'ew Btu nsw'i elk: iln 'Canadal :S.MATiON therapy to treat The samples hhnt .... .'olf N Tokyo and co.a n tILltned Qln a Inetwork: of' 140Q GPS recE!'iivers aClrt1:s..can.culprit .. j causes serlou s in ness bering able J' WHE'N a.t'. P-I ~V..an the .etivity s. '!I.edlicted that the. fOUir decades ago" ~heorists pli.• . .'(JlOI'prln!LS 1'. Il.duce side effects.Ye nq Liu. .~ .:' Il" .122044."t .(Iy's'thre find is interesti ngl but: morE! resea rch ii 5 needed to.gr. five g.. ·u. in some people than others.c:i:ng. 'Doctors feared the.md "The concern was that It was anthrax. ~!!..d-.lo9Y and la:bor:Q tory' Med'ici'. 'But:did Mus ser' s Stra in do so wit.1029. savs ~i'_ i'"i ~J..cis·~which causes anthrax. ~..of the N. In tIM e second case the a:stelroidi may d isalppe.tJce rock~s.en. 'been tampered wtth.t *". of radiioactiiVQiiso. a st .ase a.3.IFarnew stories every day visit newscientist~c.alr in less than a biilli'on years.rg..J says. Though closely related to B~ .albouflt seeii III g a wOlrlid ina 9 raiin of: sand The 'fi rst sprinkll i Iil g of aste rold d ust III mug ht to Earth D:Y' a spacecraft has revea Iedllhe sp'.dose of radiation that prompts a cellular response similar to what happens during therapy. out a deliberate attack... _." 1· .seorrch' Letters. -.· 'u'g'm·1en·tIo:l· . J!l"iII. .th.mpts to measUirn th~'m had f._ crealti IiIgla tiime Iag on th~ilr jou rliley to th e g Ii\O undl~Liu used loom puter Iproglralm s tOI tu lin the lagl iint..- .sliins~.._.2 m'illii metres aeross.ar-o. . . h· .C)lim" Liiu says.oreatiing 'V:':shaped w.grounD . worst. B... in press). . They conclude that Irtokawa 'wa:s onfe pa lit of a m uc h Ilargeli' astereld..dose' of'radiation can. f Sig na Is from CiiPS 'sateillites. 'THIE. To. Pollowlng the do ~H~~ activity of caspase .clolllea'QueslMave ana l(ysed th e 1500 er :50 .... In June this 'year" a. .al formed at that ti me.Ith 'H'I ospnai '1 In H'I ous ·t-on.. ~_ I./2011!gII04BB05. cluster of genes 'from the anthrax ~l' J converts chemical signals from conventional DNA sequencing into electronic pulses that can be rapidly analysed by a.i !)natu Ir'e~ wiith bow waves .. Cheung .ativemy corremated wlith.l. . ii enosphere .o of'tbe Un iiversiiq. 'its results showed tl 1.ase a.el]IC f' t _. man was rushed ·_-0he.As. sequencing method.mlcrochip.n:ificantly inevea.Y2:009.alt Itokaw. Wit'h'in . ' of canc. to Identify the.Q centlLl ty~J ann.reU5 produces severe infections.adiotheray' RAD.u. 'Some Qraiins [ontain tra pped noble. that em-.iloys .er c..e'nes whose: tt 1'1' D'~ ~'!I.allilrS. Rilfha lidlll.alill~d" It 'sli II ClO111~cb~!dI dIUSt'...an... Wl'_1 I swollen o.'~J' might suggest a natural bacterium had.(lwet .' . d LJI ring the IOtngleist: ec:llipse callculated tol occur iiIill the (101miin.--.An eeJIipse shad ow is thought to IIeave al Ulilliq lUe shilP-1 ik-e'S. n' th .aliled . (!' '!l..II.-. A new discovery that reveals why could help to boost effectivenes s of'the therapy and reduce related ~ .fu. Haya busa PI'IO be ICllndled on the soc-metre wiide I'tokarwa (P'i'ctulre d)~its .Y'and Ilocam the riIPpll~s.ne·. the bacterium. c conflrming that people respond differently to. self d e·st ruct by between ·. l d lU ri ng a Iill eel ipse creates a dense pociket of.ig.Y to Ja:d'i. gases~ which get iimlplanted Iby chalrg~d palrticl~'s whii'zzing ~hreu g h :~pace~F'rom the 11evell:s lndi depths of theise g)iaI5es..llea gUles conclude tha.0..11hJ1/gr..the atnnl[Jlsphelr..._. Now ·3. team used technology ers developed by Ion.sllll less 'thallill 10. incre sased C_ '!bJlLJL~ '" 0··.~b.o Ipatb!lrn:s that id~Jiftif. 00 Id ga's that Iplows through the atlm os..t' the' 9 liaillil'$had ibee'lill Olill'tine ..s'ofPn:t'ho.. II~ S-lclknless'R'flr'ee .~untiil now~ IIn J U I.a Iil d I iikely flUtUlre~ p When Japan's. GPS sig lfia Is (GeQtJ'hy:sJcal' Re. To fD'rm the miineirail's presem 'in the :5iJ mlple'sJI:the spa ce I0Dck'would have tclhave reached ~BOO The detary 0('.arves..-. III01:: lO. __ = "iii. DN'A.topesClO uld have clreated 'tIMat: heat if the aste raid was..5 enes g whose 'variation in expression correlated with (~asp.phelie Iiikif!a bOiit~. .. gained a...l. riifoch.lA'·.

art youlr search now at: http://dlatiing. St.e'ntiist.new·s.ci.Y.whetheryou're looklnq 'for love. world. or just to meet someone o:nl the same wavelenqth. no matter where you are. Me..com .in the.et like-minded people who share slrnl lar interests to ..OiU -.entist Connect there are plenty t:o choose from.Find your hero (or heroine) on New Sci.

they clai m. I _ '..-. . by truck for form.. e'i1suri'ng n they eeln be pOWE! red by a 240-vort ma ~1i15 electri city su pply:.. the mixture decompresses and cools down to room temperature . IDt ba sed on an existing is design. To.te'M" a P. laJly~ Th ell' 'vetrSlon 'WOrK~S .. fed ~C...•.A.· ~ .... and adjust their fuel Injection and spark timing accordingly.c'h sparks.0'00 litres of 1 ammonia p er day...: 'pe~ __ ~~ure~ .O'Uf 'when v burned and. m.es.-I 'o'n' 'Jii .. the elliectr:icity fro~m wh.tthe University of Ox ford.-. it first produce s hydro g:en from water using electrolysis. system are "'I!. 'have .'0"1-'.. However.~. Conventional ele.. ..'~' on the battlefield. says.=. can already make use of ammonia they can ru.i. To. the researchers .. system cent gasoline and io peTcent ammonia.e' cain make ammonia on the spot at f'illiinlgl stations. remote areas. with t'h... That means transporting ammonia will not r.th~· ~ fu-r ta D-'.I-.m 0__a ~~_~ ffhi is' .. E dman Tsang. In.'n' ma~"'.'efying the ammonia ..1 LY·. .' _.U_' . a reaction that further heats the.!I' _: '.. Ma:xweHadds that the system has a modular design.liquid. where it could make: between 40'00 and 40 . I_'~. cheap"]. In. then comblnes itwlthnltrogenfrom the.. g..en on.em that ].. d es~gttl to use just eight cellis.."IIV __ I --. run on ammonia.Ii_ to .G:ET hydrogen: ammonia have got round thishurdle..Vn "I'glht'~ 'FOR._.~. fll Conventional cars.~N:!s. Amm . 'Tsang [5 not convtnced that the hydrogen needed to make ammonia can be produced economically using elect ro lysl s.S..ff for collecnon..( ee ~~H s ydllog.. Thlls makes the units much cheaper to ma nufad:ure .'es J' could be. :.axwell from Texas Jech university fa u~d halve.s. and ethanol being fed through.ic'h powers ~ 1).J'.. ''':III'n' ·:u· Jl a.comp:re'sses. Th'is..~_€L~ .rela tively lea. used to dlrlve.. .:1'"". be useful in. The team say the whole.--' I .. a third chamber.. compared to 'S5 . in 'which the burning air and ammonia mixture moves a piston forwards and backwards.u.1f'1. _...a.. '~ t-o produce ammonia that can be j ns talled in filling stations.~. /. ~ ~=_O _o_ a. 11.. 'b...0 !!Jii the process's powerconsumptton..ai. Texa s.er 2011.qu. 'who have leach expressed interest in using the technology II he 'f'uI~1 '1.I IlJi. "-:. cars wiil Ibe alble to run 'Olnl green fuel ~Ie 11\1. 1" ~ 'II. '. Fleming and Maxwel I claim to Ilf w.-n-.'.ctrolys is units.1.". a~_ 9". signlflcantly cutting installation a t filling stations.'.I :: co 'the mixture down to around -75~C~ U.' . 0 per' 8 k'jlograim.. 1.20 per.8 that cons tantly detect the exact proportion of gasoline. at TQx-'~:~' Tech University also In Lub'b. the vehicles could fit 'within a. .Ii " '-_ . By using . . Powere d b!y mains electricity.' .. Such vehicle S..-1. would need 'to be reprogrammed and Qq:.'g'. a piston rapidly .c:rfJ"hi ~ '~. In their system._' mda P reduces [ust 0: "U ' I'.. '. into-a chamber containing an iron oxide catalys t._ . La .~: ~- -e- J!.eq uire costly newinfrastructure. a cherntst a.free fuel for cars.. _ 3 S e ptelmllb.:-._I" Hydrogen on the cheap .1 ~ e.j"'!'':iII-e-' 'd-."-r' r. Fle ming has been able." co-uld. ~~~ .I _ ~ I "_ The team. ~ II~ I'!I. air to produce ammonia. The ammonia could be made for just :2... achieve this. --.t.Eniergy' in Lub bo ck.Qj . a i ~I-n~ e W'h~·i@-~~.the answer to developing an emission S. up to :85 per (lent ammonia. . hydrogen and nit regen heattng 'the: ga s.up to produce more.o. Fleming and Tim MaX¥leU.. '[i. easily be scaled. says that a mobile unit that can turn water and electricity fro m renewable energy source s into fuel ammonda would. d evelo nin'. The pa~r 'elaim the.sy' to store in.'U.1. to 5 ilm'plity the.standard container and. -k capable of storing ammonia und or pressu ire .."II _'. are also de signing an engine that could run purely on ammonia Called the Linear Blectric Internal Com bustion Bngine.. generates and ammonia.U-II Ipped -w~.0.4()~) The mixture is.. CDtSt: Df ma ki ng hydlrogen bY' electro lysis. it 'is.O it. :.also be:modffied to run on a fu. a mixture of gasoline and ethanol..~ sr ~ ~ on a mlxtu --. y!. ~~ --:.-.- Ft'eming of Si~ve.A devife being deve~oped by'john have adapted the: Haber-Besch process used to mate' ammonia ~ d tT '. known as a free piston engine..7S volts.So-called flexible-fuel vehicles. Hal .j"'!!'3... . could therefore be. '!Ir_!."ll ='11...ir d esigln can prod uce hydrogen at $2 .. Pleming . can. ~I N ewSciiie nt:i-st [II 2'1 . the.~ jQ. from whkh mechanical energy is recovered and fed 'back to the compressor.0' cents.kg for [0 nventio na~electrolysis units ..lI\..II' ~ !. S. I.Ii' Q'~' _...~:.. v'__ _ nitro gen and WQ. which use..t'" of the future? factnrv ..' '.and operate. unlike hydrogen. . Fleming and MaxweU are already '~·C'on'ventionalcars can alr'eady run on a mixture that is 90 per cent gasoline and 10 per cent ammonia" working..' ~I".'t rans ported. ..'I~ . ... the.1f'1"m"'Jii'l-~ .EI 'transfoF'mer-~ ileedevife to step the mains voltag e down to 1.. I.senSIO:I'.. !'Ji . ~. _ _ it pushes against another piston.:.~ . ~.a g:iE1nerator".. is. wh. says Iohn Fleming of SHv€'rEagM. per litre.e US army' and air force...8 it does SOt Final lly a h-'eat 'p"'um"p \..tlt·-'ur_=~_ t-h~l. too .rEagle5 Enel1Y and Tim M. ~. are n1'adeup of mo re than 100 Z-vo1t reUs CD 111nected ~ series.

have performed w..0'00 or so an online service d eveloped by '12.L~II d"~~'.' .Iea'_ .. The students an. 'T"h S:O~'..and. _. . and make errors.I 1 l" ."...A'Gra. In. These IJ'S ue ents may be more details w'eIe then analysed.der which could be several paragraphs long.Pfl. ." human graders.In.: .-.'tchm.._:.o'!!. as.---d.'. .. using recepti.j. teach st udent s poor wri ting style.ovid:es fe'ed ba. tire. "-'.'!b'" nlE.5 per cent higher than In Idea 'Wort. a.~O'OOstudents 'in state-wide tests in Maryland.-.' Jersey.·.. .ri.. us.w.a."".' . .ays "I' e '-0 OiS often ignore the structure of an argument within an essay.f'nts was Technology In Newark use. instead rewarding students 'who pack information into lengthy pieces ~ The auto-graders also use overly simple rules.rn s'uch :practi.ck: OIl eve:rythin. . ... treating the system as a game In which.ll Y JIlII!.if. ..~ III . taken the . that 1 I... th t les q. ••··· •••._: .I./~~ __ and may' gam a higher score.~.in.'.. artlflcia] Intelligence encouraging students to work techniques designed to extract through problems multiple meaning from text. -" ' 'k. SA'Grader because it provides feedback on their 'work in less than a.1!iIll.ve to c:ri'tical a rubric compiled by Thomas..i:I..aphs. '. G" ra d er-wou ld mooa S-A" Andrew Klobucar made simi ar Identify two en tities in the text ~ observations after 'W.an says~ . I' ~I:.'-. In one' experiment. iC' them to make appropriate judgements? 'Twonew real-world tests suggest that it can 'wo-rk surprls ing~y'well.' 'i' '.a." she 'says" She' attribu te-s. Jl.-"~ for discus sing a topic using three examples=a common rhetorical device.de~yused to o~ developed by Pearson --d:utation~ based in Upper S-.•. Perelman says .'-u: ''I.' and relationship between them.' '_'.. tools.) IJiiC' mt . Jj. J $icored by 'Th..a:mmar and...Ja. times...d S' A:.gr.e ft. of'exams and ~-.A student might..!ilo._ ol . -' - 'j auta mate d marking.-- I..give.I..h. . Students may be more receptive to critical feedback from software as :it can seem less punitive. some leases" the tools.an··_ th-..". 1_.... But Klobucar says i~" ~ .d "a. performance..1~c rrngie 1ben. e("' rO"'l" ."" " Ul- -Iu. ... Les Perelman..emIin Internal company te sts.1i"OU. .'.ader~ as w!eU as a wID.. .-'d~...tool leaned e-rater.._~ h om' e'w'·:1:. "We were S. Students using c-rater wrote al most three times.DQd'. of Cohrmbia. s. d" or bac . even produced i. -N. 1 .'ell.TEe .g from gr."..tu.j"b"l' . boost to e-rater.nCe t ant.8 ip..'Gr.'. who teaches writing at the Massachusetts Institute th t Ii o f'T hno'-1. "It ta ught them. _'.'.ork of students around the 'US are' already boeing evaluated by such systems... ' . means redra ftlng 'wo-rk to get . ~.f'·' .1der parsed their answers.ma. ~ ra :-e· •••._" Like Thomas..lid' !. _.~'!b. amazed.J .•..-.we:n.. 0:13 antial .ays students enjoy the "gamfficetton" side of e-rater..' ':_: "'.-i-.". feed back from softw'a re as she says h.. how to th-m k th ~ > . b <3ii""... . for example.NIOLOGY '.!!i _ ·s· ~ln-''Clg--..n-''CI'~' iJI.~. conducted at the University of Central Florida in Orlando betweenjanuary and MlIY· this yea. the.. a...h.g. and also showed a . !.e .Il .u~. it is 'too earlyto at trfbute the.er students like it ean seem less punitive" . improvement to SAG:ra.I 1_ Improvement" InI.. III Tens of th ou sand . IT IS an Idea any' overworked teacher would welcome = computers that automatically mark piles.l!' I .\1.J:" ..!ces~~~The: thing 'we 'first ha. = But some teachers argue. Q...their peers who did not use it.depMiog.\.". :'.nthe phrase "the heart ne -t 'pum'ps..ve 'to do is. Hie a180 s.[.. . more consistent scoring than j iim Gii les. 1 .s.:_ !I..s.' I~ .. For example. Developed 'by lETS th . .s:'s stud. ' -'i' '. - i:..e'f first= year ldology class..gl1.1Ir In c u·:-'C:'---'O-'Ui '.~_~.og.]U.efit._ .[-Ig:_ 'Ii..mstea dl 0f "b .re .a m·.i!. "_' s. previous years. In e'n.a. ~!!. ~ .. g..'. Klobuca r says that the software' s feedback J encourages students to produce several draft s of each assignment. hie rewarded for using a egregious n. minute They' can then resubmit their work" havi n. doing wleU. n' Perelm. __. s. . of trials. a:na]yses essays.-. The systems are also gaining traction Pearson's software is already used toO evaluate 70'.....' -.'I.ng oii~'hart" an' _' OO'I_ .I~~ _~ around 3'0 of ht s students at the New 'Fers1ey Institute of ·'ltl .-.oma.r!' ·t--._ . (-... ~~ Jl._ . But can 'we trust the artiflclal intell lgence that powers ..eof para.i!it fJ'h.y~ iecn s.yste:m. perhaps because people can.d-of·te:nn multipleJ ..ew -.-a" 'Gr. Klobucar adds. '. ' _'._.. Missouri.!'JJI·rIllT 'll. ~'. Ne'w students at MIT 1 oft.' a-v-"D'r.dents. ".~. = .~. .ue SI ionsL tl .rr " •. using.r..t!l.. Pam Thomas tracked the impact of'an automated grading system on the performance of'the '1."..g toO the.so '1.en hav~ toO unI'ea.4 higher score Both e-rater and SA..ersey~.peIUn." ·.G'-r-I -ad' q IQc·tl-il' 0. that after ~ust two 'years.:'il·d-'d le IDiV" er N'_' '-ew lIl." I" .n:v words as..:ra:m th'em. ~. "subst _..e'.. 'pr.

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Vi.e says. . nqi ng..as.. E" /.. . . e .. _ IP e ln _e _ e o.I.. lit is sometimes impossibl e to retest qenetk m aterial th at has (Dime fro m a [rim ~ scene the Prurn Trsatyto c~eatea super- a nd is heavlily deg raded Find out more at: www... . ._.'1' If'" ~il. The worry iisthat Imliscauullag.NIOLOGY INSIGHT DNA database Biq.r~ ndlal Ged des _ li Kees...maln _. .' .-.~ ·P··I-I _lU:! l I. it wiilll ii--.. ".. _. ....J! based on 6 or 710cill Of -86 matches 'Qlenerated from 6-locu s seerrhes.. UKI in 12003~ wh en he w. 11-l1'~ lid .PETER _ HlA··IMKIN was I·Pl:u. _ ~ e.0 e . .d... :':iI\f'C E'ricsafeg IJ a rds iin p~a[€'to reduce the Toe pf~~. 15 V~JeJe' lise' fa pos iitives.e UK Ilabs fileeded to ersu re'th8.- .databases.:~t{. r...O 00. However~ the rnirtlrnurn numberof loci req uiire dl to cond uct a sea rdi U rider ca set iifs dear that you ca n h ave arrests whii ch are based purely on a fallse the !PrO fin ·T~e·aty iis just s iixl bees use match/ sh.. i'ncllud ing "A.! . B· says that ad d iitiiona I testi 11g of more Iloti 'Saf-egua rds [1ga iinst fa Ise a rrests a nd th is does ta kes pla ce'"Bu t iff internation aIsea rches become com rno fIl place.._. lntraiva ~:-ar lUll .es of esta bllshed technii call systems.atedl 'the num be r of fa lse matches that arose when iinvestigators from the Netherlands conducted searches of the Germlan database.p rofirt org. __-.. _ ..-d ng'. a consdtant for Statevvatch. i.. a chremcsome police will But iit may ~nlly be a metter of ti me cempare during a search" before the rernalnnq 16 members of the Eu ropea n Unio n joiin the 11 that .-C· ry'-. -I countries wh kh a IIready Ihav._.11-1 (L that o._ 0 . matches gene rated from 7-locu s sea rches....0 .Ilj 'V' . . _ .. 1 1 .. 0 .~ are analyse dl.er Seek of ttl e FO i C' I-I ·jF'-II(.....::=IIe.~n iis(3i1:ii n that rnon ltors 0 concern revolves around the Imiiniimum ciivillliilbertlies in Europe" ltwoulo also be' rxm be r of loratlons on a chromosome.t-II:: 11. .com network of Europea n DNA data bases To coonte r this problem" the is iimip~eme ntedll Euro pean Cound ~has recomm end sd IlnteqJ ol a~ ready fal(i Ilitates lim ited ex pa ndli ng the nu mlb er of s ha red excha ng. irnposslbl e to retest allII8xiistiingl r0 Iii~. _. .ay be rel uctant to 0 incorporate ad diitiofla~ locL UFo r and velhliicle Iliicenres mere ro utlne.•.wh-e'n cond uctinq a search.'fiinQ}e~p~ints data bases m. justke wi IIIoccer with ou t better !We _e ... ·· . _.. .ey a non ...~e willi I c om p•.r.11 pints in a bar iin M.es of~en use diffelrEnt :safeg IJ ards [1Jr(JIJ ridIthe e:xtrad ition loci and tnen2' is on Iy IIiilmirte dIaverlla p prQcess. . .. .iJ· S·..0.. "$i] x -locus a nd seven -l ocu S matches have a rea IIrha nee of De. ... _.0. ..__ ~ y ye ~.. II! .. 1more' tra nspa rency is typiicalilly lo~k at 1310[ii whilll.e area 'Of Eu ropean (OU ntrj.erseys'ide..:-.rd_to look ~'t-l0l\h:. : -- .. repeat testiilfllg Imay become umeasi ble.Ie ~'!/J~I ~g U~II ·. .ation betvveen'~hemll in (OIJ rt is (riiti ta ~.. ..e.:iIln I .! ::li\iF ·'.dI atau..tih. Forensic Ilns'ti1Jute has ca leu l. key concern centres en the UK} have· missed the 26 AUQllJst the number of lccatlons on dead liine for liin kl ng up thel r databases.e.. lta Ila n po Iice had req ues ted a search ot the UK 0 NIA datal base a nd daimed he was a perfectrnatch and that he' fitted witn ess descri ptiors of the m urde rer After ell 20-da~ ordea Ii a second DN A test ru I.: o s.!.ing ·~'::iIlllf'e· _I'li'~ij.A ..the_e. .a' w 0 ..-. A k. WOf~S as iit shoud once the deteb ase is up arid rll nn ~ says Hellen Wa~lace of rng.a. u.e a lioe:' a. j ustke system -1-:. ":Inn-.)_"ooslt 'Iii. u ea rlller.1t" 11i.arrested on suspicion ~ m-uI.. network blq 'trouble • -.Fk te r Ha m ki n_ o .- Ne'therlands.I . a nd the use of th is iinfu rm.oe:'t." ..the:standrewsprize.ed Ha m Ikiin 0 1Ut: a nd he \Na 5 released without rha r'gell Human rli'Qlhts g rou cs and sc iienti s15 are conce rned that rnix-u ps li'k~ this mlalYhap pen more often once 'g.. .r chailnlces of fall se rnatth es. . IrEi::JI ly excha ... .-r'g-an iisarbi'.J-"- -I _I ....lI df/ 'e.· !l... ~In' _ _.~Uon n DINA prof-ii~es). . n _'From_. A.. a e . _ -I i ..TEe .y . ". Va 11 d. intended to slm pi ify and speed UIP thiis process by Imaking the excha ngle of Countries vviith established DNA inrorm.e of fo rensl [ data be--ruveen Eu 110 een lod by fiiv8! but th is resolution p European countrh?s.. S7late'r tll rned out tlO b e fa lse pas iitives" Of 276.. ..h !l.. the more com pre he nsive the IDNIA profiille willi be'lI Genew-atchl' a UK -baseo ron-profit '.. . samoles . ..!I.i':LI~ '.rTh e wholl.1i1 umber of [au ntries.m-r-'e todtnat . Labs in the US Eitherw2rj. 'The' ne'w treaty iis must be' adopted by memb er states for it to have any effect.


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[. ~ry'. .deslgnl'spec~all sni'IPPets of gplZD thai coulld be'lg'iven ~a5 ill wc~ine~.'ttlere Ibeen so IIIMI:e'progress.~ue des'iglned' 'm p'rovoke .'-1'w'e' ha1'~ failed t'o" 1.!..~.I 11.mp'aredi wrlh those whol iii miers' :310peliIcentfewer got plac1eboshots~.l "I-IV JlJi.~on 1 oi eHiedive anti bod ies" W'hille 1tihe.Ulil~1 . '1 . prote. u ~I..Ii. wm'i~h i:llUI.Jt!'UI ._~iil"\"'i'!' ·lIt!l..8 blgl sabatk ~nj!'007 afte_ '~h@ fa~IWlre.eei ne 'olrlil'tne .100 per cent S.'nne.alllP IllIi!2Ung teartLllnrs hlll·the!datil'. souQh~~almr~. . of I1he fililfU: largJe 'tri\al[l' 1'1hirsIssted a Iweakened mid 'IIIJlliiru~ "'!Ii~iilnnl~ ~hlree H-' _'~ '.-' .. ·~·an.iecllllle.tn~nm. g' II.. 'I~ m.IlflIu:d1rneeded gDod nlews.liI!' ·dli!'!ii~'"lmlna..~l!'j' lem at '" _n I!llt~~~ ..1to pmn'ilpft t:he body to produ-~.'SUIII 1£. eRect bl!inglli'nreKJlllii[alb~..: DiS'i'b."'ceU~barsediiiimBUJlmilityblwf.. Nsu~b:'mmeout'ofa!IBrge ifr.r~a .:n's~ Valgin~~ ~ qels to block the 'vi us dlul_ sex are :SIO~_ue' years affl and a vacdne ls still~remote.. I!!. y.:..These ~ncl dedi·tJhe! va c'ine!~s pmte£tiive..1: H:'ltolJlld halve' bee:n al.ay's of stopping Inew ilnfe'ctio.:-_: til 51 _ 1 __ave '-II~_ _5 !bee10 f-oufld in n atltlLJIf"e nd iilmmUil10iD gil.r..alPlp'raa~hejs are Imany yelrS.r.~II!1 te..'!I:. A _W' faille in:d tuiiduals have .i'~odes h ..zen vaefjineis h11 devefo.otbe~rhUlma"n.··1 -'.gh m'Untatl!onllrate~.rJ..art'iallprotection could IpalradIQxica'IIII.ers.I' COnvenl1on al vamli1es WI-se. not' to SllV' we· sho u Id 11"1' lUll on fijmding a VlImn •.""~~ lI.r'DVohJl! l Then ill 2iOOi lPO(sni¥e.' .gpI2D-: to stjlm.5. ~II 'I ~1~1Ii.oleW . called ..~~i Il1g an1~..~'" II' .J' w:ea~eJ'iin those! wn 0 had I ~hefnuIIIcourse of sho.11 have ria 1J11i11111\mmt!l.-.'1 ~ I :I!! III!!~I. 'wliith iiil mod Or" gp:t20 d'esiigned'ta lP.. are Ilryjinglll.·'_ J!' effect: lwas l wealk:' wnal inm£tions ilnthose were vamjnaiaol Cl).I~' ~ _Itlal's.etihese same ~anl_ odies .l ili"'D th 'I!: rt I"' ~ :i 1111liIC~ .ncollura:lginlg unsafe sex.e other preventlon rnethllOlds' alvana...iI!"I~ I!l~Q.' 'd'-e' eH--ectivlew.' ro.' .EI 'v. .._·I~~ "' PreV@Lm"' calm pawg li1rS .ii!'!iJU.'..U.stdlsliall fliUi~l!~lIecause iM seue." 1'-'1 1 ' .'-'.iJWilY II( :I.' I "~I'V'I~I -~ . D.pmen -..wiruSilslhat:i.re.. 'Ila:n i:!rnl thasa· 'whol ..I :0-..basing' .bB'elftl i5CloVered d ~wr Q. 111_ . ~ ~J"i-I oc il' ..>.n~ t-mIIHI~. I~ iiI"!:IiIUJI!<'" n" iClH.lWe i1n1etted wirth lis virusi!' IMcHiE!' 'ttl an ill do. sa Wh. none has la :1.lil"fiInlfrUI' "ot . INsults wem hajilled as :50me.ovQlrlilangil'ng components. _ both these'. _~.i.. Ion 'tal tel man..1_ '·lmIn'llUJli"!liiii!lii~ ~.· "v.~. eitheli wealU1'li1I~cJlllJr i L-i"11ad ::I~UI~_"'r"I'nga ~ ~~_ 'g .1 \vrv C' 'INE'S" .Eu:1 tmml antibad les..y has.Bre'phrsicall.Q a ~ ~ 1 .Blllelhlll virus..sslse" 'This is 'loa nsJky'with such . as IHIIV" We Ih'S! tr1ied. Seeinl "-..)J late' imntllbodlles Blil!' 'the parts of' gpll2fJ .1' boast. 'thai: IilIiHI a hi. . '·~dec~.bliSl!dJ ID.bi~. whichl k:ill.~ ~_ ~ I~ lI'"a..RI' system is 'l~[:eI~Is. mrl'~he ffeJld. E'J" Oftw el' II__ IllB1U 'ljr. IAC' .Y raise transmlsslon.. :_: I: . g iI__ _.'-~.gge!its 'that!: an efi}!.50 such wffines II! IirId to pfDVoJk:eantilbo diieslh al: a re i'neffectii~e!! Wh'jlhllilnltiibodies til ~m'fllea v\j ruses: Ii n fbi Dod Oli 'fluh:ISji.y different 'mnmiS...dilVl va.uliin HIV' surflCe' pilate in.! ' l bodlilll..< .n'lie ifalh:iUy' pox virusii' then peop Q' 11. .t· waSi. P..tim i's' approru:t1llhad .e."Jmii L~celiliso destroy IHIV~inmctedl mllls~ t tnal ii!iii lbanandlof a comb iindiOlJ1 gf twOI [lilratium .S rate.lllse t V' '.n me. lhili! 'fllrsl!iho.' ent -~'s for Hl'l'-~'. iby' I~iiv'in'g people false confidence andl thus le.~1iI!li ~~' 'W""I!IiIl._he 'Dthelli' branch of~he' iim.:Ji_ ~ '". .. I~ 1 ~il a ~I --tj' '-c __ ~. __ ~"1ulll .tti ne' lis. An leffective' \mCChlUS!is olilgel1l.--. lot' l'nlg ~:~~_. -W1hlll"llehere are' good' treatm"'..iI!'I"IIAlI"lj. II"J:_mlll'ut3.IU1'C: ' _ S.: ~ . I:' I" ~'n .

e'not necessary for th el r own health tlhe druqs cut the risk of them passlnq oin this. .~wou I. 11:. 1. V~ __.·. Nieedle exchanqe proqrammes.h by Gra rna ~n2. Wheln iit comes to condorns. = 'who are -stiilllllheallthYIi 'W!hiill.- - Bureo'. Another case lin polnt is earll.. .i(l~g AVAC HIIV Prev€H'tiion N. g lobe Her accoUi nt of the LI nderbe I~Y'of: the.~tWOfk ava(. ..h V €'arly antliretrov1ira~ therapy" by Myron Cohen 'The N.O)lm HlIIV VellCci ne Tria ls N.·· are often unpopular '_ I I Medic!all science giv. ~ M icrobii does Trii. And we mustn't .o. The trouble ls that thinqs that succeed ln careful sdentltic studies cain f.e.any prevention aPIIP ro i3IIC hi must work biollo!lgiic:aUy~But w1e need to spend more tlme understandinq how behal"Viour~ polltks and economics undermlne lor contribute to success. you can't qet ~t lpl U clnld runninq.how can w.d "Ireatl ng au r wary out of the Hllrv pandemic coull.Y antiviral druq treatment for people 2Jlnl.d we.e' afford treatmentforthe much b1iglger numbers who are Hlv-posltlve but not yet: UI?' Obviously .Y stop transrnlsslon of IHIIV and iignore the behavioural studies that 1 with voters therefore politldans.. except in commerdal sex. doctors cll'inlg on tlOI medical studies sho'w'inigl the. 2'007) ~~Va[dnatiion wiith AlVAC and A.0.s us evidence about what works technically But ~ ld ld we must . The .(1115 0 ronsiosr eVl-_enIC'@ about how prepared people are to change thelr b. 1-_.·. UIN Glolba~ Repo rt 0 n the A lIDS tpii diem it una idls. ln assesslnq abstlnencc.. because of IREC'O:MME'NDED IRE'AC'INIC. lOin the other hand. at least lin a tightlly controlled research settlnq BUlt lna world already stralninq tal afford druqs for people wlho have cliinic'dl AID. are very effective artcuttinq HIV arnonq druq users but thl.erv.ancet.E:lrz:alb.nly do what has been proven to work.eth Pisani Elli'zabeth Pisani has a PhD iin lntectlous disease ep iidelmii 0 logy a rid has. w.d we.AIDS in A/rica' b. htm IEIIlzsheth Pisa ni~s bllolQI w'isdomlofwhOlres". vol 373.orgl/'g loba Ireport/ 9 loba 1= report. reliqious leaders point to tlhe medical science: no sex equals no sexu. Wheln conslderinq a new iilnt:. The evidence sUlggests this strateqy 'work'S. p2209 the politics."1 infectlon v\d~.ally transmitted Infections~ Public bealth doctors.aIs N.. forqet I C'I .@.eYi The L.e' often cherry.S".. No amount lot:evidence wlilU make a proqramrne 'work If.etwork hvtn .·. .a ee n and prevent]o n for the UNa no other iinternatlo ria I 0 r-ga nisatlons a rou n d the.ewS eiii ntist e I '3:Septarnher 20m 1. AIDS iind ustry TI1~'Wisdom of Whor:~s': -XPERY EX'Y NSTANT .enNo rk mtnstopsh iV. should we ?'! by Geoffrey G~rnett arid Rebe rca Ba g gall. ·· .y·.pick the evidence that best confirms our IOWlnconvictions. people prefer notto use them.Invisible' Cure.aUlmiserably when translated into reallife.org viii ii ! N.1 I'I. _ :'. IHII'V' prevention cain only succeed on any malor scale j'f iit works on all four levels. virus to their sexual partners.1 II~Ilc '_~I! econom 5-' whars affordable.e. .r years the publk heahh esta bl ish ment has PiO ntlficated about "evidence-based" approaches to HIV preverrtiort w'e'shouldl.ucratsi brothe'Js and the business of AJDS 'was pu b.ail because.IIIDSVAX to p revent H IIV-l i'nfeaiion in Tha iIand" by Supachai ReJlks-Nlgarm etot New Eng/and jDurntJJ ot Medlcinel vo I 361.ehavioulr~ We need to factor ln politics what we can sell to qovernments and comrnunltles.y IHe Ien E 11ste.l ~s.: Why 'we are losing f:he fight against .in (Fa rrac St r:a IUS &! Giraux. show that condoms often f.. last 15 yea rs worki ng 0 n HIIIV'su rve iilll. pol nit to the behavioural science: promotinq abstinence does not equal no sex.e'ntiio!n.(~wEng/and Journal of Medicin. p '9 'Preventio n of H II ._:-'_ . WEBSIIITES.008:" ed 1 Fo. for example. and what is not.·. s pe nt the.om . vo~ :365 p 49'3 l.

