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Bliss Music Kip Mazuy Realizing the Self "You cannot realize the Self through the senses.

You cannot taste it, see it, hear it, smell it and you cannot touch it. You have your eyes open. You see and then label what you see. 'This is my body.' 'This is my computer.' 'I am using my hands to type on the computer.' But close your eyes and be still. From this point of stillness tell me about your hands. If you can't see them, then where and what are they? You can say that you feel them resting on your mouse or keyboard. But what is that feeling? What is the sensation that you are calling your hands? Forget the defining that they are your hands and actually experience what is here beyond the words. With your eyes closed

forget the defining of your body and experience what you refer to as your body. Not a part of it but the whole thing. There is the sensation that you are here, but instead of defining it as a body, as a name, simply feel it. Feel the sensation of what is here. Feeling without touching. Feeling without using words. Here you experience something that you cannot define, you cannot accurately describe. Because what is here does not have boundaries, cannot be described by the senses. But there is an experience of existing. There is the awareness of existing. Here, existing and awareness are one and the same. This is not something that you can learn or understand. You have to close your eyes, let go of thinking and experience it. You will see it is not a state that comes and goes. It is what is always here whether you give it attention

or not. Blessings, Kip" Be Naked "You often hear the popular slogans 'Be Happy' 'Be Grateful' 'Be Positive' But what happens when you try and be these things when they are not your experience? Suddenly you are imposing a mask on top of what is already here. You are really saying to yourself that how you truly are is unacceptable. And that you have to lie to yourself and others in order to feel accepted. If you really consider this you will see that this is self hatred. Meditation is about allowing yourself to be exactly as you are. Simply in this allowing there is peace. And from this allowing comes awareness and from awareness

comes transcendence. Simply by being aware of what is here, you no longer are confined by the body/mind/ego, you exist as awareness.

Then your natural state of love and gratitude shines forth. Not because of something you do, but simply because that is what is. Awareness itself transforms. But any sense of trying to control yourself to change yourself you empower your ego even more. You lock yourself further into the idea that you should be different than you are. So rather than be positive, be naked, without the make up and the hair extensions. Be aware of your experience exactly as it is. The moment you do this, you rest as awareness. You move into your true state of unconditional peace. Even in the awareness of the deepest anger and sadness there is incredible peace and bliss.

The mind could be whining, cursing and hating and you would be immersed in bliss. This is the honest truth. Peace is not something you do, it is what you are. It is what is naturally here when you stop resisting this moment. Blessings, Kip" The Key To Freedom "There is no end to trying to figure it out. The mind is an endless puzzle that has no solution. If it had a solution, that would be the end of the reign of mind, and the mind does not want that. The mind wants to exist and it gets it's power from you identifying with it. And so it continues to grab your attention any which way it can. Just like a TV channel. The TV channel's purpose is to keep you watching. That is what it wants. So you are sitting there and the TV channel puts you on a tropical island with beautiful people, then you are flying an airplane, then you are chasing bad guys. But it has nothing to do with

what is actually happening. What is actually happening is you are sitting on the couch, drinking a cup of tea. But in your experience, there is no couch or tea. How could there be when you are flying an airplane? It is the same with mind. The thoughts are constantly grabbing your attention. And so the world you know to be real is made up of your thoughts. But if you really look beyond your thinking at what is here, you would experience something totally different than what the mind perceives. Something that even if I tried to describe to you, you would miss. Because then it would become knowledge, it would become an interpretation of what is actually here. For you to truly find out what is here beyond interpretation, you have to look. It is this looking that is most important, it is the witnessing what is here that sets you free. Whether you are witnessing thoughts witnessing sensations it is all about the witnessing not the objects themselves. Not the knowledge

of what you witnessed a second ago, but the looking right here and now. Not witnessing to get something, because then you are back in the mind. The witnessing itself is fulfillment. The witnessing itself is joy. This is the key to freedom. Blessings, Kip"