SC·:···A·'·..I hosting III Hnd out more about us at L:SO9Gm: QuaJl~~ www. sales team on 08·00 634· 92'7'OI.rnernset..~ 1M'" "E..·N-'. I'.J of! .ccm or chat t'O our I I!I .: t.



The UK'~'sRoya] Society recognises the importanoe of the issue' and recently set up a.nslhi'ps. they resorted to carnage on a. to' contribute to science.~... "open do we make sure that our efforts to reuse research._ .'-RU.sis a com~m.. . ~. .Atla. lB. '! - l' ':: l'~ I . . ..at th.~even if it WEI! S.. br ".~-~.~. satisfy their need to theirview..othy Kaczynski's anti-technology rna Il bomb cam -. .ullrelatio.' towards extremists to anti= . whether professional researchers arnot. .ta.ey ld th J' .''' 'I ".. R-' d ~-h r..y removing barriers you.0 P . these explanations don't add un._~~'~.996 'Olymp:ic$ in .gh... Kaczynski etr v.'.W' " companies "--U.3:-'year stint as an fE. .}-.'. Norway on 22 JutYJ analysts p Inned responslbllity on everything from Iibera] attitudes ~ . '.w.my :If'' O: Ileag ues and Ilo eked into w h a~ ..·.1 ex p'f'i(JJC'S' ~. .'e 1. A...."'.. Openness requires work. wide. Freedom of'Information requests.and Rudolph had in common. to research pupers" The.-' _" ~ .not lust with other scienti sts but will th everybody. jJ.1 . Instead. eve rythlng ~~. "..·hl· .s. . .rge mea:ni:ngf. Some of these Improvequalltyoflffe. . JJ. and the atrocities they perpetrated. i- "..t:J.on reaction . Sure~y we can do even better m.d economic benefits.a.I"." 1:- .A~ th ree were highly' 1 :intelliUg:ent and well !educated with.Jl . ~~ .ers! have a dlstirct psychology terrori sts of recent yea.._-nlOD$. In :2'OOl.~ -~ ~~ =~~rb demands tal share their data and .!C' you care? Is it just an issue for academia. The growing success of cjt1z en science. f"!'1'Jii Ii:" a lIj.' ij" i..rofoun. but Is Ithink the balance should be much Unfortunately. members of extremist groups and o I that sets them apart.rs" these home-grown killers 'were largely acting alone. Din top of that there are privacy whlch 'works forwtder access..'mi. Kaczynski.g.~I . ~... t.·...~.e..cvelg s _omc1[n..n. on th e 11. . .the U..m.-". r ' : 'I' .Y'to ". M.on. scale to grab ._"..1. to an orgam ~ t"Jon onging I-" " sa I' " .'. 77 people 'in. no :pr-evi. v!LtJi-. . or is there a bigger picture? M:y vi. Oklahoma City Pederal Buildmg I .~ :5org.m.. ". " I' " .afie:r s.. ib~ 0'f' thlie .Il '. ' shared. develoned In f'l eemg !J~VI€_iQpe_l toO usetul prod uct 0.plicable mass 'm·urd.s freely available 'wnm prevent them 111. ··· ym. .. :..~1r: J! S'.g an.fTER Anders Breivik killed SC3ly'S Kathleen [Puckett.lent jets> face mcrea -sins u .ew is. s.cked . eo ~-Iog.' . not the answer.s~hould s <== alot of chatter about "opennes s" As the reach of'the web grows ever . '.s.··' .!eanJn.'. and approaches to achlevlng this..'-om' .OPINION es r- I" '.' Ii:" '.y t .. . rUnlike the vast majority oflslamk .e'y" In 13.bility to.har.1 who never commit serious acts of violence. ".'''". ..' Th e b In 1995~···1o'd ere "U b '.':3j. " '._ ".a p.ews. How .r.'n:al viole:nce" B'ut they al~ s. ~ ~ . 1. ==.e.'.. ~..c-v:'eUl.p:n ~n-. but 'what 'unites them is that they usethe internet to enable anyone.e 'ki.· .g flu Thre ia. .ina.etonating: a lbo'mb.~ .n.5o the underlying t su bs tanee of science': the ideas.' ~ .any see a.i during m·y 2.[~'1i decisions and find new 'ways some deliver results] .a.A naive.11i.'. p: S " ._..e .~ 1-e '. h nd . ... <=.Cf'S. methods.·S' fromi -o~." ·-.-_. . 1I"D. . ..' ". 1- -. - .off by d. d~ li. .MusU:m b'~igotryr.. and some just help people to know more about the world theylive in. h's b .... '.. WITH rN' scientlftc circles there.:'- S' th ~S' h.'history of cri.-j. :s.·· .I special agent. arguments for this are 'well rehearsed. . ..erg" Slmima:r :socio-'poUtrcal expla. ~ s wid:' ~'r-.de .TiC ' . ._.s intrusive.d inab'ililty to fo.nation..' " :'. . .. . .r " ~~... The results were !L·..g ...:' 'I '.ed . liO . t ..II!....rnabomber ~ ~~ -= pJ - "J = other hand were all repeatedly unab Ieto connect soeia Ily to .-.st AmerIca:n a'bortion cU_'n:ilcs w·hm.. M(~Veft. '../ Openness advocates are now' taking these arguments further. I.ex. U.-C" JIl ~~~ -~ ...'I!..that we should al] care: a grea t deal..r·They' were· hig'hly inte'lli:gent but. ''JI.. - data and. major study on open~nes.elli. l' t.fw'e: improve aC. .g.:.'ch h. be familiar with the open-access movement. g . can be:tied to their personal psychology.~ U =~ t=_ J c ·· 1 sta ttl ing:.U. -- Home-qrown k'll.'I th.w.· · .ifli..' a pp ears to. 'm.. Th~. i generated 'with pub llc m.... . f:ollowe'd Ti.crusa... ow•.. .Many people will. .hared a profoiuln. t Some sclenttst s are reluctant to share "their" da ta.I. 'For such people ~simp ly~::' ._ .ee-mingl Y'in.ou.and~ E" .~. " ':.' ". We.!Ia...' "" b. make more Informed iss ues over me dical data and concerns that making resu t.· :I '.~dll!.ll1l! . d-'a. anywhere.(I .d.groups' Wh ose Jl. 'h~lIpS. . There are many different v~.M· '1 .' '.~ -~~ 'ln7':g····*' 19"'9"S_\~." 'I' .' also need to strike a balance betweencosts and benefits. let people. and improving access to data are signs that these approache s a re taking root ~ I is not all po sitive or simp Ie. . which.results·=. v i~. . e ~.

ey' Icc.~ ':::.e. ':> ~.2011 i N e~w'Sc.wi Idliiing enta illl? . society' or are.ewe r than 3'0 in the wil d all d aro und 60 r n captivii~ It is aliso the most '~*'. There fig'UfJO Will b e arowl"' n'D pal n s .y interested Pi rt Y1' Including those a YO'udisagree with... 1':" '~:''II''Il~''I .eenPu (k.nd. w'ho wa s socially isolated and shunned by the extremist grou ps he courted._ ~J.cessful attempts to. and if's one iin wh k h Sout h A f ni ca eXC'e. 'What aire the. a good thing.. enab le that. Everyone in China~s wi lidlife· department is wonk'iing to briing back the fi l'"St tiig. the conservationist based policy then making.m be r .. an dan advocate o-f: open resea rc h of tlqers iin Afriica. SOlm.I Sii beri a.id:it s.·. h . so we provided smallish gelrns 'for them t.~As w'e :now' know. Is • '1 f 'h' d ." . If you care about the..._they ra ng e if ro m tro pic aII Sum atra to ii ['..'il'lna 't'il'lner'?-:c· Tlh 8' south Ohina tiig e r is th e w'Ofll<fs most enda nglered Ugl€f....e who 'hav.tli(...ett..: ..n prove lethat Kath ~. thlrnugh triia I an d enror they fi glu red out thart the flU nn~ ru In 11ing . with f.trong I~ II v-oic.Jl. you should care because science thrives on new ideas and critical analysis.OFILE Li QUIan ls fou nder a nd dliirector nf the' [h arity Save. IliIrtlE!rview by Sue . . nor dealt with wholecarcasses In the. SIJ per the attention they crave d. whereverthey come from. question Iposed at the beglnnlng.I. But 'none of this answers the. says.o. the' envi ro nlm@nt in Ii mited enel o:suwe Ilf thart Qoes weill wlelill ~end subsequent tig. On·· . in yo U r re'5Ierve·7 We have 12 a n'ima~s'leight of which were born here iri South Afric(3. sniffthe:m 'Q'U t Th.:uldstart by' ~.llY' 'be _:! !llnl -I· -1_::'1. a You halVe at.e of effort and 'we slh 0 U ~d 'focuson other subspecies.'ed beG~use we C3e tryli ngl toO k w break new g rou nd 'in tiger co nsen/atii onll !People sa id ca ptive'=ib re d tig e tl"S[OIJ ~d ever Ilea nn to hunt n or thart.a Ul'Qlered iit is a wast. -J..'b..nas Ih.._: ~" '.'more towards open than it is..ers ba(~to the large reserves!. a.d entifii eldlas ti g eJ rei ntro d u ct~onsites st~I~ need to be re5~ttjl ed Ib~f..=wi Ide d ti'Qle rs to thei r n atu ra IIha bitat inCh ina. rs th is yea r" W.e'yond intellig. There lis a lso wholesa le Iass of the' p re_ya niirna Is on wh icih la wg.__ _Iappen IL .Poverty aillevii atlo n iis the Chinese gnvernmlenfs priority so there's little. the south Ch ina tii ger ii5 5:0 e nd. bound to 'be others U. can on..a I dead I inas. il5 lei n ass ista nrt professor at the callifo rnia Scho o~of Fo lie nrsic Stud ie:s~Allii a n1'Ilnterna1tion a I Un ivers ity. flor retu rn ing 'ti 9 ~rs tiD Chriiina have lpa:ssed.'. with an environ me nt in wh kh they ca n deve lo p th elr hu nti n gl iilnstiinct. that evidence available for criticism and. _-11_r -11"1' II-t.e po pu ~ation s ijf prey speciies awe availalblle.o oking carne from Sh anghai .po nse? I th i:rn we are criti cis.e 'made 'lln:suc.--~ IL . r uJ~" d perh ·iiJl sh 1-' . S .your re:s. 0 u r f illrst fou r (IJ hs j PR. Open science is better science. Fn~5no 3 S ept:e. . b.: enrtch ou-rre search. !iJ.n. Se. Ch inas Ti QerSIi 'The form er fashlo n iindustry executive. Why should you care? There are a lot of reasons.I. educate them about 'how science works and Increase the state of quality information on the web.e ca... shou lid re-wi~ d tJh e ti qers iin a 600--h ecta re' reserve iin South Africa wh~ restori ng their Ie h a bl tat itil (Ih 'j na in prepa ration to r mer retu rn Whalt does re . There are goodl reasons why 11"mbrinq i nq Ch i nese tiqers to reserves in South Africa.. -'.rS dun 11 the iir lea m iing g phase.O learn to hunt then w1e iintrod uced them to ~arqer p re_yspec es Sllowlly. . . The re are.onn'ect with oth. But tiig.a gtHOid d.__ I-ba·d-Iare thlnes f'·o·' the Ho·w -[-_..1s. Above all. You'u'e 'set up a re-.~-. W'e have no til me to lose.ted.Irn po rtant uJ ILJ€ . Arf:lWay~ DIU r u~tii mate goa I was a IIWl3..uld . oplen ._ lli" ti g'mr'S. money fur conservation.. . not Ch ina Why? Wii ld life rnanaqernent iis a n art.! .. We p rovlde you ngl ti ge..e..Jil~.. But if' we believe that science enriches society then we must accept that iC' ociety ean an :". 'worried.kJ2 hjm" a:n. who has an MBA from the Un'iversity of Pen nsylva n la was iinsp iin~d tn set Lip the char~ty atter a wi:JI l ~fe to Za mb iia iin 1998: d trip Came ro n NeY'lo~mis a biophysic i st at the IRut-he rforo Appl eton La borate ry in Oxfordsh ir~~UK.. out how best to.1 J -t.e~11sendl two to sta rt: with and m on iitor thei II ada ptatiicN1 ta. an d II persuaded the (hiinese government th art. e an [len ~ILIg r speoes an . ~"J. about the quahtyof'Information on the: web.cW1itrcssi'mplly baullk at the idea Peopl e' Iliiving iin the nature rese rues lin Ch ~na j. 'W·· . e m.i ntiiist III 2'g e . now. lnute .I i. .IDft onlY. •.....".Ilk. hold-ups?' for pe:opl.-.'~toys' they used to.Arlmls. And that can . had been livi ngl iin cram pea conditions in concrete cages.' '. Then we 1must ensure sustainabl._~ sout . (hase were theiir food littook ~bout 18 months fortneml to become eft iici. (hi na is sf IIIPOQ r a n dIlf people are hungry they' wr~1hunt 'wi~dli'fee.. en an .~ a .er radicals.epredators su rvirve.:.eall o:f Icriti ciism!..).. ynannc.houlli. . we.h -----. th1eir failure to fi. prime example O-~t:_~IS'.--_. placeof science m. !' I had to try to salVe it. 'Wlhalt i's. a'·piC' . . If you careabout evidence- Li ~uan __.ent hunte rs I' I' How ma ny tiglers do yo u have..but iiii South Africal.. Breivik.ers afe known to be -ad apta ble .-.ilL I'_'.a In~ part of Chinese culturefor thousands ofyeallr5. Th ey had never seen grass before.velr.Qn~we Gi n bini n g predators there_.zOOI' w he re the. '.wildii n9 plrogramlme foil' the I~. c.'n.Ys to retu rn the re.d not be. Investigation by a. then openness offers massfvepotentlal to engage people more deeply.willd the mlotherwould! j b rii ng 'S m all -si zed prey to her CLI bs at f rst..encl€ sf'rvlee's to.TO "'Ii .

.e'veln Imore ex. II -. .ear this was some other formof'human: not a d ' N" d thal not a mouern h Neandert al.A" Can you telill me what you have f.ilnlg the ON.ji':''.Iwent ~_ ~~ ps ~~u_ =_. around?' Wen. ". there were at least three forms.(J nalysled.. A·: t the tim 6 wh en mo d e' rn humans l!.'. and it is 've'ry Marge.h Denis ov an d modem humans an u perha_-_ Neand ert'hOOs:·.e.ere w:ouId 'be . or that Denlsovans interbred with a:n.en 'we :hav. Born iin Stoclkholm Sweden.. h on .Anth ropology iWi Leiipziig GermCllny. in the future' . meeting where anatomtsts.ay that ifthey had to gue ss.ov.i bi Iity' 'th art we ..•.' ..a Ii..(lI.I .e'~S'. "" ~Ill!. g .th e M aX IPI.. d ownt?~"'1b"'" ~ dl II eecause It was.nilJlli"-n-' "Yi". in... .. =_ .enom es a ndl the ~~Iarlga'Qle gene~~ u FOXP2: H.. hU man 'r I Iinc I l short hominins dlscovered on 'the.. .. 'L. 'Yes~ Th. This raises the. and we know' there w._ .m'iled. _ r.. __ r= __ 'Weare 'working on it:'but are not: ready to talk about a. . .--:. " .of.. almost cathedrallike with. A t...IDt of'bcrnes.-.' 0'·'-....AI-IsDn G'eorge wy .an:5 rai'Sle the pos's.e.... I.ny res ults yet. I of uurnar I _ Aside.. . ..•.'. .calVe" What: W'aJS it Illike? The cave is.s:II'-y:1111.Clst:A.c~.jQ ~IIIQ."" 1..a..iiIQlht:s. or Homofloresien» is.oneli 'shared 'th e pl'd E1 at with o th'£:!'rtyp es· Qi'f 'ext'·' t .asAfrican Homo ereerus.anlidlerthalls.' -r'e'·-.aabo is settinq his :s.le but i j 'would stillli gue.OPINION INTERVIEW "." .oo.I~'.. ~=. .Ii'. Iy.~ . =_. I' _ •..~ . U'!!!. NI. at./ 11 1 i . t.ybe there were a couple more.." . .o'. g"lLJ. . .the. there for_ a ~=_ . " . .!II. .•.-11.si the toe bone is from a Denisovan individual... y ..-n-. theywoi UllIlc ' say 1·'· I·'£" from i"'iIJD older tvne_~'.1.o.ere "hobbits".even marie ancient homindn.11 .b..tiics 1 t as one 'would expect from where it 'wa.e.~ can" sav abo U'~ thi s gro up 'v h um ans~"...-s.~' .il iI'.wSv. . ». not. it's 'possible~ We will know w:h. M think. "I . .i ~ C~' _ II~II.A alone.that Just from a..etrQlstro'm ~. toIII Iild in th eDen iSIQ¥al came out of' Africa" say s. .d·' 'm" llL .. ~_...• he thiinllk's the bombshells wlll keep corrunq il II I L'~ s·~ '-'I' : ~ull I!... of homiiinin" c:alilled the IDenisDvan s..o' t III(.8'o" also knowthat modern humans 'We 1 I Interbred with Denlsovans since a round 5 to 7 per cent of the.o. . he is fallilOLJIS for his work on ancient g. cave aln diu n de rstsnd th art YDU ar'e aJlnlallys.... '.J.![. tn this lea-vel' but Pa aeontolog ists and archaeo 0 gists came togethe r for the first time to tryto sort out what~. " '" .p.. -.ere are a. 1i.. light corning in through a natural chimney.Ii'. . to v' ~I~d' Il.tiiturte fu r .~ nck Ins. . The p a aeontologlsts s. '. ~.x W' .'. . I 'was In the 'U"S so a post-doc called me to tell me the results.ia !have ye..iii r' ~l..' .oe bene hs s a lse been . He said: ilAre you. . and discovered a whole new type of hominin from lts DN. D·en ISDV.IwQ!uldn 't :say that..)'!!1 'Thousands of: humlan Are 'you wOlikjiing bClnes discov{!lred jn China '''III an d south =e'.. modern humans. ber i ....e .e'tr.w.. this wUllihappen much more .pi... Iive d..lillalliI e' III ml8 a b ut 't'-IIIISi' ~ ' -'10 'We knew people had... ~. .. . . d' ~. ". I-U-I" k'. from the morphology of fossils. v .: .t to be .a bo d iireds the de partm ent of 'Qlen..s s' that tll.-... s~tt:ID_n. • -= __ ~_ =.t ...elisthe son ot INobel prize.=winn ling b ~o(hem ~stSu ne B..e'"m a"n-.' ··w .~ILE Sva!nt-e Pa.China tha.I~ W'C _~ ~. from DNIA in a pi n kie' bon e fo u nd in !I ['ave iiin s·-Ib '" T h . .~. .~.possfblllty that Denis/ovans retained features that were lost in.IS('IOVenlle.Ma. He has a readly revealed that early' humans interbred with N.j .•. D:NAfrom Melanesian people comes fromDenisovans The.. •... only' other thing w'e know is that a tooth found in the Denisova cave contains Denisovan DNA.~'o. tiny speck of 'bone WIt! can determine the whole genome and reconstruct much of the hist ory.. And yOlu know' that in this cave there h ave been b th.:.at least 2[00 0[00 years a.. _~=~U ~!J! _"_ ~ r ~ J _~.~.t.. '''' . k:nCJw anything thought they were etther Neanderthals or modern humans... .. ".:.t:~It." .Q'tIii"I'IIIJ-:.'1..'k.s imp'oss].ante P.'\!'JiITI" a· . from their ge'lilJom'e" do we.t ~t' 'e. Viou r'l!cenrtJlty visit'ed th is . big. ]18 really beautiful. I .. ._. ~'.e. '" . the . .. .ound?' 'PR'O'F. I..'e were totally shocked.~' UW Ii '-yo: ili"fi.0 !L.the first time that a new form of human has been defined totally from molecular data.: .'s.' . ~'~ lLIi r .. .1 ." . "_". It's.." .. The first question i.l?'ti U' . This is.In the Mtai mountains in central As~a and it 'was the.Indonesian island of Flores in 2'OI03..!I' ty'pe. I . Immediate... dl H=~ -.. numan... Whe:n we sequenced the DNA.' .. on the'm?' af'E ~es. frrst time I had seen m. .-._ ~ . .' . and the teeth of modern humans.1 '. . 'we know there were Neanderthals and Denisovans. L. . d is [oi\l ery of th Ie Dleni:s.at-hominln such . what 'was.d'I ~ ~W~ILII ~ - In IL!! f'!'1~!!iiiiwi iI"'. about:1he IDe'nisovans:? We know that the' Denisovans are a sister gr:c)'u.g..sfound~ IDoes. 11".to Neanderthals a nd 'that the tWOI P opulation s diverged . .. ·.. . years ago. ".~ So.~ . Neanderthals and. It looks ve':ry different 'from Neandertha] teeth.". num..o.·' . ._ It... ~ .-r" -.O'¥'D .".

. And they' are not ju st a pathologfcal type.. the racism 'we: experience today. we will be.ca... bi ulkte N'eanderthalsI' II . h t. 1:.~..' '. d-ertrh. .. 'not from fossils? EL. • . ~ C' .'V" ". of'modernhuman..e·a d :s th e lit eral'urre 1.. A' ld.. A and the earliest people coming out of Africa to 'Europe or Asia. d+ .e"s' is 'I·I'~.I ..I . 'with just 20'0'0' more generations. to diseovertheir population history...a 'zoo? How would we deal WIDth themi .' lo" . Do you have a hunch 81Dout wlhethe·r H. 'W'her. '1- 1 " That: mllUl5.. t..II.. inDentsovans.""= :!I..mais an 00._.. . through.i:" V' .~. One interesting question is thls: people of'non-African descent have in the order of 1.. 111 1I!. '" lI'it' ... NI@andelrtih a~'s had survived'? I'think it's a... ·Ct II '\.'. 'So f.. 10. -"..1:udy 1of clillciii!e'nt: 'gleno mes. time.ng Idl '.... L "lC ~ ~I sem e Inite resnn g 'CiluestJllQ ns y ~ .anderthall glenOm'l!li Will'we haw a tom pillete SIE!!q ue n ce l' Yes~. in the early modern humans.II' 1:~IIIII_IIIS' ot h e an ~!_ of I II 111m o I:'" I:'" [a pygm~'foliim of modern humlan? 'h lt ... _ __ __ -_ _ _ W... h ·Iune h ..-.. .t _ that. .'..a.. . ''JiiU' N"I n on . and the genom.. VDry' _.to add your oolmm. Or wowd.n.1 V Q U Ii WQ'1"1llrases I. before and after glaciation..:_~ 'I!. Cro-Magnon In Burope. a.. dh saythat some '1 'm". . fair example.. oetter. .-'ave no.. 'fri. presienn. ili120 y)~·.ents. OOK -it L f ...•. hiurn rid a n d hi 1'0:"I't CI·D It W·' fll . ~I II ._.lJ'. . iemsovans thl 1..•. I t h e b .om.ar~I'DU navle' onllty sequenced about haillf: tn. -~.1 1.. ..t omes to.. _~._ ._.-.e INe. So can we puzzle together the whole ~ Neanderthal genome by looking at different ~ peop le actually alive today. because they ·we:re· truly different from us' in some respects . h.. . "'N 'Bid naps racism against ... !!. DOI:Y1ou e..'. IIVlIl. rec lk C' r: ~ ~ extremely in teresting place to look.. probably be ve·ry difficult to find..II. . can.at 1s wouk ean Per h have been even worse than.r mo rphologi cally an d people i"!11~i' 01.·-. ' _ .'' ·to· "-"J~ .:.'g.able to follow changes i..!e.. We 'will know about tt~u~ variation. ... visit newS(ientist~com/opin~oln seems quiteclear now from 'their morphology that they are an early' divergence from modern hu mans. ten c '..III ancient D'NA the cooler and drierthe climate.l'tl. You ha-ve to be: very lucky J.ij...v'er ~ wond er what: the wOlrld 'woluld be liiik'e if d 1. I. ...between humans and animaL~J1.'111' . In 'the genomes of'Neanderthals.e acres s time..an 'O.dl ·.'.".ar.' !!..~ -.. f~'o lfi"'oOiS' J!_Ii'II.i' .W. .'J~L one I. Perhaps they area dwarfed form of H.. 1. sample """' = 1" -. . """. a.... jg..d' ~. Interesting to speculate. .1 • 1. " .1e~ '60 ·yes. to 4 per cent ofNeanderthal g.? '-1' t In'k Co.. _ .. 1..e in theirs. 'bemore openminded and not make this enormous distinction we: make.? Ithink that for sure 'we 'wum have:studied early' modern humans. . ."1' . 'v IU . hI W e orcourseaon 't xnowwnatt thteD . .eIDn..ere """'...t be rliu5traltinlgl~ 1_ Yes ~But you shouldn't forget that most sites d-0 not yieic DNAm Wh ~.For more intelrviews aJnd. erecrus Since we don't know what Denisovans looked like.a tiime" b rs' in terms of understandlnq hu man e1v1olution 1:hlio u gh the S..p e u h'!!!. particularly the ones in . .'-.. I .~· .I~II·...e_e'ry . 'but they' don't al] have the: same pieces. - .. . v'· _[..n.... '1.-.fas ctnating tblng to think with preserved ON·A...1 kno' 'W" but 'l"t ~I C d 1 ...'.~ ~ - . maybe they are dwarfed Denlsovans. We wnlli 'hav-e defined very clearly w:ha:t in our genomes come from Neanderthals.'. Neanderthals would still be herewith u's~ Would they live in suburbia or 'would they U.. places.con. lltl:ons ...' un . Ill..1.Ii Il...'!'.e do you think we wi III1e.•.abDutwbat' it means to be human.es -aJ are good.k d .!I!_"i_'II~..r.. ..'--' . having another 130rm of'humans around have allowed us to. . ... J c . .b .

ea:t g:el[]jJ~ra 'from mi.. nationalism and. whose spou:Sies are employed. In fa. :1' . - . they willil of' nece ssity have to self-diagnose . All existence may be a.th. health.10b. -.'tl .tion.. . winner' C S. P 4) was.J K L . .~" 1_.8.:pua New G"uin.. the :m. considering the ques tion ~"4rHow do Mknow I exist ?"" highl .bout: a.t thts was on..'if the o rnalm. riEio sh -.g: ~.es{~e:ntU"gh.a 100-watt in(~.le 0 f th.e h.o 1'656 Fiive integers: B 4 6 3~ 1 The. My nephew sarW them and note.n 'th..g a.... .delusion except the conseious awarenes th.NION LETTERS between th. 'Ku'k s. I bou Qllht a nu mber of thesle ornam ents.ghting is te. 'W' . intere sting that a later philosopher... -.any' hundreds of dID. sa me colour face res.un.'~x.ce'nt b'u~. sen de r (Of the' fi rs t [(IIT€[t ~rtswer opened. .Prom sa me nu mber of faces meetinq art ie~ch verte)(. are employed in companies that offer others may call "delusions" But what P sychiatry calls the ppreci ation.ey 'were. . '_' ..' -0'"'JiiV~d Sloa n WiIDs. By their na ture.'" .6..\.:d.ri.n~. In. ".l':" I~JI .' .. i'f .. U"n] it.asted~ lo·-n~'o-"~ ·':'K' . A"·.•. W. or 'who can p'.on Wednesday 5 October...f'!a. the: taxonomy of delusions.me. .siern hi..)? Mn mtlny builidings 'th.From.t" P . hIr'enl a.dr. '.i[ .~ Iset U' P.at one is thinking.!Jl. Brisbane.nts we lie p~ red . . Bennett of Chiche5j. I. ..K.p1ua. Some:are patlents ~th .a. whether H( - famous statement in 1644 that "Ithink. '''''1'''' sy-.s...D·m·····QJ II. ..).ast h. .10' suggesting that the purpose of Y·.1bs(13 ..ia is deluded or not. and he a nrangledl the so 111 1madie.-..allbei ng dIirfferent col 0 U rs but th e sa m esized requ Iiar poll'ygon. pla[ed them an and my mlalintellPiece. from outdoor ligh'tin. forgotten . . alJLIIg. or to enigmla@ne'\NSciiell1tistcam (p~e~se inc ludle' you r p.An.Canada l..e.Lii~.ny personal attrfbute.ea. Incomplete to the point of being: com rple__t' iIOi~ly.oadtLondon WCIX 8NS.wa..r:ew CoUins~ Un::iv:ers:ity' of'New South 'Wa l.e remove. Your report that "women in the 'US are to. other gifts tal the w'o:rld. Could th .e'xpensive to his :hypothes is' a.air c)ondiitj. or the if' blood. - . proof that good. andl wiith the o mement that all the (0110 urs restl ng on the surfa ce w. felt that even Descartes had gone too far. and evil are t.s.f'i'l.cumtur.'.tvale. (6 Augu.. Is deluded is simply the diagnosis of the majority of'their P eers or of indlvlduals such as ps ychiatrlsts or psychologists to whom soclety Cotard delusion :nsunique....".aml8 (and the rest mamfests in such 'ugly ways as racism..West Sus:s.s article describing a. be offered free birth control" (6 August..ter... Coolliglhlti'ng .~tirE] ndoml~ then the re W~ s E1 5..of!Q U eens ia n. Ten thousand P. Pi 31. · :'lil'..even on a desert island. Aus:t.al foods bl. ! • -.re"Amon.s 1..oni'D.. Heinz: Lichtenstein.57 g. US' out of IRedface'7 'SUSANDENH~M 'Our local craft shop stocks an commented.es't 'thj. 6 August).wo s Ides of the same coin? . M t i8.rinsky' Why are you still printing letters repeating old falsehoods about inc'. . promoter of 11nter- bare-bones coverage.. unjustlfled.us"t·. I.ra ms of' carbon !dioxide..every' other 'industrialised country.e relli. war: yet altruism could not exist without inter-group selection. ts Nlat. 'by' the' equ.of a pie CE' of ca Ned wood Its su rtace consists of a nurn bar of faces . as thatImplied byDescartes. in fact: Jree Proml. 'per hour" Tbe' ele. I~ -= . :my university days thi s went against the received wisdom: I am glad it has finally got its due . ". trfbalism. e I ... 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The approximately 5.ani _ Dth ers -.0 per cent lmore cihance of havi ng three the s. .le Cotard delusion and all others...award e d 'bJ the.d Michael Brooks.g i.Q ~i:Jit health insurance benefits at an affordable cost.I -.ct excav'a. LY ..ting on the and what shape werethey7' believe s.ul't i.nn a.hat is to one' person objective reality' the majorlty of do not exist... .. irrefutable 'logic of philosopher Rene f 6) .ere diffe rent H O'1N'fEV'f2_ r~he wa s em berra ssed 'when II proved to hi m that the.ed years or so.t win :r~s..y hav.fferent types of delusion cannot be. be developeda step further? It can be..1 ••• 1 ..From..0' per month for Enigma INumber 1662 morality is to suppress Intragroup selection.2. a Ye ..Burna:b)? Britist: Col umbi.dIth at three' of them had the diiffer.osins r riii..84 Theoballd's lR.h-. .b~.".~.ent) tha n h avilIn QI the m a I~ diiffe'rerrt Hc)w many OHlaments did IIhave l . W" ith.42). . ". ftllU _d . ~ ". Descartes's that "thinking exists' and that . ts the.. H.ores1cent .J'j without insurance must continue to p'ay for contraception lour own pockets. often starting at $40.t (25'W) f].-oJ U.g.theretore ~am .R'obi'" Trow The electticity cousumled 'by' . Carte sian.. revival of g:ro:up'selection (Instant Expert. s- a. as a.and.eth"er-or not a pierson. ..ed. Includlng 'mys ellift group selection.'u. In.lly idientica I~.of . People with this delusion hold a ftxed. '.. The EditOlrs deciis'iorl is final" P~ease 'Se.n.P 3.OPI.. .i:Ji. .e Pa. h ~r Wi' .IIJ.riru~tu.ev't~ they have lost their internal organs. Newlersey.elco. ' ~.es Mi. and of specialrelevance.cha:em Rose: would IDikiE: te'st to lefJn~yB'o.on..a II.. thank. th.-:. ~s'thu s a primary clas siflcatlon difference read . insurance in the 'US remains.. aliiabsolute. at the.€in. y. !U:n i:Vers i't)I . 1Ii.nde s. Could this be. has retained their intellect and ~.' . profound and unshakeable belief tha t they Alit_-rUllsm .fom/o'nn Pearn . N!ew J lentirely w.ghlandls s.23 Iu1... Wh. The onlywomen to benefit wiU 'be those 'who.'. . w'e :proba.e p. Lichtenstein said that rut is logically po ssfble to 'believe only Guineans to.-~: . ~.. ..:.nsweli't. there.g..d 'llnw.d.as ta IIadd uess).nd idiet 'by studying :peopllie in Pa. . If a person has leotard delusion.