You are walking to work and unconsciously identification is there. 'My name is Jon, I am a dentist, I am on Main st. where I turn left to go to my office...' Always defining 'This is me.' 'This is who I am; this is where I am; this is what I am doing; this is where I am going; this is where I have been.' So instead of practicing awareness from the perspective of identity, you could try consciously not being identified with anything. You allow the thoughts, body and sensations to be as they are but you consciously disidentify with them. 'This body is not mine, this name is not mine, these thoughts are not mine, this emotion is not mine, this belief is not mine.' Not as words to repeat but to consciously not identify with anything at all (just by being aware of them.) If you choose to not have an identity then awareness is automatic.

Technique of No Identity "The nature of awareness is freedom from identification. If you are aware of anger, then you are not identified with anger. If you are aware of a thought, you are not identified with the thought. The thought arises, the anger arises but it has nothing to do with you. Identification is always happening at an unconscious level.

You will experience life in a completely different way. By consciously letting go of all identity, you exist as energy, as formless consciousness completely free of ego & all the conflict and separateness that goes with it.

It's experience is one of duality. There is you and everything else. Conflict and control, desire and resistance. Once you learn to witness your thoughts instead of identify with them, you enter into the second stage. In the second stage, the thoughts are no longer about your personal life. It is here you have dreams, visions, and even beyond visions you experience very subtle thoughts, that are beyond words, sounds or images. Although you experience this, you are not bound by what you experience, it no longer defines you. There is no personal reaction to what you experience. There is not the solid separation that was there in the first stage. In the first stage things happened to you. In the second stage there is just a happening that arises in consciousness.

Blessings, Kip"

Transcending Mind in 3 Stages "There are 3 stages of mind in meditation. The first stage is personal. The thoughts are about you, your world, what you've seen, heard, tasted, felt etc.

In this stage there is incredible bliss and with the lovely visions to entertain you, it is difficult to let go of the bliss and take the step into the next stage. By letting go of the thoughts as they arise, you enter the 3rd stage of mind. You experience that which is beyond mind. That which cannot be defined. To say you even experience it is not true, because here, there is no experiencer separate from the experience. There is only pure, eternal consciousness.

1 Simple Point About Meditation "I often hear people saying they can't meditate. But what they are really saying is they won't meditate. Whatever reasons they give, the truth is in meditation they have come across an experience they do not wish to experience. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they have felt a sensation that they do not wish to feel. The reasons on top of this are just excuses. The moment you allow yourself to experience those sensations you are avoiding, then you see the futility of your reasons, the futility of your thoughts. The futility of trying to figure it all out. It really has nothing to do with mind. You just didn't want to feel a certain sensation, and once you did, it wasn't so bad, ironically, it was quite blissful.



Suddenly you are filled with love and peace until the next sensation you unconsciously resist makes itself known. Once you realize this one very simple point, that the reason you can't meditate is that you do not wish to feel a certain sensation, then meditation becomes very clear. Then you see the power is in your hands. Most people are just looking for the bliss and they don't want to do the work to get it. And that is perfectly fine, a little relaxation and meditation will give you this. But if you want more than this. If you want freedom, from this constant conflict of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain and all the stress & suffering that goes with it, then you will be willing to sit through the uncomfortable experiences and enjoy the peace that goes with it. Unconditional peace does not come from feeling happy all the time.

Unconditional peace comes by being present with what is here regardless of how you think it feels. You give it a try and I bet you'll really like it. Blessings, Kip" You Are The Doorway "In this moment, you cannot be the person you want yourself to be or others want you to be. You can only be how you are in this moment. Happiness does not come by emulating the peaceful smiling Buddhist monk, or the tan new age guru promising you riches and the soulmate of your dreams. The secret is you are exactly as you are supposed to be in this moment. Your experience is exactly as it is supposed to be in this moment. That you keep turning away from yourself in search of something better is what breaks your heart.