..Z.ar.d-l IJ.y fCJvIJUi red a 111 envi ~on me nta l'E!xpilla nat'io n f. .y'" 'Ii l.colm/letters .'k. <=U t=_U _ . room...entistcom ..'11 J e DLlaJIL lL IflW:-' Kimb'"Iair'.'0 'years of sele ctive breeding became dog-like 'in deflndtion could improve " ld ~ cOlmpu' ter moe d. . I lamp is more efficient wllI result in the release of about 1l:8~5g:OfC!02 -'1 per h our" fr om a..Ii.lt was ----1 :_n'OCWl].$.s "t.llch discovlf'ri. once ate a supernova.0.:heddi..5'OS~because' I'ose'ph Stalin .g of CO2 'per hour. .ent:er INlewt new -I-ndellr SIUln From Iohn Porreste« "A L on.hl-_ t-he'=y·.ev"w." l_j" .ap' layer of the corn.. SufJoJ. I.. jg. '.om..'0' .~:~':(zow .nake ap:peaJred" andl consum..: '" ".ery that.'.at].a]tve..Ken:t .. '.-"" "u. t-o.eJ' A.' . -iLt:.. the. _' . either as original artie I. lin fa ct~she b6!IlieVo~s.. . L--'-~I..gu'n.Unive:rsity 'Co..es not exIst The suggestion 'that the new .2.'. eyes. se e .!!.__ C ~ ."i"U\t!ir(.11""' .source In. I .".. missed an obvious. . 1 __ . P 4/0 l.b~ahaml' D.<~peaceti u~~'~~ n tJ IIImsid~ of the U 51 (30 JlIl. Lawrence Schaad listed over roo examples ofhydrogen bonds with b d lousb " carbon anc .. .sexperiments in Siberia also include d foxes.: .. .. .that by Caterina Blssan tz and = appeared on the cover. would pleat ff'the word uquantum" ordinary everyday actlvnles is 'not surprising {13 August P 6) ~Mhave J' .. to include hydrogen bonded to carbon {3D Iuly.uem~.L •.aiQf2iLI1i1l2 in an~other 'format.esi.vanous cases.a. . I __ '-..~..e-s tive.".nd" 'g' ° M'':'a' '.~ . system~cut .'_~o .kffi...en Biond'lng' by C-HG:roupls '.n~ UK ind yo'ulr IPs Prom. Emlail: letters@newscii..~.weurk-.e!cil::o stUill .C seems to have spent tim-~.atellilite' u'n. .nf'~j.~i~"-·~"' .'ppd...not be .eSiert toO avoid._ _ "._-.. A ]. . 'bee'n.s·.~ e ~:h··lo~t·· ~Jt.l..'.. Still. d b _Ieca. _.S ric ici ul ous." IIg.e 1-S 1..i.-.~· ~ _ _ . \ .UK At .l' I Regeneration eye in newts temperament.esOJ' in reviews such as.. 0_" ~_ID..he u'blank..ued sJequ. of' the le ns of the actively seeking h ~ -:-illi1lm-. Snodla:nd s.til it reCl@i.':-"..153' p.11. '...·' . 'by their g. = ...gry~ 'th.'_'... lamp wfU release 14.1 clear vision again..I._-I!. iEio " I~ ~ __ I. . ~. P erfectly n orm al and -._ =_3S pomte •. .report on th!e red.). P 114)1..a:s .To join the debate" visit n'Qw5cientist. t. b 1 t. J g 1l1[ I L ~ L.that ·wontt 'ha..~l __ . _on __ ~_. The tale is In Hen mo M···. __ ..' _" . .e' 19. j uices ha. 1 .. the additiona] heating.a ni"iilw· .effectively e:xile..f the 'DIPo'n U n irv~ rsit..ch petrol as 't~hey could managle~ t'h.anyon.o:n" im p:nsoned.: -': .. new satelli te of Phrto (g.' • P. - - ~~ .=) .rrelier : dl s. . 1 ~. unfortu'n:ateiy~ Ico:m'm'Oll" .y.~·n-Itr.e iss.l!r. th.er.'J.'i"I''':'d' bi II'" JIlea.€ sna.efelrli'~ n'gJ tOI Riichard N EXO'Ii1 .__ g'" .o.. _.UK' 1 Ross Russei: Your fasclnating article on the use of data minlng.dea.44 {OJ 20 7611128:0 open. and .efng..~ . = ~~~ ..Ff From: Mich:a..leas.. Wh.ng~a..at happened to a gecko In Namibia during.ed :it up an. :. cold weather..(H..ii • In ~'Autis. the. t J' l" Ala.e'.le g.·· tart In'fJ .epartLm.' '"t+].en:t of el1ern f stry.um3.c dream.-.. oug~.hid.r . .':'1 Two Germ..h-IIa :S .ot :ha:r-d='wired. .. . it has been Iaylng the groundwork for my never-gonnahappen llfe as a superhero.alutisml~ .' .d Clh:le:mlS t ry ~]UP'AC' 'f)' .~ 'The gecko now ha. .!IL_ 'U: 161 B":.'.~:} . .lI . From: Ric'har:d Cragg Dm itry Belyaev did 'not only work (MalcmiHan). t re'qUlrec.o. ''U'V' ..-·' was. 0 'f'i 1~1·. Jl." ..orinl) .'u I.o:n:: :(-1: " j. R@€!dl Bu siness InformatklFb reserv\es the ri'gl1it to Urs..: __ I'.geo~.ti t behauiicJ'lU FS. Tf.. mentton of pot a.. blom ." Belya.ut.I 1'9' '5"7')1.. . • • .s~Surre~.. a.e rna 'lll.de s off i:n.~'fwhi.and m onevJ a-ttaektng a . Of course. ._ .eorb':it has..rather.P 24).-. . .sert ~ 1..nn" . ceiling for heating a.I.8 victory' f1J'. . ill doubt mybrain . .' 'u ~ u Tlh-'l Iif'!o''"'l-ll'ap..:~I' iil ..ve'sits perma~ne'nt n. v c' on insect damage to quantum potatoes.'.es.. " _ : . "O"vl"'e-"t U' 'fi"'l'.: . ".use th e' fl.IQln' p-~a. whlch.gfi:e ia. -' . a~_ ~~~ !JI r for the cover article colleagues (lou r.ry~.rism . :.n. QlfH"Mf!.of w:al kin._ •• Eo . 'Ii . t ~ recommen d a ploln. in particular to predict.acldueS5..n 'Ii' .". prob lem th at d·-.--:..gn.' EN'er since reading that I have: bEN~Jl aiting w I =.. I~ "I I" '·-'1 Ki'ngstiOn-upon. MUPJ:\.cJn al '5 : 6'".ad us' r..e.n~ in. this win only be produced in. yo Ui rUiIi pos. These activities seemed._~. t'he g.r2 .'b} 20'OI9~ p 40)...5) is biologically' sensational. ' .)it Very' an.~'.ndo..-.. . _ -= V..•..j[lnalk':l" 1.d to 'th. gone spacefaring sans suit orship. ..(". '-. It." _..: U "...OOii·ft· I!.r g:.or s.en tiaIDly' s.eID.g The discov. 'weekly New Scientist sales based on the covet design....0 A.. __ .i. " ". absorbedthe e'nergy of a. to ..m'e ca:n. :1" lis"laying the groundwork for real life". -.'t' . b. 'Th!ey took their vlehilcIe~ as m'U. _r= ~ ~~_. "":1'" 'n.-".~ study t Irepo tJ't.'_'.. . _ -= (16 JulYJ' P 1.a:n. 'tfJI thes.s~ th.ss:ig!nedl 'to the s.e '~~ III d1sere d·" d_p o11tlcaj.e:. it moulted~ s.ill.e the.aD .ed inl fJh@ sto ry' stli~lngIly IreinfrJrFces.. ..5. apparently." '. " 1lJ! in the cours e ofdreams done the usual flying" spoken language So M don't know. ~.. v..tU a relia b~.naJ o!:Med'.Prom.'nm.iibll iIn g's shalrilngl aUrti:s. J' . r .-"'t · 0"If'I a.n. 'whi.'cn . : .'ad Flff'" *h· .. f.' an.l.efini. .all its s. . damm'u.. • j . • ~. P 9. In my dr earns.!' ~ .IU..e'nles" . .umeld._.I:I' Cfl"m·' b.o. .aJge s.at to. '.i~ ifJ. . ... . L.ckoJs...----.C ~ gec~oJ' ..t ma. I" IIg.a. m have yet to.. '~" 'U'v . . s.!f\. ·. o. .N SCientist' m.ofJ.it:) =' -. no . .. all d a raerenu':..llege Lon d. '.. second wormd war'was ~- their wild .i['h W'e"r·. in th.>" letters shoulld be sent to:: letters to the Ed~tor. 'C'"'.n c· .t .N.. o'bservect :t... dl.s :ifthes!e wiere inclode.d In th sa m y" . we"a~:ulIQQi'se if we glavethe Iimpressl on Ihat: R1o:s.\=_~ - U'Wp. 1.tiilc: e~x filnation a pll 'flO r .eirdo~.Th:ame.~ 1) C'L.y~:~. .. ~1~ -e ~ "~~ 'ro.._ '~i~wfc:-'-d'.. l'i~ll:o'~''id''ed..a.d to Sibe'ria.h..and telepho ne number/. an.s f" d I tree heatln system wrutl-:h n efficiency a ~= of 75 per cent..d g.:·~g".to the.' .joh·' l' e . . .J us _.d paJapliegi.nuclear explosion.'d__'fI' e. Of' _I v !.UK _~=~g- unremarkable.I~.._ e _. hat th..." Z"~ a few dayst.e s dig._ recognised since the early' 1960's~ In 1974 Melvin.ll P 11. pictures of spiders or.uore'sa:e'DI_: "'1 ..Garetn WU1iams~. Toe sten and.~ EilFlly S!ubmis5tDntS 5@ntt-o til e lett·ers (CllJmt'il'oT AJei.~- .. " '.ug]u:st IP 51.1 -.o.a s' 111..a Hoe k:stra Io. in a mere .'. I ' •. .f of 't8Jki. --.ft'·~ A of'hydrog en bond parttcip ants . .lIle reqUlrec" "h'''' .·.~'~'t .natura g..iey (j'h rAit "h' 'h' . .I" Ill. .J: .'k" .. l.1c.la. Ort . .. ("e.An ed itin91 e rrolm" h. • • ' •• ' '.GI..tii:" US::~"".cO'v:e:red.e 'was ...'e . I~I\.mo. Th!€ use' of'nic'kn.re "'_ama ·t.gis.r ~ I-":} .ed.. already has an official provisional deslgnation fro m the InternatiQna~ As:tronomlca] 'Union:: S/2.'_ ~'':_I' I - .. . .a :na. J.e 'I' Rob ert G reen w' 'rote re IV "-' an entire book entitled Hyd'r-.andJ.te'n or b!ehaviou.Such hydrogen bonds have: been ~_U :r-r!l" Ed 'i:nb'.eout.ppen un..-"a. We reserve the ri'giht' t"O edlit IleUe!l"S. i. I' 1.c!uiding the t.c·~O-lmli 10-'-' u..'-'h.ta I. . ... and breathed 'under water: but also swum throuzh the Earth's crust.enet:ics over t..'n-'~I. _" .a.: I. Any serious researcher will already be aware of the extensive hterature on hydrogen bonding' ~D by C H groups.e ('iS$!Uef..lpag:e numberl tiitle) to arUcles. It f. As Feedback h .•• -_ on aggression in rats (113 AUgU8t~ .ewScierrtiist 84 lheabaldl~s IRoad! London WCIX 8:NS FalX: +.Q July.cestors (3 October It:! SS SOt ·1' ~h-"'" .~.mlill f'almiliies ('2. ~. in your office that sales. . Bind fall if there 'were.d .\I.· I'.g~and You .:. -."? 1 Lo.' t -d ou 'f .ames..calli d. H~.· g.an.Hu 11tin.. people. . .. In r-eporting the discovery of the.. there is :no need to state that it "has been dubbed P4~'~. International ~+ Union of Pure '... [AU MfnorPla:n:etC.t ion 'by the ..."" '.toes (23 January' 201:0').. an.I Iy~ nt III-47). trick (:1[3 Augus t..Also".

n~_ . tt something entirely different = one that varies as Iight and dark strlpes.rly 1l9'90S. Close A'in stead.'you e.u. ~ I. re searchers to major conferences.. 1. Suppose.eo:t)r 'tuIns....11.ren r e sar e nerore in the opposite situation . an d find = . r.I .. notably by' German mathematlcian David Hilbert..tt's airea d .. .--lld'·'ng. .. =~~ _~ situation B~.j' 1- 1·- weirdness of'the atomic world.beam pass through the two slits" they act . 111.: I .III.' ""'ill ai..$. The same logic also seems to fit na turally with.t e.. 'Yet that mathematics actually stands on Its own". open just Isn't the sum of the two '·P··!I~I . ....y'..- ...'ea' rt 01f' m~n··'·y" q' uantum t-nhenomenala. That means search algorithms ba sed on quantum logiccould uncovermeanings in masses of' text 'more efflciently than classical algorithms.the basis of loose associations and blurred boundaries.ce .eiff ec t S I'· a.ys. "I '. Suc-· In'. . when it's after noon . Physicist Dfederik Aerts of the Pree University of Brussels. 'Ib .tics. __ ~_ ==ll _L~.A will make a pattern behind it.8.!'JIi . page 36)~Close slit B~and 'particles going through . only that "quantum" mathemattcs really Isn't owned by' physics at all~and turns out to be better than particles towards a screen with two slits in 'it~ and study' the results on the waU..".-I. Belgium. which explores how quantum theory can be useful in areas having nothing to do with physics..f these two component patterns.hlle a . say. h dl ~t' Remaikably~peop.-~I.. OD'e exam ple of this.melIIS. th.A and B.t the: quantum world doesn't obey . I~ ". It's all st range.U ...When electrons or photons in a. Marik Bue __~_lain finds 't. that humans use Ideas. look as if it might apply to a mot more than just quantum physics.ema.o. and a similar pattern win form behind slit B. In._' ... 'e·-·'rn... .. 'these errors act ua Ily 'make sense within a. as "qua ntum Interactton".be thm.. for example. res pect the princl ples of classiea logic. o'pe:n. . '·e'· A·o'rl B-·· O' ·I~p·~'·n· ~-10' Tl a b UIt-' hh r' ':_.. and quite possibly even to the 'way people think...t. .:11 _' . how . that you spray some Human thinking. . eCODomlCS. than the one dictated 'by' classical logic.e m.I[. natural descrlption in Hilbert's mathematics.._.. '- i.and the pattern 'you S'hOTUMd get ordinary physics and logic would suggest .. . d '.quite Independent of the theory. . It may s. ~~Th. But the phenomenon may' go 'weU beyond physics. listhe ic ea that m""f. the 'ea.1. ..n'!now'w-a h t '~.edo'n"t respect tbi... Now.. If" .s rule. s We make systematic errors when reasoning I.<= U I_.lb-. I . Indeed.. out toO Idescri. ~~" . A d' '.ath.and E.m.a:Wlng.]. IDS the violation of what logicians call the sure '" " h -dt'hmg n prlncip '1. The pattern w~th A.. ound preposterous to imagine that the mathematics of quantum theory has somethrng to say about the nature ofhuman thinking..··..'.. has shown that.should 'be the ~REm Q.behind (see diagram". ~a_ a. = . .a. It's beginning to.-.' teaw'. . .I.e. .antum.'-.i.I' . .~for exam ple~ " Ie· . .t_h~t...:Ie' th h . eI'en. wider logic based on quantum mathematics.. ji~ I" " prefer one action over another ln ODie st tuation . 0 "~.Y. of qu." ...•'.then 'you should have the same preference when you don't knowthe sttuatlon: that iSI' coffee over t" ·'t '. One thing that dlstingulshes quantum from classical physics is how pro babilitles work. II.COVER STORY Ie Th f uzzmess anid we rd log'jc of the way particles behave applies surprisingly Ii iii '--HE quantum world defies the rules of ordinary logtc.Keep both .pe ople link concepts together.en:you'. as 'many' of us' know ~often. . . e:' . offee over tea in situation A. classkal mathematics in capturing tile fuzzy and flexible 'wa. much of it was Invented wen before quantum theory even existed.. and. . 1I3. with proba bilities.I r_W"IlJIL· . ". Partieles routinely occupy two o:r more places artthe same time and don't even 'have well-defined --~'-I'I --'11.as waves and produce an interference: pattern on the wall. says Aett:s. when It's c before no o n Q < yo· u prefe rtf'rha 1r"''JII'm' e t-' hing an d . q uUle 'well"" It~sa ft. for example.11 wellI to h ow· -h· u rnan s t-· h n k.e.. ranging from human language and cognition to biologyand ..coffee over flea In . . 'v0·--" in 1:_quantum ·~I-- Iii properties until they are measured.h .. often on. ."~~ W"" lth IBJll _'. :. n:'s kick@dl"ffa.. I ft . fa IDI to. I".u. yet true 'quant um theory is the most accurate scientlflc theory evertested and its mathematlcs is perfectly suited to the = burgeoning rteld known. This is not to say there :i s anything quantum going on in the brain.. •. 11 '.

3 S epte m be r 2'011 I INlle.wSc ientist ~:~5 .

m w'j.>1 J~'U~. '.~..".usi..I _l_ ~~l I '_ :H''jJI1berts.As .U~::' '. w.c'W'fIu. more dosely' t·o'the.l' :Sba.Clll' 'II... '__certainty~ One' aspect of tb'i:s.e s.t hen jjt [certainly' belenlS:s j n thl@ bluef'~mOflC!!: :i1ncl.rn.:Ii. .b\a~biliJtyam pH:t u. f'r!su11.~ '."the S@l:lirh he.e 'kind 'of'werb:rd Interference 'tmt spoll :5· clas's..re ' his.Je 'v'ery b'ad.y-:.ii'Ji.m n'itylequal.B: (beta. ~ II!.h. the pl:ro..ng 'for thern 'to 'find t'h~yw~r@ dn on tOI SOrm!ethlin.leth!e'I'"N'f'g2tilan.02 " iii ._~'_.om.1llO-lJj.n.th. m.ma ele~tro.di9j'uDctio n effect~·'tba.bl"D.I. .n't 'tIl'~ f'I!·presents hQlw'the con' e·. the! 'prob\tlbnity· oif'S 'baJllpeln~:n.~.e'llJut. efle'ft ~fitnat ura _.particl~'s.tio.toi[d 'they had an even fha'nc£!: ()if"winning~$.A.I In1~erpr!e' jn:1" EU]' .S~l'. The wayw.'s. .rime'.orU. ilil 1" 11 and.ed cliSSlitallYt tihe' Ipa~tl!ni1 '~hliy prod uw' Ion IIsere en wa ulld be th e '5 uml iof paHeim's CJ1~iI.tbe c 'blload. tothe realm of qua:li1:wm.~ 'alp1ha.'r.t:e 'vecto~'=.a.tr-a.B!ut wb.': "home furms]liD~.IIII!iP'/IiiI!.m qnan'jtum''"n. I ~l : m' -.1 _!__llllnlllUllIIl lea[~5 It c:U "t a ke l.uared) Pl~. tOI wor..e r. s. 1!JDc'h.sD:nl.f.)II on Y .pl:pen~ :gji' you most squ are this a m:p'1li.IllU.e 'rea1Sionin. Po dime'nslonaim :s.a:o)" 'l?a8~'s ffi' ~ "I .5.tr 'of'."'_ PARTIClE'S SLfTA ~SOREEN 'thlHlJg h~and prod:u[e iHl 'j merien...play :~I.e~ Ag. work: i:s . ~". Ii .. IIOID.ron might.jl' m uation·Al 69 .IW~.~ D~~' 'R'y . whet'hf.aJ. so!'D:n~.ical prcibaibiH.information~ WiddJt1ws" 'Wllf'liring with..e!g..t s.to [cr.e.J" .E: known . .d '1tlhl~y hald :~os'"(siruatioD 'B'.g. 'O)LlIlerSI rIlC' el' llDgJlcall.um 1. .)15 _ ins pU"ed.lonly 3/6.~. sq._.'tevedol a:lfOW~ plroject~'ng.f.~o.e woen se1archin.tederence' can play' a role.Jl.h't 'be p().g $']OIQ...I~ .ua1ntum Interference.ve'" I.nSlive oom'bmj_~d. .A.at lU.-.~~.ntum sense a means taking "songs" as an. 'plus beta~ Whe'n..gl"" An...ha.8i 1. '!~\We.ing.~ny'c.1biiH.es.haVie the 'J' Oiten'tial to' .e Idir.alph.1J.n.e~~ h 'and trad..0 gjcal "at ].' ithj.lssi'ng dilrDugl1l1 [!by each indiv iidua I :5 iilt .s..t! :pDs fdlbl@ pI'tlll'erti'12s l l meaning are gJO.o'ries.Oth·e:r'@'xpl!'fi.nts.'Dtfte.Aerts 'bas :5.~.it gamble ~sjt.t" i3i Iraiil"!t~_'L.l kU(HN'D as eontexlaaJllJ ..ng.tion~ u saysl 'Wi. Am..teuveterm. 1~·.1.iih -Sl. .~.mn"~at~ ·.prorvement" 'you.n. . wh. 11HIYI W:id!clow. according to eC(U10m'Es. U~ '.order to r@'mo'v@' . 'tOI what 'thle user Wal'nts ~ ".gory taCt B11J.an elect.n a... ~...U J1J~ .iti'veor De~ptjy.~.t by' lclas &f.pr[Ovide a. .. thle simultaneous p'resen.[lJreil\y' o. M. P'IDaye·rs W1e[.aD'lb1inl exp ertment.iii~..~81ie desenbed . 1 wan' ed 'to .t'~d IJii.5aJiSI Busemf.4.Rpeop].~c.m.. I 11~~!"I~j' liImi'i'lJIiE"U- _ '(_'.~ 'Quarn'tum pl-oba.iirl~r1!. .ne. TrevOlf [Oohen.amo!un . I' '.s'.ei' .ll!sabout rock music '1.:. by so-called 'pl(o.ISl'n h'Cirm:e I 1 II.'JT~.j..Ji.g 'fOilmlb.te' of an -i I.'" lies" .p~r'DacbwD'uldb.c:om@s mu..yc!ur in..ne.I.e' ''If.ties!'! F lei . . )~n'ti~~.lo8jc~Wh:Ue 1.rds~ quantu 'But t leory~ Aerts allue..de' is .m 'li!vien!ts cc J. lOne a.. people lofte·n pilace tblns.bett er fr.pl:l.'.l.~~Vl''t. An. wowd still ft lots .For A'or B tohappen.ation. W({lln.Ia.-.h. 'U'Di'Viers:~ty tested theldea tn a simple .d n Db-[. 'Hilb'ert sp(aoe'~ These' ..D ut '-b = ploh\a~dlfty'l yOiU g~t the 'pI ob\8.e . dJemoln'stra'tle that p~opII~amn.J.l.[~'n I '. !U.s.t·till'll'~'U!f!i.ce'."".'biU tiles :-:'" tied 5 .D-~ ..~.ta.une h Th IS JIUS·~VI_-Ie~r-e1~e quan tun}.e'f on.ows~.rnl . Thart:'":1 Dot sU'fpr]:s.ihlomDI.11 '..--l~ff.g..o·fItetril!vi~g..t :Ii D[ .p:nnc~.a.ed) plus that 0: .JiDnlarly' e'xplaine'd with q.rs and IiDCk farmm'tiol:n in mmd. more 8exj.r.simwJta. .Ethe sta.A~ ~lr m u~ ~h~ etter . :hsi.nJeoolsly·lead 'to s..II~ -. ~~.si.s.ati'n~ IClassiica1.E!: alpha and I.+-'iI.:I\I!! 1 - j eomputerstoftnd mea -l--'g indata in much the same way people do.D'm.. ca:te.ments :S'UPPOSIi! 'OD'I.:'t"'1iO'n'ailt..POSiS::ll :JjJIIl. 'ri!lilo.drd.g8 -t:h.i.'but fiOit iJl. of ---t .IS ca_eu...u _:'_!i!Il Il"as'h'trayn o~ ({pain ~ i:n..3.~xamp~'~' I.[d demand that the thfrd p'.milaI' oddltles i. ertspacecall d semanttc ..--_1·15 ot!w. 'wh ~Ic." . atth. teld 'th..'!y@r~ The strange 'links go 'beyond p.'0'1 !ILl! ..bmtg.nttng lhe. n ·p"opm1ies of . sCI.5i.e '~·(. based .e'. ped 'o.i.a...'va1gu.' eh I .nt'lofthe " participants chose to 'pl8:Y a'.os Tveoty' and EI a.~esl quantnm ·Iog. ~.!n re patte fin that P:afit 1c: ~ejs allie !tIlua rlltum" [c~[nnot:be e·xp~ained by Iclass ca~ hog ir m psyCha.beta.es.Il~ Ill. :...'I" .pe'r.ili1!I' l = i ii....lqruantllm s.a. .g.~' That..bm..:. .d..' ~'"r-"'IIi"iIi.expe'rimJe..~o·na ~U. IWG . ..s.ll_ I 'I06"fJ"'"' T.k ~ormod JHng human declslonmaklsg. ~~II~' .$:9' cent wanted per 'bJi :pmllY agaln.e is to .exp..alp. in the q' . model w in.n 6:rs~t ateBory~.hown that many results demonstrating the disjun~tion.. ". ~ D'~ 1 ~'n:alII ~]L. IU '.t. ~staDdla. 1 l~''I§. I.I .lch engine to . .gist.Aert~1 Cll'gu.-L. pet cent.jJ l~e]oin.ga..USan iii t t~ a d.nii'. m ean srem O'iiT)""n.@8.IJl.200 mo quantu.th .J~W U .~ D' t ''Ui 'I 11'1' &iI' ' mQi:n' I .1 'wcuJd be an im. .Ai UIJ.n. Pothos of th e Unmversf J 'Df"Waies i'n S'wa:nsea.itm" Iflbo~.~. Sp'8Jt'C'! jI 'wb.8 fl'fJW in a '" u'lti·'!ime.'models give fE1es'h ins. document what pl. ."".J'''''"' "t d .in.bili'ties . i~ ..n .:Ie Illogi . or ]o:si'n.tol.i'~.P.~.b]e'~I'n 'fat' ..t5Jcall 'the . 1I!Jlver'It'oep. !ii:"h· _: ~.giV'p-~"m.3 ISCr=caD'fd liils.e . . the Il_ e.ty af.s.l]t :Slelems ·to 'work because i't OOrl"leSpD(nds. . includes this effect b1y If@PJi~Se.-ea:te ' en1tk'e1y new ways.s Ion rode muste.1 oR' -h '~i .an IIIreJI'lHCirence te:r.Il@!'t.'. or B')~. his interfe. IfiII'iI..uar.t Bmmanue .y.n.tegiory' ~f.5. search terms .sink. 'Th" I jl3J I ~ .ame'Wo:. Q '". i __ iJIod.ow' beiing '1J1sed.c~d.o..t and 'welre then .t many e'xpenmell .s.If'ytJJu W3:nt to res eareh a ~p"' C'such as the ~~'S1ioryf o rock" 'with S'f!cphytd.1I 'be'lorng tOI t'1nte co'm.ta. II em c"h. A and B.e~ :gtJ.ult5m l 'ematj.na l.t IDerome~ Busemeye of IndIana 'Un wnigrin Blo()imi'Rgton.g. .A (. :you !d'D(n~'t wmnt a se.The farn us double sillitexperirn nt 'If'IPdn:~[leslbehav. !!I.t don't happen to meation .a.e J:'!-um [~.. is based on cla. and 'psyc'llo.'. u:rg.]pain:t~g and a.P.lina.k .ec~ in fhJI! :iin ion space~Th:~ b.oolme~ 0" th1e firl..l~fro r-m" .en:wor-ds with '!L'Q'!~Ii'~h~ the same : MIt..iIi.r Ii -'i!'nliiiilleur~DJiII 'O-bVl"'.. yo" ask people 'to plut.B'J!seems to lead to :s.the WOld 50ng51~ W'iddow:s has found 'that '_... a second time.nby . .ce of' _wo parts" A and .'t).1I!1r A .o!mpc1nen't in commion wi't'h 'tlJ:is V'£!C~Qrlf 'WHich ·WlJlyld include p 88)es 'with words 'U~kf' .)ojgis.. . yo:u squ.L.W:IL'__ Il crf'two cat.aJst''fWDI decad.~yj'cOlmp'u'_ eFS. . j'USlt 'O'D.e can be' 's. IilIiI I " IQV'P11..'Silir:.~ J' !i]!'~' 1if"Ij- 'I[l.11..a.p:ecifif 0a ~:xperiment: changes th.~.I.ed ca.g.p.es.__ _.'_ ~' .blility am pl~itude:s.~ ~'Il'i~ 'l§r. lUnd . 'fi:um:ishi.n.I • tbJ3~ mennon __ • 6:0.8..s. ~'I ._- '!W.efit. i'51 tba:t _..!'f 01' not: to pbJly' the same Bamb~'1! .ILJi I shID/w' si. .of ipag.~og:"'.ivle you :nl'iUians of'. v·a tcus objects[p sueh as an ashtray.gle' _he firs. .ba.. a.e' to indu..: ~iviii5'110 ~ u'n-' I -i']i .Auel-y_ ~ :a. TOI taJcuJate' the prl!lilbabillty of A ba.! 'two..lell~·ttr-ODs dllJ'DOt l " ·.."):\ewise 'tCtworJe ..ng.ain" tWlo po.s.tar" ~Hendrtx and.-nl quantum u.e violate~'the s:ufle.c'h more rpeci6c .d i. a.asl~ed choose '10.'en th'ey' were Jot.(li!illl._ I I '.. When told they had.! !Gl'n. 'he' first .~hin. .rC!I' .. ble (-s.·b~l ~ "_'"'~ 1.e often Ui.m ...~ 'Hr'!llilj'lii1!l'iE'l'b' '"'''"tO shm:re:s.t eba.I:.. It. into 'lij"f~u. doi'ng thlli! mea'Siurin!I d!e'ooiOD'i:nes: 'wh'art llr'Clpertieg. r I IIl'. ·s't [h th h . .tud.'m'JfI-T A''V~ ~1~1'"'niiJ[ a '.uatian .ng.[obaibility"....' neg.vt' 'Vlf'l-U-ask t:f*hAbJ~~"'-"+~ .