The doorway to unconditional peace, love and bliss is through the awareness of you, exactly as you are in this moment. In the full acceptance and awareness of yourself in this moment, you immediately transcend it. You enter into a whole new reality free from definitions, descriptions, and separation. You with your sweaty armpits your cranky disposition and your insanity is the doorway to Divinity. Because if you really become aware of what is here in this moment, you will find it is has nothing to do with what you think. Blessings, It's very nature is stress. Kip" Awareness is the means to be free of the ego. Because in awareness you are watching this moment. And in order to watch this moment, you have to allow it to be as it is.

"The ego exists out of the experience that life is not the way it is supposed to be. It lives in a perpetual state of control in an attempt to make life the way it thinks it should to be.

You have to accept that everything is as it is. You let go of control, then you can watch. And then what you are watching no longer defines you. You realize you are the watching.

It is the awareness that is bliss. And if you are aware, then you are bliss.


Kip" How to be Free of Ego "The ego exists out of the experience that life is not the way it is supposed to be. It lives in a perpetual state of control in an attempt to make life the way it thinks it should to be. It's very nature is stress. Awareness is the means to be free of the ego. Because in awareness you are watching this moment. And in order to watch this moment, you have to allow it to be as it is. You have to accept that everything is as it is. You let go of control, then you can watch.

Meditation is a constant test of faith and surrender. Faith that everything will be okay if you stop trying to control this moment. Surrender because yes, it is quite possible the world you know may fall out from beneath your feet. Suddenly the illusion of trying to turn this moment into something else ceases and you are simply left with this moment. Once you let go of that constant urge to move forward there is only awareness. That is where true beauty shines. Not in the objects of your obsession but the awareness that gives life to all objects.

And then what you are watching no longer defines you. You realize you are the watching.


Kip" An Instant Shift in Consciousness "The mind functions by defining. And through definitions boundaries are created, separation is created. There is this body that is me and everything else that is not me. So you experience something the mind defines as pain in your chest and that pain is separate from you. It is something that is happening to you. It is alien to you and a threat to you and therefore something must be done about it. This is the natural process of the mind. It is how the physical body survives. Most people try and approach meditation from this mind perspective. How can I, as this body get bliss and get away from pain. And so begins the struggle and suffering of frustrating meditations that bear little fruit because you have already separated yourself from your experience.

Meditation is a constant test of faith and surrender. Faith that everything will be okay if you stop trying to control this moment. Surrender because yes, it is quite possible the world you know may fall out from beneath your feet. Suddenly the illusion of trying to turn this moment into something else ceases and you are simply left with this moment. Once you let go of that constant urge to move forward there is only awareness. That is where true beauty shines. Not in the objects of your obsession but the awareness that gives life to all objects. It is the awareness that is bliss. And if you are aware, then you are bliss.

But you can be free of all of this in an instant. Simply by closing your eyes and allowing yourself to experience what is truly here beyond thought. By 'feeling' what is here without defining or describing. Without the mind, all that is left is sensation. An experience of energy, conscious energy, that has no boundaries. What you experienced before as pain is now simply a movement of energy. Instantly you are free of all separation and conflict. All stress and self-importance goes out the window. The mind / body experience becomes something you witness inside you rather than you inside it. So awareness is completely uncomplicated. This simple shift in perspective changes everything in an instant. Simply by removing the mind as the perceiver, what was an experience of incessant conflict now is just conscious energy; An experience of unconditional peace. Blessings, Kip"