lI!. Their .¢l" This Idea fits w~. ~ j~ j':l.:-. "'~""l." .biJllllllE..""'""~ _ ! i':!II ~ if" .(i.Ii.CI :_I . .he views of some t psycbclogtsts. I.j. in Phoenix s..Ii'. linked by anyverb that means th. Y' 0.:.. _' I . J' environment yet havi n:g.gly n logh:al minds. -. '. _·'_·~~.'. ~L"i'~ Itt ays C''ohen _ " .onof h'uman de.l_ ora t UlIl~. who argue that strict classlca] logic only plays a.11 ...' " '.eter Garde nfors of lund University 'in..'. H1The constraints w'eface are.._~. I.~'..II~' I. Aerts agrees.'.en.. something totally H .and others.0...'~" ~ . _. G" _ !I!. _ .compu t'."" I .ir.~"1~"'" L ''.ed fr om a d·-.g qua:n.I".th..'·w.ensland Universlty of Tech nology in... biologist Grah.~II!Ir· forms loose associations between concepts. lI!.'-. powerful 'means offlnding previously unre cognis ed associations between concepts.~ .~.. .-:.!E.tum th!eory~To be h. . If" .multtdimensional Hilbert space with statevectors Qj. 'ittI- I. ho ~.anything to' do '¥lith qua. ~ . 11. 0. ' . .m'~_" ~.s :h.antum~ • _ .eory happens to m.j' . '~h~"ilt..uman :isto b!e qu.fl..pable 0'£ di.cover..ns~w~..Ii': ..._ .protein" and "Alzheimer's disease". -w-·r-'h· llt.. Maryland.. ~~We~re aiming to augment scientists' own mental associations with associations that have been learned automatically from the bt om' . one btg" que stlon .iJi''IK. representing the: triplets and applied really on tc somethlnq deep we don't yet fu'lly understand' 'has shown that quantum operations in semantic Hilbert spaces ar.1'~'.ro'C'I"'O~'U-I'C.'t_' .~" ""'"'. we're University of'Texas In Houston .p-.a:re' uniquely' ca. rem I: should quantum logic fit.hysi'cs~ only that the math.s.""'"'.p-ers~ such as "amyloid beta.I ..appro ach makes logical leaps" or informed hypotheses about pairs of'terms whtch are outside the realms of classic logic but seem likely' promislng ave nue s for further study. '.' . argues that muchof our thinking on u. . ..o:n:sciou. :~ '. _ '.to 'take action long before It can calculate its way to the certainty demandedby classlcal logic. .ave.0 milll'" sets O'~Ion terms called "o bject -relation -ob] ect triplets" which Thomas Rindflesch of t'h!€ National Institutes of Health in Bethesda.. bQ.oh·I·'t.These new state vectors represent potentially meant ngful triplets not actually pre sent in the' original list..ecalled ncO'r-'1 andthe vitamin D receptor..~': dt !"..CI.€. able to discoverthlngs for themselve s~ TO' d '__ em 10:. 1. I~ . psychologist ". .~i'H'l:3. .r]'" lIP"_ .~1 1tI!. Ii " ."_:.:-. for example.. Mark Buchanan is a sc:i'~n[€ wrirt~rbas~d inth~ UK . J'J' says.al' lli. "It seems that we're -rlea~myon to something deep 'we don't yet fully und ers t an d ~'I'T.lI!. ~. The res€!archers then crea te a.. tn pathogenesis of' cancer.. I..'il-QC" 1.. _'"~. . .0 explore the biology of the_ vit am"I in 'D' recep t or an'_ its 'r'O·-.__ .g~. '_ n d ....or c. "_ "I ' «J!I..n. 'Sri sbane Austral ia. ~ ]i ~ i _.'.Ji..'~ ~QI.-'-'ll~ .LU.-.' Whitfield of the Universlty of Arizona. vectors that loosely speaking.ca] ~.ts the reason is to do with QUI' finite brain being overwhelmed by the complexity of'the Vet. human 'behaviour?' Peter Bruza at 'Que. 'Quant'u~mlogic maybe more suitable to making decisions that work well enough.""." .··.Jl'~"~I~I.ing an:dl un.. It suggested a._. ._~ mcon .n'tum th..·.atab ase '0' f biomedical journal citations... ~ .~..~ n alt-· t ""y. These triplets are formed from pairs of'medical te-rms.II.. I. h~ . Cognitive.... .u..._ h owit m ·l"... point in the.!:ii 'R- :' .ff era rou t tIO-'. Kerr olec . IlII.II!.: ..1. hD. 'h'urn' n t 'bradi'n.. used it [.~'~Jl"~.::.1 'III 'ffi lY'O !'J' if" .uma.er u.thour seem~.d. '_.ema:tj.'m' 1"em' ..~~ 1.-mak.ge'of q'ua.G("" b em 'g tI"U1··..~' 1. ".. ..g'ua.at.." .sne.. He and his colleagues then asked medical researchers to use the approach to generate h h d '"~ hypotheses an> associations b beyon dwh what they could come 'UPI 'with on their own.. I. less restrictive logic and I.: I !.W: arc . _ '.Ii'~:.a. __ 0. h d ~~ f researcners starteo Wltlh 2. .i!'" 111. even if'theyt'r!e not logically faultless. u.... i':!.sion.. This mayeven -'d . often the natural enemy of getting com pletely accurate and [ustifled answers. sugge s. p!a.!I' -11/.: ' r '. .I!._. _.s. Il.. quantum mathematics to findother state.l am' .ntum p.an... 1!IIa.:' ~J~l' . that frequently app ear in scientif c. I. '_~l o''io'\iQ.__ ""'"'._: " '~1Il . .ing~ Pe:rhaps only h. ". g. ar .derstandin.' -. 1:. small part in the human mlnd. -: ."' If" ~ .I.'J" ". .' w'h'y n _'. h ad earlier e xtract ._'! _.I" _ 1..~Oj o ci at e d w~ " .Sw. B:rUZ.escrip1tru.• _ .1r.~" I. poss ible link between a g!en. . . One of'th 'a."It seems that. same dlrection .ch the .31 largely u thought follows 3. unexpected to Ke'rr'Whitfieldl~ but now the focus of experiments in his lab...ed.~'I!.. !!i... .. '.·o·· the strate ..

.0...'_.a hot-air balloon .g..If" - Deep.J .~I!."nd their a expedttton to the-Challenger Deep the = deepest po-int of the Mariana trench. Is the U.u . In January 1..' visi ti n.ace r.. W...a.."--'. . - lacques Plccard and Don.~..tI e d ep t' h 'r-h.eU-funded.u=e.'. v.a. some '1.'.g:the de ep est points of' an of 18:art h ~ s five oceans.t of'the~ -u.. rlndo-w--. during which. 1. 'Branson Is famous for hls ability to...t/~ says.. 'from the ecology of deep-sea trenche s 'to. signed iU.it seems 1·_JIi ...n.960.~ and _ looked . ~._e=.s:h.m..".. ~C. Just two have plumbed rth' U I!. "I didn't really understand why the oceans.y. During six Apollo missions between 1. answered.969 and i97:2~1.tives e-al m to be.'Jnf. .-----'h~11.. up.. the Challenger 'Deep' incl uded [see diagram.A·· _~"e 1!.€..r~the British en trepre neur Richard Branson launched 'his one-person l.. time the pair ate chocolate b a.t I~"""..:. explored .ID..are I I.Ju sf.-BJdr~ -~s Vern .. The' US fllm-maker lames Camero n plans to send a crewed submersible into the Mariana trench to film footage for his. minutes at the bottom ofthe Challenger C"-.It is. 1ies over 5-0 'years back.the wane.own Into the Mariana trench...11~O0' metres below the surface ofthe 'Pacific 0 Ocean near the island of GU3.. various private 'init~... -. at least In the US and Europe.a -.~aoe'~-_~e. technologically demanding busine ss. well-branded derrfng-do..p' the: project.'.•'" ii:. I~III.101 ~.'L· > .s 'us na... .'iiiW'C' 'W'- .r no such spur has ever existed to encourage expl oration o-f our ocea-ns ... y of'researchers have.-~ So-.y'when youthink about ru.tlli..-·m--.Asthey . . to and they' have a long list of questions they want.M'-.1 .elr-names-.a. e arlier thl s yea..Le ."-.' -~. attract pu blici t._·e_ .2 humane dld the moonwalk. IJ .--E a .•.ethin In -t'h ..~. follow-up to the fum Alta tar" And. ..But sending humans into space isn' t exactly easy. pa.'..l~"_1~~ ". Wit'h the will to fund such ventures from the public purse on. The discrepancy is largely down to politics :.T IS a sobering fact tha t more people have walked on the moon' s surface than have visited Earth's lowest spot.~_e"-p.i n reverse.anW=_l~tesome'I_lng_lld stirring in the oceans too.ge ·40).'m. Piecard and ·WaJ. it was ensconced 'in a contraption a little Ilk. -. • JIi... c-ra..iew to P erformlng the first full dive s'before the end of the year .. sank under its own weight into the trench and then discarded tonnes of Iron shot to floa t 'back. It spent 20. las t time 'humanity made rut d.g·h-_ofsclenee finally about to shine on our planet's deepest places l' The.h.vy· submersfble. .ab.L.." -.~..' . V'l"'r'g~'nO· ceanic subm arine with the go-al ofI.l.-.. currently doing training runs with .... while the sp'ac'e race was fuelled by the rfvalries of the: cold w.y 'with w. poised to take over the 'baton "-.z... weren' t being.. 'Trieste..' . •..a.'the role of'trenehes in Earth's geology..st .-.. 1ft-" .~I~ . But he this ~.~~lS· i't . The immense pressures and extreme cold of the ocean deep make reaching ]it a..stvl ...

~ .take bizarre forms tortoises that grew to huge sizes for example .a.gQ'~:s. h t o".. 1-5. ~ e m ~..agln!!1:! me nt on h.such that the: currents that shuffle organisms around the rest of'the ocean floor do not penetrate to. operated byresearchers ·t ..a~rf eallJsiiriliQ w ('allc:iillm and mla~ neslu ml in thls w. .-. .ms_own .IUln~' .---~.J I.Mass. and can be re ached by flying: o:rg.". at marine Mlid-buli'ping voilcanoes on the sllolpe's. . w.'tom' "I Th.But 50 fair there has be'en no ... entrances to.0 i:Ji.ltks -r .re.r t.I" • .'jllf't'.!i. dee p w unde r the :sea. a natu rail ca li'bonseq u~s. Charles Darwin showed. a. .0 years ago how' a.~ s the Paclftc tectonic plate began to a dive under the smaller .th ere'". mak. fra.ana and J shrim -.maii ns lioek. . . ith 's~aw.ea billity Ilarre. cold temperatures and utter darkness of the ocean trenches.itylof IH..similar isolation led the fauna of the 'Galapagos Islands to.e volca noes.ate.Mari. . ". and averag~.n the shape of photographs of'a worm.i' collected liquid and rock sam ples from th. 'with.almi.~d .of I0 ng-te~rlm 1 s.'''he 'ThiiiestueSill bmersl b h~ rea ch sd the IEarth~s Illowest sp at in 196.ar~aina tr'elnch 'l~I-lliIj"~lnii"'i.anls.i3w.Y VY_Il!i. In M._ .ay 20'09J' the uncrewed Nereus submersible.iY __rU~~ ~ __I..alliiana trench miglht: do more than j ust li'eV@a~iho.t.... !"~Dr1i ng a ht'JIlle'alndl inj'ectiililrg Uii ~iIoj' --'~j ~ pe-r 'cent: calli'bonate 'crysta Is~ Alndl1tihe~e'the CO~. .=. ruts .'jJiY ii.":_.na plate to the.(:qIl.~riveln iint.l~.o:spect: fe.yadapt to the: changing environment.!:ii . The crushing n pressures.e bottom. j\!Th~' bi. And that' s 'it -. .t'orag6!' by pum p'i IiligCO~ into the. 'cean.Los Angeles who ts 'working wroth the' Virgfn Oceanic team... :i':i' say"S._ ~~ 'M'.e M.albt~:' s~ys.ting 'the iili'p er1m.~t cihe.aiway' for miililions 'of yecilli's~ P. IiriI this..shi 9 h l!y'attliactifve~. .'.'_>.I. th e W"'!"'d s.'. ' '. evolutlenarily isolated. i 0 0: hi It·.. J submersible provided further tantalising evidence of life down there ID. At a slUbd uction zone such as th. The trench's depth 'is.I '".r'e to go about Ihii:s. . l .. Cieolff Wheat.aliln stOIiY') . SO minion 'ye. Brut studying the ec 010 gy' of the deep ocean floor :is not as simple as dropping a probe ona cable. ~ 111..d -=: --. 'i"'il~ gill. "~Ali1d the' tech no~o!IY fop.y pted to fts ada Island niche. they s.oulld lE'OIPY n.J. o~g.Y '-=.. it mb(.awa~ bli IIUons . ._ ... 'that.i. .H" oie '0" .~ the .II. . '=arlna .~:~ f' 0'" _. alhd SIOI I"li1Iitiglati ng 9 10ball waJlrmin~. Ihi~yc:Oluld be the.. r: ~I.I I~. Unh. of 'the IM.Mariana. i:"" the ocean's deepest depths. " . trench is a narrow scar in Barth's surface some ::2. west. of: d mud vo Ira noes" As tJhii-sfil uld rlses iilil5. 'by the process of subduction some.o COlmlbi Ii1e wiith th~' idJi:ssoh/~dl ~. I I..seen . ."' 0·' I IGQj.al'qui'ck way of removiing e'xcetss·carbon dlii.500 kilometre So long.K.211$ . But islands are mostly hospitable place 8.th em ~•. 1995J' Iapan's uncrewed Kaiko '=' did so.rnains.'~ lIl.· a. "It really makes us wonder whether there are lost worlds. .ga...of to riI n~s 'Of CO£. -.CilrianCi'tli'.. spores and pollen. IPOls'silbiility:.' a..~' 0 I 14'11. :slhe'says. wiith the eIli m of'tes.@ it. creatu .(.ogra iri . to be seen . The .I!Ip !J. '.and created the subtle diversity of Darwin's fi nche S'I' each perfe ct~.ideth.r pressure and an~.o th'e 1f!UE!:$. .J b ot.alp' iJet~ve m udl 'vollc'anoes.H:t:i ng ro(:k:s tlhat contalin d isso.aiS. a sea cucumber and some shrimp.a's.telni Ii19 mach iili1le'..enc h" iii u id:s iin the: :SLlI bd Il.!I. ' .d there was.atlU n2~s.ates.ow 'Olrwhe.al'geQ(lhem lst atthie' U_I Ii1II v'e irSI. at see level.aw a other trenches mi]k. .at. a bu nth of (O~int-o rock that: ii5 en-Ii rely :5101 i:d wo ulld be uselels:s. p" I]:C 1.ria.c)xide' iin the Ifjtm 0sphere. .t --"' md.eiia frye'F .!I..gelilrelrated .~~: .lrved CO~ heat u ndie..r <DIn" IP~rhalPls :some day W~ willi Ibuwy OIU Ii' CCillibOIn a st.TISnnmon ..questiion ls w hethe-r the rocks in and 81routlldl the V(.ars..a ii iili1l Hono Ilu~IUand hili!r c'ollllQagues :Sjpecu Ilate.K'" .III.._irm etres · ~I' -:~'.0 '-" .11 btologist at the Unlverstty of Sou them California in.Ma. probably present as the trenches first starte d to form. the sum total ofhumankind's interactions..only !going i te g. allowing it to slow~. we lE.. vollealno@s fn)m above" ~il1he~ PQltelntial 'to lock .-' . of microbial -r . meanwhile...-de .achu:setts.(see'lm.s'n '~'Iilnl !.w' ea rth!qualkes are' .~~ ho'pe' now iis 'WI The Im.. t U That means life fOUD.--. metlhrod .~rliI"'lt'IIlnt'.L ':"__.to 'fof1m ('allrbolil.first proof that life could survive in a world with pr.of the.tS.1II:Cii!ln'OeSre a IP~'rme. . In.. :"_.~s.E'dw ar_s.an -rsnnmp-nxe creature 'float by In the inky blackness a.Jr.GiI.e M.: \~I :_.1'_ u~~. ca rbon seq tII~stratiIQnj' if we' ca n harness it on a lalrgle' S'c:aliei"is.I IIIili IFairban ks whQ ils 'worki ng wlith 1F'lryeli' on 'the...-~ l 'to d Iii IIIinto these volca noels and pUlmp CO\2:in ls .-:·11""'1'"]lo:'·m· wt d mt'i begana" to':_..ape!rij\~' Whe-the r that ifsa Iprad:iical pr..'. i sms.~na 7-'·o.~"'ff- g '!b.m''':II'~'''eC' i. Som e sa mlplle:s. trapping something and 'hauling ~t 'J.ml th.e.es sure s well over 1000 times those.

g the M.@p@ ~ puint of Ufe'sUI ilPlllrt Spasd De·~~~nt'l.erty :JBm..CEAN IA Mf"~'h SSg.T.t.i5 krnr/h (max) l~'~ .4m A1RC.i) ndwildi.NIT~CI(). Puerto Rlt-otr@ndh MllWA~KEI5: .Jl 'snutlhernSouth5. is a converted racing catamaran tdUer th a n the'S tat ue of LIb..I.C:EAN 'B6ttS: m elflF!S.t hOJLUS 4 kmJihi(trui'Se)'"" S.SO ~~. po ~nrton it..~~ Deejpest: paint:' DllAMANlTl NA ·EUBE' Driamantirn1iJ'trend] B041 metres 1. [h~yenne. Virgin Oceanic's support ship.. hlt[l~udliin.DEEP We'ight D 9. 'whl~ch is 'dli!! [ lowe:s.aMialil~ trench. metres Fr:arn 5hrt: ATLA.Q33 metF.7m S·. tlfendl 72'3$ mebie~ l moetres nsr I ~411 . sc:~nj Iliai'm ~.ibl e plla1ns to vis'it the· deelP1es. OHAtLEN:CiEIIDEEP' Ma:lli'an:a ·tranch n.MJeans.A. ~_ !!iii FMfII l!iI "In_ll~ ~t~.t po:ints. ::iIin~ nt~ ~!!iii' .Deep-sea diving of IEanttts 1ffiive.36ClO:Kg 2.giin IOceia nic 'SUbm ers.~e IDIlaln:et'sSUlrt:'a~e IIjU~IM llhe Viili.C: O._V.

I.g.e'nt s.. 0 . e -vela = _.:is h.t eventulal~y -:.e'se 'islandl aves to M'fthis.e p..jn·u d 'W .ctive s:u bdu.0_ -: l!. each.-areas are notflo mappeud a . Mariana. ~...1bou t the.ap ma.ent s tren.'n!_.t-. ." says Wels. '.I!p. chemical :prroc. '-:be' _ _l'e ea. but limtted..t:ri. hlgh-deflmtlon video that project' s submersible wil' surveythe areas should help identify the 'best locations for around the landers. top ography.!Ik._a~ _ ' a~_u her t earn . de.. he thinks Beyond some 'very sketchy sonar measurements taken from the surface.ex.nkJi'nd" B.es.".f't'h . she and h.ets showrnanshi. dropping probes to the ocean floor with.aitID.~ a SI'~] '-·c-d': a c. overriding pilate . area Is so geologteally active that the explosive expulston of material and.e bet.1 11.um..ot fire~ b.e 'w.chwo. qu akes 0' ft' an unle sh mng'deva s"..hour swim along the bottom. '!I.. talking.ped"pressur.II"'iil'"'i'o'r·-.m:ersil1ble 'might have s/o:me .g~.. A. oJ! ".at.nefs :hfusto:ry. in continental Interiors are thought to come 'from fluids driven off subducting tectonic plates a-nd incorporated or neara vent._e =_.. __ _ .n:r E' r:1Iirt-:h' J'>!!" ·~ri?'-t-· ry'-' ..g 'ff nely .J J' ..ed at varying dist.].- '_.back UP'" Organisms thatlive so deeptendnot t· survive the [ourneyto .g: fau~.~~n.. Thi s matte rs :: says.. without risk: the.:n..0 'o'n° t' heo' ..ie:s~ I-n.ey provj.ranson is looking: for a. . trove for research.cre'a tin.'lestingthis idea means analysing sequencesof rocks found.in:in. th. _.~ E:dwards.!H.fTh. -1l7' whethe r w.Jch n.e pJ'QCIf:'8:s..art:h~:s . unde. t The .h. A.t.ce writi-.er.-h er'e lea_ _L: ua"".at.e a.pan ea. t'he.e-. dangers pose d 'by features such as. its slQpe-s~ Mud volcano es be.ndl fusle. Wels.-' _~ .ior~ a ·d.~ ''!.s. It is 'not [ust biologist s who 'have a.d. a. submersible._e .n.J' can un.e' .~ '-1.ere it sclli. of.. u.otting. lSI'S. t'_ he \) _ .emor." says Fryer..dll·'n'c: t. thie mi:d. down the slope towards the Challenger Then. an. our'p~a._'2 --d W'_ --".gi:calti:m.geo~.olpe' proje:cts such ·as V'~.an.o. 1I!.'. The plan forthe V'irg.g slcra.ev..erle~pe'rhaps~ w"h._l"". ca used 'th.t Il:~aC1_-'dl.~=a. is lit necessary for the 'V~:rg. I'e'pres1ent.I ~ surf ace..'ds eonta.f.ra.·'e WIth ...~. ~ ele'ments.l who will pilot the. that continuously sampling the water subduction zones as plates slip over and past flow 'wil-l reveal active life areas. equipped with. On the' Mariana.el~of rru:bi.nd m.cti-on..".th~s~1 S·-I-:rf.z:z mm.arlyon in. 'Farr fe'wer pe'opl!e flOOf w'ou~d have wa...-s.t the 'U'~niv.ed o~_ a cliff i-._. millions of'dollars. . in island arcs and.11 __ ..ents today" far a.n.this is something .~. :"- '"". I _' i. I" ..tinents first fo:rm. . r pressure change Just tins· alot of them.enCle me. dll .h' says".ards~Instead. uli_.occur~n says.keen tsunamis such as the one that hlt the northe. ~':4 single experiment dropped i'n.d~W\-I:rd: and J~L -:'.the 'wrong place can cost 'U. who dUdnJt witness th.·IIj. }I.es occurring there." says We~s·h. inter.ult lines.ie tr.Ias·. .·...it :n1ot'be!e:n an .t flui. '-I ac~a..aw. geo oglcalactivity gives rise to hydrothermal vents and underse a volcanoes that create substantial differences in chemlstry and temperature over sma lldistances.n.!I I ~_- ~ -..11 create!d that c-ouldt contro~ 'when .alfrom as fa:r as 2.3L_ ~~ says w -1sh Which leave s the 0bviou s question.ast coast ofJa.rmjl. tating 11..ts of'interest J o:n. rea~.. ~.er colleagues rely 'Vir'gin oceanlc pllots on.s..e linL.cial answ!ers to lbe f~. iFr ~ :t'. !!.ntrated" . theVirgin Oceanic submersible Is scheduled to vislt a number of the mud volcanoes 'to record the coordinates of those that are active" That win ad] acent trenches .. a.a te" c:ollid. Chris.n.of cru. of landers to the bottom of Challenger Deep.. .ed._0 . series.eU as iure s to.~.ari. 'b· .WI ~. '_ ha s overflown..ers~tyof H. . ~ _ ~ z:on. 7 'bottom.way from fa.._·t .g it wnm 'he~.other te\ctonru"c mov.grou'ndl piece. the oceans 'w'eren"t being explored .'d is/otopies found in..eir'e s' . "It should prove a treasure feeds of the topography around.ana tren.on a. th.an p plate..lcan.addU:ionaM fle:xilb-iUtY' to r. C =_'=..ions.ench I "~ . expensive automated landers.' 1J[1I.. wle have so far done blind. y' "Jjj l!l.'·_..aF~ryer:r.ep" a..ised a.crewed sub. "The o I!!. "The The sudden release of forces built 'up along 'hope is. ru.em.. l\e..th"e 'Subducting.:' . lis A. th.rk.shed out 'from.'e'.'t understand why . .e .gt'hs.s.a s:ignID.Cmm _. E:dw.. SCH~~nt -a.K.atmvle of huma. Mass spectrometers Ollne.8 posstbiltty.s. in a 2.di.d.~-~ian is .nic 'wiU i..t lines coup~.p!ected. _ .th. . which. .1.h m.ed 'with. .lst a.it.ny serlous activity will be picked up before the mission starts" Th.=.c(J.mistry interest in trench.down M. P a.tion.. simUar Ie-gaiey. trench is to submerge slequencers ~as w. although WeMs'h anticipates that a.. "Our goal wiU. the Deep...it seems crazy' when you think about lt" and SIO moni tor the. ~(I . p.lunar. --.c 'ure11£-'.!!.ater pumps. project to explore thIe or~iE!llla'n ~d e' 'e''pe-CI·t p.e :perfect envi.." says. a-fr ee~ .erthi s''year.~nd· -In and !Los An'Q~ 11~s.er la.oe's d.'e'~.. . overhangs andcaves that could trapordamage the submarme are much more substantial. supplying sonar and video sam pllng stations.'.. .."_ tL ge:ol o..e '=' not be.actualli small 8te p for a..e'vious.-: -.n pro ba'bly plays . a:re l"'k -lu .~.e f' t 'ure.ed~ tortuou s'~()'urney 'inti) JEIarth"'s. :8trontium j we kn()w a.. t'h. . th. n .'h.nityto t. pilate along with 'bilts. .ng...littl.0 kilom.lc~hp'Tovide-s.s!s h and IR~h ard Bra nson.ter we . 'potn._ -~ weisn.n.U·.d 'where land was cr-eate1d.€.'. local geology and chemistry. be crewed? Such a. Ohri·s 'W._.diive f.. .~.u= _ace .ga~.. _'.-rthq --k -.. 'whe'n.S. and analyse It lin situ.aIs.-.e. the' moon llia:ndings ha.'=.h_a _e _an-I d_e it. trench dive.. '~'~-i often hard to tell t ~.rg!in'Ocea..!!. lust lite' the two 'pr.M.g e'l}e:r-larg. ocean 'bu.. drop a.f:zza.espo..I.pus wo:rk out ho.ci.rs"ea subducting ~plate:.:..mmense. of' ('0 c'ks oif djff.~.d 'fo." says.Arrang.s. hot water is . life such kit Is Impressive.. 'F ry'EI'.€.e_.t.splire genera. of thie QiverlyIng :rocks.. -.. down. "'" " - I.l!.'u. J" . .t art:: as.~then patte'ms of mi. ~ _. "these -r --~..'_' .riced u:p oVlerlyin.t in wh~... J . .e mud 'vo..e~further subdluction al Ol]..o 'be 'pte'se:n t in a..s . be carried out remotely.. . a.s se-is'mi'c actlvity is cDnCle.~r"-'s 'OV~. the deep 'fault scarps that lead out into the subduction zones such as the Mariana trench.I I . __ &. that the vehic le one another also spawns great undersea ~arth.landing to t'" :ec'ome' gn:.u . thanks to.n.ght g:o a mong: way..~ua. suc-cessful mis. ·.. ll ~~r S m In. .gr.gis:t a.ass!es." =D a. W'atS the case.or humankind on 'board will also look for chemicals S uch as amino acids that are associated with life.ronme:n.!w'.in Oeeantc dive into the."1.~ be to visit each lander.n"d tn re-aM t]~me to un.]. Visibility in trenches lisIUJor and even 'with a llve video 'feed the environment around. litt le knowledge of'loca] factors that might skew the chemls try a me ssy and expensive business. analysis equipment Including microscopes and D'N'A "1 didn. g"".tch.. ..in Oceanic submersible to.If b·-'.w' E.~~.. 'oce.an opportu.n. attract and near the island arc of Guam and travel slowly capture anycreatures swimming nearby.ndt'heated on ruts H'onolulu" :is:hopi.ess..fi(~a. the probe is generally unknown. I-~ barium beryllium and light rare-earth elements found.an()es fro:m.te:ri..n~.p. . filters and lures to collect principally m Ic robi a ID.dle ~ ~ of oon'U.ch'to do tha... 'weknow' from terrestrial ecology that biological actlvlty and diversity vary hugely according to. >lOll!- "II. Che.I.aln-~ ....g r:oc~ktha._'1). In into the: rocks of the. § should.will ftrst . 'i"'~1 h. This is where Virgtn Oceantc could prove ~-IV~ luable ~. -.


. In particular. me.1 'TO'P for a moment and think about your . 'far'more health prob TIlemit"th an.~enormously. . _-~. l[. Theirword use reflected their psychological state.-I:-I_:_ _1_ 1_"._:IIL·nIL:: opI'~enl v W'-"h"y 0 Iked .t.C'allc. " ':.t do I mean 'by' style!' In..!ll. you wUllistart to see.I ~-.ll. stealthy to analyse language style. would keeping a. our most striking discovery was :not about the content of'people's wr~:tin.. These words account 'for less than O. The more people changed from u " ~'using first-person singular pronouns (l._ I "..elf II-wo rds ." _ ~.>. degree of formali _ leadership y" ablhty. ~ L -'.--"_' L'J about us .g but the style.uIlabi~he' t IpelI'"C." .iO .ois~M stumbled ona flnding that fascinated me People 'who reported having a traumatic experience and who kept the experience a secret had.~_ says psydioloqlstjames W.._ . more and more words. Not only was. l. ~ -J __ UiJI .S the prelude to a more substantial disco-very that has become my life's work" M found myself reading endless reams of'text precise words you used revealed more. gender a. := oisc OVER YOUR _----~. half'of'the words commonly used"..". q ualtty of relationships and SoQ on. Thi s W3.~:.o analyse the language t people 'used wh.:.·. vocabularyth iat reve'a~the' most [ . discovered .~:. _' .. sh e:j1 they iii '" m attered ~.of you II sed ~ 1 However. about dinner plans. email.:..: distlnctions and found that yes. t T soo. USI@. Wor. 'But at the same time. emotional state and connections with others.Ic..'.. Wha. most recent conversation. the value of using words associated 'with positive emotions" Ujll.duse was associated with almost every dimenslon of social P sychology I studied" I'm now convinced that by understanding iII'i"'iI'nOIU'age stvle we' . '1..~my] to using other proD. • i..~ STATUS' '_ tets get lPersorN311 a miinuts. about you than you can tmagme.their subtle power.. :'~" As.a~m. . What is for' you r place iin the peekilng Dimelr? A.:.a. .J! of the social and p sychologtca] pro cesses affecting our behaviours..~ I~: "~~'.~ 1- -_ _I__ ".was y:~s' n-.re . I.. 'youi she.'~'.great deal about your personality. The pelrso. -_ -_:I ""'. higher in the soda I hiera riChly. yo. Perhaps you thinkyou said something. peopl "'. :is: of'pronouns _'='. .ef'e W'eJ'E any' gender words that can revea] a.~':_.u sakl much more.~ t" iA..mleOlne a nd compalre them with the last 10 they' sent you '. there we're large dffferences in language style. . In.:. I'm a. 1}'li . .developed a computer progr.ade numerous discoveries using this tool}.. certain patterns ke pt recurring. tweet or text message.ge. Hidden inside language are small. . the better their health became..m Who illses re'I/LfeIi' I-wo rds is..a~~n'a' far clearer sen' ~e'" lllQ_ . -e '~~I 1. And you probably did.. 'we. social psychologist whose interest in these words carne about almost accidentally. we found that the. The _" 'they) from one piece of writing to the next. .ouns (we. " '~l':_" (tII1:'~ ~ ~l~j" .en.i~}' :~.r .IIl~ me WIf!I. level of hones ty.. personality. there wler'e significane dffference s.-' .." • . factor. iOlli-' _ '~". .as a function of people's a. the' early 198. Your brain is not._ _ .'. gt .allilleCl!Ualllie'l~ailtiolnshi p~ . domestic chores or work. For example.y'OIU ii mtirnidatecl by some 011" :y~urfr1iendls'? It~sUlliprisiing Ityslm Jile to f1i nd out ILook at the last :1. part of'this work.~'.I"i :-'. such as. . Pennebaker 1__-. As M played 'with. Iwondered ifth..10 e..each . thinking style. you probabl!y' have . I" . they wrote about traumas We m .secret be 50 unhealthy] If you asked pieop le to 'write about their secrets.elnta.'.. '. .1l per cent of your vocabulary but make up more than..JIo ___iJI ..nygiven sentence ~there are two ba sic type S of word..g:iet social class. I.maii 115 ou se nt to.gl .It's the smallest stealthiiest words in our u_ ~ I ll~.. y so. wir'ed to notice them but if'you :pay close attention.'e W' h':. 11b. wo'uMdl heir health improve? The answer. emotional state.Ilf th~ 'two of you alre about 'the same.

alii t he words. you Uls@cillI:-whail::OIU Id yo u Illearn [ about YOUfS@if?' oUsi rnga 11',@c()rding
,arCC'~'SS, to

If you had

My 11a ngLllage W'iiS,warmQIi' with! m~ w'i'fe' and daug hter~

dQvh:,~IPJiOg ramrne d to 's'witt h on
~o••r alb,o"ut ,u, , c.0' 'n' d s, '',,'I e' ,a1.,r,onJ ,I,'"?' 3=-~s'·e.' '"" ' 0' nc III " ',,' ..I'

to 14 mli n utes, Ilhave been a ble to

analy:s~ ~Y' fa m ilys intt~J,a'.tions. the flrst wee'Kend I wore it seemed u nelleli1ltfut But whe,n II trall1lscriiood my' mcordiing I was dlstressed to see, the 'way IISJpolketo my' 12-y,ealr'-oldl son, MIY tone' w,al$ (J,ften detached~ IIused b hil words .. , lots,o,f Cllrtifles a nd few pronouns ..

The II!xp@r1iencehad a po,found 'etrn ct on me, Thereafter, lmede a 'conscious attempt to !be wa rmer alild Im'D re p~ycholoogiic81111y ava iilab~~' o my son. t I have also anal~sed mY' la nglualg e iln e,maii I!s,clla:ssroo,m lectures" alrtic:fr~sand 1~'tmIl'5. 'Sometimes m(Y Ilanguage is p,r'edliaa ble, so Mretiimes it j'sliltt. And when it ifsl1't I Ilearn sQ1n'I'ethliinga bOlLlt lmyself"

The frulSt. is content words, which provide meaning ..These include nouns (table, uncle),
verbs (to love, to walk), adjectives (blue, mouthwatertng) and adverbs (sadly, hungrily). The' other type are "function" words, These se [VIeq ui ete:r~ S upportlng roles. ~ connecting, shaping and organlsing the content words" They are what determines sty e Function words Include pronouns (I"she, :it) ~ articles (a, an, the), prepostttons (up, with), auxiliary verbs (is, don' t) ~nega tions (no, never), conjunct ions (but, and), quan tifi,ers,

t hei r I iVe,s t ha t t ha t na ti'on :mig h~:tive. It is l aJtoget'her/lttl'r1:g Q:nd p'ropier ;that we s h au,ld.'

do this. Bu t in a ta rqer sense

we can not dedicate -'

we can not consecrare - 'we can: not hallow til: is 9~ound'.,'The brav:e ,m,fJlj living ,and dead, W'hD

truy-gl,ei:t h~e'r.-e:, con~secra ted' ft/a r ,ab()'ve have
, "

ourpoor power to ,add o:rdet~a('t The 'wDrl'd'will
iittle , no te nOf'10'"'9 rem'e""mb'er.
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here; but can neverforqet what the)~,did' here. It islor u'.s~, ,livin,91 rather to be dedica ted the
here'to the n.njin,is,hed worR' 'whic,h they ,have~, 'f'l.. ~s- Fn:v hI ...-..n r-'-r- ted 0- n, It' T'e 'r- ;n't· ll,.;;., _',J ~:.,:~':r,c' ti-o"':_', 'l ,t..f~[. u-'_,-. :J""r 'co"- n-' ob ~J'~,~_.' ,_. w :I;;."or' to ¥ i
J.':~ .~. -' IV '.. !Il,~._

(few:~ most) and common adverbs (ve:ry~really), By themselve s, they don't have much meaning. 'Wh,lereas. a,content 'word such as

... ~'J,!!,





"table" can trigger an image in everyone' s d ,ry"to Imag:mn,e IL', 't . ~'" '" mmu, t '., 0 ,.," " , .., Hff-h IIl,J:!! or ~',rea"'il' y .n_ or Ht5-h' e ~ la.' Why make such a big deal about these words,'? Because they' are the, keys to the, soul. OK maybe that's an overstatement" 'but blear with me. Function words are: 'p sychologlcally very revealing, They are use d at hlgh rates, while also being, short and hard to detect, Theyare '..... C ed A,'I, .r I;~: ~ .l!l .• nr1o I .,. :l!l~: , .I, > IL uar ,IL e ' p",v,';':'I1",.'~[,jII",.\ In the braiI,:n .rd ~I'ffi" '~eil:",G;ntly'than content It words, And, ,crith~~a~my~ requlre social skills they' to use properly, tt's about time that these forgettable Ut.tle words got their due"
,', + "

be' ne r€' dedica ted to the ,9're'at tas k rema~:i fling before us :thatfrD,m these ~honore'd'dead w'e take increased devoti ' '11 to tha tea useJar


which they hereqave the lastfu.ll measureof

,devrQ,:tion that w,e h.e,rn ,hig,hW ~eso.lve't,ha:t these dead ;i,han not 11ave died :in '~ai'n; that th is na:ti'on


s;,haUh.av:e a n€w birth. Dlff€€dom;

and that thts

gove',rnm~lent of thepea p',Ee, y tn.. people.for b e

the people, ;shall not peri:s.hfr:om the e'urth .. Close your eyes, and reflect on the content of the speech, Whlich 'words, occurred most frequently? Most people say' "nation" "war", "men" and possibly "dead" Not: so.The most commonly 'used WIDI,d i,s, "that", followed by "the", Only one content 'word, Is in the, top' IS '~~nat~,on"";it is :rema.rlkabl!ethat ,s'u,ch, a griea.t speech can be largely compo:se,d ofs.mal~~ j,n.s.i,gn:ifi,'cant wo:rd;s . But th'is, llis, ypicaL A 'very sma]] n:umber of t 'functi,o:n 'words. ac\Co'U.nt f(jor m,os,t ,of the' 'word:s we- 'hear;f .rea,id and, S,3)'.y. Over the past 2'0 'ye ars~ my' coll1ea.,gu,es .an,d M :ha.ve analysed, billions. of written an,d ,sp olen wOI,ds ,an,dl c,ompj~eda list





L _. i.·t-;"tl-- - le~:'wo:lrdl - 5·'·. of" g1- .--"a· - _. - ..Ilie' . , .' .. !!;.,.

-,nle.' -


~S".' ,.

-In -N:'-"Q."'V,' ,D'm''''be' 'r -il!8:"6" "3;' '~o'uW"' 'n*'h·'oCI. mo' III. ,.;)
,I ..... , ,.Il.",~,~ j['Jl ,1,1"

!'Jii'ft" ,u,1

a'r' ,t' .lIi"lII.· e, L··

d,e,va,stating B,att~,e o:fGe:ttys'bu'rg, ,Abraham
Ltncoln deliv.er,ed one ,of the :m,os.t signific,ant sp'ee{:hes, ~,nAmer.ica:n histofJr:

r ,seDre and' seven y1eQ r,s lago ,(Ju:rfia thers' b-~oug h-tfi'or th-l' upon t'h-.. con.t·, ... .", ',. IS ~nent" a new na tiOH" c-onc:eivied' in {,f be'rt)!;. and' dedicateld to
,,' ,,' -.' " .'I "',',







", ,


Q,'f' _"~"

't-h'e m··1··o···.~t'.,...0·.·.. ,m' 'm'lnnl·· , 1p1'f'!12."ry.' .•
,,_i:'Ii_~._., . ,V'I!IE,'Ii"I.


0, ,~'n"b._, ·· .0.


,f' ,-h~, t,o.· Pi 2',0·.;
_",'11.....;;]_ .. "_

is a functio'n, word; togeth,er- they a.ccount for
almost 30, pier oent. of ,all 'words that we use]' rea,dl ilJn"d :h,ea:r~ ngJish, ha s' a,bout 45'0 oomm,on 'E f'u-n!ct-Ijon wo'rlU'C;in tl',o-,t~ll.w'hit'"'h a!c-('~o::}1n't'J\o'f' ~-JL~ __ ~ ~~ _. ~. 5$ i=H~:Joent of ,aUthe: words we U!H:~: .. 100 put 'this :into pe:rspecti.ve~ th,e' ~.ve:ra,ge E:ngli,s:h s,peake-r has a vocab,ulary ofpe:rhaps, llOO'~OOO'words. ..Mor,e th,a~n, 9,.'9 per ,ce'n.t of 9
~. ~ ~ ~. ~_ = ~ ._
I~ ~

the ~ r:oposi tion t:ha t ,a,l,' me'.f} U'r:eerea:ted ,e,qu,al p,~ Now w,e are' eng a,ge'd i'n a ,g'r;eat c:ivi'J war:; ,/'- ,-#-~'-'--h -"t'l..-, ·t't..'-':i-'--·t~"" __' o ,- --- ,',,__' ,,,,eSt,Ing - W:, e~ ,,~.ef_",ra,1. .na ,~on~r-- a ny.na '-'t""'N:J'Il ,so-


~d :1' d conoeive', a 11d so' d d" ··',elca::te d! ca n !:an:g' en'u:re'~
We are ,m,e:t h.er€',Qn

great' ba,ttlejield' Df'th.a.t w:Qr~We nave'c\om,e:to'dedicatea,po:rtio:n of:it a.s'a/inal res:ting pl,Qc'ejor those w,no ,here ,g'QV'e

"It's about time these forqetts b e Ii. Ie words go their due, They are the keys to the sou III
·this is:made upof'content wo'rds but 'these account 1'01" less than alf of th,le 'w~nds,we use, ' This,,S,pUt~,stum,llitrablle :i:nl other '~~guas,es!, '\u"Rctlon 'w'ord 5,I'le both, shor .and hard to perc,ejve'", One r.eal,on,'w@ have trOilllb'le spl(Jtting: their high :[',a:~e u,s,'ag'i!is that our brains of Dai1tmsUy' slide 'OVlrr them. We ,atu'ibJlma't],caDy' :~O(US O'D content words ,aS1 th1ey p ~Qv"~d"e the 1\,.III:JiII(!'JIl:·~'w:h' n w' rhata. _..I d'~'w-:hA1I"An,,;-- [oJ. ''- .-", ,. an rlon rur '!:ll ~o"'n"1i:II'A"1l"!~at" This dJj's,tlnctlon can ,-'WS,QIbe: seen in peiOpJe· 'with, 'brain ,da'mIClgle,. Occa~r~onlny,l' person 'wiD a 'h,3/ve'a 'b ..:·,ai;'n,~.n,j ,ry' tha a,li'ect:s theljJr ,Q,b,j):l~yto u use COD'1bm't'w'O(rds but not ,furftcti,on word,s" 'In~uries in other ,aJ re,;)}! a,n r rodu .e 'th . c n. ~ 'OI.PPO,s"i,t@~ results ..

',po..'A I~ ..: ~'.,.~., "~ ;I't-I"'O" rep os .._~._'.

n an....1 '1Hi~U ~lllly~'I]~1'II'n'-l'f"';n'n W" 0' ···~d'II!'" _y '"~ I ~_, <~ One area this Is useful is. in :per-s.onility
il'" __ ~;. 10

I~. __ ~~~.:. g Q~I


~ _ ._: I _ _


Punetton wo'rd;s, require sfociaJ. :s:killsto use proper ,_ 'The,speaker assumes the 'listenlef kl1:olws who e've~Qnle :;; and f:-, e listener must s CI",J'
tn,'Olw the speaks r to 'fo""low the 'CDn~I[SIti,(Jn~, The ,a:b..iU:ty tOI understand a fdm,p.le,

research ..AI, you mil;h,t ,~,es;SI different, , patterns offunctlon 'word's! lieveal Important parts Io.f people's peFsonali't~r~s~ ]"n one experiment, w'e a nalys,edJ, hundreds o,f @ss,ays 'written bly,my students and We!
,id,len'il:ified three 'v1ery' ,diHrel1ent 'writing sty]es: fblmat analYtic and. narr,a.'til"ve'~ Fa,' ' wri' ~s:oftefta,ppel,r's,stiff~ ~'~m' 'b- urn v., "II.~~.:!I~ .'",,"·th-'~" toueh ijnIf' eurless .... " u U.Il!lUl'
··lg~-i'lf'n,g:iI:\i' ~1I;o;,1!J.~"ItA~J"'I. ~,'U
:--W). 1]1,


l'_; .











[a'·n:-e·n·t~ ,_"' __ . _,

'_ ..~

'US' Sr.,.!
~·::_I'~. _,~,

_I :___


The two b ain ·lieBjloD5,·oiin,t~ft!:.i,t
1"01 their:

a,nd.We'fmcte's areas, '~:f person w1,'t'l1, dam8,g~ ,a,
B:roca's ,afJ(!,i wem asked tOI,des)crlb
I!' la

are B'nJc"a~sl

p"ictUfJ@! of, sa,y, ,alli.r], and anold Wlr)lma,n, h,e: IDr

she' migtl't say, ft,gf,rl.,..,ltmmm_. ..,,waman,."" ,

eonversatton pa!cb,d 'fuDeffunc 10n '""QI,Ris, demands social kDowl~dll'@~.,All. funetlen woltd,s 'work ,in, thls'wa:y. Th,e I,ll'·' ~tyt~ use' them :19 a marker u_;, :Im,,,',i,~!'"'AM ~,] .:.i:!t_ m, -,~and '~lIl_Jl.,.,..;' ,0 GiLJIl&l.!;.,_'''l ofb ~,iIi!"l:~ ~UL ...a skills y "!lIlinl''3!iI'1~~J'ing hOlw POOll e .ise RlrnCi-'~on 'Wei Cis reveals a great ~ -" -b - ·t-" 'lUd-ueiL-] I.: 'OU, th ell' SOC'lil_ 'w]Dr.lll' 3,., That is no' 'to say a s,i:n,l. sentence is particuhn:ly n!v~aU.ng" If'YC[fU, 'm,e'nti,([JD, "a eha tr" VlerS,UI, "that ,chai.r";11 ~. ,:S!ys, Ule:f)' ltttle about ytlfU., BUlt'what if we monitored YOIUl" wo::,',Iolvier the course o,f a weeik'~ What if"we "'Ound, that :you use a" and ..the" at hi,gh rates, IOIT hanlJy at an,? I'nfact there: Ire people who, 'U'SJe' :articles It, very' h~=hrate's, and others 'who ra,re'ly use th em M·': en tend tc _ ~'- 'tlhem at '-h':i"g'h- I~'Jrat ~~ Lflt: _._ L."_" ._ILI'!I!!-ll lYe I."
'I :
JO -j - ') --

,'U .



,"i~,1Il1l, ~'n-I"';I,ud- ",'!!".~ if+o ill_I!! '"'-_.: ,,' ..


'lI)..,ii'oh·,.., 'ti'""!iiI'~'A~-: ir-"'~r:'~'''''~,~,t'!'' 'D I~,111'b' ;Ii !~.IL,\",.;;I!!.,,' '''' ~, ,IL.,I;~;,;.J[","~

and prrepos,i,tm,'Oif)J;S, but vel}' "flewm"'W(Jlf'ds", anti infl\ 'CJue:n' (U's;ef\e!p3,ncy'w[llrds~, sueh as lff wouid ~~~ ".

'm' .

and adverbs, ,Formali'ty Is related to s;number Q,fi:m,p,olrta:n.' persenaltty 'triils,., Those who, scare ,hi,ghejst i.nformal 'thinltin8: tend lie be
n;'I!'I,m, 1V'.l.I!!"..I~,


._; ..:I-... ,,~,,-,,-,,~~ '!II¥!f;,.

''IIi1<:rith'- '._~, ,

sta "M-.



!!'Ii ~,--=.!__,

n' d;' 'iII'lnT.Ii:r'D'llI"' g_ dI"""'QI!I;".J.I!. o:m;D'













l,L'. -,.r



ahh., picture, uhhh, ,~, [dd..',uSolm,eJDlnl~ 'with a damag,e', .'We![Dic'te;s, area, :m~g'lht saYLJ;~Wel'~ ' 'r.gllt here 'isl ODie rof'tblem, :a;nd lthm,k, shej:~1:n'ex.t: 'tOI tba't OrDe~ jf'lsee O'V€::I' 'there :'(lr~tD see,her :50 ,toC.. To 5,ayt_hat B:rocl"ts IIJ1ea controls s,tyle words, I,nd Wern]lc_kelf-s co'n,'t.flats cDntf'n.t wOFds is a ,8',0'1,5 DV\ersim p.u~fica,ti()ln" N'f!verthet~,e,s;sj,~,t plo,ints, 'to' th ~-aret '_hat ttte di,s't~nc'~i()ln etween r b Clltlt,ent and. Iqr1e wOIld.&ics ,oocU[rin,g a,t a :fa,irly blasjiJ~ Ilf've'lli .in b,rain~'mnterf s,tmgly, :BJlCJcat'~s a;rea,lis,:i'D th,e fron~tal:llifJbe ,afftbl~ biram 'which [vnt rc lSI a nu'mlberafsociid 's'kr'l:s~

tha r-n'!II';iiIr~m' ~"i!1'iIl 'G': .t'i'od'- £iff" !'!il'~ ~ d . h';i,i'll,'!h: a.w. ~ 'j!!'ti"~-lll~1 .I
, '0.. I~¥ U _ "G..IJ.ll.iil"· _ ~~ ,. I,.~rE iI!llo ['ClU~'.IIJ '- ~,.", .Il~6r',1J. -LLI!,"-~~

r-ueali""ii:" - a~·.I, tal

te'nd '",0' Le~,- om III a:n]sed, ,emotmlc(nally Itablf!'" (joJ:iJ.8ci:lenltiaus,~, p:oU.ticallry' iOOn8~~f'V"iati~t!;
.'~nd, IDllid,e;r'~
N'ow tbing;s, ~ttlrt to ,gJ~t :mte"fe~ting~ ]t

'the w,a,ys people. t'hin:kJ feel and ICJon'fu~ct 'w~'thot:h,ers~,The sam,e' :~s' true m(f' p,ron,~ru~ns1f

seemlS], the use Df'articles can 'ten 'us' abo,ut,

Iess and, are more rne;ntally' h,ea]t;h,y~ but also teind. to .~e les I h,OlDlm's;t .. As people ,3 their 'wri.ti.n:g 's,tyles '[~if.iJld ,t1o'be r,a,me' m,Ol'e formal. ,Analyt~cal wr·"t~ng~ eanw :~ile~ al~ab -u't m is! maklng djstiinct]i,on!t, TJh(2~I~people attain 'hl,gher grades", " nd, 'tol'b-!!mar,e h,olne:st~ Ind, :,u~e ICUl:~~llplen, to :new lexpelflence:s" 'I.h~y' m ( ,a,lsomad more and ha(Vle 'rna e Icomp:tex~ V':b!Wi; o,f t:hem,'selv1es,. Narrat i:vewri:l1ers: a're natural s'to]jftleUJers,~

am less self~f\et1ectjjve~ 'Th,ey' drink land smoke

T,h@'fUDctilQ.:n 'worlds: 'tba!E ,o)ef~lera.llyft!¥eal st,cl,ryteBlng invo],¥e p .ople", pas:t-,'tensce verbIS, luta in(;~,USlivewo,]':ds IU,C]l aSI '~f\with'II~' ,and

~~ ther!i'. '~eop'Iewho 'SIOD,re ,high fo,_ :narrative'wr'"ting; tc'nd ttl have bett'€:t'sof'ial
Th~ i2D
II ng lJIL8 g:e~lalCFOSSiI a
Illi1o~t,'flfi~qlluz~inrtly ~~ wll:rd~ u 1511

Br,sl'n, res eaJich,f the!n sU,P:POin:S 'the ronclu,s,~oin, 't~halt. unctiorn. 'wtllrdS ,D:re 're'htted, f

in Ih@ ,E'nglUlsh botlh SIP ~~en an dIwrltte n ter.!1s

-, ,,- 5 m,OJie frienids

aDld :r,Btte~ them5,e1v es as


to oor ~n:u::j 'wiQr[d's,~ see j'ust h,D'. 'sot~ arl~, 31 'r:mO i.ma,gine finding 'th.i.snmitt~ ,tblt;! SttEle!t: DO -']! IS!,ARO'"U-' '0 B'UT I' :DON;'T"KN'O'IW 'WH:EII " [VOLL B:EBACK, SJOOIN" D'QI-' :~T rr:1: DO


thai alnd

D'y'watch'ing 'hCtw people~UlS,efun[,tiD-~_, 'WDllds 'we' g,mn insi's;ht into hlDW ' 'he,Y 't'l~ink:Ji


'oi!"JIo''1111;:J' .1, ,U'IllMI'

fi."h· ~Y'.A'!II"g;~nl"'t!'liI!!ii ,ifi,h" aJ~;r'III'NIJ'~rid,Ii. re,., . 'Y',!I!,~~ ,I .~!L";::: IlL, ~JJ" "''IIIV ,:1

.ttl' '0, c ill! 0

nd: ' 'h'" ~.i"


the,Y ,rela;,e ' :0 ,otber- p'eo,pl.;"
'This: 'WDrk 101:0 pf!'l:sona ""'ty aIdy :s!c']['at)Chl~iSJ the s'UrfaI e~,We ]13V ! aJ]s!ofo,und, tbaitr fill, let ~,aln

The no'te ~S1 ~a,mmatilc!i:8y,· oJrr,ea: and is lUldefsltmd.1bll~: 'in a, ,oert,dn s,ense,l 'bu,t 'we 'h,a:,v!e:'DO r,eal 'i,d!ea whaJt 'it mea'os., :Every w,ard is: a ~fu'~d:ilon wo'n:t Whoever Mote the Ho,te 'had ,EI !fhared 'un,deJ:s.'tand~ nB, with, it.s in'~endJred f@ci:pi:e'n:t ,orwhlc i{(be ~'." w:here IUb; - 'f'@;~~is" ,is





can, d~tJect emotj,l[Jnll.

:8;ta't~S.j' S,Pllllt




amsD'Dln - nt-" - ffo'!ii H' ~.ou,I ,,: " u -W" '18:~~ - - fm"'- d 0'.' I. "Ith-\~ n O'Il!~¥""aSilll'lJ"h.I!!.ti·:n ;by Bob to' Ju1ia~who had, th@ wUolwin_g:'plhone, cD nve'lS,"2i,tion, iii, few' :minu' ",,'ese'l :Her:: Bob',:' ,Hj~ you L1Cl ug'h,t me Itlto' crozy' itim e, ,I've; g'ol ;~IJIgrJout bjU.t rill' ~'~avre nOlte',on fll,i! door~ , IQ
i"iio A 11\i? - 1iiisifiilO'"\fF.j,i, I,

yOU' WiliS; JOlf

,pe'op,ie ;tIe ]yin_g, p1redict where 'th,ey' rank in slgc:~aIhjef;Jr1:hi~s aDd tbe q'uality' of'tbeir 1ie~atio(n!s,h~,ps~ bey 'reveal mu,ch a:bo'u,t 'the' T d:Jllam-'" ell 'w~thin,!,rCiUp~;",The,' can be, 'U~s,@d, : ' t:Ol~lien~ifY 'the au'thor,s '()if'd,~,s,puted, 't.ext'S,.
lal l_~"


m- .', - 1,11.&''Ii 'III~'


,Jj:lIJ Jl

' Ii'I\ii"Ii'o-

'l1'~ l,I.I~'!1i1


luJi'ct:, ,Gr:-et1·t ,i neeld' :rh e'~u:co'u n~_- to 8,19," an:t f11Y ,exp en'se!o\rm., DD,jliOJU i'naw' wherf' he isl ,BD\b,:' '·,I'l se,e,' V'hJfz.'i's ,in" lulta::' Dlfd tel] YOIU that'lim thlinIRi:'Ag 10/ talij'ng upl,s\n1:oki'R9 ay,tl"in:l'lllnow it' a'ft~noysVIu. y
i l "

Ih,-:-~-'"2 _'ave, Iwith h@~




jam es 'W" Penne'bake:E"' i'schalk IQf the ,dep6ttme nt lor psyc'ho ~o~~at' [he Uri iverrs,iity o,f Te<as at .Aus in. TIFiis ,artie~eIi s bal~ed air; hil$ n~ bODk't The Secret lite CJ!'
PrcxnfJun_!i;~Whut ;DUf ~Inis' ,~oy I"Doot' U$ (Bloomsbury 0. 5






Fe lilJe~ntagleJDf a'iiwtniis used

Press)., Yo LJ c:an find out more ,and anClllyse your own , words, ~: '~(~nfEoflJ ronou nSlc~J'm
5,1!i:' . nt . - w... '2 '0-'1 ~ ,~~II"!!'I,,~mRIJelli--:- ~.1_. ,~ -' .i[,.,j;,oiS-·

·ifo' eti'~", tt,U~nt lSI.. 1-14-~J,~I ' e'
,iii ' ....








", _,'

8" ioqrapner _ -'-'-""h'l-J"

iath '-'IR onan ian


Ell-I exnores _,:aIYera iourys war,"d'I··f soence euer ,,' ··'···"IR···.-' 'B""-d'-b I' r . .. 0,_ ,.," ..... ' ..
Bradlbury was. both faisciiiniated by te ch no iogry a nd worried albo ut its, use technological progress, Bradburv remains 'wary' of using it himself He avo idie d flying for decades,

th,€; science fiction and fantasy author behind such class Ics as Fa,h..enh.eJ:t ,45'11' r infamously claims to remember the details of his own birth ..In 192'O',~ he was bom into an era of' 'rapid. scientlflc discovery ,_the advances ofwhich Inspired his long and fruitful writing career, Bradbury's earliest encounters with science were a.t the tender ,age
of 1-0, when 'he read all :he could 'understand of astronomer Percival -'0', .'":~' ~l d- as exis en ce n Lowell..JIl. ~ ~.I.:~~,~.~ .. on t h e exist er .!L:- of a
iC' ~
1._:,,' ,:" ." .;'..

and never learned. to drive after
witnessing a fatal car crash, His concerns are clear in Fa. h re'n h eit 451~ w'hich, alead character is in tilled. by a futurlstlc automobile,

The subject closest to
Bradbury's heart ~though, is cosmology, He followed
astronomer George En,ery" Hale's


intelligentlife on Mars. His highschool astronomy class provided a basic understanding ofthe solar system and a context, of S:OItS for Lowell's Martian canals. These few grains of outdated speculation

and chalkboard science laid the, groundwork for much to follow. In t lme, the science of the mind g-- __ - d" bi - nf - --- -- _h -c mtngue -d" 'Brrauoury a'S mucn a6 the science of'space and tlme, and, advances In 'the' study of -------- -- - :U~ - ---rk lt ,.-1 human na t'- r e sparseo ms mn iai successes with dark fantasy, After exploring 'F re ud and, J ung's work 'in psychology he 'moved q,ui:ckly onto Karen Horney's pioneerlng studies of'ne urose s, During, the late 1940S, and early 19505'1 hie capped these readings with new studies of aggres stye
.' - - fi- -_.,
..)II 'gl."," . ,,- -

The early years of'the so-called atomic age,that followed the flrst test of nuclear weapons soon

brought atomic science to the forefront of'Bradbury's prose, The,final storie s ru~n,his 19 ),0 wort The .Martian Chronicle'S describe
'E arth's de struetion as a result of

behaviour, Including psychologist Fredric WeJtham~s ,D,ark Lf:-g'eud.' a:n account of a, 1.'7- year-old boy who killed his own 'm,othe:r,-· and

atomic war, and the slim hope of ',"..""st ' -' .• .. R:' ." a. ,ne'w .8.11rt.. on..th if'.if'r, "" d P':l .. t '.Tlhi ,if an'e similar wa r that clos .. Pahrenheit es

metaphor 'that exp,llains "B'I' o·'·nlll!"'iliw··"tllk"l·'~'i.'" IJ.~; n,FTl~o" ..... .) ,v'· : tlhe space a'ge" an'd alolngl a d'i scu:s:5don of violence in S[)CI1:ety~ the 'way wriit:e :5,tori,e,s"~
la ter science his torlan 'Jacob
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'IMy b'lusi'ness is to fiilndl the

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lI!.. ~. ·J:~·l~·,[i~'~J.