The Truth about Meditation "According to your mind, bliss and freedom are just around the corner. It will be in the next book you read, the next Guru you see, the next diet, the next spiritual movement. And somehow the idea of meditation gets woven into all of this. But meditation is the opposite. Meditation is about being present with what is here. It is about letting go of this constant tendency to leave this moment in search of something else. It is about surrendering to what is here, being aware of what is here. Because here is not the suffering. The avoidance of here is the suffering. And if you can be aware of this avoidance; If you can be aware of this constant urge to leave this moment, then half the battle is won. Because if you can be aware of the resistance, the resistance will disappear. And when resistance disappears there is only peace. A peace so delicious,

that any pleasure outside of this moment is painful in comparison. Blessings, Kip" Pure Existence 20 August, 2009 12:11 PM "If you greet someone and ask them how they are, they will refer to the last few hours, weeks or months for an answer. Thoughts of the past are constantly repeating themselves and that becomes who you think yourself to be. You might wake up in the morning feeling blissful, and then the thought arises that 3 days ago you got a speeding ticket. And now you don't feel blissful, now you feel awful. It is like you are getting that speeding ticket over and over! How many times will you get that same ticket in your mind? If your mind was reality, they would have already taken away your license, probably your car too. But it was just that once. Over and done with. It has nothing to do with how you are in this moment.

It always come down to the mind. The mind is the troublemaker. Not the thoughts themselves but the identification with them. The attachment to them. If I ask how you are, it has nothing to do with how you were yesterday or the week before or even a minute ago. It has to do with right now. Right now how are you truly? Without referring to your history how are you in this moment? You cannot really answer except to say that in this moment there is the sense of existence and you are aware of existence. not as a person with a history but as existence itself, pure impersonal being. And if you are aware of existence then you are blissful. There are no two ways about it. If you are aware of the one impersonal existence in this moment, you are blissful. All problems solved. Now go pay your speeding ticket.

Blessings, Kip"

to be vulnerable and humble and absolutely present with what you feel. Such times are tests on your awareness. It is one thing to be blissful, sitting in a quiet air conditioned room with lovely music. It is another thing to be present when all hell seems to be breaking loose around you.

The Path of Surrender Thursday, 13 August, 2009 10:18 AM Thursday, "When you feel your chest contracting, when there is stress and despair, that is a good sign that you are trying to control what cannot be controlled. That is a good sign that the best thing you can do is surrender and allow yourself to experience what is there. Thoughts of strategies, justification and even revenge could be swirling around like a hurricane, offering you something to hold on to. But it is best to let them go, to trust and allow,

There are always two paths in every moment: the path of control, and the path of surrender and awareness. And the two paths take you in two completely different directions. Most people walk in circles: they surrender a little then back to control, surrender and back to control. What would happen if you just remained aware, surrendering to what is in every moment? You can decide that today you choose peace in every moment and it could alter your entire life. Blessings,

Kip" You Are Consciousness Thursday, 6 August, 2009 11:39 AM "Rather than enter meditation as a person trying to become more conscious, enter meditation with the realization that you are consciousness. Not as an affirmation, but as the truth. What you are exists beyond thoughts, beyond physicality. Take away all thought, what is left? If you like, use the method: 'who am I?' Which is to ask: 'What am I beyond thinking?' 'What is this that I keep referring to as "I"? What is this sense of existing in this moment?' It will take you back beyond the mind, to where there is no answer, where there is only consciousness. Somehow you keep turning

your back on this truth. Or you turn it into knowledge, a belief that you no longer validate but hold in your pocket like a lucky charm. And you end up again involved with thoughts, as though the thoughts make up a person, and that person is you, and this person has to find freedom from itself. Rather realize from the start, that you are consciousness. And the way to yourself is not to seek outside of yourself. But to let yourself rest in this moment as you truly are. No need to deny anything, no need to convince the mind what is real. Just be honest about what is here. Whenever you look beyond the mind, the truth exists, naked and pure and absolute. This is meditation. Blessings,

Kip" How to Grow in Awareness Friday, 13 November, 2009 8:21 "You grow in awareness by becoming conscious of what is unconscious. You have been meditating for years thinking your mind is still in meditation, and then suddenly you see you have been lost in your thinking the whole time without even knowing it. Because of our conditioning, the tendency is to feel down about yourself, to feel like this realization that you have been unconscious for so long means you have failed. But the realization that you have been caught up in thinking for the last 20 years of meditation is a great realization. Because it means suddenly you are aware of what you have not been aware of for over 20 years. You take a quantum leap in awareness because of this. Many people spend their time trying to convince themselves and others how great they are, how aware they are.