'Fr:o.m th'i:~'c,ore m,a'terhd

'Bradbury 'fe'nn,ed h'is, writi ng. about th.e p-,a:sstons ,andl terr:ors of !chUdhoo d th,at li:n_g,e'r tn, a,d'ul't life - themi@;s tha.t ar,e ,evidl,ent in :hi So 'n,ostal,gic nov,ei Dtl:nd'eJi:o-n 'Win.€~an,d th,e ter.ri.fying Som .. et:hin,g' t.. -d' '~"'!!:~k"e~ ~hi - 'J"mlf. .•. 0'__~.es" J J~S V1rl;.j'
'IIJAIj:' .......
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45J -radllia~edlout into. so-m'e of

:hirs best sh.ort sta.:rles.~ s:u:cn as Th e
Last JVfgh..t o/the 'Worl.'d'=a ,chUU,n.g -~~'F--:-.·--:'l·-,f· po~ a.ya_ 0 _ ..~ ,:-:-,-up e ~'l OU _~,ne aco ··l-,~C''ii''-I-,t~-·· -'. be:'havio'ulr on th.'e d.ay before Earfh ,is, set to be: destroyed~ Y:e~Br,adbury soon, r,ea'Used th/at

dream of'a zoo-inch (5,.1~'m,e~r,e) telescope on mount Palomar> the sit e ',f t hie c··.~ ~1'l~,£;'O:·r'n:I·~ In st ,~,t ut ',f ..1.1 '"_. I. ~l,bj. obs s ,I.~: '-~.:-.-: Teehn o Inmt"'it o ~ erv atory -. 'wrulthl the same excitement he had once fel t for Lowell's dreams of ,Ma.rs,~ Yet the telescope's great advances in tracing the history of-the universe back to the 'big bang failed to shi'ft his early views on the g,re'atest question of all, technologies capable of ending life, Bradbury remains uncomfortable on Barth could alsolead to spac,e with the beginnings and endings Inherent in the big bang, holdmg fU,gh,t g~vjln,g.hope to his evolving belief'that mankind's destiny was instead that the, unfverse has been he-re forever, He remains certain in the st aI'S,.The full flowering of that mankind will physically rocketry accompanylng the space th ~II'" ,ag,eled him to embrace a. new genre explore t e galactic ~~ I d isianc h .h 1- I . ' of writing ~ the scienttflc ess.ay·~ unrverses that t ne H'.arete l!Esco:pe and its successors 'have revealed .. to cele brate these milestones. Bradbury summed up' 'his, own Bradbury was particularly Inspired 'by anthropologist Loren role in this explorationln a :1975 Eiseley's a,biHtyto convey sensation seminar: "That' s my business to · th metap h t h at exp I' in his 'work through rhythmic and fln d t _r'e nor ams metaphor-rich prose" and he went, the sp.ace: a.ge, and alo n.g:the 'w,ay O'rl"ii:io5 A. 'nd' ;,jlli,,) he _"h'.,g,t;., f'OI' ... J . on to craft his own writing style in W lessays aimed at ~ayrea.d,ers~ Thesie :m.Of'E than s.ev'en d,ecades~ includ,ed, ,two Life rna gazru,n.ie ,arti-cle s in the 19',60's,:: Cry th,e J 0 nartha n R.. Ellie r iisa praiesso r of' ICo~,mo'r~(~ ~"~nMmp,at~:ent an.d Engl iislh an dl co -:founder of th,e Cente'r
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G'uilll.i'ver Above:


Roofsn~ w:hi.c'h

pta'yed ,a ke'y role· 'in maintaru,ning_ p!ubU.c sup'port for N·A:S.A.';s ApoUo s',palce- pro.gr.a,mme'~ iF'orall hI s. fa:s,cilnatio:n with

far IRay Bra d bury Stud ie,s or[ lindia na Un ive rs.iity- P urd u e Un ive rs.iity
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n,:. ,; II" · - . " 'I'; H· .. "-" ]":." .. 'k B ,n·d_1.anapo,lls. _ IS new. b00,:/ ,_.ecomf.ng - B- . ,ury, liS pu bl'lSIhe·.. by dl .. Roy ,-- fO db I.
1'"._ ., . ... ..., ,_C .. , I.
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. -:·1··



Un ive rs.iity of 1IIIii 0 ils Press. n

4L6 I NewS,c:ient'ii:stIII 3 Septe mber 2011

'iC' co. "g. 'I:.. he isn't on bo a.'Fr:al.aYt u.'. Th . On~wOlrlld~flO .1fiv'.Il numbers that hold. h . too.~ ier. of the.m. ~." Y·C' !'JI.." _-.u:s. 'Ithe book somehow feels wrong to me.dfu= 0= nu=~~ €L ~ ste --d.:nra-'Ci'le. all of'whlch are most succes sfully expressed in the language of mathematics. . . are ~ilIi ..... er on th'e" In ...'elf= gJe.t.alcoholis:m.• a c e .'.ov.. '_ !!. " .er a.. universe 'by t . -. to omega.t.g :hard-core infancy~but 'waul.ny larger _~j. ."_. their value in.~ not W'e: h:ave fr.11?.~JL I.. !!.an.1' ~iV ~II.in :201.rd.~ ~~'G<~v" 'm~· ''lI1b-I':. bet money against the existence of dark energy becau se.ese' ch." AU of their physical significance..~ ~. "'.h.. II. ~seel1ng both.e 1JTh. ." ...nlce i:s in ilt:s iinlfalncy in.. book. g.'99l$. . whichleads me to wonde:r~if that is the case.n 'bi. thinks~ ~~'Doesn~'t ma..f _ero. ". COlDS tant.ding d.i.'W hi.. why is he wri ting a " . I. some' in terestln g' tidb it ¢ but t 0-: vera 11 '. E17.constants _. _.. II. all these factoids don't serve to make B. ofthe point about th meaning . .1.- .n(~e 'I " ering doesn't stop him from_r. And in the section on Planck's...be.!!... L =y~~Jl'I!" ..Sm ic Numbers.i"l'y~"~ .II!.lffi~i-ull/'"!en•.1" can 'we learn science Journalist decided to ~[i"\~ .~Jt. re..the unbreakable scaffolding of reality.'r'a. A. is of' Afl"Jic:a.ed g.ll.s~ migration rout..se th. current dertvations...dms.Beautiful Genome b. ~ constants or the nature of the universe ill h'1·'S chap..a'tt. 1.thie 'a~m.w 1 1..ad" . up opinions about facts that ar!€well accepted among cosmologl sts .'"I.ySlllCS IUJ I 1J~I.'. For Instance. ": etn ~l:an~s t to discuss what gravity is" and 'he .ith the big bang theory because despite not having looked carefully at themathema tics = ~~I shamefacedly confess Ihaven't" . "I"' . In Co.b'o'ut our :idea] marriage pa:rtner._.nalis:m."h e spee.t" I~ Unciha ngli~lglnlumbelr5.hol..!esign.ilte..aek of old.m~~c Num.erta:inties 8.. ~I .em]ler. have the background or the st ein clearly h mathemat ~c~Qn· intellectual tenacity needed to affection for the numbers and their comprehend some.ecent 'htsto:ry .fS has. .obliems in .m/culturela'b Keepinq constant Context is everythinq when touriing the physic:s constants. ' pursue In '~ 11S masocm sue n linked with a high rtsk of di sease. .I_Jes·a Cha . :som.- I.c: ...e' sClie.i!Jl".t"" " to. the number of particles in the chemical unit of a mole of a substance..e:Sting irritated with pe.' .t '.. but fails to capture theories of cosmology.al'ure ..enetmc testing. recalls the fl- There is p~ enty of Interes ting background too. book. _ JJ.fndour D!espmte coverdn. " . " -. .a·ll:r ~h-' . Unfortunately. -.'-·~ l.r"\'n-.!'. ust C05.e of the most inter.o. ~~~ . . II!!' ...y Lon e i1rEl nk. refleetID:on:s .2S. but Stein stresses the length'S people went to to determine them.iE 'might have 'pr.n u light wtthout mennoning its . which determines the universe's geometry.Avogadro.rthie UII Catastrophe ~named after a fear from . reveal a.. Stein is willing: to. .eviliewed by (1llare Wilson 1JVITH .. J about horne testing for genes ~ thi hi .e p eopme can.gn. ..an ~vU J' you can truly' appreciate a profo und theory unless you. volume". both our r. . ~ .. fr.:. rock 'band called Ultraviolet pat 'ems and regulari ties.'.can even..' .".•. arques Amanda Gefte'r OJ'smie Numbers:' Tne nurnbers 'that Basil c. today.. I "'. I j!L!~.'e ph....ome imaging and even w'hieth...~~ . I .".n '1. 1 0:'. .t-" -" eed wrru..'95 1 R~.d fo:r becom'in. ._.clu...end. i... .. n.0'. Amid seemingly endless strings of' equations a.store" St:iU' that's the route: the Da. Yes.~~gl .~ . In h .'- ... :' .~. .F0:( Instance. .is s tUm in its tourney' of self -dlscovery... that Be-yo:nd.er ba'bmes" brain how' stu'pidl other people can be?"'J' b'lut wouldllballnningl h. l!i. he..'.e· out tests beica. - 1 f. li.enetic test. from .n.Jl 0 .an dues a..s'hioned.? 'C m lieft :it is with the .. pa.illshl:ion. . 'for granted.i~'.~p!~ I~ ~' llLI . .'. "'iilli'" L"'iI1 .. g. With similarunfounded gus to. responsible f.or coldness. genetic te sts learn.s. .n:ning the ..IFar mare books a!nd arts coverage ...~ S ..es :i...i. a tour of some of'these constants.d'n't ba. . simply don't implications for space and time.g'~ th .t.ora.i~~ ..V'.g" - to..person 's heal til.1.~_. We .0.-1. book.d. .""s thres..au'thor~s a.cerb~. Q!I Th'f. test~ a 'psycho I agist v'elnture's. I. but Ihave never understood the great ideas of'physics with the same clarity that ill understand some of'the great ideas of mathernancs..~" .tr..Jlo'gy ·tod.." he writes" And later: '~Tdon' t think rrth century frigorific theory" which suggested that there 'was seeking out its a subs tance. Bo oks.off".omecula:r 1b-iology this.c'I·assieal physics that was allaye d by Planck's work on the discreteness of matter and energy. says. Stein suggests that there ought to be. about cosmology? Stein's professed i..GIIi'" A.:..!b ._..c ·'111 gravt tattonat COD:st ant...'. ..w. Q ~ 'hardlliy nee.ng~ f erne' co 'v..th.o:ple' is ~owlerth_an .Stel n P':HYSMCISTS try to understand the.Aft.er or gene le'sls smac:k o'f:oldl.. "I've 'been a physics wannabe all m:y life. are e mlbedded · tne pIh _+. "it ~ somehow' feels 'wrlong to me".g sJce'pticaUy' but fairlYJ 'manag~ng to Ml}!' Be·~.ed IP... .r·d1'· n·' .UT Ci ". 110.s number.reason for this becomes clearer after some confessions from Stetn nearthe end of the Q ~..• ..ce. personaUty frank tn:~ats.y' and family orlgins - !!._ III""iO:'.. . reaU.si:on and suicidle atte:m.99 ______________ detfine our universe by J ames D.. _ " ~ "" g"_ lIl."'""' snak.rnalism?TII e:nthraUin~. to tell her Sh.anyfhi:ng but dull" llieave'n. i.. mathematician James Stein offers 1" ~ [j.is. .II'~~ .. "".he "simply cannot conceive of'that amount of mass in that tnftnrtest mally tiny .~ Q.p._ I..visit newscient-st~co.'99 1'$15. prim urn frigidum.w...~ l ~~an ~ ~of -'I ~mb i-r:~ . any situation .all. These are numbers we take.m·· IT'O-.n. really understand lli...l .1.ee wiU i'es an So whatr .' " the firms selling them. and..n.. I.. ~"~ _ ~aLh. . :~rup~posedJy' the tmc.. the science .as : icnm no thermal energy."t ha..g . ~..J' 'f' man'i:c depres..".. . personali t. "_ 0.. ..e n •I've rse' III II.andto add your comments .'ndle m.idle s.e some· of 'my own cyn~c:is.. _eJ!l~ Frank.~. .ed as fa.a. . th h t b t" '~recnaprer on ansomte zero.1 _ _. s....'. h ~-.!n -I ..m.n. 'I. .I. I' ..stQir.. O!enl. . a...c s.pts.

9 PhDne 1'-81 734 8170 lFalX 7203569217 f. Canc'er Blollogy and Ne. .IIO '''5 lui vne I t-e nure ~track ass tist_ant professor. Assoc:i'a. m calrlicer biiollogy~and infectious disease'. I~sins.'..!i-pnl'-3-t ----:In-tor a 1100'1 '. Ifor more iilli1rfor'mlat lo n viisiit INle'wSciie'lIi1rtiistJ0 bS"i. .n NY Ne.['G . Shaw R..::.23:3 042 1 101 1 students.)tr physiics or lin ( a rell. J The' successful app~icant must h.r more ~nfDrmlatiDn viisit INl ewSc:i'enrtii:stJlobs..m.@[i~he:wSc:i'enti:st. as we.s..lib . A Ph.e iin next d qeneranon sequ.01.Shaw Resean:h New'Scii.2'3. maillor respcnslbllltles otthe cailild idate wi IIIbe tin perform allII clinii'coll pa~hlollogytechniques (he.ators uti Itlzi ng qeneti [ models cf d isease.... IF'o. te.legenero.r more iinformlation viisit INII!WSc:i@lntii:stJlobs. 1401232449. I' . essentia I. L " have un usua Illy strong reseerrh Resea'rch Associate ~~~IV.@'N@!wSlcilleli1rtis..@g@'n@'lfo..J::fIIsh· I~I~ IU: .rm.ngl outstandliing scientists with strong iinterestand experience linquantirtatiive" syst-emsleve IIapproaches to und ersta ndiing any-area in modern ex~pertim.H . proteOimliCr and translatonal approaches are p8rticuilaMly e nC1J.CD m job IID: 14 0:1. 543 67-8. -i~ m-'-us-' sth"'a' d gn d ididat .• I .. to g ((I_I ' uaite.ent R.ax Phone 415 90S.7'2'9..0 12'3399 8 J l 1 1 Director of Ilmmunology 'Oob #0014) N'V ~ NI@w' Vrork Gon1JraFeet is developit ng antl iinfectivetherapies based on fulilly ruman rnonodorel antiibadiies produced through phagle display terhn 011 a nd a nti.. .II(J . . I analysiis. I l 1 '5' .~MiisSQulri The' qualliifi.:.rofesso.sor MO . FaIi rnore iinfolrm atl Din 'vii:5it NewSc:ientis.. com 415.at:ioltni 'vii:sit NewSc:iientis.![]III~. FOli mlDllie Iln-_-[ii'rma-t'" NewSc:'ientis.::.andl postdoctorall train'ing 'in dleveloplmentall biok)gy are' requi red" f. ' II I~ve'a :sttronglpu bll"" .atologIY.I'~I"'~Uln'~'!I.Level) (004MX).a deparIJm.~.s... blochern istryt coag ullatiiotn. IF'Q.slssi!ppli~ Mlonsanta is seeklnq a highlly Imotlvated sdentist with excellll. thorough command of theory is desirable" biotherapeutics and to support: process and anallytical devellopmlent for early and late.0 12'3712:3 1 Facul.Ii.D.ewjersey We.r' of. Ns'w York '~..::s'.and olecular biollogy. plant bioloQ[Y.logy'and Conservationl Biology Un.and data visualization to the discovery of new traits fur crop prot'Ecltlion. IInvestig.aF 8ct Corporation i 1 Scientist Pfizer US Biophys'ical'Chem'ist:' Senior 14.'iI'BrE"I'ty' chool of': ~IIIU~..0:5 Em. _ For'more iinformatlcn visit 'h.Toapply on ~nevisit new5cienrtistjobs..e IFoodiProte[tiion program at the United States Air .=1..edge' ln sequenG? analystis..n NY'".and/or a non GLP environment IF'o.j nfective' the reoeuncs If'or more iilli1iformlat lo n viis~t INle'wSciie'lrtlitiistJ0 bS"i.lfg11[' ~In· ..24.__ Ll _ L andtrainiing..01..u'tational Chem'ls. l~tI ~'!ii'~ I ~ .ty Positi'ons.Ji .'IISCIPInary reseerm h IUl've In _.-dvIsing S. perforrninq assqned " · comlmllttee 'wo r II.encil ng r ata :::!I '" _.ll.C'D m job IID: I ."c'oml job 110: 14." :.::.llI asqencrrk.ent to support GontrallFect':s pipe Iiine of biiollogica I antii -.iity 'of Toronto S(arborol.234 0 02 1 1 1 to characterize a broad range of (o.)/.ed candiidate'wililbe resoonsl ble for implernentl ng a variietyof biophysical analyses Plrinceto n Unive' rslty NJ _..n-I 11-' i .I·n -.e 111. . -Iexperlence In .c:om In~ol~polialtiingl Sc'ienceJobs.eet Wall1tlham.w'York' Add itianal therapeutk (and kates are ~Irli earler stag e development: programs 'in rheu rnatoid arthritis and other inflammato~(onditiansi' . IN ~lndlana The successful candtidates would beexperteo to establish a viilQlorous externailly-.e Assay IDev ellopmlentgrnupat Regeneron.~ dII II. are see. M. an-doertld IK'.:1 Iu~I~ISt "It\J '~iIfiI _J Comp. t3..-I[JI OR . and (ytolo~liicall pre'parations) on btio log i(al specimens from onlimalls and humans iin a G _.'.'."' ~ r'1--=- [Ii'ni'ca~PathlD~Ogy..ki.Y'M Jlac1<510 Irru Foun d atiio'rm OHI . E.rrrnmoassay Wit h" development and 'valliidatiian to wonk in'tih.__ I' .2'3:7488..comljDb liD: 14. 1140'12'3·74' 24-1 ['~:'I I ~' _1:/···· .. ~ . participating i'n appropriate uniiv~rsiity service.nrtiistJolbs"R.2:32504.c.r more lnfermatlon viisit 1~4JewSc:iletntii:stjlo bs.' i'i"'iI'g'ton' 1Ii\ll1l'.nll'st I Sr.II : -" II -I --II and iimlmune conditiions and cancer: We' are lookinq for a Scientist .funded research program that rorrplements an .uut understanding of molecular biollogy and experiienc. Mo..urosciences' Indiana UniversIty School of MedicIne South Bend 1Irl~. D~ E.' . dluties of tjh e pos.1 . uriinalysiis mmnoassevs.. Candiidates'vv~th an active fie Id program are eS1pectltaly I encotJlraged toapplly.5 = 1 Contr.. ..26th Floor Sarii Fran[iscQj CA i941.d C:olle'Qle Louis MO .c ~. .comJob 110: 14.A02451 E mali I NSSa l@s.!!CiOlml East COlas. '" '.'-: d ..!ee.i. l "1:..iti arts. Job responslb iilliities. For" more iinto rmatlon vislt NewSciile.ntistJ.om 110: Jlob 14..~" ._Ohio I1hle Henry'MI.ugh ON -Ontario Sr:ientis't In Assay Devel'opm."':-:II':-:'-g--. : ~I: Uln""1'1'811:"'5' . lt _ -'lOin '\111:51·.ew'~ork Candiidates should hav1e worlloclass cred!enttials tin CDlmputational1 che'miistwy~bli0 logy~.bact-e ria I 109.i~ Toronto of Scarborough Univers.uraged to a pplly. Biol~Dgy R. I-I comlmlunttywi~h exlsttlng strengrths tin (. 2~JlMlis'slion Street ..ent 'traiinin g iin[omputationalllB:iology and Comparative Genomiics to join our plla nt tra irts teem In your posldori you 'wtill have the apportuniity to ap ply your Iknowl.te Scie'ntlst pf'~lzer US (1~ C:onnectii(ut 'The.0 12'375'7..nt Plrofes.ob:5mcomJob 110: 14101.!. Assista...sit NewScii.willi include computer programming and analys~s . to begi'n fa III2 012.tJlobs. 3353 BIO~OGY Bioimormatic:s Th R..tJobsmcoml Job liD: :-1 .t.GIU I 'G U ::::!I II.2:32502 Associate or Full Profes.nsanto MS ~ Mii.:'In·vites ~h~!-IC~.--. and a proven rorrmitment -'.rt u I.[Jom job 110: 140:1..Oreqon " peer-reviewec d'jouma II a. sta~le prccucts FOIl' more linfo.ee m JI b IID: 0 14.213 6.com 'We:st Cioalst Offiice.l!l.ob:slcomJob 110: =' 1]-"" I._Miissoulri The. IF'ormore iinrformlat le n viisit INlewSciie..sor' in Eco.t na' Inc' h I~:I-.entis.INI. "... i . ~_I~ ::i 'ilL i]ii II II The Reed College IDepartmerrt of -B.. Assi:stant Pro-fessorsh'ilps. __ ~ .-::.mputatiDnal Biologist (BSI MS.try alnd Biology Dp'portunlities at ~. inr:ludle' teachtng a ssig ned! CD lJJrses~a ppllyting sU((lessfu Illy fur extra mu ra I res~arch grants" candLJ ctiin QI research" publishtingl research results tin D.0 1..~.:.Itud elrlit su pervlS!10 rli __ :' .'. Chemistry .t OffiiQe 225 Wyman S'tr....ental biollogy" A strong record of experi menta IIwa rk is. 1 Assistant: P.esearch N'y -INI.Associate Stile.01.. I Medicine.~Ffi IIr.of Ilarge' data sets from next generation sequenciing projects" Fa r' more iinto rmatl on '\Iii.vers.tJobs~[oml Job liD: 14. katon recor d evidenceofa sustained and externalll~' fu nded research program.5 1 skillls:.!Jackson FOundation (HJlIF) itsseeking a fOod Protec~ton S( i:entiist tUI support '1lJhe United States Aiir Forc.tJill NSSa Ile. - U G. . .entistJ._I .evant a~a of (omputer sciieno2 or appllited ma~hellllaIDt(SI and mllist E Food Protection Sc::ie'ntist (206755') Hen r. The Drectnr of Ilmmunollogy willi buit Id . ---1".tJ1ob:sl.

iiall proiects such as method va lldation a nd in valldatlon report writing IF'o.ortlu n ltles CA ~ Caiiiifornii.: a hi'Qlh deqreeof profldency ln routlne histollogYi The successfu indiiviidual willbe responsbe forthe tecfilnii(all proced LJI res uti lii.". < I .d ate _.@wSc:ii@nltii:stJi'Dbs.a II€'rB.a The1_ '1-ut:o I F". .k.0 123:379 6 1 1 D'is.-~ 1 1 rl .e'y P.. M.g"1.. -d' to provioe S[llentllrll[ Iea -ersrh" lip in the areas offormuation development.II()lITi 'WII :-J~' responsblefor developinq and e'xecutiing anal~tii(all methods forthe st3lbilliity analysiisand characL..rmat:ion visit INI'@lwSc:iienltii:stji'Dbs. 14.EU1d treat dl ~~!N9.3' :7--1LO...e · "11'd prepa ration orf mICJOS(.loping protorn Is a nd case report form Sf plans alii aspects.. fhls vision can he your reality.A journey that allows you 10 pursue your passion for improving health alongside incredible scientists who are leaders in their fields . JVI·· ua I P~alltMol.int EUSA. Biiots'ch NH .stan IR..totechnol'ogi'st (Srli NJ .obs'ilcoml job 10: 14 0:1..' In Vitro Sciences • Pharmacokinetics/Drug If'-yo UI 81r19a 1 Metabolism t!(D! . of data . 1- ::.. M/F/D/V .Qve"ry & Praelinlcal 1 .rm.rm. li support our msstori 'WF~ _0 are seekiinQI a formuetlon sdentist "d -" .····:_······so (II.eslrlchl IOIPIP. Ohio.es..Irv'li.ed~-cmnes that p 9'oIP.0 12:3.'j nd .a Ii1 d rec rult rnent .. Wmth your u nique talents and lnsiqhts. has g I "Ib"l" M h rat respcrsr» lily-liJrtr'e preparanon rra intenence and exec utio n of the A nalysiis Plan (AP)t and ensures the quail ity-.n .as a spec la Ilist iln the .•.9 mba IPh[) orr a 891M S SC:i'9rruti st who is: re!8dy II rk Rese. of' 81 dly na mire tea m that's d iscovsrl ng and deve !0 pi' ng m .11-11 Principal Biostati:stici. explore our various career paths __ 111. .• ~ h~/i.cDml 110 bID: 14 01.an (110200) Alli'ergan CA ~Ca ~ n iia i~fcur 'The position collaborat-es 'witJh team members in deve. Fa IIr mIOIIJ'@ iinfo.rontro III d prodncti on of a II e tablles Iistinqs and glra p hs wh iiie adihlerin g to tiilme Iii res [F'o..New'Jers.ecula'f Biologist 5042[2353 IlmClone Systems NJ.'2.at:i 0 n '\lli:5 it N. _ aSS11ne' d_projects or stu d"tes.". lccated at the Wrig ht Patterson Air Farce Base..235. process developrnentand transferfor protein 1_ 'Irm'uOlLu 1 _1_ fo I nation FO'11i miDIIi'I! iinfo.art of silend ng usi ng Qlen etk constructs.."1.7'810 -IF.atoQraphic and electrophoretic tech n iques..I.es (res[id ual s) Pa rticiipate iin sp er.:slPIPi Mansant-QI is see k-iinglan experienced andllhi'Q h I.':'all'~~r site.tlu 'wii IIIbe expected to both design and mplernentexperments.rmore inf'o. ~n:e E'.'j II "'=0_1_ "Id'l'.rmore i' nfr'o.assays1multiipo. kl Monsanto IS see_Jlngl a hl hit __ _Ig __.coml J'ob 110: 14 0'1.Ib".rmat:ion vi s it N lewSc:~elli1rt i:stJi.analysis for · -.obs[i"coml Job I~D: l 14.1"0 "" • Joi n 1he lMe'rck NletwQ rk s to r irnlmedl~ate n f!\NS .At Merck Researc'h Labs.obsi"comljob I~D: 14.r more i'nf'o'rmation vlslt INI.ole~ular Biochemist • Respiratory & Immunology (005SF) Monsant!o MS '_Miissis.•.. '= 1 Pliincipal AS5Dc~Formulatlon Development .proudly e'mbracing divef$ity ~·naN 0 f it$ rns nife'z tstions.arch' Assoc~QC Bioche'mistry-FDE - on thi's Illife".: .a t hro ugh 0 ut the wo rld~ se • Oncology 1 M.obs[I"coml Job I~D: 14.. '..····liSSoUn· MO M·" -.0 12313 0'7 = 1 1 to join the Global Technology organ~zatlon as a Plant Molecular Bilollogiist. 181_.2-'. FO'11imlQIIi'I! 'info.. _( Betoell I ..1'- "..ew'Hamps hilr'E! '.. is art eql)sl opportl)rlity e'mplaye'f. IFo'r more iinf'o'rmation viis it INI.~~n to dsly _-V vrs Iltll g' mel~came'rs'"Jo_~ &t ·SClenl. New Jersey 'Th"~S P-' nCI ·pa I As. in Dey1On.. :!=: « Scan thns (ode with YOUIf stna rtphorte 'tD e~pBgr'e our mobile 'i.eiform biio2l[ssays'for rreasurlnq potency ((ell I based . .assa:)ls for measuring iilmpurifti.' In Vivo Pharmacology ..ch-ang~ng journey.@'wScii'@lnti:5tJi.elnrti:stji.erilzat1ion of' protei n therapeutks in Fanmlulation Department Emphasis is placed on (lhrom..ewScli.-7: :'. we' will find new 'ways to prevent . t W· -''1.- - - ".obs.! FoIii more [I nformati 0 n '\lli:5 it N.s 1 Becom Ie pa ft.@twSc:iielliltii:stJI...Y' otivated sdentistwlth m expertise I'nrrolecular biiology and protei n bochern istry to join the Global Te rchno logy OrQla nlzation )/.5 u I Imagine yourself 011 a scientific journey that impacts countless lives around the world ..504Z22'36 lmtlone Systems Bo.1 re 0 the opportunhv to do world class science in cancer.-II d '" d" 'd mat I'vateu an-I (reatllve' In··.. lB:iacore) Pt:!lrionml IELIISA..at:ion vii:sit N!l!'wScii'enti:stJI'Dbs[!"coml Job I~D: 1-4 0 12-:"..e need t a be well E'xp.. respiratory diseases -a rid i mmu no h'JQ-Y....ewScii. I ..5 1 Formlulat'ion Scientist OI O~lympus.zed in tJh.10--:: .23198. [F'o.rm. it" "lllllb rorrru I' anon pOSr-I. (00501) Monsanto '.Ferre School of Aerospac-e IMedi'c:ine (IUISAFSAIM).Scie'n.~.INI...elnti:5tji. paraff n block sectiionii ngI and H &E sta n ing.ce.c.2301:1.5 1 1 Associate Scientist I SClie'Rtist) Pfi~zeliUS Hls. (.err.!coml job [10: "3: ..24 0.at:ion 'vii:sit N.oPII[ S ices inclludliing tissue processing..' ·5. t . 'I! . I· .ry . bI t'''tb .

z. _ ~ ~.ecular Biol.0 1.a R bY [D [portfollio" Oversees a I[arge asset portfollilo at the 'glovielnnance'l N~wSc:h~ntistJlobs.'.-llii ke' rna lecules 'If' more ~..nm's 'technolloQY devellopmlent pilpe[lilnei IF'or more iinrformlat ion viisiit [NI@'wScii@.__ .'.....167' app roaches.·Ie.e II '.~ IO'12""3"-3·'iI·~..~ !~ '" -! '.co m JI'ob II D: 14012'3.ct" era-lion" •• '..''.' ': 'I e-: - Faculty Po.nrtiistJolbs.'atlon.~ and wil[l[ have direct line management responsi bi Iir'[y.. ..s.:--. t-eams to drive resea rth for MonsC].evel IOvera III 14.._:_. ." rl-n['"I-.-Qlen"·4""54' -..lAbus.at:i Olinvii:s it NewSc:lentis.. to a~d talliQlet .sQluri Tbe program wililibefocused on disease.entoring of other " re II" aton 511Ii..lection re.11.e:s Fair mlOl1'ielinfD.e.+1 instrurrerranonsn wor~xow procedures fur genome-based instrument systems. ra The Center of IE."_. '(' Senilor Lab Sci:entist ( tv 'Safety Pharmacollogy .entist'l Molefuiar Biology [T -.lIl"e'".coml job 110: 1 Portfolio Leaderof exclusivity includiin g experilmlenta[1 14:_.cDml job 110: 14.!.-U .Nebraska Thls inclu.va[1 pesticihd[e' ue' products. Regulatory ~hlerapeLJtil[ area S 'fro m iidea'to loss [N... HiistopatholoQIYJ' (T .2:32590 campau nd se leeton regulatory pre=FI H safezy studes and post =FIH inve:still~laltlive studies. .de..d[d't' Ib' .:- Sr.comJob [10: 14.and II. For' more infa rmatlon visit NewSch!ntistJIDb:s~lcDmJob [10: 14.0 123:3'793 1 Sr~Scientist. '.".new assay pra.es MS '_Misslisslp[pli Bilochemlists and [Mo[le(lJI~. role is for a subiect matter expert in 0/ safety phanmllt[ollogy" The iindii'\I1idualwilill be expected tD contrl b~JI]e '~he to coaching alnd!m." Jkt .7'145 i' 1 1 '''.'-1-'" --0 ' marl··.Ianalytical method developme..01.' 1 methodo 10 Qli..to Operati'ons [Oepalrtmention approviingl and solving issues iin the.I e IIe ct rap ho re511 S" Je -.. "'..tJI.I Senior Lab Scientist: (eNS 'Saf-ety Pharma.. M 0 Ilecullar' PfI.c.edJo pho resls accepta b Ie m iicJ'oarriays questionab lie.1 co~leagues 'wlith in the dis(iipliine.~ .'-J' ..apeutics Liife' lechnologlii.jl .49 RIN.and manufacturing to "i ...2:3'75.u· II .".Connecticut Thiis individuall 'wiilll be based iin Gnotun.lnc.". fa rm LJ I[atiion of' hilQh . · I . a tee hnol[ogy Ieadle r speda I[ii.e rlsk For more iinfolrm. rIUL!. Gon ing" peR assay development Primer d ..."-'" . iilli1formlat ion viisiit [NlewSc iie'lIiiIrtiistJ olbs.. FOIIimore ~nf1llrm. ' ".e cand date wi Illbe iirwo lived resea rch n~ent-Ial).rt~arnd.I 'co .~·· Ilion .. 51 R R6) -P-f-~. OR.' ioen _III 14.-..'.R Q Schrodinqer. . 1-" -I I _ .ogy Liif'e! Tee hno~llog i~..". screening of Wheat germ plasm Iines to SUDDort deve 110 prnent of dii sease-resista nt Wheat va rieties..sear[ih sites.' ..s.012361B9 So liidl 111[llu a) preferred Capi'l[1[13 miin ry E[I.JDb (s. PPli" ' .. ..5.alchu:s..0 1235. 'Computational . Cent-er of Empha 51'S supports a III IFoir mare lnformatlen viisit ~herapeutii[a~asfrom iideato 105S INlewSc:i@!fItiistJlobs. IMlii:s..2 Sci.eve Iopment.try . In thii s rde you wii IIII co Iliaborat-e' with multiple.". .' nt --. protoccls and small devices for ~he ana Iy:s. .AlDNlA amplifiication (isothermal/ peR)! RNA/DNA purii'ficationl -"1" xt -. accoLJIntabillllityfof'th.er US for P~(lliinical RE~Sear[h and [T . 'RSp.gulatory MA .~Dm jl.'. and to fad Ii[ate the development and applicatiilon of rnoecuer markers and! genomiics ' . (onlnectli(ut Lilf'e Technoloqles FOlr more iinfolrm.~' [-M'-I" · .F'aculty of Sciienl[e ..:l ·S' .ns in Chemi..Oreqon Schrodl iingler.ar Bii0 log lsts are needed! to develop next 'Qleneratiioln sequendnq ia Ind[lrvlidual will perform lalboratory tests and experments inv1o[lving Imechanical and! biochemical testing . compound se.es. "II see'illngl a soentist rs wi~h outstanding skiiliis iin organic or physica I Ofi~ia iic:rhern istry."~· anc \.tjob 5 ~co:m 'Sci.ati Olin'vii:sit -N"-e"'w.at.atiollni vii:sit (A . Wriite [Ilear assay development venifi(atiion &rva~idatron reports and maintain good donmentaton Fa r m Dire iinfa rmatl DIIi1i it vii:s NewScii'entistJlob:s.01.._ . f" til "' _Dlr Iln_-DrmlaJ.n eW5cienti.eslgnoptlmllZ.A:) MonSdlnto -M S.lisbased on reall ~tme peR technology: Work on veriflication and analrytical validation studies. Louis. .a rd l_ -I"~"" .' I Chemi'st 3 6 Job .Biology Professional (110317) AUeligan (A ~ Ilfom [:21 Monsalnto MO -. MO(004SW) 'Scientist III Biology' Pha." CT . 112:.e Regullatory -nng ..['0 nnecti cut 'T nslationel Sdences functi ors.aclol:ogy.'" . -'.California Develop robu st reagent fa rmats.... to address dinca I[fiindings and manag.nrtiistJo[bs.[Mlass."Y': n g.stry' ..·f' tl'h'l.Ul.: en ta . rnlob I-IDY~ lstlobs c . ri'nic'ipal Scientist P Cel[gene's Com putationa I[[EJ:iology Grou p is a dyn am k fu nction resporsl bile'forsu pporti ng the' diversity of infu rrnationaland ·5.cIDm jllob IID: 14 0:1.atio'lni vii:sit New:Sc:lientistjI1obs"coml job [ID: 14..-u-s-' .&[D sciientist Strategiles and 'effe[tive Regullatory SubtE~ams Seni.Callfornia -- .. to aiid tal(!~let . Work (iloselly'~li~hl R.." "" d.esalrild post -FI H Staff Scie'ntist Molecu~ar Principh~ regu[latory leadership to investii'Qlatiive studies to address BiolDQ'Y clinl[a IIfllndings and manag.cDml Job [ID: Iinterfao~ wi~h [R~[Dsciientist :strateg i~. [F'or mOire. .nior Lalb Scientist (C'NS nlateri'al and tissue interacti'on.entist' III Mol. >- '-'1.US' _ and Celli BiioloQJY~.and t-echnli(all [I.a I!ifa rn ii..C..nt and analysiis for alii prod uct (ha ngeovers inform u Ilatiio n and pacikag ing units at the. [F'or more iinrfo rrnat lo n viisit IN[e'wSciie.om job 110: of exclusivity indudo g experrre nta[1 14."-xt_.ob liD: Y 140:1.[lge'ne' [A .JII' .2'3:2'607' Wheat Pathologist -St.. .0 1237536 1 .. N'"e.G.. oftssues in supporting reseath on __ 'Se..cology/CNS) RS .-:lon VIISIltINlewSc:i'en(tiistJlobs'i. .~._~..obs~coml Job ~D: [.0-112' "3:112>2'>3'.feat · [F'or more lilli1rformlat ion vlis~t [Ne'wScii@..latiing to protenaf 0 n states (acid/base' and tautomeric Ibehaviors) of druQ. S equenClng.nrtiistJDbs'. .z:i iilrilsoftware sol uti (1 ns ng for Ilife sclienrce research and ..PD. - - -- computatcrel needsotour 1majar R:.'..'h Ilmprovem ent 'roo Isin .. . Plant _ I_ J at the ppm level Daily~ make key dedsons and provide direction ..etts pre-FI H safety stu dili...""..itio..CT and! wi IIII 'work within tre 01'0 isdpllne to support the global portfo[lio! The.mpha sls supports a III IFoir more iinformlation viisit Senior Director.e riskil the entilre PharmaTher..t.Connertkut Mliicros(opyand MetrollogYil The. fa' : "1 01 _ Ie rorrnu1. For' more ilnformatlon vislt NewSCih!ntistJlob:s.oes IR.• pal studies iinclluding those' in the area 'Scienltist of Mlarteriall Scii ence.Z8'r Pf'-" "UIS--•.2'3:3:951 'w' 1 ." PharmaITherap·elllt~cs app roaches. ..orScienrtist . Tne"Group pravidescomputatiional support Pfiiz. n pa rticlJllarl~' re.!I or Physical Drgalnic Ch'em'is.."II P amon QI va nous 'I parameters and characteristics.CHEMI'STRY .911 .:.'S:c.23:3'79 5 Imlarketiingk.BioIDgy.' "~'I '".to check fo r [(lOSS ronta m i'natiilon HIE .ewSc'ielntiistJlobs'i.!.01.'...Medicinall to ensure the rna n ufauurab ~~ity J '.Ana~ytical Chemist (0 o47.mal Anaytl'[s Li~f'e Technoloqles CA. The Safety Pharm.0. .~ISSISS~ MIOIr1Isanto is seeking a hi g hlly rrotlvated and c~ative sdentst tn joilri the Gobal Technology organiz'ation as an Ana lytka I Ohelmlist.clom Jllob 110: 14 012'3:7'127 ~ 1 .'1-: D06-~ 14 jl.2:3260.comJob 110: 14._' _ '..rm.- Q! O! '" c_.." he cand lidate' Willi T be involved in d@ve'lop~ng assaysJ' · 'd .' "" " .'..'..

..t.otlr' prlmarv wi~I~1be the development essential [F'o._ . Princ'ipall Scientist.ph'o.ewSch:~nti:stJI'Obs".-o' ."s'.. Chemistry Job C..u:~ ...'. 'i I1I1 Ilcoio.·· ~n'u·ft/n. ~ OJ releva n't d "'S"C'I'P" I'I~ne a Indl._ .lf"e't' 11l..8 and management of the review' section of the..:)..INlew'Jers.a i~for A.!. business.lhgLJ . Che'mistry Job Regl'en1er'on To . :::l[' rh III. .' . Pfiile r U '5 CT ...I.~." '..~'. IEdiitolr..siippi 'The purpose aftlhis positon i'sto making use of a network of contacts iin academia pilus. .ces run the.' .'Ina ls an.Con nectic u t The 'Gllolbal Safety Pharmacology Centerof Emplhasiis(GiSP) iin Drug Saf-ety R.c:on-"'dll Ilet' --'.0 1237105 1 Job I~D: skills iCLINICAL Assoc: DIrector/Director Statistica~ Programming NY ~ IrNlew ¥ar[k RegienenJn iisa fu Ily iintegrat-ed b._ motivatedl and creetve scientist to join ~he Gilobal Technology orqanization as a Nudeic A(iid (he'miist lin this role you will (and uct basi [ and appliied reseerth in th~:~ of IAIU [lle---cl-'!U-_le'.) Monsanto MO ...j!. The successful candidate will~ be n 1'_ .tjob 51lcom Un ive rsity 'of 'W'!ate rloo ION _... -d .at the.~~ 1.'L1_iI If'"te'nllI.f the.com 14.lies.nti.5 1 area of qlJantuml ntorrnatcn ~ -OIIIi non lslt F more IInf orma tl '\111:51N.rmation 140 1230630 1 viisit IN le'wSc:ii@lIi1ltlstjIIDbs~lcomll'Db [10: 14!0:1234:32.~.lhg.~ d an' dl creatl lve tJa ndl -b~ :~ _Il. - and non... a cqulrlng a nd developi ng the' ve ry best editoria I content.. J. [ournal.ent'ist (CV Safety Pharlma. seekiin~1 a highliy Staff Sci'entist Che'mistry L~if.".R(ALY5T (riliionac.t!lnrti:stJI'obslI.co~ogy Sr. rrultl-furctlona e'nvironment FaIii more mforrnatlon vii:sit J support research and development actiivirt]i.'[O ml Job I~ D: 14.1 ".'CDml Job I~ : D Lab Sci.·1 .-13: with years...new.11 Q I tral n''.aw'ay from the bench.. .. e: Us' 'e: 'Ire f-i. .ry".i eJnti~st 5:1.orll ~rn'I lc-1bnl rea 111·.2373:38 Sr.. plea5e~ Celgene NJ .'1'(.. position within the :1 -'m ce II res e.t'1.elll S. linsynthetii( organii( chemstry is f Reviews..el~ge'ne [A .~ft:I?lang~en&j'ob: .~''-~ able .dlev.f 1 comlmeltLlialized product [F'o. . -_ .ellopsJ.eli I matntalns its leading .. responslbllltv Nucie'ic Acid Chemist (DOSIA. u n'.'comll 0 b I~ : D . I .esa rd application testiin~1 of novel.+u::J1 .@'wScii.Ca I~ n ii.u·wnl~be.. In addition. II.acteriization of a d va rnage i P rev lo us IedIito r~ I~exp 12'r j' e'nce a V'IOU 'i So ben ef c ~ all~ 140:1.}L. IS Aegu lata A'ff' airs 'S .I.. curre nt . ' . i . .1.0 1235180 II .5cienti 5. ''---'.SCIIOOODE No . II. a '.ewSc:~elnltli:stJI'o bS'i'CO m J'D biD: 140'1.. II..". Institute fur Quantu m [aim putiingl (IIQC) wilh ~he Department of Ohelmli:stry iin the 140 1237516.. t_ 0 W' 0' Irk '"1:1 a team as 'wel~1as independentlv.@twSc:iielntii:stJI.COIIf'" . 1.."''.salary and reasons for pursuing a career in publishing a't h'ttp ::.obs'l com job 110: receive the training YOUI need. ILl -.Iel '11-0 m'oJre' . III' '. ~' tI'llr 3 Se pte m be r . 0 in a diverse and highly (olillaborat~ve.t.5t'. 0.Inet.' Q j = .'. lin addiltiion to A. . but not required ~ 'we w'~11make sure' N.!.liyl.~Mi~ssis.nvlltelJ..../ C. II .'Ds./ Ire e rs.. II I II analytical research .g" I.. high~quaility rEaglents throuqh performance of routne The.0 . 1\ I" h·~Iah ~Iy m ottlva t..I10 1__ _. supervlsol~i FOIl"mlOlrle info'rm. O-Inp·. Scienti'st. ta lie.andl practkal. Good interpersonal II i ~ III II_~' II~cII I ._!J"J!!.mlmelr[iializes medicines for the tfBatlmJent of seriou s mJedlical conditions.' -:.e Technoloqies MS . ten II IIFle'.' I"'~ W'l.I jobde. ..1_ u ..rm. Scientistl Principal Sc'ie.' and co.ept) 11r1~."JIIt..1iI1 M ' .. s--ho-"' . '" spena I.••.ffi.eV~iews Editor for 'C.and hands on techni(al expertiise' in +'r:olub-"II~ o't'-'.1" ~III .!eoml Jlo b IID: 14 0'12324'70 1 -e' ' "I-/~'P--:":r."...t Dow Corn inlg (IUS) MII.'..ation vii:sit N. inforrnation gathered at i nte rnattonal conferences...//Ire'sd e'IIsev i' ISr.r'" ...and devekJpment of pha nnacleUrtll call materialls llIndieli minimall guii dance and! ave rsiight fro m Ihiis/her' .Miichigan lin this posltion you wi IIII a s the act su bject: matter expert for Drnru Corniingl product regliistration and be responsbe 'for deliverllng PSIRC su PPOIrt lor ~he com pliance areas lin Americas lregiion.8 !ev and cover letter descrlblng vour q ua !lii'fic:altions'l resea rch interests." ~ :..routne (fila r.mploying -+._ II'e .e'y PrO'viidescientific Ilead elrsh ip . '. net d O'C' .' '.. •..23512'1:3 IF'o'r mOIIn! iinf'o'rmat:ion vi'sit NI'ewSc:iielli1lt i:stJI. I..iopharmaceutical company '~hlatdis(overs ..· d'0 Iog. _i _J '~_:L .rmOllre i'nf'o'rmation vi'sit INI.1 p ora .ta~I.rmore i'nf'o.e'v~e!"wsIEd~to'r.:J].. y...Ontario 'lor "_ AI r'iPP I'" Icatllons are Ib"" ng ..'unl·:i''-I~E-:-'m. ': I-I ~::~ I' . .e'I~Is.-1110--1 sra rL and ana Ilyt"Ilearre tIL. C.ation vii:sit N'@JwSe~'@lnti:stJI'Dbs..e iI Pres Cambridge MIA.'.ection J are' essential because this role involves networking 'in the' wider scientific community and eollaboratton 'wiith other parts o.'~ .. As o.e m Ce II.. to be based 'In th e C.ne' inquiries."iI'ft..'-1' .......~ _< t":~ fa(ulty pas i~ion:s..-. '. you wrun have an opportunltv to develop the journal's online presence and to handle OJ subset of submitted research manuscripts Vo.: .II~ r '-'.eSJea and rth Development (DSRID) sa multi= slte rEsource focused 0 n the proactive managlement of safety pharmaf:ollogy' iissues and thei r tra rs atilon to rnan FOlr more iinfo.obs.e...:~In-'d-.. '. IF'o'rmore infr'olrmat:ion viis it INI.Miissouri Monsanto is.. .elm 'Celll S 'W'e are seeking tal appoint a new R..app~I'Yt-please submit .':. I.:).::=' trac-k II 1_ 1-':' __ III. II'~ .11 III_II ·S· II IIIb. materials and products e..0 ~. .."JI.1111 .rch corn m-' nitv ste ."JlI' _ ....e"c t 'i oln/Sl.~.' This ~san exciting and challenging role that provides an opportunltv to stay close to the cutting edge ()f scientific advances while developing a rli'e'w career .@}w:Scii'@lnrti:stJI'Dbs.. to help ensure that Ce'lli Stem (.. Ce'I~1Stem Cell R... .quallified candiidate has a PhD iin organic cfilelmliis1bry' 8.~ . of iindustria I experience iin mediiciinal chemistry andl drug dis(overyi IExtensive knawled'Qle [both tlheoretical. minimum quallffcation is a doctoral degree in I.2:0111 N etwSc. 1_ :.

as 'weill as e. tlte use 0'f genom~lcs11111 cancer d""mag:fI10SdICS~ _'. the indiiviidua I willlr1leed expe renee wirth GILP a nd/or GiMR famililaril~l \Ai'ith SOPs.~ ilowa Tlhle purpose of the lLoQliisflics R~sear[h.Afrir-mafi'f'e WQffl~ji'J'j and persQfi's wi:fh disab#ftis'S A~t~on e.comljDb liD: 14. dysllilpiidemila.rsity of U ta. mcluding the development of methods for analyzing genome-wide data derived from hi~gh-through put sequenci ng.··-~··.A.0. 'We offer a coil eg~a. ity Ikn(lwh~dge' and internall standards! IF'Q1rmore iinformlation vlisit INlewSc:ien'tiis.ual OPIJ-ortumlyIAff~a!..yw'iith the Therapeutic Area IProj~ect Manager a nell Cllini(allirliaIIManager(s) ror each Pfizer US M. Fa I" mOllie iinfo llim. basic lrealgent preparation batch records or torms/worksneets. wa. We seek an ou tstand i' ng basic cancer bmologJst 'W lth an ntf:~r€st h1 on e or more of the rollllowl ng areas: tr:ansctipti..INI'8wYork Serves ellS Sciernific.~lnResQu~/~ ..~ddifi1r:mQ'linfom'N.corrvposti ngs/85 7.AIr :f~ S'IC 1[E: NeE ~S or UTA'Hi] 'D"I~~S'~•• 1IiJ '. drug screening. ut"~h.clom Jlob 110: 14..activities related to cl iini(a I tMia Is and assists i'n other cilinlG31 study projects to achi.ifJ~iOn~'ble .com Jllob 110: 14012'2'98:37 .A Ir~pa irl rnotil :ity.2.xperience with revllsling/writing SOPs and experienc-e v~Ji[h SoftMaxlILIMS. O'N'. Universil. 1 Postdoctoral Fellow .ctirviti es.Ma ssa chus.s. R1IJ~ork~'ble .corrvposf nk Cand'rndaffi1eSare enoouraged to app Iy by November ~a.A. and cancer eel 'i b'~ology-~ n[Iud'i 11 signal i~1 apoptoss. 11\.230726.y with a. b8c:~~rounds.check calculatlia ns).s''fJd~nts. For' m[OIIi@ iinrollrm. F'ulnct'ionallmaging Expert IClinical Triall Manager R.tJlobs. or MD/PhD and a.. .JP1Jty.0 1J'1.iduc~t{Jr~ MitJIQr!Iie'S.D/PhD' students.g.and Medif:all Le.and i' nteractive research env i ronrnent that.e'xp~ri-encfj 'ltrW).rnell1. and rrmmoasssys (ElIISAs)" In addition. .01.l\fJ vsiuee c.".D/Ph D" and a. track faculty position at the assistant or associate professor level..a'nd perSMS with disabJlfties are strongly ~.!'LnJ:' CA_N'tER]N~T~_'UT ! UN ~'f~:RSI1'Y Of UTA~I U~~VEIl_s. g 1g an d metabolism.esearch deadllinesi IF'or maire.a Wilth supervisiloni' the IR..an EQusJ' OpportunityI.lfibn: htt. iii collegial ..:/lu~tahpeopleadm in.s.''I--'It.f.ege'ne'ron NY _. lncluding c(~re facilities for imaging. . Min ariUe 5.is an Eq. or RNA bi oillog.:.'rouse aSSOCI2r rt~.tjob 5 ~co:m UN I~V~ls.htmL Th~ Universify of' Utah VWUfiN3 candida'. Candidates are encouraged to apply by November ~OJ'2. Requi'rements include a.t.m3!ln Cance r :1 nstitute Department of Oncological Scle pees The Department of Ono)'logl'ca.t. V Foraddition. have .. genome-wide m Semences and :Huntsm1:lan Cancer t m m ID~pa..'5 . tra. 'We seek an 0 utstan d j' ng bio i~lllfornlatmcia~l1l with a program toe used :in genome sc iences.tts 'To pralVidefunctlional~imagilng leadership (fMRII and IMRS) and e)(perfCiise to research coilleagues g loba Illy! Provide sup port to key projects in '~heBusiness Unints (BUs) ~hatwlilill require-the knowlledQie of 'fund:lonaillilmaging Enga~le W'j1jlll the e.~'f}didat~'s who.nitSlman Canc-er :1 nstitute U [nive.Jged to alJ'P~Y~V~reffln~r' pffl.~~~.. CI· 'G".:I!G U . rndli:[ation/stud~ and with (Iliinical PlrugramIIManagler(s) who serve as ()perationaillead(:s) fa r overa III programs wiithin the lrnrnunoloqy and IInflla mlm amion 'llhle rapeunc Area~ If' m Qlre IIn f'D rma t· ~. lsit -or ron VIISI INII@wSc:iielntiistJlobs.~s'who havle expe.tJlobs.at:iollni 'vii:sit NewSc:iientis.iIte..@.r:s:~~ISJ:~:.ng . nd metabolism.utafL ~dU!hU"J. includi I1g core facil ities for imaging.g in 8€Uings with' ~tfJdent3 l'rom' diverse.nd e.xt-ernall (ommUiriliityto maii ntain hiiQlh=ClluaII collaborations.~'ies and shared resources.~lrd of scientific excellence.ttings with w :~=~. and p08~~SS 8' . and population studies" We baini'ng PhD and M.6:. ofld materlia Is for continuous:= seaso n a.011 at httJp. apoptosi Sf DNA replailr~. .@wYolrk A posltcn for a highly rnotlvated post-doctoral felllinw iisavaiillabille iln the Mletalbolic Dsease group..o:naI networks...cuility and robust graduate progranlls for offer it labt1rab). The positiion iis e'xpected t1J1Iexe[ut-e processes 'ID ensure the consiistent and ti mely ImlOVlement of seed Ibetvveen resea ~chs:itles inl order to Imleet:seasonal pllanting Research Associate (110567) AI~I~ergan CA ~ ICaUfolFnii.'I~S':'.JJ lnfQFm~ti. :Huntsman Cancer '! nsUtut!~ is an . e:f~ran_l5 r pte.x/IwwtI¥:regulatiofls .eve' department gaalls" IF'or'more iilnrformlat lo n viis~t INlewSc~ie'nrtilstJolbs"i.ate prograrns for trai n ng: Ph:D and MDlPh D students..peopleadmin.fflgulat~·ons·.in s~.y of Uf'ah /. Th€ Ur#v-er3ity of t/tf. stem cell transcnptlonal ci'n:uitryf ch romatin regulation.0 1.li'ihCOllr. NI. Clinical 'Sciences" ImmlunDlogy and Inf~ammatlDln R!ege'lnerloni NY -.fO:f7: ~~!S.:::IIct.edWh.r:m...Ne"w YOlrk This postlon is respansible tor the." ge ntJ.mTI 'l-r~.ri(It(u::.:/~.'i SchBr~oes and Huntsman Cancer ~ nstitute inv ite a pp~carl ons for a tenllU i re-track fac u Ity positi 011 at Department of Oncological Sclences 'The.c1oml Jl10b 110: 14.0 1233791 1 La g ist:ics Job Syngenta US I.rn" UfA'rI or HEALTH SCI~NCE[I Urn ive':r'si'l.rkin.htmi.and SOY' Product Deve.e.lapmentt. Areas of nterest COUI ~d nc Iude 'u.-!IWill-I '.ferenG~'" l~e. • _eo ith In. .esl5-1 OtJ._:iFiilult-. and pop u lation stud ies.nt (tf trialll:s.R'esoUJl. ~.a:nscrrnptio:n/ep lgenetlc regu latlon! cancer .Ne'w York The Cliniicall Tr'ial Mlanager maiintaiins accountablllilltj'forthe da~=to=dla¥ operations of' 1~4 d lilni(aI tril als commensurate with complexity~ includil ng trlial start =.t:of~... fosters 'the development of ju n ior fa. 2011 at the ngsl7 67ft The .comm'tm~nt i'mr.hr--Hlun f.atioln 'vii:sit New'SciilentistJ1ob:slcomJob 110: U. ..NC I..!.n eW5cienti. Ongoiing research nthe group incllUidles the' areas of geneti( pred ispos litlotn. I..cu'oa1lor.ck rt.l'miU tau on .. or.:-e orkin.~\cJ.0 1232510 8 1 1 Associate IIII erforms a variie'ty p of' m oderately complex duties . PhD or M. 1f).teretu. mathelmlatlicall slkjllis (E~ell formu lias.Director.'" d-'I m.11 Sr.: f1ttp. iilli1rformlat iDn viisiit INI@'wSciie'lntiistJolbs.Huntsma n Cancer m a 1 rn perspective. Department of Oncological the ass istant or assoc late professor ~Ievel. Departrnereal stren. genornics..lege'lnerloni NY _.ege'ns'ron NY _.e~:cZ:at~::. mouse and zebrafish models of cancer. For ..ce'I'~ b i'oillogy-m nc Iud ng smgna iI'ng_.ease R.J'(.. oti ~ity. and diabetes! FOIl' mlDlre linfolrm.t.rtnlenta strength s lnc Iude ejplgeneUcs and 1Jra scrl potlona'! I n regulation.'__scovery.g acoess re hi:gher educedi-OfJ fO'r histonc8cJJy und'$rrepreSf!Nlted .324'74 l 1 1 MetabD'lic Di's..uPI conduct and 'I"v'· cllliFiiC':@. and! meta boll iic syndrnme inc:iludiing olbeslity. Requi rements ncl ude a PhD. drug screen ing.ASSDCi. analyslis of [I ~nical study :samples {hu man).g .. enooYmWJ~d to .yof UI'toahI-H u.Asso(iat-e· is to support North AJmlerica (orn . rnoecu liar mechanisms of atheroscle'raslis. genomks..a 01 fo r cll~ leal t-eam(s) woMklin~1 n ck)sel.a'. track Insf tute is an NC l-design ated ca ricer' center with state-of -the-art environment that fosters 'rule development of junior facu~lty and robust gradu.sprovi(j~d.cDm Jl10b 110: 14012'3:0104 Research .Uve AJCition fNn:pJcwer .:m€nt' toimproving Associaile' I BioA_nalytical Ana~ysis R. Ih ImlOniwfllng .commod~. m lnstitute invite appl ications for a tenure .tions provided. and 'fol low ing ~Ii' htqJ':I/iutah..ati Din 'vii:s it NewScii en1ltistJ ob:sm cDmJob 110: 14.!.g~~~sinclude epigenetics and tran sc ri ption aI regu lati 011 mouse and zeb raf sh mode] s of 'ca nCf:~\~~ and cancer.stro.eams by execLJrtlingl the mIOV€lme.-desmg~]ated cancer center wi"th state-of-the-a rt laboratones and shared resou roes.um~'t~.wvin.omrrH!)datJon.mp/oyer 2Ul~' drongfy to T/~e University 01 Utah .111nd j' nteractive research a record of scientific excellence.

.17 Centre .at:ion vii:sit Univers.'. Setup Cliln. We: 'would particularly welcome applications from individuals who use state-of the art biochemical.devellop traiining materia Is and trsi n team on study prored ures.rmat:i 0 n 'vli:5 it lnsthute 'for Shock Phy. three letters. Pi'iiz'eli US FOlr more iinfolrm..1.. response of SO_L'd b' *-d to Responsiibiillities'wilill iin[lludellbut are notlliimited tD. opportunitie s for participation in related graduate progru:.. O!L._ ~ an .234553 andl Bioi nformatics Integr.1t:h Dep artments in the University of Pittsburgh and ate.new. d' •• "' . cellular n~spoEls.S.[".!". 11. "r.at:ion vii:sit M.th stan"stca IId eS!1 n . Thes e include: genolne stability (DNA damage and repair..6 Nlo. I Posi tions .~ ~ . ple ase ENe d. 1 1 1 Team Leadership -Lead 'CFOSS=' furrtlonal study team develop.--''-'I1'm'·'.em AjfirnJatil'tf Action." kine wl1Jllln Bllrn.'. budget and 'track1ing. UPCI Research 'P'av~ilio:n:.SD'W'gh" PA 15.es by foillowing established SOPrs..:sb'u rgb is .A. " ioloqist to lead researh focused on characteriiziing the physioloQLY of trarllsgenic [rap pllants 'w'li~hyiielld and stress tolerant tralts.Walshington 140 1230096. thefollllowiin~l: 1. of recommendation 1 to::: Bennett Van Houten.Aller-gar1lIMedica I NI..obs'i.iti.rinc:lludiing adviisin g on clliniical program strat:e'QY and " . Dynamic analysiis pll.rmat:ion visit INllewSc:iielniti:stJI.0 1237114 actiivirtli.'edu) at the' University of 'Pittsburgh has a Cancer nstimte :strong progrmn._ni~.-JaCll ty _Osltlo. and cell cycle control).ltabarna F'lloridaJ Lou lslana Monsanto is s@eikiingla highl~ matlivate(ol sdentst w'ith exce'lllent Mliississiippii and Texas.ome Ana'lysis (003:0. vi brant collaborati ve prog:FatrlJ. iidentifyiing resolutiion Allerqan CA . .mllnatUJn:s an:'.Iesign".a and iimpllementing (orrective' and previentive measures.tog.iity of South Florida NlewScii..Pllan1 Physio~Dgi5t .entiingl dedslon-ereblnq "..lcom Job I~D: WA .\ViIIbe coordinated '\Vli.'.· ' 1.Calliif:ornii.." "g or I'"' --na ". 'The Institute 'for Slhock Physi(s at 'Wash in gtton State I[Jlniversity has mrnedate openings 'for Sril Stu. Study sho(k~wave loading.dy' Man.."I . and is located in one of America's most livable cities.d app II" t" "" II(el-IIOns are iinvited for~he position of' Coord inator the (iu If of Mexico IUnivers ity Research (a..eduj'mccbp) and seeks to' recruit faculty at the Assistant Profe ssor level to develop outstanding research 'n.C..-'''''.elnrti:stJI.2l3~1863. aging and cancer. imaging and molecular biology tools working in an array of biological systern s that can translate bench science to clinical cancer applications..eXlpenertcec-'d'crop IPII "h'. supported 'by external funding. viisit tra iinilr1lQi n Genetks bYIB.eld and StrESS Program · h" " .Research prepa ration and maii ntenence of Pos.tenure track.upmc. th f" strr "-ana IySllS In merastrnovmq Operation ScientisV Engin. an ongp~' ing 'b..est con SJ"iderati r 19. ] 'he U ni l!cr:rity rtf" Pitf. Equal 'OpportfJ. To ap'ply. Application'S lJ!'iU.Avenue. signal transduction or transcription. Tbe dld success:J:u I cane II:atewll "IId. ema.r.44 Cllilr1li[aI Triallls. = --- com plemen ring OUI existing strenzth s 'i 11 th ree broad areas.. mitochondria] physiology (apoptosis. examination otdata performing statistiicall anallysesj' and Deformation of Solids ensuring qualty Wash ington State IUn lve rs iit.or Bio5tatistic'ian Processexe[utions and [ihangeove. PhD.l .. Y.237'50 2 l F . 'Hillman Cancer Center _.vdfih oUll>en -'b@".' 'YSII". give:n' the hi 'b.be tel/ic'llJedand (jl!fJ/uated UPO'f1 ruript . metabolism and cancer).comIIIDb liD: 14!0:1. track record of independent funding and pu blications in high impact journals 'WiU " be.tjob 51lcom Resealifh Sfile'ntist .an.U""'" " .ager Job postdoctora I research associates to Celgene conduct e~xperimentall research andl reated an alysiis 01111 the rnerhan iieall NJ -IN'ew'Jer:s.obs"coml job 110: 14 0:1.e[ h "Ina II OWlS seeling " " . . Candidates wi th a.atiion team" As a Gerome Alnalyst you wii II pa rtici parte iin def n ilr1lgand EN!:GliN EEiRlllNG impllelm. The U ni versity of Pittsbu.. 51.dl ev:aluatiion of unit operatkns (dailiy and long-term)! Seni.._Miissouri representing iilr1lstitutions across A.l ~a borative Research Scie'n.:u. a university-based Monsanto oreanoqra phk res-earl: hI consort "urn MO . \Ve see seek candidates who will establish com p eti tive re search pIG gmtn s 1 in the fields of D!N. .J: (1Ir1Il[a"I t ·"Is."j' EtnpJqler- ..on .es to stress (gene expression.6.. Im.qf" full application! Ol'f. (110'25.obs"..tist. .i'tt.e'Y I ISSUI~..n 1P The University.". .1 Suite 2.anage' and Imlalntaln study tiilm:ellines" Imliinurtes.' 14.elnti:stjl.leC1Jtllon of stati:Slti(al IF'olr more ilnfo'rmat:ion vlslt ta sks fur assiq ned .0 123:396.iic)i rforrn atks IF'olr more i'nf'olrmation to join our Genome Analysis IN'e'wSc:ii@lIi1ltlstjl'Dbs~. YOll[ n curriculum vitae.) 'Troublleshootilng of process dlsturba noss.siics NlewScii... in molecular and cellular can-cer biollohFf (~~ '" . .-Ad'.! There are opportunities for extensive collaborations within the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Carnegie Mellon University.eer ('2 positl'ons) g..Massachu:setts N..'a1:ns..ali!..5cienti 5. Mexico University FOllrmore iinfolrm. ap-k'ltoaehes ~t ..A repair and chromatinz'nuelear structure DNA replication.ewSc:iielnltii:stJI. protein trafficking. as require The position partldpates in the plan n in g and e). Molecular and Cellular Cancer Bioogy U niveraity of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute J upci. A competitive salary and 'research start-up package will 'be provided. of Pittsburgh (UPC I) I(~"'upci~up'mc:. S uccess ful candida tes will be expected to tun a.obs'i. telomere biology and maintenance.1...(0040) Monsanto IL -Illlnois The Yi.!."'.' -' .e[~e.Medicine is consistently among the top ten 1 in NI ~ -funded medical schools in the U.lop stu dy man aqernent plan IF'olr more inf'o. -.." eration . ~'11 ..3..Y' FOIIIi more Iinfo.rgh School of . deve.F1101 rida .lcoml Job I~D: FL ...enomicsarena including next qeneratlon sequence data. as well as..(ien. ..'e' Postdoctoral .ICD m Job I~ D: Execution ot releva nt: process 14.l!)'wSciiIf! Inrti:5tJI'D bS.. o:ne'-p'age summary 0':( your research plans and..5) (GOIMURC).'1 perform experi rnents to elluddate physiiol!ogjcal changles conferred Iby CODrdinator"the Ciulfof tra rsqenes.ans.2348.coml job 110: 14 0:1.. signal transduction and ER stress}.-rams that b'ring. P.