It is not wrong, we were taught to impress others. It is ingrained in us to do so. But in spending so much time trying to create ourselves to be a certain way, we do not see what is actually here. We have simply created the idea of consciousness on top of our unconsciousness. For awareness to grow you have to be willing to observe without judgement. To allow yourself to be honest and vulnerable enough to see what is unconscious. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and watching your breath and then becoming aware of everything that takes you away from your focus on your breath. The moment you become aware of the unconscious, it becomes conscious. It does not matter what you see. It is the seeing itself that is important. Blessings, Commitment to Awareness

Thursday, 5 November, 2009 11:52 "Once you become accustomed to experiencing what is here beyond your thinking, (call it presence, awareness, consciousness) then all that is left is to keep your focus here. Which is the same thing as saying to stop being identified with your thoughts, to stop being involved with your thinking. This seems simple enough and would be quite easy if it wasn't for self-importance. A thought arises and immediately you give it importance. You think it is something that needs attention; something that needs to be dealt with or indulged or figured out. You place more importance on the thought then you do on awareness and then awareness flys out the window. That is why meditation is so important. You give yourself time every day to say 'for this period of time my focus will be solely on awareness.'

Because then when the thought arises about what you have to do for work tomorrow, you will be willing to let it go because you made the commitment to do so. And because you have that time every day that you use only for the purpose of awareness, that awareness begins to overflow into the rest of your day. So that you will be driving to work and without any effort or reason you will find yourself in a sublime state of peace. Blessings, Witnessing Explained Thursday, 19 November, 2009 14:23 "The nature of existence is peace. You do not experience this peace because of your identification with thinking. If you can witness the thoughts, identification would cease and you would experience unconditional peace. You can learn to witness thoughts by letting them go as they arise. But thinking

is happening at great speed. So many thoughts rushing by that it is like being caught in a raging river. By beginning to witness thinking, you stop getting caught in the river and thoughts begin to slow. The more thoughts slow down, the easier it is to witness. In the same way, as you identify with thinking the power of identification increases and thinking speeds up. So the more you can inwardly slow down the easier awareness becomes. At first it seems impossible. But with persistence everything slows down and you begin to rest as the witness. It is simply a matter of consistently choosing to let go of the thought. To keep coming back to awareness. And eventually you stop leaving in the first place. Blessings, Becoming Aware of Avoidance

Thursday, 26 November, 2009 10:06 "Even behind your thoughts, emotions, and physical experience, there is still a sense of separation. And this sense of separation hurts, not in a physical sense but energetically. It is uncomfortable. But this sense of separation is not a thing, it is an action. It is something you are doing. You are avoiding this moment. You are constantly avoiding being present in this moment. The irony is, the moment you fully allow yourself to rest in the moment, the discomfort goes and there is an explosion of energy. You find that this infinite power that you have been seeking for so long has been right here the whole time. But at the same time, the moment you allow yourself to be fully here, the ego vanishes. You still exist, but not as an ego. And so through all of your transformation,

you free yourself from emotions, you free yourself from the mind, and then you reach this core experience of avoidance, and you want to run the other direction. For some reason, it is too much to surrender. By instinct, the ego wants to survive. You do not want to give up control. So you seek more problems, more solutions, more teachings and knowledge. Anything but surrendering to this intensity of this moment. Just by being aware of this constant urge to avoid this moment, half the battle is won. Because once you see that you are doing it, you can stop doing it. And the ultimate experience is unconditional peace. It is what you have been looking for the whole time. Blessings, Kip"