01..tjob 5 ~co:m iinfa rmatlon 'vii:sit NewScii.&ID.. .· .2'3:2'6.J'ob S. .systernsancd.atiolli1i'vil'sit N~wScii'entistJIDb:S.'. : . -.J'Db 14..--.Anallyst Liif:e Technoloqles CA .- 14 0 12-:. '--.. ~1 1 [I .·d' "1IIIh· . Caord!~nator-(II iiniica~Resean:h COll1tracts deve 10ps. __ I" ".assCichus.0703'" AUergan [A ..rsity lnstitute for Shock Phy:s ks WA ~.at:iollni vii:sit -N:·-'e·w-:.-". I Th ·erapYt wnn respmst"b'II'rty tod'Ireet 'fiielid evallJlatiion systerl1 to lncrease ::lt~.!. "~.camip2UQIn effecnveness.oster a differenti ated Plruduct Dam ai'ns (such as lntormetlcs.-.-to exposure.2304'74 fliellds iinclluding. -..NewSc:iientistjiobsicomljob liD: agronOimliic issues ln prodluctlion 14.. ch a-ra cte·.5 'WA 'Wash~ington . ..tronolmr-v at the Uniiversityof Waterloo.'·'nt.ob 110: 14[0:1... iilli1rformlat iD n viisiit INI@'wSciie'lntiistJolbs.. F' . d II~ G IU. '..[DmJDb liD: 14.01... management and oversiight of contra -season trla Is. -.... Andover Site 'Technical ServitCles group is seekiin~1 01 highliy motiivated indiMidual for a Iech Transfer/ Postdoctoral Research Process Valliidatiian Scientist position Position.'to t --Ie tinrt 'f aCUIILY-.xistiing tCliinical research study Iflro--tocAIc:' -u:J1! ~..g. .. IF'or maire. . . andl cheractertzatlon of candllidates 'wiith aiim of achiieviinQI targeted bulkand surface prope rtles If'oir more iinformlation vlslt INl ewSc:ilelnr1ltii stJlo bS'i'CO ml JI D b IID: 14.n's IResea rch Hospital 'TINI -Tennessee A Research positiia~r1I at a avaii Iiab I. R&D Shared! Processes.ert Mlodeling Re.s. ~ ~I o.search Management group~ "' '''·t F _==0r more IInf erma tl -'IDin 'VU. .@wSc:i'elntiistJlobslI.01... I S d e[~Sllons'. -.r pri..e. assessrnerr -t In oxupatiorel olndle nvi ronmental II settiin~ls.. Coordilnator-Clinica~ Research Contracts St.... '. .- 'C.ob:s..malr-"Illyelat . selfrnotivated postdoctorallevel is iimmediate.'. relationship with the 'clliient offering :servii'ce anfll prod uct :soltrtDions to ach iiev1ean nu a I 'fiinanciall targets.II.rizati on I .'.64. n ell .llng Insllg-lts .. Labs & Logistics) cniti(al to the.Californla The Marketing Data Analiyst is responsiiblle for providing ·~ " rd' InliJrmatllon an-I dlnsl h regla. C.~.2:3.Scienti'5t' (1'1.c. _. ' • ' ..• MATHS&IT' Product Mana:g. jude [hi Idrerrs IResearch Hospital form ullatiion~fa Dr'ieation.en~:aUIS NC ~ INlort:h 'Carolina The overa II pLJ rpose of Prod LJ[t Mangers iin R. .:::iIln'C'[' hIedILJ department plantiin~1 cperatbrs.. ...-.584.:. . '8--·'·'-3·6r-: 1-' u.. su((.eria~ iln the Tech Transfer/Prnj...".~Ca IIlifo rn ~ia BuIIlidtechnltCal (red ibilliity for '~h e BioProductiion B~II [ILJ IItlll re products an d 5erVIICes" b" ·USllness~ F'. -' I '_ -i -. iQI f IUn ive'lrsiit. I!- Synqenta US fur a Ad rnlnlstrative Oi rector 'U ab IA..0 1235.. For mOire ii nfa Irm. IF'or more lilli1formlat ion viis~t INI@'wSciie'nrtiistJolbs.--.58. andtme Iy fiie Id i'nspecti~on prnq rams" Ass'istant Plalnlt Scientilst 1.1I ..om jllob 110: 14[012'3:7 568 1 Scienc-e F.·-· ..comJob 110: 14..r and negotliates (ontra clJlJaI arran Qlelments 'W inth ind LJ stry spa nsors and/or 'Loillabolait'i ng :s..ve: a·' l demonstrated record of research li"'i !I' ... P .' e'e·' ··Ia' .c'Dm JllDb110: 140:1.-l1. 'Researchl La'b 'Specialist St~JI ude Ch il~dre.u.. . .-.&D Infonm1ation Systelmls is 'ID rna na ge' a set of --. -. N@wSc:ii@ntis.'-..acu~tyPositions in Physilcs &.... weed and rsect prog rans.OSI"-Ions . Mult.of pare:nt Iines 'W ith tra r1isgenic trats..com JI.er (Resea'n:hl Trialngl'e Park:).".' TN .cMI·I.Develcoand "' ron '"·t ilmpll. responslbllitles of'1Oh.2:3...Y of Waterloo ON ~Ontario Appl katlons are being invited fur 2 or more temred ortenrs-treck Ih.CD m job IID: 14[012'3:5841 Process sdence F'ellow L~if'ETechn oloqies Asslstantl Assoc'late Prof-eSSOF of Dcculpational Hygiene andl ExpDsure Sc'ience Harvard 'Schooll of: PUlbl~i( H@. Admli'nistrative Director St. . ' •.tts Candiidates for thiis position should Iholid a Ph 0.'. IJ.'.I . FOIl' more iinfolrm.II..r more linformlation vlslt INI.O-lL~2-··-.and Ceiliular seed purity Maintain a grower and "4FJ-h II.1.a'-n. . ~ ~i' .ites "domesti~c and! j'ntelnnat~ona I) derrved ~rom e. Sr ..search IL '~~I~II lnols 1· 4'-·. t .jude (hildlren~s IR@'$@arch Hospital mu Iitid isc:iplina~' project wi~h a role to iimplement nanoscale to rnkronscale models of materials and dynamiics atthe material irterteces For more il nfo rmation vil.. Aslro'nomy -IFaculty of J.0 1.D'ynamic' Compression of [ondens'ed MaHer Walshilngton State Ulnive.-(Usit omers. diiverse tools 'for understandiinQI prctein complex functon and me(hanism~ IFo.Advan[lement.'-3·i12-16--IO'· { . 1.ess of R. l 1 postdoctoral research assocates to conduct experi menta IIresearch on condensed matter phenomena (strucnral rhanqes arujl [helmli [all reactions) under 'd~namii[ high preSSLJlres us'ing tlme-resoved optilcall spectroscopy and laseriinrelrferometry" IF'ormore iilnrformlat ion viisiit INle'wSciie'lrtlftiistJolbs"i... .·e -SI an-.' . .. .e Assistant Pilant Sderrtst ._ on WII"II fro [LJI••.PlantJob Marke..' 1 1 Position . -. r ·-'··1 I·· l'~ --:.~..ntistJ.I· .ob:slcomJob 110: .' .: - I' -.5 0 1 'The' position is an idea Icppo rtuniity 'for an expert in siinglle~moh=culle 'flluoresc-ence tecnniiques who would liilketo complement his/her expertise 'with other. FOIIi Tech TransferSci'entist mlOl1i@ linfo'rm ati Din '\lil:5 it NewSc:ientis.W..ewSc:iielntiist]lobs'i.w'a Number . mar ·. ~Ii. .cs &1: .ob:slcomJob 110: 14.and 'Iransplantation .ting . Product .I..234 0 0.' 1· . "' .Callfornia II II - Develops new' biornaterials fur use in next generation aesthetes and ilmpllant products vla syn~hesiis.-2 If'olr more iinformlat:ion viisit INI.20908).. l [[-I .y'nlgl. .~. i'nitiat-es. For"more iinto rmatlon vislt NewSciile." '. Serves es the Contract required rroduct on aces ~EY admlinistraIDive ccntactfor the Departm.Tennessee Currentli)t.' '. corn II)Ilob I~Dj-1 S-:c'ie·' ~!-:J .n eW5cienti.e approaches .are to assist in seed prodlu ctlor researc h proqra ms -.0 1232030 Synglenta US _OC:.ashinglt:on The Institut-e' for Shock Pihysics at WashiinQ~onStare I~Jnilvefs~ty bas nmedate openings for Postdoctoral Re.0 1230074. k.'.comIJob liD: 14. v d.____:_. '2:'9·· ····l~.. S[ D~or eq u iivaIlent ·--r·a. _".- _ teclhlnical consultative. lstlobs. ~ M. . St Jude Child rents R... (slltl ..dl -.alth CA.Po· . ~ IMI ssac h usetts a The. e'd to.".4 TN ~Ten nessee The. -.2'3:2'204 '..tJlobs. to measure performance and support business "-" -".2:3'714..A.entistJ..efor a [Ireatiive...'.0 1. _. 'W·..ent: of Bone MlarfiOW wi~h Growers to maximize yield . ..sit NewSCih!ntistJ. C-cordi the adrrmistrative as P~(ts'of the Y'I'IIr.Wa:sh~ington State IUniver:s~ity lnstltuta for Shock Physics.9 7'3 1 1 orcomipllii:shments in iinnovatiive and GOimprehensirv. _" •.'U_ ·111~liOI.'.art ~h Instm te 'for Quantum Computiing (IQC) with the Department of Physi.esearch Hospiital has an opening Sr~Agronom'lst ..r.tJlobslcoml Job liD: M.coml job 110: .::_...ly resealrcih e r ina OTHER. IF'or more ~lli1rfDrmlat ion vlisiit INle'wS[~e'nrtiistJobs.serviceswrr"tlh" ·llln i The. __ llll.cIDmlJllob 110: 14.on manag ing several data soirtes to bu ild/rna nage leliash boerd/ana Ilytics lor mcllrlketiin~1 teams.As.6 For' miOIIiE! Pfizer US MA.elm:ent programs rEglarding Fali more Iln-forma t· '\111:51.scale Matl:.'.5 1 1 1 ..

. Ne.5 . . .'w'Scientist Jobs can he. Con act lUIS by Septernber 14 for inc usion in our O·versity Recruitment Feature. . I I v .. .II~I..' .

Wt!: t'Olillld n't u nd ~'listand th~' ilm po rt of ell sigln 'in ·::Iln.if" ..e becom..ig.e rna 55..atll '~irs.JIL . .i:Jrg ri'fU~tura IIhOlldling if] ny pIa rt: of: wh iilEh [ W' '~.. .tion fer wh " at illdn d of ~ 1..!l' _ ': :.o'n~ a. 1.oni~it's· til 0 Ilate? 1 t.naw. blue_ wh_ ~1I ~ u ntit t:: ..P~liiha p's tihelre WCiI!S aliill ag dcultulr. on a giant skate'board w·as h.. reads the.'u.es.i'o rrs FIi"E!lquently A'slk'ed Quelstion51'1~. .t: new's.:n: how' tall wa.yl_ ~~ _ _I J.yl '::::Ii __ ~ U~ . t= _ere : _ __ €L = 1 " lime 'falr .emy to.l'Wellli~ gUiess ~... oml"eed back: c ! about tne sa.J. .of '_ -. _=''1._. ~" .g(H~S.ce.=.iil:II '::::Ii g-.eaded 'YO:UT Wa:Yi you'd get out of the way.''.:..!estio.allay ull1"H=n lof th e f(JIIi'e:st'~ for1m '50 me tea miS. Howard Arberwonders "how :many' rhlnoceroses could fit in a tra m~IH" w:ll.._ ~y_I_- n·t- t l11'i!:II '.-' _.. tlh1ait t h iis siite has rnef!'tIi contiinlU!olllslly urba n fOir .'... weekrs a nJd past Fe. .. ~.~ -'~r-l-!~~~.ed.alll iialn Elect.sidie'. 'thQlu g h.I:l'··d··' W··· l"*h p..allred to miak'E! way 'fOlf pil~lm tr'ee pla nt·ati. oflarg.)-.~'-. ~ ain th en Jl .. :38..:rrect unit J.~ n ..xp laii I11li ·j·"Ab!5fe t vote:: ng:: n EII'elctcns who a ~e out Qf' 'ttlie.celeb. fr'~e a. difference [.iJJi..rar'e .alr-oiund AID .OI 1018iO) a nd eve iii c:llo.in 'the sa mu! so rt Igf way we unde~rs.n·u.CllbItJiljtAD 22( It is... .. l u co:. ove:rMap"'s betwee~nreels .-". .lor that the locaTh forces ofma.yl __' n n+.tralia has an .e :p'apers~ Mt"'s not an enormous surpri.-: _"~'Dri'v-.3naln po IIIiingl startion sa(yilng ~J'Albse. 'be to thie: fUm :itself? M·es 212 mi.en the:re ~ a year or mO'I'Eh·'.fs . '"we' fl·'n'D' .'Road.~. '.. I _ (A€'Ua Caplitolina) =·which.. hat T o .@ro..troYe1dj fo rests a r~' b as . '. is CO. rightt~ LThat we wuu'~d~ before lust trying.n but s..r w!@' leave OUf' ancestors" "_ .s1270' metres .i:J st: an a rch ClI@lollogiist Ilfs IIIke. dc....'s"'W a_ e _~ ~nt-.all11l rteu Iitura I tena nt" ·j~a.d. '. of :pun. ~U .~a·L. be closedfor a week after a slip reported to 'be 'bigger than Ben:Hur..ci...) j!' AN'D.h!eights.g·' ._ .'!i.pa:rentIy~ 1.s Heston'? A.alslUIrvivingl fira'Q m e'liiit: of the wall II E!'Iii!ChlSii IiiiQ HOlman lolndli niurtl ('.so.ii..s:tnigh...... ..' paper pU:.~.i.IiIr' 'ni''3I·fil .'~: Seidm a. ". see a sign m. .n .-.and ordt.. t .J .pla.iite. It was here..d·is.w .m the T[Jil~'Veli' of' Londo n (':sta rt'ed A.~ .'_.to be fa ilr~poss iible that there W'CiS· aqrlcu Irturall u se . b 'W' 'eb' if" 'I·t' e d' ed'l· iI"!.arfte -noon ~.o r.:- In London's East End has never been reputed for its slavl sh adherence to laws. wheln Loliildiln iium seems to h.u\ . .. . tax. _.' h w-:al'~ t . .se..p... .·9 mletn~.1I!..".ice~. '=Ii nco ::!I 't... c'e In qu. rlc Am .E's in th..whi..::.. 'Iii-. _ .ble·.ign.'IiIr . ~ would.lII. beii ngl a feedblcu:k reader..li. ~_. ve:~r lilte~.mp_if:l' ..harlt tjhe electli'c:Nfil 'g'Qles...h -t S··. ·thljg._-# --------"~i!'+..am w.. h..'.ns t'he·resa~ ~"I'm'fa.'e poU. 'lrini~ 40 'SqUB r'e ClII11IY' n.. rJii .f.. 'L.lII.s w"hen he .c·h i..atu 'Gorge is mi'k.'~ .kIiSI~·d "on That 19 Augustthe news that'tthe . S.on the in.h .'ce· stati:o:n.1 m~ ·1~t'-·I. It (. The oolllleagIUie~.'i[li--lt'f'l-1 ~70 m~_ ill~e . -rste_"..oom 'OUI' next . read 'D'arw rin.'Ii-l .~. t tJh floug h h1o-th siiits .se. .olnS· at the' liate~1011" 3·00 soeeer fiie'llds a dI~y:. set In. u .!!U~' ~iing ch~~:s. !i"'il ~.e Ilalndi QW or tenalnt Who. What are the tax ad v'alrrta~ E!~. ''3I.s...:ri n·tii!' ~I-~ An y 1'4. U . . wish'E!s.. to :FEEDBACK understands the motivation for expressing unfamillarly marge quanti ties fun..1 ~l!. tel lis us' that the Au ~ IIst issu'e of Chol. ii!2!i ... JIJI "_ ..i offID...I.. edl t'__ 'iiS. W'e' :510rt of undE!'rstand why~~egallly~ Ih iis had 'to h1e iinlcluded . ~ 'UI = to ."' .iI' i""r. .nt VDte!'liS· Q ue:Uf! here" (15 Janu.gJrw..m priiStHj iln 'the h3 na"" . if'" n Ii!'.0 .. no stadium? been going through the mind of a Journalist on the.rhiinoce:ros.t·-.e.~I Jb1 .~....!t'I!.In. _ 11- the most famous scenes..".. *'h'·--. ' Jon ~.o:'ilt~·V' . rticle entitled a "How Darwlnl sm willc re ate' a II'"'iO' nc °rt e dyn sty 1· 'n° H ..I. for ! .er of th.n.n a.ad.""_I_..th e publ katlon of the Au dliall iran Go nsu mers' A:S.r.war and pro-working-class feminist movement by mobbing a fltnt LAZV 'Sunday ..at some pOli iiltro But: the.(1nt . THE "Confidential Intelligence Briefing" supplement to Tbe 'Wee'R' m azazi n e'· C i"Ii'ry.g t'... 'to en·um. long~ w~h:ic'h i. 'One catches· the~ e'ye': ~Pr'oposed dievellolpm.ed backs can l be 'seen on our webs. 'q·u. I .~ .u_rtho'u.'~ ...L· . f d::·· =_ ~ _.even less zooloigically iCQ.. 1I:31 g .. of bej I11lg..alla~5ian and le·d us to th·e invalliua.se" the n.M~'k:..e ~a...at fe ed back@news.e co. .. to. liE! ports that IM. which considers the "profound im 'P""}.prn)·? I' 10otnot...eKean asks whether road contractors linhi s country are "so slow that a Charlton _Heston-sized slip takes a week 'b) clealr ?""'~That ' MEANWIH~LJE Cirahalm de Vahll Davi:s.~.AIperson ~ oing by·th~ I11liflkln..enti:St.~the question must be:: why has the s.che's.. O..~ .New Zealand :"d"Th' b'ili" h e ..Au:st:r.a.".:. 'Tih iis ls Ieg..~.1.icN.e'0. came down last night following heavy rain...~ land5li.• a stad I" urn' fn R:' '0.·n.. 1 ).H era~' .clle.· ..t: Lo ndo n 110 call cDUllncii I~s..uL\mJIJI ..$ I +- 0 1j'1I"'i nlt"ill:!ii!C:'on+~+:·1 . .mIake all the _.1111 ffi"" . be ·aillon._ ~~~~.A.s 1[' news pa per f'o r pIa iiiiii ~ngl a PIPIiications.r l You can se Ii1dstorie·s to Fe€d back by e.)" .-~. report. '_.w. '. S-" y=_.tu.a ml@ ('atp'Ii'D 9 se nds us elliQlUlote..yhad.re·rres'hment i.{ society Tim .and irs through a funera director's window in february' 913~She got headllimn.al~len into de:SUHMude: we Im.erat.~ .g. an .ea Ilied iin M.m'e as 30 rhinos .' . _ __ 6\l>.. ~ I ... be. t'he i(~o. _ .si. 'Shoulld the agiiIe Qlliangle prl mates. o· "'iin . II.th.Ma.tiiII 'withiin thej'r home Stat'i! QIIi" Te~rrit:Ollllf~ m.FEEDBACK fo more 'feedbackol' visi. OU_-~It 'b e· . '.r..'T_ .':' " 'e' ..:'.of .t·' next to. her anti. tDI make .!I. su t the n the Ipenny dreps. _ ~ Ic = _ =Y=!Ii..i:-. finally': the Bow district 11b~' .afety' s.I-ti·I·· _ no c~un ~.ctlYeast all1'absent votei' at: any poll~iin'g pllac'e iin ·that St'at'e Olr lerrit(n)~· Ihatls a lie lief to Iknow~ .MELB'OURN'E~ Aus. Indone..ctuat~:o~n(3. .I~..! ...' ~j to ... ~ any.' .1!.···.m (3iill.(om" Plle2lrse illl c~ your ho me add res'S" ude Thiis..mplacent a'bo'ut br.ethii tlrg afte'Ii' a III..C ·ld·' .n dletaiL ·t. -:.tes. ~ -. -:-. ~.. from the Au str.Qlnc'e rns the (Iity .: U'I':_ (-:-1.' t r.Dln '~.· ylvta ]p'a ~a_ . from th.on:ri ~.Ci n oFalngJ-utan ha biitarl.ly. 11 cho se to launch.alk~ a n..of 1Lo'lilidon. I.ce..II.'m.c.acros s.. rJi.0 the conversion blue wbale units.t:andl IquantUMI mecchanii ca~I!y~.cov·ery ofwlNW·.al ooilleaglue to Ibro'wse' ..•o . ..ent' of.:ienti'st . la III dI iin ClIUI@rstion 1s ell sto n'lts fJhflOW 'fro. fDotnoFtte': ------_..-··d.'.2)11 'CO rnm iiss.m an Ierusalem ".MII!to . ~... contains an.aIla iillg u ag e.alry. I ~T 01101 mif!~aln SJDIM. .T~ .e:rn.g tlherejl we wlJlnde r. thl. ~ ~-..O'f woul.~:_-.d the co·mparison. . .e~ 'O'.fth!E laws.ea.2000 y~a rs.er'hav.ilr d iiV1i siD..ave f.. f19 Iune 2(UO)~ 'But wha t can have gJl. s.SOD. __ '.i3 I·t'e n...s.. __ Jl ankhill_ ~.:jlartion." '\.yed ·Be-:n~H'llr..

at 'wi'~m bL!ri. u~~WJ.ti~Wl ltd la~Ciro@n e:\lVSt~em1ilistto.rt~hike tyr@s ma.!~ des~gn .'?1 -C··~'it1':I'dl'" .wUiJ1g.ses mig -..y tal ..jrtbriaJIo.ty '¥till be fa: .~f1.~- iPIIj. tum . The~'r e' .four-wheeled cayr O.roa!d Ihave been wD..h eycan sprea d'out ...ve mal.ard rid'·'ng" lor a 5i~g'Ie dlay .I:lin..namic adv. .aither than s:trai:gbt aero ss. kes a .~" i[ I~ IiU' ~'.1trst it: the above.an.i.coller:tion~ W'itty.~ ~ _~i.. eep by a.push agaj~D'st'the b'ik\!~" Ibis cross ~bIFa!:' 'I. andthe ~'I '~yres.ant.-~II'U ~w ~. :HowevC!'r.t 1nram w!ak'~nlgpeoIP~e.'1Iihian a Ita_ SlIDI '. on S.amus. 'flolw much sense she . .le" in a"pl'UJSu~t f:Vf1ot .. SOlu:th' Afr. the road Il. 'lne wrimrs .lb~rlifiLd ~~ill.tb. O:I~ en their 'fi'IS.r_.D.~''OI .. sulfa C!'(t miOIiE!1 eu.. 1'!:ii.pe1ed . weathli!!r road.-an""'~ -. ..the no. . tp-•.~. JI' illlU U Eugene~O.er@ th. 'whee.n:d.'m(JbJ]f~cie 'lyre ..lnomertD r~wB paymem mp. Why dlD 'm"es tit-e ieatin.poJ~e. . lfy: poin-It 1~ln the rim l'·'[~J'. 1rCJIC~leSt ".fJe'.l etercvel tiC!i.' .a dS.lLld~ a Id arti'me 't~'I~phCJn~' l ovet'tne QoRtem m The Last 'Word.s:thers ha. a dry IiD!ad i:s stagg)er1ng" bu' : sipo." 1 -'.Berod.t'h .Eng~ Jon H~i'c:h/ie~d .~g also ml.liQ.rmy deep 5.a.s. ._ S.lt the-it'watc'h.illS aears. likJe 3 'hlJrmaO.dd. 'Thll!!'].ken.~. reserves .5? SaUd..S: . ~yre's.mo"UIl" . m~' ~1Il1~~fS)...M.. aHem pilEd . . the load acts .Solm e'.... inCJf'3Sing notse -~b .ns Q S€!~d.e. bekhes or gnmts ...at th.1 a ctrele that moves..fclt:ul. Slpo.'thCUJgh .die' Ib iicY1cles Dfteln tI iBle! Ihe l!lElIf'lwt1e:el filhafll hI wi'lh tal:SD.'ito>:liil"il""@iliii'rao'nrn-u-jf..E: .:'" CQlliI1P lex~.e sport 'bike that Wlluld seldom be ridden in the Wlf' . i.: .!.torcyci]e ~yNSI are' [ge'ne~~dl.' U I.[JOffi (~ ~a$~ ind ude 131 pD~t~1 ildd~ss.sometimes misl~3ilinglyinte Ugibly.-JIIII..in.rrt[str IA(OTI NEW '5. if'ift'n. made' 't'D be!much soite'f th. . in:te:rfere wi.o. loan·aid: with the read.qJl'~ clltly escape..... -Restriittquestio[15 to S'cie htin'[ len q~irl'es a'bout leveryday D'h~li1o men'a . neces.tr 'thJ~.. iI'. and 'i'~eannot escai'~~u: 'wi'tho"ut trB. re :similar a .SltriJy represents attJemp: _cd 'OQ'm'mu'n'icart1:orn = ICaif.u:se' 'tn'e'...Pt: from me i-n. HOiwe~r~ _~'hai. . 'n'ece:5~aryto eomp y wil'li legal requtreme nts sacf]filcin11 'bo. .iI:..iiI"'\a]fil~'t J. .ielilt~ mtains rotal '~d.Cl. -_ )w 'ii!!...1..ord.clnt~. _. tyres are sharped more like .(J:S an 'u'Dwa..Ro..~ 1'_ "'~'I :--.S.i:nt~rnatitlnaI ['all from Dl\Y' wife. do IIlja.. '$ent1lJ QLJi~tioo5..1b~!U\b..is [.y a. Wlh.. Iii u l! :a·"II~. The'i. 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Au~itraJlj:Q: It)Lle$.spe.minor ..i'th.'tad'" so groo¥e~ worwd.m Of visi~ www.a:~yonewi.':b· .'liili" #.erfD'nnanc.'-p. ID :SliY that levTery sound.~]'iesso t...ny Instant .r ablility' to grip.! .g.n .0._". "IIIIII.nted klbr..? To me .rt~. Vii! """'....bll'~"JE:!I.t be no more than mutila ·.ubsequmt' ._DrIU)'le~ Why' icla:n~"t. .gj¥en. -1 - h.~ an' d 'Yl. Ihalve.-:I'. Ipanf!mIS~ p r@!iu.'i.ec1h Dr' smlmdh~ng e1ss.. ... 'have the min:"mu'm tread. I I.11 ~Y' treads 'would. Y . Q tIl:l~ -m.the . 'weit-.1'[Jlund tOI a more and maximise w:h. u ..t'hJs :s)eems =.l . When"a'b.01 .3.d.Ot:su'ib~ld..exa.th..tbj. !!)j1l"~~ o· .'I.' Ii. l~~'~~ t'h.lli:d disL. 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uk/offers 'I' 2'&:'..lInhlUm.e.S .a loon mod els orde r~'cVGr~d i'tt . tJ1ulmlberplates..3. Iyears...f~ z.s. Officlal govemmcnt fuelconsumpslon 'figures 'in rnpg {lritr.s m ~Iealge eh iluges may ·aPlp-Iy_ !Rente I in CliU '~irst :y··~e RiO··a IFLInd l.aiign ts avaii'l~ ble a 11 IE 2. £365 * a munth. Credit provided su bj~ ct to status by 1M. I'Y¥.advence P8IYlfif'M= o. '1@rms :and condition s applly.2. --_-. ~ I1d m~leages."· '. MilKi 8 N D.uls. J l.] l •..eC utlve S E S.' .23.. 1.rcedeSi-Be hz IFliia neia II S~rvices lJ K Lim ited.0".~ to CAP M onitcr 16 J)S·•..5) 6 7.!.'1'] . Wi1h a 11 .e-s ier '11 IOlkm} for A p O the IE=C Saloon range: urban. months' IRoad Fund Lk·. M cdel feature cI is .• 'Wr~Uen q uotaHcms a\i'anabl~ on [) de!s r's d requ est iindud i ng elternatlve cont ract Ilengtths.r.0 fD11 S IESa loon ~ ac c·ordlin.· '. U.liIYiJlbllelin ~d d Iitiion t nt -£ to ·anell .. co.e and the Audii .5·7~6(. GIU 8 rentees an d lndem f1I ~tie·~ rn ilI!y be requl red. ~9'ijJlO" -£ 1." . '.8'pplli'e. 'fiir.:.CHJ mil es per :.". 1 .:. l VA.·In-WIn.:1 t the sam e Ume as the f rst renta II.2. (-08/ '111[.] ] u IIYend 30 September alii d registered [trV 3] D@c!@ mber 2: 0.ec!Utive S E Sa IO'IJnwitlh m €lInUlirilltra n:smii'~.711alloy wheels.0 CDII BlueIE'FFIICIIIE.stn~ltiOlIl fe·e and fUlelll lCo'ml~HlIrilnlg th~ MleIi'G~d'~$~BelnLZ IE2. * All paym.a M ercedes-Benz E 2. 20.s·E Sall·oo·1ll with B. .ice nee onlly·.0.rNICY 1Ex'13:c.Etnce. lh ii~ 'f1 na n ce ca mp.6(6. ll. leather upholstery and twin exhausts. ombi ned: 28~8 (9 ~8).lls'ed on ~OJ. (4~2'). _I • '". r a.v@d b~tw€l'~fi1 2.st r·egi.- Fer business users only~. t Visit :mercedes-b enz.00 aeeepta nee fee IPi.7~7{7~.!Ub] eet to VAl: Fir~arnee exa mplle based on a n E :2 20 C ID·I 81ule IEFflC IIE~ICV Ex:. J .A6 2. O'fif1@If.lIt time of g'-oililg' tiD'press.~ dil5llh!'~lry.lltive SIE Sallootll wi'ttlh the 8·MW 520d .2). The·new E~Cla.- • ~ 'YOIU can 'r 1ose.ines:s Media Palckag.01~ 129 g/k m..30 40 on-the-rea d inelu diing option all meta line pai ntt at £645.8 re SIU bje ct: to !3IV1iI ila bTl~ Of~@Ir08ca nn 0'1 be IU sed in con] unction Wi1 tv th any othe r pu bl ~s hied iQfife r from th e retaii Illi.~'r' ".ents s. extra urban: 3..20 C [) I Bllu e EF FIlell ENICY IEx.ssExecurlve SE from.8. "0' 0-h 'an d the 1-wes t on-th e-r 0 ad 'P'rl e I· n Its cla 'So s ." 00 (0 n-the-roa d p rice in elude-s . dvance 'payme'nt and fee . ..· IJ•. -1. - '..~iol'il011 a 36 rn IJndl (6 +3·5 prr]fiI-el -Oper3ti ng tease sgreeme nt~ exelu diing ms lintena nee.". ":Ii [. Bi.4~ C 02 em issions: lass c 9'1 . .'11'11.t. Standard equipment includes satellite navigation with media connectivity. .51 ('113~8)1 .-011B Ilue ElFFI'GIEIN'GY IExecu tlve SE Saloon €ilt 'L. ~xces.:2o (.13P pru. Prices correct i..·45~.

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